Big Brother Spoilers – Craig’s Dance Routine with his girls Bixie, Dixie, Trixie, and Pixie

POV Holder: Shane Next POV: July 21
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 23rd (Monday)
HOH Winner: Frank Next HOH: July 26 (Thurs)
Original Nominations:
Current Nominations: JOJO and Shane
Have Nots /Slop Willie, Shane, JOJO, Ian
Coach Competition Winner Janelle
Next Coaches Competition July 27 (Friday)
Last Evicted Houseguest Kara, Willie

8:55pm Cam 3-4 Danielle and Frank Danielle is tells him that he shouldn’t base his decisions on the fact that her coach is Dan.
Danielle tells him she’s not going to bother frank like crazy but she really wants to know the outcome before going into the live show. Frank explains to her that she’s welcome to come up any time and don’t feel like if she’s not part of the 6 she can’t hang out with them.

Danielle says if she goes up as a pawn she won’t target Willie the following week. Danielle asks him what her chances are to stay in the house. Frank explains that it’s still very much in the air, 50/50 maybe.

Danielle presses the point that she is not after Frank and will not stab him in the back. She would like to work with Frank . They made an agreement to be upfront and honest with each other.

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9:03pm Joe, Ashley and Janelle

She’s asking them if the teams will stick together if they switch up them up. joe isn’t sure he says it depends because if he went to Boogie’s team Janelle won’t want him to win because if he does she won’t win. Joe thinks it could get ugly but it something they need to discuss.

Ashley leaves them to stretch .. Joe is saying that he’s certain the coaches are not coming into the game he thinks they are going to mix up the teams. Joe: “That will be a nightmare especially with what we have going right now”

Joe brings up the idea that if there was a

Janelle: “You are spot on about Frank he’s way too dangerous.. he’s goign to be very hard to get rid of him.. it’s going to take 6 people working together to take him out.. I think we’re going to need to strike first on that one”

Janelle: “If Frank was sitting with anyone on the block they would go” Joe disagrees he thinks if Frank gets up on the block people will get rid of him because they’ll only have on more shot to do it.

9:37pm Cam 3-4 Bathroom Danielle, Janelle and Ashley They tells Danielle that everything is going to be alright but they need to not talk so much in the open. Janelle explains that Frank is getting pissed when they are together, Janelle: “Frank is pissed that Shane won the POV because he knows that Shane will be gunning for him”. Ashley thinks that there is no point of Danielle stressing about it now before nominations are done. Danielle brings up that she talked to Ian and he said he’ll vote to keep her so all she needs is 3 more and she’s safe. Janelle just doesn’t want Boogie to catch wind of them talking or making deals before the Power of Veto Ceremony.

The girls are all doing their makeup Janelle says she sells Mary Kay makeup she tells the feeds to go to her website and buy her makeup.

10:00pm Cam 3-4 Britney, Ashley, Janelle, Danielle All the girls are doing up their make up like slutty barbie..

10:12 Cam 1-2 The Barbies

10:22pm cams 1-4 Bixie girls and Craig dance Bixie (Britney), Trixie (Ashley), Dixie (Danielle), and Pixie (Janelle)

10:51pm Arcade Room Janelle, Ashley and Wil Janelle is telling them when Frank calls them up to HOH to talk do not tell him who you want to go home Janelle and Ashley want Danielle to stay but Wil is thinking maybe JOJO should stay because he would rather be nominated up against JOJO than Danielle.
Janelle: “JOJO will never work with us we can at least work with Danielle” Janelle also explains that next week could be endurance and JOJO has a HUGE chance to win that and if she does she’ll be coming after our team. If they leave Danielle in the game she won’t win anything and they can sway her vote.
Janelle is telling them that the “Producer” this year is favoring physical competitions and that hurt them when they are going up against Shane and Frank. Wil says if Shane wins HOH himself and Frank are going up. Janelle explains that they will have the votes to save Wil as long as they get Danielle on their side this week. Janelle reiterates that they cannot let Frank know they want to Keep Danielle because then he’ll suspect they have a deal with her. They all agree that Frank needs to go right away and hopefully Shane can do that for them. Wil leaves to shower. Janelle says that for some reason Wil is thinking that Joe and Frank have a final 2 agreement. Janelle says the biggest threat they face is if Frank goes up on the block with one from their side they will not have the votes to get him out. Ashley looks stunned, “ohh I never thought about that”. Janelle: “and even if we get rid of Frank we still have the beast of Shane to get rid of”

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11:25pm HOH Cam 1-2 Shane, Frank and Boogie

Boogie and Frank are pulling Shane into their group. Boogie offers this to Shane but it’s only good if he keep quiet. If Shane is with him then he’s safe from their side. Shane is saying that he’ll vote whichever way Frank and Boogie want. He wants to know if Danielle is going up, Boogie says Yes, She’s going up and we’re about 50/50 with who is going home but it’s starting to look like JoJo.

Frank tells him that the group of 6 will eventually have to fight and Frank doesn’t think his team is better than Janelle’s and they will most likely get destroyed in competitions. Boogie says that Frank has a better chance of winning competition than Janelle’s top player but after Frank there is a big drop off in his team abilities. Shane is really into this deal with boogers. He says if he wins HOH he’ll put up Joe and Wil. Boogie: “I’ll tell you something if someone sits next to Wil they are going home” Boogie mentions that Joe is a big shit disturber in the house. If you side with us you do not have to deal with Joe but if you side with them theres the Joe factor. Boogie explains that Joe was a major orchestrator in them keeping Frank but he’s also capable of doing immense damage to peoples in the social game. Boogie: “Joe plays the game sometimes when he doesn’t need to.. I think you have a much better chance with us than with them”
Shane: “So i’m going to have to vote for JOJO right “
Boogie: “of course vote Jojo to stay…. YES” Boogie explains that this must be kept a secret if you voted our way people would start thinking something is up.
boogie brings up how Britney came up earlier and used a similar speech to him that he used on her last week. Boogie agree with what Britney said doesn’t want to to play the game 3 vs 3 it’ll be boring. Boogie mentions Britney talking to Janelle again and how it might spell trouble. Frank: “Girls will easily band together.. I’ve seen it before in this game.” Boogie is scared that “Girl Power” will take over the house. Boogie: “Britney will have her 2 beers during girl night and start talking to Janelle… that britney and Janelle fracture was perfect for us”

Shane leaves.. They both agree a very Good talk

Boogie says it’s best if they don’t win HOH this week and hope that Shane gets it. Boogie: “I think we might get Wil to work with us and keep his mouth shut” boogie mentions that when Wil voted for Kara he showed Boogie that he is here to play and will do what it takes to win. Frank says he’s going to be spending some time with Him. Frank: “I’m not going to bring it up to him i’m hoping he brings it up organically than we know we can trust him”
Boogie: “just a little warning.. keep things really general when talking to Wil..It’s so great to have Shane on the side because he has nowhere to go.. He’s kind of like our prisoner”

Boogie points out that Shane is not a strategist in the game. He brings up how Shane doesn’t get some basic concepts of the game like when he wasn’t sure if he should vote out joJO.

Boogie: “One thing I’m going to say about our two is that they are loyal i’m worried about them going to the other side. “ Frank is a bit worried that Ian. Boogie isn’t worried they just need to sit him down and explain the situation.

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11:40pm Cam 3-4 Bathroom JOJO and Britney Britney tells her Danielle has nothing to offer JOJO should Talk to Frank but Britney needs to find out when the time is right first. Jojo has to prepare to go up stairs talk to Frank and prove to Frank that she’s the better player to keep. Shane joins them tells them the talk with the HOH room went well. Britney wants to know if they offered him a deal. Shane says no, Shane has nothing to offer them. Britney asks what they talked about. Shane says the guys were running scenarios for next week. Shane head to bed early.

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32 thoughts on “Big Brother Spoilers – Craig’s Dance Routine with his girls Bixie, Dixie, Trixie, and Pixie

  1. why is fakelle bothering to walk she is getting bigger each day she should just stay out of HOHs goody baskets :)

  2. This is like watching bad acting with Ashley and Janelle on AfterDark. Janelle’s talking about how Frank is good with everybody in the house. and Ashley is like “Oh, I didn’t even think about that.” “he should’ve gone.” Yeah, you stupid bitch, wake the hell up! What’s Janelle’s excuse? She’s played this game 3 times and couldn’t see that Frank was a damn threat till now?

    And all you have to do is put make-up on with Janelle and kiss her ass, and you’re good. Bravo Danielle.

    1. and Willie would still be in the game and the feeds would still be exciting… Haven’t watched 5 minutes since Willie was kicked out…

      1. If you have not watched the feeds since Willie left how, exactly, do you know that they are boring? Also, if Willie wasn’t AFRAID to lose he would probably still be in the house. Again, I will tell this to every poster who doesn’t seem to get it. Willie is out of the house because of Willie. He wasn’t mentally stable enough to play the game.

      2. Willie fans, here’s the truth. When the going got tough, Willie quit. When most dig down deep and find a way to keep going, he clearly couldn’t do that. I liked him in the beginning, but to root for him still is rooting for someone that has no problems with dropping the N word on the show, calls women cunts, throws things at women, throws a temper tantrum cause things aren’t going his way, and then quits on his team and his fans through self eviction by head butting another HG. Willie is now on the same level as Chima. Weak-minded sore losers who chose to quit.

        1. Bil Maher said the same thing about women and the Pres took a $1,000,000 from him. So, I guess Willie should be a Lib media hero now.

  3. It’s funny that Danielle might stay in spite of Dan’s lack of doing anything. As I said before, nobody is voting to keep Kara or keep Danielle, they are just voting to get rid of (or keep) Frank and the same with Jojo. Dan will be so lucky if Danielle floats on by for the week, and it seems like she will . . .

  4. Dear Janelle,

    Please stop complaining to Joe about how hard it will be to get Frank out and how he’s in good with everyone. Please stop talking to Ashley about how it doesn’t do any good to vote out the pawns and keep strong players like Frank around.


    Frank went on the block last week and didn’t win POV. Then he had the fight with Willie and because you simply wanted to spite Willie and ruin his HOH, you kept Frank. You had your chance and now you’re stuck with him. Deal with it.

    Oh yeah, you were soooooo scared about dangerous Dan still having 2 players. I forgot. :rolls eyes:

    I hope Shane win HOH next week and puts up Wil and Joe.


    Da Bum

    1. Uhhh wow..hating on her for no reason. She made an alliance with Boogie’s team, meaning that she had to keep Frank considering the alliance. Yeah Team Diversity might have been a horrible name, but it was an alliance nonetheless. This week however, there’s been an obvious rift between Janelle and Boogie so now it makes sense that she would want Frank out. He’s strong both physically and mentally, a huge threat. You play the game week by week, a lot of stuff can change within a matter of days.

  5. I am already tired of Frank and Boogie’s cockiness, Janelle’s realization of who’s more threatening a day later, Dan’s lack of ambition of trying to save his team (throwing challenges, really! People who throw challenges usually go home) and Britney’s lack of judgement with her players. I used to like (aside from Frank and Booger) these players and they are just terrible this season! I hope that the coaches return to the game, so they can squirm and realize who’s trying to run the show, AKA Joe and screw up their alliance. Then we got a season here, where we will barely know who’s gonna win it all… Hopefully not Frank, Boogie or Joe.

  6. yeah janelle is so stupid u would think that this was her first time instead of her third time playing, she had the chance to get frank out last week and now it’s just a matter of time before it bites her in that big ass of hers, especially now that it looks like frank and boogie have made a deal with shane, it would also be hilarious if instead of getting rid of danielle and dan this week that if they got rid of jojo which they will probably do and then if dan somehow came into the game janelle would shit her tights full, something has to happen because the weeks don’t add up there r too many players still left.

    1. oops i meant they r not enough players left and remember what the commercial said they this season was going to have the most players ever so far that’s not the case.

      1. I seen that also, I think more people are coming into the game, just not the coaches, I don’t think Dan is out of the game if Danielle is evicted, I think they are wasting Hoh’s voting out kara and danielle

        1. At this point im hoping some more people come into this game.something to shake things up cause at this point it so boring.

    2. I know, it would be stupid to have the jury be at this point, I mean they either have to bring back a player or bring the coaches into the game, plain and simple

      1. Personally, if I’m production I’m loving the drama so far and to keep that up what I do is if Danielle’s voted out and Dan’s team is wiped out I drop Dan into the game and immediately have the remaining coaches have another draft with Dan included to have three teams of three and hopefully mix up thr alliances again and have the houseguests, coaches and the audience scrambling to figure out what’s next.

  7. Watching Joe in the hammock talking about marriage. What an arrogant, know it all asshole. I dislike him more every day. I would love to see him back doored this week.

  8. boogie is just awesome at this game. I looooooooooove when players can make a move that takes weeks for the other side, which thinks they are cool, to figure out they were had. boogie is just king at this, he isnt a chess move ahead, he basically is like friends with the guy who figured out how to beat it.(go figure)

    dan seems to have just decided danielle stands no chance to win in the end, and that he almost hopes she goes at this point and maybe he enters the game(I still believe they just go to jury, and that is the twist)

    I think boogie and frank will be fine for awhile but frank is so cocky, that he will end up getting the blindside, and likely due to ian who will tell ashley their secrets or by jenn who almost flipped over getting farted on. when frank gets eliminated, boogie will mentally check out.

    its sad how easy it is to get on janelle’s good/bad side

  9. boogie and janelle are both making a massive mistake.

    by riding their prize horse so to speak, and ignoring the rest of their team or just ruling them off as votes, that will eventually lead to a jenn or ian deciding to break off from their coach, now for boogie personally, its a good thing, but for team boogie, or team frank I should say right now, that could spell disaster, same for janelle’s team. they think joe is going to stir things up, but w/ frank/boogie already knowing his intentions to do so, I just dont see it being effective

  10. I hope Jodi comes back just for the lol’s. :) they always talk about jodi on the live feeds lol they love her.

  11. This pics crack me up. Frank’s face is a wreck,mike’s face looks scary, Shane’s pic looks like a creepy guy on a dating show. I wish Dan told Jenn she’s going to have to work harder with her band because she’s in a reality show. Dan is kinda acting sexy tonight. Wil, no matter how wild or cray cray he can be, his body is whoa! Which I find more attractive than Shane. Shane is boring on camera and only interesting when he’s laughing or going Sparta up in there winning POVs. Britney’s brain left the building along with steroids Willie. The cinversations between Janielle & Ashley are like Barbie and Skipper . Thank goodness Danielle has friends. Danielle is a puppet and is so annoying with that nasal voice. Jojo is so jersey shore mafia wives bad girls club I have no interest in her. She alledgedly hooked up with Willie though she misses her ex bf having sex with him, slutty spice.

  12. Shane is so hot they need to keep Him on longer for sex appeal reasons. Looped the talkBoogie gave to Shane. There ate hot girls too which why it was sad seinfeld hit Kara leave. But it’s not a looks comp.

  13. In my point. Joe has to guts to get rid of Frank next week. However, get rid of JoJo is like “icing in the cake”. She will be kick ass and go after Janelle’s team. My strategy is get rid of stronger threat like JoJo because if she stays, then she will go after either Frank (Shaun White) or Joe (Roger Clemens). Joe (Roger Clemens) will be easy to leave because he won’t shut up. But, the only way is keep Danielle (Jordan 2.0/Kate Ziegler) until final 6. That would be best strategy ever.

  14. i love danielle why don’t the housguests keep here smanwhen the have an endurance to ha on the longest it’s usually tiny people like matt season 12 h ragen where like final 2 every tie and they are tinnier than me

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