Big Brother Spoilers – Janelle: “I don’t believe in Backd00ring but early in the game it works”

POV Holder: Danielle Next POV: Aug 11 (Saturday)
POV Used YES POV Ceremony Aug 6 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Danielle Next HOH: Aug 9 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Wil and Frank
Current Nominations: Janelle AND Frank
Have Nots No Have-Nots for the Week
Last Evicted Houseguest

3:03pm Cam 1-4 HOH Wil, Britney and Danielle Watch with FlashBack FREE TRIAL!

They are talking about the lies sloshing around in the house right now. He places all the blame on Janelle and Joe. Wil mentions that Jenn and himself were in the hot tub with Joe when he was saying they need to go after the Coaches starting with Dan. Wil: “Joe swore on his kids lives that he never said he wanted the coaches gone. “ and we were right beside him.
Wil wants Joe gone right after Janelle leaves. Britney: “I cannot handle it anymore.. these people”
Britney :” Joe keeps saying I want to win Chopped and be a celebrity chef”
Wil tells Britney that Janelle has called her 2 face and says You hide behind a man like you did in season 12
Wil: “I actually left a nice part of my diary for her.. I should have just said bitch!”
Britney starts talking about Janelle in earlier season where she only got so far because she kept winning competitions. They both start questioning Janelle’s social game and how her fakeness doesn’t fool anybody. Wil brings up that Janelle would tell Wil every week to go up to the HOH and suck up. Wil recounts when Shane was HOH Janelle told him to go up to the HOH and tells Shane his smart, Powerful and the best player in the game. Wil: “Thats not how I came in here to play.. “
Wil: “This is how I know she’s a total fucking bitch.. “
Wil explains that he told Janelle she should start talking to Jenn because Wil thought Jenn could be useful and Janelle told him “Why would I give Her the time of day… I haven’t talked game to her for 2 seconds.. I have nothing in common with her”
Wil: “you stupid ignorant bitch ..”
Wil: “I’m not voting for Janelle”
Britney: “Other than Joe I don’t think she has any votes”

Britney brings up how week 2 was probably a good thing for her because she found out right away what kind of player Janelle was. Wil: “she give Frank a hard time saying he’s 2 different people when he’s off / On the block but she’s 2 different people depending on if you have power”

3:25pm Cam 3-4 Janelle, Britney and Wil HOH room

Chit chat a healthy dose of

Janelle is pissed because she’s been waiting til 2 to work out. (Danielle keeps dodging her a bit like what Janelle did to her prior to her POV win) Britney leaves.. Followed by Janelle.. at around 3:36pm Wil and Danielle are back in the HOH talking about Janelle

Ashley comes up. Wil tells her that Joe is going around the house saying that Wil is Targeting the coaches. Joe is also saying that Wil is targeting Danielle and Dan.
Ashley: “He needs to simmer down he’s putting a target on his back.. Ohh I’m so tired of Jenelle staring a hole through me” Ashley mentions how in the Kitchen janelle came up to her and acted pissed that she’s been waiting around all day for Britney and Danielle to work out with her.

Britney barges in grabs Danielle says she is working out with her and Janelle right now Britney it not doing it by herself. Janelle comes up and they all head downstairs to exercise.

3:56pm Working out Danielle, Joe, Britney and Janelle

3:50pm HOH Cam 3-4 Ashley and Wil

Ashley brings up some conversations she’s had with Britney.. Ashley: “She’s always tryign to fish for information”

Wil: “with all these lies and allegations Janelle is spreading around I told Britney I’m probably voting Janelle out”
Ashley: “Why is she doing this”
Wil: “her social game is really bad”
AShley :Really baaad”
Wil: “I love how now she’s reading the bible and has a favorite sentence… Of course the first sentence in the bible is her favorite because it’s the only sentence she has read”
Wil: “I’m really surprised with Joe was a deceitful little prick he is”
Ashley brings up how Janelle swore to her that the coaches were not teaming up and they now know that she was the one trying to get the coaches together.

Wil says that it was Danielle’s entire plan was to get Janelle out. Wil and Ashley both agree that Dan and Danielle are pair and this HOH was at the very least a 2 person decision. Ashley: “And Shane knows exactly what’s going on and so does Britney”
Wil: “Team Tits!”
Wil points out that everyone seems to have side relationships with people, Janelle is with Joe, Shane/Brit, Boogie/Frank, Dan/Danielle. Wil is correct in thinking that nobody is onto Team Tits and nobody has a clue about how close they are to Jenn.
Wil: “Team T!ts”
AShley: “I love it”
(GO Team T!tis)
Wil: “Danielle is so whipped by Dan”
Wil points out how scary HOH is.. everyone starts targeting you. Ashley agrees. she points out how people change so much when they win it and how everyone starts talking about you.

Wil: “I love how apparently it was me that convinced Danielle to put Janelle up”
They talk about how ridiculous this is.

4:14pm Janelle gets her workout with Danielle.. Britney running laps

4:26pm Cam 3-4 Danielle and Boogie

Danielle says it was uncomfortable being around Janelle right now. Danielle says she is glad there is only 2 days left. She wonders why Janelle is swarming her she doesn’t have a vote.

They start talking about how Joe seems to be the main target next week. Boogie mentions how Shane now has the veto ticket so he can play for it next week. Boogie doesn’t think Joe has much a chance to survive. Danielle points out that once Janelle went on the block that entire side crumbled. Danielle asks him if he’s still pissed about being a player. Boogie says he’s not, he was for about 24 hours but now he’s feeling pretty good he’s got a good crew.

4:26pm Cam 1-2 Janelle and Joe

Good ole’ Eagle eye talks about his conversation with Danielle. He said she never told him who she is going to vote for all she said was he can vote any way he wants and he’s welcome to come up to the HOH room on Wednesday .

Janelle has talked to Dan who’s going to talk to Shane it looks like they are receptive. Joe says he went to Dan and told him he’s voting to keep Janelle. Janelle asks him what he thinks of Dan. Joe: “seems like he’s with us” Janelle thinks in the end a lot of people will votre with the majority.

Joe wants to see if they can get a deal with Danielle and Dan so it’s Janelle, Ashley, Danielle, Dan and Joe. (another powerhouse alliance brought to you from Eagle Eye)

Janelle: “wil is so 2 faced.. why is he like that..even if I leave I don’t think you should take out Wil.. you need to get a bigger target out”

Janelle: “I don’t believe in Backdooring but early in the game it works”

Shout out to Matt Hoffman (@HeadOfHOFFhold) a OBB Super Favorite that I just found out reads this blog. A big honor. Hey Matt whats your take on the season?

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LMAO! @ Joe, he has no idea that people hate how he cooks…He doesn’t wash his hands before he preps his food–nasty!!!


I really do not understand why people don’t just say, “hey Joe, before you cook any large meal, ask who wants you to cook for them so you dont waste food”

But it seems people dont want to hurt his feelings???


no. there is so much lying going on, and moreso just back and forth talk, so much “who would you put up” going on, back and forth…that I wouldnt trust joe to then put me in the middle of his rumors

the REAL liar of the group is joe, and the problem is, he lies to his team, and he has no clue what hes doing

its amazing to me to think they could have a wil hoh next week end in joe out the door.


yeah there is a lot of lying going on. People just cant say how they feel even if its not game related. Britney bitches about Joe’s food, but then asks if he can make her pasta without seafood.. My god! If you are gonna ask for food, don’t bitch!


Maybe his food will taste better and not cause so many to be sick if he WASHES HIS HANDS AFTER USING THE WASHROOM!!!!!!!!!!!!….so freaking gross


I can’t keep track of all the deals Joe is making! LOL


The secret ingredient in the cooking is #2.


little foodgate going on. funny.


Joe is going out next week, he’s an easy target, and next week’s HoH wont have a bloodbath on their hands if they get rid of him…


Joe & Janelle don’t have a clue that the whole house would vote her out. That what you got your wish. To go home with beloved husband.


two more days, no more janelle…i hope. the hg have done a great job of dodging her and joe’s questions about the vote, let’s look forward to half the unnecessary lies and drama going home, before jury…

BB Pathedic season

are you kidding alot of the lies were made by Dani to get rid of jojo. that’s where it all began When the hgs watch this pathetic season of lies they will see. if anyone tells her something. ( Joe or Janelle ) she Dani twists it and adds a whole lotta BS to the cov that was never said. I watch the feeds & flash back so yes I do watch feeds and I do see & hear abot 20 hours a day every season since we got the feeds . I even watch during BBAD every night from 11pm till 2 am
Dont get much sleep during the bb season.


Please send Joe home next week can’t take much more of his crap

Not A PH D Student thinksAllisonGrodner isa d-bag

Simon, you’re starting to become famous and you’re not even on BB. Will the fame go to your head? At what point does Simon make it to TMZ? Only time will tell……..

AG is a d-bag

Not A PH D Student thinksAllisonGrodner isa d-bag

An Evil Dick??? I think it’s time for you to give that clown a run for his money with your own internet show. It can start with Matt then he tells two BB houseguest and they tell two BB houseguest and you have your own show.

just request, if you ever get Alison Irwin on, hold a set for me, that’s all I ask……


this is seriously the best move

evict janelle

double eviction

evict joe

the house moves on with 10 people, and no more chef joe, and no more janelle w/ a sweet backdoor. then they can move on, and actually play. otherwise we have a week of “should we backdoor them first” then joe goes home anyway


you dont think Joe as HOH would be fun to watch!? lol I would love to see who he takes out


Eagle Eyes would take out Jenn, since that is obviously the best move for him.

Danielle is fat

My opinion on the houseguest..

Joe- annoying, creep, makes deal with everyone, needs to stop cooking.

Danielle- annoying, fake, shit talker, liar, blows things out of porportion, fat jealous and obsessed with janelle, dan’s and britney’s bitch, idiot, dumb, loves to talk about herself, thinks she already won the game, obsessed with shane, will love to see her go home next week

Dan- Boogie’s bitch, does everything boogie wants, playing the same game as his season, liar, needs to go home

Janelle- can be fake, doesn’t give up, good competitor, will love to see her stay

Frank- annoying, boogie’s bitch, will love to see him go home

Boogie- creep, annoying, thinks he’s the best big brother player, needs to go home, loser, manipulator, can control dan and ian, will love to see him go home

Britney- shit talker, complains all the time, still the same annoying person she was in her past season, will love to see her go home

Wil- fake, voice annoyes me, needs to go home, makes deals with everyone, liar.

Ashely- legit dumb, so easy to control, side player, always goes with who has the power that week.

ian- annoying, creep, can be controlled very easily. will love to see him go home

Shane- can be nice, idiot, doesn’t know what he’s doing, can only win competion but has a terrible game

Jen- i forget she’s there, needs to win competion, respectful, nice, will love to see her stick around and even win the game


Hmm I wonder if this dude has a bias


is this Janelle’s husband?


spot on, but you are being way too nice with Janelle’s description! She is a liar and backstabber too! She is no angel


Hi Matt!


So since your goddess Janelle is leaving, you will stop watching since you hate everyone in th house (except Jenn, the girl that isn’t). We can expect no more posts form you after Thursday. Cool.


So you hate everyone?


Wow. This is sad. Janelle has no idea what’s going on. All Britney and Danielle do is shit talk Janelle when she hasn’t even done anything overt or rude since the P.O.V ceremony. These girls are ridiculous and a male will definitely win this season. The girls and Wil just can’t move on from Janelle. Is the fact that she’s going home not enough for them? Boogie and frank are at least Kind of smart talking about next week and future game. Wil would be a great player if he wasn’t such a catty, emotional bitch. An Britney is all “stressed”. What are you stressed about Britney? You’ve done nothing but hide behind your alliance of guys, lie and then cry for lieing. Go back to Arkansas.


Why do you think she has been super sticky sweet? She is trying to save her fat fake a$$. Just because some one isn’t doing something in the now does not preclude it having happened in the past and affecting the future.

Eric CA

The thing I do not understand is. If I was a newer player I would be feeling this right about now.
Point One:
Week One: Kera and Jodie / Willie does not count he got himself kicked out by production
Week Two: JoJo
Week Three: Frank and Joe nominated.

The Coaches had three weeks of not being able to be nominated. Three Weeks.

Point Two:
Janelle has had three chances at $500,000.
Brittney two chances at $500,000
Boogie Three Chances at $500,000 and has already won $500,000
Dan Two Chances at $500,000 and has already won $500,000

Point Three:
They have an un fair advantage in the game, with their celebrity.
By season 14. People who play Big Brother are Big Brother fans.
You would think playing against a group of people that have studied your flaws and talents
might give the newer player an advantage, but for some twisted reason, Fandom wins out every time.

Kick the coaches out. Evict them all. Otherwise a coach could win the game.
Boogie could be the highest winner in Big Brother history with $1,000,000.

Eric CA

Thank Your for the correction.
Boogie is already the highest winner in Big Brother history.
He would win $1,500,000

Wake up house guests get those coaches out.


I looked it up and after american taxes were taken out booger took home (For a Single person, the total tax on a taxable income of $1 million dollars would then be) $327,683.50 assuming he paid his taxes on this money.

BB Pathedic season

all stars was 500.000. before taxes about 327,000. after taxes


It’s spelled pathetic :)

BB Pathetic season

So Sorry spelling cop.
guess that’s what I get for watching feeds 20 hours a day 7 days a week


. .. and Boogie will slide in under the radar to win another $500,000. He is *that good*.. .


Not to mention the noobs getting death threats for voting out fan favorites. Its very unfair. It should be all noobs or all vets.


great in theory, but here’s the trouble…there are not enough good newbie players to form an alliance with the votes to get all the coaches out. the coaching twist has naturally formed alliances with newbies that seem to be too strong to set aside completely.

even if shane, dainielle, frank, ian, ashley, wil and jenn teamed up, they would all have to turn on dan, britney, boogie, and janelle, and that’s not going to happen in a week or two, probably never. it is what it is…

BB Pathedic season

we have to remember, they all did not even know about BB they never watched till in sequester and even then only watch seasons 12 & 13
this season really only had 3 BB Fans/ Gamers the rest had no clue what they were in for .
Like I said they only ever watched 2 seasons in sequester and 2 really snooze seasons .


Shane _ scouted wanted modelling career

Dainielle_ Applied to bachelor show or some kinda daring show ( She was looking for Love & A Man )

Frank _ Actually applied for BB

Ian_ Actually applied for BB

Ashley _ Applied to bachelor show or some kinda daring show ( She was looking for Love & A Man )

Wil_ applied hoping to further career in music videos

Jenn_ recruited off facebook

Joe_ hoping to get celebrity status as a chef for TV

Jojo_ hoping to get noticed for future TV Hosting

Kara Not sure probably recruited IDK

Jodi_ Actually applied for BB

BB Pathedic season

thanks Simon. yes love this site from up here in Canada


there you can see it. its a little boy in every man.


Joe means well, but he’s just dumb and clueless in this game…

Eric CA

I don’t think Joe means well.
He is a professional chef, that is cooking food after using the bathroom.
If Joe was a guy that just likes to cook and has never worked in the food industry I might give him a pass.
The guy is a chef or cook for his living. Believe me if a person who is in that profession is doing that, it is very deliberate.
He is deliberately trying to get other house guests sick.

I have a question for Simon and the other live feed watchers.
Does Joe eat the same food he cooks for other house guests?


Does he fix himself something later?


Eric just wondering why you are soooo obsessed with Joe’s washing hands after going potty? all your posts are about this. Is it because you are a gay male? (member you admitted you were gay some time ago:)


im confused, what does his post have to do with him being gay!?


LMFAO well if I have to explain it to you then you clueless :)


meant to put your not you :)

Eric CA

I just do not find the deliberate poisoning of people to be entertaining.
Now if you are making a reference to poo and my sexuality.
I have always been a firm believer in hygiene in that area also.
Wash, Rinse and Re-Use is my motto.
I am an adult, comments like that do not offend me in he least.

I think if BB and CBS sets a policy that harming another house guest is a reason to be removed from the game.

That should include deliberately giving them food poisoning.


Bing Bing you got it and did not get mad because you knew my comment was not meant to be offfensive. I assumed that you as a gay male WOULD be clean down there always because of what you use it for so yeah was a compliment :)


Janelle: “I don’t believe in Backd00ring but early in the game it works”

SEE Jenelle fans?, even SHE thinks it was a great idea backdooring her……… besides her deserving it of course

now she can take her selfish ass home and take care of her newborn


Janelle’s going to be the first three time loser … Thanks BeeeBeeeee!!


@RS You want a bet to see how many times that Janelle comes back?


Mike owns a successful restaurant, he knows a thing or two about chefs…It’s hilarious how Joe thinks he’s Food Network material…


It is hard to believe the “Three Blind Mice” (Ashley, Will and Joe) that Janelle has lied and connived for this season are all so spineless they would not even give her a vote!!!! That is so sad and pathetic! If Janelle leaves on Thursday I hope boogie and frank smoke all those other nuts! Let’s see…who do we start with…Danielle or Danielle and then maybe Danielle, yea that’s sounds like a great place to start! AG I Sure hope you work your magic to save Janelle…SOON!


You WANT the game to be rigged?


Didnt they already rig it twice this season? They let the coaches have weeks of immunity and then allowed them to play & they also decided to not do an eviction saving Frank! They could have evicted someone and let the coaches play. Isn’t it very well known that production is always messing with the game???

All they care about is ratings


Oh, I KNOW its rigged, but I am not asking for it to save my favorite player. I think it’s more fun without the rigging.


yes but right now, its not a rachel thing or whatever

janelle wont bring in bigger ratings with bad gameplay, and AWFUL DR sessions. when she talks about boogie, she talks like she is speaking to a 5 year old. she even did it TO him before the coaches meeting. she’s just an idiot this year and I dont get it. if she was a decent player, she would have called his darn bluff and offered up on of her weaker players and gone with the coaches alliance. she didn’t and it cost her

keeping her does nothing, as no one likes her, wil doesnt like her, the “Sweet” danielle doesnt like her, boogie and frank hate her with a passion, even brit doesnt like her and has lied so much to her that its just too late for repair there.

she has to go.


why call ir rigged? this is their show and they can change it whenever they want. expect the unexpected.
Rigged here’s the meaning: to arrange in a dishonest way for selfish advantage; manipulate fraudulently; fix: to rig an election


@JP all the Way. I don’t understand Wil&Ashley(I would include Joe,but it looks like he’s at least trying to save the person(Janelle)that decided to suck it up and kiss Britney&Shane’s butt,because she wanted to keep Joe safe.She could’ve said to herself,screw it.If Joe leaves,I’ll still have two players left(Wil&Ashley).Janelle saved both Wil&Ashley in the coachs competition,yet they still hate her.Huh?I’m not even a Janelle fan(Dan all the way),and I think that’s messed up.She treated all three of her players better than Boogie treated his team.He only cared about Frank.Jenn&Ian meant nothing to him.As far as Boogie’s concerned,it was all about Frank and it’s still all about Frank.


lol if they are 3 blind mice what is jenn the 4th hidden mouse no one ever sees


Simon, I am also a Matt fan! Would love to hear his take on this season!


Matt you were my favorite and I still wish you hadn’t thrown that competition. Would love to hear what you’re thinking about this season. I would also like to know what you think about mixing newbs with vets.

Christine MacInnis

Oh my god this update site and the comments crack me up. I can’t bear to watch the program because they all annoy me too much but the updates are fun and sooo much better than the real thing.

One thing I have to say. Seriously? Joe! An actual idiot. Clearly the reason he came on the show was to promote (pathetically I might add) his cooking and hopefully parlay it into a career cooking show. uhhh TRAP DOOR.
Yo JOE. Word up. NOBODY gonna hire some schmuck wannabe cook who doesn’t know the first rule of cooking.


team tits for the win ! lol


fake showmance alert!


People may talk bad about Jenn on here and how she’s a floater and doesn’t do anything….But she just told Janelle straight up! I think she’s the only person in this game that’s not lyin backstabbing fabricating and she’s just basing everything off game play! Im so tired of all the frikkin 6th graders runnin around sayin all kinds of crap…..Just frikkin tell Janelle she’s goin home and stop lyin to her face…..! Go Jenn! The only decent, grown up person in BB


hasn’t jenn been playing all along? her strategy seems to be as good as most so far, and much better than the hg already evicted/removed…

Danielle is an idiot

Okay – Danielle and her lies – her recounting of conversations has reached a level of just being ludicrious – I am thinking that by tomorrow morning, her conversation with Janelle will have been morphed into –

“Oh my gosh, Shane/Dan – after she called me fat and a loser, she grabbed me by the neck and tried to throw me down the HOH staircase and some camera man had to break it up. she has got to go. She stares at me all the time and tells me I am the biggest threat in the house!. Shane, what does my face look like when I say this? Did you notice my expression? Okay, how did I sound? Dan, how do you feel about what I said? How did i look while saying it?”

Janelle and Dan need to get wise to this crap and soon.”

BB fan for 7 years now

I don’t get why everyone is stirring up so much drama in the house. I’ve read the comments and think that it’d be nice to see one season of just Noobs again like in BB11 (favorite). I mean there you can make your opinions and then throw in an ACTUAL twist. In BB11 when America voted Jeff to get the power and take Shema’s nominations off the block AND!!! AND!!! replace them with his own power, that was a twist no one could of predicted in the BB house. This season the twist was the coaches having teams. It was NOT a twist to see them come in though. I don’t like that ALL 4 of them are in. I feel we should of at least got rid of one coach before the others came in. It gives the coaches an unfair advantage and the only way to get rid of them is to get Janelle out first the only way is backdooring since she is POV queen, and then maybe Dan or Boogie next. Brittany could be but her charm and somewhat logical being will keep her in longer. I would normally cheer for the vets but just don’t like them this season. I did like them in their past seasons however but not this season because they are SO FULL OF THEMSELVES! They are all adults in there, but how can they be manipulated so easily? I do however like this season overall and think it was better than BB 12. I loved BB11 and BB9. I liked BB10, BB8 and BB13 but did not like BB 12 or BB6. Allstars was cool but those are the only seasons I remember clearly and think some of the twists in those season are way better than the ones this season. It’s not a twist if you SEE it coming within the House.

I’m not rooting for an alliance but I would like to see Shane go far. I also like Ashley and Jenn. Everyone else is either annoying or has bad game.


Uhhh… Yeah. Season 11? All Newbies? Sorry. You forgot the Unforgettable (and one of the most annoying players to ever play the game) Jesse. He played with Dan in season 10.


til the rest of the house hears janelle say “jenn told me in going home” and then they say “we can trust jenn in the future”


can’t trust jenn*

it finally puts her “in the game”. IMO a bad move at this point


Team TITS!


the look on janelle face she has to know she’s going everyone she ask telling her they aint know how they voting ….. i feel sorry for janelle i wish i could of given her a pity vote lol ………… janelle thought she could of pull of being the next shelly ….. oh lawd i feel sorry for her i want to cry a three time loser oh lawd i hope people change there mind or something boogie or frank does cause him walk out the door


Team Tits! ha I like that… and who knew Jenn had balls????


I have to wonder what dan really thinks about danielle. how tired he is of her. if he will drop her, if he will try and break up her and shane. I wonder what will give there.

Danielle is an idiot

Me, too – i really want to know if Dan is ON to Danielle and her lies and gross misrepresentation…..any thoughts anyone?


I have read these comments a lot and rarely post. I think you guys do an incredible job for us and I am very grateful. I liked Janelle her two previous seasons and was looking forward to seeing her this season. I think that although she has not lied more than others, she has not used it to her advantage. Boogie on the other hand used Danielle’s insecurity to his advantage. They were well disposed to getting rid of Janelle, so it really didn’t take much to sway the vote.I think that Janelle (obviously| is easier to get out than Boogie would have been, so getting him out would have been better for Danielle and the other newbies. But, it was great for Dan. Although i think that it was a mistake, it still gets a coach out. However, I think that Danielle is way too easily swayed based on what she wants to hear. I DO hope Boogie and Frank take them out next week. Just because.


janellle need to go and stop hatin gon danielle she may roll on 10x make up but shes not like dan was my expresion right like gorw up people


Janelle doesn’t care what Jenn told her, she seems home-sick and wants to see her baby…Production isn’t doing shit…


Danielle may roll so much make up on her face and is annoying but Janelle is getting on my nerves and I feel bad for Dani cuz we all know dans gonna drop her and use her for his dirty work I hope she wins because i respect her game play and if people kept bashing you and you got HOH you would be like yeah i won she doesnt mean it like that and y’all are talking it out of proportion too and seriously y’all act like 2 year olds. Dan is making danielle a big target which will make him on so i hope dan goes and danielle get far and I hop Jenn leave i respect her for laying low its good but i wish the hg would wake up and realize and I hope Dani and Brit are final 2 i dont really care as long as Dani is there and i hop next week there is Pandoras box so Janell come back and coaching is back cuz them coming in the gam at first was a goood idea but now its bad coahing should just go back




As someone who’s built like Britney…I don’t consider Danielle “fat”…haha why do insecure people always resort to calling someone fat lol

danielle has dirty feet

i wonder when shane is goin to tell danielle to stop sitting on his lap…lol…as soon as she sat on his lap he got so uncomfortable…what a clingy biatch


I can’t believe im saying this but i actually feel bad for Jani but she did herself in this position


Im not a jani fan but I feel bad for but after all she did do this to herself

BB12 Matt

Thanks for the shout-out, everyone! I could go on and on about my takes on the season. Most of my rambling gets touched on during my weekly SuperPass show.

What I’m about to say is not intended on cross-promotion of other websites, and I’m only linking these as a quick reference to a lot of stuff that you guys may otherwise ask for my take on. If these links are prohibited, my apologies and feel free to remove them from this post…

…Anyway, I did an article here on my (very candid) thoughts about the recent twist. This article alone probably blacklists me from any future callbacks, but oh well:

Then someone recently got me hooked on that Reddit site (never heard of it before). I guess they do some thing called an “AMA” (“Ask Me Anything”) where the mods of different sub-sections of the site ask people to allow the site members to fire questions at them about any topic. I did a Big Brother one, and you can find it here (and continue to contribute if you’d like):

(my name there in all the replies is “DIY_Lobotomy”, so when you see that, it’s me)

I’ve been reading OBB for updates long before I was ever on the show. Sucks has been my go-to message board forever, and OBB has been my go-to feed blog forever. Simon and crew do an awesome job. I’ve never really spoken about the site publicly (or contributed), however, cuz I kinda got the feeling that I wasn’t super loved around this community. :-P But thanks to all who are fans of me, and thanks to all of you who aren’t just because I respect any BB superfan!

Take care, guys…I’m gonna go back to lurking silently around now. :-)