No Room in the HAND J’s for the Gremlins

POV Holder: Kenny Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 7
HOH Winner: Heather Next HOH: Apr 10
Original Nominations: Kenny & Allison
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots Sarah, Kenny, Rachelle


11:05pm Hot Tub Heather, Neda, Allison, Arlie, Jon and Adel
Heather wants them to figure out an alliance name. Arlie thinks they should wait until they are fully exposed. Neda jokes they should call them “the Neda’s”
Joking that their alliance is called the Hand J’s

Neda says they have a “H” Three A’s a “J”
Jon – “Arlie, Adel Allison are the A’s Heather is the H and theres N,D.. that’s Hand and I’m the J”

(So perfect they call themselves the hand j’s now that Allison is in the alliance. )

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-06 20-15-50-868

The gremlins join the hot tub crew but are left out to the side.

Adel Asks Alison if she made out with Andrew the first day. Allison says second day.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-06 20-20-15-109

11:16pm Have nots Sarah and Kenny

Sarah tells KEnny about Jon spreading around that Adel has a giant p***s.
Kenny – “What the f*** “
Sarah adds that Sabrina was questioning Jon about it because she thought it just looked big because it was on a small body.
Sarah – “Jon says it would look enormous on Him”
Kenny – “I saw it in his underwear I don’t believe it.. I think Jon is full of sh1t in every way and shape”

Kenny and Sarah are hating on Jon right now but they are sure everything will be cool when they get out.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-06 20-47-06-754
11:30pm Gremlins in the bedroom

Sabrina tells her she thinks Sarah is going up. Rachelle isn’t sure she still thinks she’s a possibility. Sabrina highly doubts that she thinks It’s between her and Sarah probably Sarah. Rachelle knows thinks that Allison getting close with the other side she worried if she goes up against Allison she will go thome. Sabrina against tells her she is not going up..

Rachelle says the other side having power drives her nuts.

11:36pm HOH Neda and Heather

Heather says her boyfriend William makes fun of her all the time because she likes lotions and shiny things.. LOL

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-06 21-15-58-565

12:08Am Sabrina and Heather

Sabrina says she cannot sleep she’s too stressed out, “I’m getting super anxiety.. I just want ot know if it’s me or someone else”
Heather really wants to tell her but she’s already told everyone she’s keeping it a secret and she doesn’t want to go back on that.
Sabrain swears that she won’t tell anyone. Heather mentions that Rachelle never told her when she was being nominated. Sabrina swears she never knew Rachelle didn’t tell her that.

Heather says there is a third person she is now considering other than Sabrina and Sarah.
Sabrina – A third person.. am I higher up
Heather says Right now Sabrina and Sarah are 50/50 but there is another person to who is coming up on her list. She doesn’t know what to do right now and doesn’t want to say anything until she’s sure. Sabrina says her and Heater started off on the wrong foot over a “TifF”

Heather says she is trusting Sabrian right now. Sabrina swears if she doesn’t go up Heather will not go up not as a pawn not as a target.
Sabrian – “Should I worry this much”
Heather – “No”

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-06 21-24-43-912

12:20AM Bedroom Arlie, Jon, Neda, Adel, Allison playing around.
Man child Jon wrestles Neda
(Video Coming)

12:20AM Kenny, Sarah and Rachelle Have nots
Rachelle mentions that Heather just told Sabrina she doesn’t know who is going up yet. Sarah says as long as Allison satya up on the block they have a chance.


Neda squeezes out a bunch mustard, maple syrup, and Ketchup.

She does this so the have nots have no condiments. They are only allowed to eat slop and condiments. Losing the condiments Sucks for have nots.


1:09AM Cams 1-2 showing Sabrina cleaning out her belly button. From her face I don’t think she likes what she found.

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Amazing alliance name because of Allison


It’s about time a woman is shamed publicly for imperfectly modest behavior. Now if we can just get her in a burqa.

Neda fan

The alliance name the hand j’s is awesome

they are the nicest, funniest and most genuine in the house

throwing the condiments out was genius – rachelle, kenny and sarah will be on edge the rest of the week

i love neda’s humour and fun nature…jon wrestling with neda was hilarious

Russ from Van

“HAND Js is perfect now that Allison is in the alliance. ” Lol so good guys!


Neda just sabotaged the have-not food. And she was literally the one person I thought might not be an asshole. oh well.


This was a brilliant move and strictly game. The first five were acting like total bags to the outsiders. I can’t wait to see Kenny and Sarah on slop pancakes all week without maple syrup! LOL @ Sarah for not using her pass and going home!


lol wat, how is it strategy? It’s an immature revenge prank (even though they’ve never done anything to neda personally). The “outsiders” are being twice as cocky as the first five ever were.


If it was strategy she would have done it before the POV and put Kenny on tilt


Didn’t you watch the episode? They were all on slop before POV. That’s why she did it because it was unfair that they all got punished for Rachelle and it didn’t hurt Rachelle the Have-Nots at all.


True… but its something that Spencer or Amanda from BBu$a*15 could have
happily done even if also “walking on eggshells” around the powers that be!
Did i get this correctly, are there 2 PoVs in play or just Adel’s power card and
the real one? why is Allison in a good mood or something like that just now?


The previous and prior thread talks about a “hidden” PoV idol with legendary powers, and if its played
as a DOUBLE EVICTION looms, might we see 3 PoVs happen in one HoH time frame if Adel, Allison
and Kenny play things out almost at the same time? I’m assuming these three PoVs and/or modifiers
to a PoV Cerimony will play out in either of the two evictions if not both in sequence. its complicated!!!


So then it’s fair to dump all those sauces to revenge Rachelle? LOL. How mature.


Seriously, stop, take a second and learn the game, and then whatever you want to post, DON’T, your postings are ridiculous…


Sorry, I don’t know how that got posted there, it’s a reply to NAME, just above, about neda’s condiments prank, great game move btw, it’s gonna cause total house drama, it’ll be a fun week to watch, lol…


They said Kenny put cinnamon in the coffee so they couldn’t have it idk


Earlier in the day they were talking about Kenny putting cinnamon in the coffee so the have nots couldn’t have any.
The Hand Js aren’t any better but they probably aren’t worse.


The “Outsiders” are not treating people any better then the first five i would say with the exception of allison they are acting the exact same way they are just as mean and under handed as the first five to be honest i am having a hard time rooting for any of them


Sarah is making her life miserable to spend more time with Kenny. Her eviction is inevitable this week because its hard to strategize with others when your head is up Kenny’s behind. She has become too comfortable and will pay for it!!!


OMG ‘The Hand J’s’ wow! The irony is not lost on me. But poor Allison when she leaves the house, she will be the hand job girl in the hand J alliance. I can’t believe they think this is a cool name. They should be the outsiders lol. Wow I can’t stop laughing. The Neda’s would be better lol


The Neda’s actually has a nice ring to it. And the other side would be like “holy shit, I didn’t think SHE was running the show!!”

meseyz (imoho!)

i’m a boomer hippie~trekkie whose zany & gonzo peers during the 1960s gave all potheads & the counterculture a bad reputation,
so i am in 100% awe of how boldly brazen they are, as almost yuppified honorary 1970s “retro” people, although just 20something…


Just wondering, how come Heather got a letter this week? I thought Ika shredded them


The letters Ika shredded weren’t all the letters of all time. It was just for that week. Each house guest has several potential letters because there will be people who win multiple HOHs throughout the season.


Each HG probably gets a certain amount of letters put aside so the ones Ika shredded weren’t the only ones.


Once again NAME, learn the game,, I’m starting to wonder if you’re just a 5 year old boy???


Anyone who doesn’t put in a “name:” is automatically given the title of “Name” when they post, All of the “Name’s” you see are not the same people.


It sounds like some of them have a yeast infection.


Neda messing with the Have not foods is not cool. I hate and Sarah but no need to be cruel. This is Heather’s HOH and Adel, Neda a d Jon have gotten so cocky its crazy.


She’s extremely passive aggressive. But I still think it’s a funny thing to do.


I do agree that Jon definitely got cocky and I don’t think he will stop unless Kenny wins the next HOH.

I do think its cruel of Neda, but honestly at least she is doing something. Hoping it doesn’t backfire on her because if Kenny, Sabrina, or Rachelle win HOH…..they might just put her up for that.


LOL! Neds should have ditched all of the condiments and blamed big brother!


THATS IT NOW I HATE MARILYN MANSON I MEAN NEDA EVEN MORE she of all people has no right to be messing with the havenots food WHO DOES SHE THINK SHE IS all she cares about is impressing Jon she has no game and shes a coat tail rider if this were one of the first 5 people here would be in outrage. I CANT WAIT TILL HER OR HER MASTER JON LEAVE THURSDAY DURING THE DOUBLE EVICTION. GO KENNY


You are everything that’s wrong with humanity


LOL! I agree, Neda, Jon, Heather and Adel are simply beneficiaries of production trying to boost ratings! They did nothing on their own and with Canada (production) wagging the dog, the Outsiders are acting like Owa Jima marine heroes! There is a reason the first five dominating these saps… they are all weak floaters. Kenny is going to beast on these Aneal-carbon-copies and BOSS the house up!!!! BOW DOWN TO KENNY!


Preach it! The world needs the message.


In what way did production help them?? Oh you mean by having Kenny win POV, right.

another name

no, he’s talking about the nearly weekly manipulations on the part of production. i’ll try to list the ones that have been commented on whether they are actual or proposed but not proven:
buzzworthy award result was questioned. because voting results were not revealed. until 20 minutes before the end of voting other polls pegged jon as the winner. supposition says adel was awarded the power to help push forward the underdog storyline.
bungee cord challenge where rachelle and other houseguests reported aloud that rachelle’s bungee cord was not moving. guarenteeing rachelle’s win. given her anger that heather didn’t go home and her alliance was betrayed by sarah, production would have been hoping for a more dramatic and big move worthy story to unfold. but for the manipulation of rachelle by sabrina.
canada’s hoh. huge manipulation to take power from the alliance that were decimating and steamrolling the competition to create more drama.
mugshot hoh challenge where on the fourth question rachelle hit button first, and suddenly there was a malfunction. a new question is read, and jon buzzes in and wins. this is shown on the live eviction episode, but edited out on the sunday night episode. explains rachelle’s over the top reaction when eliminated.
the twistos twist power of veto. being questioned now. once again, because every production manipulation has been to the advantage of the supposed underdog players and to the detriment of the players that have been the most hated by concensus in the house (except for rachelle’s hoh, where but for sabrina’s manipulation, the first hit would have been to the first five side).
i don’t choose to take sides out of emotional connection, but only by analyzing strategies and gameplay. because of this my favorite player(s) can be fluctuating depending on which player makes the strongest moves, and which player makes the strongest counter moves. i do take great exception to production manipulating the game, because it cheapens my respect for the people that get the advantage not through their own strategy and gameplay, but due to interference. the fact that any malfunction can now be called into question is a clear sign that production has been too heavy handed in it’s manipulation of the game.


Name: you have so much hate towards Neda which is really scary!
Get over your hate ( for whatever weird reason is)


I think you must be Andrew!


Heather needs to put down the food she puting on the weight faster than a truck going down a hill. She gotten so fat she can’t fit in her clothes anymore. The lard hanging off her body is gross.


LOL! She sure is catching up to Sabrina’s plumber’s ass quickly!!!!


You deserve to be choked!


You are so rude and one to talk.just sitting on your ass typing you hateful thoughts on the internet.grow a pair.

Real Deal

So I guess everyone who said Neda and the outsiders were nice people and not bullies can eat their words now.
I guess it is like they say “Absolute power corrupts absolutely” now that production flipped control of the game we have new bullies.


Very true. Neda, Jon, Adel and Heather were the house betas for a reason… The first five out alpha’d them in all aspects of the game. Kenny needs to BO$$ it up and get payback for Gordo! Neda is a typical left wing liberal hypocrite!


People seem to forget that the First Five alliance isn’t together because they all decided to strategically get together. THEY JUST HAPPENED TO WALK INTO THE DOOR FIRST.

And Neda’s throwing the food away? WHO CARES? It’s a GAME. It’s not like she stole food from the homeless. Chill the eff out people.

another name

agreed. as soon as anyone has power, their true colours show through. but watch, all of the ‘canada loves an underdog’ types will eat it up and start saying ‘all is fair’ and ‘they aren’t as bad as how those guys were’ without stopping to realize that they are creating two different codes of behavior depending on concensus likeability. case in point: neda empties out condiments. response: but kenny put cinnamon in the coffee. logical assessment: did kenny throw away or hide the rest of the coffee? can they not make more? did kenny know they couldn’t drink the coffee with cinnamon? if he did, that wasn’t nice. but there is more coffee. make some you can drink. throwing away the condiments: worse than putting cinnamon in coffee.
result of her move: puts an actual target on her back. she didn’t actually have anyone after her personally before. her name was only considered as a punishement move to go after her showmance jon. for someone playing the under the radar game that is a bad strategic move.
but hey, you can never know the true character of someone until you see them with power.


Bless her heart; Heather has a lot of patience. If Sabrina kept doing this, I don’t know what I would do. Sabrina, I swear on my head I told you earlier I’m not telling anyone. Do you understand? OK Perfect.

Nana Jo

I agree. Heather has the patience of a saint! She is such a kind, gentle girl. Lucky Will … and some day she will make a great mother, too. Personally, I would have lost it with Sabs long before. She’s like the annoying kid who thinks if you ask often enough, the answer will be yes. Sabs, my plumptious, get out of Heather’s room and go and tweeze something. Oh wait …she did that already …


Faster than a truck going down a hill eh? Would you be from Newfoundland?


Where are they getting the D from in Hand J’s?

Not only is it a bad name, it doesn’t make any sense.

The Outsider’s would be better indeed, or the Neda’s, the Kenny Killers, just about anything would be better really


D comes from neDa, I guess.


I think the D is for Deli (Adel’s nickname)


D= Deli Meatballs 😛


The D in the alliance name:

They call Adel- Deli


Hell has no fury like a woman scorned or shunned or bullied.


Everyone on the gremlins and Kenny boat.
Bullies = team hand job
Victims = Kenny, sab Sarah and rachelle


Pretty much any time I check in on Kenny and Sarah’s feed, they’re both saying something terrible about somebody. The same can not be said about the Hand J’s. Sometimes they vent about the other side but it’s not even close to what Kenny and Sarah do.


I disagree, they’ve been really bad for it in the hoh room the last few days that they’ve been in power


To Name:
Sabrina and company, the victims? Where have you been? You must be Andrew trying to figure out why Canada hates you … Well, go back to few weeks prior and watch yourself bully other house guests. You are in the right track, this is site where we fans express our opinions about everyone in the big brother house. You will find out how we in this forum, at least majority of us did no like the game play of first five led by you- you were the ultimate bully, Andrew …

another name

i thought the process of judging behavior was good behavior or bad behavior. i didn’t realize that we now judged things according to bad behavior or worse behavior. oh, well, THAT changes everything. sorry for the sarcasm, but lets judge everyone equally.


OMFG Sabs was doing more than cleaning out her belly button, That would be bad enough but she was also plucking stray vajayjay hairs. When BBC announced “Remember, Canada is watching”, she looked like a deer in the headlights! Seriously, girl …you know cameras are watching every second. That was truly disturbing!

Neda’s prank is so funny, but Jon will get the blame for it. Kenny is going to explode! Serves him right, though for adding cinnamon to the coffee so Jon couldn’t have any, and also for throwing away the slop cookies. Karma, GIRL child….


Good on Neda for doing that 🙂
Well have nots they can suck it up…The” F5″ they used to put cinnamon in to the coffee when others were on slop so they deserve it !! 🙂


You sound young. Yes, they were probably inconsiderate when they were haves. This is intentionally mean.


If your fave does something like this it’s hilarious, but IMAGINE the names Sabrina or Kenny would be called if they did this.


Zed: I agree..but lets just be honest all Hg’s are guilty of doing it. I think the way Nedas done it was funny 🙂 and im sure the have nots got some extra syrup hidden in the room so no heart feelings 😉

another name

actually, heather and neda were talking about how heather had already hidden the extra bottle of syrup.
i completely agree that there would be a commentary call for lynching if kenny, sabrina,sarah, or rachelle had done the same thing as neda.
it’s poor sportsmanship, it doesn’t advance gameplay, it’s just a middle finger being stuck in the faces of people who are at a disadvantage in the game.
i’m not going to use the bully moniker to describe it. i’m not going to hurl insults. a spade is a spade. it showed a lack of personal character. something every person in the house has been guilty of. there is not one player in the game that hasn’t said or done something that shows a lack of personal character. if you’re looking for heroes, sorry, big brother canada can only sell those after editing.


Neda and Jon are so cute! 🙂


I neda for dumping all the condiments out!!
Can’t wait to see kenny and rochelle suffer 🙂


Sarah is gonna go nuts and quite possible have a nervous breakdown, Great week to watch, lol…

Jenna talwarts (wubbs)

Toss a couple of Sabrina’s belly button treats and a thick Italian pube or two in the slop bucket . Catch that fly and put it in the full bottle of maple syrup. Screw kenny. He is a psycho big time teetering on the edge worse than Sabrina. Monotone Sarah and her dead brain can lick up the big dust bunnies behind the door in have not room for all i care. If i was there I’d own


I think it is riddiculus that bb just handed allison a veto for one she didn’t need it for another the show is beyond fixed the us isn’t even this bad


I wonder if Allison suspects they know about her sleeping bag “activities” and are using that name because of it. The fact that they have no idea is so funny.. I still think they should be called “the Can-n-balls”. With Canada’s help, they are smashing through the other side…


I have to admit the HAND-J’s is a horrible and embarrassing name. They are getting way too cocky just in time for a “Twistos Twist” (production rig)! Hopefully Kenny goes Beastmode and jacks up Jon and Adel or Jon and Neda next week! Neda is a hypocrite and Adel is an outsider for life. Big Jon was a Beta to Gordo and Kenny and Heather was a dits. The Outsiders got what they deserved! Send them back out Kenny!!!!


People need to relax with the ‘Hand J*b’s” having a little fun, they aren’t yelping curses at the other side, like the F5 were like a week ago. They’re still respectable people and the main thing is, they know this is a GAME. No food for kenny= weak kenny= not a strong competitor kenny.


you obviously haven’t been listening to jon or adel the last couple of days

another name

yeah… relax. don’t judge the well liked people for doing the same thing as the hated people. don’t expect the “respectable” people to rise above and prove that they deserve our respect. after all, we like them and will cover their backs by excusing thier behavior.
one question… why? because the other side was worse in their 4 weeks of power than the the new powerhouses in one week of power? no. because they are doing the same crap. which means the answer is because they are liked more. not very objective or fair, but in such a rigged season, guess that’s not a surprise. in terms of strategic game play thus far who has made the best moves: arlie for playing both sides. kenny for spearheading the moves of his alliance at the beginning of the game. sarah and sabrina for playing both sides and sabotaging the other alliances early on in the game. allison for thinking long term when hiding her new power. if she tells anyone about it, this one moves down in strategic value. so… when assessing strategy, other than pinning their hopes on production to help them, what has the liked side done? backdoored sarah, who has outlived her strategic usefulness anyway? other than affecting numbers… not a really bold move.

I Know I'm not the only one

I know I’m not the only one that’s hates production interference. Listing off production interference
1) Popularity Contest = Veto comp replacement ticket = This is okay
2)Canada’s HOH = gave power to no one in the house = Big time CRAP there
3)Secret Veto = a veto that can be used this week or during double eviction= This is just getting silly

I’m down for twist the first is okay the 2 and 3 horrible, Kenny will be put up week after week until he’s backdoored or doesn’t win the veto, it’s like
James Rhine/ Veto King from Big Brother 6 in Howie’s words a James buster week for 3-5 weeks straight.

I wouldn’t mind having an america player this year for BB16 but for the love of god please don’t bring back america’s choice and DO NOT GIVE AMERICA A


All this talk about production interference completely misses the point of the show.

They called it a social experiment; but don’t be naive. It’s a money maker. That’s it, that’s all.

To keep people entertained, they’ll do whatever they have to do (production) in order to generate revenue.

All these people complaining about the “purity of the game” need to grow up.

It’s nice that you enjoy the product, but make no mistake; this isn’t being produced for your benefit. It’s being produced so sell advertising revenue to make money for the parent company.

You may not be the only one feeling the way you do; but it’s ridiculous to expect production to do anything differently.

If the game gets boring, or too predictable, they’ll do something in order to keep viewers tuned in. That’s it. Look how lame last season was, and how panned it was (US15, not BBCA 1). There will be changes. Canada getting the HoH was a direct result of people threatening to not watch anymore, after what happened last year with McCranda.

The game has evolved since the first time. Jury was introduced, the house guests got to vote, etc.

The entire premise that production shouldn’t interfere just shows that you’re so caught up in the game, that you forget this show isn’t for you.

If you enjoy the show, watch. If you don’t then don’t. But don’t complain just because production is protecting it’s investment.


How did production even know who was going to be in power 2 weeks in advance when Arisa made the announcement about the secret power after Ika was eliminated? At the time the F5 were in power.

Anyone could have found the clues but only Allison found something suspicious about the flowers.

Why blame production?


As for the Neda prank…1st 5 were always hoarding stuff delivered to the pantry for themselves (another reason hypocritical Sarah pissed me off when she bitched about Heather saving some sweets for when she got off slop). They would have done what Neda did in a heartbeat, if they had thought of it first. Plus, Rachelle should get some extra punishment for putting the house on slop…Sarah is stupid for not using her slop pass just to stay up Kenny’s ass and Kenny deserves to suffer as much as he can on slop just for being such an arrogant, smug hypocrit.

It’s funny and a great prank. It isn’t hurting or humiliating anyone. I only wish Sobs was a have not…cause she made such a big deal about IKA and Adel using the last of the sugar. She would lose her shit about this…


Hmm… so much Hate in here!!
Canada’s so called multiculturalism but all I see people have so much hate for ppl other then irish/Scottish canadians..they only fav newfies :/ it’s really sad


Hmmmm your comment really ticks me off! You must be one of our “poor-me” immigrants who came here thinking they can change our country by using the “victim” card. Anyone see that Neda and Adel are not Irish/Scottish. BB is not the place to get political but if you want to bring up BS like that, im game for the fight MORON!


Wow. What an awful, xenophobic and flat out racist comment.
“Victim Cards” don’t exist, neither do “race cards” or any other “cards” that you’ve made up to justify the very REAL racism that exists in Canada and is clearly being displayed in your comment.

“Change our country”? Whose country exactly? Canada was founded on the theft and genocide of the First Nations. There is NO Canadian culture, and it should change if it means we can be a more accepting society with fewer racist jerks.


Lol what are you talking about???


Adel is Canada’s Golden Boy, what are you talking about??


I have been watching the live feeds like a stalker, and I must say at one point & time they all have talked crap about each other. Everyone in the house has lied about something even Heather and I love Heather but call a spade a spade.
Anyway I’m more interested to see what Allison will do with her knew Veto!! She needs to put up the one person who is a threat to her game and I’m not sure who that is. Who is Arlie biggiest threat in the house? I see from time to time when certain house guess bring up his name its like they dance around on how they truely feels about him. But they all say he is in the best position in the house which means he is a threat in the game. Arlie & Alison are the most interesting houseguest at the moment for me can’t wait what the future unfolds.


that was hilarious I love Neda even more now lolll


She should have dumped more than just the Ketchup!


I want nothing good for Allison – she squandered a gif-wrapped present from Canada glued to the side of a douche after only 1 night and has been a mean girl. She has been given a veto (coming in 4th in that comp). She have now been gifted from Heather not being put on the block. Now she gets a DPOV? Dammit. I can’t stand Allison. She did nothing to work for any of this.

meseyz (imoho!)

IKA actually fretted & recounted carefully for her to get the $5000.oo check with all the “loaded” strings attached.
ALLISON evidently found a double-edged DPOV that if used foolishly could still have her going home this week.

Russ from Van

looking forward to reading about the fall out from Neda’s prank tomorrow morning when I get up. Gnite y’all.


First of all everyone complaining about Neda messing with the condiments is just wrong. Kenny put Cinnamon in the coffee so none of the HG`s on slop could drink coffee. That was just as bad.
I can`t take Kenny`s holier than now bulls*it. All he has done is torment the other side and ridiculed them and called them b*tches or a-holes. Now that he is on the outs he gets it back but nothing compared to the way he treated everyone. He literally disgusts me especially when he continues to make fun of Adele and his religion. No one should do that period! I really hope Allison’s power doen’t allow her to nominate the 2nd person or she may f*ck her new alliance over. I hope both sarah and Sabrina go that would be so sweet! But i may have to mute the TV when Sabrina goes – can’t handle someone blubbering on their way out!


The Hand J’s is hilarious, I have to admit. It’s funny because it started out as a joke but it’s slowly catching on. H for Heather, A for Arlie, N for Neda, D for Delly (Adel), and J for Jon. Allison can be added in as well simply by spelling it the Haand J’s. It is pronounced exactly the same. Also, it couldn’t be more perfect that Allison is included, given her hand j experience. I love this alliance! I really hope they can make it a couple more weeks!


It’d be so funny if they all made a lewd HJ gesture when casting their votes!


i agree if any one had the right to be cocky its heather…. i would have been fine with heather being cocky just because of how the rest of them behaved towards her… heather seems to be the level headed person in the outsiders…


People keep citing the cinnamon in the coffee thing but getting the story wrong. He put cinnamon in his coffee because that’s how he likes it. I don’t think his motivation was so that the havenots couldn’t have it. It was EXTREMELY inconsiderate, but they’re adults and can make a new damn pot. This is not an equivalent response lol.

meseyz (imoho!)

Pity he didn’t have a jug or a thermos for his almost Starbucks level most “fav” blend, they all must rinse things well, evidently…


Go Neda!


Neda says they have a “H” Three A’s a “J”

Jon – “Arlie, Adel Allison are the A’s Heather is the H and theres N,D.. that’s Hand and I’m the J”

So I thought the N and D are both from NeDa.


What is Allison’s veto power? I can’t seem to find any info on it.


I understand that they need drama for the show and breaking up the first five made it a lot more interesting but I can’t stand watching the outsiders cruise along and get whoever they want out now. Personally, I think Jon needs to go. He comes across as a disgusting pig and if I were his girlfriend I would absolutely leave him! I really don’t like anyone, or any certain alliance in this game. They aren’t very entertaining and if the outsiders don’t soon turn on each other it’s going to continue to be an awfully boring season.


So we’re to believe gay Kenny didn’t notice Adels large basket all by himself?? Jealous Kenny?


Hahaha this is so funny reading some of these comments. Some of you say the house guests are being rude, bullies, etc, but yet with some comments, your doing the exact same. Hahaha ok then!

The Outsiders are actually meanies!

I don’t quite understand what show all of you guys are watching?????!!!??? Why so much hate for Kenny? Tell me when he’s actually been mean or a bully! Jon says so many mean things, it might be behind peoples back but its still said on national TV. The outsiders are being just as mean or worst than the 1st 5, they just pick their nose less!
Kenny is certainly my fave, he is the most real and down-to-earth out of all of them, and he’s had a target on his back his since day 1!! GO KENNY!!


Neda needs to be punished for sabotaged the have not’s they punished people for less last season.


I’m the king of the castle, and you’re the dirty rascal! LOL! Who remembers that from their childhood!?