Big Brother Spoilers Elissa “Lets put up Nick.. This way we win Regardless”

POV Holder: ? Next POV July 6th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner: Aaryn Next HOH:
MVP: Elissa
Original Nominations: Elissa and Helen
Current Nominations: ?
Last Evicted Houseguest David
Have Nots Helen, Elissa, Candice, and Andy


9:50pm Cam 1-2 Candice and Helen

Candice is saying that she’s certain Kaitlin, Me, Gina, Nick and Jeremy. Candice really thinks that Spencer voted to evict Elissa, “So I think Jeremy and NIck voted David out.. “
Candice says that the guys are working together “There is a boy alliance in this house 100% 4 sure”
C: “It could be Jeremy, Nick and Spencer.. I like spencer.. he’s really smart and calculating”
H: “But physically he’s incapable we can get him out”
C: “Right now he has both sides of the house eating out of the palm of his hands”
Helen agrees that Spencer’s gotta go but he’s OK to keep in the house right now, “The key to spencer is don’t be on his radar kiss hi a$$”
Candice adds that she has no idea why they told her to vote out Elissa when they all voted out David.
Helen says she has to be wary of the guys.
Helen: “I need the guys to help keep me here.. I have to trust them”
Candace doesn’t think Jeremy is smart enough to master mind anything so it must be Nick.
Helen: “But I like Nick”
Nick: “I do to”

Elissa comes in gives Helen a wink..


9:59pm Elissa tells Helen

Helen: “You think we should put JEremy up” She instructs Elissa that she mustn’t tell anybody that she has MVP. Elissa agrees.
They thank the fans for voting for Elissa to win the MVP.

If we put up Kaitlin and throw the comp then Kaitlin uses the POV they put Jeremy up. Elissa wants to put Jeremy up Helen thinks there may be a better play.

Helen wants Elissa to go in the Diary room and run through scenarios with them to make sure they know the rules of the MVP.

Helen wonders if Kaitlin is nominated and Jeremy wins POV and used it to save Kaitlin could Elissa nominate Jeremy in her place? Helen wants Elissa to ask the DR. (The answer is no)
Elissa: “I think so”

Helen and Elissa are worried if Jer plays in POV he’ll win it so they are trying to work out a plan to backdoor him.


10:13pm Andy and Helen
Andy is warning her that she is spending too much time scheming in the have nots, “Your safe you know that.”
Helen says that people keep coming in to talk to her.
Helen asks him if they can trust Judd. Andy is 100% positive.
Helen says either her or Elissa will win MVP and it’ll probably be Elissa if Elissa puts up “One of those People” (KAit, Jer) is Andy willing to vote them out.
Andy: “Of course”
Andy says that he is in “DEEP DEEP” with the other group so next week is going to be rough for him when they (Kait, Jer, Aaryn, Gina) find out he’s not with them.
Helen asks if he thinks Spencer is linked up with Jeremy at all.
Andy: ‘NO the only thing that can kill our group is suspicious if anyone tells you anything about the group don’t believe it”
Helen: “If you get picked for POV you need to throw it”
Andy: ‘If I win it I won’t use it”
Helen: ‘Don’t use it on me”
Helen says she’s been trying to tell Elissa to BAckdoor Jeremy but she just want to put him up”
Andy: “No no that’s worst case scenario.. put him up immediately”
They agree that putting Jeremy up is the best plan if Elissa wins the MVP.
Andy keeps saying “We have the numbers.. we have the numbers”
Andy: “If Elissa doesn’t win MVP I say we vote her out”
Andy: ‘Don’t get mad but Elissa is expendable”
Andy likes Elissa and wants to keep her around but.. Elissa walks in


10:20pm Cam 1-2 Elissa and Helen

Elissa wants to put Nick up, “This way we win either way”
Helen: “NO just put Jeremy up it’s too risky..”
Helen mention if they put Jeremy up the worst that could happen is he wins POV takes himself off the block and Kaitlin goes up and home.
Helen: “taking Kaitlin out of the game is better because it weakens Jeremy” Helen doesn’t want Nick to go.
Elissa says that Kaitlin is nice and really doesn’t cause problems she would rather Kaitlin in the house than Nick.

Helen says they already know they have the votes as longs as he doesn’t win POV he’s going home .. (This is going to be the MC’s first test)
Helen: “Do you know how pissed Aaryn will be if one of her people go.. “
Helen adds that even if Jeremy stays he doesn’t have the votes the following week they control the game.

(So nick may be going up.. ugh this week is going to be awesome on the feeds as the Moving company’s loyalty will be tested)


You can re-watch ever second on the feeds using their flashback feature.. It’s super easy to use click this link for a free trial —> Big Brother Live Feeds Take it from someone that has watched a lot of feeds CBS has done a fantastic job HUGE improvement over last year


10:58pm Cam 1-2 Elissa, Helen and McCrae
Mini meeting about what to do if they win the MVP.. Elissa is really watching McCrae she asks him who he would put up if he won the MVP.
McCrae: “There is something fishy going on in our ranks.. something feels weird”
Andy joins them says they have to get rid of Kaitlin or Jeremy “We have to weaken Aryan’s army”
Andy: “PUT HIM UP”
Helen: ‘Put him up”
Elissa: ‘So everyone here agrees if you won MVP you would put up Jeremy.
McCrae: “Yup”
Andy and McRae leave, Elissa, Helen: ‘We can trust them”
Elissa: “I think I have to decide soon they told me 2 hours”
Helen: ‘We have the numbers.. ”




Gina and Nick make a deal to make it to the end together.

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I knew once Jeremy did his little one on ones, and started threatening everyone, and they had their little pow wow outside about dont believe anything Jeremy is saying he was gone this week. And i love it, Karma is a bitch, bitch. When has threatening anyone worked in the BB house, looks like you should have watched more than 10 episodes before coming in. Have fun on your boat this summer, bro!


Just curious, how wld the votes go when Jeremy gets nominated: ))))))), and which MC will vote him out???


Heyf Gang, so long time onlinebbfan and reader, and I’ve always signed up for live feeds via online bb as well, but this year it won’t let me choose another country and I live in Canada ??? Its stuck on USA ? I’ve signed up for live feeds via onlinebb via cbs for last 7 years at least, can someone please find out how and or if I can’t sign up anymore because I’m not in States ? Thanks I await your answer ?


I’d love to see Elissa and Helen stay, but it really depends on how much McCrae thinks he needs Jeremy( assuming Jeremy does not win POV or Aaryn), it should be an interesting week to say the least.


It’ll be super interesting for sure. If Jeremy goes up, there’s virtually no way the MC can remain hidden next week. If they decide to keep Jeremy, their votes will still reveal the alliance. It’ll depend on whether or not MC views Jeremy as an integral part of the alliance or not. If I were them, my intial reaction would be no, he’s not worth keeping around if it means exposing their alliance in week 2. If they vote him out, you’re still the biggest alliance in the house with targets like Candice, Elissa, and Helen remaining and only Aaryn, Kaitlin, and Gina coming after you.


Hey Gang, and Hello Simon!!!! Just got back!!! Watching the last 2 days. OMG what is wrong with BB…..get rid of this brat pack/spoiled little kids. It is driving me crazy watching the valley girls/boys. From just what I seen they are way outta bounds on just about everything they talk about. Man would love to watch DR. Will, Mike Boogie or Evil Dick rip these kids all over the place.

Chilltown Fan

Haha, good post…Boogie would be providing entertainment gold on the live feeds with all the nasty mean $hit he would be saying about Aaryn, like he did to Janelle and Danielle M last season. Dick would put both Aaryn and Kaitlin into tears, and Jeremy would be sacred to death of Dick.


I am quickly losing interest, although I think it would pick up if Jeremy got kicked out. I can’t stand him. I don’t put my camera on him at all anymore… him or Kaitlin or Aaryn. Where are older and more mature players like… well, even like Shelly who could at least hold an interesting conversation. These young fools are so immature, this whole thing is looking like a bad 90210 episode.

Thinking Man

You think Helen goes home? Absolutely no way.


The live feeds are so amazing right now. I’m watching Amanda bitch at Jessie and it is hilarious.


Also, its my 3rd year watching BB and following this website. Keep up the good work Simon and Dawg ?


you shouldnt tolerate bullying bro


put him up elissa it’s ur mvp u decide who goes up no one else can. if it was me i would not tell anybody and let it be a surprise.


why does everyone hate elissa so much other than she’s Rachel’s sister she hasn’t done anything to anyone I guest the other house guest thought she would be exactly who Rachel was during her seasons but it’s totally the opposite these should worry about the real issues instead about getting her out.To aaryn why she so obsessed with elissa so much I mean she should be concerned on the votes that got david out but’s she too stupid to realize that But that really shouldn’t matter either she only knew him for 1 week I mean ruining your chances at winning this game over a guy knew 1 week pretty stupid & making unnecessary enemies is pretty lame but anyways #TeamElissa

Chilltown Fan

GM is wearing Nick down isn’t she? These are the horniest women they have ever had on BB, well maybe Season 9 is on par with this crew. When you have Jessie and Amanda fighting over McCrae, yes f’n pizza boy-comic geek McCrae, that says it all. Amanda just ripped into Jessie for talking to McCrae. If you told me two ladies would be fighting over McCrae before the season began I would think you were crazy.


I actually am super excited to see that elissa, helen, and candice are actually using their brains unlike the other girl’s in the house. hopefully jeremy goes; I can’t stand him.


YES! YES! YES! Elissa deserves it with all the mean crap they mean saying about her all just because she is the sister of Rachel. I hate those power house group that thinks they run the house like kings and queens… Calling people upstairs, threatening them to vote a certain way. NO F-you I’ll vote my way! Come on Elissa win that POV take yourself off the block put Jeremy up there and hopefully the moving company realize Jeremy is bad for them! Team Elissa!


I still like Amanda and her game play…BUT she is just as insecure as the other lame chicks in the house. To stand there and rail on Jessie for asking McCrae to “hold her hair”…so high school! Amanda…girl, grow a back bone, if McCrae is your man, he’ll handle himself…he doesn’t need you to run around like a cat in heat and run your mouth! It just makes you look weak. Maybe Jessie does flirt…but you’ve been in the house for all of 2 weeks…get over it. You aren’t MARRYING McCrae for Christ’s sake!


who is to say she won’t? mcrae needs a girl who basically wears the pants. that or he has to grow up past being a 19 year old virgin.

dani and dom got married. I would have put big money on dom being gay. GO FIGURE

Rachel and brendon are also married

so im not seeing how a big brother romance leading to marriage is remotely out of the question here.


It’s funny that there are as many or more lasting relationships that came from big brother than there are from the bachelor/bachelorette!


someone needs to just say to aaryn…. “you know what, you were in a 1 week alliance with david…..ONE WEEK….stop acting like it was a boogie and frank deal where there was even some loyalty shown or put on the line. SHUTUP”


manda constantly bullies and bitches about Jess because she admitted she is jealous of Jess(same as Gina and Kaitlyn are)

some of the comments already from manda about Jess:

she used “shitting on the face” of Jess comment whilst bitching about her, as a way of telling Andy she didnt respect/like her

said “i will rip her face off” to McCrae as she is jealous of Jess/McCrae

and “she is like one of the unpopular girls in school that follow the cool girls” to Kaitlyn and Aaryn and Gina

any chance she gets she is talking about Jess to others and being incredibly mean spirited towards her

manda is foul mouthed and majorly lacking in class – and slutting it up with another dude on national tv when she has a boyfriend (and other members of moving company want her out soon)

also McCrae has pulled her up on multiple racist comments he thought were bad – in terms of bullying/racism/coldness, manda is in the group with Aaryn, Kaitlyn and Gina

the other 4 girls are alot nicer with more warmth – Helen, Candace, Elissa and Jess

when going on the bb show people have to realize they are representing their family and friends, and themselves to millions of people in multiple countries


i am sorry but no one is jealous of Jessie, least of all Kaitlin and gina – those two treat her like the ugly stepsister


if you watched the cbs episode last week you would have seen manda in the diary room admit she is jealous of Jess as she thinks Jess has a better ass than her – and tells McCrae she is jealous of Jess/McCrae, even if they are simply talking


compared to Jess…

Gina, Kaitlyn and Manda look mannish to me, so i find it strange that they would treat her as an ugly sister

have you seen Gina without makeup? yikes, its fright night…and one recent after dark episode kaityln had her hair tied back and asked manda if she looked like a man after looking at herself in the mirror…then manda herself, she is very butch, her name suits her well

Jess is pretty, better body, fitter, nicer, more warmth, more feminine

but thats me


I think people don’t like her bc she has qualities that people don’t like to see in themselves – socially awkward, lacks self awareness, bland, desperate, insecure…


Jess seems like a nice girl to me – the constant bitching about her by other girls seems overly excessive

Poon Hammer

After dark stinks this year….. Not watching it anymore that’s for sure.


Amen to that! I think next year BBAD will return home to showtime after they realize how much it sucked this year.


I really hope MC realizes they can’t trust Jeremy the douchebag and send him packing


I think that is why he tolerates her.


I SOOOOO want Jeremy to go home, he has been nothing but cocky cocky cocky, and he has the maturity of a 12 year old boy. It would be sweet comeuppance for him to have shot his mouth off so much about how awesome he is and then see his ass out the door.

However, if he wins POV and takes himself off then he is staying a long time. I just want him gone, his ‘drama’ makes me groan and I hate hearing him spout off. It’s just irritating.


andy: “elisa is expendable”

are these people dense?

I mean really, Im starting to question the intelligence of some cast members. why the heck would you EVER think this way if you are in andy’s position, or Helen’s position?

are you freaking kidding me here people. its SO OBVIOUS the cool kids will stick with the cool kids, why the heck would you think the girl who wins MVP every week, is a HUGE target for no reason, and is a vote on YOUR SIDE, is expendable?

andy, you really make me sad.


He was just assuring Helen that if it comes down to it he would rather lose and can deal with losing Elissa as opposed to losing Helen and truthfully in the long run I think thats the right decision.

Everyone is focusing on Elissa in these first couple of weeks but she won’t be a target or MVP every week and after those two things stop being true she really is expendable IMO. I would much rather have Helen over Elissa even though Helen is a little too trusting at times which makes her question her own logic.

Its sad that Candice seems to have the best handle on whats going on and nobody seems to really want to deal with her. The only piece she’s missing is she still trusts Spencer. Once she realizes he’s not trustworthy she will really be seeing the game clearly. If she stays she needs to win HOH (her or Helen).


It does not matter who Elissa nominates as 6 votes decide who goes:

1) Nick
2) Jeremy
3) Kaitlin
4) Gina
5) McCrea
6) Howard
7) Spencer

And you know that the second a nomination is made without consultation with Spencer, the MC guard goes up. If it’s Jeremy, the guard goes up higher. McCrea was reading Helen’s litmus test and she will pull it on Howard and Spencer, then the guard goes up higher. The MC will absolutely close ranks and see the potential of Elissa, Helen, Candace, Judd, and Andy matching their number…and the allure of having Elissa as MVP doing their dirty work will vanish. Helen and Elissa believing they have all the power is going to be their undoing.


I don’t think they believe they have all the power. not at all.

I think its just all they can do in a game where they just don’t have allies.


McCrae must be thinking “bitches be cray”


I get the sense that if Jeremy gets put on the block and doesn’t win the POV or get taken off that the MC will vote him out because he is a strong player and that way they wouldn’t have to worry about him anymore which is a smart move. So if that did happen and he gets voted out I bet you he will either yell and out the MC or he will secretly tell Aaryn and Kaitlin because he would still be voted out so what does he care about keeping the alliance secret.


It would be cool if Elissa puts up nick and he wins the veto and they backdoor Jeremy that way you know he can’t take his self off.


They can’t backdoor Jeremy because they don’t get to choose the replacement nominee if the POV is used. The HOH will choose the replacement nominee and I assure you it will not be Jeremy…

Biff Tannen

This is the best season in a couple years. I know some ppl are mad at Aaryn, GM, etc. for their ignorance (I think those ppl tke the show a tad too seriously and don’t remember, at least in Aaryn’s case, what it was like to be 22), but I dunno what else you could ask for 2 weeks into the season. I don’t think there will be a single week without drama this year. I just hope there’s an epic blowup at some point.

I'm Tall

I have to disagree with you completely. What does her age have to do with her being a racist? That is a learned behavior and it’s obvious she was taught all the things she has spewed out of her mouth but at this point in her life, being that she is in college and i’m assuming it is a diverse school she shouldn’t be acting this way. her age has no reflection on ignorance.


Also if Jeremy was really with the MC he would of have kept the HOH which would have helped his alliance but he didn’t. He must have forgot this was a game because that was stupid. I feel he would be the one that would go against his alliance because he is stupid.

Janelle pov queen

Just think what would happen if Elissa beat jeremy in the pov his face lol


I am sure most think there are more deserving houseguests for the “MVP” than Elissa, but the way she is being bullied by the Aaryn nation for NO reason other than being Rachel’s sister, has pissed a lot of us off. Elissa needs a little help and the MVP is the only way we can give her help. Might not be fair to some, but those are the rules BB has made. Lets take advantage of it. GO ELISSA!!!!


Why do Helen and Elissa think they have the numbers? Seems to me that Helen is playing Elissa, especially when she told Elissa to throw the POV. Throw it to whom? Throw it to Kaitlin, so Elissa stays on the block and Kaitlin is safe. Throw it to Helen, so Helen is safe and Elissa stays on the block? How does this throwing the POV make any sense for Elissa? This is like last season when Dani, threw her final three comp at the request of Dan, to ensure Dan makes it to the final two. It did nothing to help Dani, but ensured Dan’s success. Additionally, say that Helen wins POV, all Aaryn is going to do is put up Candice. Amanda is going to vote for Elissa, Andy is playing both sides and will vote for Elissa, Gina votes for Elissa, Howard votes for Elissa. The only votes that could save Elissa is Candice and Helen; however all 3 of them will prob be on the block. The only thing that will save Elissa is winning the POV. If she wants POV, you don’t put up Jeremy, he’s to strong of a player. You put up Nick in order to win the POV. Yep, Helen is playing Elissa….Elissa, its win POV or go home.


Elissa MVP… how boring.

Why would you guys vote her MVP? The only thing she has done thus far is foolishly trusted McCrae, and be related to Rachel (aka the single more annoying house guest ever).

I know this season is weak… but come on.. She goes up to the person she’s on the block with and tells her she has MVP. Regardless if Helen is trustworthy or not, that’s a really dumb move, as was taking Pizza Boy’s advice, which is why she’s in this spot again.


Yes it is boring a snooze fest.. Come on she is MVP again. This just shows CBS is rigging this show. I thought nobody liked Rachell but they bend over backwards to keep her sister? I think Rachell invented this twist and CBS is repaying her by giving it to her sister each week. We have no idea what the votes were because we don’t see the numbers how convenient is that.


Actually, not a dumb move if they are trying to play together. Putting up the right MVP nom could deflect attention off them onto the new nom. Elissa has to trust someone in the game – she doesn’t have anyone. Better Helen than anyone else.


DanGOAT, the reason I’m voting for Elissa is because of how catty the Aryan “brotherhood” is being toward her! She may not be doing anything in the house YET, but because Aaryn hates her so much, makes it SOOOO worth while for her to have a little power over her and her “brotherhood”! If she doesn’t get anything to help her, that catty bunch want to vote her out just BECAUSE she’s Rachels sister.
I don’t know what I think of Elissa yet, but so far, she’s a hell of a lot better than those racist idiots! She’s not acting anything like her sister did and if that’s because she took a lesson from Rachels gameplay and knows NOT to act like Rachel did, then that tells me that she’s a lot smarter than Rachel was and deserves the MVP for that alone!
The fact that this gives me a chance to help ruin Aaryn (Aryan) and her “brotherhood” games, will ensure that I vote Elissa MVP until the “brotherhood” is out the Big Brother door! TEAM ELISSA!!!


I really hope Elissa stays this week but I don’t have a good feeling for some reason. I would love for Elissa to put up Nick and then win veto. Hopefully Arayn will then put up another MC member not knowing and someone from MC goes home. We don’t want another boys alliance running the game this year.


Question why are people saying someone needs 6 votes to go home??? There are 3 nominees therefore won’t the person with the highest amount of votes go home??? OR have I missed the rules to having 3 people up somewhere?? Simon?? Dawg?? Please help.


I think they are assuming all of the votes will go to Elissa and whoever she nominates. Helen will get no votes like Jessie.


You need 6 votes to ensure that someone goes home. Last week, only two of the noms received votes, so you need to plan with that in mind – that votes might just be split between two people.


i hope the mc stays strong and elissa goes home this week this way the mvp is open to the people actually playing the best game and it may make the women realize there is a male alliance

realgirlfriendsof thebb15house

Helen is soooo frekin bossy.. cant Elissa think for herself..


NO you are wrong Helen is not working against Elissa. She was the only one in the first week of the show who consoled Elissa when no one else did.


If elissa puts up Jeremy and he wins veto who replaces a person on the block , hoh or mvp


They need to put Jeremy. And Elissa needs to win pov and use it on HERSELF!!!


If Elissa puts up Jeremy and he doesn’t come off the block, Elissa is going home. I really don’t think the MC will let him go this soon. Nick is using him to shield him. Jeremy thinks that him and Nick are final 2. Nick winds him up and Jeremy does the dirty work while Nick lies back and looks innocent. If I am Nick, I would be thinking that as long as Aaryn, Kaitlin and Jessie are gone before jury, Jeremy would be a pretty good choice to be final 2 with. He is the perfect goat. Helen, Howard, Amanda, MC and Spencer think he is a dumbass. They tolerate him.

The MC needs Jeremy to be there making an ass of himself and neutralizing the KKK. Let’s say Elissa puts up Jeremy, he wins veto. Elissa seems to think that she would make the replacement nominee, but I don’t think that’s how it works. It would be Aaryn making the replacement. She is so stupid, she would probably put up Candace. Votes would probably be overwhelmingly against Elissa. Why would they get Candace out? What a waste ( and I hope she sticks around for a while, the girl might have game once the barbie doll alliance is toast). Andy, Judd, Howard and Spencer think they can use Helen, so I doubt they would vote for her, and that means that Nick, McCrae and Jeremy would vote the same. Elissa’s best move would be to put up Kaitlin. It’s less likely that Kaitlin can win POV, she goes home, Aaryan nation is down to one member (Gina would follow Nick over Aaryn). Once that happens, it puts Jeremy in a very bad place, because he has pissed off just about everyone that isn’t MC (Amanda, Helen, Elissa, Candace, Andy, Judd and possibly Jessie). If that happens, the MC only have 5 people, and if 2 of them get put on the block, they don’t have the numbers anymore, even if they pull Gina and Amanda over.

Elissa could make a brilliant move, but I don’t think she will. She is playing emotional like Rachel did, and not seeing the bigger picture. Unless she puts up Kaitlin, she is done.