Heather says Sabrina’s an evil wh*re! I just want to call them the evil side and we’re the good side.

POV Holder: Kenny Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 7
HOH Winner: Heather Next HOH: Apr 10
Original Nominations: Kenny & Allison
Current Nominations: Sarah & Allison
Have Nots Sarah, Kenny, Rachelle

BBCAn2-2014-04-07 13-05-32-642

4pm – 4:20pm In the kitchen – Allison, Neda, Jon and Heather talk about what to do if they get HOH. They talk about whether or not to put up Kenny right away with one of the Gremlins or if its better to put up the Gremlins and back door Kenny. Jon says its way better to put up the Gremlins first. He says if you put him up you are giving him a 100% chance to play in the veto whereas if you don’t put him up theres a chance he can’t even play in the veto and he will go up no matter what. (If one of the Gremlins won the veto they would take themselves off and Kenny would go up. And If rlie, Jon, Neda, Allison, Adel or Heather won the veto they would use it to take a Gremlin off and they would put up Kenny in their place.) Jon says at least with us we have all of use to talk to and enjoy but there’s only 4 of them .. that’s got to suck. Heather talks about how much she hates Rachelle. Jon tells Heather that Rachelle was laughing at her when she got her HOH room and she was dancing. Neda tells Heather that they called her Chucky’s Bride for like the whole season. Heather says that’s fine. They’re mean! Neda says I really want to win HOH this week. Heather, Neda, Allison and Jon head up to the HOH room.

BBCAN2-2014-04-07 13-07-03-857

4:15pm – 4:55pm Adel comes up to the HOH and talks about how Kenny, Sarah and the Gremlins are huddled down in the kitchen by the coffee machine. Adel says that all he heard was Sabrina say “I’m trying!” Neda asks trying what? Allison says probably trying to be nice. Neda says oh yeah. Heather says I don’t know she’s an evil wh*re! Neda brings up how Sabrina lied but tried to justify it being okay because she didn’t lie on her family or dog. Heather says I just want to call them the evil side and we’re the good side. Allison says I just don’t want confrontation. Heather says I don’t mind confrontation. Jon joins them from being in the HOH bathroom and talks about how he just rubbed one out. Jon asks if they’re not horny in the house. The girls say they thinks it just affects guys more than them. Heather says she’s excited to see her boyfriend Will. Allison asks what else has Sabrina said about me. Stuff without Andrew because I don’t want to think about. Neda says she doesn’t want to say because it was really mean stuff. Heather tells her that Rachelle and Sabrina called you ugly. Neda says you’re not though. It was Rachelle telling Sabrina that she was so much prettier than you are and couldn’t understand why Andrew picked you over her. Allison laughs. Allison suggests they move sh*t around so that it messes with the others.

BBCAn2-2014-04-07 14-05-14-194
5pm – 5:20pm Arlie joins them up in the HOH room and says that he really doesn’t think that Sarah told them about me turning on them. (Sarah did tell Kenny and the Gremlins but she also told them to pretend like they didn’t know.) Arlie says that she came up to me in the bedroom and asked why I was openly hanging out with you guys because they’re starting to question it. They talk about coming up with an alliance name. Arlie says I need to stop calling us my new alliance. Arlie says I am still thinking something like the rejects or misfits. Jon says the Sloppy Seconds! Neda says I actually love that name. Heather likes it too. Allison says she doesn’t like it. They all stand up and cheers to naming their alliance the “Sloppy Seconds”.. They say yeah we’re all outcasts. Heather says we can call it the “SS” for short. Adel asks we won’t get in trouble for the SS? Would we? Allison says why? Adel says because of the Nazi’s were call the SS.. Jon, Allison and Heather all say oh yeah we can’t say that. Adel says because they could pin it on the German for being racist. Heather says yeah I’m German.. They all agree not to use SS in short for their alliance name.

5:20pm – 5:30pm Big Brother tells them they all have to go out into the backyard for a backyard lock down. All the house guests head over to the pool area to wait for the lock down to be over. They wonder if they’ll get something when it opens back up but then figure that its just going to be another stupid cup.

BBCAn2-014-04-07 14-35-57-375

6pm Kenny and Rachelle are hangout on the balcony counting things in the house. Kenny gets called to the diary room and Sabrina joins Rachelle. Rachelle tells Sabrina that the flowers are missing. She thinks they need to count the flowers. Sabrina says no, I think its just something to do with the seasons. Sabrina and Rachelle head down to the living room. Sabrina and Kenny check on Sarah in the havenot room. Sarah says she just wants to be alone. Kenny talks to Sabrina about how this is all a game and we got played but you can’t be too mad at Arlie because we were playing people too. Lets do whatever we can with what we can. Let’s win this HOH! Kenny says I really want us to take the high road here .. I don’t want that to be my legacy! Sabrina agrees. Meanwhile in the HOH room the “Sloppy Seconds” alliance talks about random things and past events that happened in the BB house. Jon comments on how he is just so unbelievably h*rny. Heather says but you just je*ked off! Heather comments on how she knows a lot of the same people in the Calgary in the same industry as Andrew. She says when they see him they will be like why the f**k were you mean to my girl Heather.

BBACn2-2014-04-07 15-24-32-325

BBCAN2-2014-04-07 15-25-14-628

6:35pm Kenny goes into the storage room and talks to Arlie. He says I understand what you did and I know its a game. Kenny says that Sarah is taking it pretty hard. If it means anything I would appreciate it if you would talk to Sarah. Arlie says you may hate that I say this but I love her.. I will definitely have a talk to her. Kenny says thank you. I know its a game. Touché. Arlie says I appreciate this more than you know.

6:50pm Both Jon and Arlie try to talk separately to Sarah to tell her that they’re there for her if she ever wants to talk. Jon tells her that he really does hope they can be friends outside of the house. Arlie tells her that his door is always open for her to talk to him. They leave her to cry in the bathroom. In the kitchen – Adel tells Jon and Arlie that because he didn’t use his power big brother gave him an envelop with a card that said “Big Brother will get back to you”. Adel says so I don’t know if they will give it to me if I get evicted or if they’re going to show it soon on an episode or something. Jon says Huh.. that’s weird. Meanwhile out in the backyard by the pool – Sarah is crying and Kenny is consoling her.

7:15pm In the main bedroom – Rachelle asks Allison if she is with the other side. Allison says yes I have to be because they are keeping me here. From my perspective I was going home and this is keeping me here. Rachelle says she understands and says it just sucks because now I am going home in 3 weeks. Allison says not necessarily.

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Heather: “I don’t mind confrontation.”



She’s Isis ! She’s Venus !
She’s the Huntress Diana !
Badass on a clamshell,
nails coloured “banana” !

Really, tho, grow some spine Allison.


Heather is so boss!I love how humble she is despite her awesome attitude and gorgeous looks.


Awesome attitude? Since she’s won HOH, you can see her head getting bigger! Calling someone a f’ing whore is classy!!! I know the others have said worse, I’m just pointing out that she’s not this innocent victim she’s playing. Would be awesome tv if Allison had a diamond veto and took herself and Sarah off the block and put up John and Adel!! Although that wouldn’t help out Neda who I’m rooting for!


See, I hate that you say since she won HoH it’s going to her head and she called someone a whore. Who cares man. They’ve bashed her RELENTLESSLY for weeks now.. Called her Creepzilla.. Chuckys Bride non stop… Just been mean the whole time.. So she says one word and she is a terrible person with a big head. Hilarious.


team sloppy seconds(tv alliance name), i prefer the hand j’s(can be the live feed alliance name)


Sabrina is plain disgusting…I know it is just a game but have some class please!


Seriously, keeping it classy with the yeast infection comment to Jon’s gf.


Yea it was just plain disgusting to say that. Janelle has nothing to do with being in the house or anything. Saying that doesn’t hurt anyone besides Janelle (which I doubt it even would affect her). Everyone knows Sabrina is a liar.

You can tell a person’s true colors in times like this. When you are shocked or betrayed. The way you handle yourself is huge.

Heather was the one who was shocked, betrayed, backstabbed, and played by mostly everyone in the house whenever she was a “pawn” or put up. She handled herself with class and used that emotion as game play.


I agree completely.

Heather is turning into a good player; i like the new alliance. And i like that it’s out in the open now.

another name

i agree with the premise of leaving people’s personal outside of game lives out of it. by the same token, commenters please do the same. there is absolutely no reason to make foul comments about players families and children. really, come on, do you want to be considered as having the same class as sabrina? really.


If Allison uses her secret Veto who would Heather put up in her place?


She won’t…lol…


Listening to Sabrina talk is like listening to white noise on your tv…..loud but with nothing there. Rachelle only manages to talk because her puppet Master, Sabrina, wills her to do so. Rachelle is a brainless twit.


If one of the have nots eats something, BB should punish the have nots by making them have nots for a 2nd week and include Sabrina to take Sarah’s place since she was in on the plot. Just a suggestion.


god i hate Kenny. The Good Side has to win HoH and get Kenny out this week


I don’t trust Allison with any bit of info – and she’s getting a lot of it. You’ll see she’s gonna be the biggest RAT of the season. People are handing her everything – shots, info, DPOV’s, POV’s. Go away you snake. I thought Heather’s intuition had kicked in but not with Allison.


I believe if Sabrina goes before Ratchetl she will self-evict. I want to see her lose it and get punished for it. She’s like an EMO spoiled brat and for someone who looks in the mirror so often, is incredibly deluded.


I think you may be correct, even if Kenny is left, as he may want NOTHING to do with her.
If Dracula’s Bride is left alone, I think she’d think she’d be tortured for a week before being evicted.
Which would be fun to see.



I don’t believe anyone has ever self-evicted (I’ve watched all US and Canada). Some have been politely ‘asked to leave’.


Ahhh yikes….The SS!!!!! The “Sloppy Seconds” should really change their alliance name. It’s bad enough that Kenny + Gremlins = Kremlin. Can you imagine them saying the SS vs. the Kremlin !?! ……..very bad……..like BB15 bad!


I have to wonder if production has spoken to Kenny and Sarah about their comments and how fans are reacting. Suddenly Kenny wants to take the high road and go out with dignity and Sarah is currently crying to Kenny about things she has said in the heat of the moment and how those things could hurt people outside of the game. This just seems like such a 180 in both their attitudes. I have to wonder if BB wants them to redeem themselves so fans will start cheering for them. Is it possible that BB knows one of the gremlins will win HOH this week?


I believe that production spoke to them because they dont want a Canadian version of BB15.

OMG Please post the video of Sabs crying like a child to Allison. I don’t understand what she expected from Allison? They were planning to vote out Allison and now she is breaking down. I really hope Sabrina’s parents really get her some help.


Ayesha – It was like Sabrina was auditioning for a role on a soap opera, didn’t someone mention she wanted to be an actress – maybe she is hoping a producer will notice her and bring her to Hollywood – she was horrible, crying out “why me, why did you do this to me” , right up in Allison’s face – she has such a sense of entitlement – she’s gross!!


Shit on him if he gets upset, shit on him if he takes it humbly. ***** , you people are hard to please. Just hate someone for a reason and stick with it, would ya. This entire comment section are the true bullies.


I’m convinced of it. Like I said in an earlier comment a couple of updates ago. Kenny, Sabrina, Rachelle and Sarah were out by the hot tub and the trash talk was really getting out of hand when the cameras shut off for quite awhile and none of them were seen during that time.

But, I don’t think Big Brother wanted this new love fest to permeate the house either. Not good TV. The rest of the night will be very interesting viewing to me.

In the spirit of the new love fest, many, many thanks to Simon and Dawg for keeping us updated with quality work. It allows the rest of us to take a break knowing that, when we come back, we’ll be caught back up! If I weren’t unemployed at the moment, I would find this site worthy of donating to! Job interview this week though!


Clarification: I don’t think BB spoke to Kenny and Sarah so fans will start cheering for them. I think it finally got to the point where they hurt so many people’s family and friends with their words that BB was very concerned that when they left, the public would make their lives absolutely miserable and possibly putting them in danger from psycho BB fans.

Enough was enough and BB does have the responsibility to keep the houseguests safe. Remember last season on BBUS? The public crucified the racists and bigots when they left the house. BB didn’t step in to warn them.

I just think BB Canada didn’t want this to ruin their lives and called them in for a chat.

ihate sarah

i think the cameras were out because they were fighting with each other..i dont know why bb doesnt let us watch the fights its so annoying and then they turn the cameras back on when they are all being fake and nice to each other like we dont notice the difference..i mean really the speech that kenny gave to arlie really? and showing us sarah crying(again) because of the horrible stuff she has said im not sure why bb is trying to hide the true person that she is?..i mean they had no problem showing us how evil andrew was …its weird …uggg so much interference from bb..

another name

kenny and sarah both have a long history this season of voicing immediate reaction blowing up and then after having blown up, and having let off the steam, think more rationally. it’s exactly what people have hated about them. they get worked up, they don’t edit their feelings, and then they come back and say, whoa, that was just gut reaction, let’s calm down. but by then the viewers have gotten all worked up and started typing. they don’t wait for them to regain composure and just hate on the gut reactions. everybody knows people that speak before thinking.
as far as the idea that production might already know who the next hoh is… they’ve already been accused of rigging two hoh competitions to promote drama. why not a third?


Sarah is a cry baby like seriously it’s a game OMGEE.


What is going on with sarah?? How do you get that emotionally involved with a man in such a short time playing a game? I think she must be very starved for love and attention – she is telling Kenny how much she loves him and will miss him, even tho she knows he is gay – is content with the “friendship” or dreaming of future togetherness – she’s really unstable about something. She’s going to miss him more than winning the money for her family.

Lexx xoxo

why are they taking things so personal it’s a GAME ugh people like this makes me hate the game because they are so hateful and take things so personal after this they could either walk away the winner or they could walk away with an amazing experience and have lots of opportunities after. This show is what you make it.


I think it has something to do with being cooped up with the same people for 24/7 for more than a month. It probably messes with your perspective. Unless you’re someone like Will or Dan from BB US, who had a scary/game-furthering ability to suppress any human emotion for the duration of the game.


Funny how 1st 5 were getting really nasty about sloppy 2nds and Kenny saying he wanted to punch Arlie’s face in…2nd time that comment came out of one of their mouths today…then the two feeds on them cut out for a long time. Then later, we have them being quiet and cordial…with Kenny making a comment about taking the high road and not wanting that to be his legacy. I wonder if production finally stepped in and warned them that these comments are making them look like assholes and they are going to be aired if they don’t knock it off. They should be aired anyway…Sarah and Kenny have been given golden edits and they should be shown in their true colors.


It has all been captured in the live feeds, so no matter what kind of golden edit they get in the actual show, they won’t be able to hide from their behaviour. Given their reactions to being called on their bad behaviour, I think both Sarah and Kenny are going to feel pretty terrible when they see how they’ve behaved. Remember when Arlie confronted Kenny during his Marsha challenge? Kenny felt terrible. Sarah, too, has had moments or realization. Neither one of them is without redemption, so hopefully they’ll learn from this experience and do some soul-searching.

As for some of the violent/nasty talk from Kenny and Sarah – let’s not forget Adel saying he wanted to rub shit in people’s faces and laugh. He and others from “the good side” have said vindictive, cruel stuff like this. They’re human, and they all make mistakes–granted, some more than others.


I understand your point, everyone within the house has said some questionable things at some time within this season. However, if all negative comments made by the other side were almagamated from the season, it could not reach the levell of vileness that occurred this afternoon between Sarah, Kenny, Sabrina and Rachelle. And that is only a snapshot of what these people (& Andrew) have spewed this season.
And sorry, I can not refer to the others by their new alliance name. it is beyond stupid.


Kenny said something about them getting a warning, so must be their comments about people.


I’m guessing Big Brother is scrambling and grunting behind those walls right now due to the new found “love fest” with everyone (not sure about Sabrina and Rachelle, though) deciding to kiss and make up. Everyone seems to have realized that this is just a game and they’re tired of being at odds with each other.

Big Brother’s worst nightmare. But, like I’ve always said, that’s the core nature of Canadians to be kind and forgiving. I think all that bickering finally got the best of them and they decided to give it up.

Now. How long will it last?


Sabrina, if you say won’t say a word, don’t say a word! Oh and don’t make everything about you…

bb is a house full of crazy

So Kenny gets called into the DR and comes out with a whole new outlook on what’s going on in the house. I’m thinking production told him …you can dish it out but you can’t take it and the result has you looking like a 7 year-old that didn’t get the toy he wanted when he was at the store with his Dad. Hope he can rise above it for the duration, for his sake.


Looks like there are new bullies in the house! Why is everyone in love with the new alliance. They wouldn’t even be an alliance if it wasn’t for the BB production. They are being just as bad as the F5. They are alienating the others, talking bad about others, stealing “have not” condiments, laughing behind people’s back, being on a power trip and very cocky!!!! Funny it’s ok to call someone an “evil wh***” but when someone calls someone else a “dumb bi***” it’s not! PLEASE …. if you call the F5 bullies then the precious new alliance also is. At least the F5 were loyal to eachother which is alot more I can say about the new alliance. Neda is all righteous now but she forgets she was in the fake girls alliance saying the same mean things about Heather as the rest (a fake apology doesn’t cut it). And enough about the brother-sister love fest b/w Jon and Neda – brothers-sisters don’t act like that. And have we forgotten about Allison (how gross her HJ was on live TV and yes Sabrina was right – she did have a boyfriend when she entered the house). I do not like the new alliance – they are getting too cocky – I wish the F5 win the next 2 HOHs to take them down a notch!


ac i thought i would correct you there

neda never joined in on any mean comments directed at heather by sab, rach, ika and sarah, but would often say to the othe girls to get off the hate train

neda was understandably upset with heather for a while as evil sab turned many people against heather by making up lies, and neda genuinely believed heather was making up lies to ruin nedas game

neda and heather have restarted their friendship again in the last few weeks so its not really necessary for people to keep bringing this up…they are cool with each other


I think BB just got sick of those viles (ken/sab/sar/ro).even they can not handle all these bs coming out of their dirty mouth. It’s disgusting to attack way too personal.


Sabrina is freaking crying again!!! What’s new??!! Lol

Seriously though, I hate her crying face, we saw it enough already!

Stop the stupid crying Sarah

Just couple days ago you(Sarah) wanted to go home so Kenny could stay in the game!!! Now all of sudden you feel like playing when you realize there’s a chance you’ll be evicted….seriously save the crocodile tears for someone who cares( roll eyes)


She’s probably crying because production chastised her about her comments. She’s probably thinking back to some of the shit she has said in the house and realizing how that reflects on her character. I doubt the tears are fake. We all need a wake-up call sometimes.

Stop the stupid crying Sarah

You are right. I was wrong w my previous comment


Honestly, I’m really happy the change in attitude in Kenny and Sarah. I really think they’re sincere about it, too, so I’m giving them a clean slate. Sure, it probably came from a warning from BB and it’s easy to get caught up in the emotions of a game when that’s all there is. But, I don’t care. I’m glad harmony has returned to the house. It won’t last but that house needed a wake-up call. And I sure don’t wish for this to haunt Kenny or Sarah in the future. It really is just a game. I’m sure others won’t like this change of heart because it will make the game “boring” but, seriously, I care more about their futures than my own entertainment. But, that’s just me.

Were Sabrina and Rachelle included in those warnings? Or the change of heart? From what I’ve seen, the answer is no. I still want these two out because of who they are as people, not as houseguests. Their private conversations about things other than the game are different than Kenny and Sarah’s conversations (or anyone else’s). I just don’t like Sabrina or Rachelle.


Honestly don’t think they learn a lesson and just behave humanely … once your soul is taken by devil there is no way back . It’s all an act just because they’ve got warning

My bad

I guess it’s a combo of everything why she’s so emotional


Three mules for sob-sister Sarah –
She chose one and made an error.

and Yes, you are a bad person
so own it and try and be fairer

you pathetic, blubbering hypocrite.

That’s right folks – zero sympathy here.


Kenny and The Gremlins…. sounds like a pop group. lol


So the fake girls alliance did not work, and we have the ‘true’ girls alliance now ( Sarah, Rachelle, Sabrina, Kenny) versus the rest of the house.