Big Brother Spoilers – Jenn: “If I’m a Floater I’m the coolest Floater in the house”

POV Holder: Danielle Next POV: Aug 11 (Saturday)
POV Used YES POV Ceremony Aug 6 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Danielle Next HOH: Aug 9 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Wil and Frank
Current Nominations: Janelle AND Frank
Have Nots No Have-Nots for the Week
Last Evicted Houseguest

4:51pm Cam 1-2 arcade Room Eagle Eye Joe and Shane Watch with FlashBack FREE TRIAL!

Eagle Eye tells him he believes that Wil and Frank/Boogie have a deal and it’s been Wil going around spreading all the lies. Shane says he’s heard from a few people that Wil has been lying.
Joe says he heard down near the hot tub that Wil was targeting Shane and Dan. Joe warns Shabe that they are in big trouble, “WIl, Frank and Boogie got in Danielle’s ear” Joe thinks with Frank in the game him and Shane are in more danger than if Janelle is in. Joe doesn’t think Janelle will be targeting Janelle.

Shane tells him he’s brought up some solid points he’s not going to make any big deals he’s going to vote with the majority. Joe reminds him that Wil was trying to start a posse to go after the coaches and now Joe is finding out he went to Danielle “For a love party” (WTF is a love party Joe.. is that eagle eye talk)

Joe: “My worry for us is Boogie and Frank are coming after you first me second”
Shane tells him a couple times he’s voting with the house. Week one he went against the house and week 2 he was nominated because of it.

5:01pm Cam 3-4 Jenn and Janelle Backyard
(This is one of the few times Janelle has talked to Jenn)
Janelle campaigning for votes. She tells her that she is not targeting Jenn. Janelle made a big mistake on allstars that the jury was loaded with “Dudes” and as a results a Girl never won the show in the end. Janelle pushes the idea that Girls need to be in the Jurys and if she goes this week the only other girls in the house are Britney, Danielle, Jenn, and Ashley thats not enough.
Janelle says that Boogie is a beast in competitions he destroyed her in the season 7 final HOH

5:34pm Bathroom Janelle and Britney
Janelle goes over how the biggest mistake she made was having the jury all full of “Dudes”.
Janelle also thinks that Wil is to blame about her being nominated. Britney doesn’t know how it went down Britney: “Danielle never tells me anything
Janelle: ‘She completely blindsided me… what is this girl thinkings”
Britney: ‘I think she’s just keep her cards close to her chest because every other HOH has been Burnt”

Janelle says that every 2 season the coup de Jeff or Diamond power of Hoffman comes into play. Britney doesn’t think it’ll be this week she’s thinking it’s before Jury is when a power come into play.
Janelle: ‘If i leave I hope you get it”
Jaenelle: “I told Shane that it’s going to be really super unfair if I get sent home becuase I never had a chance to compete”
Britney asks her who she thinks people will go after.
Janelle: “Depends who wins HOH.. I think i’m the top of the hit list. .or Dan.. how about you”
Britney: “I dunno”
Janelle: ‘I think if any of the newbs win they will target coaches.. But I can get Joe to target a newbie.. if I stay” (LOL eagle eye joe HOH for hire)

5:53pm cam 1-2 Shane and Danielle

Shane says Joe cornered him in the arcade room. Shane gives a short recap about the conversation.. in a nutshell tells her that Joe is a offering completely bogus alliances.

Shane says that Janelle cornered him and he told her he’s 50/50 he’ll vote with the majority. Janelle then told him Dan is saying if Shane votes for her Dan will also. Shane has been trying really hard to avoid her but she finally caught him. Shane adds that Janelle is saying she has Britney’s vote.
Shane: “Janelle thinks she has Wil, Ashley, Joe, Dan, Shane and Britney”
Shane: “I don’t trust Janelle..”
Danielle: ‘I know she’s got to go”

Danielle talks about her HOH blog
“Dan is my father figure “
“Britney is my best friend she’ll be in my wedding party “
“Shane is .. well you all probably know more about my relationship with shane than I do “

Britney joins them
Britney says it’s really weird voting out Janelle when she’s swearing up and down she will never nominate me.
Shane: ‘We know she’s after me and danielle”
Danielle: ‘Whatever Janelle needs to leave”
Britney: “It doesn’t matter if I want her to stay or not she’s going home”
britney leaves
Danielle: “She’s gotta go she’s starting to influence britney”

6:09pm Cam 1-2 Storage Room Jenn and Wil

Wil telling her that Joe is going around the house telling people that it was Wil who was targeting the coaches.

Jenn brings up that Janelle came up to talk to her
Big Boobs mcgee started talking to me

Jenn: “She really knows where to get me”
Jenn says that Janelle is shooting the angle that she wants a girl to win Big Brother 14 and with how things are looking now there isn’t enough girls going into jury.

Jenn told Janelle that she’s going to tell her tomorrow where her vote is.
Jenn isn’t fully buying Janelle’s Guys running the games theory. Jenn thinks the guys are going to end up taking each other out. Jenn never told her that though.

Wil brings up that he went up to talk to Danielle and she told him that Janelle and Joe are the ones lying not Wil.

Wil tells her that the TITS alliance is still playing off the radar he doesn’t think anyone suspects them. Wil: “I think definitely Britney, Shane, Dan and Danielle are working together.. we need to get Frank, Boogie, Ian and Joe to fight them”

Wil wonders why Joe is going upstairs and bad mouthing him when he’s safe this week and he has a vote? Jenn Thinks it’s just because he’s doing Janelle’s bidding. Jenn: “If I’m a floater I’m the coolest Floater in the house” Wil thinks they need to lay low and let the big players fight it out.
(from this conversation it looks like Jenn and Wil are still planning on voting Janelle out)

6:11pm Cam 3-4 Dan, Danielle and Shane

Dan first of all Janelle says she has Shane’s vote.
Shane: “WHAT ! She’s such a liar.. She told me that she has Dan’s vote”

Danielle brings up that Britney is starting to feel bad for sending Janelle out. Danielle: “She’s telling me that she feels bad because Janelle isn’t coming after her”

Danielle brings up that Janelle was telling her that she had a dream that Ashley, Joe, Shane and Danielle were in the final four and Janelle was watching it from her house.

Shane asks if they are going to straight up blindside Janelle or tell her.

Dan thinks it’ll be best if they play it off Ashley’s vote. He’s heard Ashley is going to tell janelle last wednesday that she’s not going to vote for her and after that happens he thinks they should all tell her. Dan: “As late as we can Wednesday or Thursday morning. Danielle says Janelle is really getting on her nerves.

Shane: “Joe is danielle little puppet with her gone he won’t know what to do”

Danielle says that the house is getting a bit pissed at Joe using all the food up. She thinks Jenn is about to go off on him.

7:00pm Cam 1-4 Dinner

7:15pm Wil and Janelle
Janelle and wil tell each other they are not mad. Wil is glad he’s off the block and is sorry that Janelle is on it. He’s as surprised as Janelle.

They are trying to figure out who told Danielle that Janelle was targeting her. Janelle mentions that Danielle told her “It was a guy that is going to vote for her” Janelle knows there is a possibility that Danielle is lying to her but if she’s not who could it be. Wil thinks it was Joe. He mentions that Joe is going around telling people Wil was the one rallying the newbs against the coaches. Wil adds that his sick of all Joes fucked up shit. Wil is worried that maybe Boogie has a deal with Dan. Janelle explains to him that Boogie isn’t working with Dan and Britney. Dan and Britney want her to stay they are trying to make her team fracture to set them up for next week.

Janelle asks him if she can count on her vote.. Wil says yes. Janelle asks him if he swears on Bell’s life (Bell is Wil’s dog) Wil says yes. Wil leaves..

7:22pm bathroom Ashley, Frank, Wil Watch with FlashBack FREE TRIAL!

Wil walks in for a second. tells them that he swore on his dogs life he would vote for Janelle. Wil: “Janelle didn’t trust me she said to swear on my dogs life that I would vote for her”. Wil: “but I had my fingers crossed behind my back .. So it doesn’t count” (Ohh Shit Team TiTs biam)
Wil: “Lie for a lie.. “

7:50pm Cam 3-4 Hammock Ian and Britney

Britney asks him what Janelle and him were talking about. Ian says they talked about Big brother 7, she tried to talk about game and vote but found out pretty quick that I wasn’t interested.

britney accidentally told Boogie that Joe propositioned Ian in the storage room.. ian says that OK he’s going to pull Frank and Boogie in a meeting.

They both agree if it’s double eviction coming up it will be best if Dan won it because he’s got the best knowledge of what is going on in the house. Britney does think the next HOH should be won by them. They go over strategies to win if it’s HOH Majority rules.

Britney says she’s had her doubts that maybe she should keep Janelle because Janelle isn’t coming after her. Ian: ‘neither is Frank” Britney: “I just know now even if I wanted to keep her it’s a lost cause”

Ian is stressed that Wil said last week he was going after him, “why target me I haven’t done SHIT” . Britney doesn’t think he needs to stress it was 2 weeks ago and Wil was just deflecting”

Britney warns him about Wil because whatever he tells him gets all around the house.

Britney asks him what he thinks about the group..
You have Dan/Danielle working together and Shane/Danielle and you /me
Ian: “You are with Shane aren’t you”
Britney says she’s closer with Ian than Shane, she never really talks to Shane much. Ian: “hmm got ya”

Janelle joins them..

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haha! Go Jenn….Go Team Tits!


Hey, Simon
I have a question. My dvr says bb will not air till 1:35 am friday because of football….seriously I like football….but this promises to be the best episode of the season! Are there other ways to watch it earlier??


Sometimes they put the programming on CW during the time it will air.


Wait.. Danielle is bitching about Joe using all the food, but didnt she go back for seconds?!??

Would they please just tell him!!! LMAO

I wish Jenn and Wil would try and win HOH and go after DDBS


they wont say anything to Eagle Eye because they love to bitch and moan behind ppls back
and it brings them togther to complain.

I know chicks can be catty but the MF Will takes the cake!
The ppl I want to see go Wil, Dani( I liked her at first but she is getting on my nerves)
Ashley, Brit and Boogie after that I could care less who wins.


Janelle’s sorry excuse for a team ain’t winning shit… Jenn? she still there? oh well she not winning shit either unless it;s the who is the most forgotten HG who is STILL in the house comp….. bye bye janelle, unless production saves her with a bogus twist like the twist that saved Rachel and Jordan last season

NEXT, hopefully it’s a 3 eviction Wil,Joe, and Porsche 2.0(the lazier version), then the game could get better….


I agree with you Dani is annoying , but so is Janelle, I will smile seeing that phatass giggle as she heads out the door


yeah, this is why the plan is so awesome. it doesnt matter if brit changes her mind. its over. good bye janelle


lol at the Tits alliance,yea that alliance sure gonna steam roll the whole house.


Ive never been more annoyed by an HOH winner. All the girl talks about is hating Janelle what is she going to talk about when she’s gone?

get danielle out

i know seriously….i completely agree. i wish there was a way to vote out DANIELLE this week!


@Erin.She’ll still probably talk about Janelle.On season12,Britney&Ragan constantly talked about Rachel,despite the fact that Rachel wasn’t in the game anymore.Lol.


Who can blame them. Rachel was horrible but honestly after she left it was less interesting. Still interesting, but Rachel was that bad guy in the movie. Usually the movie ends after the bad guy dies but in this case it just showed what happened afterwards. Oh Rachel, she was so hilariously annoying that I just had to love her, but Britney was my favorite that season. The best part was when she wore Rachel’s extensions haha!


oh god don’t remind me of that, by the end you get so tired of hearing them repeat the same things over and over.


@BigBrotherbabe.Lol.I know right.


You must’ve forgotten they talked about a WHORE, and Rachel brought that on herself… for 2 consecutive seasons…

Remember this gem of TRUTH, that came outta her own mouth??

I like to keep bringing this up every time someone says somebody is wrong for talking shit about ol Boy George

BUT The whore is a BEAST in comps,


and entertaining to watch her, thats why production saved her from evictions and handed her the win…


I wish I could forget last season when the camera switched from idle chit chat to Brendon and Rachel walking the doggie while looking straight at the camera. Decent girls don’t do that on live tv, and guys that respect a girl would never let it happen. Nobody made up that Rachel is a tramp, her own words and actions say it all. I am so glad they didn’t come back this year and I hope I never see them on my screen again, though I wouldn’t be surprised if AG brings them in to host a competition.


which Erin is this ? the one that refused to change her name:)


Don’t be annoyed by Danielle, I have a feeling that she will end up being a fan favorite. Watch as she learns the ropes from Dan/Boogie and then goes for the gold.. . :-)


i agree … big snozelle saw to it that everyone thought her to be a dumb dumb … lol… really … now who is the dummy … SNOZELLE IS …lol


Team Tits will go down as worst floater team ever.


No they’re not…A group of useless players…


I guess you didn’t see the sarcasm…


I got it, sarcasm and the the internet(s) doesn’t always work…


Now they just need Joe on board. That would be a true Powerhouse alliance.!




cept Joe’s proposed alliance with Ashley, Ian, Jenn…..LMAO!


Joe is a moron, no one buys his BS…


We ran a poll for what was growing on Janelle’s chest, Shane looks like he wants a poll to see what’s growing out of his chest.


Danielle need to calm down with janelle


Mike and Frank are doing great…They just need to lay low after this week, and talk Dan into doing what they want to do…If Ian is with Dan, Mike needs to bring in Ian…

BB Pathedic season

Lies Lies Lies. Should have called this season BB house of Lies with Dani leading the pack.. Geez yes BB game is about lies, manipulation, competition and social game but holy grill this Girl Dani i has no social game its all personal lies & attacks from her mouth. & her Trash Talking needs to stop. she got out, Jojo & now Jenelle whos next on her hit list: Ash, Jenn, Brit.
Now I am getting Personal, If I had a daughter act like a love starved dog in heat that will lie and Lie to get out all the females out of the house in a GAME on national Television I would be so embarrassed. >
Her lies are getting more far fetched by the minute. I think Ash will be her next Target then Brit .
When the season was reset, AG should have evicted the entire cast & started new game with new cast.


Who is team tits


Jenn and Eagle Eye Joe of course!!
Jenn’s tits + Joe’s tits = a powerhouse alliance of TITS!


On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being the lowest and 10 being highest, how royally did the DDBS alliance screw up by targeting Janelle this week rather than trying to break up Frank and Boogie, the most untrustworthy pair in this house? My answer is about an 8. What do you all think?


I say 1 cause I believe Dan and Boogie need each other. If either of them go into the Final 2 with a newb, I think they will lose. So they need to stick together.

Also, lots of people think Boogie will betray Dan right away when he gets the chance, but a few nights ago, Boogie told Frank 1on1 that he needs to earn their trust. Out of that, Frank told Boogie that he would nominate Wil/Joe. Boogie agreed.


@Anonymous.In my opinion it doesn’t seem like Boogie thinks he needs Dan.The only person it seems like he needs or want to work with is Frank.I mean he does call Frank his #1 player and made it clear to Dan that he won’t work with the coachs unless Frank is safe.I also don’t think he will take Dan to final 2.There’s a huge chance if it was up to Dan,he’ll take Boogie,because he thinks he can beat him.But I doubt Dan will make it that far.Boogie will probably convince any newbie that wins HOH to target Dan.We all seen what Boogie can do.Just look at what happened this week.Frank was 100% going to be evicted this week.But now Janelle is.My point is,if Boogie really wanted to work with Dan and take him to final 2,than why did he refuse to cut Frank loose and roll with Dan?That’s what Dan wanted,but Boogie seemed like he hated that idea.If he really wanted to work with Dan,than he would have no problem cutting Frank loose and running the house with Dan.But it’s clear Boogie doesn’t want that.Well maybe it’s clear to me,but not to Dan.Which sucks because I like Dan and want him to win this season.


On BBAD Sunday night when it was Boogie and Dan in the HoH room by themselves, their discussion eventually led to the eventual letting go of Danielle and Frank. Their alliance has to be secret (no one else can know), thus why Boogie needs to keep Frank… for now, so that he can keep their partnership (Boogie/Frank) so no one would think Dan and Boogie are together. If Frank leaves now, Boogie will have to be alone all the way to the end of the game… in order to keep any partnership between him and Dan a secret which would suck.

Also, Boogie said that he would rather be up against people like Ashley or Jenn in the final 3 since they would be easy to take out… no mention of frank there :/

But that’s just my 2 cents and I honestly think it would be in their best interests to keep each other, secretly.


@Anonymous.I didn’t watch the show on sunday night.But,thanks for filling me in.This season the house guests change their minds so often.So,I guess I’ll have to wait and see,if Dan&Boogie take each other to final 2.


Anon, your last two posts make a lot of sense. I was buying the Dan/Boogie twosome but didn’t quite know why. Now I do. Plus, I think they respect each other and their respective games. The only 2 newbs either could take that might work out is Jenn or Joe.


I reject the premise of your question. You are assuming it was a mistake. The question should have been “How do you rate the move of getting Janelle out of the house: 1 is greatest move ever and 10 is worst move ever. It is a nice neutral question that avoids that snarky bias.


sorry janelle lover, but the silent six are on the fast track to being the final six in my opinion


@Daniel.I think for the two coachs(Dan&Britney)I’ll give it a 8.Janelle was completely down with the three coachs sticking together and taking out the newbies that are anti coachs.Britney&Dan was on board with this plan.Dan,Danielle,Britney&Shane all lied to Boogie&Frank and almost blind sided them,but production stepped in and saved Frank.There’s no way I believe that Boogie&Frank are ok with them lying to them,in order to evict Frank.Boogie&Frank want revenge and now they will have the opportunity to get it,thanks to them doing what Boogie wanted by nominating Janelle for eviction.Janelle wasn’t coming after them.I know it was said she planned on coming after Shane,but I think Dan would’ve been able to talk her out of it.By reminding her that Shane isn’t one of the newbies who are anti coachs.Which means he will work with them.It doesn’t matter now.What’s done is done.Janelle will be evicted,unless production saves her.




Love the name Team Tits! I want a Team Tits t-shirt right now!


Simon can you please list all the alliances and the players involved eg. Team Tits,
Silent Six etc. I am really getting confused. LOL


LOL at Joe’s Powerhouse.


Pretty much this^, except Mike is manipulating people into doing what he wants to do, this whole week was Mike’s HoH, if Janelle goes…


Boogie is getting way too much credit. Getting Danielle to put Jani up was like trying to get a fat kid to eat cake.


If I could make a suggestion: as an unofficial name for Dan, Danielle, Ian, Britney and Shane alliance: DDIBS (pronounced “dibs”)


Ian Dan Brit Dani Shane = Quack Pak
Joe= One Man Gang


i think if tits joins with joes powerhouse then they will be an ULTIMATE powerhouse, totally unstoppable lol


I thought team TITS changed their name to GBU (good bad ugly)
god ashley
bad mis wil
ugly jenn


I thought that DDSB with Ian was called the ‘Quack pack’. There are more aliances than HGs.

BB Pathetic season

Quack Pack_ Ian, Brit, Dan.Dani & Shane
Ian named this alliance


Simon, what are your thoughts on DDBS making a deal with Boogie and Frank? Did they make the biggest mistake in the game? I think they made a huge mistake personally.


At this point in the game I kinda like Shane and Danielle and would like to see them make it to the end, but at the same time it would be nice if Team Tits won an HOH and gave them some competition. Their DDSBFB alliance is already strong and we all know that at some point they’re going to take each other out, someone is bound to betray someone, but it would be nice if Jenn or Will could pull an HOH just to see what they’ll do.


they are not called DDSBFB, they are the silent six! shhhhhh


DDSBFB/ Silent 6…big fucking deal.

Eric CA

I like Team T!Ts.
I think the Silent Six, should be renamed Team Back Stab, Boogie Dan and the Sacrificial Lambs or Slaughter

Janelle is fatter

janelle needs to get that fat nose trimmed down…………..


I don’t know how much more of this trash talking behind each others back I can take. I’m having flashbacks to being a sixth grade girl. Some of these conversations have gone way beyond game talk and funny jabs. There are grown a$$ men and women talking horribly about people that don’t deserve it like the conversation about Joe’s teenage kids. Brittany seems to be in every nasty conversation too. I used to think she was funny but I really think she is spreading a poison around this house. This is the first year I’ve watched the feeds this closely, has it always been this nasty?


Britney is just as bad as Janelle of talking shit that people can see, she needs to go too…



Some people thnk by reading my posts that I am a Danielle fan. Honestly I like Danielle, but my money and loyalty is with Dan. Funny enough, my second choice is Britney. Danielle and Shane are next on my list. Can’t decide on which one. Boogie next ’cause he recognizes good game play (he defended Danielle to Frank for the ballsy move.) After that I don’t care.

My big problem is that the Janelle fans (mostly) see her as perfect. She does not make mistakes. Any problems that result in bad things for her are other people’s faults. And woe be unto the eliminator of Janelle because that person is the Devil, ie the Anti-Janelle. All the hate they have in their lives is focused on that one person, exagerating all flaws that person makes to the Nth degree. That is why I call them “Janelle worshippers”.

If you read all my posts you will see that I do indeed defend Danielle but recognize that she is a needy, clingy stalker.

But I still like her.


my first choice is Dan then jenn she could use the money so she can quit her day job (bearded tattoo lady)

BB Pathetic season

and the girl lies. fabricates trash talks just like and sometimes more then the rest watch the feeds & listen to the original conversation & then listen to Dani tell how the conversation was said like omfg then she asks, how did I look when I was sayin it yall like omfg girl give it a rest


I think Danielle messed up because she really was not on Janelle’s radar. Also, Wil is one vindictive Bitch. He will not forget that Danielle put him on the block.


I know that no one likes Joe, but seriously personal attacks at Joe’s family is wrong. It’s just a GAME and people get really into it. I guess its fine trash taking about people, but please don’t include family. You don’t know what they’ve been through and its disrespectful in this BB game.


I agree, that’s bush league material…


here we go PA comments what did someone say about joes fam i missed it


The guy gets emotional about his family, no reason to bring his family up in a convo…Enzo is still an idiot and doesn’t need to be brought up…


Janelle should rally up Jenn, wil, joe, and ashley and have them tell the house they’re not voting to keep Janelle, but there voting to keep her. Then Janelle begs that Britney or Dan just give her a pity vote cuz no one is voting for her. Then come Thursday and the votes 5/4 and blind-sides the silent 6 or 5 then helping them lose HOH. So what do you think


Not going to happen.


@Mitch.The problem with that plan is two(Ashley&Wil) of Janelle’s player’s(when she was a coach)hates her,and Jenn is on the I hate Janelle band wagon.So,that won’t happen.The only way Janelle will stay in the game,is if. Production saves her.


I hope to God that production doesn’t butt in and save Janelle. The Silent Six made a great plan and put it to action. Janelle needs to go. If production gets involved it would suck…


haha just watch when this game is over. Britney will regret taking out Janelle. And maybe Danielle will realize how psycho she was when she leaves the house (maybe?)


Seriously I don’t like Daniele but she has a dam fine @$$ and her TITS are nice and big too, but that @$$….. yes I am an @$$ guy.


get off (out) much LOL

Ian's Bitch

I’m literally laughing out loud!!


Lol! She’s cute, but nothing special…Janelle has aged badly, which is funny, because she was lecturing Danielle about aging…


Mike goes up to work more Magic…


This show will be boring if the whole house votes on majority its exactly why I stopped watching the glass house. (big brother knock off, not worth watching)


glass house is nothing like BB all final votes are done by viewers not HGs

Janelle's worn out lip

…as far as you know

Jim W

Chef Joe’s big secret! TITS = TaTa’s in TarTar Sauce…


I don’t get this concept that Mike/Dan have to team up…Mike was right when he said that he rather sit next to a noob that does nothing than a vet…It’s just a matter of time of who will go out first–Mike or Dan?


@JBmoney.I think the reason some people feel like they need to take each other, has to do with the newbies who will be in the jury house will vote for another newbie to be the winner,even if the newbie in question has a inferior game than the vet their up against.The newbies won’t care if the vet played the best game,because they’ll still be butt hurt that the vets were allowed to play the game.I know that sounds childish and pathetic,but it isn’t out of the question of going down like that.It’s almost like if Meryl Streep does a outstanding job in a movie,but people say,“It doesn’t matter if she gave the best performance.Don’t give her the Oscar because she already won before.”Lol.In my opinion the jury should always base their decision on who played the best game.It shouldn’t matter if they played the game before or won the game before.


LOL what the hell kinda convo was that with Wil and Janelle…You swear on your dog’s life you wil vote for me? Yes…..Doesnt count I had my fingers crossed. Are these people 12 years old???


Not a danielle basher but after watching her I can’t seem to shake the fact that when she scrunches up her forehead a bit she looks like a Klingon. Makes sense with her clinging onto Shane. LOL

Go Team TITS. Grenades Yo. Gonna rule this joint. LMAO


Joe should call his alliance “The Lone Wolf.”

Janelle's worn out lip

He is a wolf pack of one


Britney proves yet again why she isn’t a great player at this.. Now she wants to keep Janelle cause she knows janelle isn’t going after her! I wish Rachel was playing instead of Brit and I hate rachel! However, I do love seeing Britney in her bikini so there’s a plus of her being on this season

Eric CA

I agree Danielle is annoying to watch.
I do not dislike her, I do feel a lot of pity for her. I think she is going to go home and watch the tapes of herself and how she has behaved, read what has been written about her and the whole Shane thing and be utterly humiliated. I sometimes feel that Big Brother should be better at how they screen people for this show. Some people do not have the right personality for a show like this. Those are the ones I do not like watching.

I did not enjoy watching Rachael have a full blown mental breakdown on last season, it was painful to watch.
I did not watching any of the house guests have to be removed, because of a melt down.
Bunky in season 2, my god he should never have been in the big brother house.

I look back on the players I really liked. Dr Will, Nakomis, Janelle, Jordon, Krista, Maggie, Brittney, Regan, Allison, Jun, Drew, Evil Dick and Dani
All had the right kind of personality for this show.


welcome back to BB14 Eric i thought you were gone forever to the joe with the e col i show :)

Janelle's worn out lip

Looks like Dawg is safe for another week.


Enzo was an idiot in his season, stop speaking his name…


so you said lol


Enzo was like Joe lol…


tell us how you really feel LOL

Pliney the Elder

No: Dawg must stay FOR E V ER! but I always vote for Dawg for every other poll.
Just heard Shane say to ask Danielle if they can use her room for the big game ‘after she has finished her wine.” roflmao!


Boogie has worked his *work*. Janelle will be voted out. Ashley and Wil *see* but will they comprehend? And, will Danielle learn from this experience? Stay tuned! :-)


I mean, yes, Danielle is insecure and self-centered. She’s kind of annoying sometimes. But she doen’t deserve all those hatred comments towards her, such as wanting her to lose her job, and constantly making fun of her look, for targeting fan’s favorite Janelle. Not to mention Janelle did tell a lot of lies and bashing. Janelle’s not a saint as everybody else thinks she is.


Danielle is the prettiest girl in the house now (kara was the prettiest girl for the season) and yet she is soooooo insecure and has noooooo self esteem. I said it before and i will say it again bet she’d be good in bed (she’d be like how was my face while we were f**king was i too fat to f**k did I give good face etc… LOL


Yea, Wh*res can’t be saints no matter how much they read the bible… just look at Rachel, every time she touch the bible, it looked like it was going to ignite any minute


is Shane every goin to, attempt to stick the tip in? at least make Dani lips work on something other than, whining about everything


These guys are so desperate for real food(not Joe food) that they’re making a Pizza complicated


i m under the impression that little danielle is a little bit drunk….this could dangerous for us and little shane better runs away.


I can’t believe ppl on here actually think Janelle is going home for good. Even if production can’t change their minds, and believe me they will try, she will be back in a couple weeks by America’s vote (aka Allison Grodner) just like Brendon last year. There’s no way they will let this game be over for her by Danielle’s hand, a lying psycho. Has everyone already forgotten about Danielle’s complete fabrication of her and Janelle’s convo in the hoh room?


Besides the Danielle bashing, I agree with you totally. If Production doesn’t have the time to manipulate the game this week they will just bring her back. Without question. Not sure if a lot of people posting on here have never seen a previous season? Maybe a lot of first timers but thinking Janelle is gone for good is delusional…


Yeah, I think Janelle is going to FINALLY win a BB and Alison Grodner, I mean, America (ahem), will make sure that damn-well happens. This game get more and more rigged every season. They should just have a poll: “Hey, America, which vet would you like to see Allison Grodner choose to win? Janelle, Boogie, or Britney? Sorry, America, Allison doesn’t like Dan as much.”


i dont think danille is not gonna be able to handle the blogs after this season of big brother,im afraid she may commit suicide.


Janelle lost her touch. The queen of comp lost her touch.


Bye Bye Pixie!


Yep, Jenn is a floater all right. I think her strategy is: “If I hide the whole time, no one will put me up.” She’ll slide through to final five or six and then just get easily eliminated.

Everyone is so damn worried now about Vets vs. Noobs and that puts Janelle and Boogie in the crosshairs. Then you have 1) Frank and then 2) Shane. Shane I feel is a bigger threat than Frank because he wins EVERYTHING. But, regardless, all attentions will be on the vets.

Danielle will get targeted after that because of guilt by association with Shane. About the same time, people are going to be sick of Wil/Joe combo and all of the paranoia.

That leaves Ian, Ashley and Jenn.

Ian will be targeted the first of the three I believe because I see him pissing off the house for some social faux pas. Especially with Boogie. If Boog stays in and Ian gets too close to him (and he does), that kid’s gonna get burned. He should rather insulate himself with Dan or maybe Shane. It might keep him in longer.

Ashley is a great pawn and always goes with the House. Jenn is pathetic. No game strat and no ability to win competitions. Just walks around like “I’m the cool girl. You wouldn’t want me out, cuz I-I’m…cool!” Whatev. She’s gotta learn to play this game. She might be hustling and come around as this powerhouse, but I don’t see it happening.