Big Brother Spoilers Jeremy: “I control my side.. I have made myself the principal”

POV Holder: Jeremy Next POV July 13th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony July 8
HOH Winner: Aaryn Next HOH:
MVP: Elissa
Original Nominations: Elissa, Helen and Jeremy (MVP nom)
Current Nominations: Elissa, Helen and Nick (MVP nom)
Last Evicted Houseguest David
Have Nots Helen, Elissa, Candice, and Andy


5:56pm HOH McCrea, Andy and Amanda
Andy is worried about Howard and SPencer he thinks those two would be stupid to not stick with the plan to get Nick out. Andy told Howard
Amanda asks him who he would put up . Andy: “I would put up Jeremy and Kaitlin”
McCrea says that would be a stupid plan. Aaryn wins POV takes off Jeremy and then swings the votes and they are all left in the house.
Andy: “But if we all stay solid we have the votes”
Amanda: “We’re not all solid Andy”
McCrea says this weeks vote will expose everything that is going, “Theres no hiding the votes this week”
Andy: “It’s so f*** stupid to get rid of Elissa.. we’ve been handed on a silver platter a vote nominee every week.. America loves Elissa.. and to keep Nick in here is so dumb”
Amanda agrees asks McCrea what he thinks.
McCrea: “Too risky”
Amanda: “It’s scary because I feel like one of the main targets”
Spencer rolls in
Andy: “If you were voting right now what would you do”
Spencer: ‘Nick would go it’s a shame you’re not up (Andy).. did you stick a finger in my b***hols when I was sleeping “
Andy: “huh… ya .. no actually.. I see fractures in our group.. which sucks because it’s such an amazing fool proof plan.
Andy says Judd is going to vote with them. Amanda asks spencer is he was talking game with Helen. he says no Helen beat him in chess.

McCrea and Amanda leave. Andy tells Spencer that he’s getting very stressed out by what is going on in the goupe. Spencer mentions that the group is so large this is what happens people become paranoid.

Andy wants to pull the whole 6 person alliance in and talk it all out. Spencer says that is not going to happen since McCrea isn’t HOH.. Aaryn comes in..


5:58pm Cam 3-4 Jeremy, Kaitlin and Aaryn
Aaryn wondering why everybody sleeps all day it’s so dead outside.
Jeremy says everyone knows Elissa is going so nobody cares. Aaryn asks if Nick knows she;s going
Kaitlin: ‘Nicks confident as Sh!t”
Jeremy has talked to Nick it’s all good.
Aaryn is just worried that something will happen and Nick goes home.
Jere: I got this sh!t locked in”
Aaryn thinks the fact that Nick is so confident is one of the reason he’s staying. Aaryn says people get themselves in Sh!t when they act too worried. She leaves.


6:20pm Backyard collection of hosueguests random chit chat.. the picture of Candace says it all.


6:25pm Andy and Aaryn HOH

Aaryn says that her being in the game will benefit Andy and Andy being in the game will benefit her. Andy agrees.

Aaryn says that Jeremy is not targeting Andy, all he’s concerned about is getting out Elissa and Candace because those are the people trying to get him out. Andy is worried that Jeremy will win HOH and put him up with Candace or Candace with Howard and the POV is played.

Aaryn thinks he’ll put up Jessie because Jessie is the one person not making any deals.
Aaryn thinks nobody talks to Jessie because of what she was doing with the guys. She points out that Jessie disappeared for 24 hours, ‘When it all comes down to it.. you can’t read her.. where’s her head at”

Andy says before coming on the show he warned himself to not let a strong group of guys steamroll through the house, “What if Jeremy, Howard, and Nick have something.. and boom the second they have power I’m gone”
Aaryn: “Howard.. he’ll go soon.. he doesn’t talk”
Andy: “I will vote Elissa out I just wish I felt more confident about Jeremy”
Aaryn tells him that no one has come up to HOH and said “I don’t know about Andy.. I don’t trust him” but a lot of people comes up and questions Spencer, Amanda, howard, Nick and Candce.

Aaryn tells him she doesn’t think NIck will put up Andy. She thinks it will be Spencer and Amanda or Howard and Amanda, “He doesn’t like Amanda.”
Aaryn: “If he gets MVP he’s going after Jeremy.. but don’t tell Jeremy that.. he never said that to me these are just my assumptions..


6:33pm Cam 1-2 Hammock Spencer and McCrea
Spencer is saying he’s worried about going on the block right now before Jury. He tells him a jury house filled with MC means one of them are going to win it. Spencer knows for McCrea if he has MC’s vote and Amanda in the Jury he’s won Big Brother 15. McCrea tries to reassure him that he’s 100% MC and he’ll cut Amanda the second anything come up. Spencer: ‘Can I have your word on this dude.. If it gets down to a way to get her out and there is no blood on your hands or moving company.. would you consider cutting her loose before jury”
McCrea: “if we have to we have to.. “
Jeremy joins them.. Say that Aaryn is sketched out because she say Spencer and Helen playing chess thought they were making deals. Jeremy had to tell her it’s not about Elissa staying because she’s going.
Jeremy: ‘Aaryn is starting some rumor than aryan is a racist..”
Spencer: “ya I heard that.. Sh!t”
J: “Why would you start that on national TV”
S: “That’s the got to”
J: “That really makes me want to put her up next”
S: “When Elissa goes this week she is going to go get the brenchel army and get them to vote Helen MVP”
Spencer says they need to get Helen out if she starts winning MVP. Jeremy: ‘She’s way too smart to be here”
S: “we need to get rid of the smart players first”
Jeremy cannot believe that the Rachel fans would be supporting Elissa because “She su***s such a fat d*** in this game”
McCrea: “They don’t give any sh1ts about the game”
Spencer: ‘Nerds on twitter”
McCrea thinks they should keep Andy in the dark with the vote. Spencer wants to give Andy some insider info that’s harmless but will help Andy rebuild the trust with Spencer.
Spencer explains that his side of the house the 7 can pick the other side off one by one because of Elissa’s MVP. “We’re arguing against peoples commons sense.. these people really do have a good strategy but the Moving Company is f***ing things up for everybody.. which is the point”


Spencer wants Helen gone next week than Andy or maybe Judd. Jeremy says that Judd is not bouncing back and forth he’s voting out Elissa.

Spencer: “Judd is voting Nick out I’m tellin you.. “
Jeremy is shocked
Spencer: “The only people you can trust is moving Company and whatever trust you have built with Aaryn and kaitlin”

Jeremy: “If we all stay in cahoots together we’re top 5 no doubt “
Spencer says that means theres 3 moving company in the Jury and two in the final 2
Spencer points out even if one of them doesn’t make it to the final two and it’s one Moving company vs a scrub they have the four votes in the jury house to win.

Spencer says the only glitch in his game is Amanda.
McCrae: “I’ve been telling Amanda that you are shady and using that as a reason to work with the other side” (aaryn and JEremy’s side)

Spencer wants to know about the final 4 deal Amanda, aaryn jeremy and mccrea
Jeremy: ‘Thats a solid little deal”
Spencer says that’s good because if he can mend things with Aaryn this week by voting Elissa out Jeremy and McCrae can work on Amanda.
Jeremy: “I promise you if MC sticks together we are final 5”
Jeremy: “I control my side y’all control your side.. my side will listen to every f***ing thing I say.. and they will vote for any f**** person I tell them to”
Spencer: “After this vote goes down my side will not trust me any longer”

Jeremy: “I have made my self the principal.. the president of my side.. “

Spencer: “We got to keep HOH on your side for now.. we need to pick off Candace, Helen, Andy, Judd, Jessie “
McCrae and Jeremy agree.
Jeremy: “I’ll cut heads off of everyone here except for moving company”

McCrea, Spencer and Jeremy all say they are 100% on board with the MC “We’re moving them the f*** out”

CBS Interactive Inc.


6:54pm Storage room Amanda and Howard

Amanda says she went to Aaryn and told her about the racial comments she says, “She victimized herself .. saying ugh people make fun of blonde hair”
Amanda just wanted Howard to know that Aaryn isn’t going to apologizing
Howard says she didn’t have to go do that he appreciates that.. “It is what it is”

Howard: “I just pray for her.. ” The things he would like to say to her would just screw his game up so he’s going to be quiet. Amanda makes it sound like she never says anything racist and how shocked she is of Aaryn.
Howard tells her the way Gina and Amanda make jokes it’s fine because it’s slick and said to the persons face. The “Jokes” that Aaryn says are different.
Howard says he’s going to me more nice to Aaryn if anything because otherwise it messes up his game. He doesn’t even know that CBS would air the things Aaryn says. Either way he’s praying for her and her family and sticking to what he said, “She’s got a great heart Bright future and bless her.. and that’s all my mouth will allow me to say and that’s all my spirit will allow me to say”

7:24pm cam 1-2 storage room Aaryn and Gina

Gina: “What did Jessie say”
Aaryn explains that Jessie asked Elissa to “Throw her sheets in” when doing laundry.
A: “i can’t beleive.. I don’t have the balls to ask Elissa to throw my sheets in.. You have to be friends with Elissa … that’s what crossed my mind.
Gina starts getting mad at Jessie, “We told her to not be friggin shady c’mon bro”

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Uhh too bad for Aaryn’s nation fans. She has no job, no college, no friends but herself. How pathetic is she? She probably cry like a little b$tch. I can’t wait on Thursday for Aaryn’s last ride as HoH. I hope she will be evicted next week. Good riddance, she will joining David at the beach. Good luck hooking up with David who didn’t like you.

rice cooking ninja

Have you considered writing a book, or an advice column? Your thoughts are cogent and wise.


Maybe Aaryn nation fans will decrease the likes because of racist and homophobic comment. How sucked doesn’t it? I bet she will pouting like a little b$tch. Too bad they will air it on CBS. Take that little racist b$tch.


Was anything Aaryn said a lie? Asians do eat a ton of rice. Look at a chinese place food menu & yes alot of asians do nails.


So welfare in America is “n***er insurance” ? So that’s true? Last time I checked it wasn’t only Asians who are rice. The fact that you are excusing her comments is showing your beliefs which seem to go in line with hers. Her intentions by making those comments were nothing but racial.


I know you were being sarcastic, and I support your sarcasm against that other ignorant person, but the black population, in terms of total welfare percentage distribution, only takes up about 15 percent of the welfare money (if that). An overwhelming majority goes to white people (about 50-60%). Hispanic population is 2nd with about 20-25%.


If MC continues to dominate this game, I would quit watching it. Unless they change two of their members. I just can’t stand watching Spencer and Jeremy. By far this is the worst cast ever.


I for one am rolling with the MC. This game is about creating a strategy that will bring you as far as possible in the game. If a group of five people can stay true and honest to each other and create the illusion of being two sides of the house picking each other off without themselves being evicted, I’m all for it! They might not all like each other (like some of us don’t like all of the MC), but they put their differences aside and play the game on a purely strategic level for the benefit of their game. I’m confident to say that they’re is no crack in the MC as of yet and if it stays like that, they have a great chance at making it to the end.

Get Serious

So Simon or Dawg, I can’t really figure out where everyone’s head is at! Can you give a rundown of your thoughts?

Get Serious

I truly hope that is the case, at times it seems that way, but then I blink and it all changes. Thanks!


but is it possible that the MC are lying to each other? I mean, sometimes we see some surprising things in the DR sessions aired on the show. Is there any hope of any of them flipping?

Frank's Fart

Best case scenario is Helen wins HOH, MVP and Diamond power of veto (in Pandora’s Box), and house gets visit from Rachel and Reagan. Jeremy, Spencer and Nick are on the block and Howard wins POV.


You need to understand the MC strategy. It is basicly the same as our country or world for that matter is ran. You have your core group……..the core group puts their tentacles out and infiltrates or creates other groups……then they develop their little loyal subjects and control the focus…..then attempt to fade into the background while others do the dirty work if possible. Quite simple…So ignore all that is said in the controlled groups because none of it matters, its called spin ….they can bash one another if needed as long as in the end the core group stays protected from eviction or prison. In the end the MC wins at the expense of the rest. It’s just to bad the MC cant hack into the feeds, bug all the rooms, and record all their conversations….maybe dig up abit of dirt on a few of them for blackmailing…seems to be the amerikan way


It’s like watching the movie “Idiocracy”….Jeremy and Spencer….uh duh shes really smart …uh duh lets get rid of her…..we can’t compete with a smart person

Chilltown Fan

Worse case scenario for the MC next week is Helen winning both HOH and MVP. The HOH comp will probably be mental instead of physical this time.


Howard has a great attitude about all this, props to him. It will only benefit him! Oh and to the people bitching about him/other houseguests for not standing up and saying anything, this is a game for $500,000. Not real life. If you call people out so early in the game it makes you a target. Also a mistake was made,
Jeremy: ‘Aaryn is starting some rumor than Aryan is a racist” It’s below the screen capture of Jeremy. Just pointing it out cause I wanna know who started the “rumor” lol, not criticizing yall’s hard work which is greatly appreciated!


Amanda started the “rumor”, but not really she just told Aaryn to chill out with it.


I believe he was saying Candice started the “rumor”


Who is everyone voting for so far? Is anyone undecided or on the fence?

Charlie Hustle

So you’re saying there’s a chance?

Amandas Vagina

There’s a chance I’m gonna come out and play tonight!


thanks for the heads up chewy


I’ll give it to MC if they can somehow pull this off. They are working way harder, way earlier than the brigade had to.

Chilltown Fan

He has a big mouth, and is constantly in damage control. Though, he’s getting away with it for the most part.

Charlie Hustle

Spencer’s game is done after this week either way it goes. He’s smack dab in the middle of everything with at least one false allegience. I don’t know why he’s put it out there so early. Team High School has to win HOH for him to be safe, and he could be cut loose by the MC having lost his influence. BB won’t really start until the first MC member is voted out. I am guessing Spencer or McCrae. If this was really a horror movie, it’d be Howard.


This is the WORST season EVER!!!! Elissa makes it interesting. MC is just the worst alliance and the feeds are boring. What was casting thinking? To only have one family member makes it a for sure she is going home situation. I hope Aaryn gets voted out next week, that is the only way this week could be vindicated.


I agree delightfull gal. I’ve been watching BB for many years and this is the worst of them all bar none. Racist, bigots, degenerates and morons. Plus if you can past all that they are boring as hell. All they have is a vile attempt at humor. This is the 1st year I haven’t purchased the live feeds. Thank God for small favors. Its pretty bad when Rachel’s sister is the only thing keeping you watching but that’s the case for me. Looks like its game, set, match for me after this week cause Elissa is most likely history. So, the only hope is that CBS does something very dramatic to shake things up and frankly I’m not sure what they could do to turn this group from embarrassing to interesting.

Chilltown Fan

Yeah, not the worst season, that belongs to season 9 and 12. BB4 was average, but not the worst.


13 was pretty bad overall, but was WAY more entertaining than 12. 12 was a snoozefest for a majority of the time. At least 13 had crazy Shelley and Lawon.


Lol, I liked BB12 too. I thought it had a nice cast of personalities.


Is Jeremy seriously making fun of “nerds on twitter?” Hello! We are AMERICA’S VOTE and you are MAKING FUN OF US! This guy is an a$$! And stupid! I want him out soooo bad! But Aaryn first please.


You know, I was rooting for Elissa for the sole purpose of seeing Jeremy and Aryan’s face when she stayed but not any more. I really could care less if she leaves at this point. She’s a nice girl and doesn’t deserve all the hatred towards her, but the fact is she really does suck at this game. I mean seriously, even if she knows she is going to go home, she should at least be campaigning to stay and having conversations with people. I understand its hard when half the house is out to get her, but she should still try to work on the social game as well.

To me the social game is way more difficult than the any of the actual competition. Social game is truly one of the most important aspect. Yes you should try and win a few competitions but the way you interact with the people, how good you are at manipulation and how you compose yourself and chose your words carefully is what really takes a lot of effort and proves that you are smart and willing to work to win this game. Elissa has not been doing any of that. I hate half the people in this cast, but the fact of the matter is, each one of these life feed posts shows them all talking, even Judd and Nick who are typically very quiet. They are all conversing about the game and even about random shit. If she actually made a smart decision and kept the MVP to herself and put Kaitlin up instead of Nick and if she’d make the effort to actually campaign, she may have lasted another week. Bye-bye Elissa. Please don’t compete in any more competitions unless you’re actually there to play the game to win!


MC is playing a good game, but I don’t want to watch big brother knowing what’s gonna happen at every eviction.
These houseguests say they don’t trust certain people yet they go and tell them their game plan…


but I do think that once Elissa get’s evicted, certain people will realize that there’s a guys alliance (Andy, Candice, Helen)



What do you think of the news about the old houseguest for Wednesdays episode? If something were to happen in the house it would need to happen today.


Kudos to Howard for containing himself and praying for Aaryn. That just shows how much of a stand up guy he is….but once this is all over and everyone can see in the house who said what, he may have a different opinion of her, GM, Amanda and Spencer….I on the other hand, would blow a gasket if I heard those comments and would confront whoever said hateful comments like that…..It might make me a target but there is no way I could let all of the disgusting things some people are saying just go without a “that was rude” or “uncalled for” or “not right”, etc….Yes it’s for $500,000 but look at Rachel or Evel Dick or Dr.Will or Boogie….They all won and they never held back….



the jury is still out if its the worst season … IF one of these racist wins big brother cbs will be flooded with e-mails …. next season cbs needs to have other house guest ready to replace any house guest with racial ,, hom remarks … hope and pray none of these pricks win if that does happen it would be the worst season ….


You never know, but I feel like they most likely won’t win. I can’t see Aaryn getting that far. GinaMarie can go anytime and no one will care. Everyone thinks that Spencer is the shadiest person in the house. And Jeremy’s probably going to be the first MC member booted. I’d be a surprise for sure.


So far worst the worst season ever for me. Yes, I cant wait to see how CBS spins this if one of these more disgusting people should win BB15. Specifically, Aaryn, GM or Spencer would really be interesting representing CBS as BB15 winners! Let the spin begin!


let do it amerca vote mvp for candice or helen i told all jermmy is a jerk in movingcompany are stupid this how spencer mcrea on the mvp side why whould you go to a side that will never get mvp cause the way they treat people in im very sure amercia dont like it in for howard i understand what he doing he playing the game smart the reason i want mvp vote for him is it give the moving company power that what i dont want so im voting for candice this week for mvp cause it show us america in dont matter if you black or white in elssia fans should do the same when elssia go make the people sill fill her impack by given mvp to candice or helen but this time candice so the girls or moving company could go down we can help candice in helen every week by giving them mvp so we can be happy at the end candice vr helen take the money are all with me


I’m with you!

STFU Donnie

How stupid is Andy? So he has suspicions that Jeremy, Howard, and Nick are together…and then he goes to them and tells them (and their allies) that he’s voting for Nick AND he’s voting for Elissa, thereby ensuring they can’t trust him and would be smart to get rid of him, since he just say whatever he thinks you want to hear.


This has the makings of a very boring season. If the MC stays together, the rest of the game is pretty dialed in. With Jeremy being close to A & K, and Nick having Amanda, they will control the votes and nominees from here on out. CBS had a good idea with the MVP, allowing America to be in the game since we should have an idea who will get nominated, which would decrease the chance of an alliance like the MC of running the game, but it’s turning out to be useless. I don’t think they imagined Elissa would be so hated by the cast, that really set the tone for how the house shook up.

I also am seeing signs of production interfering to keep Aaryn in line. Amanda is now randomly bringing up the racist stuff and telling her to cool it? Seems the DR is maybe trying to keep people from getting too controversial. I still think this is the season CBS is looking for a “villian” to win BB.


Also, it has to be Jeff that is coming to the house tomorrow. His CBS show starts up on Thursday, so it’s easy promotion for it.

Amandas Vag!na

I would love to get me some of that.

production rigged it

well it’s official now Aaryn is more delusional than Danielle was last year, she’s actually just said that the things she has said were misconstrued and that she isn’t a racist….guess america and her modeling agencies don’t agree….can’t wait until she finds out.


Wondering if they could be attempting to bring back fan favorite twists this go around? Could get interesting if they did.

i'm tall

if i didn’t like my tv so much i would break that sh*t right now! just listening to aaryn still deny she is a racist and didn’t make comments irks me. i get howard’s motive to play it that way because he knows she isn’t going to be upfront. u can see in her eyes that she is scared to be confronted about the situation. aaryn i can’t wait until you’re out of the house. ur world is gonna crumble!


I am soooo more excited to see when they get out….I agree Howard much more mature to handle it the way he is, stay in the game. No respect lost for him, I have even more.

Loving Helen…

Ohhhhh Aaryn your perfect world is about to change and you have no idea. Hope when she is voted out everyone in audience boo’s her on her way to Julie…

i am truly just so disgusted the racial comments and cheating…UGH!!


I am watching TVGN and Howard just told AAryn that he knows she is just kidding about her racist remarks. I have just lost all respect for Howard. Sometimes self respect is more important then money. Sometimes you have to stand up to the bully.


One more week and Jeremy will flip or Howard will flip.. it may happen sooner.
there is also the possibility that Nick goes home and all it takes it 2 girls to vote for Helen and not Elissa.
The Shield of a target is an intoxicating thing in big Brother at this stage. If Nick goes home, trust me the surviving MC will
turn on each other and McCrea will get the brunt.
They talk way too much shade about each other, that if Nick leaves. the others may believe there own shade and turn on each other

Here is how the votes go thhat will send Nick home.


Kaitlyn (She may target Helen because she feels, she targeted Aaryn with the racist scandal, mostly because most of Aaryns racist comments are anti-Asian.)

production rigged it

You would be right except for the fact that there are 11 votes this week instead of 10, you left out Mcrea who will vote Elissa out. Then that would create a tie and Aaryn would vote Elissa out with the tiebreaker.


I’m still hoping that the news will be that the producers saw the footage of cheating and they say that Aaryn’s HOH is null in void so they reset and have a double elimination next week instead.


WOW, these girls are just plain catty…..worse season ever. The guys are hysterical..principal..seriously. If you know America watches why would you hurt the little personality you have to begin with only to make yourself completely hated and that will follow you much longer than BB.

I do feel sorry for Elissa, I don’t really think she has been able to show herself and was never given a chance.

Jeremy is just gross, ewwwww all I can say.

Would love Rachel to come in her fashionable way to announce Aaryn and GG stay as long as you annoyingly can because your jobless and America hates you.

Still annoyed CBS allowed the cheating and let Aaryn keep the HOH. But pretty sure they are loving the ratings more.


What would be exciting is if an HOH winner also becomes MVP. That is a power where one person controls three nominees.

rice cooking ninja

how sucked, how sucked indeed.


cannot believe gina yet again bitching about jess for the one millionth time – this time for telling elissa to throw sheets in the laundry – as john mcenroe would say