Who is Canada’s pick, Sabrina “the showmance.. Andrew and Allison.. I’m not too worried”

POV Holder: ? Next POV 29
POV Used ? POV Ceremony March 31
HOH Winner: Canada Next HOH: Apr 3
Original Nominations: ?
Current Nominations: ?
Last Evicted Houseguest IKA, Paul, Kyle, Anick
Have Nots ?

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-03-27 19-36-58-010

10:28pm Feeds back
Sabrina is in the Diary room the rest of the houseguests are in the backyard chatting or watching Adel play hockey.

They start filling the wiffle balls with garbage bag bits to make them heavier.
Adel – “Oh this ball is full.. it’;s going to break someone’s nose”

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-03-27 19-39-37-853

10:49pm Bathroom Kenny and Rachelle

Talking about how “cool” this twist is. Kenny says in a way it’s easier because they don’t have to worry about the HOH they just be themselves, “Obviously it sucks if you go up though”

10:57pm Arlie says he ate and drank 6.8lbs of food/beer
Arlie “I feel f** up ya I know”

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-03-27 20-01-52-068

Sabrina tells Canada she loves us..

bandicam 2014-03-27 20-03-43-502

Sabrina wants to know all about Breaking Bad

bandicam 2014-03-27 20-07-54-852

11:09pm Bedroom Neda, Sabrina and RachelleNeda tells Sabrina she has WAY less cellulite on her a$$ than her. Neda tells Rachelle she’s gained weight.. on her chest..

Sabrina starts wondering if Canada will want to break up the showmances.
Neda thinks Canada might want to keep the showmance cause it’s fun.
Sabrina – ‘I don’t think it’s fun because the person it’s with they don’t like”
Neda points out that Canada voted Allison into the house..’They must like her”
Sabrina – “OK.. do you think Canada likes Andrew”
NEDA thinks it depends on what they show.

Sabrina says she’s only really lost it twice in teh house once with Adel because he “Insulted my religion”: and once with IKA, “I’m not too worried.. what about Arlie”
Neda thinks Canada likes Arlie.. Sabrina doesn’t know, she knows Adel isn’t going up.


11:14pm Showmancing

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Soooo are people really okay with how rigged that episode was? No game purists? Literally an hour and a half of “Sabrina Kenny and Andrew are terrible people,” surprisee! Canada can nominate them right now!

Voted for Andrew and Sabrina btw.


Canada finally gave them the edit they deserve. Not much bad about them has been shown in past episodes.

But ya, you best believe that Canada HOH was strategically planned for this week.


I agree with you 100 %, yet I still voted for them. Still, it sucks for them. As much as I hate them, they’re playing a great game.


I just would hate it if someone as useless as heather snuck in and won i still want the person who wins the game to be someone who actually plays. I don’t watch the feeds so i am relying on the show but from some peoples comments i am guessing that andrew and kenny haven’t been really that nice and sabrine they haven’t been showing in a good light. I think it will be priceless if subrina went up because clearly she thinks canada likes her how clueless


That when out the window in season 1. Where have you been?
One of the best episodes in a while
Voted for Kenny and Andrew


OMG ! Simon!If you check out the live feeds on Slice Cam 1 @ 37:25 Neda says “they voted her in” when referring to Allison how does she know that?!?? They houseguests aren’t supposed to know that?!!!!!!!!!!!!


Yes that’s the one! Neda says “they voted her in so they must like her (Allison). How does she know that is that not against the rules?!?


From what I gather, it’s ok for alison to tell them she was voted in, but she can’t tell them about the war room, or watching them, etc. I could be mistaken though!


Yea that was my initial thought too but it’s just that I don’t ever remember Allison telling anyone about being voted in. Also, I would think that would be a big deal because coming into the game she told the HGs she thought everyone was coming into the house that night as well. If she later told them she was voted in (and I just missed that on the feeds) wouldn’t they think she was a liar and wouldn’t that have made the show? No one can clarify this and it’s weird!!!I’m starting to think Allison might have broken the rules!


Allison hasn’t told them anything. The house guests have assumed that she must have been voted in against other potential candidates while she stayed in “sequester” before coming into the house. Allison went along with their guess, saying that she didn’t know if that is what happened or not, but it would be cool if it were true. So when Neda said that, it was just on the house’s assumption and Allison going along with it…but not confirming it as fact.


Allison did say that she was voted in. She was in the bathroom talking to the girls. It was on the feeds…last night.
She said something like ‘well they voted me in so I guess they could vote me out.’
(Sorry, I don’t have a time stamp.)

She did not disclose watching them in the war room (cause for removal rules).

Arlies purple balls

Voted for Andrew and Sabrina as well. They deserve it the most. Put the nose pickers up!! No point in Voting Rachelle since she said she would self evict if Sabrina left. Lol


I voted sabrina and andrew 30X. used all my device LOL! andrew has to go




I thought we all wanted a situation like this popped up. I mean, yesterday we were all asking BBCAN to put Ika in the War Room, instead of packing home. By this point people expect BB to rig the game for someone, After all, your ratings do rely on these idiots.


Kenny and Andrew left no option regarding editing. This season BB Can has always presented their diary good-bye messages. Each of their messages have been cutting to those HG’s exiting and last nights was over the top. They also left no option when the segment on the Ika letter/money segment was shown.They, and Rachelle and yes Heather, did not need to react so violently to Ika. Sarah and others had the good sense to not. And Sarah, to her credit kept her head in the game and defended Ika’s choice.That was camera awareness.


oliver pope cant save the final 5 i love it …. 2 guys up please kenny and andrew replacement sabrina .. let the blood shed resume


C’mon…let’s vote… I can’t wait for Sabrina to get a surprise… she should be worried… I voted multiple times for different combinations of Andrew, Kenny and Sabrina… let’s flip the game around…


I’m so disappointed with Allison I expected a lot more from her



Calm down about the 4th nomination. It’s likely going to be Andrew and Sabs on the block. If Kenny get’s POV, he won’t use it. He’ll be thinking that Canada is targeting his alliance and he’ll be too worried for Sara to save Andrew. He won’t know that Adel is 4th on the list, so quit freaking out.

Johhny (the European one!)

When you say “Adel is 4th on the list”, what list do you mean?
Is it your personal impression, or the poll on this OBB site, or some other source – that I’d love to learn about!


Nothing official.


What list are you referring to?


And at if it is Sobrina and Kenny on the block and Andrew wins veto? He will use it and then fourth place goes up. Or if Kenny and Andrew are up and Sobs somehow wins it? She would absolutely take Andrew off and then fourth place goes up. That is why people should start voting for SARAH to get her in the fourth place slot. If third place, one of the loathsome three, wins veto and uses it…Sarah goes up and whomever is left up there with her goes home.


Those three are basically locked in for top 3…with Kenny being 3rd…which makes him much more dangerous playing for veto than if he was on the block. And he might think Sarah is safe and take Andrew off. Since the top 3 spots are way ahead in percentage than the others at this time, fourth place could go to ANYONE. And Sarah isn’t even close to it right now. We have to start voting for her to bump her up to that fourth place spot. If on some fluke Kenny’s name is drawn and he wins that veto, whomever is in fourth place could go up and they could leave instead. Then this whole “curveball” to shift the power becomes an epic fail. SARAH has to be fourth to make sure a 1st 5 member goes home.


If Sabrina and Kenny are on the block and Andrew wins and takes Kenny off and Canada is hoh it is up to us. I voted Sabrina and Andrew if one is taken off Kenny goes up


can not wait for boogerina to leave


These people are brutal — they keep forgetting that the feeds are up most of the week. If we don’t see what’s really going on for ourselves, we can read about it here (thanks for that btw). We’re not just seeing how they get edited in the show, we see who is honest, who is shady, and who is being nasty for fun.


How do you vote more than once? Cannot believe Sabrina’s still cocky, she has to go up!


Just keep opening a new incognito window (on google chrome) or keep deleting cookies before refreshing the BB website.


You can also vote for the same person twice instead of picking two different people.


Thanks Name. I’m throwing all mine at Sarah.


Thanks for that. I had no idea about the incognito window. I voted lots of times.


Neda’s canal expressions are amazing. You can tell she is wanting to say ” actually they won’t like you or Andrew, Sabrina… So get to stepping “


Facial expressions*


Haha I know I love Neda, she sees right through Sabrina’s bullshit.


Sabrina is arrogant enough to think that she’s loved by Canada and that Canada naturally hates who SHE hates. She thinks they’ll target the Showmance and get rid of Allison?! I voted for Kenny and Andrew so they could battle it out and have Sabrina go up as the replacement. I regret that now and wish I’d voted for Sabrina and Andrew so Kenny can be back-doored.

To see the look on Sabrina’s face when she realizes that Canada hates her would be PRICELESS and the BEST show we’ve gotten from these people yet! I’d seriously pay to see her react and freak out!


Don’t worry, i’m 100% sure sabrina is going to be one of the people that gets nominated.


Lmfao, Sabrina cannot really be that delusional, she thinks she’s portrayed as the bubbly funloving person of the house, she thinks she has nice boobs, she thinks she’s voluptuous and not fat, and she thinks Canada loves her. I’m starting to think that maybe she’s a comedian!


I don’t like Sabrina’s narssastic ways however some people on here including you need to grow up. She is voluptuous and she is not “fat”.It makes me laugh that people find the need to attack someone’s looks to such degrees as they do in here.You can go ahead and disagree with her game play or comment on things he says however you’re sinking just as low and being a hypocrite. She may be many things but regardless of people seeing her “tactics” she’s still manipulating much of this game. Yes it will be good to see her get nominated but I don’t need to refer to someone as a pig or fat to make my point. I’m sure you all have your own imperfections.


Name, you are right. Calling someone fat is derogatory. However, calling Sabrina voluptuous suggests there is a sensuality about here appearance and character that does not come across in her demeanour. She comes across more slovenly.

Johhny (the European one!)

I can’t wait to see Sabrina’s reaction and meltdown when she learns that she’s one of the 2 HGs Canada dislikes the most.
She always runs after everybody, asking them over and over again “do you hate me? why do you hate me? I know you hate me!”, so this should actually bring her to a totally new level of insanity 🙂
I hope Kenny gets the chance to show who he is in this house without Andrew and Sabrina, because if he gets evicted now, it would be because of those 2 being a) despised by Canada and also b) viewed by the HGs as lesser threats.

The 2 most likely scenarios imo:
a) Sabrina and Andrew get nominated by Canada. There is no Veto. Andrew gets voted off. 😀
b) Sabrina and Andrew get nominated by Canada. Anyone but Kenny wins the Veto. Kenny is the replacement. Kenny gets voted off. 🙁


Your #2 scenario is exactly what I’m hoping for. The only downfall of it is that Sabrina will get an even bigger head about not getting voted out.


We’re due for a double eviction Johnny!!! We might just lose both Sabrina and Andrew!!!! Somehow I don’t see Sarah and most of the others wanting to mess with Canada’s nominations if they win POV.


Double eviction would be new noms from an actual HOH tho


hopefully neda or adel will win that HOH


I admit it. I’m a rule follower. I know that’s boring but it’s who I am. To me it’s about character and integrity. And I say all that to say this: When the houseguests are told to stop talking about production and to stop singing and they’re at it again 12 seconds later, it drives me up the wall!

If I were BB, and the houseguests ignored calls to stop singing, I would turn up the speakers to full volume and say firmly: “I said STOP SINGING!”

But, what can you expect from a bunch of drunks.


No! Kenny has been with them just for strategy! The moment he is seperated from Andrew I guarantee he will call Sabrina on her bull and will go back to himself! He has to act like a douch because he surrounded by them!

Johhny (the European one!)

Thank you! 100% agree.
I was starting to feel I’m alone with this assessment… Everyone: Remember how much of a jerk Emmett was last year before he finally distanced himself from Tom.
It would be a pity if it was Kenny who got evicted this week. C’mon, BB, give the audience the satisfaction of getting Sabrina or Andrew voted out, without it having to be the actually genuinely likeable guy out of the 1st5.
You keep on twistos-twisting things up until what you want to happen happens, so please don’t be a complete jerk about it. Thanks, BB.

Miss Spelling

Actually, Emmett was one of the nicest people on Big Brother, ever. He had a lot of patience. He was never a jerk on any episode or live feeds. That’s one of the reasons Jillian fell in love with him. Maybe your memory is LITERALLY warped?


He did over react a bit on the cheating calls. LOL
He did not have a lot of patience with some HG’s and that is where Jillian came in and smoothed things. Do you not recall his contempt for Talla through most of the season.
Regardless, Emmett was far nicer than Kenny or Andrew. And there was no house shunning last year.


Time for Canada to let the House guests know we are not buying their B***sh*t by nominating Sabrina with Kenny or Andrew! Let them all freak out as to why Canada voted for Nose Pickers Incorporated!


LOL glad sabria isn’t worried


Jon just called Kenny a queerbag 🙂


And that’s something to smile about why?


I get most people do not like Kenny but why would calling someone a slur be a good thing?


Come on people we got to get adel out of fourth place as if one the of the three win the pov they would take each other off and then the fourth person would go up and that would be adel. We don’t want that to happen. I don’t understand adel being in fourth. Come lets get him out of that spot. We don’t want this to backfire Canada.


I don’t get it either…do some people think they are voting for the HOH instead of nominees? I hope Sarah gets fourth place…it is the only way to guarantee that a 1st 5 member, aside from Arlie, goes home.


Personally, I don’t particularly like Adel (though I HATE Sabrina and Andrew). I don’t know, I don’t think Adel is interesting, he is cocky (not that the others aren’t), his strategy is to stick to weak players so that he is never voted out but the more hated players in the house at that time. Everyone puts him on a martyr because he stayed with Paul (not that he didn’t have much other choice), but he is just as rude as the other house guests (but no where near as bad as Sabrina and Andrew). Personally, I want Sabrina out, but I would like to see Adel out next week.


where are u seeing that adel is in 4th?


Andrew sounds a lot like Bane from the dark knight rises


Not Sabrina you don’t have nice boobs. Please be evicted so we never have to see or hear you minge again. BLECH

Oh snap

You know what would be PERFECT is if the house votes out kenny or andrew and then its a double eviction and adel gets hoh and votes out the other one..BOOM!!!!..they are both gone!


O I put up Sabrina and Sarah. I was gonna put kenney or Andrew but wasn’t sure who canada hates more out of those 3. I put Sarah because I think she is the one of the evil 4 who can slide under the radar enough and still win. Andrew or kenny won’t win likely, they’ll be targets through the game but sarah could just slide through.

I am glad Ika took the money, no way would she stay anyways so why not.

I am curious at the end of the season is there a Canada’s player (like there is a america’s player who gets 25k)


Thank you!! I hope more people vote for Sarah…she NEEDS to be in top 4 for this eviction to be fail-safe.


i just voted again, for sarah and arlie this time,,,


I’m glad that Heather will get the chance to see that Canada doesn’t see her as disposable like the majority of the house does. No pawn for Heather this week!

Johhny (the European one!)

To be fair, Canada not nominating her will just confirm to her and the other HGs what they all already knew: she’s not worth being nominated.
The only reason she got nominated in the past was that the HOHs wanted to make the weakest possible move.


even though we want 2 guys on the block canada is putting andrew and sabrina up like it or not thats the way it is …… if pov is use the next dislike person the producers will nominate lol ..


Did Adel in fact, insult Sabrina’s religion? What did he actually say? Anyone know?


snotbrina’s a liar – do not believe anything she says.

she is a sociopath with borderline personality disorder


I just posted to bb Facebook that since Canada is HOH we should get gift baskets. With a brick gift card, twistos and BB swag (mug, tshirt etc) They should have people enter online and then draw 3 winners. Just a thought, wanted to share. Don’t know if anyone actually looks at the page, but figured I’ll try! 🙂


Its so funny how there is no game talk on the feeds now lol I hope Adel is safe this week.
Omg did u guys see how mean and bitchy Andrew and Kenny were to Ika just cause she took the money? Omg I was so shocked! Andrew and Kenny on the block please asap!
Wonder how the power of veto would work?

Johhny (the European one!)

LOL – do you actually believe what you just wrote?
That it was “just cause she took the money”? Don’t you think the fact that she litterally climaxed at getting to shred their letters had anything to do with it? They saw her revelling in it, kicking some letters and make some ecstatic comments while destroying their loved one’s letters.
No, just the “taking the money” part. Umm… OK.
Objective criticism is tha best.
“OMG did you guys see how Adolf Hitler is a complete a$$hole because he brushes his teeth?!?”

Miss Spelling

Hey douchebag – your comments are always criticizing someone for something or other. Objective criticism is best, yes – but so is being precise when criticizing. The word literally means that something is the truth. So unless you have some kind of telepathic gift, I think you’re the only one that saw Ika have an orgasm. What’s with that description? You seem (by all your posts) to be a real sexist pig of a guy. Buddy of Andrew?

Johhny (the European one!)

OMG. Please tell me you’re not THAT stupid.
I took “hating Hitler because he brushes his teeth” like an example of a legitimate feeling but associated with something normal rather than being able to come up with actual reasons for hating him.
They saw Ika laughing, kicking the letters they so wanted to read, talk about how it would make Kenny cry, how much she enjoyed the idea of causing them pain.
Your buddy’s statement here was implying that they would have had the exact same reaction if she had just calmly decided to take the money, while saying she did feel sorry for shredding the letters.
If you REALLY can’t understand that, then… Oh, well.
I think I’ve made it quite clear in my posts that I’m not at all a fan of Andrew, but that I believe Kenny shouldn’t always be cited right next to him and Sabrina as despiseable people.
That is my opinion, but this scary mob mentality that was also apparent in several recent BB seasons really is a big thing in NA, judging by the number of “douchebag” and other names I get called for voicing an opinion that isn’t the same as yours…
LOL @ being called a “real sexist pig” for comparing “enjoying something” to climaxing.



of course she wanted to cause them pain,,, they are A-holes!


Well exposing someones game is a reason to get distraught. But the reaction several HG’s had to Ika’s actions were not because she displayed contempt for some of them while shredding their letters. The reaction was from her stating, not implying, their strategy and place within the house. There was no way in hell they were changing their vote for a letter.
And, as Peter Brown asserted, if you are in that house to receive a letter, then you should not be in that house.
Good on Ika.


Andrew was all “hold me back” and Kenny called her a whore. It’s a friggin game! She would be stupid to not take the money and those guys acted like complete douchers
I’m actually surprised that the rest of the HGs can’t tell that Kennys gay by his over the top reactions to everything all the time. It was comical to say the least. Good for Ika!


*It’s Simple Canada*
Kenny and Andrew go up
lets say one comes down
put Sabrina up
now you have Adel, Heather, Jon, Neda
Plus Rachelle (she will not vote against Sabrina)
That’s 5 votes … Andrew or Kenny gone 🙂
Kenny gone would be best IMO


OMG, Sabrina we don’t love you…. we hope you are your boy toy who is sleeping with the other girl(andrew) both get put on the block and out the door.


My Predictions

Neda n Jon
Adel n Heather – will all work together(The Quad)

Arlie n Sarah – will work with the The Quad
I think they will be on the outside

Sabrina n Rachelle – will be loners/try to hook up to the Kendrew/Ali sinking ship

Kendrew? n Allison – newfins?/loners/out soon

Kendrew?, Sabrina, and Alison remain the main targets … one of them out next


If we vote for Sabrina to be on the block than we just as dumb because we are being personal. The best choice is Kenny and Andrew and Sabrina as a replacement. Has to be one of the boys!!!


Kenny has pull and Andrew has none. If you put up Andrew next to any of the dumb 4 Andrew goes. No on likes him. His only vote would be Allison, everyone seems him as a threat. Kenny is the brain. Sabrina has a good social game and has most the girls in her pocket. She basically owns rachelle. Kenny doesn’t have a solid vote, Jon, arlie, Adel would all be glad to see him go because he is strong and well like and physical. Sabrina basically is the link between groups that would be otherwise seperate.

As for neda knowing how allison was voted in, well in the hosue people get bored and come up with probably 100 different theories how someone got in. You are bound to just guess the right one.


Hernanday, Allison clearly stated it on the feeds last night.


I’m kind of regretting to not vote for Sabrina .don’t want her to think canada loves her at all !


Go ahead and change your vote to Sabrina. Just click on the nominee you want to change and pick the slob.


Oops. I was wrong. Looks like you can’t change your vote.


That’s why it is important to vote without emotion. Kenny and Andrew need to be on the block at the same time. Sabrina and Sarah as backups. Sabrina can be dealt with by the house easily.


Love the site voted for Sabrina and Andrew. loved that Ika took the cash they all would have done the same


Canada let’s be smart now, we have a prime opportunity to back door Kenny which would be completely hilarious, so Andrew and Sabrina up and make sure Kenny is in 3rd. Can’t wait to see when they realize they’re all hated, wake up call to say the least.


its going to be kenny and andrew,
the whole spiel was a ‘power shift’ sabrinas and sarahs skanky asses on the block is not a power move.
in the goodbye messages to ika, kenny and andrew were viscious, they didnt show sabrinas, probably because it was a crying im so sorry i love you, dont take it personally message.

Delilah Jones

Why am I not surprised that Sabrina thinks she is safe?

I am not allowed to vote, but I would like to see Andrew and Kenny up, as opposed to one of them and Sabrina. I do not want one of them to win veto and take the other off the block.


I hate kenny andrew sarah and sabrina SOOOO MUCH i wish there was a way to evict them all


Did Neda say that Canada voted Allison into the house? When was this revealed to the houseguests?


when did adel insult sab’s religion???


He didn’t. She lies.


Wait, im confused.. did i miss something?
How did Neda know Allison was ‘voted’ into the house? Dont they just know she came in ‘late’? And if she told them what happened she would get the boot?


They’ve assumed she’s “Canada’s Player” and does what we want.
Or something.
Neda needs to get out of Jon & Sabrina’s asses.


As soon as kenny and andrew go up sarah and sabrina are going to jump ship so fast !!!..WATCH OUT jon and arlie the lieing cheating sluts are coming your way!


Sabrina leaches onto whomever the HOH is. Big surprise she is kissing Canada’s ass, since the power is theirs. Classic.

No Nose Pickers

Here’s a vid of Andrew getting pissed with his bud. What a sloppy drunk. Read all the comments too, super funny



Thanks, but we get enough of Andrew on the feeds and show.


Well, I voted three times.

Kenny and Andrew
Kenny and Sabrina
Andrew and Sabrina

The rest is up to Canada….


I don’t know about anyone else, but I think they should be ‘punished’ for saying hello to their loved ones. They have been warned repeatedly and still it happens. Am I wrong – maybe they’re allowed during the live show? thanks

No Nose Pickers

Well aren’t you a party pooper lol


Nailed it!


Rachelle, your bra flashing is a little obvious. Stop trying to win Canada over with your cleavage.


That was very cute. I don’t mean that I personally want to see them punished. It’s just that repeated warning from Big Brother usually result in some sort of action. People who ignore the ‘no napping’ rule (which sounds an alarms), results in some sort of punishment for the entire house. I’m not being mean – just asking a ‘playbook’ question. Thanks for not being unnecessarily insulting about my question NO NOSE PICKERS. 🙂

Miss M

I can’t wait to see Sabrina’s reaction when she goes up!
I’ll be sitting here with some popcorn watching that shit show unfold.


Yes me too….

I do wonder how she will handle it. Will she rationalize it by saying that it is because of the whole Ika fight and that is why Canada nominated her or will it be a full on mental breakdown.


I didn’t hear neda say that but if she did how would she know that??? The only reason I’d like to see allison on the block would be to give her a hint that we arrnt impressed with her game play and most ofnus sadly regret voting her in. I’m onlyncommenting on this site from now on…the comments on ton the live feed page are always jumbled up from previous days….very annoying. Also ive voted kenny and andrew mostly and a few times sabrina and andrew. Kenny is a smart player but these other two need to go kick rocks and go gold digging off where we aren’t forced to watch!!!!


I too want to know how Neda knew Allison was voted in by Canada. Does this mean Allison gets removed from the house?

And, I also want to know when Adel insulted Sabrina’s Religion.


Neda is the only smart girl there. She figured it out right away. Allison couldn’t have told or she would be gone, and Neda is one of the last people she would tell. As for Adel insulting her religion, he didn’t. This is Sabrina talking. He called her a cow, which she is, and he mooed at her. I don’t remember, but I know something was said about Adel’s religion, don’t remember who. Sabrina does stuff and then flips it the other way around. People are starting to catch on to her. If I am wrong, I would like to see the clip where Adel says this. I hope we get to choose the have nots too, Kenny, Andrew, Sabrina and Rachelle.I want to see what they are made of when everything is against them.


Allison did state she was voted in. And it did not break the rules.

team adel

Adel never insulted Sabrina ‘ religion she was cooking he said I can’t eat pork and she went off on him like the psyco she is, first night in the house


And Sabrina did more to rile Adel which is how they got additional rules forbidding them to comment on HG’s religion and sexuality…a few other things.


Can we also vote for new sideshow commentators? I can’t stand these two. No star power. I could care less cause I’m bi myself, about Gary’s sexuality but I can’t stand when guys dress like girls. Hiding a dick under a dress is just stupid. Can’t stand exaggerated behavior (Gary) and neither one of them has a sense of humor (Peter doesn’t even have a heart since he’s robot).


not too mention they both suck at playing big brother, but think there the shiz!

gary asking jillian how shes spending his money was classic, fkn idiot.

peter not using the veto on topaz, and now we get to spend bbc2 watching him give his dr will wannabe insight, puke!


Sarah is laying in bed picking at her zits wow she has a bad complextiin no wonder she wears so much makeup

Delilah Jones

Regarding Neda knowing that Allison was voted into the house.. Allison told them such. Before she entered the house, she was told that she could never reveal the War Room, nor could she reveal that she was able to watch them on the feeds. So she did not break any rules by telling them she was voted into the house.


I think she figured out/assumed that Allison was voted in by Canada. Sabrina probably made that up about Adel insulting her.

Say bye bye Andrew. You’re next! You deserve to go, you’re cruel and forgot that it’s just a game! Your parting words to Ika just showed Canada who you truly are!