Big Brother 15 Spoilers Helen: ‘I have 3 people I want to backd**r and they are all guys”

POV Holder: ? Next POV July 13th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 15
HOH Winner: Helen Next HOH: July 18
MVP: ?
Original Nominations: Kaitlin and Aaryn
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick
Have Nots ? Judd, Jessie, McCrea, Amanda ?


4:30pm Cockpit Helen and Aaryn

Helen tells her she is going up as a pawn and if she wins POV she is going to back d**r somebody, The third nominee will be where she does the flipping. Helen: “If POV isn’t used I will probably send home someone from my side of the house.. it’s going to be a huge f*** and people are going to freak out but I want to play with people that are honest with me and I want to be honest with them”

Helen says she feels like she’s been duped and know that Aaryn’s been duped. Aaryn says that every single person in the house said to her they are voting Elissa out.
Aaryn says Andy, Judd, Jessie, Amanda and McCrea were always up in the HOH they all swore up and down to her that they would never vote against her.
Aaryn: “All along the way they were playing behind my back”
Helen brings up the 4 guy alliance (Doesn’t include Howard in this alliance)
Helen tells her that Andy likes Kaitlin and her. Helen: ‘I have 3 people I want to back d**r and they are all guys”
Helen: ‘I need all you girls to protect me the following week because they will be gunning after me”
Helen says that the only guys she trusts is McCrea.
Aaryn mentions that KAitlin and Jeremy are a powerful thing in this game, “If kaitlin goes on the block she is going to freak out” Aaryn pretty much says her alliance is done for they can’t dig themselves out unless they get a HOH and MVP in the same week, “I don’t know what to do”
Helen: “you can win competitions and you are smart.. The thing I like is nobody will suspect we are working together”

Aaryn says she’s got nobody in the game except for maybe Gina. Aaryn adds that Jeremy has drifted away with Kaitlin. She sees Kaitlin and Amanda whispering in corners now.
Aaryn: “I’m about to be singular.”
She brings up Howard who switched to be on their side then switched back so she can’t trust him.
Helen tells her she is not the target. “I have people on my side that didn’t vote my way” Explains that Aaryn isn’t as big of a threat in the house now that her side of the house is dead.
Helen adds that she know there was people in her own alliance that lied to her and she wants to scare those people to make sure that nobody lies to her ever again. Helen: “I don’t like people that l keep lying to me even though the truth is out”
Aaryn mentions that week one Spencer and Howard did the same thing to her they lied about the vote even though everyone knew where the votes were.
Helen: ‘How aligned and loyal are you to Jeremy”
Aaryn: ‘You can totally get him on your side 100%.. Jeremy and I are close but since kaitlin’s been around we’ve gotten farther apart” Aaryn adds that Jeremy is looking for someone to work with at this point.
Helen says that she’s always been loyal to Elissa and because of that it has been rough for her in the game.
Aaryn points out it’s worked alright for her so far..
Helen suggests that Aaryn gets rid of all the drama in her game and she will do much better.

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4:52pm Aaryn and Kaitlin

Aaryn tells her that she is being nominated with a unknown, “I’m going up because I out her up and she wants to put up a rat” Aaryn says that Helen like the fact that the three of them stayed loyal to each other whereas there was people in her group that are not loyal. Aaryn :’She doesn’t want us to go home she want to work with us” Aaryn adds that Helen knows there are a few people in her alliance that have been working both sides. They agree that it’s Spencer and Howard, Aaryn: “The target is off of us right now”.
Aaryn: “She only has a select few people that she can trust.. she doesn’t trust a lot of people in her alliance.. she respect the fact we are not brown nosing” They agree it’s Spencer and Howard that are brown nosing up in the HOH. Both Kaitlin and Aaryn promised Helen if they got HOH they would not put her up. They both say they will protect Helen and respect her.
Aaryn says she’s going to go up to Elissa and talk it out, ‘This catty stuff has got to stop.. I know we won’t be friends but she has to stop making comments and I will stop making comments”
Aaryn: ‘I’m not trying to align with her..”
Kaitlin: “When you do that you know she is still going to be catty.. you have to be the bigger person 100% that will work to your benefit”
Kaitlin says Amanda has been telling her that Jeremy threw her under the bus, “Amanda says that every time Jeremy talks to McCrea and her he says he doesn’t give a sh!t if I go home or not.. I know that’s not true”

Aaryn: ‘the one thing that can kill us if if they think we are trying to switch sides.. I’ve been thinking about this. All we can do is be like look the cards have fallen where they have but lets try to make amends” Aaryun thinks if they start trying to pull people off from the other group or join a subset of Helen’s group it will ruin the chances of the “RAT” from going home.
They agree to start being super nice to everybody in the house.
Jeremy rolls in. They tell him Jeremy isn’t going up at all even as a replacements.
Jere: “Huh you sure”
Aaryn: “Ya”
Jeremey: “I’m nervous I don’t trust her”
Aaryn explains that Helen wants to play with them but doesn’t want her side to know. Helen is really disturbed about the Rats in her side.
Aaryn: “She said.. I’m not puttin Jeremy up I’m getting rid of people that are moles”
Jermey: “Can I tell you something.. I threw spencer and Howard under the bus”
Aaryn and Kaitlin both say they did the same.
Aaryn: “those are her top two targets she doesn’t want any of us to go.. she wants us to stay because she thinks she can use them later”
Aaryn: “But Pawns go home sometimes.. don’t be sad”
Aaryn says she’s going to go through the house and start apologizing to people. Jeremy says he’s been doing the same. He went up to Elissa and told her she’s not his target anymore he’s tried to get her out for 2 weeks and failed he’s giving up. He doesn’t care if she targets him he’s not coming after her any longer. Aaryn: “I’m going to bite my tongue and be super nice”

Aaryn tells them that “Helen is going to Flip Sh!t in the house”. She’s going to tell them that a mole is going to go home and if Aaryn ends up going home Helen will know she can’t trust even more people. Aaryn mentions that Helen will want to work with Jeremy and Kaitlin at that point.
Aaryn: ‘I’m trying to look at the positive side.. I feel like if any of you win I win to cause y’all on my team”

Jeremy says he played this game honest and has tried hard in every competition he wanted to align with the strongest players in the game and he thinks he’s done that. “It’s bullshit some weak ass punks get to stay here”

They all agree to stick together through all this and hopefully the rat goes home.

Aaryn leaves.. Kaitlin wonders if Helen is telling the truth she thinks Jeremy is going to be Backd**rd. Kaitlin says she feels bad, “I feel like i have thrown Aaryn under the bus”

5:50pm Cockpit Helen and Gina
Helen tells her she’s not a target.. Her and Nick really liked Helen they thought she was super smart and super loyal. Gina still crying up a storm. Gina says that everyone but Spencer came to her and told her

6:34pm Feeds on trivia.. Nominations ceremony underway


7:00pm HOH Amanda, Helen and McCrea

Helen asks them if Howard was part of the Moving Company. McCrae swears Howard was part of it. Helen: “Oh my god he lied to my face”
Helen says they need to go tell Elissa what she should do with the MVP.
Helen: “all we need to tell her is Howard voted to keep Nick here.. he lied to her face.. What is wrong with him”
McCrea: “He came to play”
Helen wonders if she should tell Candace about it. Amanda advises against it. Says she once told Candace that Howard lied and Candace flipped out “He’s a good christian man”

McCrea says that the next HOH is going to be girls endurance so if Jeremy doesn’t leave this week they should get rid of aaryn so she doesn’t win the HOH

Amanda: “I think Howard is more dangerous than Aaryn” Her reasoning is that Howard still has alliances and Aaryn has nothing.
Helen mentions that Aaryn was telling her that everyone lied to her “Oh well this is big brother”

Big Brother nomination results
Aaryn and Kaitlin are nominated
They want Elissa to use the MVP on Howard (It’s not confirmed that Elissa got it again)
They want to backdoor Jeremy

CBS Interactive Inc.

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I just wanted to tell everyone to check out Yahoos Prime time in No time. They talked about big brother and how Arryn is racist. They showed the clip of Julie asking about them and the cameras.


I watched the 5 minute talk between Amanda and aaryn on YouTube and aaryn doesn’t look as bad when you watch the conversation from start to finish. I know she is a racist and a total bitch but CBS edited that conversation for ratings. It’s kind of sad that the media goes after certain people (Paula Deen for a comment made 27 years ago) and looks the other way for others (Alec Baldwin). I don’t think racism is new to big brother it is just what is in the news right now. Don’t get me wrong, I am against any racism but I don’t like the media using it to get ratings.


I totally agree with what you are saying. CBS and Julie Chen are making Aaryn the scapegoat for all of the racist stuff, and not saying she did not say stupid and racist things, but it is not like she said some of the things that Gina Marie said or Spencer or Jeremy or Kaitlin or Amanda. I do not understand why it seems as if CBS is singling Aaryn out and letting the others totally off the hook. Aaryn I do believe is just young and ignorant on exactly what being a racist means, and just needs to be educatged but sorry but these others are just totally racist, sexist and sick in the head. Please explain it to me why CBS is acting like Aaryn is the devil incarnate and these others are getting off scott free???


I think everything is taken out of context on this show but. Candace and howard have both been offended and so was Julie chen on hearing remarks said about Helen

Charlie Hustle

Wow Helen, talk about Misandry. I want all the men out now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Go Girls!


All the talk about the so called racism or misogynist comment…Look like we will have more a sexism anti-white-hetero-alpha-male misandry season

waaaahmbulance pls

Helen and the other girls are such misandrists for trying to get the boys out so that they don’t form an alliance and run the house like they do every other season :(((((((


Alliance of men running the house doesn’t happen every season…It happen only one time with the Brigade and that’s about it….we have seen alliances of women running things in survivor a lots of time …and some small alliance of women also in BB…In fact Its a lot more difficult to to make a successful alliance of men than women…this season prove it….Men will always try to screw others men……women also do that but less


Helen……get rid of racist b$tch Aaryn. She nothing but poison and she really has to go.

big brother

If you get rid of Aaryn just because she racist then your playing this game personal. You have to think who will you win in the final 2 chair and the only 2 is a guarantee win is Aaryn and Jeremy. But you want to get Jeremy out since he is a smart player and unlike Gina and Aaryn he doesn’t play it emotionally. When Helen said something about getting rid of Katlin Jeremy didn’t even give a crap. Jeremy is in it for himself thats why he revealed the moving company. He may be a bully and a douche but as much as many disagree Jeremy is smarter and competitive then Aaryn, Gina and Katlin combined. One more example is how Jeremy quickly went to the other side while the girls where yelling


Yay Helen! I think this is a good plan, although I’d be happy to have Aaryn out too. Helen’s my fave to win this and frankly, I think (based on Week 2.5), at this point, she could beat anybody in the 2-seat spot: she’s extremely smart, level-headed, strategic and people respect her like crazy My second favourite is Amanda, she’s funny smart and bold, I really like her style. The rest I’m ambivalent about or dislike on multiple levels. I almost want to see Aaryn turn this around and show some grit, if not some mild contrition.


Helen….stick with your guns. Don’t listen to racist b$tch. She really needs go.


Back door is a bad word now?


I ALWAYS buy the feeds through your link. I love the site and admire how much time and effort you put into it!


Sorry Simon, it won’t happen again.

big brother

Helen needs to backdoor Jeremy, Katlin, and Gina Marie. Keep Aaryn to the final 2 like I said before she is hated by many of the houseguest. Helen is starting to play this game hard and personal. As much as I love Helen she making a personal move by backdooring Spencer and Howard in my opinion. I hate when players get mad at other players when they are lied to. This is big brother three thing I learn about this game is never trust anyone but yourself, don’t underestimate someone, and see everyone as a threat and a obstacle that you have to pass to get to the finish line which is the 500 thousand dollars


She is not playing personal. She doesn’t want a strong player that is a good lair and that lied to her face. Howard did that! She trusted him and he lied. laying personal was Aaryn trying to get out Ellisa and Jessie, weaker players. If Howard goes, she hasgotten out 3 strong guys in 3 weeks!! I see an all girl alliance forming and Helen is the head!!

big brother

Howard is not a good liar. If he was a good liar he would not be caught lieing. I have high respect for him as a person outside the house but not a player inside the house. Howard is a bad player if he voted to evict Nick or confess about the moving company he would not be in this mess. I believe that the winner of the house is going to be McCrae. I just have that feeling since I saw his interview and he is in the best position in the house right now. I never seen his name bought up once for nominations.


…I would add Andy to that list.


Aaryn’s an evil human being. No question. HOWEVER, when you compare her to Jeremy, Jeremy is clearly the bigger threat. Jeremy’s a much better competitor and much more shiftier than Aaryn at this game. He’s also a piece of human garbage but he still has ties with Spencer and Howard and keeping those 3 together for another week is not smart at all. If one of them gets power next week, they will get back together and cause a lot of problems for everyone.


Well, Helen has said so much to so many since her HOH reign has started, I’m just gonna wait & see who she puts on the block & who Elissa/MVP puts up. Talk is cheap, but Howard really dug herself deep today by the lies he kept telling her – even when he said he wasn’t gonna lie to her anymore. Hope her Mommy radar went off on that one.
Might me a great night on the feeds!


Ugh – be not me! LOL!


All Girl Alliance: Helen,Elissa,Candice, Amanda, and McCrae

It’s Official


Big Brother History has been made.

big brother

McCrae’s a girl??


I love that MCrea was included here, of all the guys, he’s the most in touch with his feminine side. Plus, I’m buying he and Amanda at least genuinely like each other and think they’ll be loyal to each other, the bonus being they come as a “2fer” vote.


That’s my solid wish for final 5 right there. I like Elissa too and think she’s getting a bad rap, let the girl do her thing regardless of who her sister is; I also thinks she’s trustworthy and will have Helen’s back to the end.


I don’t know what to make of Helen approachining Aaryn for a secret alliance. It is a good idea to get out the guys though let’s see the women strategize and fight it out.

Helen should use this HOH to take out one of the 4, Jeremy, Aaryn, Gina and Kaitlin before she can look at her own side, attack the other side first. Then in her next HOH she can consider looking at Spencer and Howard. I like her, I just don’t want a missed opportunity to get rid of someone like Jeremy.


Totally agree, plus it’s the biggest test of Kaitlyn’s and Aaryn’s metal. I doubt Kaitlyn will vote for Jeremy and Helen won’t likely ask her to, she has enough votes without her, why bother?


Relax Queenbee that is what Helen is doing. Thanks.


Wtf Helen. Get rid of aaryn, then Jeremy, then Kaitlyn. Then go after your own side! Freaking tards.


I think she will try to get rid of Jeremy. All the conversation about “get rid of mole” is just to get herself safe for next week.(Smart move) And it looks like it may work. Aryan will never stop hating minorities and that, I think, will show. (Unless Aryan is able to be more fake than I think.) I base this opinion on the ‘so called’ apology to Candice. All fake. I don’t think that Candice believe it either. She did verbally accept it, which was big of her. But I don’t think Candice will contain herself either. She really took the racial comments personal, which I don’t blame or fault her one bit! I think she would have gone off even more than she did, if not for Howard. If Helen can’t backdoor Jeremy then Aryan will go home, which would make the house happy, but of course, not as happy as getting Jeremy out. I would like to see the next evictions to be: Jeremy, Aryan, Katlin, Spencer and Howard in that order. But maybe by then Howard may redeem himself.


well whats funny about that is its too early in this game. u say for these certain people to get evicyed.. but what if there good at HOH AND POVS,..then say Kaitlin will start evicting helen and andy and elissa.. never know…


Yes she will she knows remember she was a major role in getting rid of Nick as well as with Candice and Amanda.


Why is back door censored?


Been reading your site for years. Simon and Dawg are the BEST!! For the first time I subscribed to the live feeds last night. Did it through your site. Keep up the good work, you really make BB more enjoyable!!


every time someone gets HOH they go power mad and act like there’ll never be another HOH…wtf is wrong with people???? Just look at Aryan-her HOH was essentially pointless-she got nothing accomplished. In past seasons it was pawns go home-now it’s third nominees go home….


I think you meant to say Elissa’s nominees go home. Elissa’s-as in the girl whose game production has thoroughly rigged to her advantage.


I am going to be so pis$ed if Jeremy or Aaryn doesn’t go home this week. I understand y Helen is upset with Spencer & Howard, but she could still fake it with them. As in not letting them know she doesn’t trust them & keep them thinking they are working together. She needs to concentrate on getting Jeremy & Co out. Think about it like this: a few days ago what did Helen want? She wanted to get votes for Elissa to stay. Well that happened. She finally has her “side” of the house together, y not go after Jeremy & Co. What if Howard didn’t vote to evict Elissa last night? None of this would be happening. She’d straight up be gunning for Jeremy, Aaryn, & Kaitlin. So why lose focus. Unless she wants to stay chummy with Jeremy & Co in case they win HOH next week & also by letting Elissa put up either Jeremy or Aaryn, therefore keeping the target on Elissa & off of her. I don’t know what she’s thinking, wanting to out the “rat”. Just go after Jeremy, dammit!!


What is the official word on the havenots? You still have ? in that section. Just wondering if you know for sure yet?

Chilltown Fan

Kaitlin could become a better player if Aaryn leaves. I can’t stand Jeremy, but he did keep his cool last night.


… only because he had to. lol. love sweet revenge.


First post of the season. Simon doesn’t seem like the same traffic as in past seasons?

This is becoming a show for women…isn’t it? Didn’t even watch the last episode, can’t tell you the last time I missed a Big Brother episode voluntarily.

Such a shame.


Comments section is usually more alive. Guess it is too early in the season.


numbers really started ticking up in the comments yesterday, though!


Yessssssssssssssss bye bye racist. Don’t let hit the door behind you.


BB…time to lose the mvp power. Your girl has been protected long enough. Now she is in a majority alliance, so she isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Besides “Coup d’Etat”, the mvp is the most powerful “BB Power” ever given in the house. And on top that, it has been given every week.


I just hope it doesn’t last. Infact I think production will scrap it once the numbers start dwindling. If Elissa wins it one more time things will get more predictable and boring. Helen or Candace deserve it this week.

MVP is a good power to have but it is the houseguests giving it power. I mean the MVP can still get nominated and evicted it’s not like they are immune from that.
I hope this is the only season where we get to see MVP, I’m all for good old fashioned BB format of HOH, Veto and eviction with an occasional coup de etait.


I really think Amanda deserved it because she pushed hard and took a chance to make big moves. Spencer went on board because he saw the writing on the wall and is intimidated by Amanda’s insight. I don’t like his game, but he is not a threat mentally or physically. Like Helen says, ‘bigger fishes to fry’. Love it!!!!

VA Vet

Ya know, Helen works is a Political Consultant and therefore has probably dealt with a lot of politicians and their minions. No wonder she is good at smelling out the rats and making the liars squirm. Unfortunately, everyone is starting to see how good she is and they will soon want her out for that very reason. Hope she has something left for an oncore.


Am I the only one who thinks Helen is actually playing a good game? By ‘targeting’ Spencer and Howard she gains the trust and respect of all the HGs and act that she only targets “liars” and keeps her hands clean (Come on, for a fan it’s obvious that she knows that there are players who are lying to her unless she’s really stupid). She may lose Candice but apart from that she can now play both sides. The mean gang are pitted against Mc and Amanda and she and Elissa can now play the “floater” card.

Kaitlin's Sharpie Eyebrows

If Helen does not get rid of someone from the evil clique she is an imbecile that deserve her fate. Jeremy on her side? How naive do you have to be? Do you remember him making you cry because of the wine issue bullying, Helen, please now?


Well, I expected something bigger for noms – like Aaryn & Howard. Wouldn’t it be funny if by just the remotest chance someone other than Elissa wins MVP – somebody that might remain silent (for once) and might not work in Helen’s plan….

Greg 3.0

I was actually thinking about that too. Wouldn’t it be something if Howard got the MVP and put up Amanda? I know, I know . . . it probably won’t happen, but this is BB after all . . .

. . . expect the unexpected.


Well I’ve lost some faith in Helen, but not hope. I don’t think she’s gone about it as smart as she could and is playing awfully hard and overconfident, but now that she’s started the path for the WHOLE truth, she needs to see it to conclusion.

The total throwing of Spencer and Howard under the house bus should make her suspicious and give her the feeling that she doesn’t have the whole story and something is missing. That her enemies are saying Spencer and Howard….and so are her friends in Amanda, McCrea, and Jeremy, she just needs to take a few more steps to get the story. If she plays her cards right it’s conceivable she could get Howard and Spencer in her back pocket, but she’s playing so hard. Had she been more subtle, Helen could have had more options, but she’s painting herself in a corner with a lot of people, and putting a target on her back. This is still only week 3. At the end of the day, she has to appreciate the fact that Elissa is the only person she can trust 100% and even those she wants to trust will use her to their ends and ultimately cut her loose whenever it’s convenient.

I’ve said it before, but she has to understand it’s only week 3 and she’s only HOH this week and the MVP power could end this week or even conceivably jump to another player. My grandfather always told me to hope for the best, but expect the worst. She needs to be playing with the thought in her head that one week she will be completely helpless and how can she use her free week of absolute power to inoculate herself (and Elissa) when that week arrives.


I agree that Helen is playing hard but I think she’ll recognize this and pull back some. She’s a long thinker and her social game is almost perfect. I also agree that she needs to focus attention on the other side and leave Spencer and Howard for future. Part of the problem is that she has too many options; there’s no one clear “best” path, but think it would be getting rid of Jeremy. This was her first instinct and it’s good to follow through, she’s talked about this most with the most people. He’s also a threat in comps and frankly, I won’t miss him.


Absolutely. And he’s the easy, safe, and popular choice…and Aaryn is right there with him.

Aaryn's Hood

Always agree with you 100% Bobsky. If you look at how one sided the house is I can see another small alliance starting up. Imagine if Howard stays and wins HOH next week and can somehow convince people to get out Helen showing them how strong she was to out all the secret alliances. So many people minus Elissa and maybe Andy would jump to get her out. She needs to tread a fine line right now and just get out someone from the other side ala Aaryn or Jeremy. I love and appreciate reading your thoughtprovoking analysis


You’re far too kind. I’m just an over-opinionated jack**s like everybody else.

You’re spot on. This season is so off-kilter because they didn’t have that 2-3 week, getting to know you, evict the least social/popular players, AND THEN start forming alliances and playing the game. It seems like a by-product of last year, except last year should have been a unique dynamic because of the coach/team format, not a blueprint for future games. In many ways every alliance is slightly artificial, no different than the MC because they hit the fast forward button.

I could see any number of potential splits and there are just as many that could come out of left field based as much on friendship as gameplay. Just think: Week 1 for the first half of the week it seemed certain Elissa was the outcast who would be unanimously evicted, THEN the MC “weaponizes” her MVP and scumbags David. Week 2 for the first 5/6 of the week it seemed certain that Elissa was done because the MC + mean girls had the 6 votes, THEN Spencer flips out, breaks up the MC, and Nick goes home. Now maybe Week 3 will be as predictable as it seems right now, but recent history is not on the side of that argument, and if Jeremy goes, who can predict what type of alliance reshuffle we might see in week 4.

As a self-professed SuperFan, Helen should see all of this


these people are not playing the game. they are playing way too personal. If you really want to get out the strongest players why would you target elissa she might be slightly annoying but she has not excelled in any completion. she is definitely not her sister.

STFU Donnie

MVP. You’re getting confused by the immaturity of the HG’s who couldn’t just want to play the game. They need to hate their opponents…like children. But make no mistake, the MVP plus her horrendous social skills made her the initial target.


What is wrong with Helen? She’s telling Aaryn about Spencer and Howard. What is going on? Now Amanda is sucking up to Aaryn and trying to make an alliance with her. Amanda also said that Elissa will be leaving soon too. Either she is lying or she is as too faced as she has accused Aaryn and Kaitlyn of being. Wish I knew what she was thinking.


I was wondering what the hell was going on with Amanda trying to win Aaryn to their side (McCrae and Amanda). Smh, what the hell is going on?


Well I think Amanda is playing the game and playing to win. I think she could do it so much better (I think the adderall makes her manic, which makes her gameplay sloppy)…but it’s worked so far, so why stop? Although after admitting to Aaryn last night during their fight that she lied and made deals with everybody this past week, going back to that particular well may not net much of a return… But despite my criticism of her tactics, at least she gets this isn’t a team game and is trying to find the path to the end.

I think Helen might be trying to make Howard and Spencer the house pariahs and scare them…then swoop in and be their only friend, thereby ensuring their loyalty. The only problem is that by fostering this dynamic it makes them targets and if she tries to protect them or the fear and loathing in BB takes hold and people see that she’s not targeting them, which means she has a deal with them, then suddenly she’s on the outs with her previous allies. Helen is playing so hard, making (most likely fake) deals with Jeremy and Aaryn, creating a brain trust of Amanda, McCrea, and Andy (who she might be trying to position as her fall guys…but that’s a big leap), brushing Candice aside when she wanted to talk, and now planning to just inform Elissa is what she is to do this week all while keeping Judd partially informed and leaving Jessie and GM to float is a lot of balls up in the air.

But maybe she can pull it all off. I think at some point she will pull Spencer and Howard (again) aside and really grill them. If they come completely clean (no pretending they were unwitting bystanders), then maybe she draws them close, but if they repeat Howard’s pathetic performance (I can’t recall one that was worse…although if I were Helen it would reassure me because it was absolute proof Howard cannot lie to save his life), then she just lets them be the out there on their own. That she has left Howard out of some MC revelation conversations makes me think she’s not given up on him. Although that she does just want to protect Candace might be the simple and true explanation. Obviously if we get an Elissa/Helen conversation then Helen’s true intentions will be clear. I do tend think what she said to Amanda and McCrea is legit: Jeremy is the target and Aaryn is Plan B, which is the safe play…but she’s taken a circuitous route to get there.


‘only targets liars’? Everyone lies in the BB house. Only Evel Dick never lied. That was what was so amazing about him.


If you read carefully Helen is actually targeting Jeremy and NOT Spencer and Howard. She just wants to scare those two by nominating the mole. Jeremy is being backdoored.

Everyone saying Helen playing this personal she’s not. She’s taking out the strongest player: Jeremy. The reason why she said those things to Aaryn and Kaitlin is because she wants to ensure her safety next week. If those two get HoH they will go after the rat too: Spencer and Howard, thus keeping Helen safe.

Helen is talking game with the three Dbags because she’s getting information from them. Please read the other feeds and you will see her strategy.


I agree. I think Jeremy could easily put another alliance together with Aaryn, Kaitlan, GM, Spencer, and Howard if given the opportunity.


McRae is such a turd!


Pretty much…but a lot of turds win BB, so maybe he knows something we don’t…


They could of easily fixed the mvp problem by not allowing the same person to win it two weeks in a row


Anybody down voting is just brenchel fans, don’t mind them, nobody does. They don’t possess enough common sense to understand that the same person winning MVP every week is just like same people winning HOH every week minus the room.


hellen is a excellent player i love her game telling aaryn she’s not the target telling jeremy the same so he wont play hard for the veto if he gets pick …. come thursday one of those 3 will leave i think jeremy may win veto … everybody is trying to save face so when they are not in power alot of butt kissing going on amanda has to tell aaryn whatever she needs to tell her …


no. she is the opposite. to trust amanda and mccrea is a HUGE mistake. they will blindside her the first opportunity they get.


yep i would target mc MANda for sure


Yeah but I don’t think Jeremy bought a word of it. He just played along. Had she said that he has to win veto or make sure whoever wins it doesn’t use it because otherwise she can’t protect him without looking suspect and then asked if he preferred to be nominated or take his chances, then I think he would have believed her…just because that would make sense. Jeremy knows he’s the target and even if he doesn’t, if he gets to play veto, he’s going 100% whether he feels safe or not.

I get why Helen is playing nice with Jeremy and the mean girls, but it’s just one of those BB cliches/formalities. When they can get in power, they will go after Elissa and Helen, no matter what promises Helen makes. It’s just the nature of the game.

That’s something I don’t think the others appreciated when they decided it was smart to keep Elissa because THEY control the MVP. THEY don’t control the MVP, Elissa and Helen do and as long as the MVP power is in the game, Helen and Elissa will be able to pick off whoever they deem surplus to requirements…at least until the house realizes that they need Elissa and Helen gone to get the power to themselves or their closest ally.

Black Panther Party of the Big Brother House

I’m for Howard and Candice…Hope that bitch Aaryn dies!!!…I would snap if I was in the house with her…


ROLMFAO , it was only a matter of time before someone made that name kudos on being the 1st…


1st 2 weeks MVP was mildly used to get out strong players, now this week it’ll be wasted on Howard…. Please let someon else win MVP instead of Elissa again, she’s safe this week. I want MVP to be used to put GM or Jeremy up


What? But Howard is a strong player?


Who you suggest?


Would like to point out something that doesn’t seem to get much attention. So many people keep talking about how production dropped the ball during the casting process. That they should have figured out how racist and bigoted some of the houseguests(game show contestants) really are, and never let them in the house in the first place.

People take off the blindfolds. They knew very well who these people actually were and how they would act. I would guess that the only person in the house to disappoint them so far has been Howard. I imagine they thought he would go berserk over the racial comments and add even more drama to the show.

Think about it. What’s the house theme this year? Big City Nights? Party City Nights? More like Black and White City Nights. Just look at the HoH room and more specifically the infamous fish tank. It is no coincidence they only have black and white fish in there. That was done on purpose to give people 1 more thing to bring out the hate.

I’m not making any excuses for anyones actions here. Please don’t misunderstand. I’m just saying you need to start acknowledging the production designed this season to be exactly as it is.


There was also an article about the Isreali Big Brother where a housemate said something almost identical to one of Aaryn’s comments. Not sure if I can post links but here goes…


Jessie for the win and MVP. LOL. :)))))
It’s funny but she is actually in a good position. Almost everyone targets everybody except her and Judd.
If she is smart and can create a secret alliance with a few people, she can actually surprise the whole house.


i hope sexy jess wins


Im not defending Aaryn because i think she is trash. I just think that Gina Marie is getting a pass because she isnt southern. If you call Aaryn out for her racist ways dont forget Gina Marie she is Garbage.

Angela M

I don’t send hate mail. (But for the first time i am thunking about it) I have always said hate is the same word as murder. It’s a strong word. I even tell my kids that hate is murder and NO ONE SHOULD SAY HATE! Hate is the same as murder! And right now, personally, I’d send hate mail; or even tell Aaron I hate her. And Jeremy and Katelyn…. Even GM. I live n the south. I was brought up to disrespect coloured ppl. But I don’t. They r ppl too! Black, white, brown, blue, purple. In heaven. There r only ppl. No black and white. Or other colours. This racial crap is so wrong! And I’m not happy with a or k or j and GM. It’s WRONG! I might type out my “dislike mail” to all of them now

This Season Blows

Has there been a worse cast on this show? You have the producer’s pet favorite Rachelissa, who doesn’t have to actually play the game because production does it for her; then there’s the racist scumbags like Aaryn and Gina Marie, and truly annoying people like Andy and Judd. And the rigged MVP twist sucked any ounce of fun and interest out of the game.

I mean, Jeremy’s a douchebag, but I find myself hoping he stays simply because he’s actually played the game and won something so far and he’s the only hope of making this season interesting.

Charlie Hustle

On After Dark there talking about this weeks nominees? Have they already had the ceremony? And Elissa is talking about putting somebody up with the MVP, has that been settled?


Amanda and McVagina are lying to Elissa, and she believes every word, ugh, can’t wait til they turn on her when she’s no longer useful to them, like they said day 1..


Sooo Elissa is MVP again… SHOCKER!!!!!


helen come to your sences get Aryn out.


Aaryn, a little BB advice. Just DON’T be yourself! Aaaaaaahhhh aaahh Zzzzzziiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnngggggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jeremy, you should learn from you parents mistakes. Use a condom! Aaahhhh ah ah Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzziiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnggggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kaitlyn, what you don’t know can’t hurt you…you’re invincible! Aaahhhhhhh Zzzzziiiiiiiinnnnnnnngggggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Spencer, keep talking, you’re bound to say something smart someday! Aah aaahhh aahhh Zzziiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnggggggggg!!!!!!

Howard, I tried to see things from your point of view, but I couldn’t get my head that far up my A$$. Aaaahhhhh Zzzzziiiiiiinnnnnnngggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Until the twist goes, or Elissa goes, this season is a joke. Helen knows it too…deep down she’s proud of herself for weaponizing the twist to her advantage (killer political move), but for someone of her intelligence, it’s impossible that she’s also not highly annoyed and disappointed with America right now.. She knows as her closest ally that Elissa is truly not the most valuable player. Somewhere in her mind, she’s aware that she is and would likely be MVP right now if not for Elissa….and unknown to her, maybe Amanda would be right there with her.


america wont vote for amanda knowing she has been racist, homophobic and a bully…plus cheating on her boyfriend will be frowned upon

i think helen deserved the 3rd mvp, not elissa for the third straight time, thats a joke

i dont appreciate cbs insulting the viewers intelligence with the big ‘reveal of mvp’ trying to make out that there is even a chance it may not be elissa every week