Victoria “How would he like it if someone treated his daughter like he treats Brittany”

POV Holder: ? Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner 1: Amber HOH Winner 2: Devin
Battle of the Block Winner Hayden & Nicole Next HOH/ Next BOB July 10/July 4
Original Nominations: Devin’s Noms (Pow Pow & Brittany) Amber’s Noms (Hayden & Nicole)
Final Nominations: ?
Have Nots ?
POV Players ?

BB16-2014-07-04 15-39-43-819

3:34pm Caleb, Devin and Nicole (house guests coming and going)
Caleb asking Nicole if she’s started working as a nurse yet. Nicole hasn’t. Devin mentions how they are all safe for another week it feel great. Caleb says he’s thinking about what to do next thinks he might make a record. Caleb mentions going back and doing some medical “stuff” again.

Devin says when his daughter was born he drove 32 hours straight no sleep to see her. He ended gettign a serious ear infection. “You have to sleep it off”
Caleb says he studied kinesiology starts to describe the different types of fluids you can have in your ear.
Devin brings up his friend that did 9 years in the service and got seriously wounded in his legs and got a purple heart. The guy works at the Harley Shop with Devin. Caleb starts describing army life and the benefits if you get wounded.
Caleb – “My dad is a purple heart.. Kds college is paid .. medical is paid.. everything is paid.. because you are wounded in combat.. if they serve in two different wars like Desert storm and iraqi freedom you can get 2 purple hearts”
Caleb – “My daddy got shot twice but he was fine.. he sits at home making 4 grand a month chilling at home”
Christine – ‘People like that deserve it”
Caleb mentions now things are getting really bad for VA there’s long wait lists, “They try to take care of their veterans though”
Devin talks about Harley davidson school where you can get a “Phd in harley”. Devin’s buddy “He’s top tier he knows everything mechanical.. watch the show he’s the one throwing me the balls in the batting cage”

Devin – ‘I don’t like liquor dude..”
Caleb – “In my army days man me and the army guys used to drink 30.”
Caleb – “I can drink 30 bud lites and it doesn’t do a thing”
Frankie – “When I drink I drink to be shit faced.. I drink to be obliterated .. I don’t drink 3 beers.. no.. I’ve stopped doing that now I don’t drink at all”
Caleb says before he use to get on stage in nashville he use to drink but it started to mess with his performance so he stopped all together.
Christine says her boyfriend doesn’t drink before he performs, “His voice.. he sounds like an angel”

BB16-2014-07-04 15-38-02-253

3:37pm Fireroom
Brittany says nobody in the house has any interest in hooking up this year. (Unless Cody asks her of course 😉 )

BB16-2014-07-04 15-53-16-894

3:52pm Fireroom Donny and POWPOW
Donny saying it’s a good day. POWPOW hopes she can win the POV tomorrow just so she can win something. POWPOW starts talking about wanting real cowboy boots. Donny suggests getting fakes they are a lot cheaper, $75 vs $400
Donny – “I’ve never worn Cowboy boots”
POWPOW – You like to be comfortable
Donny – I’m a flip flopper
POWPOW That doesn’t sounds good in this game
Donny – “I’m a flip flopper”

BB16-2014-07-04 15-53-16-853

3:52pm Storage room Devin and Amber
Devin is saying if Brittany wins POV he will put Victoria up. If He wins POV he will use it to save POW and put up Victoria. He wants Brittany gone.
Amber wants POW to stay
(Devin got to nominate first)
Amber says Brittany came up to her and told her to put her up with caleb instead of Devin putting her up. Amber is glad Devin got to go first.


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BB16-2014-07-04 16-13-16-534

4:13pm Backyard Nicole and Amber
Missing home, Nicole says her dad has only taken 4 days off work since he’s been 18 years old, One for when she got the Big Brother key, and for his kids graduations. She says he works in road construction but, “He’s in charge but still does all the hard labour” feeds cut.. When the feeds come back the houseguests are on indoor lockdown.

BB16-2014-07-04 16-21-59-165

4:20pm Caleb and Derrick Storage
Caleb saying how down he is. “You Know I was deployed right.. thinking about my buddies.. it’s going to be a hard day here and there”
Derrick says when the “Song” came on this morning he started bawling. “I’m going to go in the DR and see if they will play one song for his buddies
Caleb says
Derrick – “You’ve earned the right to do so buddy”
Caleb – “:Amber came up and hugged me and said thank you for what You did”
Caleb says he hugged her back but should have just kissed her (See image)

BB16-2014-07-04 16-21-57-164

BB16-2014-07-04 16-23-38-857

4:27pm They head to the living room (Notice the Amber’s lipstick on Caleb’s cheek I doubt he’ll ever wash that off) )
Caleb saying they are going to go down in BB history if they can keep the bomb squad rolling. Derrick warns him it will get much harder before it gets easier.
Derrick – “You’re a good dude buddy.. I have no qualms if you win it”

Amber joins them.. chit chat. Derrick goes to get a banana Amber says gross and leaves. Caleb – “She’s hates bananas the texture.. I love em”  Derick like them to..

BB16-2014-07-04 16-44-22-099

4:43pm Fireroom Victoria and Frankie (POWPOW sleeping in one of the beds)
Talking about mean Devin is to Brittany.
Victoria – “How would he like it if someone treated his daughter like he treats Brittany”
Victoria points out Brittany and Derrick don’t walk around mentioning their kids every 5 minutes
Victoria – “He knows he’s doing bad things he’s trying to hide it “
Frankie – “it’s just an excuse”
Victoria – “he shoves it in everyone’s faces.. I hate him “
Frankie tells them they have no power they don’t go declare war on the most powerful person when they don’t have an army” He points out that’s what Joey did and look at where she ended up.
Frankie – “it makers me so nervous.. I feel so bad.. I feel like it will come around.. it’s all karama .. there will be a moment”
Victoria mentions how excited Caleb was when Devin won. “I feel like they run this house”:
Frankie – “they do.. it would have been so different if cody won”
Victoria – like black and white

Victoria asks her who’s going home “the little one for the big one”. Frankie says they want the big one gone.
Frankie sad hev never heard what Devin said to Brittany but he say it and he didn’t like it.

Bomb Squad = Frankie, Caleb, Devin, Cody, Derrick, Zach, Amber, Christine
Sub alliance of the Bomb Squad = Christine, Frankie, Cody, Derrick Zach
Sub alliance of the Bomb Squad = Derrick, Cody, Zach
Double Ds = Devin, Donny
Bed buddies/nicotine = Nicole, Christine
Final 2 Deal Zankie= Frankie, Zach

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im so sick of devin and caleb they are just so awful


I’m so sick of people complaining about the cast 24/7.
Seriously, 90% of the comments talk about how the person commenting doesn’t like a houseguest. It’s getting annoying.


know one’s forcing you to come here and read the comments


I read the comments to see what people think of the houseguests and the season overall.

but most of the comment section this year is just “I’m so sick of Devin and Caleb” and it’s getting annoying. Most of this cast is likeable and funny yet you guys love focusing on the negativity for some reason.


I’m not sure most of the cast is that likable. I honestly ‘like’ only a few people. What I do find missing from this cast is some individual ‘characters’. Say what you want about last year, but we had some crazy people here and it turned out to be entertaining, at least for me. There is no fire in this group so far and it’s kinda boring me. I am hoping that in a couple weeks they’ll start biting each other and that we’ll have some animosity and crazy fights. I am not interested in BB where everyone is nice and I don’t want a ‘family show’ either.


100% agree. Devin and caleb aren’t great people, but christ its so annoying hearing people saying how “PTSD” Caleb is or how much of a jerkoff Devin is. We get it. Its just as annoying as Devin talking about his daughter 24/7


I dont even understand what Caleb And Devin have done for anyone to even say their not “great people”


Well its like Victoria said “it’s black and white,” LITERALLY.

I mean if it were Cody, Zach, Christine, and Nicole ruling the house, dictating who gets sent home next no one would utter the words “bully” they would just talk about how they are playing “SUCH” a great game.

A lot of BB watchers are just as bias as the houseguest the cast. And I’m honestly so over it, I keep trying to give this show a shot but this is one serious reason why I could never go on the show. It’s so biased and totally set up for the young white kid to win every time.



Tom Tibidou

They are scapegoating, Frankie and crew run the house. (Caleb and Devin have the blood on their hands, but others are just as guilty/responsible).


Everyone is guilty for the dynamic in the house. They gave the power to Devin and Caleb by choosing to vote as an entire house. Anyone of them could of easily thrown a vote to Pow Pow instead of Joey and created confusion for the sake of it but they didn’t do that. They went along with everything and now they’re throwing Devin, Caleb, and Amber under the bus but honestly they’re just annoyed that they aren’t the ones making the ACTUAL decisions.

Let Cody, Christine, Zach, or Nicole win and they would play the same exact game. They would lie in Devin, Caleb and Amber’s face and say they are safe, they are true to the Bomb squad and would backdoor them.

The HGs not in direct power and a lot of these BB commentators are being biased.


Not game related but that 20 lb monster hanging off to the side of Victoria’s head – is it hair or a tail of some sort? How pretentious are these morons – fake glasses getting passed around more than a Kardashian on a slow night. Sorry everyone. Caleb reminding everyone of his ‘deployment’ – what a fucking martyr.


I don’t get it people are mad at Devin because he wants Brittany out, but if he put anyone else up they would be mad too its a lose lose for him, yes I know people don’t like him but the object of the game is to get people out that you think are coming after you had as far as Devin knows (because he thinks he’s still cool with the BS) he would be the first on her list so I don’t get it


I don’t get it either. Britney tries to get Amber to put her up with Caleb ,so when she doesn’t that makes her weak. However if Devins tries to convince someone to do something he’s the devil. I really don’t understand where a lot of these comments are coming from.


everyone’s just jumping on the ‘hate devin’ bandwagon. Its annoying


I bet Caleb is wearing Ambers panties.


Hell yeah. He probably snuck in when she wasn’t there and put them on. He likes pink…


Frankie – “they do.. it would have been so different if cody won”
Victoria – like black and white”

That is kinda racist comment.


maybe should have said night and day…..


I’m tired of racism and all the finger pointing where 99% of the time it’s just something someone says with no intention.


Please stop being color blind, after LAST season you should know good and well that there is REAL racism in this game. And anyone that doesn’t mind knowing the truth would just have to take one look at how the game is always set up to put the older cast members, and the minorities at a disadvantage.

1 player is always over 30/40 while the rest of the cast is in their 20s or early early 30s
2. 2/3rd of the house guests are ALWAYS white and then the 1/3rd remaining are a minority of some sort.

It’s simply nature vs. nurture, people stick with their kind…the white hgs always stick together, just like they are doing in the house right now. Cody, Zach, Christine, and Nicole all want to vote out Amber, Devin, Pow Pow, Victoria, and Jacosta. They want to pull in Donny, Derrick, and Hayden and the latter have both said they will keep Caleb because he’s such a “good” guy.

It’s like this EVERY BB too. And once they pick off all the minorities they’ll stop thinking Donny is “so nice” and they’ll start plotting to vote him out because he’ll be “too likeable.”

It is ALWAYS the same each year. So how’s that for tired of racism.


I don’t think that’s fair to say. “Black and white” is a cliche for meaning opposite situations, it’s not a racist slur.


I don’t think she meant it that way, but I think it highlights the underlying layer in this game. All the minorities against the white players. Pow Pow, Amber, Jacosta, Devin, Victoria against Cody, Zach, Nicole, Donny, Hayden, Christine, Nicole, and Derrick—they’ve also said they would keep Caleb safe because he’s “such a great” guy.

So Victoria may have not meant it, but she’s definitely on to something that has kinda become Big Brother’s theme and its called don’t let the minority win.


I don’t get all the hate on Devin. He is playing the game. The people I dislike are the floaters who aren’t playing the game and sit back and whine.


He was an early favorite, but now I kinda look at him with a weird eye. If I hear about his daughter one more time or see him cry again (acting?)… Let’s just say I can see why they want to get rid of him.


It’s the way he uses bully tactics. He uses a lot of pressure and uses his muscles to intimidate. When he talks to people he flares his nostrils and flaunts his muscles. He knows how to intimidate. He’s a bully, but a bully with a nice smile.


This is a game. Not real life. I dont believe in “bullies” in the big brother house. If you have no back bone and let some one intimidate you in that house its not their problem its yours. Grow a spine!!!! I dont feel pity for anyone claiming to be bullied on big brother. Spare me.


Devin’s a big guy, he’s not flexing anything. He’s big and he’s black so of course he’s going to get the big scary dude label—I can’t even believe I am defending him because I hated how he did Donny and Amber–but the truth is that Zach will do the same thing as soon as he gets power. Everyone would try to tell people how to vote because that’s what HOH’s and the ruling alliance does.

Devin’s playing strategy by targeting the people he knows are out for him. Amber and Caleb are in his alliance so obviously they will go with whatever he wants because that’s one more person to keep their “numbers.”


It’s not that Devin is a bully it’s that he loves the sound of his own voice. Her never shuts up!


I agree, I mean he’s playing the game not a very good one but at least he’s playing unlike some


Hey Simon, when you say “unless cody asks her of course” is that what Brittany actually said or is that a joke? lol


No problem! I thought it was but was just double checking…I kinda want to hear about a showmance other than Caleb and his dream woman


No surprise, I can’t stand WPATPWAYS!!!


The biggest crime of the season will be if Zach and Cody don’t make a final two deal and name it “Suite Life”.


This needs to happen!!!


As much as I dont like those two that name actually would be awesome


I really want Brittany to stay but I don’t know if everyone’s willing to piss off Devin who wants her gone… Even though he can’t play for HOH next week.
Best case scenario I see is Brittany winning PoV to keep it interesting, Victoria getting nominated and Pow Pow leaving because whoever gets nominated with her will always lose ( no offence ) and it’s going to get repetitive


Goddamn, Amber is hot. No wonder Caleb is going crazy.


I’d be willing to bet quite a lot that every single thing Caleb says and does is solely because he knew he had an image to clean up. He is racist, homophobic and a southern boy who loves to wave his dick around and kill things out in the woods. (As per all the videos, etc. before his entry to Big Brother). I truly don’t believe he has any interest in Amber whatsoever but is trying to convince millions he can like someone ‘mixed’ cause he isn’t racist. Really – you think all this crap is real? He is way more confident than that. He knows damn well she’s not interested – in fact, he doesn’t want her to be – he wants us to think he could like a black chick. This guys really doing a number on a lot of you and you’re buying his brand of bullshit. Caleb gets the best actor award this season for sure. He pure Southern redneck.


There’s no way that’s possible. There’s flirting with her occasionally, then there’s COMPLETELY OBSESSED. And Caleb passed the latter a long time ago. I don’t think Caleb has the strength, or the brains to keep that ploy running.
After all, Amber is pretty hot.


Omg yes I have been saying the same thing!

I was all for Caleb and Amber, I thought they would be really cute but then Caleb got incredibly suspicious with that speech he did with Frankie; the “love is love speech?”

Anyone who is truly for equality for gays and doesn’t find homosexuals offensive would NEVER call someone a homophobic slur. You simply DO NOT call someone a fag**** and then go on a big rant about how you love “Everyone” and that “love is love,” but then say that. Furthermore Caleb called President Obama a Monkey and even though I don’t agree with his politics, you just don’t call black people monkeys and expect that it gets overlooked. My goodness that word has roots in Minstrel shows (black face), racists lingo from Jim Crow Era, etc. there are racists Minstrel cartoons depicting black people as monkeys and suddenly Caleb is in love with Amber and best friends with Devin?

He does realize if they knew he said that they’d be very offended. It’s like professing love for a Jewish woman and then saying the Holocaust didn’t happen and Hitler isn’t a bad guy. You can’t believe both. I’m not saying Caleb is racists and homophobic because I truthfully do not know, for all we know he could of had a serious change of heart in the last 2 years, but I would absolutely not put it past BB producers to think this up.

Caleb thinking this up is laughable…ugh no that’s the job of cunning Producers–who afterall do run a show that’s ALL ABOUT lying and deceit—these are the same Producers who let cast members cant unfairly picked off last season because racists, bigoted players hated their skin.

I’m not saying it is for a fact…but I would bet a pretty penny on that around the same time they had Caleb delete his IG (only he knows his password so…he would have to had deleted it himself or had someone do it for him–which means he knows about the scandal) they told him to play REAL nice with Amber and Devin.

#truthhurts but racism is real and morals are lost when ratings and money are on the line.


I dont think someone who is truly racist would go that far to try and prove he is not. He really doesnt have to. And I live in Georgia and know a few people that I classify as rednecks but they treat me pretty good. Not all rednecks are racist.

non-metal spoon

Excellent comment, KK!! We need more provocateurs.

Roisen Dubh

First off, Happy 4th of July and Happy Canada Day to you all, be safe and have fun. The one to watch put for is 21 jumpstreet. Dude can put bugs in people’s heads and jump back in the shadows like nobody else in that house. I would say on the girl’s side I’d watch out for Christine because she playing the lay low game, but her only problem is that Nicole is biting her game. Caleb is a nutjob and a half. Amber’s done, it’s just a matter of time, she got caught in the middle of some silent war of affections between Caleb and Devin. The ex-Metallica bass player(Zach) has got a big mouth and is to focused on Victoria, that will be his downfall. Britt and Pow-Pow(wow that isn’t a hooker name) are clueless. Donny’s a good guy and will go far in this game, he knows his role and is playing it perfect. The rest are straight up sheep going to the slaughter. That’s my worthless take. Thatks, Simon and Dawg, back for the 3rd year and enjoying it. But one thing-WHERE’S LURKER?


Kudos to Dog and others for doing all this work on July 4th….. You guys are the best…


This season is so new yet it is hard to judge the guests. I have some dislikes for not playing the game yet like Zach, Preach and Cody. But there is a lot of ‘Game” left to be played, and the 2 HOH twist has to go away when the year is half done. We haven’t even used Team America All and who knows how that twist will work. I am going to sit back and enjoy these guests for their diversity and Thank SIMON for keeping the site the best online.


I don’t understand why Devin wants Brittany to go home. It doesn’t make sense. All of the competition in the house and you want the most emotional girl to go home? If only he knew that everyone in his alliance wants to back door him he would not be so quick to get out Brittany lol.


Devin is playing an emotional game. Not a good idea.


You dont target people you dont like. You use and manipulate them. You do not target anyone unless they become a threat. Dr Will 101.


I wish Nicole, Hayden, Christine, Cody and Donny would get together they are the only one’s I have seen that don’t have personal grievances against other house guests and I don’t think any one would see it coming. Pow-pow started this game like she was going to really do some damage or at least hearing her talk she would be. Caleb came out way to cocky and now is like a little puppy following around Amber. Devin is just, well I have no words to describe him. Zach reminds me of Brenden for some reason. The first five mentioned are the only ones to me that don’t walk around with a little sense of entitlement. But that is my opinion, others may not think so.


Ugh Nicole hates Amber’s guts and she has no reason as to why…sounds pretty personal to me.

Amber’s been sweet as pie to everyone and has genuinely meant it, so what if she’s with Caleb and Devin. Those guys have her back, Cody, Zach, Christine, and Nicole don’t. So how is she a villain…she does what the boys says, ugh Nicole and Christine have gone with what the boys have said too…


So now on top of being a model, top hunting guide, etc… Caleb is also a recording artist. Reminds me of the Secret Life of Walter Mitty.


Yep I bet he invented the internet too…


I disagree with “there are no bullies on BB”. Yes there is/was. Its one thing to not take peoples crap or call them on it.Its another thing to intimidate someone who you know is weaker (in any sense) being physical or mental or knowing someone is socially awkward and using that against them in a hurtful way not a game way. Russell vs Ronny , Amanda vs Elissa , Justin vs Kent and the whole house LOLS (just to name a few).

I think its because these men are physically fit and big guys. I think Devin is intimidating because of his size (not really his fault) but its how it is. If he was mad or yelling about something it would be a little scary cuz hes a big boy, same with Caleb. If Zach or Frankie or Hayden were yelling or angry, still scary but not as intimidating.

I hope Pow stays for a while. Still not a big fan of Amber ( I know people love her, MEH). I like Christine. I had no idea Victoria was being as nasty to people as she is and demanding ect ect, whoa.

Still like Derrick and grounds keeper Willie (Donny 🙂 ). Not a big fan of Jacosta but it could be because I don’t see her much. So I could go either way right now. Otherwise I am liking this year so far. I cant believe a lot of people are not :(.

A Name

God I hope Victoria, Cody, and Christine go soon. I can’t stomach them. And how is it “mean” for Devin to try to get Brittany out when she’s gunning for him?? It’s Big Brother! She needs to go


WTF is Amber wearing??? Flag Panties – REALLY!!! Where does a person go to even find trailer trash shit like that?? So tasteless.