Big Brother 15 Feed Leak the MVP is….

POV Holder: ? Next POV July 6th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner: Aaryn Next HOH:
MVP: Elissa
Original Nominations: Elissa and Helen
Current Nominations: ?
Last Evicted Houseguest David
Have Nots Helen, Elissa, Candice, and Andy


8:40 Cam 1-2
Kaitlin think I may have been better off without Jeremy.
Aaryn thinks Kaitlin would have been one of the first 3 to go because the prettiest girls always leave early in Big Brother. Aaryn cites the last couple seasons as proof.
Kaitlin: “I am not the prettiest girl in the house”
Aaryn: “Look at who went home David and he’s gorgeous.. “
Aaryn: “You’ve seen Big Brother you know”
Kaitlin: “I never have heard of Big Brother before”
Kaitlin: “She found me at a bar and said I need you I didn’t even apply to this.. I didn’t even try out the first round she sent me straight to Finale “
Jessie storms in “Stop eating your burger.. because they are not done”
Aaryn :”No mine was done” (aaryn ate around half her burger)
Jeremy barges in Don’t eat that burger.. “
Everyone but JEremy and Kaitlin head downstairs.. Big Make out session starts..


8:52pm lounge McCrae and Nick

They are in lockdown as production gets ready for the veto. Nick mentions how they are “Hammering” outside
Nick says he can’t stand his “Side”
Nick says he doesn’t care about the MVP really
McCrae is worried if Elissa gets MVP Jeremy will go up.
Nick says it doesn’t matter MC have the votes.
Nick: ‘It’s like Playing a game with Cheat Codes”


9:04pm Cam 1-2 Lounge
Amanda: “What’s our alliance called”
McCrae: “The babymakers”

Andy joins them closes the door to the lounge. Amanda says he should have left the lounge door open. She makes him get up and open it. Andy says he accidentally damaged it. (The image the face he made when he told them he broke the microphone)

Amanda starts singing little tunes.. “Shady as F**** .. shady as F***.. stereotypes.. stereotypes
Amanda: “Hey HElen bet you can’t drive.. stereotypes stereotypes”
Amanda: “Hey HElen you must be good at math.. stereotypes stereotypes”
Andy starts bringing up some examples of stereotypes. His first one is when he lived by a bar that had a hip hop night and every weekend there was a stabbing.

Andy: “Black people if you don’t want to be seen as violent you have to stop stabbing your selfs”
Andy then brings up the gay bar he would drive by and every night there was shirtless gay men have 3 way make out sessions outside a bar.
Andy: “gay men if you don’t want to be made out slutty you have to stop have three way make outs”
Andy mentions how nervous he is about next week.. he’s in really deep with the other side.
Andy leaves to check his food.
Amanda tells McCrea she want to makeout
McCrea: “I want to f*** you brains out”
Amanda:L ‘I want you to F*** my brains out”
Amanda: “I want to go outside and give you blue balls.. do you get blue balls”
McCrea: “Ya kinda.. I can handle it right now”
Judd mumbles his way into the lounge.. Amanda asks them who has had sex in the Big Brother House.
McCrae and Judd go through he list, They come to Jessie and Lydia.
Amanda “Ehh that busted girl that came from New York.. she’s friggin ugly”
They start talking about Stereotypes again

Amanda lists off a couple more Aisan’s can’t drive, Jews are cheap, hillbillies have sex with their sisters etc etc


Feed Leak shows Elissa getting the MVP..

FYI you can re-watch ever second on the feeds using their flashback feature.. It’s super easy to use click this link for a free trial —> Big Brother Live Feeds HUGE improvement over last year

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I hope she tells Helen she has MVP!!!! I like their friendship!




No it’s eat shit and die Jeremy!!!!!! Lol

I just the hope the moving company realized he’s bringing them down / pretty much decided he’s on the other team. Vote him out


mission accomplished!!


Rigged game accomplished.

Lady E

Is Kaitlin serious about not trying out for the show, when so many other people want the opportunity to play? I wonder who Elissa will nominate, but I kinda think it doesn’t matter because she’s still the target?


They do a lot of recruiting, Usually they give them a crash coarse on how to play big brother.Sometimes you can tell who the recruited ones are.


I know right, they are really ” coarse ” those people. They shoud take a ” crash course ” about BB.


Sorry i was typing with my phone and it tries to predict the word I’m typing next. when i press space it submits that word.I usually don’t proofread after I’m done. lol

Now my evil side
it was nice.That you was more concerned with my spelling.then adding additional info to the conversation.


When comforting a grammar Nazi, I gently pat them on the back and softly say “There, their, they’re”


GinaMarie told Helen how life is about happiness and her pageants are what makes her happy….I almost felt bad


I wish Gina Marie was thinking about how happy those pageants made her when she was making racial slurs…When the pageant people released her, they even mentioned what role models they want for their girls and things that the pageants stand for, the stuff she was spitting out wasn’t pageant material for sure…. These idiots don’t even realize what they’ve done to their future, and here Amanda and ANDY of ALL people are doing stereotype crap again!!!!! What does the gay community think about Andy making stereotypical remarks??


Dude. Andy and Amanda were obviously making fun of Aryan, GinaMarie, KKKaitlin, and whoever else has been making racist/homophobic remarks. Andy was making fun of gay people, for heaven’s sake.


and black people too? I think not, he meant every word. Who knew the twist was going to be “Nazi Big Brother” season 15!


Aaron and Kaitlyn need to get over themselves. This “We’re the prettiest” crap is driving me insane. I don’t care. Their behaviour is making them ugly. This cast is atrocious.


Better than Aaryn or Jeremy getting it, but if it was actually doing what it was supposed to do, Nick or Spencer would have won.


I am so happy Elissa got the MVP. I am just wondering, who would be the best for her to put up? I feel like everyone is going to vote her out regardless of who she is up against…


Her only hope is for the MC to come in and tell her what to do. That’s the “super secret” Helen plan. Get the MVP, tell Spencer, and he’ll tell them what to do. I don’t think it looks good for her. Unless the MC becomes uncomfortable with Jeremy or they want to peel McCrae back and evict Amanda, I don’t know that they will ultimately want to disrupt the house, when I’d venture to guess they are assuming Helen will inherit the MVP and they can keep using her. Plus with the vote needed at 6, it’s a little harder to play the shell game of who didn’t vote the right way. Jeremy wants to keep Kaitlin, Nick wants to keep Gina, McCrae wants to keep Amanda, Spencer and Howard want to keep Helen. That leaves Jessie, Andy, Candace, Judd…all easy evicts, while Elissa might not be with MVP.


I agree completely. The MC are running the house right now and aligning with Elissa to secure the MVP could prove beneficial. However, saving her @$$ constantly will become untenable. Elissa has to start winning competitions or she’ll be gone.

Chilltown Fan

I mostly agree, but Spencer has brought up the prospect of telling Elissa to put up GM, and I do believe they would strongly consider evicting her.


Yeah, I’m pretty sure that’s just a misdirection. Spencer and the MC know the house assumes Elissa is MVP, so having her put up somebody that confirms that expectation just fits the story. He wouldn’t risk Jeremy, so Gina or Kaitlin becomes the second pawn. What incentive does the MC have to evict Gina…now if he floated Amanda or Candace, then maybe, but evicting Gina does nothing for the strategy of playing everybody against each other.


yeah…unfortunately I don’t think it really matters that Elissa got the MVP because they don’t have the votes. Aaryn and Kaitlin are too stupid to know that Jeremy is working against them and the MC is too stupid to know that Jeremy is a huge loose cannon that they can get rid of.

I think this might be the one time I’ve ever wanted the DR to start influencing people to vote out either Jeremy or Kaitlin. They just make me sick.


Johnny, I don’t know exactly how. But somehow……someway…….AG will find another way to keep Elissa from getting evicted this week. The veto comp will be “Guess the Reilly Family Tree” or something! Elissa will win the veto. It’s as certain as Gary conimg back into BB Canada in the spring…….


GinaMarie needs to STFU.
She talks shit about people 23 and a half/7, then spends the remaining half hour every day telling someone she
just wants everyone happy, wants everyone to win something, she has a big heart….blah blah F’n blah.

If I was in that house I would take a sharpie and write HYPOCRITE on her forehead.
Yes, everyone is a hypocrite in the BB house, I know, but for some reason she is annoying me the most today.
Give me an out right bitch like Dani D. any time over people like GM.


Spencer is a total D bag. Waste of space.


Yo team McManda yo!

Chilltown Fan

The problem with the MVP is it is essentially a popularity contest. America will vote for their favorites no matter what who might be playing the best game.


Is there really a difference? Look, I’m with you in that my allegiance goes to who I think are the best players and personality is a very small part…but this is a game show and the MVP is just the name producers created for an ongoing “America’s Favorite Player” so the audience could help said favorites stay in the game, which means they keep watching and stay engaged…which is the whole purpose of the show.

So Elissa isn’t my MVP…but I wouldn’t argue with those for whom she is.

Chilltown Fan

I agree, Bob. I’ve been saying they need to do a hidden veto for the first 5-8 weeks in the house, similar to the hidden immunity idol on Survivor. Survivor was starting to get boring until the hidden immunity idol revolutionized the game. On BB, they would randomly stash it around the house, and same rules apply–keep it or give to someone else for their safety, or use it safe yourself, or choose not to use it. Much better concept to me than MVP.


I think Elissa got it because people voted for her as a way to stick it to Aaryn and also because they feel bad for the way she’s being treated.


That’s exactly why I voted for her! She didn’t have my vote until aaryn won HOH…I just couldn’t stand the idea of her and Jeremy running the show. Player-wise however, I’d have to agree it’s Nick. I’m not sure I’m liking McCrae and Amanda – that’s not going to end well I don’t think, and it’s kind of dragged him down for me a bit…however, I’d be cool with busting up the MC and seeing M/A make it to the end.


Fuck that plastic faced, duck liped bitch!

Amanda is Chewbacca

Simon, love your website. Maybe ” valuable ” emcompass retaining audience , viewership ratings and drama going, and not necessarily the one with the most camera time, game strategy or backstabbing traits.

Amanda is Chewbacca

So right. MPP! Lol! It is all about profit. It is pretty clear by now that CBS after all of the racist behaviour not being addressed, this game is all about the cha-chin $$$$$


Exactly Simon how can someone that’s been nominated twice in a row be “playing the best game”. Julie Chen said america is supposted to vote on who they think is playing the best game & no way in hell it’s Elissa. Just shows how desperate production is to keep Elissa for ratings.


MVP probably would have gone to someone other than Elissa had the entire house not started attacking her from day 1. But America ALWAYS seems to take up for the UNDERDOG hence Elissa winnning it again. If they would treat her normal (which I think they will once that Mean Girl with the pretty face is evicted) then someone else will start winning it …. These HG are all dumber than a box of rocks………..they truly think being cruel to someone is appropriate behavior …. When they leave the house without their jobs available will they reconsider….I think not….I think they will blame Elissa and Helen for losing their jobs along with Howard and Candice……Shameful lil Bitches that they are …. OMO

Chilltown Fan

Now is Elissa smart enough to weaponize the MVP to her advantage in trying to stay? Please nominate Kaitlin or GM, the MC would consider voting one of them out. Love to see the look on Aaryn’s face if one of her friends got evicted during her HOH reign–GLORIOUS!!!


Except for the fact that Kaitlin and Gina enjoy MC protection in Jeremy and Nick as their side allies…AND the MC is about playing sides against each other, so it’s the other sides turn to take a loss. Nick and Jeremy have to see the peril in next week should the other side win HOH, which could see Jeremy or Nick nominated if their buffers in Kaitlin and Gina are gone.

Chilltown Fan

I don’t think it’s that simple. The MC have a better shield weaponizing Elissa’s MVP status as cover week in and week out compared to their “showmances”. Aaryn, GM, Kaitlin, and Jesse aren’t even playing the game, they are obsessed with anything and everything Elissa–more the reason for the MC to keep her.


The MC is doing a Brigade 2.0. The showmances are a shield, while “weaponizing” (whatever that means) the MVP means not a whole hell of a lot if you already have the house wired and could easily assume that Helen will take the mantle out of sympathy or the MC gets it for running the game.

You’ve got to play the game forward in your head. If Gina is gone and next week and the other side wins HOH, Howard and Spencer HOPEFULLY get Kaitlin and Aaryn nominated and if one wins veto, then a MC goes on the block. The other side has to lose somebody to even the numbers. Also the Showmance shield gives two bites of the apple in every comp. Gina will do what Nick says and Kaitlin will follow Jeremy. McCrae has Amanda and Howard and Spencer have Helen.

There’s a reason BB is compared to chess and the MC is trying to play a simulated game. Jeremy and Nick gave up a bishop last week, but Kaitlin and Gina are queens, so this week is Spencer and Howard’s turn. As long as they keep going back and forth, tossing in the unaffiliated pawns, eventually all that are left are the kings and their queens, at which point then they get sacrificed.


BB compares with chess??? Hahahahahaha!


Aaryn, you’ve known David for 5 minutes. Calm your tits.
Yay for Elissa!

Brad B

I could see Jeremy eliminated if Elissa put him up…


No mc wouldn’t risk getting Jeremy out just yet


Gotta vote count as 6 is the magic number: Nick, McCrae, Spencer, Howard, Gina, and Kaitlin makes 6. The MC has to feel threatened by Jeremy and that can only happen from within as nobody outside will know how to make the case and their attempts will be disregarded as Jeremy disinformation/gameplay.

Suzy Sunshyne

David gorgeous…that’s reaching! I have never ever heard someone say Spicoli: was gorgeous!! Chompers and beach Bum, sounds like a bad movie…lol


omg….yet another day/night of them and their racial/sterotype comments…….when is cbs going to reprimand them? Maybe put them on slop, or make them a havenot until they STFU?


Elissa just told Helen she’s the MVP and Helen started doing the happy dance ! Now Elissa needs to win the veto and maybe the douchebag Jermey can go home !

Amanda is Chewbacca

Elissa DOES need to start winning shit. Rachel was annoying, but she was a warrior.


GM makes me think of Cheri Oteri doing a Kelly Ripa impression.

I'm Tall

i was thinking the same thing. lol. i know cheri oteri is like y does this racist chick have to look like me!! lol.


Elissa MVP again? What a joke this season is.

Elissa is by far the most boring cast member this season.

Elissa has zero game. Hopefully the MC can ship that worthless c*** out of the house so we can have a normal season.


Spencer?? How did you get to a computer?


YESSSSSSS!!!! Now she can nominate Jeremy and hopefully save herself and Helen!


Ummm, if she wants to save herself and Helen, she better nominate Kaitlin or even Jessie. If Jeremy is up, Kaitlin, GinaMarie, prob Jessie, and the whole MC will vote out Elissa.

Texas girl

Ok as much as I really like Helen and Ellisa … Candice is starting to my favorite. That girl is soo smart. I wish her Helen and elisa would come together and take all these other a**wholes out! Hopefully they can all stay this week.


Candice really suprised me when she and Helen quickly put together that a boys alliance existed and even identified that Howard, Spencer, Nick, and Jeremy were probably working together….but then they both quickly fell flat on their faces after Spencer and Howard basically told to “stop worrying about it.” That knocked them right back down a peg.


Ugh, Elissa needs to stop bringing up our guy Nick. Hopefully Jeremy doesn’t win POV.

Bob barker

Is it just me or does Andy just seem to show up whenever others are having a conversation? Annoying!!!


I agree that Elissa doesn’t do much but anytime she says or does anything she is attacked for it…even having a stomach issue turns into a big thing! The game could also be played once aaryn and Kaitlin are gone and stop causing so much drama. I’m happy she won MVP not necessarily because her game play is the best but because everyone has made her the underdog.


I voted for Elissa for MVP just because I want Jermey out so bad…….and yes; to stick it to David Duke’s daughter


Soooo over DingdongMarie and her pink tongue ring !


My feelings are mixed. On the one hand Elissa is a pretty likable gal. On the other hand, she is no where near the best player this week. Nick, Spencer, Amanda and McCrea have been running this house so far. Nick and Spencer have essentially orchestrated the entire season, McCrea has won two competitions & Amanda has gotten in good with most everyone in the house.

Either way, this is Elissa’s best shot. She has to get in an alliance with somebody, or start winning some comps–which will naturally attract people to work with you.

As it stands, I can see any of: Elissa, Helen, Candace, Amanda, Jeremy, Kaitlin or GinaMarie going home.


Not sure what Elissa has done to deserve MVP, but then again I’m not sure what she has done to be the main target either. It seems like both things have to a lot more with who she is related to than who she is, which is sort of lame. Honestly, I wouldn’t be shocked if we found out later in the game several house guests are related to former players and they just don’t resemble then as much. Like perhaps Jeremy is a distant cousin of Evil Dick or something.


Helen and Elissa. Dynamic Duo.


More like the deluded duo.


FUCK YES ELISSAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA…the question now is who does she nominate?


Operation “Get Aaryn’s Allies Out Under Her Own HoH Reign” is one step closer to being a success!


David is not hot. He is pathetic and needs a nose job and some wrinkle fillers around his lips. David, wear sunscreen while at your job. He also had a farmer’s tan. Not to mention his trademark rat’s nest hair. Are u sure you are straight?


People are putting way too much faith in Jeremy winning POV, he has won one comp, there is no guarantee he is going to win POV, especially I it is not a physical competition.


Is it just me or does it seem like Jeremy, Kaitlin and Amanda have already found out that Elissa is MVP? Or are they just assuming she’ll get it?

I don’t think she deserves it at all but I want the Mean Girls to get a shake up.


It’s hard to know what Elissa’s strategy was as she hasn’t had the chance to show us. She has been targeted from the beginning. People do vote to cause drama in the house. Fans voted to keep Suzette on BBCA just to piss off Tom because he was such a douche. These girls are so dumb to keep the strong boys in the house. I wish Helen would listen to Candice. She will be very upset when she sees what an ass Spencer is. MC need to cut Jeremy loose just like the BBCA boys did to Tom.


You’re analyzing with your heart, not your head. BBCA bounced Tom because he was drawing heat AND because he was too close to Liza who they felt was playing him and Peter and putting th whole group in peril, then Tom lost his s**t over Liza and sealed his fate. As it stands now, the other MC have to love Jeremy. He’s taking all the heat and is so dumb, that they let him play his social game with the mean girls, feeding their hate for everybody except MC, and then Nick pulls Jeremy aside, gives him an instruction and he follows it. They don’t see Kaitlin as a player or threat, just a lovesick, black sharpie eyebrow chick. However they do see Amanda as a threat, which makes McCrae the equivalent of Tom. From what I’ve seen they’re attached at the hip…and the other MC have noticed.

As things stand, the MC have no reason to do anything other than let Jeremy be the heat magnet, watch him get nominated sooner rather than later, pretend they got him safe, then let him go. Why spend that little nugget to save Elissa for a power that will go to somebody else for a contest in which they control the votes, when they can simply allow it to happen organically? They’re saving Jeremy for when they can’t control the nominations…they control them this week.


There is a good chance David is home now and reading everything about BB 15! He did not need any travel time and probably signed all the exit paper today to release him. Does he have a Twitter account?? Hopefully he will come on here and try to “straighten” us all out!!!!


Doubt it…google big brother or big brother forums or posts…..u wont find this site for a few pages.


So Elissa won MVP; its a hollow victory. Unless she can win the POV, Elissa is going home. To many of the MC members are under suspicion by the other players. They made a great move last week, but will lay low this week. Elissa was never able to get into an alliance that could protect her. She tried building a few friendships but even Helen trying to distance herself from Elissa. Elissa tried going up to the HOH room and talk game with Aaryn, but Aaryn is not having it. All Aaryn knows is that its her destiny in BB to get out Elissa. It makes it even more amazing how Rachel was able to out wit so many of the players that hated her and win BB. Elissa knew that she was going to be a target in BB but she couldn’t overcome it like her sister. She needed to win HOH this week but BB decided to pair up the house guests for the HOH comp. When Elissa HOH comp partner says I am glad Elissa loss, then you know you are out of luck. I thought that was a little unfair of BB to have a HOH team comp, your fate was decided by another house guest that sand bags you. So Elissa leaves this week, guess its Jessie turs next to get all the hate, or Helen ….her crime is being Asian and being good at math.


” It makes it even more amazing how Rachel was able to out wit so many of the players that hated her and win BB.”

I think you really mean: ” It makes it even more amazing how Production was able to rig Porche Pandora’s Box that saved both Rachel & Jordan. Which led Rachel to winning the most rigged season on big brother to date.”

Actually this season might top it with this mvp bs.
This is why Survivor is #1. None of this rigged bullshit.


why does everyone hate elissa so much other than she’s Rachel’s sister she hasn’t done anything to anyone I guest the other house guest thought she would be exactly who Rachel was during her seasons but it’s totally the opposite these should worry about the real issues instead about getting her out.To aaryn why she so obsessed with elissa so much I mean she should be concerned on the votes that got david out but’s she too stupid to realize that But that really shouldn’t matter either she only knew him for 1 week I mean ruining your chances at winning this game over a guy knew 1 week pretty stupid & making unnecessary enemies is pretty lame but anyways #TeamElissa


I don’t know why everyone is acting so surprised and happy over Elissa winning MVP.. I mean the entire MVP twist was made for her. She’ll get it the entire time she is in the house. No surprise there.

Poon Hammer

Jeez poor Elissa and her sister both have jacked up faces…… Send in the clowns!


i dont mind who wins mvp but please go back to regular 2 noms and no mvp next year…i am not a fan of the mvp scenario as i dont like the public vote popularity contest, especially with it being able to be won by the same person every week, i have nothing against elissa, she seems a nice girl, but i prefer the regular rules where the house only decides on such important things…at the very least limit it so you cant win it twice in a row like the HOH rule, which brings variety…and a few ideas so the vote is more representative of who is actually playing the best game that week maybe former bb house guests could vote simply via a quick phone call, text or email to production(any and all former bb house guests would get a vote if they wanted to each week) and their votes are weighted as 50% of the vote and the other 50% of the vote covers the public vote…then if both the public and former bb house guests choose the same mvp then that person would be mvp, but if former bb house guests choose one person as mvp(eg Nick), and the public choose a different person as mvp(eg Elissa) then it would be both involved in some tiebreaker questions relating to events in the house that week, and done for both mvp seperately in secret in the diary room, with the closest or most total correct answers winning mvp – in this scenario say former bb house guests choose nick and the public choose elissa, then it would be a tiebreaker between the two, without either knowing who the other is after the tiebreaker unless they revealed it after…either that or just have former house guests vote on mvp, and no public vote…i do think the former house guests vote would bring a more balanced realistic view of who actually is playing the best game and is truly deserving of mvp each week…or as i said earlier scrap the mvp and use the regular rules

and next season after dark back on showtime2 with no audio censoring – that’d be great


Who will vote out Jeremy? The numbers are in his favor…


Truth is when contests like this have the public “voting” it is an easy way for the Producers to “rig” games for better tv. Let’s face it, it is better tv that she wins MVP and stays in than not and have no power and voted out. Face reality that the producers are in control here just like when they steer players to vote certain ways in the DR. It is also quite silly that you can vote multiple times just like American Idol. Can you imagine if real elections were that way? LOL


I agree to an extent with you about Elissa, on the other hand she is showing her sisters tendencies to lie and deceive and stab in the back.nick for instance. typical rachel like move. whats with helen thinking she is some great player. lol anyone familiar with the show knows this is a constant, feamale alliance against the men.lets get the bad men. lol common.helen is a douchebag.cry baby.I actually like