Big Brother Spoilers – Ian warns Shane about Pandora’s Box This Week

POV Holder: Next POV: Aug 18 (Saturday)
POV Used POV Ceremony Aug 20 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Shane Next HOH: Aug 13 (Thursday)
Original Nominations:
Current Nominations:
Have Nots Cod
Last Evicted Houseguest Wil
HOH temptations Britney Safe this week, Boogie gets 10grand

8:42pm Cam 1-2 Shane and Danielle

Shane: “Hurray we’re in the Jury”
Danielle: “Ya”

Before Shane entered the bathroom Danielle had told Britney that she though Dan was mad at her because she beat him in the HOH Contest. Brintey doesn’t think he is. (Lots of little mini conversations going on around the house)

8:43pm Cam 3-4 Storage Room Dan and Britney A short discussion questioning why Boogie went for the 10 thousand dollars. Both of them say they are shocked by this.

8:53pm Cam 1-2 Bathroom Jenn and Ian Watch with FlashBack FREE TRIAL!

Jenn appears hurt. Ian’s in the shower. the rest of the house is in the kitchen eating and shooting the shit.. Apparently Wil opened for Aaron Carter once.

Jenn is pissed She buggered up Jenn: “This is F*** Bullshit they should give you something to wrap your back up” Ian says it was a really tough Head of Household competition.

8:56pm Cam 3-4 Storage room Ian and Shane

Ian kinda pushing to have Joe the target he says if there is a Pandora’s box and duos are in the game he’ll pair up with Joe and throw the competition. Ian warns him that Pandora’s Box will be this week.

9:20pm Cam 1-2 Boogie and Jenn

Boogie asking her about WIl.. wonders if she knew he was a signer to. Jenn found out last week. Brings up that Wil recorded in Berlin and he had some record deals but a lot of things didn’t work out for him and they fell throw. Jenn says that Wil knew this morning that he was going home. Boogie got that impression during his speech on the live Show.

Jenn doesn’t know what Shane’s thinking but she’s worried it might get ugly this week. Boogie doesn’t think so.. he tells her next week is when things will get ugly in here

Britney walks in.. Jenn has the Ice Pack on her back and Boogie has just applied some ear medicine and is trying to get it to go in his ear.

Jenn is a bit pissed for going after the temptations. Britney points out that Jenn was doing great in the HOH comp she was right up there with Dan and Danielle. Jenn wishes she had gone for the HOH but at first she felt there was no way to beat Shane. Jenn: “No offense but all I saw was captain America.. he’s a beast”

Britney tells her she did a good job during the comp.

9:57pm Chatting about what is going to happen tomorrow, Shane says there is 10 Bodies in the house and only 6 weeks left. Ian: “Ya they are going to be doing something soon to get rid of these numbers” Frank thinks tomorrow is fast forward. Britney thinks it’s going to a luxury comp.. maybe a movie.

Ian shows them his armpits, Boogie and Frank break out in laughter ask him if it hurts. Ian says not really. Here’s the picture of Ian’s armpit and the giant red ring on it

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Shane needs to make the big move this week and get rid of Boogie or Frank because next week is double eviction week and he wont be able to complete so if he wont make a move this week he will get backdoored next week

Danielle's Eyeliner

I think Dan will get into Brit’s ear to get Boogie out or backdoored..and Brit will take that to Shane..and the quack-pack will have to quiet down Ian and convince him that Boogie and Frank together is bad for all of them. jmo

Danielle's Eyeliner

sorry I meant Frank..Dan will want Frank out..he wants to work with Boogie. I think he has visions of being the chill-town jump-bump partner with Boogie.


I agree but i don’t think dan needs to get into brits ear she has already wanted him out she wasn’t happy that after only one week boogie/frank were considering going against the allience and put dan up and even though he didn’t the damage was done


Hold on. It appears from how this is written, that Danielle won HOH==she was saying to Brit she thought Dan was mad bc she won HOH?? Pls splain.


she was talking about the HOH she won earlier ..


Who knows danielle could be trying to just get sympathy or it could be that she said dan was mad she didn’t win hoh becuase shane definetly won


From how it was written I think Dani thinks Dan may have been mad for getting beaten by Brit in the comp cause Brit won the safety and Dan and Brit was going head to head competing for safety


Danielle just needed to point out she out performed Dan in the comp. That’s all.
I hope Shane backdoors her.


Shane will nominate either joe and ashley or jenn , I dont think he will make a move this week , wich will cost him the game in the double eviction week unless one of the Quack pack’s members win the next Hoh. We ll see its going to be interesting , season is a bit predictable because there is not much competition going on. I mean its either frank or shane with the power , I am impressed with Danielle she is doing pretty good coming in second against a tough guy a few times besides she is the only girl who won a competition hoh and pov.


I really can’t see Shane getting to the end, I think what will cost him this game is the fact that he’s won so much so often. If he does get Frank out all eyes (except Danielle and Brit) are going to focus on him and he will be on the block just about every week that he isn’t HOH. Nobody is going to want him at the end because his resume is getting quite impressive so they’re going to drop him as soon as he’s able to drop Frank.


Sorry, I get confused easily. Thanks for the fix- its clearer now. UR the best!

Karen S

I’m happy… and hope that the quacker’s can keep this going through double eviction.
I would NOT put Boogie and Frank up together. I’m now positive too, since Boogie went
for the money, Frank is going to see that Boog’s doesn’t have his back. How else can they
stay safe if Boogie didn’t go for the HOH? I would be pretty pissed if I was Frank and be
pushing for Boogie to go before Frank.

Nominations.. Boogie and Joe. Backdoor Frank if necessary.

I don’t think Shane will nominate Frank, Ashley, Jenn, Ian, Danielle or Dan. He’s going to keep
his alliance tight for the moment. Obviously, Brit and Dan can help Shane to final 5.
And then, I think he’ll still dominate every other week, until he’s put out.

PS.. I have a theory why Danielle is sending shout out’s to a guy that she hardly knows. I am
betting it’s some kind of signal to her parents or friends. And.. Maybe, just maybe this guy
would prefer to keep their relationship quiet. Fans can be scary. Yes, Danielle sometimes
is quirky… or seemingly needy. I just try to think of how I would react in that house without
any vices.
I think this will be a good week.
Simon and Dawg… You are so loved and appreciated! Muwah~


He will do it only if Dan and Brit make him, Shane the whole season has only made decisions after a group approval.


I really hope that Shane will come to his senses and Nominates Frank and Boogie. Hell never get another Chance


Dan seems like the bigger prick … Get dan out!! Puhlease… my eyes hurt from looking at him! I’m not kidding!!!!


Please Shane, put up Mike and Frank. Please. That is all.




Totally agree!!


Joe’s Powerhouse…. yo


And I think Brit was VERY smart going for safety, even if Shane is HOH.
1. She’s preventing anyone else from getting safety. This lets Shane nominate basically anyone.
2. She gets to play in next week’s HOH, which is DE. Since there are never physical competitions for HOH during DE, Shane probably wouldn’t win anyway, while Brit has a very good chance.

Team Shitney



I don’t think Pandora’s Box will be this week since there is a double eviction coming up. Could be wrong.


Ian is so annoying stop being a weasel are you team Quack Pack or not? Shane would be an idiot if Joe is truly his target……………Froogie beware Shane is coming for that ass!

Master Chef Eagle Eye Joe: The Sole Semen Avenger

I like Boogs but why DID he go for the 10 grand? Did he do that for game propose to theow the comp? I just don’t see him doing it just for the money, since he’s you know…… a millionaire.


I think that Boogie and Frank think they are safe because they are part of the Silent Six. How many times has Shane put Frank on the block? I would like for Shane to be voted out. Ian is a little snake in the grass. Guess Brit will win this.


I don’t think he cares about this season. Probably knows that he will have win everything to have a chance to make it to the finals. So might as well get some cash instead?


Danielle is creepy. She is a narcissistic pathological liar. What would she do if BB covered all the mirrors and forbid her to talk about herself? Does anyone else notice how she tells people stories of things that never happen? Does she know she is lying or is she so delusional she actually believes they happened? I’m all about the BB game and you have to lie some time but she lies about things irrelevant to the game, lol. It’s scary.


I dont anderstand where all the hatred towards Danielle is coming from , she seems like a sweetheart , I never saw her talking shit behind someone’s back like britney does , I dont really know what you are talking , maybe you need to chill a bit and remember that these guys are locked in a house 24/7 so they might do or say crazy things , give them a break and stop beeing a hater.

Karen S

I just commented above about my theories on Danielle. But… although Brit’s topics of conversation has been pretty vulgar this year.
I still love the girl. I don’t hate any of the cast! Even Boog’s is pretty tolerable.. even if he’s repeating chill town antics. I think he really
showed his hand to Frank. He doesn’t have his ass.. he has in hand in the pockets of what will get him farther. Tonight, it was money.
Frank needs to loseeeeeeee the Boog’s!


Regardless, Shane will be gone
Next week during double eviction. Everyone is smart enough to know to have a chance they’ll have to boot him out.


Brit get rid of Shane?


Yep last week it was the right move not to take out Frank over Janelle BUT this time is totally different–there is no other big dangerous target available that Shane is not allied to(truly allied to that is) so drop the hammer now and KO Frank or Boogie.


i do not understand why people are so critical about boogie! as soon as he saw the comp, he knew shane will win it for sure. and he knew people like brit and dan will go for safety. and will be faster than himself. so he went for the 10k.

and from a strategic standpoint this is the best thing for boogie to happen. he knows that shane will honor that he did not get backdoored the past week. he knows a double eviction or a fast forward is coming. so both boggie and frank can compete.

dhane will put up joe and jen. there is small, small chance boogie gets backdoored. thats all. next thursday frank and boogie will turn on brit.


I think Boogie going for the 10 k just showed how cocky he is thinking that he is 100 % safe I think this will make it easier for Shane to backdoor him this week but that if he wants to .


Frank and Boogie are “shields” for Shane. After they are gone, Shane emerges as the big bad target. If he gets rid of Boogie (I think he’s tighter with Frank than it appears, Shane will follow right out on double eviction Thursday. Better for Shane to remain BORING and stick with the SHH Six plan.

He may even take a swat at Britney because she is sure to be annoyingly buzzing in his ear. Or he may just get that restraining order against Danielle that Zingbot mentioned. Do you think Judge Judy could make a house call?


That is not true just look at Janelle people get backdoored in this game all the time and as much as i like boogie that was a selfish and dumb move and no one will repect it. It is one thing to go for safety but to go for money when you should be trying to keep yourself and frank safe just show his true colors it wasn’t a respectiable game move.


that’s true but you have to think that shane is very gullible when it comes to strategy in this game because he has none (other than winning the muscle man comps). so brit, danielle, and maybe dan will be pushing for him to nominate either boogie or frank or both and because shane is about as smart as a box of rocks he will more than likely listen.


Lol… Boogie’s just a money hungry prick. I think he’s pretty much proven that about himself, it’s not even a debate.


Boogie showed his true colors. He’s playing for whatever money he can get, all the while latching onto his star player, Frank, thinking that’ll get him the entire way through.

Just like he tried hard to win that 10K, he couldve tried just as hard to win HoH.

Shane is a puppet of Britney’s and he will listen to what she says. He still treats this game as if there are coaches in it & he has yet to play for himself.

What type of an asset is Britney anyway? That girl isn’t winning anything any time soon.

The coaches will continue to rely on their star players & ease their way on to the end of the game.

Dumb dumb newbies.


I mean, I think sticking with Britney could benefit Shane. If they were in the final 2, Shane would win for sure just because he comes off as a nice guy and has been credited with winning over half the competitions so far, so he would definitely deserve it over Britney. I wouldn’t see a problem with him bringing her to the end at all.


he simon I hope you don’t mind but I mention this site as much as I can to other BB people, keep it coming


He really needs to do something huge Gavin is 100% right on this.


Thanks Trevor, it seems like me and you are on the same page!

production rigged it

if he doesn’t put boogie and frank up then he’ll be kicking himself in the head like Ian does if he gets evicted next week, hopefully britney can make him realize that if he doesn’t next week boogie and frank are both gonna try for the win because they know it will be double eviction and he won’t be able to compete in the first hoh and if they win they will try to backdoor him or her, she had to make him see that because it will basically be her and danielle against boogie and frank because dan doesn’t appear to want to do anything except let everybody else do the dirty work so she needs to make him see that he needs to purt them up and get rid of one of them this week, if i was her i would tell him boogie because boogie showed again tonight that he’s just a greedy little b__tch!!

Karen S

Giving credit where credit is due. As I watched the competition.. I thought Dan was actually trying to win. He was scooting along there pretty fast.
For the first time, it looked like he was trying. IMO!


Simon have you noticed that the only three people that have actually won HoH/PoV are Shane, Frank, and Danielle? The only other person who won was Willie, but that’s because Britney picked him as HoH, however Shane had as much as a chance as Willie, so it wasn’t a complete win.


Yeah! I wonder if Shane will get three more vetos in his back pocket, so he can beat Dani and Janelle’s record. I hope he does. Also, will you be covering Big Brother Canada next year?


Awesome! Expect to see me on the show in 5 years when I’m old enough. I will be doing a lot of shout outs for you on BB Canada LMAO! I’m 13, by the way.


Bleh. This will be a boring week. I just wish production would get more involved. People here bitch and bitch, but that can actually spice things up and make SOMETHING happen. I think most agree, big groups suck. There’s no drama. Even if Shane makes a move, he’d only end up backdooring Frank, which won’t be some big shocking shakeup. It will just piss of Boogie and he’ll just get closer to dan.


Boogie goes for the cash because Frank will protect him and he said he doesn’t like hard HOH comps.
Funny thing is Boogie doesn’t protect Frank and now there is a chance for both to be put up. If DE
is next week Shane can’t play in the first one and Frank can get HOH and get rid of Shane. Problem is
if Shane goes first, 2nd HOH can get Frank out, like Jeff got out last year behind Danielle. I hope the is
a pandoras box and the Shane gets something good. 2 years ago there were more than on Pandoras box.

The voices inside Danielle's head

Weeeeee, wow’s a lucky girl? I am gonna be in bed with Shane for another week. More wrestling in the bed. Maybe some kissing. Who knows, maybe even some salad tossing. And none of these other women better be talking to much with Shane.

PS Night Trey, love ya baby.


The sad part is the fact that BB has become so predictable that these players are guessing whats going to happen before it happens.
Producers need to tweak things.


Yea, you would think that since production hears what the players predict will happen, they would do something completely different and throw them off of their game. Guess not.


if we know this, so do they…i’m hoping they realized this early and have been hard at work on new ideas for the last half of the season, or this is gonna get really boring, really fast…

Eagle Eye Play Toy

as i said earlier Eagle Eye will win BB14. He knows exactly what he is doing and is playing this game perfectly. Watch out for Eagle to start making some big moves this week, as long as song social moves that will help his game out. He is playing flawlessly right now and I believe other houseguests are beginning to see just how big of a threat he is

Karen S

HI Sarah! lol


Joe make big moves??? Too funny! He couldn’t even get out of the tub of lemonade and just sat there and watched the rest of them play! And how did he do this time on the HOH? 94 pound Brit got in and out of the tub with her sponge on, but big bad Joe couldn’t? He is a snitch and waste of air. The only reason he is still there is because he is Boogie and Franks flunky.


All I could think of watching Joe swirling slowly through the lemonade during that comp–were filling their mouths along with their spongefits–was that he was probably relieving himself.


The players this year are sad cases lol. Shane, Danielle & Frank are the only ones that have won competitions so far, out of how many other players?
Sad, sad, sad.


This season is so bad I’m not even watching it anymore. I come on this site to see what went down and that’s about it! MOST HORRIBLE BIG BROTHER SEASON EVER!!!!! Nothing can save it, the ratings are even dropping!


Glad to see that little whiny bitch, Wil gone!
He was whinier that Marcelllus and that’s some kind of whiny!

The season is lame

Nuff said


He called the sh!t poop!


a perfect week…

1. frank and boogie noms
2. frank or shane wins veto
3. dan as renom
4. boogie out b4 jury

week done! sucessful hoh, way to go shane…


Did Boogs get the 10K? Wonder if he went for the money to use as a future bargaining tool.


Watching BBAD. Seems to have a picture of some random girl with a red bandana over her eyes. Who is that?

Carol & Steve

looks like some rocker chick – where’d she come from?? LOL!


I am a little behind on BBAD, but O am watching the camera switching over to Jenn. She is absolutely worthless. I don’t know why she does not just volunteer to leave. What a


I really think Ian is going to win the Next HoH and will be very scared to nominate anyone very fast, I think he would put up Frank or Boogie (If not picked for Shane’s HoH) and if one of those guys goes home next week the person who is staying might get heated just like how Jordan/Shelley got into it last year.


That’s what I think also! It’ll probably be one of those question/true or false/before or after comps, and the HOH will probably be Ian or Britney. If anyone will shake things up this season, it’ll probably be Ian out of naivete and being flustered at the situation.

Carol & Steve

If Ian was going to win HOH that would probably be the best case for him – he might not get too nervous & if he did put up Shane/Boogie/Frank – he can always blame it on his nervousness that made him say the wrong name. LOL! Go Ian!!


So with the DE next week, Does the 1st one go home and then the 2nd one out go to jury? The only other option I see is 3 finalists (but I don’t think they’e do that) and both eliminated next week go to jury.

Ian's NewFan

Maybe it’s just me but isn’t Ian playing “all” the alliances ?? I think he’s got everybody fooled. They are underestimating him. I think he wants his own alliance. He just hasn’t quite figured out who will be joining him.


It’s time for Dan and Brit to talk to Shane and convince him to put up Boogie and Frank right away. They should also make a deal with Joe for a few weeks saying if we don’t put you up we will keep you safe for a few weeks if you keep us safe. Another stipulation would be that Joe votes the way they want him to. Since he has no one else in the game he would almost have to go along with them and then they would have the votes to get out Frank or Boogie even if one of them one the POV. That would leave the remaining person isolated and provide an easy road for Dan, Danielle, Brit and Shane to get to final four, or as far as they choose to go together. If they don’t do this one of them will be gone as soon as they lose power.




This is the most drama-less season ever. First they get rid of Willie for assaulting someone (Dick assaulted Jen by pouring iced tea on her head, and also burning her with his cigarette multiple times) which both are illegal and HE didn’t get kicked out. I don’t see how that’s fair to kick out Willie… they should make the rules clear, because they pick and choose their punishments for everybody. Next Janelle goes, and she’s known to bring some entertaining drama.

BB… its time for plan B.. unlock the door on the Pandoras Box that Rachel is living in right now, we have a new player entering the house!


I agree it’s drama-less but I would love it if BB bring back Dick + Jen for next year. Their fights are much more entertaining than others.


Hello, someone might have mentioned it but I couldn’t find anything about it..but can someone tell me whats wrong with Dans leg ?? there are 2 patches of bandages, first I saw one, now there are 2 ?? did he get hurt or something or does he have a gross rash ?? thanks everyone :)
and thank you SImon and all you wonderful guys that make this site happen !!! I really appreciate all you do !!! Have a great evening everyone !


there are some people who can just never have enough money and i think boogie is one of those people although i also beleive he and i and all of you know he had no shot at winning that hoh so i dont think its a matter of having franks back or not its just a matter of why not win something ive made no secret that im a fan of boogie and frank well more so the original chill town but having said that it probally is a good move for shane to get rid of frank or even dan for that matter those are the only two at this point that he probally cant beat in a final 2 although it would be very close on the other hand there is also something to be said for staying true to his word cause no matter what he thinks he has not been when it comes to frank and frank has and that would go a long way with frank i beleive where as he is the first target of all the core 4 so its either make a big move and pray or play it safe and build trust and last longer than he will if he burns that bridge

Kara tells me maybe

boogie said they want to keep shane in the game longer to get more HOHs from shane…. I think he will b safe next week from boogs…


Oh joy! Another week of froogie sulking, hating everyone in the house and hatching another absurd diabolical plan. If Shane has the sack to put the two of them on the block, that is.

Psst… Danielle I’ve heard some troubling rumors about your weight and mental stability. Any comments on those issues?

Oliver Twist, I mean Ian, is such a good sport, we should just hand him a check and move right on to BB15 (which will include no returning HGs, no production twists and all new competitions, if we are lucky)

Jeff should have given Frank a hard time for saying ‘appreash’ considering how often Jeff said it during his 2 seasons. By the way, ‘welks’ should not catch on due to you’re welcome, being just as easily said and even more understood. Everything should not be shortened.


No Outgoing HoH wouldn’t survived the double eviction.
Right now there are 50 percent margin chance of Shane would or wouldn’t survive the double eviction.
Like pervious double eviction Jeff & Brendon didn’t survive the double eviction. Can Shane break the double eviction curse? What you guys think?


DDBS will probably blew the final 4 deal if one of their alliance broke up. So DDBS, better keep an eye on Chilltown 2.0

Fleur de Lis

Shane needs to put up Boogie and Frank. Then if one of them win the Veto one of them is still up. I can’t stand Boogie. I hope he totally regrets not working for HOH and if I were Frank I would be pissed that he didn’t do more to keep them safe this week. Pretty sure Shane is going to make a move this week… there is no reason to keep that many semi-strong players in the game. I am pretty sure that Britney will be pushing for him to make a move.


@FLEUR DE LIS, Not going to happen. If I was Shane, I won’t rock the boat & go for the floaters like Joe & Ashley. If he makes a big move, that’s a big mistake. If I was Britney, I won’t rock the boat either & go for the floaters.