Adel’s “Weakened” power gets revealed “I Love Deli.. can we be boyfriend and boyfriend”

POV Holder: Kenny Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 7
HOH Winner: Heather Next HOH: Apr 10
Original Nominations: Kenny & Allison
Current Nominations: Sarah & Allison
Have Nots Sarah, Kenny, Rachelle

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-07 21-37-23-774

12:32am Bedroom crew Arlie, Adel, Neda, Jon and Allison

They calculate there is 5 eliminations and 10 people. Allison says it doesn’t add up there’s 10 people in the house with 4 full weeks left.
Adel – “There is no way next week Kenny can play in the veto”

Adel tells them about his power.

Adel tells them that after the third week his power weakened, “on the power of veto ceremony I could just replace anyone I want”
Allison – No you can’t”
Adel – I swear to god
Arlie – Give us real talk right now don’t f*** with us
Adel explains his power.. it was called the ultimate backd**r After the 3 weeks are up he keeps it but it weakens.
Adel – “When we draw names I pick someone who is now on the block”

For example if Arlie win HOH puts up Rachelle and Sabrina. When they draw POV players names and Kenny is picked Adel can use his card to replace kenny with himself.

Neda is “pissed”, “How f*** are you.. you told me this but then said it was a lie”
Arlie says if it’s instant eviction next week there is no veto.
Adel – “I keep this card forever” (Until he uses it)
Arlie – This is so cool we just needs to now win HOH
Adel – “so no matter what he doesn’t get to play anyway”
Everyone is freaking out about this, Jon is dancing in his underwear.

Arlie – “I love Deli.. Deli can we be boyfriend and boyfriend”
Jon says if Kenny doesn’t win HOH he doesn’t get to play in the POV.

Adel wants them to pick who he should select to compete in the POV. Jon blurts out “ME”
Neda lets strong the strongest person.
They agree to pick Jon or Arlie. If not Allison.

Adel – “I couldn’t use it last week because it was still a veto”

Arlie very happy about this power “deli lets make out for a bit before bed”
Jon – If Kenny doesn’t win HOH he goes home
Arlie – “when his name is drawn he’s the happiest guy ever then instantly he’s the saddest guy ever”
Arlie – “What a good coming out party” (all the alliance came out today)
Neda asks Adel why he never told her the truth. Adel – I was trying to throw you off”
Neda – Throw me off we were working together”
Adel – We needed it when we needed it and right now we need it

Allison tells him his veto card is the craziest power she’s ever heard of.
Allison congratulates Adel on having the power for 3 weeks and not using it.

Jon is pretty excited keeps saying if Kenny doesn’t win HOH he’s going home. They him if the Gremlins win head of Household they won’t put Kenny up. Arlie – One of the 5 of us have to win HOH

Jon – “You had so many stories rolling around you blew my mind”
They laugh at how they didn’t believe him when he brought up his power because there’s been so many stories.
Adel tells them if the card doesn’t get used they can use it if they want to play in the POV for fun, you know for the people that haven’t had a chance to play in too many competitions, “If someone feels left out I’ll let them play a game”
Arlie and Jon say no way they’ll use it for something good.

Arlie says if there side wins HOH they put up 2 Gremlins and use the Deli Card incase Kenny’s name is drawn.
Adel says he has to use the deli veto card before POV players are picked, “I’m just going to say YA next week”

Arlie giddy about this power. tells them Kenny never even believed Adel hd something and for him to leave because of it will be insane.
Arlie – “Sh** will come out his d**k.. he’ll cry”
Adel – “He’s the one that never believed I had any power.. I had three weeks of veto it weakened and I had it forever”

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-07 22-20-33-166

1:10AM Bedroom crew Arlie, Adel, Neda, Jon and Allison
Talking about Sabrina campaigning against Andrew.

Adel start bringing up Andrew saying to the entire house if they talked to Adel Andrew will take them out”
Adel “How am I supposed to feel towards him”
Allison – “I would be pissed”
Adel – “I don’t even care”
Allison – “you little f***”
Everyone starts laughing.
Arlie – “thats Adel’s humour it always catches you off guard”

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-07 22-23-17-289

1:22AM Sabrian hidden in the bathroom picking out hairs.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-07 23-10-51-419

2:15AM kaboom

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-07 23-22-23-927

2:22am Jon and Neda Jon has a nightmare and wakes up. He sat up all freaked out made some noise. Neda runs to him and he starts talking nonsense.
Neda – “Oh my god you’re so cute.. what the f** is wrong with you”
Jon mentions wolves, farts and says it was real.

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Slobrina, ewwwwwwwww by


Is it possible to cry soo many times without tears ?


I love this alliance, they are fun, NOT grumpy or flat out vile!


Two arabs, two newfies and two white-trash…. this alliance is total misfit underdogs! I hate underdogs – I like winners and Kenny is the Bo$$ Playa!


Persians aren’t Arab genius.

Fireplace Grate

Never call a Persian an Arab unless you want a fight. Many consider themselves the original whites. Iran means Land of Aryans.


I don’t get Adel’s power… is he lying again… why???


He’s lying a little. All his power ever did was what he just told them. It allows him to remove one of the veto players that are picked by drawing. He can then replace that person. The power doesn’t expire until he uses it. He never had a veto, that was the lie.


Honestly, by observing Adel’s behavior the past few posts, I think he is worried he is on the bottom of his alliance and that he could potentially be “collateral damage.”

That is why he keeps trying to get in the convo. Hope he is safe during the double eviction.

Thursday cannot come sooner.


I thought it just meant he can automatically play in the Veto Comp by handing in the card..i wasn’t aware he could take someone out that has been choosen to play.


I think we all know that Adel is predisposed to lying and thievery. He openly brags about being a coke dealer in Cabo all the time!


Does Adel still have a power at all? I thought his REAL power was only good for three weeks?


His “NEW” power is his REAL power and it doesn’t expire.


Adel is going to get himself into major trouble with all these power lies… he just keep on making up new powers… I’ll be surprised if anyone believes him….


Does anyone remember how adel “veto ticket” actually works???

another name

the buzzworthy award stated that adel would be allowed to compete in any power of veto ceremony, even if not picked. it was not stated until later that he could remove someone else from play. not sure if that is true… or the first of the lies.


I just do not understand why Adel would LIE to his own side about the so called power he has. Just another reason they should boot him out ASAP as anyone that lies to your own side cannot be trusted in game.

Team Adel

That was Adel’s ultimate protection from getting evicted. Adel was one of the first outcasts and shunned from every single one of those house guests from the beginning. And remember Sloppy Seconds weren’t officially together till about a week or so ago, so I can understand him not having complete trust in people that first gave him their ass to kiss. And now they are all like ‘we love you Deli.’

Adel felt alone in this game since all his people got voted out (Kyle, Paul, and Ika). It was him and Ika that sat up and created the lie to protect him from getting put up…and it worked. But it is so funny how people are quick to turn on Adel and hate on him, because if it wasn’t for him, this group might not of come together. Adel was cool with Arlie…Arlie plants the seed and Adel did the work. He was cordial with Jon, even though both Jon and Neda would turn on him and vote him out in a heartbeat. After Ika left, Adel was one of the few that went and talked to Heather. He actually brought Neda and Heather together, so now they had some numbers to compete with the 1st5.


No way is Kenny going home on Thursday. Production scolded Kenny and Sarah on their behavior, so they are already taking the steps for Kenny’s comeback. He’s being civil to the house (including Arlie), consoling the gremlins, tear soaked goodbyes to Mumzi. The other side of the house is getting overly confident….I know a comeback story when I see one. That HOH will be geared towards Kenny, for sure.


Also…..go Arlie!


when/how were Kenny and Sarah scolded???


I agree with you i think they are going to get kenny to win in order to spice things up……he has lots of choices to people he doesnt like to go up too LOL


I wouldn’t be surprised…but it could also be that Production knows that the chances are highly likely that Kenny is going to be following Sarah out the door on Thursday and they are trying to do damage control…so that they leave with the least amount of backlash and negativity from the public. I am sure that Sarah and Kenny were making it difficult for them to include any positive footage of them for this week’s episodes and told them, “Hey, you better knock it off, or we are going to have to show the world how nasty you are really being…do you want to go out like that?”

Real Deal

All his power does is let him compete in a POV competition if he wasn’t picked for it, not replace anybody as far as I remember. It basically prevents him from being backdoored.

bigbrother study

Nope real deal it allows him to replace anyone competing in the veto other than someone on the block.


Adels pov power allows him if not picked for the pov to take someones elses place.. For example if Kenny is picked he can take kennys place in the pov comp. Also it doesn expire until he uses it.


Unless Adel goes home in the double eviction, this pretty much seals Kenny’s fate.


@RealDeal, that’s my understanding too.

My stomach sank to read this update.
If he can replace a POV player that would be great, but I think this was the very first lie added to the card.

This is sad chit, man. It gives them nothing but a reason to turn on him.


Does anyone think Sarah and Kenny have ‘done’ anything beyond talk and ‘cuddle’. He did say he had a threesome with a married couple.


I do know that when they were cuddling last night, they were talking about things they could do together outside of the house, and Kenny asked her if she liked to fish. She said yes, she loves anything outdoors and she would definitely pass the “cabin test”. (Not sure what this is, since I don’t listen much to when Kenny talks) Anyway, so Kenny says, “Yeah, except for the sex part.” And Sarah says, “Yeah, because I have a vagina.” …of course, the fact that she has a husband wasn’t mentioned…

Johhny (the European one!)

“Sabrina is mean”

It’s really funny / sad / worrying that from all this earthquake that happened today, with Arlie and Allison telling them they switched, the – BY FAR – most important information Sabrina took from it is that “they said she was mean”.
Not the fact she’s in a 3 against 6 situation from now on, that her 1st5 ally betrayed her, that they lost the numbers and that she’s lost any influence with the entire house.
No, the only thing she’s “campaigning” for is that people tell her she’s not mean.

I’m sorry for all of you who live in Canada, as we all know that sooner or later, Sabrina will be knocking on your door and have a little chat with each and every one of you:
“Why do you hate me? I know you hate me! Just tell me that you hate me, I won’t believe you if you deny it anyway. Do you think I’m mean? Why?!?!? I swear on my Nona/Dog/God/head that I love you more than anyone in this world. You HAVE TO tell me that I’m not mean.”

How many households are there in Canada? It’ll take Sabrina some time, but she’ll hunt you ALL down ultimately.


And when she and Ro are in Europe looking for fashion design ideas to steal, you may find her at your door too !
You see, it’s not just the game – the entire world is all about her.


LMFAO,…you could be right….and thanks for the laugh!!!


Adel still lying about his so called Powers in the game…..Time to Bounce him as he is lying to his own side…


Jon and Neds are adorable. I really hope they get together after the show. They keep saying it’s a brother/sister thing but they’re just kidding themselves!


they live on opposite sides of the country and jon has a gf. i love their friendship tho! that video of neda comforting jon after his bad dream was so cute! he’s such a boy.




Seriously. For Sabrina’s mental well being, BBCan needs to have someone step in. Small glimpses of some of her behaviour is not of a well person. I am nor writing about the majority of behaviours people are writing about.

All game aside BBCan hopefully has someone assessing this. The meltdown is real.


Somehow I missed the convo of Kenny and Sarah about being scolded. Can someone please tell me which post it’s in?


some here are speculating that Sarah & Kenny were “spoken to” after their trash-talking went too far for too long.
Some think Production wants to “soften” their images, others that Production wants to save them from after-show backlash.
They both began exhibiting uncharacteristic behaviour.


That’s clearly what happened. Kenny has even alluded to it. Their trash talking reached a fever pitch, feeds went off, and then they’ve been sweet as pie ever since, and concerned about their image outside the house. There’s really no other explanation.


It’s on the thread prior to this – the “meanest season” one – on the vid of Sarah & Kenny in the Half-Not room, starting about 16:30 in.


I saw it last night. Sarah said something to the effect of “That scolding really hit me hard.” That’s when she started saying she’d go home to find the windows of her house boarded up. And then Kenny said “with a ‘Gone fishing’ sign on the door.

I think production basically reminded them that all of their venting was being filmed, and that there could be repercussions in the real world.


to Idar2dream:

Kenny and Sarah had a real turn around in how they were talking that although it wasn’t shown on the feeds, they did mention having been called into the DR so we presume they were told to tone down their vile language about the other players, especially the player’s families. This is just speculation on our part but because both started being “nicer”, it fit.


Is it possible that production asked Allison to not use her POV until the live show because the one that goes up will go home as part of the double eviction so both nominees go without having a rushed HOH,Veto, and vote. That would be awesome get Sabrina out with Sarah same time.


Allison has slightly picked up Heather’s golly/googly voice.


Adel is delusional, along with Arlie.


Lol…Rachelle and Kenny are looking for maple syrup. They are confused as to why they can’t find any. Have-nots are starting to panic…

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