Big Brother Spoilers Nominations “I’m kinda excited about being on the block”

POV Holder: ? Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner: Aaryn Next HOH:
MVP: ?
Original Nominations: Elissa and Helen
Current Nominations: ?
Last Evicted Houseguest David
Have Nots Helen, Elissa, Candice, and Andy


7:41pm Cam 3-4 Have Nots Helen and Elissa
Andy comes in “Both of you stay strong” he leaves..
Elissa apologizing to Helen because she thinks Helen is up because of her.

H: “Hopefully we get MVP if not I have a couple tricks up my sleeve’
They agree they save themselves if they get the veto. Helen is hoping on them getting the MVP but even if they don’t she has a “Couple THoughts”

Helen says theres a play out there for them they still have a lot of time. . Right now they have to wait it out and be cool because if Elissa causing drama it’s not good. Helen wants them to wait it out until the POV and MVP is known.

Helen: ‘You can’t win this game without going on the block,.. I wanted David out we got david out.. it’s worth it.. we got a big strong player out and that is why we’re on the block we need to win POV and MVP and change it all”
E: “She wants this to be a frat house..”
H: “No jabbing at her”
E: OK”:
Elissa very apologetic to Helen apparently Aaryn’s speech to Helen said that HElen was on the block because she was close to Elissa. Elissa feels responsible for Helen’s nomination.
Helen wants Eliisa to triple check if MVP gets to pick the replacement nominee if their nominee is taken off the block with the Power Of Veto. Elissa is certain they do.
Elissa: “Who would they blame if i’m gone.. I will take the brunt end of this I’m so sorry Helen”
Elissa starts crying says that Aaryn wants everyone to be mean to her.. Helen: “Don’t let them see you break down” (Helen is crying when she says this)
Helen: “I know this sounds crazy but I’m kinda excited about being on the block.”
Helen asks “america” for MVP because they need to to survive.
Elissa mentions how Aaryn was saying David deserved to be in the house. “If he deserved to be in the house then he should have won the Veto”

They head into the kitchen to eat some Big Brother slop

Elissa keeps telling Helen that she is not going home. Helen is being very positive says all they need to do is get MVP and she’ll figure it out. Helen: “GOD I Wish I had a glass of wine right now”



7:59pm HOH Andy, Jeremy, Aaryn, Kaitlin and Jessie

Andy asking them who would they put up if VETO is played.
Jeremy: “Sh1t in my drawers win HOH and put her a$$ right back up”
Andy: “Who would go up”
Aaryn: “Candace”
Andy is happy to hear this tells them that Candice is the best choice.
Andy says he feels if you have to put someone up that is the person that will piss the least number of people off
Aaryn points out how nervous Amanda looked. She wonders why because her and Amanda had such a great talk this morning.. Amanda looking nervous worries her.

Jeremy says he hopes he gets picked for MVP because he’ll win the POV and solidify Elissa going home.
Andy has trouble gauging how smart Elissa is.
Kailtin: ‘Because she plays so dumb”
Andy: ‘ya”
They agree that Elissa has to go home this week.
Andy Leaves

Kaitlin: ‘I hope Elissa can’t poop for the next 5 days.. she had me feel her stomach and it’s rock hard”
Aaryn: “Her stomach is rock hard because she has no body fat.. lets get real”

Kaitlin questions Andy’s trust.
Aaryn: I trust Andy.. you know when you look someone in the eyes and they are telling you something and you know they are not being genuine.. Thats how I felt last week” Aaryn explains that this week after David went home Andy talked to her and told her if her group does not target him he won’t target her group.

Kaitlin says they can’t trust Howard she thinks Helen and Howard are together.
Aaryn: ‘Howard told me to put her up “
Kaitlin: ‘We can’t trust Howard”


8:10pm CAm 3-4 Gina and Nick

Gina is telling him that the way he looks at her is the same way he looks at Kaitlin.
Nick tries to tell her he’s not interested in KAitlin. He keeps saying to her “GINA look at me GIna look at me” Gina just whimpers no.. Finally she looks at Nick.

Nick: “There is nothing between me and kAitlin and I do not look at her like that.. she is an attractive girl and I’m a guy and i have no feelings for her”
Nick keeps repeating to Gina “THAT is not my kind of girl” Gina whimpers that she’s not his type of girl either. Nick says he is closest to Gina than anybody else in the house he thinks she’s a great person.. etc etc etc..


Howie joking around fingers Kaitlin because she gave him a funny look.

You can re-watch ever second on the feeds using their flashback feature.. It’s super easy to use click this link for a free trial —> Big Brother Live Feeds HUGE improvement over last year

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Umm, what drama is Elissa starting? Are these people serious! The girl is barely ever on the feeds! They’re the ones that can’t keep her name out of their mouths and it’s because of them and the way they treat that she’s going to keep winning MVP! They’re making her the underdog and everyone loves an underdog in any game. IDIOTS is an understatement for this bunch!


Yes I Agree everything is about Elissa, Helen and Candice. These girls have proved nothing to show that they are potential threat. This week’s noms are personal, and not strategic. Let’s be honest, Aaryn probably can’t even spell strategic. Urgghh so far i find myself rooting for:
Helen because she is very calm
Candice because she figured out the boys have an alliance, although no one seems to believe her
Nick: because he seems to be playing the game to his advantage, but lets hope he drops GinaMarie and Jeremy soon
Howard: because he is laying low


I have been wondering the same thing. I haven’t heard her say anything. These people are disgusting! And I can’t believe that the entire house is feeding into it and bowing down to them. I think I’m done w this season. I can’t stand this cast.


They treat Elissa like shit because they’re jealous of her body. I think Elissa’s body is manish and gross, but I’m not attracted to men. They’re attracted to men, so they think that a woman having rock-hard abs and muscle definition is a good thing.


HAHAHA I’m just kidding. They hate her because she’s more popular than them.


Oops, that was me, not “Name”.


HAHAHA I’m just kidding. They hate Elissa because she’s more popular than them.


I miss the powerhouse alliance. TEAM POWERHOUSE FOR LIFE!


I feel bad for E. they are treating her bad only because she is rachael sister.
Big brother knew this was going to cause a lot of drama and they got it but the way they are behaving is towards E. it’s just
Plain and simple nasty and childish.

Charlie Hustle

I’ll take two Elissa’s over a Brenchel any day.


I wonder did Elissa say “Shocker” when her and Helen were nominated?? LOL


Aryan’s mug is right next to the definition of “c&nt “in the dictionary……I hope Julie Chen gets to be the one to tell her that she was fired from her jobs when she gets the boot next week and Julie can add ….” And btw Aryan, YOU can make me some rice, b$tch!”

King Silva


I’m sure her picture is by that word.

And I really can’t wait for Julie’s interview with Aaryn. ;D

I’m sad Elissa or Helen is most likely going.

I like both of them a lot and even if they manage to survive it seems Amanda is one of the people who could become the replacement nominee [and I like her a lot too]. 🙁

Chilltown Fan

I’ve been busy for most of the day so haven’t had a chance to watch the feeds today, but is Elissa confirmed to be the MC target? I remember the Spencer-Jeremy convo from yesterday implied that Elissa was the target, is that still the case?


In order to salvage andalready shitty season let’s vote Elissa/or Helen for MVP and hope the other one wins POV! We can potentially lose one of the two classiest women in the BB house this season 🙁 fuck Aaryn and her posse


*salvage an already shitty season


Team Helen and Elissa.
Vote, Americans! 😉


Yeah, I’m all for Team Helen and Elissa. Just hoping they don’t get picked off pre jury.
Dream scenario: Helen wins MVP (likability factor, I don’t really care for who plays best game, if they’re my villain I’ll never vote for them), puts up Jeremy, then Elissa wins POV and Aaryan puts up anybody but Candace.

A girl can only dream. Looks to me like MVP or not, if Elissa doesn’t win POV she’s a goner.

Janelle pov queen

Helen is giveing me life lol she is so cool I can’t at Aaryn saying Elissa dont need money Aaryn you not going to win the money because god will never give a person like you money


Funny part is, God is never the one giving out money, he’s the one taking it, the Devil gives the money.


The richest people in the world are mostly bad people. A lot just like Aaryn Nation

Janelle pov queen

Lol!!! Jermey hopes he will get MVP lollll America hates you


LMFAO at the spelling of A$$hole’s name: ” Jermey” how fitting since he probably is a walking STD !

Charlie Hustle

Maybe he can bully America into voting for him?


Jeremy needs professional help. He seems to exhibit delusional traits and is definitely out of touch with reality. Literally!


This season is such a FLOP. I have never seen more vile cast in each of the previous season. Being strategically against Elissa is acceptable but to personally attack her and give her the cold shoulder is not, like what has she done to these people. II honestly will stop watching till Aaryn and Jeremy are both evicted from the show.


When does Big Brother Canada Season 2 start? #gocanada!

Suzy Sunshyne

Aryan Nation shouldn’t talk about anyone who does or doesn’t need money. Wasn’t she just talking about how her father owns a 18,000 acre ranch and how he has cabins he rents out. Please if anyone doesn’t need the money it is that entitled racist!


I agree with you, no one on this show needs money, if you can afford to take off work for 3 or 4 months you obviously don’t need money,
I can’t do it, if I miss one paycheck I will lose everything


jeremy said he hopes he gets pick for MVP he had me lol on that one in his fu,,cking dreams … PLEASE dont insult america … hellen will get MVP and elissa will win POV ……


Helen is playing the best game? Ummm I think not she just got nominated.


Jeremy has been going off about how Elissa didn’t have to try out to be on the show and Kait just told Aaryn that she was found in a bar (shocker) and went straight to finals. Apparently Jeremy doesn’t know this but I’m sure Aaryn will tell him. These people are the worst.


Makes sense. I’ve heard they pick chicks up at obscure strip clubs. So there we have it. So much for ” a bar “. A titty bar, she meant.


GINAMARIE IS OBSESSED with nick … nick needs to get a restraing order on this bitch when he leaves … NICK SPEND TO MUCH QUALITY TIME WITH her now she catching feelings … How thirsty and desperate can gigi get nick has tuRn her down twice now … THese girls came in the house horny they should of bought some dildo because this begging for dick is getting tiresome … …SHE acting jealous and stuff ..


Wait a minute, they can bring dildos in the house with them? That would be funny, hearing BB voice warning the women for the *buzzing* sound the mic catches…

Chilltown Fan

Production says: “You are not allowed to obstruct your microphone” *It’s pitch dark and all you can hear is this buzzing noise*

Chilltown Fan

Maybe when it gets closer to the end, Nick will decide to plow GM. He did say in the pre-season that Boogie was his favorite. Boogie started plowing Erica once the deadwood got eliminated.


Aaryn, Kaitlin and Jeremy suck at life. Plain and simple


Does anyone know if david has had a interview yet? I want to see him apologize for his racist comments and also for aaryns! There comments are disgusting! I also was busy all day and didn’t watch the feeds so thank you soo soo much simon and dawg for keeping me up to date!!


I always love it when people say “if you don’t bot the way we want we will target you next.” It amazes me how powerful they THINK they are. They are too full of themselves to realize that as soon as the ht leaves the HOH room they are running downstairs toting tales. It is Big Brother! They need to remember that power changes every few days and they have two and a half months left. Those are going to be tough pills to swallow.


Aaryn, are you stupid already? I hope Ellssa wins PoV so you will be screwed. By the way Aaryn, you cook me some rice B$tch


Simon… Or whoever knows. When is the veto comp, meeting, and MVP nomination in real time? I know they do regular noms on Fridays.


And the insecurity award goes to………………….

Elissa FTW!

BB Production: Elissa please come to the diary room?
Elissa enters and sits.
BB Production: This is how the next veto will play out, it will be a True or False questionnaire… First 2 true, then 3 false, 3 true, 2 false… 2, 3, 3, 2, etc. etc.. Go get the next veto gurl!!
Elissa: OMG thank you BB!
Aaryn: Throws POV necklace at Elissa….This is F@#CKIN’ BS!! I thought God wanted Elissa out? where are the Angels looking over me?
Elissa: Nobody gets between me and my VETO necklace….SHOCKER!!!!!


Simon says- “Howie joking around fingers Kaitlin because she gave him a funny look.”


PS- Am I the only one who read that as written and did a double take? HaHaHa


Elissa knew what she was in for by joining Big Brother 15. CBS couldn’t figure out how to bring Rachel back and got the next best thing, her sister. Rachel is viewed as annoying by some; however, what really annoyed the other house guests when Rachel played, was that she could give it just as well as take it. Rachel won competitions and therefore prevented the other house guests from executing their schemes. The more she won and frustrated them, the more she was hated.

In comes Elissa, and CBS is grateful to have her. It will stir the pot and make for good TV ratings. Additionally, Production decides to go with all hot babes that look good in a bathing suit, good for the ratings. CBS likes all the racial talk because it creates a buzz and good for the ratings. In essence, CBS got everything they wanted. So Elissa is voted out this week, its one more week then she expected to be in the game.


” All hot babes that look good ina bathingsuit ” and where does Chewbacca Amanda fits?


WHY does Kaitlin keep saying ‘If I go up and I win Veto, I won’t use it because then Jeremy would go home’ … IDIOT. If she got nominated by the MVP, then won the veto and then took herself off the block, AARYN would nominate someone. Right??? Or did I miss something in the new MVP rules?!?


It’s time for the d room to work its big brother tricks – I’m betting either E or H will be MVP – but these two will have to work some magic to keep them both in the house. I’m guessing if E goes so will some of the audience – not cool for CBS – production knows that a lot of people view Aaryn, Gina and others as mean- spirited human beings – this season may turn into a major black eye for the show and its future. I do feel something is up – Big B allowed the HOH winners to cheat – and production knows that the blogs know. Should be an interesting couple of days.


Scratch that last comment!!! Oopsie 🙂


I freaking love Helen. Okay she cries a little too often for my liking, but other than that…rock on girl!! Rooting for you all the way.

bb fan

this year really stinks, I feel sorry for Elissa just because she is Rachael sister she is nothng like her. i’m glad she got MVP again but I don’t think it’s fair if she wins it and is on the block she should be safe let those idiots know she won it again and let her come off the block and she put up 2 players then 1 to replace her and then her pick. that would really stir up the house and piss the HOH off. something really needs to happen it’s starting to get boring already these people all they do is sit around talk about other people.