Big Brother Spoilers Amanda confronts Aaryn “I haven’t said anything racist”

POV Holder: Jeremy Next POV July 13th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony July 8
HOH Winner: Aaryn Next HOH:
MVP: Elissa
Original Nominations: Elissa, Helen and Jeremy (MVP nom)
Current Nominations: Elissa, Helen and Nick (MVP nom)
Last Evicted Houseguest David
Have Nots Helen, Elissa, Candice, and Andy


4:35pm cam 1-2 Bathroom McCrea and Helen

hard to hear Helen but says “… … .. Nick “
McCrea nods
Helen: “that will be huge means we have taken out two strong guys and Jeremy will go next”


4:49pm CAm 1-2 Amanda and Aaryn
Amanda wants her to know and be mindful of something. Amanda: ‘I know you are joking when some sort of racial things comes out of your mouth I do the same thing.. But I think the people who are of different race are taking it offensively.. I walked in on Howard, Candace, Helen and a couple more people.. THere was some fish comment made and they took it the wrong way”
Aaryn: “The fish ..UGH”
Amanda: “People will look for any type of excuse to villainize you.. just be careful”
A: “that’s the most obnoxious annoying thing i ahve ever heard. Who started that conversation “
Amanda: “I don’t know.. I just wanted you to know.. Be mindful of it” Amanda says she was defending Aaryn’s fish comment but the people are saying multiple comments have been made by her. Amanda adds that it was not only Aaryn that has made comments and the conversation was mostly about racism in general.
Amanda says she has to be more mindful of what she’s saying and she should pull Howard off to the side and apology.

Amanda: “I’m sure you’re not racist.. but you should be mindful of it”
Aaryn: “I don’t feel like I need to pull anyone up here”
Amanda keeps suggesting that Aryn need to be mindful of her remarks because people in the house have been discussing it.
Amanda: “Sometimes people are hypersensitive”
Aaryn: “But I never said that they were on the bottom where they belong.. ever”
Amanda: “It was probably telephone.. Candace said it was malicious intent”
Amanda: ‘Just be mindful of it.. I don’t want you getting flak for something you are kidding about”
Amanda: “People take any reason to become offended”
Aaryn: “I know.. they make blonde jokes and call be barbie and ken all the time”
McCrea joins them


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Amanda fills McCrae in on the conversation they are having.. feeds go to fish..

Amanda keeps reiterating to be mindful. McCrea points out that they will use whatever ammunition they can, “Like even if it’s just the smallest comment they’ll use it against you”
5:00:30 Aaryn: “But I haven’t said anything racist they are just putting words into my mouth”
McCrea: “Exactly.. I wouldn’t worry about it too much”
Amanda: “Just don’t make any funny jokes especially around Candace because she’ll relay it as the most racist.. and be like WE have a Black President”
Aaryn :”We’ll I didn’t vote for him”
Amanda: “Because you are from Texas”
Aaryn: “Just saying”
Amanda: ‘I didn’t vote for him either”
McCrea leaves
Aaryn: “I appreciate you telling me that but that is the more immature thing EVER they call be barbie and all sorts of sh!t about me being blonde al;l the time.. whats the difference”
Amanda: ‘Because there is not… Feeds cut ****
Aaryn thanking Amanda for telling her she’s going to take her advice. Amanda knew Aaryn would appreciate to know says if she’s every coming on as a slut she would like Aaryn to tell her.
(So production hasn’t told her to stop and it looks like she got the message from Amanda)
They start talking about Elissa. Amanda says that Elissa still makes snarky comments about Aaryn here and there, “I usually say just drop it.. Hopefully she is gone but just in case I don’t want her coming after me”
Amanda mentions that Nick talked to her today.
Aaryn says her and NIck are not really in an alliance she’s only in an alliance with Jeremy, Amanda and McRea. She adds that JEremy is really nervous about Amanda but is cool with McCrea.
Amanda: “I would never never never will go against what McCrea wants to do”
Aaryn: ‘He thinks you controls McCrea”
Amanda: “If anything he controls me”

Aaryn says it seems that Jeremy has side deal with everyone in the house. Amanda is questioning if this alliance with Jeremy is for real because she’s hearing that Jeremy has a side alliance with Spencer and Nick.

They looks that HOH TV at Spencer and Helen playing chess, Amanda: “I don’t trust them worth sh!t”

Aaryn: “Is Helen trying to still get someone other than Elissa evicted in the house other than Elissa.. ”
Amanda: “Ya ”
Aaryn :”Ugh”
Amanda keeps saying she doesn’t trust Spencer and the entire house doesn’t either. She mentions how Spencer told her that He would put up Candace and Jeremy.
They compare notes about Spencer and both confirm that Spencer is one of the biggest liars in the house.
Amanda is certain that Helen and Spencer are scheming and not playing chess. She thinks they are talking about splitting her and McCrea up.

Amanda confirms her and McCrae are voting out Elissa. McCrea joins them again..
Tehy start talking about Jessie. McCrea is becoming very annoyed by her lately.


5:46pm Andy, Amanda and McCrea

Talking about his conversation with Nick where Nick told him he’s aligned with Kaitlin, Aaryn, Gina and Jeremy. Andy: “I believe him”
Feeds cut..
Andy: “Helen wants Nick out so badly” He adds that Helen is saying that the Diary room is trying to get him to figure something out about Nick.

Andy is still fighting to keep Elissa. He thinks Spencer is in a terrible position because he’s not trusted by any group. Amanda warns them about Spencer and how defensive he gets when called out for lies.

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She hasn’t said anything racist that they are putting words in her mouth? LOL. I just about fell out of my chair


When Aaryn is evicted in the next couple of weeks, I want Julie to do her little interview, then just before she says goodbye, Julie says “Oh by the way, the audience thinks you’re a HUGE racist and your modeling agency canned you.” If Julie steals that moment of seeing Aaryn’s reaction, I will be so p***ed off…


I hear you…but I think Amanda went too far. Now I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt and say that since she is planning to align with Aaryn that she was trying to help her and do the right thing, rather than the more cynical read which is she was trying to further poison the Aaryn well with regards to Howard, Helen, Candace, and Andy. But regardless of Amanda’s motivation, Aaryn’s reaction was problematic. That she became defensive and certain she was not wrong at all means you just know she’s going to vent about the sensitivity of the minorities in the house to Jeremy, Kaitlin, and Gina (who will spill to Nick). Jeremy and Nick are not going to be pleased that not only is Amanda trashing Spencer at every turn, but now she’s causing an issue for Howard. This is just one more piece of evidence that Amanda is a GIANT s**t-stirrer and is causing far too many waves for the MC. You add that to McCrae’s infatuation and his certainty that she’s “in love with him” and I think her mistakes (or overplaying) might just save Helen and Candace next week.


Does anyone think, maybe, just maybe, Production told Amanda to defuse Aaryn? Production probably doesn’t want to lose Aaryn ’cause the ratings are up since all this started….but if they condone it (i.e. don’t do anything, don’t pull her) they have (and are having already) a huge PR problem on their hands. This brew-ha-ha is all over the mainstream media.


amanda telling aaryn to tone down the racism when amanda herself has been racist and homophobic, disgraces her boyfriend by sleeping with mccrae and getting naked in the house…oh yeah amanda you are such a role model and well placed to be telling others not to be racist

add all of this to her overplaying, loudness, bullying and bitching about jess all the time and going on about the guys alliance and she will be likely evicted next week


My problem with this whole thing is that W. Kamau Bell has a show on FX. When speaking on “men,” he stated: “I feel gross being apart of of group this terrible…is this what it’s like to be white?” Where are the people calling for him to be fired? He said it as a joke? Well Aaryn’s statement about seeing Candace in the dark was also a joke. Basically, if you’re going to call for her head, then call for the heads of non-white racists as well. What about Andy Denhart over at Reality Blurred. Andy, who is Hebrew, stated this before the season started: “13 of the 16 cast members appear to be so white, mayonnaise may file a plagiarism lawsuit.” Now almost every new blog post of his is trying to call out these people for their “awfulness and bigotry” when he, himself, made racist comments about the houseguests before the season even began. That’s my problem. First of all, I want to watch the game without being distracted by all of this witch hunting and race this, race that. And secondly, most of these people complaining about the racism are so hypocritical, it’s hard to take them seriously. If you’re going to complain about any racism, then complain about all racism you see (no matter the color of the victim)..and if you complain about racism, don’t make racist comments yourself. If you do either of these, you are very annoying and I wish you would log off and find another hobby. I don’t condone any type of racism, nor do I like to be the victim of it. I’ll fight for someone who I see is a victim of racism if they would do the same for me.


Funny how the 5 racists have simply thumbed down my comment (but won’t say a word) because they want to be the sole victim. We can’t condemn all forms of racism because then they won’t be able to be racist then turn around complain about racism.
I was just told on another forum:
“I’m not racist myself but you guys (whites) have been racist to everyone for the? longest. It’s in you guys DNA. Y’all were raised to think are the top race and better then everyone.”
He thinks that’s acceptable to say (no one said anything to him about it)…and he’s “not racist.” This is what I deal with and then I take a break from all of these racist hypocrite morons and watch something I love…Big Brother. And it’s right here in my face again. No escaping the hatred.
We live in one messed up society.


Based on Aaryn’s comments about people putting words in her mouth, I am now completely positive that there is something seriously wrong with this ignorant women and she needs help.


She’s on for a world of hate when she gets out. She’s going to regret being so stupid and ignorant


I bet Aaryn’s racist comment is worth of getting your a$$ kicked. I would love see her cry like a little b$tch. Bye bye spoil brat, take GinaMarie with you.


No need to get violent now….

Big Brutha Muthafucka, Do U Watch It

Smacking the shit outta someone isn’t violent.. She’s in dire need of that.


According to the law, it’s assault.


“According to the law, it’s assault.”

Not around here it ain’t. If anything, it’d be battery. But it ain’t gonna be that either. We try and handle our own business around here. The “law” usually has little to do with the matter. It’s hard for the pot to call the kettle black, glass houses and all.

Aaryn needs a good ole fashion ass whipping — her dad maybe???


Well said capt. Yer’ the best.

Amandas Vagina

Promoting violence now that’s just as bad as the racist comments. You should be spreading love like me I’m gonna spread it all over Crae Craes nose tonight.


Good god what an awful image haha! I swear lol

rice cooking ninja

Pure gold. Stay classy, capn.


Amanda approached Aaryn in a very nice way, like explained to her the best way she could and Aaryn still has to be a bitch about it. Like I have at some point in my life said something that wasn’t nice (EVERYONE has, it doesn’t have to do with just race or sexual orientation, something like calling someone fat, dumb, etc. Everyone has said something that wasn’t nice doesn’t matter what) and it was brought to my attention and then I realized and apologized. She just doesn’t give a shit I guess?


I have to wonder if production hinted/asked Amanda to go talk to her about the whole racist comment thing. Funny that she’s still denying it & putting any blame on others. Sounds like my father-in-law. Nothing is ever his fault & everyone is out to get him….. UGH!!


That’s exactly what I think.


why would production ask amanda to tell aaryn about it? i thought they would get someone who hasnt been racist in the house to talk to aaryn about it


Deluded girl.


MC and Amanda had an opportunity to have realtalk with Aaryn. Rather than straight-shooting, they chose to soften the criticism. They even had the audacity to say that the people-of-color might be a little too sensitive and might blow Aaryn’s comments out of purporting. At this point, why even bother saying anything. I just feel like they looked like fools talking to her. Fools.


That was definitely a lame ass attempt. They made out to be like she isn’t doing thing wrong. sugar coated the f— out of that convo.
Me personally would have nipped that ish in the bud, day one.

Anyone thinks Julie Chen will do an hoh interview with her in the hoh room on Thursday? I don’t.:-)


amanda could well be the next evicted after aaryn

im sure julie chen will love to hear about amandas song in relation to asians not being able to drive well and theyre good at maths

Big Brutha Muthafucka, Do U Watch It

“Aaryn: “But I haven’t said anything racist they are just putting words into my mouth”



Aaryn just found out that Howard has been offended by some of the things she’s said, just like Candice, and says there’s now a “minority alliance.”
Nope, that can’t at all be misconstrued as offensive. LOL


Aaryn: great, now there us a minority alliance



us = is

ALSO, Aaryn is now pissed at Amanda for bringing this to her attention lol


To prove she is deluded, this is from Aaryn’s hoh blog:

“Now, about my nominations… I know the Brenchel fans aren’t happy with me, but I hope you all get to see that I tried more than once to align with Elissa. She has a personal vendetta against me and it is in my best interest to see her walk out the door on Thursday. I hope you all can respect that this game means a lot to me, and not even the sister of someone whom I was a super-fan of is going to come in-between that”

Super-fan of Rachel? Elissa had a vendetta? Wuuuut? lol

Big Brutha Muthafucka, Do U Watch It

Goddamn, Not even Adderall can cure those delusions.


A small point, but Adderall is used to treat ADHD not psychosis; it’s a stimulant not an antipsychotic. Yours in psychoeducation, Cheers


wheres Judd – i need a xanox


It appears Aaryn will blame all these comments she has made on someone else. She will never take responsibility. By the way if she is a blond then why does she have brown roots. Delusional


Aaron is the kind of person who goes thru life never taking any self responsibility. It will always be “poor little me, everyone picks on me”.


I wish they would have given some real power to the MVP. I like Ellissa and would love for her to be able to take herself off the ‘block’.


Props to Amanda for saying something to her


you do know that amanda is one of the people in the house being racist right?


i thumb up everyone because we need to have one collective voice when dealing with racism


I am waiting for someone to REALLY say something to Aaryn.. It seems like it is building to that point and Amanda basically gave her a “Nice” warning. Since Aaryn is oblivious to anything outside of her make believe bubble of a world, she doesn’t care!


who is going to warn amanda about her own racism, and the others who have been racist? or has production done that already as amanda is a production favourite? why is it only aaryn getting warned? will amanda say to gina look the both of us have been racist and we have to knock it off?…will amanda also warn the other offenders too? or is amanda only saying it to aaryn to get in her good books for safety the following week?


Jokes? Joke about gas prices, joke about current events, but dont joke about race. Don’t joke about something you cannot choose and you cannot change. Aaryn is becoming more undesirable by the second, and Amanda isn’t too far off.


Listening to Amanda and Aaryn talk is like a race to the bottom, with giant flashing subtitles, “who will be evicted next week”

It all comes down to which side of the MC’s house win HOH, but I’d say these two are a pick em at this point.


its likely one of moving company win hoh so amanda is toast

Aryan uh i mean arryn

Lmao she is in for a huge surprise when she leaves the house hahahaha

Jeremy's Boat

Bad move Amanda, now if the Mean Girls win HOH, Aaryn will be gunning for her. She has no tolerance for race traitors.


Lmbo! Cannot wait for her to leave the house! I really hope that Julie plays a montage of Aryan Nation’s greatest racist hits for her during her exit interview as the audience boos!


Julie is too classy to do that shit


I believe they are doing that as a tactic to stay safe on not on her radar. You all know that Spencer wants Amanda gone so if they get Aaryn to side with them for letting her know what ppl are saying maybe that will give a step up. Now they say in HH that ppl are figuring out Spencer. What has happened becuz I missed that. Other than him making an out of line comment. He as well will be surprise that Union Pacific is letting him go when he leaves. I heard on the new last night. I also heard Julie Chan mention on her show “The Talk” about Aaryn & GM comments. Those girls are going to have a rude awakening when they leave the house.


That’s because they’re all wusses. There’s not a backbone in the group, they must like being bullied and made fun of. As the great Yosemite Sam would say, “They’re all yellow belly, sap sucking cowards!”.


so disappointing….but I am sure they will change their minds yet again……


cannot wait for elissa to go – im bored of her – and curious to see who wins mvp or maybe they scrap mvp as elissa cant make use of mvp anymore

Ohhh UH! UH!

I hope to God that when she gets evicted the live audience says BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO as she comes out on stage (no doubt waiting for applause). I honestly think it will be a mixed reaction. That sad, sad little girl is completely delusional.


Aaryn is annoyed that the people she offended are oversensitive to her remarks??? Says it’s “the most obnoxious thing” and “the most immature thing” she’s ever heard! She wants to know “who started that conversation?” This young lady (and I used the word loosely) is blind to her own disability – and it isn’t being blonde, it’s being STOOPID!


She’s a narcissist!


I genuinely believe she’s a classic case of someone with narcissistic personality disorder. The girl seriously can’t stop deluding herself for a second to consider she might be the issue…not everyone around her. So in love with herself that she can’t find fault with a single action she’s taken in the house.

Fleur de Lis

Aaryn is not a lady (and neither are GM, Kaitlyn or Amanda). These are all stupid girls who are too old to be acting the way they do. Calling them ladies is like calling Jeremy and Spencer gentlemen. They are not gentlemen, they are boys who are too old to be acting the way they do. I can’t stand most of this cast and its only because I like the game that I continue to read and watch and pray that they get evicted soon so the REAL grown ups can play this game.


Jeremy is wondering why Candice is making up all this racist drama.

Big Brutha Muthafucka, Do U Watch It

I hope someone form the MC wins HOH, I wanna see Amanda and Aaryn up on the block…


cannot wait to see amanda on the block – shes gonna lose her shit


At least Amanda has some sense to try to talk to this girl, everyone else is cowering in a corner taking a beating. Stand up for yourself.

Amandas Vagina

I had a talk with her in the bathroom earlier so she went and gave the blonde the scoop. MMMMmmmm I want me some Howard.


Whats next HOH challenge? Before/After? It’s time for a brain challenge.

billy bob

bb 15 sucks elephant balls are should i say gorrilla balls for aaryon, this shits already been done,its a repeat yo,something better change quickly are this season will be really sucky,i need a reset button,lol

Mr. BiLL

Can’t we all just get along.

Big Brutha Muthafucka, Do U Watch It




I wonder if the diary room put Amanda up to saying something to Aaryn. I wish they would tell someone about the Moving Company so the stuff would hit the fan before Thursday. This week has been boring, just stupid people saying stupid things.


GM…Really? pinky swear? How old are you? You need a reality check, little girl. Nick is not at all into you. He is a wannabe Dan, trying to use you like he did Dannelle. Nick may have bot Dan’s book, but no way do you come close. Get outta here.


He’s no Dan, but she’s very much a Danielle. She’ll do what he says if a kiss is promised.



at least Danielle had a decent personality, had warmth, a good sense of humour and won comps – her connection with Dan and her patience despite his many antics were very interesting to watch

Gina who seems to be constantly bullying and bitching about Jess, or being racist, is nothing compared to Dani as a person and an entertaining bb player to watch

Dis Bitch

Amanda, all respect for you, lost
Can’t believe you were one of my pre-show faves


This girl needs to be committed! ASAP!

Chilltown Fan

Aaryn shrugging it off as if it is nothing, can’t wait until she is out of the house to be hit with a cold dose of reality.


Soooo, blonde jokes and race jokes are on equal grounds now? OK


She’s a total narcissist. This is how she justifies her racism and homophobia. She’s had to deal with blond jokes her whole life, so it’s ok. The girl is a lost cause if she really believes this puts her on the same level as Andy or Howard.


Allow me to go off topic. I have a question for anyone who can answer it. In the future there will be 3 nominees, and 8 voting to evict. If two vote to evict nominee A, three vote to evict nominee B, and three vote to evict nominee C, then the HOH will vote, supposedly to break the tie What happens if the HOH votes to evict nominee A. Who gets evicted?


I’d venture to say that the HOH would have to vote for one of the two that the tie is between. So if A has 2 B has 3 and C has 3, HOH could only vote for B or C.
Just guessing though.


When there are only 2 nominees the HOH is asked to break the tie. By casting a vote he automatically breaks the tie. With 3 nominees he has no way of knowing which two are tied. He may want to evict A. Is production going to tell him he can’t vote out the person he wants to evict?

VA Vet

The HOH gets to break the tie. A is not tied with B or C.


Pure speculation on my part, but I would assume production will have given the instruction that the eviction becomes like a run-off election so the 3rd vote getter is taken off the block in case of a tie and the HOH would have to choose between the two left….or they might not have the instruction and if the HOH votes to create a 3-way tie, then it’s a push and everybody stays.


and there can also be a 3 way tie in certain weeks, so either a 2 way tie or 3 way tie the hoh breaks the tie


I forget for certain, but didn’t earlier this week Amanda make derogatory comments as well?


yes racist and homophobic comments from amanda – and called out on it by mccrae who said its bad, and amanda said no its not and mccrae repeated multiple times to her that yes it is bad trying to get her to realise

Ian's Squeeky Hammock

Seems like Production is talking to some of the players, maybe in DR? They are talking about racisim a lot, Spencer brought it up, Amanda and I think one other today?

Hey Simon or Dawg, why are there ads for Obama on here?

Big Brutha Muthafucka, Do U Watch It

I thought so too, as it was weird Aaryn saying out the blue that she was raised strict and her parents wouldn’t like the things she’s been saying.. Sounded like total BS coming out of her mouth.


normal people would be mortified and apologetic when it is brought to their attention that they are being portrayed in such a negative way. but not klan barbie. no no no. it’s not her fault! OF COURSE NOT!

is she serious? she can’t honestly be that dumb.. well, actually I guess she could.. (based on previous actions, her intelligence level speaks for itself..) people putting words in her mouth? I hope someone somewhere saves a list and video footage of each and every horrid thing she has said.

words won’t be able to express how happy I will be when she’s out of the house. hopefully it’s sooner rather than later!


Change the word “normal” to “mature and well-adjusted” and I’m in total agreement.

I wish I could say that most people I’ve come across when called on a mistake own up to it and do the right thing…but in reality most people I’ve come across have an excuse or blame somebody else. I just can’t imagine why one of her allies wouldn’t tell her to pull each one aside privately and apologize. Even if she doesn’t mean it, it’s just smart gameplay and if people inside the house are offended, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to surmise there will also be people on the outside who are offended.

Frank's Fart

I don’t think I was ever that stupid at 22, and I was pretty stupid.

Frank's Fart

Production likely mentioned to Amanda to say something to Aryan.


why wouldnt production tell aaryn themselves? or is amanda productions favourite(along with elissa)?


Amanda is a coward when you call somebody out you don’t sugar quote it … she made it sound as if people in the house where making up story she aint better then aaryn shame on the casting this year

Frank's Fart

Where’s the donation button on this site? I remember seeing one last season.


Aaryn needs to be Havenots = check
Aaryn needs to be nominated = check
Aaryn will be evicted = check
Aaryn have face Julie Chen for disrespectful comment = priceless


I bet Aaryn nation fall will drop like flies. Good riddance, she will be evicted next week


I am actually apaulled that in 2013 there is now a chance that people would target people for being offended by comments….and im more concerned about how many people are tryin to align themselves with these people in the house…so sad that the house is putting up with things…the comments from Amanda I am VERY disappointed in…I get trying to address it in a different manner, but my work is in crisis communications…and you can never justify someones behaviour to try to get them to see the other side…it doesnt work, you need to present them as two different sides not claim to take the side especially when it comes to sensitive matters…not impressed, and i hate the message it is sending that she doesn’t want to actually say it like it is because she wants the alliance…as marvin latimer from big brother 5 says…some thins arent worth the money

Charlie Hustle

Blonde? Barbie? She can’t really think these comments reach anywhere near derision. While being called blondie or barbie might get annoying, and on a level I doubt Aryan can grasp a bit depreciating, it is more commonly received as a complement. Thin blonde white women have every advantage.


After that “bystander” intervention by those two….I don’t even like Amanda and McCrae. I’m from the South and Christian and Native American (Jeremy Pls…you’re not)….I hate what these people are saying and representing. “on the bottom….where they really belong”….SHUT UP!!!! I feel like CBS is trying to humanize her a bit, but it’s NOT working….they are just pulling others down with her. If they vote out Elisa, I would not vote for any Aaryn Nation (direct nation or by extension) for MVP. It will go to Helen, Andy, Candice, maybe Judd (I’m questioning Howard…I’ll see how he votes this week…conviction for right or indirectly supporting).
and PLEASE she’s complaining about being compared to Barbie and Ken….the Barbie brand has never portrayed her, Barbie, as stupid/ignorant/racist/homophobic/anit-Semitic/anti-anything deverse, etc…..It’s a compliment for someone like her….she is NOT Barbie. Jordan and Jeff can be Barbie and Ken….not b/c they are stupid/ignorant…but b/c they are pretty amazing and create goodness in the world. Mattel should boycott Aaryn and her Klan.
IF Aaryn is studying anything in the helping field (psychology, social work, any therapy, etc.), she should be expelled from the program (not accepted to a grad program) until like Julie hopes…she changes with some self-reflection….from someone with a grad. degree in the field…I’d be SO embarrassed. I do LOVE Julie’s response very Grace-filled….maybe they will learn/develop/grow and contribute to good after some self-reflection.


I really don’t understand why people are giving Amanda kudos for “standing up” to Aryan when I’m 99% positive she was instructed by the DR, since they’ve obviously taken a liking to her. Notice she was the only person along with Howard to comment on the situation. They are now going to air that conversation and make it seem like Amanda stood up for those offended when in reality, I doubt she cares given that she’s been saying some pretty crude things herself. Then the whole half-assedness about it all. Sugar coating the situation just showed there was nothing passionate or caring about that conversation. She did it because she was told to do it not because she cares who gets offended and when. For goodness sakes, she said that those that are offended are just hypersensitive and that Aryan was probably “just joking” and even went on to try to relate to Aryan with the “I didn’t vote for Obama either.” I mean really. If you’re going to have a conversation about it, have an actually conversation. Don’t make her think that she’s right and you’re on her side and everyone else is just hallucinating because she will just continue. And now she’ll be worse especially given that Amanda outright stated Candice and Howard’s name when discussing it all. I’m honestly waiting for them all to be called out because that conversation was just a cop out and borderline pathetic.


amanda is being very cunning here as she has worked in post production and she is thinking cbs will edit her to make herself look good in this scenario trying to get aaryn to change her ways when amanda is guilty of it too…amanda got the good edit of this on cbs sunday and if it happens again it will clearly show production is trying to save amanda from what she has been doing and showing her favoritism

one of the reasons amanda is telling aaryn this and attempting to help aaryn is to gain safety from aaryns side of the house knowing she is in danger of being nominated, but also amanda is fishing for mvp votes(and also one of the reasons she wants to appear to be helping elissa – to gain mvp votes)


i will never understand why people continue to suck up to the hoh after the pov ceremony like after the pov the hoh has no power and no vote unless it is a tie but people continue to kiss ass until there is a new hoh


trying to gain safety for the following week probably


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