Big Brother 14 – Coaches Competition and Have Have-Not Results

POV Holder: Next POV: July 28 (Saturday)
POV Used POV Ceremony July 30 (Monday)
HOH Winner: SHANE Next HOH: Aug 2nd
Original Nominations:
Current Nominations:
Have Nots /Slop Joe, Ian ???
Coach Competition Winner Janelle (Wil SAfE)
Next Coaches Competition August 3(Friday)
Last Evicted Houseguest JOJO

5:28pm Cam 1-2 Dan and Danielle
Danielle: “everything has worked out perfectly”
Dan: “Shane will not put you up”

Dan warning her they have to worry about Frank and Shane teaming up to go to the end
Janelle comes in tells them that Frank has been telling Shane that the coaches are coming in to the game. Janelle is thinking that Shane and Frank are working together and they want to keep Frank to take out Dan. Janelle asks Daniele if Shane told her she was safe. Danielle says he never mentioned anything like that to him.

5:32pm Cam 1-2 Storage Room Janelle, Wil and Joe

Wil saying if it’s him and Ashley in the POV then he’ll throw it to Ashley janelle tells them not to throw anything they need to win the POV if the opportunity comes to them. Janelle points out that they will not waste a HOH on ashley. Wil says if they win POV they are all safe.. (Janelle won the Coaches comp)

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5:30pm Cam 3-4 boogie, Shane, Brit

Boogie: “We would be a force if Frank and Shane were together.. The other players are useless and I’m talking to my other players”
Britney asks him if he would take offense if they put Frank up the same way Frank put Shane up. Boogie is OK with that as long as there is a understanding that Frank isn’t the target.

They all start talking about how Joe has been talking shit about Frank 3 hours after the HOH was won. Brintey makes it clear to him that they want one player from each team to go up, and if they put Frank up no one will suspect anything. If they do not put Frank up everyone will think that Frank and Shane have a deal. Boogie understands as long as Frank is safe.

Shane and Britney want protection for next week if they can guarantee that Frank stays this week. Boogie is receptive to this deal.

Boogie leaves.
Britney is worried about the deal Boogie has offered them.. but she doesn’t think they can deny it. (Sounds like Frank and Joe are going up)

The History of Big Brother Slop find out why it’s such a big deal..

5:45pm Cam 1-2 Boogie and Frank

Boogie explains to Frank that he may be going up on the block but he will not be the target. Britney told him in detail that getting rid of Frank is not in their best interest. Boogie says that Joe is the one going home this week if he stay on the block. Britney wants to have one player from each team nominated so they can control the vote.

5:59pm Cam 3-4 Frank, Brit and Shane They tell Frank if he goes up he will not be the target. They explain to him if they put Ashley and Joe up they have no control over who goes home but if they put one from each team they have more control over who goes home. Frank understands but doesn’t feel good about going up on the block. Frank asks them if Joe and Frank go up and Joe wins POV what will they do. Shane says Ashley goes up. Frank: “So AShley goes home” Shane: “Yes”
Shane: “Look Frank I have no other choice man it’s me versus the entire house”
Britney asks him If he stays safe this week will he protect Shane the following week. Frank says 110%.. He points out that Janelle and Joe are talking mad shit about him so now he has a reason to target the.

Britney says they have to make sure the house doesn’t think that Shane and Frank have a deal otherwise the entire house will conspire against them. Frank really doesn’t want to go on the block. Brintey: “We need someone in the POV that will win it… worst case scenario is Joe wins it… Joe and Janelle were up here telling us to put you up Frank”
Frank says he’s up for it but he’s still nervous about going up.. Frank understands that Shane is in a tough spot and he’ll “Play Ball” with them. Shane: “If I win POV I will keep the nominations the same”

All three of them agree that Janelle is very Fake and follows the power every week. Shane says that Joe is going up the choice now is between Frank and Ian. Frank: “lets say you put Joe and myself up and Ashley wins POV.. who goes home!” Britney understands it’s a risk says to him they are also worried if they put Joe and Ashley up on the block and the POV isn’t played then what is stopping Joe, Frank, Wil and Jenn from taking Ashley out and gunning for them.

Frank knows he’s public enemy number one right.. they need each other.

6:15pm Arcade room Joe Janelle and Wil

Janelle comes in and tells them that Frank and Shane are not working together. She thinks that they gave a real good chance if they win POV. Wil says he’s heading upstairs to cut another deal.

6:23 Cam 3-4 HOH Wil, Shane and Britney

Wil is saying that their back is against the wall and he’s not going to throw frank under the bus. Shane: “My back was against the entire house last week”
Wil now says he really wanted Kara to stay but the house was flipping he starts giving excuses why he voted out Kara and Willie. Wil says Willie was a complete a$$ hole to him.
Britney: “What was your decision to getting JOJO out”
Wil: “Vote with the majority.. jojo wasn’t the nicest person to me”
Wil tells them he wants to work with them and he thinks that they can really do some damage together. britney and Shane thank him for coming up and talking with them.
Wil leaves

6:26pm Danielle joins them Watch with FlashBack FREE TRIAL!

Danielle: “I am LIVID.. Janelle is telling everyone that you guys are scared of Dan and coming after me”
Danielle: “Everyone is being a douche bag right now”
Britney: “Wil was SUPER Douchie up here a minute ago”

Britney mentions that Frank brought up some very good points she wants danielle to “run the numbers on this one”. She asks her if they should put up 2 of Janelle’s players or Frank and Joe. The reason is if they put up Frank and Joe and Ashley wins POV she’ll save Joe.
Danielle: “If you don’t put Frank and Joe up we are all screwed”
Britney: “OK we need to put up Frank and Joe”
Dan joins them.. starts laughing about Janelle running around the house telling everyone Shane coming after them.
Britney gives them a run down about Joe, Wil and Frank offering deals. Dan asks them what the number one goal this week is, get rid one of janelle’s players or get rid of the strongest player. Danielle wants to get rid of the strongest player, Shane says get rid of Janelle’s player.
Britney is dead set against making a deal with Janelle she brings up how janelle’s team screwed her over week one. Dan agree they cannot trust Janelle for long term deals but Short term deals are key.
Dan says if they put up one of Janelle’s players they can work a deal with the other one but if they put up 2 players on Janelle’s players they have 2 enemies for the game, “Much safer to put one of each up then we remain neutral” Dan thinks they should put up Joe and Frank. Shane, Danielle and britney all agree.

Dan wants to think of anything they can do to put up the illusion that they are not together. Britney says whoever they decide is going home Danielle needs to cut a deal with that person so when they get the boot everyone .

7:00pm Cam 3-4 Britney, Shane, Boogie, Frank

Britney tells them that Janelle is going around saying that Boogie is pissed because Shane is America’s Sweetheart. Boogie is shocked that she’s saying that, “You gotta give it to her she’s playing the game” Britney brings up that Janelle told Danielle that she was fat and had disgusting legs. Frank heard that, Britney tells them that JOJO never said that.

Boogie wants to give them one last pitch.
Boogie is worried that Ashley will win POV and Frank and Ian will be up on the block.
They have a fair discussion about all the options. Boogie says he would rather work with Shane than with Janelle. Frank is worried about the slim chance of him going home if he is nominated. Janelle understands but she wants Frank to realize that she cannot afford to be in the situation where Boogie will jump ship and join up with Janelle. Britney reminds them she has one player left Boogie has three she loses one more and she’s out of the game. She runs a scenario by them saying Ashley and Joe are up on the block, nothing is stopping Frank from cutting a deal with Wil and Joe to cut Ashley loose and have them all gunning for Shane next week. Frank says they have to believe him he will go to the balcony right now and tell everyone he’s working with Shane, ‘Bye Bye Janelle’

Boogie says there is no way they are teaming up with Janelle.. what’s the points they’re isn’t enough players in the game to keep up the Teams

Boogie: ‘I know I have a bad reputation but so does Janelle she just wasn’t as funny”

7:19 Cut to trivia.. nominations

8:24pm trivia

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102 thoughts on “Big Brother 14 – Coaches Competition and Have Have-Not Results

  1. Oh man. I’m loving how Team Janelle is talking so much shit about Boogie’s team being wishy washy, when they’re just a bunch of floaters who can’t win anything. Boogie is right. I see Joe self destructing. I can’t wait for him to be nominated!

    Oh, and I’m starting to see that Wil is really catty. He’s almost worse than a girl.

    1. By the looks of it, each coach won a separate prize. Boogie and Ian got money, Britney chose have nots, Janelle saved Wil and don’t know what Dan got.

  2. Seriously…Wil is so annoying! I liked him in the beginning but he is so concieted, arrogant, and cutthroat. Ughh!

  3. Good Evening and Welcome to Big Brother 14 Highlights. Let’s take a look at mentor standings
    1.Team Britney (4-4)
    2.Team Mike Boogie/Team Janelle (2-6)
    4.Team Dan (0-7)
    Stay tuned!

  4. Bye Bye Joe. Unless it’s a cooking veto, Frank will kill himself to win it. I really hope Shane wins the veto and we get to watch the DRAMA!

  5. I could see that coming from a mile away. I also think that Boogie should send Ian and Jenn
    out to pick at Joe and Ashley…they should spend special time on Joe.
    This was a crucial week for Janelle to save her strongest player so far…. guess what Joe… slop,
    Janelle’s favorite got immunity and she put a target on your back, have fun this week.
    Ashley already knows it, so Joe is more likely to freak out.

    Shane and Danielle your job for the week is to let them know that Frank is your target. He is a big physical, mental
    and social threat. He is also the favorite of Boogie, so all of Boogies skill is for Frank.

    That will be your best move this week.

  6. shane stay true to your dan brit danielle and shane alliance don’t go messing with frank he will win and he and boogie might target you

    1. People that are have nots typically lose a lot of weight. Ian has been on slop for about three weeks. The average gymnast on the US Women’s Team going to the Olympics weighs about 106 pounds. Any takers any Ian being over/under that?

      1. How about women swimmers? Ian probably be a twig! Thanks Janelle for being a B*tch! I told you once or twice. Don’t put Ian in Havenot. Now we hate you more! Queen of Loser!

        1. Did she put Ian in have nots or did he volunteer? and she put Joe? isn’t he on her team? Dumb move :)

  7. LOL Fatgelle saving Mis Wil too funny cant wait to see tonight’s AD bet Joe the turd is shitting a turd :)

      1. here we go that is why Simon banned you once already making very personal comments when not necessary.
        And it’s your mama’s fat in the plural not in the singular the way you stated it. Oh but you probably don’t know what those mean as your ebonic volcabulary is restricted to ghetto street level.

  8. I’d like to see Frank and Shane team up. I know there’s many ways to play BB, but I’m a big fan of strong players who win comps. I’m tired of watching people like Jenn coast into the final 4.

    Obv Shane’s best bet at the end would be to go against Danielle, but you can’t look that far ahead. If he and Frank could stick together for even another 2-3 weeks, that 2 strong competitors to win HOH’s and POV’s. At some point they have to go against each other, but that can wait until final 5 or 6.

    Plus I want some strong players left by the time the coaches (however many) enter the game.

    1. Hold on it is only week3. Jenn might pull a rabbit out of her hat and start kicking some ass. Shane is the true winner. 3 weeks 2 pov’s and one HOH he has some hard shoes to fill BRING IT ON LIKE DONKEY KON

  9. BRIT: You idiot. Again, same as week one putting up two folks from two different teams turns the WHOLE house against Shane. Pick a side and put up TWO from the same team. Gezzz., so what if the house knows your on team Dan and Mike vs Janelle. It’s 5 vs 3. Now, if Ashlee or Joe win POV then you’re screwing up Shane just like you did JoJo and Willie.

    1. Did Brit play and win HOH? I don’t thin Frank is gonna put up Ashie and Joe I thought from last nights BBAD Brit told Shane he needs to pick one from each team (minue the winner Dan) and that it was gonna be Frank and Joe

    2. dude, you need a summer course at harry potter school to sharpen your magic … hahaha … no offense. The point is to control the vote. With Frank up that guarantees that they get the two votes from his team and with Danielle’s vote that a done deal. capice?

      1. oh sorry I don’t have my head up BB games ass as far as you do caprice? And if your an adult watching Harry Potter well that says it all now doesn’t it

    3. Shane and Brit are nominating one from each team regardless of POV because they have the Danielle swing vote in their pocket and they piss off neither side any more than necessary. If Frank wins POV Shane puts up Ian and If Joe wins POV (unlikely) put up Ashley. Shane is planning on teaming with Frank to get the coaches evicted when they enter. That’s the best plan Shane can have at this point of the game.

      1. You explained it perfectly Rob. And without having to throw in any insults to anyone while at it. Thanks I enjoy reading yours , mariannes and Chloe’s posts the most.

      2. I think it works for them & better yet after eviction Danielle could always make the other “teams” think one of their own cast the vote to evict. Dicey since the coaches will enter the game but it could shake it up. Can’t wait for AD.

    4. @magicman so no matter what britney is an idiot huh u said she was an idiot if they put up 1 from each team then u say put up 2 from the same team but then u turned around and said shane was screwed if they put up 2 from the same team so what the hell did u want them to do then nominate a coach or something.

      1. Exactly. By the time Janelle enters the game, she wants her opponents in comps to be Ashley, Danielle, Jenn, and Ian.

  10. Janelle is the queen she allways win when she need to when she get in to the real game its!!! Over who run the world janelle hahaha haters.

  11. The feeds are going to be good tonight. My head is spinning from the campaigning between the coaches comp and nominations. Janelle will be pissed that Frank and Boogie were the last people in Shane’s ear.

  12. I’m a little uneasy that when all is said and done, if Shane goes up and stays on the block, Dan might convince Danielle to vote him out. She has a massive crush on Shane, but Dan is her brain in this game, and if Shane doesn’t give her the loving, she might vote against him out of spite. All that girl cares about is a showmance. Game is secondary for her. And Dan is that sneaky.

  13. This is my first season as a feed watcher, and I love BB just for the game aspect. This past hour on the feeds has been way more gratifying than all the CBS shows rolled into one. My brain is about to explode. Watching this past hour unfold, a thing of beauty.

    1. It’s great eh.. Will get even better tonight when Boogie’s side starts fighting Janelle’s side. She’s talking enough trash about them it’s bound to happen.

      1. Boogies team is not as emotional as Janelle’s Team. I would only be good if both Teams where emotional.
        Now Boogies Team would take this opportunity to drive Janelle’s team over the edge.

        I do not think Mike Boogie is above driving Team Janelle nuts before the POV. Throw them off their games
        and go in for the kill. That is going to be the fun show tonight.

  14. Joe Dirt might not suck a cock but I bet he’ll hold one in his mouth till it gets soft. Pig face Janelle sneaks one in again. I pray if she wins she will get a 4 nosejobs to fix that horrible honker on her face. She also needs to get the fungus above her right fun bag checked out as well.

      1. maybe her implants are expired and starting to rot hence the rash. I read somewhere that if a woman gets implants she has to have them replaced every 10 years as they get hard and old and leak and can cause side effects (like a rash) She could use a nose job. That bump on her tip is like a giant pimple ready to be popped.

    1. What do you think that bleached thing on Joe’s chin is? It’s obviously a cock landing strip, ready to guide them in.

        1. No ones believes ur 10 yr old reads these comments…. That dont even sound logical for a 5th grader to be interested in bb strategic comments…. But the cursing cld stop just bec its bad language for anyone.
          One more thing if ur 10yr old reads these comment, who do they think might get voted off by how many votes.?…..

  15. “Dan warning her they have to worry about Frank and Shane teaming up to go to the end”. Dan is thinking the same thing that I posted earlier.Boogie is pulling Frank strings,Since Boogie is known for being ruthless/cut throat(he’s also known as being Dr.Will’s sidekick) then that’s how Frank will play this game.If anyone from Boogie’s alliance(Frank,Ian&Jenn)win HOH,Boogie will convince them to take out Shane.When the coach’s come in the game this week,I think it will be a good chance that Frank,Ian&Jenn will continue working with Boogie.Dan needs to convince Shane to evict Frank.People already know that Joe can’t be trusted,so there’s no harm in keeping him in the house this week.Since Wil is safe,the obvious smart option is to get Frank out,while they have the power and numbers on their side.Mark my words,If Frank doesn’t get evicted this week.These house guests will regret it.They now have a second opportunity to kick out one of the biggest threats in the game.Boogie is way better at strategy than Janelle,which means that the advice that Janelle will give her alliance(Joe,Wil&Ashley)will be awful.Which also means they will have more opportunities to take out Janelle’s players than Boogie’s alliance(Frank,Ian&Jenn).Frank needs to leave this week.Shane can go back on what he told Frank&Boogie,because Frank under Boogie’s orders nominated him,and had intentions on evicting him.But the only reason they couldn’t follow through with their plan,is because Shane won the veto.Britney&Shane better wake up,before it’s to late.The only house guests that need to walk out the house this Thrusday is Frank.If that doesn’t happen,this decision will be like Danielle Donato’s fatal choice of taking Jeff’s(a guy that is known for holding grudges)word over Rachel&Brendon’s word.She kept Jeff in the house,despite the fact she admitted Jeff&Jordan hardly spoke to her through out the entire game.And as soon as Jeff&Jordan(I can’t remember which one won)won the HOH,they put Danielle on the block and evicted her from the house.Here’s hoping that Dan can convince Britney&Shane to make sure they get Frank out of the house this week.They need to cripple Boogie,and the only way to do that is kick the only player that he wants(Frank) out of the house this week.Oh,and ofcourse Frank is telling Shane&Britney that he won’t put up Shane,if he wins HOH.Anyone that has watched this show,knows that people will promise anything to a person that has the power to kick them out of the game.


  17. Say goodbye Wil. Shane’s gonna do the right thing and target you hardcore! Only a fool would have that dramabomb in the jury house! Gotta get him out quick. Then, Shane can woo Danielle, drop her at final three, and lead himself and Frank into a killer final two finale!

  18. Sounds like Ashley and Joe are on the block……Janelle is suckin up like crazy……..Every excuse in the book….blaming their blatant flip flopping all on WILLIE…seriously???

    1. She is steady throwing Frank under the bus…..He absolutely has to leave….Frank is going to be gunning for us…..She is making things up as she goes along…Trying her best to convince Brit that they need to work with us……please tell Shane to give us a chance…..constant lies coming out of her mouth…Boy she is scrambling……..10:42 CST cams 3 and 4…..

  19. It looks like Joe and Ashley on the block. I am so glad. I think it was the right move, since he can’t touch Wil this week. Janelle is scrambling. And pinocchio ( I guess that explains the nose).

    1. @ugh.Lastnight it really looked like finally someone other than Dan,understood who the best option is to evict(Frank).Some how they got back in dumb mode,by deciding not to take out one of the biggest physical threats in the game,and with Boogie pulling Frank strings.Frank will also have a decent strategy to go along with being a physical threat.I could have sworn that Frank nominated Shane last week,with the intentions of evicting him.But going by Shane putting Joe&Ashley on the block.It makes me think maybe I just dreamed that,and Joe was actually HOH.And he nominated Shane for eviction.Lol.It’s clear that Shane really thinks that Frank&Boogie,(the two people who had intentions on getting Shane out of the game last week,but failed because Shane won the veto)actually will keep their word to him.I guess Shane forgot that people will promise anything if that will keep them safe.Why does Shane think that all of a sudden,Boogie&Frank don’t see him as a threat?Shane is a bigger threat to them now than he was before he won the HOH,for the obvious reason that in a short period of time Shane has won 2 vetos&1HOH.

  20. @Simon.Is Shane&Britney going to nominate Frank&Joe,with the intention of evicting Frank?Or are they taking the stupid route,and not targeting Frank?

      1. so excited – had to take a nap earlier so I could watch the Olympics & roll right into BBAD. Looks like Joe is as red as a lobster! LOL!!

    1. then unless Joe gets picked for POV and wins he’s gonna be out the door. Yeah. Wonder how Janhell feels. she had it easy these last couple weeks Tee Hee

  21. LOL at all the janelle suck up action going on in here

    boogie schooled her last time they played, its hilarious that people forget that

  22. Can’t wait for Ashley to figure out that she’s the expendable one. LOL!!! Then again Ashley may not know what expendable mean since she clearly doesn’t know the difference between emancipation & emaciation. That was too funny last night. I don’t think she’s as smart as I originally thought….

  23. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA in jail willie should be smiling, Joe thought, if I fix HOH breakfast in bed(which is real gay if a guy makes a guy food and bring them to their bed) maybe he should’ve offered shane a bj in bed??

    1. That stuff with willy hit the wire fast here in louisiana. A buddy of mine texted me from the bar he was there when it happened. I was pissing myself laughing.

  24. What’s with these choices of food for the have nots? Seems like BB is giving one choice that’s not even nasty & America’s voting making it easy on the have nots. C’mon Pork rinds & pudding and now cereal & salmon – no need to eat slop – I could eat pudding or cereal every meal. Is there a slop quota that they have to eat some slop every day? I remember when the choices made slop sound good.

  25. Pignelle is going to get her husband to beat the fu(k out of Frank for calling her a ho. Bwahahahahaha! She is such a waste of implants.

  26. I was concerned Shane was going to go with one from each team. Glad he actually thought it out. If he was targeting Janelle’s team – to put only one of her players up could have meant that NONE would go home. With Wil safe, and Joe on the block, Ashley could win POV and take Joe off and then Shane would have had to nominate a 2nd player from Boogie’s team. This way, Shane guarantees that one of Janelle’s players leaves the game. I am hoping that it is Joe.

    Janelle needs to think long and hard about what she is doing. IF, the twist brings the coaches back in to the game, I don’t think for a minute that Joe or Wil would have her back. Ashley might. SHe needs to think beyond her obsession with beating Boogie.

  27. bottom line is it didn’t really matter who went up this week because all hell will break loose next week when the coaches enter the game.

  28. Danielle is an airhead. You don’t go around pointing out that you are the swing vote. What an idiot. She should be shutting her mouth and fading to the background until they come to her for a vote. She needs to shut up and not show any cards before the veto ceremony. I really hope Wil doesn’t get to play for Veto. Joe needs to go.

  29. it’s so funny how janelle’s team want frank out so bad know, they had their chance week 1 and blew it and now boo frickin who deal with it, wil is such an annoying whiny little btch right now he just said that britney was a little bitch in high school gee i wonder what he was, the way he hates on her all the time he must just be jealous of her or something.

  30. I love-love-love canned salmon….mu family would have no problem eating it…you can made many things wit it to…Not sure if they are allowed to though, but its great eating it right out of the can… :)

  31. Seriously, Janelle, Who dresses you? Have you looked in the mirror? The biotch looks like a bad version of a circus clown!! She looks like a circus clown that the ringmaster has just tossed to the streets for God’s sake!

  32. Why get riled up? Allison Grodner ready to push the re-start button on the entire game by bringing in the coaches since her so-called “twist” was a big flopperoo!

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