Cody “I’m disgusted how people are being treated” Donny “If it happens again I’ll read them the bible”

POV Holder: ? Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner 1: Amber HOH Winner 2: Devin
Battle of the Block Winner Hayden & Nicole Next HOH/ Next BOB July 10/July 4
Original Nominations: Devin’s Noms (Pow Pow & Brittany) Amber’s Noms (Hayden & Nicole)
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots ?
POV Players ?

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-04 09-16-20-720

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9:15am – 10am Donny, Hayden and Cody are in the kitchen talking. Hayden talks about his first impression of Caleb. At first he looked scary with the tattoo and stuff but then when he did his selfie with Julie Chen he had a big smile and two thumbs up. (Hayden imitates what Caleb did in the photo above.) Hayden asks Donny if he heard / remembers all the BB messages that were played last night? Donny says that it was blasting over his bed but that he doesn’t remember them. Hayden tells him that they weren’t used in the Battle of the Block competition so we’re thinking its for an upcoming competition. Donny wonders if the messages were just to throw you off and keep you awake. Hayden tells Donny all the messages.

Big Brother says “Party Foul!”
Big Brother says “He’s streaking the Quad!”

Big Brother says “I just want to dance all night long!”
Big Brother says “Aww I broke a heel!”
Big Brother says “Pantie raid! Pantie Raid!, Pantie Raid!, Pantie Raid!, Pantie Raid! Pantie Raid!, Pantie Raid!, Pantie Raid!”
Big Brother says “We hate freshmen, We hate freshmen, We hate freshmen”
Big Brother says “Someone call the cops!”
Big Brother says “Take it off! x 40
The Big Brother song was also played.

Hayden, Cody and Donny talk about how the lines are drawn now. Cody and Hayden talk about how Amber is weak and got strong armed into making her nominations. Cody says he wants to talk with Amber now to see where her head is at. Cody says after the veto meeting then we can start talking.

Cody says that he doesn’t think the BB messages will be for the POV. He says that he thinks it will be for the HOH next week. Donny says well I know I am not in the click because when they said the majority of the house wanted Joey out … I was not included in that conversation. Hayden says it wasn’t so much of a conversation it was just something everyone knew after what happened. Donny says if I had won HOH I would have put up Devin and Caleb. Hayden says what would be best to separate them. One HOH nominates one of them and the other nominates the other. They all say that they like Zach. They like Frankie but he is in with everyone. No one will put him up. Cody says that Frankie will flip flop to whoever’s in power. Hayden says playing a great social game. Him and Derrick had the best social games. They talk about how they trust Derrick. Hayden comment that he trust Derrick but that he spends a lot of time up there (HOH room). Donny and Cody to talk alone. Cody says that he is disgusted by the way some people are treating others. They don’t like how Brittany is being treated. Donny says if it happens again I will read them the bible. Donny says do unto others as you would have done unto you. They talk about how they think the havenots will be chosen today. Hayden and Cody head to bed.

10:05am Donny is the only house guest awake right now.

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11am All four cameras showing the house guests sleeping..

11:50am Big Brother hasn’t woken up the house guests yet..

1:05pm The house guests are still sleeping..

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-04 10-55-47-495

1:15pm Big Brother wakes up the house guests…

Bomb Squad = Frankie, Caleb, Devin, Cody, Derrick, Zach, Amber, Christine
Fragment of bomb squad no name  = Christine, Frankie, Cody, Derrick Zach
Sub alliance of the Bomb Squad = Derrick, Cody, Zach
Double Ds = Devin, Donny
Bed buddies = Nicole, Christine
Final 2 Deal Zankie= Frankie, Zach
Defunct alliances
TheCrazy8s = Frankie, Donny, Joey, Paola, Devin, Amber, Nicole, Cody
El Cuatro = Paola, Amber, Joey, Nicole

Where the vote is 

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I really like Cody, Hayden and Donny, they seem like genuine good people and I hope one of them gets power next week and does what they want with it. They’ll be smart to get PowPow out of the house since she’ll always be up on the block with the next target of Caleb/Devin to ensure it’s the losing team. Maybe Devin will get paranoid again this week and backdoor Caleb if the stars align, that would be gold! I like competitors in the game but can’t stand arrogance, Caleb would be great to root for if he wasn’t such an a$$.


they should keep PowPow around so they can put her up with whoever they really want out lol. Like Powpow and Devin, or PP and Caleb, or whatever. I’d be interested to see the votes if B and PP are left up there after veto, and Devin watches PP voted out. Leaves him without being able to compete for HOH but britany can, and shows him that whoever is HOH, they will probably put him up lol


The ones I want to make at least to the halfway mark:

Zach – I like him. I enjoy reading about him. I also don’t get the gay vibe.

Hayden – He seems perceptive. Read here Hayden mentioning how Cody has it in “good” with everyone and especially the ladies.

Donny – Though he’s kind of ho-hum and boring, he seems like a nice guy and like to see him make it the the jury at least.

Amber/Brittany – Just because I want a woman to win and so far like them the best.

Okay, I get it, Cody is cute but just don’t get the Cody love, not much personality.

I don’t get all the Nicole love, either. Haven’t read or seen (on broadcast tv) anything memorable or clever. Ditto for Christine.

Derrick, want him gone soon.

Frankie, nah.

Pow Pow – annoying.


if donny ever wins HoH and actually nominates caleb and devin he will become my favorite new player of the last 3 years


No, Hayden is right. He would need to nominate devin and paopao and have the other HoH nominate Caleb with a fairly strong player. That ensures at least one of them will be on the block. If they happen to win the veto, putting up their puppet Amber would be the next best thing.


i’ve been ready to see amber go from day one. She isn’t playing, she’s following, why devin considered her a viable addition to BS who knows. brittany is competitive and close in comps, I think.


And the rest of the ladies are??? Uh what did Christine do? Vote with the house. What did Nicole do?? Vote with the house. What did Victoria do? Vote with the house….At least Amber is staying true to her alliance and staying the course–whether you like her alliance members or not, she’s playing the game that is best for HER–because lord knows Nicole doesn’t like her (with no reason–she’s a floater herself, no game play, average in competition, why is she there…oh cuz she’s the cute blonde?) and Nicole, Christine, Cody and Zach would all vote Amber out. Unfortunately for Amber she still is sticking true to her Bombsquad alliance and isn’t thinking of nominating Zach and Cody, Jacosta, Victoria, Pow Pow, Frankie, and I still even say Hayden like Amber…Zach’s a snake, Cody would vote Amber out for Nicole, Nicole hates her, and Christine is loyal to sneaky Nicole. So it makes literally no sense for Amber’s game to go against Caleb and Devin because those are the two with the power as of right now and those are the two that are willing to keep her safe.

She was smart listening to one of the more sound players Derrick in his warning about Nicole. Nicole wouldn’t save her, Nicole would vote her out in a heartbeat.

Amber may have annoyed me to no end with her whining about being HOH but she’s much safer sticking to the two that have made it known they’d have her back.


Why 3 years? Who was your favourite 4 seasons ago?

smd nicole

britney haynes! she was on 2 years ago also but she wasn’t new


AGREED! Britney Haynes was the best =)


she’s the best of the new era of big brother but she would get destroyed if she had to compete in a season like all stars… i just liked her because she was hilarious in the DR and pretty damn cute.


The Bomb Squad are targeting the floaters (+ Devin) but they have the biggest floater of the season right in the middle of their alliance. Christine. She got incredibly lucky when Devin pulled her into The Bomb Squad and now she’s going to float all the way to the end – apart from doing some serious ratting along the way.

Christine is like an imbecilic daggy puppet being controlled by Frankie. Meanwhile Derrick is controlling two douchie idiot frat boys.


how is christine a floater? she has a clear alliance with nicole and they are staying together no matter what. she is using the bomb squad to help her and nicole go far…. and its 2 weeks in u can’t call anyone a floater yet I’m so sick of that word being thrown around


You can call Pow Pow a floater. She’ll do anything someone in power tells her to do.

smd nicole

well she has no choice its either do what the person in power says or go home. and again its still early there has not even been any game to float through so far.


U make no sense. If Christine is not a floater, PowPow isn’t a floater. What is she supposed to do? She’s nominated both times. Is she voting with the house? Or is she a floater because she likes to stay?


Why she has not told Nicole about Bomb Squad? Why she did not even talk with Amber and try to get her not to put up Nicole?

I don`t care if she is a floater, I just don`t like her. She said she wants the Bomb Squad to take all the girls out and leave only her and Amber.

She sucks and she gotta go soon


Are you like Christine’s ex-boyfriend or something? You really have a ‘hate on’ for her. A lot of Big Brother success is about luck and being in the right place at the right time. Good for Christine to be there AND take advantage of it. However, I do hope she does something other than just ‘float’.


I have a Bible verse you should read to everyone in the house. Something along the lines of “Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone.” All of these people are hypocrites. Amber had to be bullied into her nominees by Devin. Not like Frankie was there, or Caleb threatening to win. They are all lying and trying to manipulate, it’s part of the game. But when someone else is more aggressive, they are a bully. This Caleb/Devin hate is crazy. I don’t care about arrogance, as long as you back it up. And I am really tired of people calling people bullies in a game that is kinda set up to force people to press someone into doing something they don’t want to.

smd nicole

so far my 3 favorites are
derrick(he is playing the best game so far imo)

smd nicole

was not meant to be a reply to u i have no idea why it did that


I figured. Donny is definitely a favorite of mine. I like Hayden and Nicole though in my top 3


Derrick playing the best game?

What would happen is all the 16 came, to the house and just lay low, do nothing, just like Derrick is doing?


Agree with you about the term bully being used. They’re not bullies. But they’re days are numbered, both of them, way too abrasive and aggressive.
They’re Jase and Scott from BB 5.


It’s not that Diva is simply “manipulating” and playing the game, he’s actually putting fear into some players with his psychotic schizoid paranoia. I don’t think this is an act.


I so agree with everything you have said. Is every one suppose to play the same game? And if you don’t Oh he is a bully I hate him! No one really knows any one really, its only been 2 weeks.


I guess writing a comment that supports Caleb or Devin gets deleted on here.


What’s daggy? Would you get punched for calling someone that? Not being a jerk, just curious. About the only ones I can now stand out of this bunch is Donny and Hayden. Kind of pissed that there is another season with a black guy with “issues”. But I guess the ones I know all have jobs and aren’t fame whores. I hope that Devin is still around when Jesse makes his obligatory BB appearance, he’ll probably cry.


Ha! Funny….

non-metal spoon

I don’t like Caleb or Devin, but so what? I didn’t like any of the last 7 players last season,but the game-play was great. At least C & D are trying to play. Brittany & victoria are NOT players. They think they are entitled to stay because they are WONDERFUL people. Off with their Heads!


Britanny and Victoria are not players? Who won the Battle of the Block last week? and everybody sees Britanny as a treat right now


Brittany is decent at comps, but that’s about it. She needs to be sent home along with any others that were “recruited” to be on the show. Thousands of real, dedicated fans attempt to be cast but some hot girl who has never even seen the show before (and has an actor boyfriend she can’t name for privacy reasons) gets cast instead. She’s getting the “mom” support from the female viewers because they think she’s some poor, sweet, newly single mom who needs the money. I liked Joey but I’m glad she got sent home since she was recruited as well. Brittany needs to go. Her 15 minutes are up.


Funny thing is that she’s dating a “famous” actor or so she says…


Can someone kindly clarify two things for me? I only caught the tail end of a conversation where Victoria states she cannot share a room with a man? Did I hear correctly and if so, why can’t she? Caleb said something to Amber about sitting around and reading her Bible. I thought they were not allowed any type of reading material in the house. Just curious. Thanks


Victoria is an Orthodox Jew, therefore she can’t sleep in a room with men. The Bible is the only reading material in the house.


thanks Debra for info.


There is also cereal boxes…


I think the only exception to reading material is the Bible and I think Victoria isn’t “allowed” to share a bed with men due to religious (Jewish) reasons.

Mister E

Victoria is part of a religion that are very strict on conduct. She has to live with her parents until she gets married and a lot of other rules. That is probably why she can not sleep in the bed with a man.

I believe the house provides a bible for the houseguests. I see people reading it every year.


Imagine an alliance with Donny, Cody, Hayden, Nicole, and Christine! That’s the dream team right there. As long as anyone isn’t reporting back to those two meatheads, they should have the votes to pick them off one by one.

What do you all think about Amber’s decision to nominate Hayden and Nicole?


I’m not happy with the Nicole/Hayden noms (I like both). I was liking Amber before, thinking she would bring down the BS, but this doesn’t seem to be her plan and playing it the way Devin “demanded” lost me. It’s not good game play for her IMO. By the time she’s ready to start taking out other BS members, she will have no one to support her left!


Ugh you people are so biased. I find it so odd that every year the dream team is always the “all” white team, whats up with that?

But I digress, what’s really strange is that you think Amber should be loyal to breaking up the Bomb squad when Cody, Zach, and Nicole are gunning to vote Amber out. The only people that have Amber’s back in the house are Devin (although I hate what he did to her), Caleb (obviously), Pow Pow, Frankie (as long as D or C stay in power), Victoria, and Jacosta. Derrick and Donny dont’ seem to have anything personal against Amber, but Nicole is a huge threat to Amber. She’s said from day 1 she hates Amber although she never shared why, and to be quite honest Amber’s been playing more of a game than Nicole.

Nicole hasn’t come close to winning anything, she isn’t really in any “official” alliance outside of Christine, and she just sits around smiling in people’s faces that she swears she hates–at least Amber doesn’t do that–and listens to whatever Cody and Zach say do–which always ends up being “vote with the house.”

Amber is safe so long as Devin and Caleb are in the house and in power, and she keeps Jacosta, Victoria, Pow Pow in they’ll have her back and quite possibly Derrick. So it honestly makes no sense for Amber to go rouge.

She would be the first one Zach, Cody, Nicole, and Christine choose to vote out if they can’t vote out Devin.


Agree! I would be rooting for them, and it seems Cody is getting “frustrated” with being a sheep in a game currently being run by Devin and Caleb… it would be crazy to see how any of these ego-maniacs (Caleb, Devin, Frankie, Amber) would react to being nominated…. they have been in power thus far, and would definitely snap when nominated…. as for Amber’s decision, I want to like her, but I don’t think her (or almost all the girls in the house) are really playing the game, its important to play safe at the beginning, but they hardly talk game at all… and as “snobby” as Victoria and Brittany may be, they seem the only girls capable of going after the meatheads… especially Victoria lol if devin can’t leave this week, then hopefully its paola


Agree! I would be rooting for them, and it seems Cody is getting “frustrated” with being a sheep in a game currently being run by Devin and Caleb… it would be crazy to see how any of these ego-maniacs (Caleb, Devin, Frankie, Amber) would react to being nominated…. they have been in power thus far, and would definitely snap when nominated…. as for Amber’s decision, I want to like her, but I don’t think her (or almost all the girls in the house) are really playing the game, its important to play safe at the beginning, but they hardly talk game at all… and as “snobby” as Victoria and Brittany may be, they seem the only girls capable of going after the meatheads… especially Victoria lol if devin can’t leave this week, then hopefully its paola

smd nicole

no derrick? he is playing a greta game IMO and i can easily see him going all the way


What is he even doing in the house? I don`t have live feeds, but he has not been shown on CBS episode yet, and I have not heard anything about him online either.

For me he is what I call a floater


Derrick is working it pretty good. Not making the show does not mean you are not playing but that you are not in the drama of the day…at least not directly.


can someone explain how BOB works? I still haven’t figured it out, so please dumb it down as much as possible


I hear ya! I’ve posted this a bunch in the comments but i’ll keep adding as it’s a problem for all of us to wrap our heads around.

1) The HOH whose teams loses the BOB stays HOH and their nominees stay nominated
2) If you want to be HOH you want your team to lose the BOB so you will nominate the weakest players
3) In the case this week Amber nominated two stronger players and Devin nominated two weaker players.
4) DEvin’s two nominees LOST the BOB so he is still HOH and Brittany and POWPOW are still nominated.
5) Amber’s two nominees won the BOB and are removed from the block, Amber is dethroned.

Amber is now able to be nominated for eviction if POV is used. Hayden and Nicole are safe from being put up.

Let me know if it’s still confusing..


5th time a charm, I get it now lol


Im praying that Brittany wins POV..

Wish Victoria could win and take Britanny off.

I wonder who Devin would put up


That’s what I’ve been wondering too.


Fabia, Jocasta is the only one viable player for Devin to choose.


I’m guessing one of the nominees might take themself or be taken off the block. Since I haven’t been watching the live feeds, who do you guys think Devin might put up as a replacement nominee after the POV? How well has he bonded with Cody? I mean it seems Cody hates Devin’s guts but is the feeling mutual? If so, Cody might be backdoored cuz he almost won this HOH and another strong player Hayden was already on the block, unless Devin hate someone else more. I hope whoever wins the POV keeps the nominations the same.


I don`t have live feeds also.

But I think Devin seams to be so TOUGH, but he still depends on the Bomb Squad. I think he would put up Jocasta. I don`t think he has the balls to put one of the guys COdy, Derrick or Zach.

But I would love if Cody goes home this week


Im glad someone wants the “golden boy” Cody gone as much as I do. Entitled much

Mister E

I just want to remind people that this is only week #2. We have yet to see what most of these players are made of. We do not know who is going to be floaters, or who may rise to the top. It is still way to early to know what is going to happen. Did any of you know Pow Pow is a very skilled professional gamer in real life. That takes brains and thinking quick on your feet. I think she may be smarter than we give her credit for. I do not know what she is doing with her game or why, but she may just fool us all. Hayden always made honor roll at school, yet he acts like a not so smart surfer dude. I think we still have a lot to learn from these houseguests still, and looking forward to see how it plays out.


Bit disappointed in her, because she talked a lot of game and strategy when she first came in…do you remember what she said about wanting Caleb out because he would interfere with her game??

*meanwhile I’m thinking* “But what game have you played Pow Pow?”

I know she’s kind of in a hard place but I have no clue why she isn’t talking strategy with the girls she’s closest to, so what if Joey went out, Joey wasn’t close like Pow Pow is to Amber, Brittney, Jacosta–and though her and Victoria hate each other at times that could easily be mended.

But instead they just sit around chit chatting about nonsense garbage. I can get why Amber doesn’t talk strategy because the two people in power running the house are in her alliance, and as much as Cody and Zach talk crap, they still ended up doing what the house wanted–I mean if they were really serious one of them could of threw a vote to Pow Pow to create dissension .


it’s waaay too early to call all these people “floaters”…….if you remember Derrick’s strategy included being very observant in the beginning… and he is sticking with that plan…..but he will need to make a move pretty soon….I think Christine and Nicole have equally longer-term strategies.
and why is Frankie not on anyone’s radar as being a major threat? he gets along with everyone and has the ability to sway opinions and does not overreact…..he is an excellent gamer and will have tons of votes come jury time……? thoughts???


So true…its funny how everyone in the house labels people floaters too because really they have no clue who is talking strategy with who. I mean Nicole I don’t think knows about the Bombsquad, Caleb, Devin, and Amber do not know that Frankie and Zach have splintered off, and Frankie doesn’t know that Zach, Cody, and Derrick have a final 3 deal.

Honestly no one knows anything but what they are told. So it’s funny to me when they say oh “so and so is a floater.” I also find it really annoying that everyone says they like Nicole (Can’t stand her see other posts) thinks she is playing an amazing game, but call Pow Pow a floater…I mean technically neither have really proven themselves in any game play, and both have ultimately done what the house.