POV Holder: Allison Next POV ?
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony March 24
HOH Winner: Racehlle Next HOH: March 27
Original Nominations: Allison & Heather
Current Nominations: IKA & Heather
Last Evicted Houseguest Paul, Kyle, Anick
Have Nots Adel, Sabrina, Heather, Arlie

BBCAN2-2014-03-26 14-21-26-327

5:10pm – 5:30pm In the bathroom – Sabrina tells Heather that she wasn’t mad at her when the incident in the kitchen happened. Sabrina explains what happened again where she was making her slop cookies for everyone. She says that she had the sugar in her hand and was about to pour it when Adel grabbed it out of her hand and poured it into his water to make sugar water. She says that she wanted to bash his face in with a hot pan but knew she would be evicted. Heather tells her that she’s proud of her for not going off on her. Sabrina leaves the bathroom and heads downstairs. On the way down Ika bumps into her and Sabrina goes down into the kitchen to complain about how she just bumped into her. Ika and Adel head out to the hot tub room and Sabrina follows them. The living room crew are worried theres about to be a fight. Out in the hot tub room – Ika asks Sabrina if there’s a reason she’s out there with them. Sabrina says what I can’t get some fresh air! Sabrina asks her why she bumped into her in the hall. Ika tells Sabrina to shut that F**K UP!! Ika tells Sabrina that she is lucky she won’t be here because she would put her a$$ up on the block so fast!! SHUT the F**K up!! Yu’re lucky I won’t be here! I will f**King do you and your pet in! Sabrina says are you threatening me! Sabrina says you’re embarrassing your children. IKA says SHUT THE FUCK UP! SHUT THE FUCK UP SABRINA!!! IKA tells Sabrina to walk her fat a$$ out of the room! Sabrina gets up and storms inside… and goes off about what just happened! (It’s awesome Sabrina is livid!) Sabrina tries to get into the diary room but can’t. She starts to go upstairs and then stops to tell everyone about how Ika threatened her. Sabrina tells them about how Ika threatened her that if she stayed she was going to put her up on the block. Andrew tells her that if she believes she was threatened she should go into the diary room and tell them. Sabrina tells them that Ika told her to walk her fat a$$ out of the room .. Sabrina then yells I WAS A MODEL YOU F**KING WH*RE!!! BIG BROTHER THEN CUTS THE FEEDS….

BBCAN2-2014-03-26 14-26-42-233

5:50pm Ika says that she won’t bash her (Sabrina) around Adel any more because it’s amping him up. Adel says it’s okay. Ika says Sabrina plays this game too personal. Ika says you know what makes me sick.. the way people are treating Heather .. is the exact same way that I acted towards Paul. It makes me sick the way I was. Ika says I am a strong person but if you had gone out that door I don’t know what I would have done. Ika says Sabrina would self-evict if she had to do 2 weeks on slop. The only reason she’s fine is because BB gave us those rewards.
BBCAN2-2014-03-26 14-57-03-279

6pm Jon and Neda are doing laundry and talking about the Ika/Sabrina fight. Jon says that he wouldn’t be surprised if Ika didn’t really say those things. Neda agrees and says that she can’t wait to get out so watch it for herself and see just how much Sabrina lied.
BBCAN2-2014-03-26 15-03-32-823

6:15pm – 6:30pm In the bathroom – Ika is freaking out because she thinks she might have gotten a cold sore. She says “OH MY GOD I WILL F**KING DIE!!” She keeps touching it and looking in the mirror. She says it better not be from sharing chap stick! She starts asking Adel if people use the Vaseline by putting their fingers in it and sh*t. He asks her if she got a cold sore. Ika says I don’t know. Adel looks at it and says that it’s not a cold sore .. it doesn’t look like that. It looks different. She asks what is it, is it a pimple? What? Adel thinks it could have been from what she ate and how it was too hot. He tells her to just not touch it or she’ll irritate it. Adel tells her to stop mentally f**king with it!

BBCAN2-2014-03-26 15-14-07-315

6:35pm – 6:55pm In the living room – Andrew says I am really worried about Sabrina. She’s not out yet. Sarah and Kenny tell him that its better that she’s in there right now and how she is probably just talking it out and calming down. Andrew asks you don’t think she could get kicked out for that? Kenny says oh no, not after she was threatened like that. Soon after Sabrina comes out of the diary room. They ask her to talk to them and she says no, I’m just going to go upstairs. She heads up stairs and walks by the bathroom where Ika is doing her make-up. Ika laughs and says I’M A BOSS! Sabrina then heads back down to the diary room and comes back out and sits by Andrew. He asks her if she’s fine. She says yes. Rachelle starts asking questions about the diary room / fight and Sabrina says that she’s not allowed to talk about it. Big Brother tells them not to talk about production.

bbcan2-2014-03-26 15-38-43-628

BBCAN2-2014-03-26 15-41-42-005

6:55pm Ika gets called to the diary room. She heads down and goes in and then Big Brother blocks the live feeds…

7pm – 7:15pm The live feeds come back to JOn, Kenny, Arlie and Sabrina out in the hot tub room talking about her fight with IKA..

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I love it but i would be mad as hell if Ika got kicked off without being voted out just because Sabrina is worried that their is going to be some twist that saves Ika, that is the only reason Sabrina is doing what she is doing….its to save her on ass and thats not a good way to play the game by trying to get someone kicked off just because all the shit you did could come back to bite you in the ass…..CRAZY!!!!!


I wish Ika would get specific about the hateful comments Slobs has said – ( Allison’s a whore, she wants her on the block, making fun of and feeling superior to Heather, wanting Jon and Neda up soon ) ……


OMG IKR!! And Ika isn’t a boss, she’s a QUEEN!! Queen Ika 😀


Sabrina is like Macbeth, trying to prevent her downfall happening in every form.


I really hope the war room comes back to play so canada can vote ika back in


I watched the live feed today and the youtube clips above and I DID NOT HEAR IKA SAY ‘….. I will f**King do you and your pet in! – Did anybody else her this come out of Ika’s mouth? I heard Sabrina say it when she was on the stairs lying once again but I did not hear Ika say this. If Ika did not say this . . . . it should be corrected because that is a clear threat. Also Sabrina did not meltdown today. Its another one of her half truth half lies. She is trying to turn the house against Adel because she wants him out before jury. Sabrina thinks 3 evictions ahead while the rest of the house thinks day to day. She wants Adel gone next week during the double eviction. This is not about Ika everyone its about Adel! This is not a Sabrina meltdown! All of her crying is calculated. She has the whole house duped. Don’t fall for it to! This is a game move by a master player!


Well she did!! I just watched it that second…


shut the f-ck up sabrina

she is an absolute scumbag of a human

awesome to see ika rip into her

loved how neda and jon think sabrina over exaggerated what happened

if ever there needed to be an instant eviction twist its now

ika saved by canada, or there is a fake eviction, ika to the war room, eventually voted back in


Thank you Ika, we’ve all been thinking the same thing “shut the fuck up Sabrina!” Loved seeing Sabrina’s melt down. I’m so tired of her acting like a victim all the time. I just hope Ika doesn’t get kicked off the show.


I was a model…… is kind of like saying, I was a really cute baby. So what happened? Key word – WAS.


that fight was so unnecessary but i love it— sabrina is clearly mentally fragile and it doesn’t take much to set her off..#teamika


I actually like Heather as a house-guest.


Take that back, I meant a person, she knows how to remain calm in a situation.


i hope ika is just getting started, the night is young, lol


Yes! Sabrina knows how to talk shit but she can’t take it when someone stands up to her. Model? If she was a model than I’m a neuroscientist! Girl please. I wish Ika would expose her lies and then maybe the first five will realise how she crazy she is. Sabrina the drama queen, she needs all the attention she can get!
Yes big brother thanks for the drama but stop blocking the feeds!


I want this week yo be Canada votes! Heather isn’t strong enough, but ika and adel with neda and Jon could seriously win challenges and take Sabrina Andrew and Kenny down.

If not Canada votes put ika in the wat room


HURRICANE IKA! hopefully turns into a category 5 by tonight… BRING ON ALL THE ALCOHOL



no way in hell ill be tuning into the live feeds after tommorow night, only if neda & adel are speaking to eachother!


Ika is a mother and should be setting an example for her own kids. I don’t care if it is a game or not or part of her strategy…. She has no right to threaten anyone. If that was a bully threatening her kid you bet she would be going ape crap on them. Bully’s come in all races sizes and sexualities. For diary room to lock out sabrina after she has said she felt threatened and not safe is wrong. No ratings are worth someone getting hurt or to feel unsafe. I am glad ghetto bitch is leaving tomorrow. And for the record I am not a sabrina fan.


Angela, calm down and grow up. That scene was a pure Sabrina construct.
And no need to call anyone a g-b.


Are you actually buying Sabrina’s shit??? Ika didn’t threaten her aside from telling her she would put her up on the block. And, guess what – that’s the game.

Sabrina blows the entire thing up and lies and lies and lies. You’re drinking the coolaid.

If anything Ika was STANDING UP to a bully there. An entire house of bullies.


You don’t watch the feeds do you??? Sabina wanted to hit Adel with a frying pan over sugar! Ika threatened to put her on the block.. Huge difference. Sabrina is the loose canon that went looking for that fight so she could cause a scene later on.





ummm… Not quite sure what it is you are talking about. Nothing of what you’re saying is making any sense. “how disgusting human being she is” ???? “they will get criminal record as loving mommy”???????????????? what???????? ok….

My opinion…Listen…… I can not stand Sabrina. I think she is a joke. She is acting like a 6 year old on the school playground.. Ika got on my nerves a few times but the more I watched the more I seen how aggravating it must have been for Ika to live with the child..I mean Sabrina. I felt bad that they “topaz’d” her with the letters and the check but one thing I will say I lite up like a Christmas tree knowing the HGs could hear what she was saying because let’s face it….. Every single one of them was thinking the same thing…. she was just the only one who had the guts to take the chance on saying it out loud.


The fact that you called her a ‘ghetto bitch’ and not her name shows me you’re no better….so you can keep your two cents.


Yes did threaten her because but she threatened her about her game not about her self.


Wow seriously sarah switches from minute to minute first shes crying about andrew is being a bully and she cant handle it and then she is saying “i wish i could see what sabrina and ika are fighting about…someone call the mental ward this woman needs to be admitted!!!


OH MY GOD those clips are deadly. Sabrina is crazy!!!!!!!! Hahaha “I was a model!” SHUTUP.


So the ONLY thing stopping Sabrina from hitting someone with a hot pan (which could result in serious harm/death) was that she would be evicted. Lesson learned for future roommates of Sabrina – don’t take sugar away from her. Whoa. She says every day that she is a nice person. Scary.


Sabrina her daily affirmation, imagine how bad she would be if not for that? Family and friends must be so proud.


Sorry for all the posts people. She was a model – model prisoner in the female cellblock maybe.


She was definitely a PLUS SIZE model if she was


Model for bad behavior or disgusting habits! She’s gross and a freaking cry baby!


I am not one to comment but I am so sick of Sebrina she is trying to egg IKA on. She is an ulgy fat ass bitch with a loud mouth. Lucky only in the fact that she was the first 5 to enter the house .No game play skills at all. She did not need to follow IKA into the hot tub and try and cause trouble .IKA I love that you did not let her get to you. Carma is coming baby


I was so mad that this didn’t happen in front of any witnesses…but that was Sobs plan so she could twist it to the housemates. Of course she is delusional to think that she is going to get away with it to BB. They know she wasn’t threatened…she has said worse about everyone else at some point. Even Neda and Jon said later by the washer and dryer that it wouldn’t surprise them if Sabrina made it up and that they noticed her follow Ika and Adel out to hot tub looking for a fight. I just wish Ika would expose Sobs shit-talking to everyone soooo badly. And of course we finally get the satisfaction of a Sobs meltdown and they cut the feeds. Hope we get a round two soon and this isn’t the last of it before Ika goes.


They’re both assholes. Ika was a bitch to Sabrina, Sabrina blew it waaay the eff out of proportion

bb is a house full of crazy

Just had dinner. And that “shut the f@*k up” moment was the best desert I could have had


Timeline question: Sarah got upset about them (Andrew) commenting on the Satan worshippers conversation, and then Sarah Jumped on the train and repeats Sabrina’s version (that Ika checked her on the stairs). So, was Sarah upset at Andrew before or after the Sabrina/Ika fight? Thanks


Digging the conversation they had about The Great Big Sea, awesome Canadian Band, fist pumps in the air to the housemates for digging their song Mari Mac, as it is a awesome drinking song, actually come to think about some of the Canadian music are very songs to drink to!!!!


*”very awesome song to drink to!!!! (forgot the awesome word, thoughts going faster than I can type)


Ika mocking Sabrina “Felt o bad….so lucky to be here…and telling Adel she is a snake…lol….and continues telling Adel she cries about Allison being so close to Andrew then now she is her best friend…go IKA!!!!


Sabrina gets things so twisted. Ika said I would put you and your pet up on the block (that was the threat) she is making everyone think that Ika threaten her in some other way. Sabrina is a twit!


I’m not saying it should be a full on rigged competition in Ika’s favour. ( Like how alison grodner rigged the game for Amanda, brenchel and jeff and jordan to win ) But it should be atleast a power shift and HOPEFULLY ika stays and wins the next HoH.


When a psychopath gets through the filters…

She’s not in my life.

I just laugh and think of new ways for her to die.

101 Ways Sabrina Dies ! (#4)

She has fingers up both nostrils and they get stuck
as she’s ranting, making up lies.
She swallows her tongue and chokes to death while suffocating !


I watched the feeds twice. When did Ika threaten her? She threatened to put Lady Picksalot’s arse on the block. That’s it and possibly to let the house in on M’lady’s lies. I heard no physical threat. Lord Picksalot was so eager to get in on it with his manly advice to go to the DR too. What a dirtbag. I can’t wait for the “model’s” lies to catch up with her cus this one was blatent. Pffft since when can you get kicked off the show for threatening to put some one on the block?


Thank God there are live feeds, that slob is pathological and dangerous with her lies. Heard her cutting her ex down and getting one of the guys all riled up wanting to go after him (she had a smug little smirk on her face, of course), and I’m sure it was lies. People like her are dangerous, they will say or do anything if they are after you.


” She friggen cries about Alison being close to Andrew and now she acts like they’re Best Friends ”

Words cannot explain how much i LOVEEEE ika for saying that!!!!!


Watched the feeds that was not even a threat. Way to go Ika contrary to what they say that’s how you teach your kids to stand up to bullies. Sabrina is the worse bully there is. Push till there is a reaction then run for backup.


Hahhaha woww Sabrina is so psychotic and a pathological liar. Why are these idiots believing everything she says? Wake the f**ck up dummies


you know i was thinking what is wrong with Sabrina, and finally it hit me……SABRINA IS A SPOILED BRAT! She for sure has a personality complex and it probably does have to do with her weight. I know many people like this particulary my estranged aunt and my sisters mother in law and 1 thing they have in common is they are both JEALOUS and have a sense of ENTITLEMENT. Everything is always about them, them, them!! They have insecurities about themselves so they lie compulsively and start shit because they cant handle anything, god forbid anyone even has more attention than sabrina or else she goes ape shit because of jealousy, look at what she did with Andrew and Allison, NEEDY ASS, MANIPULATIVE, CRUEL SABRINA. Big Brother is about manipulation as a gameplay strategy, not about going back to highschool and playing the he/said she said gossip/rumour game. If she did not want a fight to happen, she should have stayed indoors but she went to the hot tub room looking for a blowup/argument.


I suspect she may have a narcissistic personality disorder of some sort. She certainly has some red flags going off. I LOVE how production had to cut the feeds to tell the house that she was NOT threatened and now she is complaining that it is going to make her look like a liar. Lol…like she hasn’t already done that enough on her own. This girl is going to have a HUGE reality check when she leaves the house. BB better get ready to pony up the psychotherapy.


Sabrina will have a mental breakdown when she gets out of the house and realizes how many people in Canada hate her!!!


Freak, I actually hope so, she NEED a wake-up call.


Sabrina will have a mental breakdown when she gets out of the house and finds out how many people in Canada hate her!!!!


The reason this season makes me angry is because of one word “BULLYING”, i feel like i am back in highschool and there are cliques everywhere, you basically have the arrogant, popular people winning and its just not fair. Most houseguests are from same city, background etc..they just cannot relate to someone like Ika or Adel not because of race but because they are different from them! They cant relate to them so they don’t become close and this is what happens, everyone in that house has personal hate for Ika and Adel, and Paul before them. It hurts me to see guys like Kenny, Andrew, and pretty much the rest of the house be so brutal and treat the others who are not in their “clique” like they are not human. Sabrina says oh she ran it to me and they basically blame Ika……to me i cannot help but look at it as a race thing, even if they don’t realize it, if i get banned for saying this whatever…but the house reminds of those jokes when comedians compare black people and white people….u r seeing the divide right here, you have majority of the house who are the “cool kids” they are all real Canadians(multiple generations living in Canada) who all think and act the same way, if you say something they perceive to be politically incorrect they basically gasp and point their finger down at you..stop judging people because they are different and you don’t understand them. They will believe anything anyone says about Ika or Adel at face value, Sabrina twisted what happened and they all agree with Sabrina and they do not even want to listen to the other side of the story. Subconsciously its, you are different, we can’t relate to you, can’t connect with you, so fuck you and we will ostracize you and want nothing to do with you. Ika and Adel see through this bullshit so now they are outcast. Just look at the demographics, its majority all white Canadian cast and you have like 3 minorities so no matter who is right when i look at it it looks like the minorities are being bullied(Ika, Adel, Paul)..they don’t mean for it to look like that, and i am sure no one in that house is racist, but that is the way that it feels when i watch it.

Also, think how betrayed Ika feels, even if she bumped into her(which is childish on her part), Sabrina spead lies and bullshit to manipulate her best friend against her, and Ika was basically alienated after she was on the block..i would be angry too!!


Yeah, because Heather is a minority too, that’s why she was bullied by those nasty white kids too. It isn’t racial, it’s just a bunch of assholes behaving badly.


Is there any footage of Sabrina dancing in the HOH? Will you post it pretty please, if there is?


It is really not worth watching. The less footage of this girl out there the better.

IKA is my Hero

FINALLY someone told Sabrina right to her face to shut the fuck up. That is too priceless. Ika just became a national bb icon for doing that, I wish it wouldn’t end there and she told Kenny and Pigdrew off also. Allison if you really think shacking up with a bully loser like Andrew is your best game when before you entered the house you were all gun ho to get rd of the douche, you must be seriously desperate for attention and some money. Here’s to hoping Adel, Jon or Arlie win that fucking HOH and takes these two time losers out.

**sigh** bye Ika you made the house so interesting the last few days love you girl, too bad people couldn’t have been true enough to you and you couldnt follow through with your game plan


Apparently she had to apologize for lying about IKA but I can’t find the video anywhere


I don’t think she will !! She just asked Jon and evil Sarah if they believe in her fight story that she’s not a liar .


I watched the feeds and this is not how it happened, Sabrina fully provoked Ika by going outside.. even production after reviewing the tapes called sabrina a “liar”. Kenny, Arlie, Jon they agree sabrina is lying


BB should announce after all the hgs have been voted the evicted has been cancel.


Apparently Canada votes for next weeks eviction nominations. In which case, time to spam Andrew, Kenny and Slobrina


ohh wow where did you hear that?


A poster on survivorsucks with a reputation of having good insider knowledge. Apparently on Thursday its being announced and voting being opened for 24 hours.


who would i as a fan put up for eviction, hmmmmm…

probably Kenny and Sarah…sabrina is too easy, make her suffer for another week hopefully on slop lol…if one of them gets pov, then put up andrew. At least Sabrina’s meltdowns are fun to watch lol…think about it if she leaves there would be no drama. Right now its only entertaining because we all want Adel to overcome the odds and defeat the powers that be, i would much rather have kenny, andrew, allison leave first and sabrina to go farthest just for the entertainmnet value.


We would see more and perhaps better gameplay is Sabs is gone. She should not be good in jury, and hopefully does not make it.

little mouse

Sabrina should be kicked out of the house ..ika can’t say she would put her on the block and Sabrina thinks she is being physically threatened but Sabrina can call ika a whore..whoa wait a minute..the lies even Sarah saying she saw ika pushing sabrina on the stairs..i think that is why they called sarah into dr when Sabrina came out think she was told to stop lying as well. then i caught the feed of kenny jon and arlie out in the hot tub and that psycho sabrina still accusing and kenny eating it all up and calling ika down. BB has to show the tapes to the houseguests and this shunning those that are on the block omg that is BULLYING BIG BROTHER STOP IT NOW…i hope when they all get out they watch these clips and i would hope slice would take them back a week or two later to discuss what went on ..lets see if Ratchel is going to Europe with Sabrina see if kenny and andrew are going to love her..See sarah watch herself being a bully and believing that witch Sabrina. And another thought went through my mine if ika had kept it up with Sabrina i think sabrina would have hit her…instant eviction for Sabrina and ika is saved.


I wish IKA was staying in the house just so she could tell Sabrina off everyday and make her life miserable.


here is the “shove” sabrina was talking about, bless her


LAWD JESUS!!!! The lies comin out this girls mouth


I AM IN SHOCK! To actually see what happened and that really NOTHING HAPPENED…..just goes to show how paranoid and insecure Sabrina really is. She is gonna hate bb canada when she eventually gets evicted…shes gonna be one of those people who will want nothing to do with them at all, oh wait she will probably jump at the chance to be associated with them because of her “acting” career……The academy should give her an oscar already…”The Golden Booger award for most fake person in the house lol


omg so i missed the moment when ika supposedly backed sabrina up on the stairs and would not let her pass… looked it up on youtube, they literally BARELY brushed shoulders. yes it was slightly rude on ika’s part but it was NOT the physical attack that SOBrina has been griping about for hours. i turned off the feeds for about 45 minutes because i was sick of sabrina telling the same twisted stories and exaggerating them more and more every time… turned them back on a few minutes ago and she’s STILL saying the same stuff! i had to check and make sure it was actually live and not the same conversation i heard 45 minutes ago… what a psycho, i’m so glad sabrina is in the house because she is giving me someone to root AGAINST. only downside, apparently bbcan likes to turn off the feeds when they get interesting.


i heard one of them apologize after the ” bump” on the stairs,, which one was it ?


Who she model for? Oh right Wendy’s. Sabrina has lost her damn mind! I wounder were Jon mind is at, can’t he see the alliance by now. Alison seemed like a smart girl who can figure out people in the house and I can’t believe she has done nothing besides hook up with Andrew, oh yeah she got the Veto but still she done nothing to put herself in a better position in the house. Kenny is a gay man pretending to be straight I can’t respect that. I can not bring myself to like him. I kinda like Sarah even though she has been emotional lately I think her chances are good in the house. I hope the next head of household is Neda if Ika listened to her last week she would not be going home Thursday.


Can I get a Save Ika or Team Ika shirt lol. She threaten her game not her life she said she would put them on the block. Sabrina omg bitch be gone you think if your on the block you would be safe. hahaha


HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Sabrina you’re such a shit talker stop making shit up and running to tell everyone to feel bad for you. You’re literally the Amanda of this season, you think you run shit but don’t actually win anything and you’re batshit crazy.


Whaat – love your “Lord & Lady Picksalot” description:) – best one yet!!


I’m not being a smart ass, lol, I’m genuinely asking this: did I miss the part when Ika told Sabrina to walk her fat ass out? I’m not sure if I just didn’t hear it, or if Sabrina was lying. And LOLOL at “I was a model!!” How long can you say that? I’m not dissing the way she looks now, but the key word – WAS a model, as in PAST TENSE! That’s a ridiculous “comeback” or whatever.


So funny. Why would anyone use that statement within their lie. It is a bit befuddling.


Sabrina is F’ing hilarious, there is a HUGE difference between being threatened and feeling threatened and Ika NEVER Threatened her the way she tried to make it sound, she told her she would put her ass up on the block…she didn’t mention anything about no dog either. Thank god Sabrina got her ass called out by production for hooting and hollering about Ika saying she was going to END HER or whatever…she completely twisted the entire conversation which she tried to antagonize by going outside in the first place. This is what happens when people want to start ish and then cry like the VICTIM. She makes me sick…good for telling her to shut the F up IKA.


Yeah, I agree! I just watched the aftermath of the fight and it’s hilarious how much Sabrina twisted the story when she was filling in the other house guests! “I’m going to do you in” hahaha Ika never insinuated that. Any “threat” Ika made toward Sabrina involved the game (putting her on the block) not a threat towards Sabrina’s safety. Obviously everyone watching sees that though. Good for Neda and Jon questioning her story/seeing through Sabrina’s lies! At least some of these people have a brain.

As for Sabrina telling all the other house guests that Ika teased about her weight…UNLESS I MISSED SOMETHING, Ika didn’t. Sabrina’s insecurities of her own weight are causing her to lie about Ika making fun of her. She probably walked away from Ika and Adel in the hot tub room and assumed they’d be giggling about her weight because she’s so insecure about it. Even though we’ve all done it, I don’t think it’s right for anyone to make fun of others based on appearance, religion, gender, etc., so if Ika did tease, then I do feel bad for Sabrina, but on the other hand Sabrina was giggling along with everyone calling Ika “demon face,” so I feel they’re all the same.


Neda is obsessed with
Jon. So obvious.