Big Brother Spoiler Ashley stirs the pot – Wil: “All you have to do is smile for 2 weeks and act pretty”

POV Holder: Shane Next POV: July 28 (Saturday)
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony July 23rd (Monday)
HOH Winner: Frank Next HOH: July 26 (Thurs)
Original Nominations: JOJO and Shane
Current Nominations: JOJO and Danielle
Have Nots /Slop Willie, Shane, JOJO, Ian
Coach Competition Winner Janelle
Next Coaches Competition July 27 (Friday)
Last Evicted Houseguest Kara, Willie

10:06pm Cam 3-4 Danielle, Ashley and Shane

Shane saying it’s 6 on 2 next week so him and Danielle better get ready to win some competitions, “Frank and Boogie going right to the top”.
Ashley brings up that she doesn’t trust Wil or Joe anymore, she’s starting to suspect she’s the bottom of the totem poll.
Shane points out after what Wil did to Kara he’s not sure about him anymore.
Ashley: “Wil and Joe don’t give a fuck about me.. they’re using me”
Shane explains there are 8 players and 4 coaches it’s not a big stretch for CBS to mix up the player and get the coaches to repick. Shane is hammering the point that the coaches are running this game 100%. Ashley agrees, She still loves Janelle.

Ashley says that Boogie never even talks to her. Shane: “Of course he doesn’t he doesn’t need you right now” Ashley: “I don’t trust Ian worth Shit he’s conniving.. and vindictive” Ashley pesses them to get rid of Ian, “Get rid of Ian now Get rid of him before he’s too powerful”. She plays up his performance in the last POV and says that physically everyone is underestimating him.

Shane says if he wins HOH he’ll put up Wil and Frank the 2 strongest of either team. Shane doesn’t trust joe but he’s not the bigger threat right now. AShley: “I DON’T TRUST JOE AT ALL.. he’s the type of person that goes around and tells people all your shit”
Shane tells them what will happen next week, Janelle will grab Danielle and they will use those 4 players (ash, joe, wil, dani) to go after Boogie. Shane each side will take out the other side one by one and the Coaches will keep their top picks safe with the coaches challenge.
Shane points out to her he’s Loyal 100% he’s proven that and he has also proven he can compete. If she has his word she knows he’ll go the distance. He’s shown that with Willie.
Shane and Danielle explain to her that there isn’t enough days for the coaches to come back. They are convinced it’s not going to happen. Shane thinks at the very least someone may come back but to have the coaches dropped into the game that isn’t going to happen.
Ashley: “How do you feel about JoJO leaving?”
Shane: “It sucks she’s in my alliance and a huge physical threat”
Shane tells her that he knows he gone unless he win HOH but he’s down with Ashley, Danielle, Jenn and himself final 4.
Ashley and Shane agree that Joe is going to get caught in a big way he’s floating around the house spreading lies. Ashley: “he’s like Shelly”. Shane tells her that Joe is going down in this game. Ashley says she doesn’t trust her team and she feels like she made a big mistake keeping Frank.
Ian joins them
Ashley wonders why she got the immunity.. Ashley thought it was a way for Janelle saying that the totem pole positions for the players players didn’t exist. Shane thinks it’s because Ashley made a call that helped Janelle so Janelle was rewarding AShley. Ian mentions that this is how he sees it to. Ian says that only once a player on Big Brother won chasing the power every other time the person that won had to make a stand had to make at least one big move. Shane points out how Joe, Jenn and Wil are all huddled together looking at them.

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10:30pm Cam 1-2 Wil and Jenn

Jenn relays the conversation that occurred in the Bathroom where Ashley was crying about missing Kara and she told them that Ian and Frank have a final 2 deal. Wil is pissed at Ashley he says he’s had enough with her. Jenn says a week ago she would of thought that Ashley’s was only acting stupid but now she feels like Ashley really is stupid. Wil agrees. Wil is very pissed about this he races into the bathroom to talk to Janelle. Starts ranting that they’ve given her the key for the week she’s safe why is she pulling this shit. At one point Janelle grabs him and closes his mouth shut.

10:58pm Cam 1-2 HOH Janelle, Wil, Frank and Ashley before wil and Janelle join them, they have a conversation where Frank told her there was no Final 2. Ashley believed him. Frank says he’s still on board with the final 6 alliance and he’ll never hide anything from her so anytime she wants to talk feel free to talk to him. Janelle and Wil come up and confront Ashley with what happened in the bathroom. Ashley plays it all down says that she talked to Frank and knows there is no Final 2 between him and Ian. Janelle asks her why she was crying in the bathroom, Shelly Ashley denies that she crying she feels like the entire thing was blown out of proportions. Ashley starts putting some heat onto Jenn saying it didn’t happen like Jenn said. Janelle leaves. Ashley starts complaining that she doesn’t know what to do anymore.. she can’t talk to Janelle people get pissed, she can’t chat with Shane or JOJO because people get pissed she feels like the entire house is working together except for Daneille, Shane and JOJO.
Feeds cut in and out..
Frank says he trusts Wil and Ashley more than he trusts Jenn and Ian.

11:32pm Cam 1-2 HOH Wil and frank Wil starts to slamming Ashley. Wil and Frank want to take out Ashley and Jenn soon both of them are pissed.. Frank: “This is too much game for her” Wil: “All you have to do is smile for 2 weeks and act pretty”

Janelle comes up with cookies.. Wil says he’s calmed down “apparently she’s here for a real world summer”. Janelle asks him if he trusts her. Wil says no. Janelle gets pissed tells him that she trusts AShley and he needs to as well.

11:41pm Havenots Ashley, Britney, JOJO and Shane Ashley keeps shooting straight tells them that she was confronted by Wil and Janelle and thank god frank was there because he was sticking up for her. Ashley says that she wants the team switched up. She says that Wil is ruthless.

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32 thoughts on “Big Brother Spoiler Ashley stirs the pot – Wil: “All you have to do is smile for 2 weeks and act pretty”

  1. Question to all fans…which of the newbies is “all-stars” material? There was so much excitement in the first week, the snoozefest seems to have started. Here’s hoping Team Production will fix things in the name of ratings. Go, Team Dawg, yo!

    1. The game was played at a crazy fast pace last week (considering it was the first eviction), there was no way the players could keep that up for long. The house was due for a slow week this week.

    2. depends on comps later in the game. as of now, frank, ian(given due to odd nature, he and ronnie will be up for the same spot in this scenario) maybe ashley if she keeps it up, maybe joe if he cooks stuff up

      really no one has done anything yet, its so early, but seems later because of people leaving etc.

      im starting to hope they just put brit in the game, take away her players for their own sake, and then the entire house votes her out, while she cries and whines. im so sick of hearing her stir up the newbies about the coaches in power, when she is one of the freaking coaches

      1. Well I say get rid of the coach crap.Keep boogie just because he keeps the newbies hopping and guessing.Hell throw in a few new players and freak everyone out they are short players anyways.

        What if they had like 2 oldfarts in there like 70 could you just see that oh man that would be funny.they could use those canes and walkers as weapons in those comps. Maybe a whole summer of that kind of thing is just what those players need.go to bed at 10 and up at 6. No beer they get ensure this summer…LOL.

        Put the whole house on slop for the rest of the year and see if Joe can find enough recipes to change slop into something different every meal he is a chef after all he can cook anything.

  2. good grief??…can Ashley pull it off…she’s playing all sides right now….I love it!!! oh and please keep JoHo…she’s better TV than Danielle…

  3. Simon, do you know who Ian is referring to to when he said only once a player on Big Brother won chasing the power every other time?

    1. Maybe it was Lisa in Season 3. That was the last season the jury was not sequestered and Danielle (who played a better game) lost because she said nasty things about people in the diary room (the jury had full access to all episodes and diary sessions).

  4. This house is imploding geez. I like Frank, Ian and Ashley, but i’m liking the sound of this alliance with one member from each coach(Shane, Danielle, Ashley, Jenn) but I would prefer it if Frank was in that too, though Frank is beginning to become corrupted thanks to boogie. Also don’t know if Ashley would trust Jenn now after this crying relay. Personally I like Wil, his ruthlessness is ruthless but it’s cool seeing him do that since i would’ve never pinned him as that cuthroat. Joe I feel the same as most of you, he talks and thinks way too big. I find his DR’s annoying and that message to Kara was completely unnecessary. Ian I like because as embarrassing as many of you may see this, I’m alot like him(cept i don’t crawl into tiny areas or walk on my tiptoes). Shane I dunno I want or wanted him out at this point I dunno, him working with only girls seems like him playing listening to his dick instead of his brain. Jenn is laying low but from the looks of it she’s staying loyal to Boogs and Frank and Ian. Out of the coaches I’m hoping Dan gets far, Janelle seems like such a different person now(or maybe this has always been her just that between the nerdherd and herself she’s much more appealing) Boogie I don’t like, but hell he’s doing what he need to do and thus far is thinking ahead for himself. Lastly Britney I think is doing a bad coaching job, I felt horrible for Willie after seeing her take Jojo from him. Now Willie had a part to do in his demise too but Britney is the main reason he did all that he did. It also seems like she’s afraid to directly attack Janelle, like if Shane wins HoH and puts up Joe and Wil I could see her acting like she had no part in it to Janelle. Lastly to be fair I kinda don’t want a player to come back or the coaches to enter the game(which I’m not convinced they will) If the coaches enter that would be so unfair, they’ve basically had weeks of safety and would come in when the players are weakened. Also if it turns out that upon losing your team you enter the game I would see the coaches wanting to cut loose their team, It’ll go from possibly 100k to possibly 500k and that would be enticing(I see boogie and Janey eyeing this much more than Dan and Britney) Hell if that’s what happens then losing their teams lets them try for 500k and removes 3 people from the game making it more unfair.

    1. hes still in the house thanks to boogie, has a plan and numbers in said plan thanks to boogie.

      he was ready to turn on ian and jenn, in the 2nd week.

      boogie hating at its worst when blaming the current BEST coach in the house for doing what exactly? getting frank to the top from being at the point of eviction?

      1. I just love Boogie because he makes the show for me this summer for me. Wil just makes me laugh as well he is always doing something that makes me call up my daughter and tell her she needs to get live feeds. Boogie Makes this summer great.

  5. Ashley is kind of annoying me with all the 2 sides thing. i think she is seriously against Janelle which pisses me off.
    Wil is good i think
    Joe is a little annoying but ok
    Ian is …… boring LOL
    Jenn is ok i guess
    Jojo is complete filth and is disgusting. America hates JOJO
    Shane is annoying also
    Frank is also annoying because i know he has a deal with shane to get out janelles people
    Danielle is nice i think but she will do whatever dan tells her to…

    1. Speak for yourself, I actually like Jojo and Shane because they’re not phoney and are actually here to compete, not like some of these other slobs who will float to a final four position.

      1. i did not see dan season and maybe he is this dangerous and amazing player..but this season i just dont get it. i feel he has abandon his team like he dont give it shit..but that could be his game. .. i guess… hes a little boring.

        1. It’s too bad that you missed Dan’s season. He was amazing. He was almost evicted week 2 and was never nominated again. He started winning comps in week 6 and blew everyone away! He is a dangerous and exciting player.

  6. Looking at how many weeks/evictions are left before the finale the coaches almost have to be joining the game. After eliminating Jodi they were one player short even if they didn’t have a double eviction week, two short if they do have a double eviction week. If they drop all 4 coaches into the game, then they will only really have 14 players, which is what they had last year for the same amount of time. Why doesn’t Ian, who is a superfan, realize that if they are going to have a fast forward week, then the show will be at least a week short, even if they add one more player back to the house. To me it isn’t a matter of if someone will join them, it’s a matter of how many, who and when.

    1. Since the EVICTED player in sequester I think it is more likely that at some point the evicted players will come back in the game and it would be a great suprise twist if they come back with a new coach of their own!

  7. What a season. Starts off interesting with the coach twist and now it is becoming predictable. Fun to watch Boogie strategize… I am so surprised that I like Britney so much this time around versus Janielle whom I thought was great and now not so much. Dan has lived up to being a great guy and a great player – the complete package.

  8. Danielle, Shane, Ashley, and Dan need to team up and take out Boogie and Janelles team. I can’t stand Wil and Joe and hopefully they go home soon. But who is Dan truly aligned with as of now? Just Danielle?

  9. I really do hope they realize that the best drama when it comes to the old players is through an all stars season. they have a legtimate number of people from 8-14 that could be used. of course Id love to see boogie and will return, along with dick and dani, rachel w/o brenden, james rhine and janelle, then pick your 8-14 for the rest. take the best of each season.

    as for this one, ashley will easily be caught via ian, its why she wants him out, she knows he reads people very well and knows that she is smarter than she lets on. so if somehow boogie can get wind of this and actually talk to jenn and ian a bit, they might be able to avoid the possible “all girl” season that could very well happen. if this turns into a girl power season im going to weep.

    id like to just know if a coach is going to return. it seems almost silly to let the first coach who loses all their players to come into the game, since that is rewarding a poor performance. And I don’t see how having the first, or the first 2, enter the game, is fair to the other two coaches who will still have players in the game but their cut is a 100k push whereas the losing coaching get a shot at 500k? I just don’t see how that makes any sense. I think you just make them go to the jury house, that you can justify, but putting any of them into the game? no, they need to find more ways to force the hg’s to listen to the coaches or else very soon they are going to be as important as the teddy bear boogie seems attached to.

    1. What show are you watching? When has “fair” and “making sense” ever been a part of Big Brother. Why do you think so many people believe that this is all rigged by production?

  10. also I hope they don’t switch up players anymore. it sort of makes the whole thing kind of stupid as a coach if you lose a player every other week ruining every possible secret plan and killing any good game play.

    1. To reiterate what I was guessing earlier today, is that the Coaches Challenges will be an important part of the game this year. I see the ‘coaches’ are not coming into the game and will not leave until Jury. BB needs two players to return and winning a Coaches Challenge will give them more options a player and bring a player back. The main game plays fairly normal and the Coaches game has all the TWISTS. BB needs the ‘stars’ to get a lot of on air time for the ratings so they will be here as long as possible before jury. The final 3 could have 3 newbies and 3 coaches in the house for the finale. As long as a coach has a player in the game they stay in the House. Jury will be different this year because the coaches will be included. Look for 4 newbies and 2 coaches in Jury which will start the Jury two weeks later than previous seasons. It depends on the trading and shuffling of players between Coaches. This will also make newbie alliances all over the map. Double Eviction night will be crazy and look for a Diamond Power of Veto to be issued without a Pandora’s Box. Pandora’s Box is now the coaches suite and that is another reason I’m guessing the coaches are not coming into the game. The Coaches are getting a huge stipend already to come on the show.

  11. Im done predicting, everytime i do my player gets sent home. I hope Jodi n Kara come back but its very unlikely, what i dont get is you have a whole year to prepare & it seems like AG makes it up on the fly. Its now getting pale in comparisons to week one, but waiting for a twist that somehow gets the best player (DAN) left in this game a chance. Actually starting to like Ashley, n Wil needs to go.

  12. I honestly even though i can’t stand her rachel would have been a better coach than brittney. I miss DR. Will

  13. Here’s my thought DTWJ (Don’t Trust Wil & Joe). Both are troublemakers & they deserve to go on the block.

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