Big Brother Spoilers: 4th OF July TEARS – Devin “It takes a real man to be emotional!”

POV Holder: ? Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner 1: Amber HOH Winner 2: Devin
Battle of the Block Winner Hayden & Nicole Next HOH/ Next BOB July 10/July 4
Original Nominations: Devin’s Noms (Pow Pow & Brittany) Amber’s Noms (Hayden & Nicole)
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots ?
POV Players ?

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1:15pm Big Brother wakes up the house guests. When the live feeds return – Caleb is out in the backyard walking around. Donny is sitting on the bacyard couch. He tells Caleb they can do magic out here! (Production setting up and taking down the competitions) Caleb says yeah it’s crazy. Zach joins Donny on the couch. Donny asks what was wrong with you last night? Zach says I was wired. Donny asks you take a dump? Zach says yeah. Zach asks so if Pow and Brittany are on the block who do you want to go home? Donny says well I don’t know. Zach says you don’t have to tell me. Donny says theres one I would like to stay because we’ve grown close. BUT there’s some bullies in the house where I would want to go the other way (Keep Brittany) just so the bullies don’t get their way all the time! Zach says I feel the same way! What are we going to do about it?! Donny says we’re going to do something! Just not until after the veto. Then maybe some big bad someone will get backdoored.

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1:40pm -2pm Up in the HOH room – Caleb is crying. Devin consoles him. Caleb says it can’t be like this all day. Devin says you let it out, don’t feel bad about it. If you don’t want to go down there, then stay up here all day. Caleb gets up and heads into the HOH bathroom to blow his nose and wash is face. Devin says I just want to thank you for everything you’ve done for this country! I will never understand the things you’ve seen and been through in serving our country. Never feel bad about the emotions you’re feeling right now. It takes a real man to be emotional BRO! Caleb says I think I want the red bull! Devin tells Caleb to bring his stuff up here. Caleb says these freaking diary room sessions. Devin asks did you already have one today? Caleb says no. Deivn says you can always buzz in there just to talk to someone. You can talk to me too and I’ll listen. I want say anything to anyone. Frankie comes up and asks Caleb if he wants to talk about it. Cabel says no, nothing to talk about. I think we all know. Frankie says a lot of great people fought for this country. Caleb says that this afternoons wake up music was the national anthem, he says that he was outside when it was playing and he was balling his eyes out. Devin gets called to the diary room. He tells Frankie that he doesn’t want anyone other than the squad up in the HOH room. I don’t need people sucking up to me.

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2:10pm – 2:25pm In the kitchen – Brittany asks Pow Pow who she thinks Devin would backdoor. Victoria? Pow Pow agrees. Up in the HOH room Caleb continues to cry into a towel. Caleb talks to Frankie about how he wants everyone to know that he is ex-military just so no one says anything stupid. Caleb says but I can’t do it, there’s no way. Frankie says that he would be honoured to be his ambassador. I am honoured and proud to have you as my friend and for what you & your family has done for this country. Caleb says I think everyone has a right to know ..why I’m such a tough cookie. Caleb says that he’s been in bars before and people start talking bad about the military and things get ugly. Caleb says that his dad had it the worst of all of us. He got shoot a few times. My brother just got back from Afghanistan too. Caleb says if you can just make an announcement to everyone to watch what they say. Frankie says he’ll go tell everyone now if he wants. Caleb says sure, I’ll just stay up here and watch on the tv.

2:25pm – 2:40pm Frankie goes downstairs to gather the house guests to make the announcement to them. Frankie gets all the house guests that are awake to go the the bathroom. He fills them in on why today is hard for Caleb and for everyone to just be conscious of what they say around them. Frankie then says that he has a special announcement that he has white and blue glitter!!

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2:45pm -3pm Out in the backyard – Donny and Amber are talking. Amber comments on how she didn’t want the responsibility of nominating people, all she wanted was the letter and stuff from her family. Donny tells her that she is free from it now, you don’t owe the people you nominated either. They saved themselves. Amber says and at the same time I put myself in jeopardy. Donny tells her that she done good. Frankie and Christine join them. They talk about Pow Pow acting different. Amber wonders if its because I nominated strong players to beat her in the battle of the block. Frankie tells Amber that she can’t worry about it and needs to play her game. Frankie says I think Pow Pow is just feeling weak and abused. But it can work for her.

3:10pm – 3:30pm In the kitchen tells Nicole that he felt bad about them having to go up. Devin says and then I saw you guys studying with the rice all night and it had nothing to do with it. He tells her that will never never ever happen again. Nicole says yeah I know. And I would have buzzed in more if I had thought we were in trouble. Devin says just know we were all ready to fight for you two. I just feel bad for Hayden too you know. Devin says and I had a plan with Pow Pow to throw that competition. Just so you know the only deal I made with her was that I would pull her off if I won the POV. Pow Pow comes through the kitchen and Devin asks her if she wants some of what he’s making. She says maybe. Or Tacos! Devin says I don’t know how to make tacos! Pow Pow says there’s instructions DUDE! DAMN! Devin thinks the havenot competition will be today. Pow Pow doesn’t think so on the 4th of July.

Out in the backyard – Caleb, Frankie, Christine are talking. Frankie and Christine talk about Amanda Zuckerman from Big Brother 15. Frankie says I loved her in the beginning. Christine agrees. They talk about how her game went down hill because of her relationship with McCrae. Caleb says it says a lot about her that she didn’t care he was only a pizza delivery boy.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-04 15-23-31-455

Bomb Squad = Frankie, Caleb, Devin, Cody, Derrick, Zach, Amber, Christine
Fragment of bomb squad no name  = Christine, Frankie, Cody, Derrick Zach
Sub alliance of the Bomb Squad = Derrick, Cody, Zach
Double Ds = Devin, Donny
Bed buddies = Nicole, Christine
Final 2 Deal Zankie= Frankie, Zach
Defunct alliances
TheCrazy8s = Frankie, Donny, Joey, Paola, Devin, Amber, Nicole, Cody
El Cuatro = Paola, Amber, Joey, Nicole

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70 thoughts on “Big Brother Spoilers: 4th OF July TEARS – Devin “It takes a real man to be emotional!”

  1. Caleb was a prison guard…….its not like he was out there committing war crimes like the rest of the US army.

    1. I think a war crime is killing over 3K people in the twin towers. I think a war crime is killing innocent men, women, and children all over the word. I think a war crime is not going after the people behind all of the terrorist attacks. THAT is a war crime. Think about what you say.

      1. You have no idea then what kind of crimes the US military/government is guilty of, but you’d actually have to look past the mainstream news media to get to that. Sorry for you.

        1. I’d be willing to bet you “goofy” are not past military and honestly have no personal experiences to know what you are talking about. When you walk in the boots of the military then you have a right to make statements about them but if you have never been so selfless to give of yourself for our country then you are enjoying the freedoms given to you by those who have so you should not be dishonoring them by saying crap about them. Shame on you.

          1. There are very great, selfless people in the military, I’m sure. However, to blindy congratulate them for simply being a member is more ignorant than any other comment here. To scrutinize and reflect on our government’s (and, yes, our military’s) actions is critical to maintaining a healthy system. If they do bad, who will they answer to? I’m not sure exactly what freedoms the latest armed conflicts have brought the American people.

            If someone were to choose to go off and live in the desert, life would be hard. They may have to kill to survive. Does that struggle make them noble or deserving of praise? Probably not. You would think them foolish for engaging in such silly behaviour.

            Now, I’m not saying that military members should be condemned for their affiliation. I’m just saying that we should not blindly accept their actions. Criticism is healthy. If you disagree, a well-articulated argument should be made. “No you’re wrong! Shame on you!” neither contributes to discussion nor helps to persuade others of your position.

          2. As a Canadian with dozens of American relatives, many who have served, I am grateful for the US military every day. It matters.

          3. Of course not. I’m not dumb enough to sign up to get my legs blown off so that Halliburton or Lockheed Martin could make profit in a war based on a lie or so that Cheney or Bush family could get more oil money through their investments. I’ll be honest, I feel sorry for these poor suckers who did join the military to now be ignored by the VA hospital system and die while waiting years to get treated. Our guys and girls joined up to get played by all the lying SOBs in our government, no matter what administration. You talk about shame. Instead of blindly following whatever the gov. says and waving your flag around, why don’t you do some critical thinking and maybe find a better news source for yourself.

      2. You talk about the 3k Americans who have lost their lives but what about the million of children who lost their lives in Afghanistan and Iraq?

        How do you justify the killings of millions of Iraqi civilians when there were no such thngs as weapons of mass destruction. If that is not a war crime then I do not know what is.
        ps. I am sure 9/11 was an inside job wouldnt put it past the American government and anyways I am done with political talk.

      3. that snowden guy who worked for the nsa or cia w/e it was in the info he leaked these people hunting “terrorists” as you say killed three reporters for being brown in public. they worked for reuters they treated it like a video game and said they deserved what they got. all this done with a drone. then as father who was taking his children to school saw some one wounded pulled over to help him in to the van probably to take him to a hospital was shot up as was his VAN WITH CHILDREN IN IT… fuck your twin towers bullshit. yes it was sad not and messed up but if you think for ONE FUCKING SECOND THE UNITED STATES MILITARY HASN’T DONE THE SAME YOU’RE BAT SHIT FUCKING CRAZY. btw that is one instance i’m giving in a whole bunch of video released the shit is on you tube with the soldiers laughing about this as they killed the father and could of killed completely innocent children. btw it was like 8 ppl walking around in their neighborhood. thats like if china or some one did that in the usa to try and stop red neck militia’s who are considered terrorist from attacking people by shooting any one they thought might be a terrorist and since they probably think all white ppl look the same just open up on every one… the usa military are stupid they cover up all the bad shit they do so NO ONE QUESTIONS THEIR QUESTIONABLE BEHAVIOUR, and then retards like you go ‘merica’s fighting the good fight. learn some shit yes your militarys done help but in a lot of cases BOMBING/SHOOTING ANOTHER COUNTRY INTO THE STONE AGE DOES MORE HARM THEN HELP…. ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU KILL INNOCENT BY STANDARDS… WHICH BY THE WAY THE LEFT OVER FAMILY MEMBERS USUALLY BECOME TERRORISTS MORE THEN LIKELY TO GET REVENGE ON A BUNCH OF FUCKING STUPID REDNECKS WITH GUNS WHO KILLED OFF HALF THEIR FAMILY. just something to think about before you act high and fucking mighty…. DICK.

    2. Tens of thousands of new cancer cases even among newborns in Iraq due to all the depleted uranium US soldiers shot there back under Bush. 750,000 children in Iraq dead under Clinton due to sanctions. Yay, they hate us for our freedom. But I’ll stick to Big Brother now, cuz we don’t want to turn this blog into a political one.

    3. Please don’t denigrate his service. You couldn’t imagine the horrors of war and the effect it has. As a Vietnam vet I know you don’t have to be “out there” to see the death and destruction to friends, children, etc. I

      1. How about the THOUSANDS of servicewomen who are R*PED every year by your heroes? Do they count as war crimes?

  2. caleb and devin are just the worst! so sick of them already i really hope they don’t go far… someonee needs to plant a seed in devins mind (i bet its pretty easy to do) that caleb is going against him and try and trick devin into backdooring his one real ally

    1. Half of these people this year need to be stuck at some psychologist’s office. What a strange cast. I actually preferred last year and last year’s was horrible.

  3. As much as I dont like Devin or much of Caleb…I love my country.Thank you to all Big Brother Fans who fought for our country! Happy Independence Day! ????????????????

  4. It doesn’t make any difference what his role in the service was. He most likely knew someone who didn’t make it back and even so, He Served His Country, did You? Show a little bit of respect.

    1. Brittany is being “bullied” by Devine, according to the HG’s. She’s just being targeted for eviction by Devin, not really “bullied”.

  5. The men this year are super emotional. The women are holding up better, which is strange. I love how Devin tries to act like everything he says should be the written law or something.

      1. Oh, I’m sorry like you don’t stereotype people. I’m sure you stereotyped some of these women who went into the house. And I’m not really stereotyping when I’m using past BB casts to come to my conclusions. I know men get emotional and it doesn’t it bother me, but it’s the same men getting emotional this year about the same thing. It’s almost like a game for them to see who believes them when it’s just freaking annoying. I love how nobody can have an opinion about the military that disagrees with Caleb’s opinion. You don’t have to agree with everyone, but you can still respect what they believe in.

  6. Caleb’s doing a fine job cleaning up the image that is truly him – slaughtering a wild pig and posting it on youtube. My preconceived feelings about him were made right then and there. He’s doing a fine acting job, complete with fake glasses to appear tame and nice. Bullshit – major damage control probably hinted at by the diary room for him to look nicer. Can’t stand anyone who kills for no reason whatsoever.

    1. Pretty self righteous. Would be willing to bet Caleb ate that pig. Not a huge fan if his but he does not appear to be a bigot at all. I’m thinking your preconceived notion based on a video you don’t agree with and a really dumb Instagram post was off base.

    2. It’s sometimes a conundrum to be a liberal in the south. When I see people bemoan “the killing of innocent animals” I don’t know what side I’m on. *sigh*

      Unless you’re one of those people who doesn’t eat meat, wear leather, use any item that was made in part from an animal’s death (this includes all sorts of things like plastic bags, glue, and car tires ala stearic acid) then shut up about the men and women of this world who like to hunt.

  7. Caleb is such a manipulative little prick. Using the holiday to draw sympathy and make himself the center of attention. Talk about narcissistic, what a total dick. None of the guys I ever served with would use their service to run a scam on people like he’s doing.

    1. Yeah, I can understand being emotional, but sending Frankie around to “make an announcement” about why he is emotional made me raise an eyebrow. None of my military friends or family members would do something like that. I don’t discredit his service at all, but I’m inclined to believe he is using this to further his own game (maybe even garner sympathy…especially from Amber).

  8. Wouldn’t be great if Caleb was put into solitary confinement for 24 hours… Talk about a total break down!

  9. Thank you to all the military men and women who have fought and put their lives up to defend this beautiful country. And to their families too, thank you. Thank you, Caleb for your services to this country. But you telling people to watch what they they say around you? Please!!! One thing that makes this country great is its freedom of expression. You are not the boss of anybody there . And even if you were, anybody is free to say what they want. I don’t think anyone in that house will say anything bad against any US military person. So please, stop running the house like it’s your house, telling everybody what to do. Everyone has equal rights like you in that house. Just because you are ’emotional’ doesn’t mean others have to obey like you are a dictator. Does everyone have to ‘walk on egg shells’ around you? Please suck it up.

  10. Unreal how anybody could even disregard and dismiss what Caleb’s role was over in Iraq. Whatever the role when you go over to war, the experience is all the same, you see, hear and watch the most indescribable, unthinkable action over in war. Thank you to another soldier in war for keeping our country safe and providing your services so our children have the freedom of choice and we don’t have the epidemic we once had with random selection to be forced to go to war without any formal training and have the sure prospect of dying.

    1. Uh hello – where have you been? The freedom of choice has already been ‘instated’ so going to fight for something you already have is a ridiculous argument. All the men who flew the planes into the twin towers were dead, so justifying going over to slaughter thousands more people FOR NO REASON is just so inexplicably asinine. Caleb ‘signed up’ to become a murderer IMO just as the people who perpetrated the attacks Americans. What’s the difference? Fighting for freedom when you already have it? Duh. Sign up to murder then cry about it? War-loving Americans can convince their citizens to do anything – even going to the wrong country. Iraq had nothing to do with 911 yet that’s where the invasion took place, then they decided to just invade every country while they were over there and build American companies, owned and run by Americans. Bullshit. War. Good God. What is it good for? Absolutely nothing.

      1. WOW ignorant or what? YOU really are! Signing up to be a murderer? Are you for real? How old are you anyway? Regardless of the true intentions of the US administration, these people sign up for the military to protect the land and familes from outside sworn enemies hell-bent on. destroying the freedoms won by the veterans.If it wasnt for them, the USA, along with Canada and other free countries would have been invaded a long time ago. No country is honest – let’s be real here and get off your high horse. Sounds like you have never served. Sounds like your a babe-lefty who knows NOTHING of the sacrifices for freedom.

  11. That Caleb is so annoying. He wants everything to go his way. And Frankie is turning into the Andy of this season. Playing all sides and no true friends. He is closer to Caleb/ Devin because he thinks they are physically strong and will will most of the physical HOH competitions. So they will protect him.

  12. now that amber hugged and kissed caleb on the cheeks … caleb will analized this all day and come to the conclusion that amber wants his baby… this guy is nuts…….

  13. Caleb is one of the worst type of ex military vets.. He reminds people daily of his service and expects people to jump through hoops and bow to him because he served. He’s the type that acts like he’s the only person to ever serve in the military. He’s very Yes we narcissistic. Yes we get it, you served and thank you, but leave it at that. My father also served in the military and went to war, but he doesn’t run around expecting people bow and thank him daily. My dad doesn’t even talk about his military career. Caleb needs to get over himself.

  14. I talk a lot of smack about Devin and Caleb and it’s all just in fun but that aside, these people are real people going through real problems we can all somehow relate to (some more so than others). We are so fortunate to have freedom of speech and we can take it for granted sometimes. I know of countries where this doesn’t exist and/or is suppressed.

    The credit goes to all walks of service in our military.


    Happy 4th everyone, now go blow something up with fireworks.

    WTF!! You manipulative self-righteous arsehole! Totally just lied to Nicole. Sh*tstorms comin’ your way mann. :P

  15. Devin and Caleb both share the same personality disorder traits; narcissistic, paranoia. I’M truly expecting an implosion from one or both of them.They are both like gas &fire together

  16. Devin told Nicole that he told Pow to throw the competition and he would take her off if he won the POV. Devin just being arrogant because Nicole found it to be a easy competition. Devin says things like honesty and integrity then said a dumb thing like this just to put down her win. Devin, you can’t hide your arrogant personality with tears and speeches for long. Hopefully, Nicole will tell the other house-guests. That should help send Pow home.

    Also, didn’t Caleb realized that Devin was lying to him about the “he’s all into himself” comment that he said Amber said about him? Devin, I think, thought he was going to get caught and that is why he had his “woe is me” crying speech to the house guest, just to divert from a confrontation. He must use that a lot because it worked. Did anyone else see the look on his face when Amber was going to talk to Devin about it? It was right after that when we saw his crying performance to the house guests…..crying performance Devin-take 2!

  17. I like hoe Caleb acts like he is the King, “go make an announcement, tell everyone to pat me on the back”. I appreciate the military, my family has fought in every war since the beginning of our Country, I don’t ever remember today being a day to honor military. Isn’t it our Countries birthday? He needs to constantly finding a way to make everything all about him! One day the battle of the egos (Devin and Caleb) will blow up and they will be coming at each other. I can’t stand either one of those guys. I wonder how Frankie is going to feel when hw finds out Caleb really hates gay people? Or how Devin or his precious Amber will feel when they read that Caleb has referred to blacks as “monkeys”? Reading his instagram post is when I knew I wouldn’t like him.

  18. The way Caleb is crying, telling hgs of his war service and then asking people not to mention 4th July is one well thought out acting job. Some people play the gender card, some the race card but Caleb is playing the emotionally distraught card. Hopefully not everyone will fall for his Oscar cringeworthy acting skills and hoping Amber will have the bollocks to tell him to sling his hook.

  19. I think that BB didn’t think this two HOH/BOB twist out very well. Especially as fast as they did noms & BOB. Personally I think getting the room, letter, pics should be given after the BOB. Perhaps Amber would’ve wanted it more, since she was happy to get the letter & stuff. At least we know that next week they will have an opportunity to get Devin out if they want.

  20. I am just tired of so many tagalong fans who like Frankie just because his sister is famous. I mean, it is rediculous i want him zach, caleb, and devin out of the house. they are disgusting and replusive people and I hate how they flaunt around the house. Furthermore, I dont like how Devin only allowed him Frankie and Caleb in the HOh room it was a rude move and I hope those three dont make it to jury.

  21. Devin is crazy and paranoid. When they revealed he took adderrall all was explained. However I have yet to see anything that would make me believe that he would physically harm anyone. The way some of the house guests speak about him you’d swear their lives were in imminent danger. His behavior is odd, he changes his mind often, he shares his thoughts too freely, his attempts to to “fix” a problem usually make it worse. I’ve also noticed that when he speaks he sounds nervous or out of breath. Devin’s game is completely transparent. He is a horrible game player. That being said I have not seen a lot strategy thus far. Just because you can talk a good game doesn’t mean you can execute it. IMO the majority of the house has yet to prove their “worthiness'” in the game. Caleb may be obsessed when it comes to Amber but at this moment he is the only person who won a competition and is feared by all.

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