Adel – “I’m winning this HOH and a power player is getting out of this f** house”

POV Holder: Allison Next POV ?
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony March 24
HOH Winner: Racehlle Next HOH: March 27
Original Nominations: Allison & Heather
Current Nominations: IKA & Heather
Last Evicted Houseguest Paul, Kyle, Anick
Have Nots Adel, Sabrina, Heather, Arlie

10:10pm Storage room Sarah, Kenny and Jon
Searching around the storage room they find Heather has hidden some food. It’s not a secret to all that this is Heather secret stash of treats.
Heather – ‘I want to have some when i’m not a have nots”

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-03-26 19-36-54-229

10:21pm Adel and IKA bedroom

Adel tells her Arlie thinks he’s the biggest target in the game because he stuck with IKA, “I don’t give a f** I have my card i’m staying with a bunch of b1tches.. I’ll fake a$$ card all these idiots”

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-03-26 19-35-13-402

10:30pm Sarah and Kenny
They don’t think Sabrina was lying her mind just snowballed during her confrontation with IKA.
Kenny – “Basically she came out.. freaks out said this whole situation happened and Big Brother Was like… umm NO you’re lying”
Sarah – “Maybe it’ll at least stop her from doing that again”
Kenny – “Hopefully .. but ya she just needs to realize IKA is trying to get a rise out of people.. stay away from her”
Kenny – “Ika is just trying to stir up the pot and bring prople down with her.. I don’t even look at her now I don’t even look at her in the eye”

KEnny says Jon is being ‘So stuck up his a$$” now.
Sarah saying everytime she goes somewhere Jon is right there. Sarah – “I think I got him off the Andrew train”
Kenny – “How”
Sarah – “he brought it up again.. I told him if he’s loyal to Kenny right now is the wrong time to go after Kenny’s allie”
Sarah thinks Jon realizes he doesn’t have the votes and he’s loyal to kenny things should be OK moving forward.
enny – “It’s crazy that soon it’s going to be time for that shit”
Sarah says they have Heather, Adel, Allison, Neda before it’s Jon Racehlle and the first of 5.
Kenny asks who should be the first person in first 5 to go. Sarah thinks Andrew, Kenny agrees.

Jon comes in
Kenny saying Adel is the type of person that wants to be needed that’s why all the soon to be evicted people cling onto him because they need someone and Adel likes that.

10:50pm ALLISON’S SHOWMANCE REGRET – Andrew and Allison are on the couch talking. When Andrew leaves to go to the bathroom.. Allison whispers into her mic – So sorry Aaron, it’s a game. I miss you. F**K! I hate myself. I’m a terrible person. A terrible f**King person.

10:50pm Havenots Heather, Arlie, Adel

Adel is telling them about the IKA/Sabrina fight. Adel explains Sabrina sat near IKA so she turned around and said “Is there a reason you are sitting there”
Sabrina said ‘You think you are intimidate me cause you shoulder checked me on the stairs”
Adel – “IKA like B1Tch shut up we walked by each other by accident we bumped .. we said sorry and I kept going it was nothing now you act like I shoulder checked you.. B1tch you keep lying in this game”
Adel – “she kept calling her a b!tch.. and then Sabarin goes you don’t scare me ya ya you don’t scare me”

Adel -”Then IKA said go do something productive and get your fat a$$ on the treadmill you’re always whining and complaining about your weight then go work on it stop sitting here and creeping behind me.”

Adel continues saying Sabrian lashed out “You’re a cruel evil evil woman
Adel – “IKA replies b1tch please I don’t care what you think “
Why don’t you go cry like you always cry about Andrew and the new girl.. and you’re crying about the lies you’re spreading .. lying and crying lying and crying”

IKA told Sabrina B1tch you’re lucky i’m not in the game anymore cause I would put your a$$ on the block. Sabrina yelled out “You’re threatening me.. you’re threatening me”

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-03-26 20-19-53-502

11:10 have nots Heather, Arlie and Adel

Telling Heather not to bother packing anything. Heather says she still will pack a few things

Arlie says he won’t pack if he was Heather and if he went home he would just say I’m donating my stuff to the those, “you can do that”

Adel – “I’m winning this HOH and a power player is getting out of this f** house”
Arlie says it’s a bad game move for him to stay in the have nots for such long periods of time he’s going to go mingle.

Adel points out that Arlie is a smart player, “He’s got a good chance of winning this game.. i would say him and jon but now Jon is in trouble”

Adel explains how IKA said she liked Adel, Neda and JOn during her challenge yesterday then SAbrina took that and told everyone repeatedly.

Adel tells her this helps Heather’s game and it doesn’t matter for him because he’s got his card. Adel mentions how he already told everyone if he goes up he uses his card and puts the hOH best friend up in his place.

Adel says when he opened the door to let IKA in after her challenge he told her “Oh my god IKA you just got topaz’d”

Adel says he hopes god forgives him for having so much anger inside toward a person. Adel hasn’t disliked someone this much in a long time, he thinks the type of person Sabrina is inside the house is same person as outside the house
Adel suspects that Arlie is a doctor, “He’s so smart. the hair … the balls… It’s so out of his character he’s loving it.”:

Adel says his plan is to put Sarah and Kenny up. He’s going to tell Andrew if the POV is played the house will demand he puts him up as a replacement nominee. This way Andrew, Sabrina and Allison would all fight for POV not to be used.
Adel says after he makes his move it will be five vs five

They talk about everyone that is shunned, Heather mentions how Neda is getting shunned now.
Adel – “Neda is f**ked… Big Jon is shook … there’s rumblings all around the house.. not from our side but their side

Heather wonders who started that
Adel – “Andrew is tripping about it”

They start talking about IKA shredding the letters and taking the money instead of giving the letters to the house guests. Heather heard people in the bathroom say they would have changed their vote if she took the photos.

Adel says they have to get Sabrina out before Jury, stresses how much of a nightmare Jury will be with Sabrina in it.
Adel – “Don’t you think everyone is sick of Sabrina to or am I just tripping”

Heather says she wants to target Sabrina because she f** up Heather’s game, but someone told her to take out a bigger player. Adel says they have to get the numbers on their side, “We just have to get to that point”

Heather is nervous what she would do if she wins. Adel – “My plan should be the alliance’s plan”

Adel – “Me you and Neda have to play the same thing” adds that Arlie and Jon still have the guys alliance to fall back on. Points out how everyone has 2 or 3 alliances and they have nothing .

Heather wants to take out Kenny because she heard him say in the storage room that the guys have to say whatever it takes to keep the girls and pick them off one by one.

Heather – “Who do i out up”
Adel – You can’t put any of our vote sup:”
Heather =- “I was thinking Rachelle and Sabrina”
Heather says the problem with her plan is if POV isn’t played Sabrina will go home and that isn’t her plan.

Adel thinks if Racehlle/Sabrina win HOH next week they’ll put up her and him, “they don’t think you and NEDA are strong”

11:55pm Sabrina rolls in picking her nose (No joke) Heather and her start talking about Big Brother not letting people into thee house that have a STD.

(Video is uploading it’s long)

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-03-26 20-57-49-397

11:58pm Showmancing

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-03-26 21-20-24-039

12:20AM Rachelle working out

12:23am bathroom Adel and Arlie

Adel tells Arlie his plans if he wins HOH. Put Kenny and Sarah up and replace any nominee with Andrew.

Adel counts the votes Heather, Neda, Jon, you. the other side will have 4 as well and he’ll break the tie.
Adel will scare Allison and Sabrina telling them if they use the Veto Andrew will be going up., “The day before I’ll show them my card”

Adel really wants Kenny goen says once he’s out of the game Andrew will go next. Sabrina and Rachelle nobody likes them.

Arlie thinks they can pull it off if they win HOH. They have the votes as long as Heather and Neda don’t get “shifty”. Arlie concludes that he doesn’t see that happening noir does adel, Adel says “They are holding on by the skin of their teeth”

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-03-26 22-17-40-275

1:00am Sabrina and Arlie
Sabrina – “Neda … no offense but she’s completely useless.. no offense she’s a nice girl a person like that doesn’t deserve to be in the final three”
Arlie says Neda won’t make it to final 3
Sabrina calls Rachelle and Neda “Serious floaters”
Sabrina adds.. Allison is stupid, Jon is paranoid city, Heather is useless.and Adel only attaches himself to sinking ships
Rachelle never talks game

Sabrina – “Does anyone talk game to you”
Arlie – “Jon doesn’t talk game to me.. he just wants to make jury and have fun.. he’s paranoid that the guys are after him”
Arlei explains that Jon hasn’t told him he wants to take out the guys but that would be stupid for Jon because Arlie spends all his time with Kenny and Andrew.

Sabrina asks about Adel.
Arlie says Adel think they are buddies and he asks Arlie to keep him safe.

Sabrina says Jon, Allison and Adel are trying to get Andrew out.
Sabrina saw Adel and Heather whispering in the bathroom the other day.

(Video coming it’s long)

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Alison came 4th in the POV and everyone Kenny and Sara let her keep the POV…wow…
Heather did make the right decision by not taking the POV off of Alison due to she knew Kenny or Sarah would have taken it off her.
Interesting that Alison said she owed Alison (and not Kenny as well).


*Alison said the Sara owed her


*that Alison owed Sara and that she got her back.


Sarah showed her true self when she took the slop pass from heather (evil) and gave her the unitard (thank god) can u imagine watching sarah in that thing all week (puke) and then laughed at heather in the bathroom when she had it on ..there you go canada she is a wonderful human being!


Sarah conniving biatch . She should be proud of herself for all her efforts .


i really want Adel to win the next HoH #TeamAdel


Ika is a better mother/wife then sarah any day ika may have a big mouth but she is a stong woman that stands up for herself unlike sarah who cries all day and flirts with kenny and jon she really needs to get her head out of her ass!


There is no hope for sara to become a good mom / wife . Allday she’s in kens ass or flirting with jon . I loved Ika standingup to herself .


Really? Seriously. We can not comment on either of these women as mothers. Each, in their own rights, are probably awesome mothers. Let’s leave their families out of this…even though each bring it up.


Adel is getting wayyy too full of himself. I’m pretty sure he will lose the next HOH and a random housemate like Heather might wi


WTF is Allison doing?? It seems as if all she does is makeout with Andrew. YUCK! As much as I want to see Sabrina pissed off, I am literally disgusted, Scott would have at least made us laugh.


Liza from BB1 interviewed Scott and he said Allison is not doing what she said she would if she entered the house.


I could’ve told you that


As in, it is pretty obvious.


im still shocked Canada voted Allison in,, Scott would of been so much better!!


arlie’s gonna sell-out adel


Umm no Kenny ….”Adel is not the type of person that wants to be needed”….maybe he’s just a nice person!
I’m really starting to dislike Kenny, he’ s not that good of a player he’s basically getting carried by that wetch Sabrina


I know…I am always yelling “STFU, Kenny!” at my computer screen. He is a self-righteous, miserable prick who has a lot of nerve saying anyone else NEEDS to be liked when he is being completely false about himself for the same reason. As much as I LOATHE Sobrina, I can’t even watch Kenny’s condescending bullshit anymore.


I wonder if having to hide his true self is making him miserable. I am not making excuses for him, he really is being a jerk in that house.


That’s Kenny !it’s not his first time . Once called Ika a savage bi**h then called Adel a Savage .


C’mon Production rig this HOH for Adel like you did for Rachelle


she has an open marriage, “shaking my head”


What is the deal with Andrew and Sabrina? It’s like they’re siblings. Nose picking, bullying, low IQ having siblings. I hope that’s another “twistos twist”.


I think its very important to note that when Andrew momentarily left Allison whispered into her mic “Aaron, its a game. I miss you. FUCK!!”

Live feeders are assuming that Aaron probably is her boyfriend back home who shes talked a bit about on the live feeds.


Allison has a boyfriend? Wow!

Johhny (the European one!)

Simon, Dawg, did you catch Allison saying that
If not, “Name”, could you please tell them exactly at what time she said that?
I’d personally love to know if she really said that, that would actually impact my opinion of her a lot.


I haven’t heard her say that ..


She says it on camera #2 at 10:51pm…at the 30 second mark…right after Andrew goes into the bathroom and she is on the couch alone.


Yes, thank you! Here is the video of her saying it:

Johhny (the European one!)

Wow, thanks Dawg and moon3k!
Great detective work.
Pretty disappointing from Allison. Leaves a bitter taste in my mouth, regardless of how much I dislike Andrew.

Funny: Sabrina might have made 99% of the stuff up that she said about Allison to get her out, but if THAT is Allison’s only plan to survive in there, then I’m fine with her being evicted soon regardless if it’s for other, invalid reasons… like fear of her being some twist, and mainly Sabrina’s jealousy.
They should ask that Aaron guy to be there in the studio next to Arissa to welcome Allison when she gets evicted.


No problem. I couldn’t have found it without moon3k’s time stamp of when it happened and on what camera…


she did say that. I watched the live feeds and you can watch the video on this site of her saying it. Scroll up


I’ve heard it too !


Irrelevant. So far she is a bad player and boring to boot. Even if she is playing Andrew, not sure she is from her DR sessions, she sucks ass. Literally.


So anxious and nervous watching videos. I wish I could scream out loud to Adel “just don’t trust Arlie”!!!! Lol glad im not in that house


If I was a house guests and heard Sabrina say that ika made threats.. Then heard big brother say ika did not , I would never believe sabrina again. Ika is going home, don’t you want to just play nice rather than blow up situations?? And make yourself look even more like a liar.




If Sarah accidentally wins, she’ll do as she’s told – while stressing about “her” decision !

Ika vs Sarah, is this even a comparison?

Ika may have an attitude, but she is a strong woman who stands up for what is right and takes no bull crap from anybody. Despite her knowing its a game and the possibilities are very high for her to go home, i can never explain how high my respect is for her for calling Sabrina out and exposing that b*tch. I’ve always believed in the term ” If you know you’re going out, go out with a bang. ” I’ve never wanted anybody to not get eliminated so badly. I am PRAYING that there WILL be a twist so that Ika can come back and take out the holy duo of turds ( Rachelle,Sabrina,Kenny and Andrew ). Adel,Ika, Neda, Heather and Jon are the only sane people in that house i swear. I just wish that Neda could find herself to break free of the girl alliance and really look out for herself. She is just too smart for them, But Adel and Ika are the two people in that house who i have tremendous respect for.

Sarah is just a wolf in sheeps clothing. She will never amount to be half of the woman Ika is. She does nothing but cry and cry and cry. What truly disgusts me about her though is her unbelievable hypocrisy. Today she told Andrew off about his obnoxious comments ( Don’t get me wrong, Andrew is a tool ) But she seemed to have no problem in tormenting Heather with the other house. The way she acted during that PoV competition when she took Heathers money and gave her the unitard for no real reason? Disgusting.
I really am starting to dislike Sarah more and more each day. She pretends like she is some loving, consoling ” mom ” when in reality, she is just another High School b*tch. She is no different from Rachelle and Sabrina. But no one will be as bad as Sabrina is.

Johhny (the European one!)

“The way she (Sarah) acted during that PoV competition when she took Heathers money and gave her the unitard for no real reason? Disgusting.”

Sarah took Heathers Slop Pass, not the money.
What do you mean by “gave her the unitard for no reason”? You mean Sarah should have said “oh, no, that’s fine, I’ll keep the unitard for myself”. And not doing so is disgusting?
I agree with the first part of your post, but that part doesn’t make sense to me… Using objective thinking, that is.

Ika vs Sarah, is this even a comparison?

* holy alliance of turds


I just want to reiterate how much we all appreciate all the work you’ve put into this site, all your effort does not go unnoticed, you should win some type if award for such a fun, well put together site. So convenient and so easy to get the best info, thanks again!!!


Thank you we appreciate it the compliments! Glad you like our site.

Ika vs Sarah, is this even a comparison?

Also Sarah, if you wanna stop b*tching and crying about not getting a letter from your kids, maybe it’s time that you get off your fat ass and win a GODDAMN HOH. No one in the house is gonna throw it to you for sympathy you idiot!


I TOTALLY agree!! Especially how she was crying to ANdrew about she has to get that letter and then Andrew was like don’t worry we’ll get you the next HOH. Sarah shut the hell up and get off your fat ass and get it yourself. Sick of your complaining with your stank ass eyebrows. #swerve


Ali is a disappointment. Her game play sucks and seeing as she has a boyfriend it was real dumb of her to go for Andrew and play up a showmance and not align with the girls.

Sab, well she is a piece of work and as much as she is disliked she is playing the game than most, especially more than Kenny and Andrew! Hope Adel wins HOH, 1st 5 fall apart. Heather needs to start listening in to more conversations, wouldn’t it be great if she overheard the 1st 5 talking and expose them all!

Sorry that Ika is gonna be booted soon, she rocks.


Heather hiding food! Hilarious. I loved that video. I thought her ultra high pitch frequency was fake, but really its her voice. Can’t blame her….getting used it.
Missed Late Night with Ika and Adel. All the fighting tired them all out.


I think Sabrina has no clothes other than black t-shirt and tights – she borrows something from someone else all the time. Weird. I mean she didn’t bring anything else.


Dominanation ploy.


Can u imagine sarah winning hoh no thank you what an oscar winning performance that would be we would all drown from her tears all we could hope for is thst she gets kenny to read it for her LOL


allison is a tramp!! “Its just a game” ……..explain that to your bf back home when you are tongue kissing with cold sore andrew REPEATEDLY! God..i REALLLY miss last year’s cast BIG TIME!


i almost don’t want snotrina to go too soon. i would luv 2 see her go cray cray week after week until she is hiding in a nook somewhere, rocking back n forth, melting down to a lil booger on the floor. then allison could use her mad skillz as a psych nurse to aid snotrina, since she has no skillz in the game.


Can’t wait for the ‘Shunning’ of Sabrina, Kenny, Andrew, and yes, even Sarah.


I don’t want to see them shunned.
I want to see them HUMILIATED by the example of DECENT people including them, as they each KNOW in their turn they are irrevocably getting the boot !!!


The Feeds will be so boring as far as entertainment now that Ika is leaving, she is one the strongest females that I’ve seen in a long while on BB(both can&US), also her DRs are so much fun to watch..but any any rate I am now rooting for Adel and Heather and pray one of the two wins HOH tonight!