Big Brother Spoilers Judd: “Arkansasyou pieceofsh!t .. beatthefu**outof yourface”

POV Holder: Jeremy Next POV July 13th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony July 8
HOH Winner: Aaryn Next HOH:
MVP: Elissa
Original Nominations: Elissa, Helen and Jeremy (MVP nom)
Current Nominations: Elissa, Helen and Nick (MVP nom)
Last Evicted Houseguest David
Have Nots Helen, Elissa, Candice, and Andy


7:56pm Judd and Jeremy bedroom

Jeremy asks him about Spencer
Judd: “I see him whispering all day long and when you walk by him he talks about some random subject”

Jeremy tells Judd that Elissa came to him and told him Judd, Jessie and Candace were coming after him.
Judd: “Jess I don’t really talk game with Jess and sure as hell don’t talk game with Candace”
Jeremy wants to come to Judd and find out what the deal is because he thought they were working together.
Jeremy: “You can go far bro stick with me”
Judd: “Somebody must have told her that.. if not it’s just a blatant lie.. sounds like somebody told her”
Jeremy wants to know who told Elissa that .. wonders if its spencer “He’ll go up next on my radar if it was.. I don’t want people coming after me”
Judd says spencer has never mentioned Jeremy’s name all he does is whisperers all the time and it’s freaking Judd out
Jeremy: “Are you voting for nick or are you voting for Elissa”
Judd says he’s voting out elissa hes already told Nick they are good
Jeremy: ‘I hope so man.. you deserve to be here and she doesn’t”
Jeremy says he has ears in every corner he’ll know where the votes are. Judd asks him who voted David but lied, Jeremy: “Nick and candace” (wtf don’t tell him that)
Jeremy don’t go back on your word bro.. Jeremy will vote whoever Judd wants to when Judd wins the HOH. Judd says he’s going to make a “Ballsy move” when he gets the HOH, “GAme on Motherf***”
Jeremy reminds him he’s tried for two week to get elissa out of the house and if this last time fails he’s going after the people that kept her.

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8:08pm Hammock Spencer and Howard

Spencer telling him that AManda is going around saying there is a minorities alliance. Howard brings up the storage room conversation with Amanda. He says he just wants to avoid it and get back to the game.

Spencer says that McCrae told Amanda that he was not to be trusted so they are using that as a reason to join the other side. This leaves Andy, Judd, Spencer and Howard flapping in the wind.
What they are going to have to tell Jeremy, nick, McCrea is that a hour before the eviction they go to Andy and Judd tell them McCrae and Amanda flipped their vote so we all need to vote Eliisa. Spencer adds that in this case they do not expose the numbers..
Spencer: “In the aftermath they will trust us and will put the target on Amanda for flipping ”
Spencer hopes this takes some of the heat off “The boys alliance” rumors

Spencer: “To be honest dude I want him to cut her (Amanda) loose.. she is making Aaryn not trust me either”
Jeremy joins them “Judd is a little crazy”
J: “I asked him what the flip out was about “
Judd says he feel like there was a bunch of shady F** around here,..
Jeremy thinks he was talking about Amanda.
Spencer hopes so it’ll make it easier after the votes come out on Thursday.

The three are super worried about Amanda. Jeremy mentions that she’s already pulling the girls away. Spencer points out constantly that she’s targeting him and Jeremy
Jermey brings up Amanda getting in aaryn’s head earlier in the day saying that Helen and Spencer were scheming together playing chess. He had too talk Aaryn down but it’s “All Cool” now.

Spencer and Jeremy both think McCrae went too far telling Amanda Spencer could not be trusted. It’s good that it helped keep MC under wraps but wasn’t good for Spencer’s game.

Spencer: “MCrae says it he has amanda under wraps”
Howard :”He’s got sh!t underwraps:”
Jeremy: “I got Kaitlin and Aaryn under key and lock.. and for aaryn having Amanda around is beneficial”
Jeremy wants Spencer and Howard to do some damage control on their side because he’s feeling like the number one target. Spencer wants Jeremy to do some damage control for him because he’s feelign the heat.
Howard says they’ve been feeding their group the idea that in order to get a powerful player like Jeremy out they have to have the timing right and right now isn’t the time. (Like having HOH and POV) Howard thinks it’s working with HElen and Andy.

Jeremy says Amanda is not as worrisome to him as Andy, Helen and Candace. Howard thinks Amanda has to go next week. Spencer thinks the most dangerous thing to them is letting Amanda know about the MC.
They agree if they get MVP they will put up Amanda and not tell McCrea


8:31pm Cam 1-2 Cockpit Judd, Amanda and McCrea

Judd is telling them that Spencer has flipped the vote.

MCrea says if that is the case they should all vote out Elissa and try to secure themselves for the following week.
Amanda and Judd is pissed at spencer for all the whispering and lies.
Judd: ‘Spencer Is so f*** disgusting .. mother F**** .. “
Amanda brings up how spencer lied to her then denied it only to later admit to the lies.
Judd: ‘Why is he playing such a bizarre game
A: “He’s lying a lot”
Judd: “And just on random stuff that doesn’t make any sense”
Judd: “If I win HOH i’m putting that motto f***er up with one of the four.. Kaitlin .. Aaryn”
Judd: “Spencer needs to go”
Judd: “from Arkansa you piece of sh!t .. beat the fu** out of your face” (See gallery for his hand movements)

Amanda tells him that Andy doesn’t trust Spencer. she says she only trusts McCrae, Judd, and Andy. She reassures Andy that he’s not on the other groups radar so she’s probably safe next week.


9:18pm Cam 3-4 Lounge Howard and Aaryn
Howard wanted to talk to her about Amanda and McCrae, he really doesn’t trust Amanda and thinks she has too much influence with McCrae. Howard: “She’s uses his weaknesses against him”
howard adds that Amanda thinks he’s in an alliance with Helen and Candace (The minority alliance) he wants her to know that is not the case.

Howard says she is the strongest girl in the house from a physical and mental standpoint. She’s going to have a big target on her back and he wants her to know that he’s not targeting her.

Aaryn says that Candace is going around telling people she made these horrible comments.

Aaryn: “I have never made any comment in any derogatory way.. EVER..and the fact that Candace took it that way. Candace is making stories up and saying things that are not true.. it’s to the point I am not approaching Candace about it because it is so much about lies.. people are thinking i am racist that is ridiculous… I will look yo in the eye and say that.. .”


Howard says he walked in on the back end of the conversation last night. “I’m not going to lie outside of this game sometimes things can be misconstrued and is said in a joking way and you don’t really mean it like that from a racial standpoint.. It might have caught my attention but I don’t think the intent was meant to be malicious ,.. I look over it it’s like blonde joke to me.. HA HA.. LAst night I thought it was a conversation in general.. Thats where I was coming from”

Howard says he thought last night’s conversation was a social conversation not a personal one and he feels that Amanda blew it up and turned it into something to use for her game.
Aaryn asks if Spencer Is cool
howard says he likes Spencer.. “I trust him more now.. maybe not long term but now.. maybe more than Nick cause I don’t’ know if he’s coming or going”
Howard says he’s 100% voting Elissa out to make the game fair and give them all a chance to win MVP


9:35pm bathroom Elissa and Judd

Elissa: “Hey Judd.. I gotta tell you something.. If I go and Nick stays you guys have lost.. they are going to start picking our side off.. Jessie, Candace, McCrae, Andy”
Andy joins them Judd nods and Elissa and Leaves.

Elissa: “I saw Aaryn talking to Howard and i’m worried if I go and Nick stays they are going to pick you all off one by one” Andy: “Don’t worry we’re on the same page.. don’t worry.. ” Andy leaves right away

It’s pretty apparent that Andy wants nothing to do with Elissa.

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Catelyn Stark

If Elissa leaves, I probably will not come on these spoiler websites for the rest of this season. The season would already be spoiled… Someone I don’t like will win.




ha ha


Why have you chosen Elisa as your favorite house guest? She literally does nothing. The only reason she has any power is because america gives her MVP. For the first week of the house she tried to convince people she wasn’t rachel’s sister after they already knew she was. She is really just a bad all around player.

Big Brutha Muthafucka, Do U Watch It


I’m sorry she has to go, but she did this to herself. Being deceitful fucked her shit up. Taking that risk of telling the others who she was, could’ve changed her situation. She looks just like Rachel, she HAS to know that people would instantly recognize her.


Didn’t matter regardless if she was “up front” or not, these insecure f**ks would’ve still targeted her anyways.


she has her annoying sister to blame for that

was always going to be targeted and she knew that going in

seems like she just wanted her 15 days of fame


I say she has to be willing to sacrifice Helen as much as Nick and needs to go full Evil Dick, threatening Jeremy, Aaryn, Kaitlin, and Gina. She needs to paint the target so big on her that the others want her there leading the charge…and hopefully sway the MC that Helen’s quiet intelligence is a bigger threat than Elissa’s blind belligerence. What would you tell her to do?

Fingers Crossed

Simon, do you have any ideas of a possible twist? I think it will be really difficult with three people on the block. Fingers Crossed

Okie Annie

Twist should be no one goes home for the cheating aargh and Jeremy did in the HOH game, they both cannot play for hOH, and will be a double elimination down the line to make up for it


Twist: Aaryn is expelled for her racist comments, then a new week starts, as Jessie (BB10,11,12,13,14) comes into the house as Head of Household.


yeah the twist is…

a 5-5-1 vote

and aaryn has the satisfaction of breaking the tie sending elissa packing

just joking, probably a 10-1-0 vote and no twist

amanda the next to go, as moving company will make sure of it

Judd's Interpreter

awbwexfbashawrh aweryhawer awrh awerhawrh. Argaerga arah234y tjsetjstj artjasertj. Yo! awerwewey nurface awetaweta po pjn gnon on!!!!! #gg33# awetmemphis234213 bangbang!


Quit stealing Simon’s bit…

And if you’re an interpreter then you would try to be humorous interpreting Simon’s bit.


What is the drama going on with Jessie?


Looks like “Jessie bashing” is the new fad instead of the usual Elissa bashing…


Gina is a complete and total cunt to Jessie on a daily basis, its just bizarre bullying and bitching which is unwarranted, and Amanda is the same

the older women in the house are acting like high school girls

gina and amanda are not only racists and bullies, but disgustingly ugly inside and out


Finally Elissa wakes the f**k up!!!!!


Howard is one of the coolest customers I’ve ever seen in the BB house. Deep down he knows he knows that Aaryn is a lying little racist but he’s playing his cards right by pretending like he sympathizes with her, thereby not creating a huge target on his back. But in the end karma is a b**ch, just like Aaryn and she will get what she deserves both inside and outside the house.


I have lost all respect for Howard, when he told Aaryan he knew she was joking. I would of been all right if he would of just nodded or said nothing. But to tell her I know you are just joking that was a major cop out. Sometimes self respect is worth more than money. By the way AAryan just told the others that Howard has admitted to throwing competitions. I guess Howard not standing up to Aaryan did not get the results he wanted. Aaryan is fully aware she is a racist, she just does not want anyone on national TV pointing it out, and she thinks Howard is weak mentally for not calling her out.


So you would respect Howard if he risked his chances at $500K and what that money could mean to him and his loved ones…you know…the people that matter in his life, in order to put some dumb, ignorant, 22 year old, wannabee model in her place as a racist?

Howard gets that she is an idiot and he knows the time will come when he can address what occurred in the house…that’s when he goes on Julie Chen’s morning show as the winner of Big Brother.

This site is populated by more annoying and sanctimonious people than last year. It’s not enough to judge every person’s character when they are clearly in the wrong, now they’re attacking the people who have done nothing wrong, but aren’t doing what YOU want. This comment section should be called Absurdistan for all the fake piety and sanctimony.


I think Howard is holding back because he knows that calling Aaryn out will cause her to freak out and cause a chain reaction (a la GinaMarie), thereby painting a huge target on his back.


Oh and Candace bashing…as usual


I agree Simon. She has had a rough go from the first night…..She is pretty smart. Her and Helen were figuring out the MC and knows something is not right.


Candace needs to go to force people to change their standard answer

if you ask “so, who do you think you would put up if you were mvp”

basically EVERYONE says Candace.

Amandas Vag!na

Stick a fork in Elissa she’s getting treated like the plague now. These people are so horrible at manipulating someone you don’t like.


I am so confused by this group of people. They are constantly talking about how Jeremy, Kaitlin, Aryan and the like are bullies and yet they seem afraid to actually team up against the “bullies” to get them out as they are afraid of the consequences from the remaining bullies. Makes no sense to me. They seem like very weak people who don’t want to stir the pot as OMG Jeremy could get mad and all hell break lose. Insane weak people in there.


elissa basically has now said she is totally fine going home and would want to go before jury

I say let her go. she really has proven nothing in comps, and nothing in social game.

it is funny the house spends so much time worried about a girl with simply Helen as her only ally.


They bash Candace so much and I have not seen her do one bad thing. I hope she wins HOH or Helen.


Why doesn’t Andy wake up and help Elissa? You know every year in BB there are powerhouse alliances and if you haven’t heard of one and been included constantly in alliance talk your screwed by even Week2? How can you know now that you are one of the outsiders in the house.


Why are they son hateful toward Candace. Most of these people have no backbone.


I think this is going to be the first time in BB history that most people would say they all agree they want to under dog to stay


Honestly, I wish Julie Chen would cuss Aaryn Julie out during evictions. Maybe she should ask her if she should make her some rice or if she wants her to do her nails. Of all the remarks she made, she thinks this is about fish…smh


I do not understand all the Candace bashing? Am I missing something? Is she that bad/annoying? I feel really bad for her. Even people on her ‘side’ want to put her up for eviction. Andy even once said that if he gets HOH, he would put up Candace so as to keep the peace in house and do what the house wants. So pathetic


Elissa has disappointed with no game play. Howard is demonstrating class. What good would it do for him to call her out? He’s being controlled and smart for his game. I’m team Nick and Howard only at this point. Helen is a sleeper right now.

billy bob

spencers a dumb ass,does he think he can beat jeremy,howard,nick,mcray,at the end in challenges? whats he thinking,lol

STFU Donnie

He’s likely thinking he won’t need to as they will carry him as the one they can beat. He’s the safety choice in the MC. I think he will get caught by their enemies before then because he’s aroused too much suspicion, but it’s still a strong strategy.


I think it might really be best for Elissa to leave so it’s no longer a personal vendetta against her and just have them play the game and turn on each other. To be honest, big brother should have predicted that something like this would happen bringing a relative of a former housemate into the house. Also, I now want to see the mvp go to the most deserving person and no longer as a pity vote to her but I guess we’ll all have to wait and see. Even if she does stay, hopefully they’ll start targeting other people and let her be!


Why would Elissa go to Jeremy and tell him anything? I really hope Judd doesn’t buy that. Jeremy is a snake in the dirt, And I hope Candice comes to play next week and gets HOH. Everyone’s had it out for her since day one. Spencer used her for her vote and it seems like every girl in the house envies her for whatever reason. Candice seems like the classiest person in the house.


I get that Elissa has been bashed from the start, but why do so many people support her? I don’t watch the feeds and get my updates through this site (thanks Simon and Dawg) and miss a lot of stuff but she’s just another Rachel who isn’t good at this game. I couldn’t stand Rachel but at least she won challenges. And honestly the whole Elissa being MVP both weeks is just a silly twist. And They shouldn’t have called it MVP.


I personally think she’s done okay in the comps so far considering. It’s not like it’s the end of the season and she hasn’t won any. There are some other people in the house who are fit and who are physical and/or mental threats too. They just aren’t yoga masters.


It continually amazes me how people are willing to throw their own morals out the window for the sake of money. I can’t imagine what kind of scenerio would let me stand by and watch people bully others and downgrade them behind their backs.


They had no morals to throw out. They’re morally challenged. Jeremy is a meaderthal, Gina Marie is a young woman version of Archie Bunker, Spencer is a sidewinder and Aaryn, Kaitlyn and Jessie’s brain development stopped in 10th grade. McRae is so stuck on his alliance tha he would sell his soul. Some of these people are incapable of empathy (sociopaths). Others know they’re wrong but have no backbone.


Wow, I wonder if Candace will get wind that that she’s getting blamed for labeling Aaryn a racist when she was “joking” or because she didn’t mean it “that way” about the black fish (lol). I think Candace being a woman of color whereas Howard is a man of color is a disadvantage in this particular group of people. Just because the women seem very catty and petty like they are filming Mean Girls. And I could see how it would be hard to connect socially. It’s like that got most of the girls from the top of a bar table or in a club somewhere with all the hookups and fauxmances.

This cast is definitely a major turn off. I was actually turned off before they were in the house considering I thought it didn’t have that type of diversity I would like to see in ages and backgrounds. But I’m trying to see if the dynamics will change and if there will be any twists that will shake up the game before I write it completely off.


One way Elissa might be able to stay is if Judd tells Aaryn that Jeremy said Nick voted David out, but Gina Marie is so hung up on Nick that GM would stand by her imaginary man and I don’t think Aaryn wants to risk losing her alliance. And, as much as I like Elissa, she’s playing a bad game and I don’t think it’ll improve later on


I’m sorry, society has changed. I’m an indian raised in America and I know it’s different than what african-americans face, but I know history….millions have been persecuted for generations in order to have freedom. Howard doesn’t have to be mean, but he needs to say that your statements have come too far, there’s a difference between saying a joke, and then whispering one to your close white friend. One can be civil, and if they aren’t, not like Aaryn can get HOH next week. There is no lesson learned if there is no remorse, so sadly Candace…another african american is getting blamed for this and Howard just took it…like a chump. Game or no game, Howard does not believe that Candace would just make that up, this is an issue where everyone will side with him and he even knows this because he admitted on the live feeds that he wasn’t the only one having a problem with Aaryn’s comments. He’s also in a strong secret alliance, it will not and does not hurt him to stand up for what is right.

Just like homophobic remarks are looked down upon by many celebrities and political figures, if Howard or Candace or Helen throw a fit, i’m sorry Aaryn’s friends will second think about jumping in because the national spotlight will be on an issue where the immediate response will be to side with the minority based on the evidence running from throughout the season.

tell a friend to tell a friend

This is excellently written and mirrors my feelings… Howard chumped out, he would not have lost any position in the house for being a little more firm with Ayryan. It still seems there are people in america who will disguise reality when there are larger issues at stake. They went into that house knowing about the Paula Deen controversy and the fallout because of it. They have every right to be hyper sensitive about he issue of race and gender because that’s what the public is clamoring for- right or wrong.

I’m not saying Howard should have went off the deep end and yelled or even got defensive, but he could have said something along the lines of, “people are talking and some are offended by things being said and its not only the minorities. Its affecting game play and its putting a bigger target on your back in circles where there wasn’t one before.” Then he could have when into his shes’s the strongest girls in the house stuff. In my eyes he actually throws a little mote fire on the subject by allowing her to isolate Candice as the sole voice of making her “seem” racist, which gives her more reason to believe she can act the way she does.

There are functionally different kinds of racist/bigots in society. I believe this season features a couple versions. Spencer’s type is interesting because Its a bigotry through “stereotype” meaning, he shuns or rails against the stereotypical actions of an out group. Being what may be considered by society as “too black” or “too gay”. I personally believe he gets along with all types of people, but he has to know that they are “like” him and share a similar world view. Too me, this is the most common form of bigotry in America. It eases most guilt and allows people to be comfortable with their differential feelings in a situation where something goes wrong. I see similar lines among Aaron Hernandez situation. When he was doing the right thing he was cool. But when he did something wrong (allegedly) he became a Mexican LOL.

Aryan, is different because she places minorities in an out group due to most likely not having to deal with them often. She tolerates them like we tolerate a neighbors barking dog, annoying, but eventually it’ll over and my world can go back to normal. As far as the previous racist I described goes, She will be the victim of their wrath because the mirrors a “sense”of their world view but displays it in a manner that offends them because LOL, in a “progressive society we have to work together to become more united despite out differences”, or whatever the media is parroting these days. Regardless, that’s why there is so much more firestorm around her than GM (the class/bourgeoisie bigot) or Kaitlin (the follower bigot)

In all, it’ll be a conversation in the media for a while, and will forever be a part of the lore of the show. The talking heads will bumble about how society is better when it knows not to act like this, and the penalties that the violators of the codes face are the punishment for those actions. It doesn’t really change anything actually because ethnocentrism is a concept that will forever last due to the safety that comes with it. Out groups will be “tolerated” but only until they really get on our nerves. I will continue to watch the show and monitor the events and hope that the girls can figure out about the MC in time to resurrect the season. But if not, this will be remembered as the year of the “racist”.


Why does everyone keep saying that Arryn is the strongest girl in the house? Why are they so afraid of this pain in the ass. She is a child in diapers and they constantly are pissing their pants everytime she is around them. They kiss her ass for what reason? She is racist, she is disgusting, arrogant and pitiful. They need to cut Arryn, then Jeremy, and the rest of that pitiful crew.


Psycotic…is that what you call someone who can sit and lie with a smile on their face? That is what Aaryn nation is…to deny deny deny she says anything derogitory and then smile about it….warped


Just a few observations . . .

– I’m not yet declaring BB15 the worst cast ever, but they’re making a strong challenge for it.
– Andy (the housefly) will get swatted and evicted on or before 8/8.
– Did CBS really think that the HG’s would NEVER figure out who Elissa was related to? Even this group of idiots figured it out and it ended up backfiring for CBS (especially for the MVP twist).
– Speaking of which, I’m guessing MVP probably goes bye-bye in mid-August
– Next week’s MVP? I’ll say 60/40:Helen/Nick. Helen will get Brenchel votes and Nick will get votes for his DR showmanship.
– This is Big Brother . . . not the The Real World.
– Nick is playing the best game so far IMO. Yes, he’s a bit smug and socially aloof, but you can see that he’s putting his focus into how to play the game and he stays away from the immature garbage for the most part. His toughest test will be beating the other MC’ers to make the final two (or three maybe?). Five does not equal two, moving company.
– What about the future of BBUS? I have to think there will be SOME fallout from this season. CBS might just go ahead and do a complete overhaul of the show (things like casting, competitions, twists, etc.). I just don’t see this show getting completely removed anytime soon.


maybe they do another allstars – get alot of the favorites back

or just cast alot more mature group

Keri Helen

I suppose I can see where Howard is coming from with the way he approached Aaryn about her racist diatribes, but it makes me sad and frustrated. Yes half a million dollars is a lot of money, money that a lot of people would do anything to get but I don’t really see the downside to calling her out with the kid gloves off. Its not like she’s being falsely accused of being a bigot. Not only have we seen her spout that venom but the house is seeing it too, and while these douchecanoes seem to be a few cards short of a full deck, I hold out a sliver of hope that nobody in that house would want to rush to the racists side . What could possibly be gained from taking her side and trying to rally the troops to vote out anyone who actually had the balls to call Aaryn on her disgusting behaviour. Wouldn’t that only serve to make them guilty of being bigots by association?

Holy carp these people are the worst!


I missed what happened regarding Jeremy and Aaryn cheating in the HOH. What happened?? Thanks!


I hope judd does something soon. Hes one of the few i have any respect for left him and and howard


I think CBS/BB producers should start handing out demerits/penalties to overly offensive people. It could be an America’s Vote: Who deserves the demerit (or needs to be grounded by big brother) this week……they could allow us to assign someone as a have not. LOL It would be funny to see Aaryn’s Klan end up in there every week. HA!!!!!
I do think Howard is being smart about his game. I’m just hoping his votes start going with his knowledge/convictions soon. He’s a Youth Counselor….it important to model how and when to address inequality/injustice for the young people he counsels. Our nation’s greatest leaders knew/know right timing and manner is vital in creating true and sustainable change.


I have no respect for Howard and I’m of the same ethnicity he tells Aaryn that what she says is a joke if he thinks that way then that’s self negating poor Howard when he watches the show he will feel so dumb she calls Candice name and Candice is biracial where Howard isn’t he just making himself look very dumb