Big Brother 14: Ian rates the girls from hot to not, he says Jodi is Prehistoric!

POV Holder: Shane Next POV: July 28 (Saturday)
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony July 23rd (Monday)
HOH Winner: Frank Next HOH: July 26 (Thurs)
Original Nominations: JOJO and Shane
Current Nominations: JOJO and Danielle
Have Nots /Slop Willie, Shane, JOJO, Ian
Coach Competition Winner Janelle
Next Coaches Competition July 27 (Friday)
Last Evicted Houseguest Kara, Willie

12am Joe and Wil are sitting around the hot tub talking about Ashley. Joe says do you understand what we are in here for? Wil says Ashley go be in the real world. I had sympathy for her up until yesterday. Joe says Mmmhh Hmm. Wil says first of all I fu*cking saved you’re a$$ at the first competition and then you go around and you turn your back on us. If she had been put up, I swear she would be gone. Joe says that he had to tell her was going in and saying Kara. She is definitely the bad link in our chain. Wil says she really is. Joe says because she is not trust worthy, we can’t trust her. Wil tells her that they had to tell her to put a filter on it, you can’t go up to Jojo and Shane bit*hing about Frank and Ian having an alliance in front of Jenn. Britney joins them. The conversation turns to talking about Jojo. Britney says that she feels bad for her because she feels left out, like the other night with the dance. Joe says that Jojo and Willie came from the same rough backgrounds. Wil says that even last week she didn’t make much of an effort to be with the rest of us. Britney explains how being on the block and being a have-not you feel uncomfortable around people and lonely.
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Jojo, Ashley and Shane are in the storage room talking. Jojo tells Ashley that she doesn’t trust Janelle. JoJo says she only trusts Ashley and Shane and Britney. JoJo says everyone wants to keep Danielle because she’s easy to beat. She says that Danielle doesn’t have the strength and heart that she has. JoJo says she shouldn’t go out this early. Ashley agrees and says she hates this. Ashley thinks Janelle is trying to ruin her game. Shane asks if they think the 3 of them can make it through the game. JoJo says they should break from their teams. Jojo says that they don’t know if they can trust Frank. Shane says he trusts Frank, but Frank tells Janelle’s team everything. Ashley says that she is not going to work with Janelle anymore and that she knows it will make Wil turn against her. Ashley says that Janelle is a bully. Shane says Britney has never given them bad advice. Ashley says she wants to keep Jojo and get rid of Danielle and Dan. JoJo says she can protect Ashley more than Danielle could. Ashley says she has a feeling Danielle is going home. Ashley leaves the room. Shane tells Jojo that having Ashley might get them through another week. Britney and Ashley come into the have-not room. Shane says that he wants someone to tell Frank that Joe went through his bag. Britney says yeah, but it can’t be JoJo or Shane that tells him. Ashley says she will. Jojo tells Ashley to get Ian on board. Ashley says all Janelle cares about is winning. Shane says that Ashley needs to get Ian to agree to nominate Joe, Wil or Jenn if he wins HOH. Shane asks Ashley if she’s being for real with him and JoJo about all of this, She says absolutely. Ashley says that she can’t stand how obnoxious Janelle is. Shane says picture Janelle’s face when Joe and Wil go up. Shane tells Ashley that her team will be upset with her for going against them, but Janelle won’t let them put Ashley on the block because she won’t want to lose a player.

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12:40am Dan, Mike and Ian are up in the HOH room talking. Ian says that there is some dirty playing going on and he doesn’t like it. Dan asks what happened. Ian tells them about someone upsetting Ashley by telling her Ian had a final two with Frank. He says that Ashley was hurt because she thinks Ian is just dragging her along. Ian says that Ashley is so wonderfully cute and naïve and that she believes the rumor. Ian says that he is sad that she believes it. The conversation turns to talking about past seasons. Britney joins them. Britney feeds the fish in the HOH room. Britney says to Ian, if I tell you something do you promise not to tell anyone else? Ian says yeah! Britney says you’re my favorite person in the house. She asks him what he thinks of the cast?
Britney tells Ian if you were at home right now, you would hate half this cast. Ian asks Mike, you think? Mike says well think of the half dim wits. Ian asks me? Britney says no, people that don’t know the game. Production thought Shane would hook up with one of the hotties. they thought Jojo would mix things up and she hasn’t, etc. Britney asks Ian if he thinks someone can have an attractive butt crack? Ian says yes. Ian says that he thinks Kara was totally attractive. Boogie says awesome, I love your honesty. Britney asks Ian if Kara is the hottest woman you’ve ever seen? Ian says yeah, over Ashley. Ian then ranks the girls in the house from the hottest to the least hot: Kara, Ashley, Janelle, Danielle, JoJo, Jenn, Jodi. Mike is surprised that Ian thinks Danielle is hot. Ian calls Jodi prehistoric. Mike says minus the personality and smoking, Jojo is hot.

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1:15am In the have-not room, Shane, Jojo are talking. Shane says Joe and Wil will be panicking tomorrow since they know Ashley has been in there with them game talking. Ashley says let them dig their own grave. Ashley is pissed at Jenn because she told the whole house about Ashley crying over Kara. Shane tells Ashley not to talk game to anyone, just be agreeable. JoJo tells Ashley not to let Janelle change her mind and control her. Shane says that it would be awesome if Kara comes back into the game. Ashley says that Kara probably hates her. Ashley leaves the room.

1:30am Danielle and Ashley are lying in bed talking. Ashley asks what can Jojo do for me? Danielle says she was afraid JoJo had changed Ashley’s mind. Ashley says there is nothing Jojo can say to make her change her mind, she’s sticking to the plan. Ashley tells Danielle that Jenn is acting weird towards her. Danielle says not to worry about it. Ashley’s tells Danielle about how Janelle and Wil ambushed her in the HOH about her being upset about Kara. Ashley says Janelle is protecting Wil. Danielle tells Ashley that she’s got her. Ashley says they have each other. Ashley says that she wishes she had gone against Janelle last week and kept Kara. Ashley tells Danielle that Janelle always said Kara was Dan’s top racehorse, and that Dan was protecting Kara, and not Danielle. Ashley says that Janelle is mean and that she plays dirty. Danielle asks Ashley to promise she won’t vote her out. Ashley says she isn’t voting her out.

2am – 3am Frank, Ian, Wil, Joe, Janelle and Dan are sitting on the backyard couches talking about Willie. Ian talks about how hard Willie tried to get him to vote with Willie. Janelle says that she was irritated at how Willie hounded Ashley. Janelle says that she heard Shane and Jojo have a secret showmance. Ian says that he sleeps in have-not room with them and says they flirt and play, but nothing’s going on. He says Shane flirts more with Danielle. Dan goes to bed. Frank says that he wonders if new newbies will be introduced into the game. Joe says that he still thinks the newbies will be re-shuffled. Frank says if Julie announces Jury this Thursday, they know for sure no one is coming back. Joe heads to bed. After Joe leaves, Wil makes fun of Joe saying that he invented this and that. They talk about how surprised they are that Rachel wasn’t a coach and wonder why Britney was picked. Janelle tells them that Shane needs to go. Then conversation ends and they all head to bed.

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27 thoughts on “Big Brother 14: Ian rates the girls from hot to not, he says Jodi is Prehistoric!

  1. I can’t stand Wil! I love how the whole house was in an uproar because they were told Willie was mocking Wil but it’s perfectly ok for Wil to do the same thing. He is constantly shit talking and mocking everyone in the house. He and Janelle were meant for one another, two of a kind. I hope he gets taken out next.

    1. Here is my thing. I completely agree first and foremost, I think everyone in this house with the exception of maybe one or two people, have mocked, made fun of, and trash talked someone in the house. I think the thing is that its how Willie reacted that caused the issue. I think the pot was getting stirred hot and early and Willie came running when the dinner bell rang…rest is history.

      Just my two cents.

      1. You are absolutely correct. He handled the situation as poorly as one could. He should have listened to Brit and just let it slide or try to have a one on one conversation with Wil to clear things up.

        Not a big fan of Willie, but It bugs the hell out of me that team Janelle trash talk Willie and others for maybe doing or saying the wrong things but they seem to think that none of that applies to them. What makes them so great that they should be exempt from the same type of mockery and judgement they cast upon others?

    1. Yeah, I think she is starting show signs of serious game. After the final 2 fiasco when talking to Frank and Will, Frank says that he would rather go final 3 with them than his own teammates Ian and Jen. When talking to Brit, Shane and JoJo she is all about how she likes them the best in the house over everyone else and that she feels she made a mistake voting out Kara. When talking to Danielle at bedtime Danielle asks her if she is still voting for her to stay and she says yes. Even if Janelle gets wind of it she won’t want to lose her right away. Ashley recognized that she is bottom on her team and is totally trying to put herself in the best position for whatever happens this week. I think she has game.

  2. I can’t work out what Ashley is doing. She has basically told everyone that she doesn’t trust Wil and Joe, and that Janelle doesn’t care about her. She told Jo Jo she will vote to keep her and told Danielle the same thing. I was hoping Jenn would break off and join forces with Brit and/or Dan’s players, but she seems to be loyal to Boogie. Doesn’t she see that Boogie would sacrifice her in a minute to keep Ian and especially Frank safe? She is in the same position as Ashley, and the only way for the two of them to stay in the game is to turn on their alliance and hook up with each other and Shane and vote to keep Jo Jo. I would love to see Jo Jo stay and win the next HOH. I would enjoy watching team Janelle and Frank kissing her ass. Wil is a nasty bitch, he told Jo Jo she should wear the black robe, and she did, and now all he can do is make nasty fun of her for doing it. I am getting really tired of Janelle, Wil, Joe, Frank and Boogie making fun of her and trash talking Willie. Last night they were saying how the fans obviously hate Willie. It reminded me of season 6 when the nerd herd thought that America hated Kaysar and Janelle and loved them and Cappie. Janelle should have quit when she was still lovable, but I dislike her more every day. It looks like it all depends on what Ashley is really thinking. Is she just stirring the pot and trolling for information to take back to Janelle, or is she really considering breaking away? I remember how last week everyone was saying that Willie was bullying Ashley to vote with him, but now Joe and Wil get pissed everytime she talks to anyone but them. I really want team Janelle to go down. Frank is a moron. He is drunk on Boogie kool aid and for all his talk, he is playing Boogie’s game, not his own. Something needs to happen soon to shake things up because this is getting predictable and boring.

    1. i agree with everything you said, the house would be so shocked to know that willie had and still has supporters who love him, i still say they treated him so wrong,but okay im getting over it…but im still confused with ashley also because on bbad feeds last night after her whole team basically verbally punished her for feeling bad for kara..she went straight downstairs and cried to brit team..and i think she genually likes them and want to work with them..just that she is now only relizing her team are the real bullies because she could have saved willie. but this could be all an act and she might just be playin her game..the coaches this year ruined this season…it was not fair for the house guest to work with people they hate.

      1. I agree with you too Chloe! A JoJo HOH would be awesome but she is def. going home. Still not sure tho if Kara or her might compete to come back. It seems to easy for all these peeps to make it to jury. I am liking Ashley more!

        1. I did a little research & kara still HASNOT tweeted so I don’t know if it’s a ploy to keep us guessing or maybe sequester….???!

    2. Although sheis not as loved as before, I think that she is still popular with viewers. Maybe more ppl dislike her, but more ppl like her than not I would think. I think Willie has the opposite problem due to edits. Just my opinion.

  3. If Rachel was here as coach. She will destroy Janelle in coaches competition. Thanks CBS Production for not picking Rachel.

    1. Oh, I don’t know. I kind of think it would be entertaining to see Janelle and Rachel go at each other. They could call it “Battle of the Fake Boobs”.

      1. Hey, how about this? Janelle would be female Mark McGwire & Rachel would be female Sammy Sosa.

      2. Rachael talked about Janelle all last season would be epic to see them face each other. Rachael is a beast at games and comps!!!

  4. I’m not getting into the argument here on the blog about who left their young baby behind to do the show, etc etc. However, I do find it interesting that Janello & Porka worked together at a club, and each find there way onto BB…looks like AG recruits from their old players. Also, kind of amusing how the both of them, who got picked becuz of they’re hotness, slam down the food as if BB is gonna take it from them soon…lol. Seriously, you can blog about the flotation devices but look at Janello’s pics…the rest is….average. Anyhow, vote to keep me in the game, I might be skanky but I’m real, yanno!!! JoJoHo FTW!!!

  5. Simon, Off the topic: CBS Production & BB14 would have moment of slient of Colorado Theatre shootings. They should pray for the victims & person who are responsible. Simon, did any houseguest talks about what’s happening in Colorado?

    1. you wrote: “They should pray for the victims & person who are responsible”

      I really don’t care if Simon posts this or he bans me from posting. For you to suggest that anyone pray (being we aren’t even all religous) for the piece of sh*t that shot those people is outrageous. It’s fine if Simon wants to post your drivel that you spew out like some sort of f*cking retard, but this has got to be the most idiotic statement I have ever read on the internet (congratulations!). Go bash your head into a wall moron.

      1. To be honest I didn’t even read that guys comment I just did a light scan for spam..

        I totally understand how that comment could be offensive to people and I should of left it off this Big Brother site.

        1. Sorry Simon, It’s my fault of posting it. You can delete whatever because I just want to know. Just like last year when Rachel, Porsche & Adam had moment of slient of 9/11 in big brother 13. I just want to be serious. If you don’t want. I understand what you guys coming from. Please reply. I just heard the news on cnn. It’s not offensive. we just worry that something happen in the theatre of Batman Dark Rises premiere. If it’s offensive to you. Look it up.

  6. Ashley IS Shelly. Can’t stand her. And Ian named the woman from hottest to least hot, he didn’t rate Britney at all. LOL

  7. ashley is really annoying me! janelle had/has her back idk why she keeps going back ot JOJO of all peope. like wtf?

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