Big Brother 15 Spoilers “I am solider for y’all I would give my left test!cle to stay here”

POV Holder: Kaitlin Next POV July 20th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony July 22
HOH Winner: Helen Next HOH: July 18
MVP: Elissa
Original Nominations: Kaitlin, Aaryn, Spencer (MVP)
Current Nominations: Jeremy, Aaryn, Spencer (MVP)
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick
Have Nots Judd, Jessie, McCrea, Amanda


7:32pm Jeremy and Helen HOH

Jeremy is campaigning to Helen saying he has the number he just needs Helen and Andy onboard. He’s talked to Andy and Andy thinks it’s a good idea he just wants Jeremy to talk to Helen first.
Jeremy proposes and new super friends alliance, “I will be a soldier for y’all”

Jeremy says that Spencer and Howard are his targets. He is certain that that they are working together. Jeremy can be used to take them out.
Helen brings up that Spencer and Howard have lied to them since day one.
Helen: ‘Here’s my thing with you.. I need the attitude to change.. if i’m even going to entertain this.. the attitude needs to change”
Helen says she’s here to compete not for the drama.

Jeremy pleads with her tells her he’s targeting the same people they are he will get Spencer and Howard out for them.
Jeremy swears he won’t target Andy and Helen
Helen: “You have to tell me you will never come after me”
Jeremy: “I will never ever ever put Andy and you up”
Helen: “and Elissa”
Jeremy: “yes and Elissa”
Helen: “At least until we get to final 4”
Jeremy: “y’all can put me in your back pocket I will fight fight fight for you”
Helen: “and your attitude will be gone.. Jeremy pompous out the door.. I want you to be yourself but I don’t want you to be an A$$hole”
Jeremy says he’s already started being himself this past week
Helen: “it’s only been 2 days”

Jeremy: “I’m telling you I will fight fight fight to win and i’ll put up Howard and Spencer”
Helen tells him he still would have to do what’s best for his game if he won HOH.
Jeremy: “what’s best for my game right now is I’ll be on your side.. I will not go back on my word”
Elissa comes in
Jeremy: ‘Elissa i’m glad you are here”
He wants to talk to her about game play Helen says she should hear him out.

Jeremy says they’ve had rough past.. he means it when he says he will not be going after her. He points out that he’s the only person that has kept his word in the house they know they can trust him.

Jeremy: “Unless it comes down to us three I will never come after you again”
Jeremy: “I have not lied and will not lie .. I will cut down the attitude … I am solider for y’all I would give my left testicle to stay here”
Helen says if it comes down to Helen, Elissa, Aaryn, KAitlin and Jeremy who would he put up.
Helen: “Everything we share here is private “
Elissa: “don’t you think we deserve to be here more than aaryn”
Jeremey says if thats the deal that has to be made to stay in the house that is what he’ll do
Elissa and Helen both say Aaryn should go over spencer.

Elissa asks him if she came to him last week and proposed the same thing that he’s proposing to her what would he say to her. Jeremy says he’s always been up for talking game they know that . He reminds her she never came to them last week when she was on the block. If she had they would have taken her proposal serious.

Elissa says if they made any deal with jeremy aaryn would have to go. Elissa thinks he should start campaigning against Aaryn instead of Spencer. Jeremy says he won’t do that he’s just going to campaign to stay.
Helen: ‘I feel bad for you Jeremy because Aaryn ruined your game”
Elissa mentions how Aaryn is walking around being all nice and
Jeremy is almost out the door. They tell him how much Aaryn has messed up his game. The wine fight was caused by Aaryn etc etc.
Helen tells him honestly it’s too much of a gamble to keep Jeremy now that he’s almost out of the house. He’s such a strong competitor.

They both tell him that the person Jeremy is right now is the person he should have walked into the house being. Helen says this doesn’t go outside this room but if you stay you are playing for Judd, McCrea, Elissa, Amanda and Andy. Jeremy says he’ll do whatever for one more week.
Elissa: “Who should go home this week”
Jermey: “Aaryn now”

Helen: ‘If we keep you here and get you out in three weeks will you be mad at me”
Jeremy: “Helen I’m not mad at you now”

Elissa asks him if he Kaitlin is good for his game, if she left would his headf be more in the game
Jeremy says his head is in the game.
Helen says her loyalty is Judd, And, Elissa, McCrea and Amanda. she adds those people are higher on the totem poll than Kaitlin

Jeremy says you can bring Kaitlin into this room right now and i’ll tell you all if i’m safe this week I will choose Helen and Elissa over her in final 4

They tell him they’ll talk to the house and figure out what they should do. Jeremy doesn’t think Jessie and Candace will vote for them to stay.
Helen says Kaitlin and Gina have to be convinced to vote out Aaryn.
Andy joins them

CBS Interactive Inc.


8:00pm Kaitlin and Andy

Kaitlin tells him she is still hanging out with Aaryn but they are not working together. Andy says Aaryn’s ship has sailed the best thing for Kaitlin is to cut her loose.
Kaitlin says her plan is to do what Andy and Helen want because she’s on her own now and she’s not going to stick her head out
Andy says good because her agenda is aligned with the house. Andy mentions that the only way Aaryn will get put up is if Howard or Candace wins HOH.

Kaitlin mentions that Aaryn is thinking they can get the power in the house but she’s not thinking clearly because they don’t have the numbers and because of the MVP they can never get the power again. Her only option is to stick with them. Kaitlin mention how close Howard and Candace have gotten.

Andy tells her he’s done a lot of shady things but nothing he’s done has put Kaitlin in danger.


8:34pm HOH Andy and Helen

Helen says he brings compelling argument.. he basically said he will play for us. I told him there are other people in this house that have been really loyal to me and i’m stickin with him..
Helen: “I’m going to tell him before the vote.. worry it’s not going to happen”
Andy says Jeremy is just telling them what they want to hear. Helen wonders if they can trust him.
Helen: ‘We can’t trust him can we Elissa”
Elissa: “No.. he did the same thing with my hat.. “
Andy: “Too little too late”
Elissa: “It sucks because he does seem like a nice person.. how can someone be night and day like that“
Helen: “The pro is he can win competition and he promises he would never put us up”
Helen: “the con is this whole thing can blow up in our face “
Helen: ‘we don’t really need him at this point”
They agree they are set up too good right now they don’t need Jermey anymore.
(Jeremy is still going home )


8:39pm hammock McCrea and Amanda
McCrea brings up if someone from the other side of the house wins HOH howard is going to try and flip the house. McCrea thinks Howard will put up him and Amanda. Amanda thinks Candace will be pissed at howard she will never let him do that. McCrea: “She won’t care he’ll explain what’s going on and she’ll be like OK BOO”

Amanda thinks that Kaitlin will target Howard and Candace because she’s close to Andy and Andy can sway them. She’s certain Andy will keep them safe. Amanda points out that you are supposed to target the people that is targeting you that is the way you play the game. They wonder about Elissa’s vote. Amanda says it will be either Aaryn and Spencer nominated when Elissa wins the MVP.

McCrea doesn’t think it’s a guarantee Kaitlin will not put up the people targeting her. He points out they are dealing with players that aren’t smart.

They are worried they could be caught next week and don’t have the votes to stay.

McCrea: “Sounds like it’ll be a 5/5 vote next week if that is what happens” (Howard wins HOH.. they are assuming they have Gina’s vote)

Amanda thinks they have Gina on their side she told her she will vote to keep them over Aaryn and Kaitlin.

Amanda just doesn’t see Kaitlin and Aaryn siding with Howard and since they have Gina there isn’t anything to worry about. McCrea keeps telling her Kaitlin will side with Howard.


CBS Interactive Inc.

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billy bob

i kind of want jeremy to stay and aaryon to go,for better tv, come on production time for some dr hypnotizing,


Jeremy fingers Kaitlin under the covers – watch his hand move really fast right where her ass is – at about 6:56pm on the feeds.

If he stays a little longer, we’ll probably watch him bang her.


He already did when Aaryn was HOH.

Spooky Cawk

And that’s a bad thing? Dudes getting some ass in the BB house, fuckin rights on him

ILLWILL That A$$hole

LOL “DR Hypnotizing”, that’s a good name for it.

Kaitlin's Sharpie Eyebrows

Go ahead Jeremy and give both testicles, this way the world is free of you breeding!!!


Jerm likes to talk about who deserves and doesn’t deserve to be in that house to me it seems like a scumbag like him shouldn’t have even been casted ’cause he’s a repulsive, sad excuse of a human being! I’m so happy he’ll be walking out the house this week! This is what happens when you can’t use your brain properly and hopefully this doesn’t happen to Helen too ’cause she’s been tripping a little!

Kaitlin's Sharpie Eyebrows

Go ahead Jeremy and give up both of your testicles, this way the world is free of you breeding!

ILLWILL That A$$hole

He can still adopt a kid that’s just like him.


Helen is on the edge right now knowing she is about to lose power and seeing that Howard could change her plans. If Jeremy is smart he needs to start rumors that Howard, Spencer and Candace have been planning on taking Helen out. Helen could easily panic and campaign for Jeremy with the help of Andy


Bye-bye Jeremy! Your testicle’s worth sh*t!! Keep it!! LOL.

Howard's Biceps

Why is Howard always being talked about by the other HG?!? Especially by Amanda and McCrea. Hope Howard wins HOH and you’ll see that everyone will start kissing his ass!


How much longer do you think MVP will last, until jury? I hope it doesn’t last too much longer…


I’ll take any bets now that Howard wins it this coming week. Between Sunday’s edit and the fact that Elissa’s voters will slide off a little believing she is safe…and if BB is as fixed as others claim, then how can CBS not give it to him. They just painted him as Martin Luther King…and a week later the racists have been embraced, Amanda is excusing them and claiming Howard created the race issue for his advantage, and everybody except Spencer and Candace have made him Public Enemy Number 1. And if CBS tries to get cute with the edits now to make Howard and Candace look bad, the firestorm will only grow.

If Howard is evicted next week and Candace follows after all the bad publicity and BB making the racism a storyline, what sponsor is going to want their product associated with this “social experiment” next year? This isn’t a black and white issue…it’s a green issue.

ILLWILL That A$$hole

When the MVP is evicted.


You got your balls taking out Jeremy……give it up already.


have you notice how dark Amanda`s and Jeremy`s eyes are .. those are eyes of the devil… the male version goes home and the female one starts drama and blame it on someone else …


and here is GM’s jolly rancher costume..comment image

ILLWILL That A$$hole

I love candy apple jolly ranchers.

Kayla J

Haaaaaaa!!! Photoshop at it’s best!
we all know that old hag look snothing like that! B!tch please!

ILLWILL That A$$hole

I’m ROLMFAO @ the IRONY of GM talking about her job…


Don’t see why everyone wants Jeremy gone. He is great TV, and he is a very loyal player. He’s not racist or snobby like the others. His only flaw was being brutally honest at times. Why would players like Judd & Jessie, Spencer, Howard & Candice just sit around while Jeremy gets voted out? They will be gone well before Helen, Elissa, Andy, Amanda, and McRae will. Lame ducks waiting to get picked off because they’re all too afraid of making a move. Man has this MVP twist ever ruined Big Brother :S


Exactly. If they got Elissa out last week the MVP would be a great twist if no one knew who had it. Potentially someone like Helen could put Amanda up and act like she has no idea who did it! Would have been great entertainment. Seriously it’s not her fault but Elissa ruined this game. It’s almost as if Big Brother just wants to remind the fans every episode of how awesome her sister was. The MVP is like having an HOH every week. It completely dilutes the game. If Aaryn wins HOH and POV next week Gina would still probably go home assuming Elissa wins it again. Good job America


Simon, I don’t think AG has the *slightest* intention of ending MVP anytime soon. This idea has been 100% started/floated by fans/OBB……


Kim Jong Helen is so brilliant.

She talks about loyalty and being with the people who were with her first…and Candace is nowhere to be found on that list. Candace came to her the moments after she was nominated last week, saying she was with her and that she suspected there was a secret boys alliance running things. The names Helen does list all had to be sold and only committed to keeping Elissa AFTER the veto, when they were safe. Candace never once went up to Jeremy and the mean girls to kiss ass and make fake deals just in case. She was on board from day 1…and for that Helen is fine if she follows Howard out the door in two weeks…but Helen is the “good person” and plays the game right…never mind the complete scumbagging of Jeremy, rather than putting him up and giving him the chance to play for his game, she made it so he had no chance.

If BB really has the fix in and they want to create some drama, Spencer has to win HOH and Howard has to win MVP, then watch her friends scurry to them and make all the same promises to them that they made to her and will be fine if she winds up nominated. Howard and Candace have to outlast Aaryn and GM just for BB’s survival next season, but other than that I’m just looking forward to the day when Amanda, McCrea, Andy, and Judd slide the knife in Helen’s back…probably in about 3 weeks time.


Will make no difference. If Howard wins HOH and puts up McRae and Amanda hypothetically and Spencer is the MVP nom and he wins POV; Elissa would just put up Candace and she’d get voted out. Seriously this isn’t even a game right now it’s pretty much who Elissa and her entourage want out this week. Let them all keep pretending Helen is in power……. Real Housewives of Big Brother star Elissa is constantly running this game while pretending she is the “nice girl”. She’s ten times worse than Aaryn we just don’t see it on TV. “Who’s Jeremy again?”


Did you miss the part about Spencer winning HOH and Howard winning MVP?


It’s called backdooring someone and is a perfectly sound strategy when done right, which is what is happening now. If those bozo’s really wanted Elissa out, they would have done the same thing. Kim Jung Helen eh? That’s pretty original ya redneck backwoods hillbilly.


Go real slow…read each word carefully…then again…then respond:

Kim Jong Helen has created “the people’s” HOH which she runs with an iron fist, demanding fealty and allegiance from everybody in the house…AND she’s of Korean descent. Do you get the joke yet?

Helen goes on and on about loyalty and wanting to play a fun and clean game without being underhanded and dirty and her first move in power is to scumbag Jeremy, pretending that she wants to play with him, while she plots to eliminate him without even giving him a “fair” chance to compete and save himself…a perfectly fine move…as long as you don’t pretend that you’re the leader of the “good side” and pretend like everything you do is the moral way to play the game, but Jeremy and the others are the “bad people”.

Now if you still don’t understand, find a dictionary and look up “hypocrisy”. Go ahead, I’ll wait.


She’s Kim Jong Illin’.


I stand corrected…

ILLWILL That A$$hole

LMFAO Elissa is talking about this being a show of “competition, and strategy” what f**king competition and strategy do you have? Zero, you have a MVP keeping you in this house, once that’s gone you have no chance of staying. because not one person in that house will need or want you around. The chick is clueless.


Couldn’t agree more!!! It’s hilarious to hear them all say that. Without an MVP Candice and Elissa would be gone right now. Helen would literally be on her knees begging Jeremy, and Amanda and McRae would be their best friends


Wrong. Elissa is a great player. She was targeted both weeks and strategically used the MVP to flip the house and get two big threats out. She aligned herself with Helen, one of the smartest players in the game. She is poised to make it to the end. America apparently thinks so too, seeing as how she always wins MVP.

ILLWILL That A$$hole

So putting up players, you’re told to put up, is strategic now? and She didn’t “flip” anything those who had the numbers paranoia flipped the house.

You Brenchel Drones will make up anything these days, guess I shouldn’t expect anything less.

ILLWILL That A$$hole

And, if Helen is the greatest player in the house, why did she just tell Jeremy she’s alined with Andy,Elissa,McCrae/Amanda, Judd and Jessie, exposing their alliance?

Next time, know what you’re talking about before you reply.

Spooky Cawk

Actually, you’re wrong. Elissa is an awful player and Helen did all the campaigning for her last week. All she did was talk to Jessie about the vote which was not necessary seeing as Helen already did. And she wins MVP every week because of her last name, her sister obviously tells her fans on twitter to vote for her which is a good give or take 100k people every week. She just sits there with her Botox’d face and listens to the other girls on who to put up for the MVP nom…that being said I’d definitely give it to her, such a tight ass.


It was actually Judd and Andy that pulled Jessie over. McCrae and Amanda flipped on their own. The only thing Helen did was convince Elissa to put up Nick. Helen isn’t as great as she thinks she is.


No, what they really should be doing is putting two & two together about McCrea & Amanda. Helen is so busy trying to be top dog and it’s obviously she thinks she can be influential even when she will not be the HOH after this week. When will the light bulb come on ? When McCrea tried to tell her in a subtle way about only being the HOH for this week it still didn’t faze her a bit. Production must be telling Helen some stuff in the DR because I just can’t believe she can be so cocky & naive, being what her profession is. I’m still trying to understand why they feel Howard lying is a higher level than any others in the house. The truth to be told whether you lie on the bible or not it’s still a sin. I only watch this show just to see how far ppl will go to win 500,000. It’s evident that most of the people at BB are projecting there true colors to there parents, friends or family members. Wow as me being a mother of all girls I would be appalled if I heard my girls acting or speaking with a filthy mouth like they have. This isn’t lady like at all!!!!!! It just shows Aaryn, Kaitlyn, GM, Amanda also I will partially include Candace in this equation of what type of men they will accept. Men who you have only known for a 2-3 wks and it’s okay for them and yourself to talk dirty to each other. Wow there standards are really set high. lmbo


You can’t hold this stuff against people when they are being video taped 24/7. No one is perfect. I’m sure if you knew you were being filmed for only 3 hours a week they would all be very respectable. Problem is the longer they are in here the longer they are themselves. Just because they are in the spotlight from people who watch the feeds 24/7 does not mean they are bad people. I’m sure even the president swears behind the scenes.


M.V.P ruined bb15


Hoping CBS is smart enough to come up with a crazy twist this week. Will be the most boring season in BB history if Jeremy, Aaryn, Kaitlin, Gina, Howard, and Candice go in that order. This season is going to wind up them playing rock paper scissors to decide who will be voted out when it comes down to the Super Friends. Hopefully Amanda is smart enough to stir up some stuff because no one else seems to be.

ILLWILL That A$$hole

Helen’s head just grew beyond the BB house.

Her HOH tweet to Britney

“Brittany – If you have a girl, Helen is a great name! If you have a boy, don’t name it Jeremy. #bb15”

ILLWILL That A$$hole

It’s insane nobody has Amanda and McCrae on their radar. Someone a message in the house. Code that s**t, “There’s a band-aid in your Pizza”

Judd will get it.


howard is lining up ‘a-man-and-a-mcvagina’ to be split if he wins hoh


I really did not like Rachel when she was HOH, she was a real B I T C H……and now Helen is starting to top the list of having the HOH God syndrome, she is starting to have the same look in her eyes as Rachel in. It is as if some folks get possessed in the HOH room “get your bible Howard”. They have power for one week, and think those who made promises to them will keep every promise…….News flash!!!! the cast will say anything to stay off the block and in the house. Helen I hope you go up next week, your power trip is over the top. I’m for the under dog, Howard. Whatever he lied about or saying in prayer is between him and his God. Everyone is lying and prior cast members has promised on their children lives. Okay the thumbs down button is on the right…… lol


I think they are just intimated because they have no idea where his game or head is at. And it’s okay for them to lie as long as the lie is beneficial to them. So since he’s not in allegiance that’s it’s now a character assassination campaign based off fear. Outside of winning the HOH. I don’t know what he can do to switch up his game fast enough. I hope he doesn’t throw the HOH if it’s something he can possibly win. But I don’t know how aware he is that he’s at the top of the hit list.


It does not seem to me like Howard knows he is at the top of the hit list. I really hope he wins HOH because that is the only way he is assured another week in the house at this point. If he does, then during his reign, the house may find someone else to place at the top of the hit list. If he throws HOH then he will need to bring it at POV otherwise he will have contributed to his fate.


I hate to say it but Elissa had the most compelling argument: “How can someone be night and day like that?”. What happened to their brains last week? Jeremy will win and it will be even harder to get rid of him later. I don’t know….

ILLWILL That A$$hole

Did Helen really tell Jeremy that Andy,Elissa, Amanda/McCrae,Judd/Jessie and her are alined?

if she did she’s dumber, then Dumb and Dumber

STFU Donnie

But is he smart enough to go to Howard and Spencer and share what he knows without trying to campaign and then try to figure out a way to let the mean girls Jessie, and Candace know that they’re on the outside looking in at the Friendship and that the plan according to Helen and Elissa is to pick them off one by one?

Then if he can actually make that pitch and at least relay what he knows, then the game move for himself is to confront Helen in front of everybody (since Judd and Andy are telling him what he wants to hear and are weak, he should exclude them…Elissa too, since he doesn’t want to give her a voice) and include Amanda and McCrae. The idea being that he has to paint the picture that it’s the house vs the fearsome foursome. Then he has to gather Kaitlin and Jessie and corner Judd. Ask him which side is he on and does he want to go to war with Aaryn or him. Then he sends the Spencer and Kaitlin to Andy with a similar ultimatum.

This is admission is currency, right when Helen no longer has power. If he buys the BS he’s being fed and plays it safe after being scumbagged, then he deserves to go home…but if he goes beast mode in a house filled with naturally scared people and says Helen and Elissa admitted where they were loyal first and asks the question who can stand up to those 4 with their MVP better than him and protect them.

Who knows what could happen…but it would be better than the boredom of the last few days. If he gets Howard, Candace, Kaitlin, GM, and Jessie…he just needs to flip Judd, who already fears Aaryn and wants a girl out, and he’s saved


there is zero chance jess and candace votes for jeremy to stay


you may think she’s dumb, yet I feel confident that she knows how to spell “aligned”…. some perspective please


Wow, these people are dumb. Amanda & McCrea are running the game! I dont understand why Howard is so much more untrustworthy then McCrea and Spencer. They are now even saying more than Jeremy? But they ALL lied!! They ALL were in the alliance!! I don’t get it. There ear of him and now Candace… is starting to seem unnatural! Neither one of them have shown themselves to be any real threat in this game but the are now public enemy #1. Hmmmmmm…….


I agree. Candice and Howard are like the least threatening in the house. Why evict them now? Aren’t there, in the overused words of Helen, “bigger fish to fry”?


It is just more racism. Ellen is joining with them to diss Howard and Candice but she does not realize that next week she will be added to that basket. Oh boy!


a-man-and-a-mcvagina are running their mouths

production is running the game


BTW, there are two events which will be entertaining. I’m not a Jeremy fan, but I hope Helen decides to accept his deal and he immediately put her on the block…….that would be the dumbest move ever, I would love to see the look on Helen’s face the very second her key is pulled. The second event is when Aaryn is voted out and Julie ask her about the rice, slant eyes and nails comment.


* Oops, when Helen’s key is NOT pulled


As much as I don’t like Jeremy, he has entertainment value for the show. I was sorry to see Nick go last week and it looks like Jeremy this week. Sucks that people interested in playing the game are leaving and people like Gina Marie, Jessie, Andy, Candace are left in the house to float away.

Day Yum Yum

Why would Helen or anyone else believe one word out of Jeremy’s mouth? Go ahead, be stupid and keep him and see what he does to every last one of you! There is absolutely NO WAY he will keep his word and remain true to the so-called “good side.” He has been a liar and a snake from jump street and has no reason to change now! Get rid of him while he has no protection, PLEASE!!!!