Big Brother 12 Spoilage – Rachel drank a bottle of tequila in a bikini contest woke up shirtless with vomit all over her and a death grip on a wad of 100’s

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

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7:09pm Matt, HAyden, Kathy and Ragan They’re studying all the events that have occurred in the. Ragan goes over everything, He knows the date and order of everything that has happened. They spend extra time going over the sab pranks but have trouble remember some of the week 1 things. They all have an idea about what the HOH comp will be. Ragan seems to have the best idea about it. He thinks it going to be True – False – About, Things like people that were in the house that were evicted. Ragan gives an example: “is it true that Monet got modelling cover after the big brother house” … Ragan now thinking it could be the one were they keep you up all night giving you messages from viewer. Hayden thinks thats the one it’ll be, Matt agrees it happens around this time ever year. Kahty wonders if Brendon will do any good at the quizzes. Ragan doesn’t think so if he’s on hi sown but since he’s with Rachel studying all the time he migth be able to get it. Matt disagrees: “Winning alot of these quizzes is based on you keeping your cool, plus he’s fighting for his life so i think he’ll get shaken up and not win”. Ragan is positive it’s not endurance and he doubts they’ll have 2 skill comps in a row. Matt tells them they are welcome to study in the HOH, they all agree to study tonight. Ragan: “we have nothing better to do”


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

7:27pm brit lane pool

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

7:30 Rachel and Brendon Rachel talking about partying and drinking. She goes on and on about her being a ballet, Jazz and tap dancer… Rachel changes the conversation to getting drunk she says that she drinks some times that she throws just so she can drink more. Brendon says that he doesn’t like to drink until he pukes, he can usually cut it off before it gets that bad. Brendon asks lane whose heading up to the HOH if he throws up and Drinks. Lane says maybe a beer after but usually doesn’t. Rachel tells Brendon this story; Rachel drank a bottle of tequila in a bikini contest woke up shirtless with vomit all over her and a death grip on a wad of 100’s

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76 thoughts on “Big Brother 12 Spoilage – Rachel drank a bottle of tequila in a bikini contest woke up shirtless with vomit all over her and a death grip on a wad of 100’s

        1. Hahahaha. Thanks! I will gladly accept it, and in doing so, unleash a saboteur on the site! Hint: It will probably be the troll who types in ALL CAPS the most. You’ve been warned, readers!!

            1. HuH? I have never woke up drunk without my top before or after marriage. Even in the hospital! And, never with a fist full of 100’s, damn it……….lol

    1. she*, like to add as well….Rachel will do anything in order to try and be popular, but she tries way too hard….

  1. I am not surprised by Rachel’s Vomit/Tequila story. She is making herself out to be a trashy person telling everyone these stories. Added bonus: She woke up to a wad of $100’s! :)

    1. Exactly. She continues to reaffirm that she is nothing but white trash. She certainly won’t be getting any of the big *Star* modeling, acting contracts after this. I am not even sure she could get a cheap porno out of this. She is an embarrassment to women, red heads, chemists, and Vegas. Shoot, she is even is an embarrassment to Girls Gone Wild.


        1. You know the other night on BBAD, when it first went live I think, R was talking about how she charges up to 2000 dollars for appearences and what not.. I swear I thought she was admitting to be a call girl or hooker or something..LMAO..

  2. Been there done that…but I’m a dude, there was no bikini contest and no wad of hundys and my underwear was in the correct position. VIVA TEQUILA!!

    1. Okay, I get bad decisions, but she just keeps making more! She’s on national tv talking about her dumbass decisions. It’s her desire for attention, combined with being an idiot that makes her such an annoying mess.

    2. Sure we all have made mistakes. But who repeats them as if they are something to be admired and glorified on national tv. Those types of F’ups are thrown in the closet and shared with almost noone……. UNLESS your a ho and your advertising for future business. LOL :)

    3. And I’m a full time student with an internship with a much better life than you do. :P
      Yea, you’re a Rachel Fan, I get that. But I guess like her, you can’t take the facts to your face.

    4. I just feel so very sorry for her parents wherever they are. At some point she was a cute little girl who was brand new, innocent and unconditionally cherished by her mother and father,

  3. Who is Rachel trying to impress with her story? I mean, would any sane guy be impressed with that story?
    Wait, we’re talking about Brendon here. Never mind.

    1. No guy would be impressed with that story. She’s seeking attention, even if it’s bad. She’s a very sad person.

  4. I hope AG was smart enough to get J/J in the dr before they left… Fans would love to hear their take on the hgs…

    1. No…the houseguest that leaves this week will be the first one in the Jury house. Kristen just went home! :0(

  5. If the brigade is safe next week, Matt won’t use the dpov… Probably smart if hgs never find out he had it; if he makes it to the end, it could hurt his jury votes. I think if he DOES use it to save a brigade member, they’ll be thankful but won’t trust him in the long run… This theory is based mostly on the .02% chance that Brendon gets hoh and doesn’t put up Matt…

  6. If Brendon was to win HOH next week and Matt did use The DPOV on his picks, I think Brendon might really lose it. He already thinks things are rigged against him. This would send him over the edge for sure. It would not be pretty.

    1. Someone please clarify- I think the D-POV only allows Mat to save ONE of the nom’s and to pick that one nom’s replacement on the block–not to take both off and pick TWO new noms. Isn’t that how it works? Otherwise it would be a coup d’etat or something other than a POV.

  7. I really hope Kristen is sequestered and they bring her back before Rachel leaves. I would love to see the look on B/R faces.

  8. hate to dissapoint but i think the twists for the next couple weeks are that diamond veto and the sab. they wont be bringing back any HG’s. BB does not delegate that many twists , they are usually spread out through the season.

    1. maybe CBS will go to their hometowns and interview their familys like they did with hayden and kristen, that’d be cool hearing brendons mom say what a nasty hoe he aligned himself up with and how he shamed his family, and rach’s family saying how she was such a composed, refined, regal and beautiful lady in the house LOL

      1. I think R/B’s parents have already refused to be interviewed. I cannot imagine the shame they must feel.

        Did you notice how PO’d Hayden’s mother was? And his behavior has been very mild, very admirable for the conditions of the BB house. Wowzer.

  9. Does anybody think there is about a 25%-30%, Brendon or Rachel walkout together? I’m sure there is one last big suprise from them…..

    1. Yes, Rachel will be the first peron in the jury house. I truly feel for the first one or two non- Brachels that go to the jury house. I hope CBS puts a live feed there!!!!!

  10. The Trigade of the Brigade is already Lane, Hayden and Enzo. Matt is the one that will go first, unless he is able to save himself. I predict the Trigade will take him out at final five if he is on the block that week. Enzo does not trust Matt at all and Hayden is questioning Matt’s play.

    1. Brad, you’re right^^^^, but don’t forget Matt is the only one who actually makes an effort in comps… Hayden’s hoh was given to him by Matt… I think if Matt makes it to final 5 or 6, he’ll win his way through… On tonight’s episode, Matt made it clear in the dr that the brigade isn’t pulling their weight… I think he’ll take the first stab!!!

  11. Rachel is actually quite pathetic. She is totally clueless about the impression her bragging creates. I wouldnt
    let my daughters befriend her. Rachel is a MESS a BIG MESS. She’s a terrible role model for young women today. Brendon is a complete wuss. Where is his self respect?? This girl is white trailer trash — can’t he see that??? He’s always apologizing to her for something. He must have terrible self esteem issues.

    1. brendon is in denial about his gayness so he’s confused with rachels aggressive, take charge behaviour. I think he pictures her as the “man” in their relationship (or disfunctionalship). Brendons never been on top, he’s used to being on the (or the) bottom. just a guess.

  12. Rachel. Shhhhhhh to much info girl
    waaaaaaay to much info. People don’t need to know that.
    Leave with a little self respect u only have few more days togo.

    1. i don’t think she have any left, and brendon is definitely leaving her after this, he knows how a drunk women gets that kinda money………

  13. Rachel drank a bottle of tequila in a bikini contest woke up shirtless with vomit all over her and a death grip on a wad of 100’s

    Thaaaaaaaaaaaats RACHEL!!!!!

  14. oh and one last thought on rachoe, she makes a crack hoe standing on a corner in downtown detroit offering to give BJ for a rock look like a classy lady.

    1. I did that once. Oh, except I’ve never done crack or given a BJ. I’m also pretty sue that I’ve never been to Detroit. It must have been two other guys.
      I’m still in the dark here!

      1. was day 34 last night or friday? I am downloading episodes to watch from bit torrent and wanted to be as current as possible and the latest post on isohunt says day 34 was yesterday.

  15. Rachel’s story is an old one in Las Vegas – she starts out as a cocktail waitress, gets an offer to pole dance (better, easier money); from there it’s just a short hop to do softcore porn (which quickly moves on to hardcore). That, or she moves from party girl to “professional” escort, then finally prostitution. She may be book smart, but has no street smarts at all, and it won’t take long before some male predator sees that and takes major advantage of her greed and need to be popular. It won’t be long after she leaves the show (and B wises up and scoots) before we’ll all be reading about her, and seeing her mugshot in one of those celebrity rags.

    1. When me and my friend were watching the CBS episode, and saw “VIP cocktail waitress”….he told me after the show is over, “vivid entertainment will come calling”…I just laughed it off at the time, but I think you and him are correct….

  16. is Rachael trying to PUSH Brendon away?? Telling him stuff like this?? I’d be embarrased to even remember it, much less to tell someone. Maybe it’s that she trusts him that no matter WHAT she throws at him he will love her… and she is testing how far she can push him

    but I’ll bet in the real world he will not continue with her after his family talks to him about his choice!

    ?? what say you??

    1. It will not even get to that stage. When Brendon gets the boot and is in the jury house with Raquel, they will implode. She only used him for the game and when there is no money to be gained she will be done with him.

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