Andrew says “I think Canada will like us. If I’m not liked, it just means I was right coming into this house.”

POV Holder: Allison Next POV ?
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony March 24
HOH Winner: Racehlle Next HOH: March 27
Original Nominations: Allison & Heather
Current Nominations: IKA & Heather
Last Evicted Houseguest Paul, Kyle, Anick
Have Nots Adel, Sabrina, Heather, Arlie


12:50pm In the storage room – Sabrina asks Sarah if she should make up with Ika before she goes. Sarah says she is the type of person that always tries for year after and says Jason always asks her why she puts herself through the rejection. Sarah tells Sabrina to probably not to try and make up with Ika because she will probably not accept it. Sabrina says okay and leaves. Neda comes in and doesn’t notice Sarah and is shocked when she sees her laying on the freezer. Andrew joins Sarah and she talks about think she can win HOH. Sarah and Andrew talk about whether or not Adel is favored because he is always on the losing / underdog side? Sarah says its possible because he is always with the person that we have shunned. Andrew asks if its possible for Ika to be portrayed as something nice after what happened the other night. Sarah says she doesn’t think so. Kenny joins them. They talk about Adel’s speech and how it was so heart felt. Kenny says I don’t think we should worry about it until we get out. I don’t really care. My true friends and family know me and that’s all that truly matters. Sarah asks but don’t you care about your job and stuff. Kenny says they can’t worry about that now. Andrew asks how would they want us to fail ..we’re the most unlikely crew. Sarah says we are all so different. Andrew says that’s what makes us so awesome! Andrew farts. Sarah says are we going to have to move out of the room now! Andrew says I think Canada will like us. Kenny says viewers like alliances that stick together until the end .. like the brigade. We have to stay strong. Andrew says I think we have a good chance, guys. Andrew says if I am not liked… then that just means that I was right coming into this house. (He figured he would be the d*uche bag coming into the house.) Sarah leaves the storage room. Andrew & kenny are digging in the fridge. They blame something on Heather. Andrew says she’s a f**king ret@rd. They leave the storage room. Andrew asks is someone still in the bathroom? Is the devil (Ika) still in there? Kenny says yeah. Kenny tells Rachelle that he really thinks she should get a tattoo of a hot dog.

BBCAN2-2014-03-27 09-50-14-986

BBCAN2-2014-03-27 09-58-28-036

1pm They find a beer in the freezer and Jon says that it’s his that he put in there and for got. He’s upset that he can’t drink it until it thaws.
BBCAN2- 2014-03-27 10-04-09-435

1:15pm – 1:30pm Big Brother blocks the live feeds…

2:25pm The live feeds are still blocked..

4:15pm Feeds Blocked for the live eviction show tonight!

Big Brother Canada Host – Arisa Cox @arisacox tweeted:
“OMFG in rehearsal right now. Something HUGE is going down in tonight’s Eviction EP. DO NOT MISS IT 9pm on Slice.”

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Dirty Bird

Looking for nipple slips? Check out BigBrotherBabes on twitter


I wonder what this huge twist is. Probably the next three to be evicted go in the war room and one returns to the house


Boring! All they do is bash people and expect viewers to like them?!


Isn’t that basically what Britney Haynes do while she was in the house? She seemed to have gained a fanbase from that…


Brit had panache.

These guys don’t.


There’s a big difference, Britney did it in a comedic entertaining way, while still playing a great social game with the other guests. She was witty and intelligent, and had a caring side about her. These people are just immature, psychotic, gross people with low self esteem and will degrade and insult anyone just to make them feel better about themselves. None of them are even close to being as apealing to the common person as Britney was. These people(first 5, with maybe the exception of Arlie and Kenny) represent everything that I don’t want to be, and Britney’s wit, loveabilty, and charm are traits that most people strive for. Very bad comparison on your part!


Very good point.


I guess everyone that had a distain for Rachel it made it easy to like Britney. It still does not make it all right and I think Britney had some regret for the way she acted.


And … WTF??! Andrew calling Heather a f**king ret@rd. Andrew has no filter. Paul was right about him and the rest of the house guests were too passive to stand up to Andrew.


Does anyone know what speech by Adel they’re referencing here?


Well put Ayesha. I totally agree!


Dies anyone have a video of adel on dragons den with his invention???


laughing at his hair the whole time


I <3 Adel …but why do you need to brush your teeth in the car? chew some damn gum.


Thanks !


Just guessing, but I think it had something to do with the comp. that Ika won last night. Should see it on tonight’s show.


I love how jealous they are of Adel lol. Kenny is beyond arrogant and he is just as catty as the girls if not worse. These three (Kenny, Andrew, Sarah) should be happy Sabrina is in their alliance. That’s the only reason they are still here. Seriously, who do they think they are? Ugh.
I will never forget how horrible Sarah and Ika were to Heather. I mean towards the end Ika realised that she was mad at Heather based on what Sabrina told her but still. Sarah is a snake and I hope she doesn’t scree over Arlie and Jon. Bunch of losers who they are so cool is what they are.
BB producers need to put Ika in the war room and bring her back next week! Now that would be golden to watch


Andrew Kenny and Sara are starting to sound like Andy and friends from BBUS last year. They were so convinced that America loved them. They found out the truth when they left the house, and so will Andrew.

It’s funny they (Sara/Andrew) don’t understand why Canada/America likes Adel. They think it’s just that he’s the underdog. He’s a compassionate, loyal person that gets constantly victimized by the people in YOUR alliance Andrew! That’s why Canada loves him. And yes, Canada does still like Ika after she destroyed your letters. Admittedly, I haven’t seen the footage, but from Adel’s impersonation it looks hilarious. You had her ally back-door her. Screw your stupid letters. I can’t wait to see her kick Sabrina’s letter.


Great comment!

Shut The F-ck Up Sabrina

imagine Scumbrina not being able to talk, even for 24 hours, like a veto punishment?

it would be amazing

after the show every houseguest will get restraining orders against her and get more secure locks, and state of the art alarm systems at their homes ha ha

she is going to be so burned when she leaves at how she is the least popular, with canada and those watching in other countries hating her, and adel being the most popular…it will get under her skin majorly which is hilarious


Arissa tweeted that something huge is going down in tonight’s eviction!!!! Then went on to say all theories welcome. I hope it’s something good!!!!!!!


Just wanted too add she’s been hinting at something major all day! Power shift? She replied with WINK and you just wait!


Oh Sh*t. Now I’m scared !

Will it be a double evict OR….TWIST…..A DOUBLE HoH !!!!

Two Heads, One room, 1 Nom each ?

Or the War Room ?


If it really is Canada’s HOH, that would be flipping awesome! Sabrina and Andrew would be nominated for sure. I love it when the HG’S found out the viewers don’t like them. Seeing Sabrina scramble and turn on Andrew would be amazing!


Maybe the evictee is going to the war room.

Shut The F-ck Up Sabrina

adel is an awesome dude…despite being shunned most of the game, he is always upbeat, and positive, very genuine and hilarious

i hope he has great success with his t2t tounge toothbrush invention, im gonna try it out


Does anyone have a video of adel on dragons den?


Well this seems like a good spot to discuss something that frankly has p*ssed me off on some recent thread comments. Todays clips really do bring my point home as well.
Ika ruined her own game in my mind. Not a very nice person when people aren’t there to defend themselves and some times just a straight out bully! Oh how I dislike bullies! So that said I’m hardly a fan. Here’s my point though. I’ve seen it many times about “Ika’s a mother, what about the children and assorted drivel. Well what about douche bag Sarah. She’s a mother and not a word from anyone about her doing exactly what Ika did during her time in the house. What example has she set for her rug rats?
Either say within the game everything is fair game. It appears BB USA 15 put that to rest as several HG’s allegedly lost jobs as a result of actions they did in the house. Or judge everyone equally on the same standard many have aspired to Ika. See I don’t see much difference with any of these woman frankly. Even Neda(like) has shunned the one getting evicted. Frankly you backdoor a HG without even an opportunity to play the veto and then they get treated like they have leprosy! Certainly within the rules. To me this shows a lack of humanity on most of their parts. You won now just rub it in for the rest of the week. Small and pety best describes a lot of the HG’s behaviour. Yeh this is one of many reasons Adel is liked by Canada.
I sincerely hope the rumor on a previous thread is true and after tonight’s show Canada gets 24 hours of voting to determine the 2 nominations for eviction. We certainly could have a bit of fun sending the “cool kids” a message by putting their butts on the block. Sab and Kenny would suit me just fine. Kenny the model and Sab the actress. I’d love to see the 2 squirm!


Ika’s “game” stunk. I’m no fan of that. IMO most of their game-playing is BUNK – haha! – over-rated.
I’m glad you brought up Sarah.
I’m going to give her a Big Brother I Minute hate soon.
Adel was right. We know who they are. There’s no hiding it.
Life experiences make me revile Psychobrina and all her type. Your mileage may vary, as the saying goes.
Heather may not be the sharpest pencil in the case, but I’d take her and Adel as workplace colleagues over the rest anyday.
I’m trying to weigh Neda’s youth and BB Fangirlism against the circumstances she found herself in, but my estimation of her is going down.
She ratted Heather out rather too quickly in the storage room for the hidden goodies.


I cant decide what i dislike most about sarah:1)the dumb shit she says about people2)her voice3)her painted on eyebrows or all the flirting she does!


If only Allison was playing Andrew, got HOH and put him on the block, that would be a great week in the house. Unfortunately, he’s the only one she trusts so that won’t ever happen. Adel is the only person who could make a change by winning HOH. I don’t think Neda, Jon or Heather would have the balls to put anybody other than Heather/Adel/Rachelle/Jon/Neda up no matter what they say in conversations amongst themselves about targeting the big guns. Right now, the first five are sitting pretty no matter who wins, unless it’s Adel.

Johhny (the European one!)

I dislike some stuff Kenny said in the presence of Andrew, but I feel this game tempts you to compromise your morals a lot, you want to take every opportunity to signal your “buddy” that you’re approving of everything he says and is. So when Andrew is a jerk (that’s like most of the time he opens his mouth!), Kenny will be more likely to say something jerk-like.
Last season, when with Tom, Emmett did often act like a jerk and say some nasty stuff too.
That’s why I really hope that Kenny can turn his back on Andrew ASAP.
I also hope he can turn his back on Sabrina, and I hope the “we watched the tape, and Sabrina lied!” incident will accelerate this.
Even if he doesn’t win, I hope he gets to show Canada who he is without those 2 infectious cancers. His reaction to Arlie’s challenge shows that he does care. Telling Andrew and Sabrina how much they both $uck would be poor gameplay from him at this point. Unfortunately, I’d LOVE to see that though.


I don’t like the amount of hate and bullying going on in the house either. (Even though Sarah participates in it even as she’s complaining about it.) Yes, this is a game but these people have gone way overboard and made it personal. True colors are showing. If I were these people’s friends in the real world and saw them on this show, I would seriously question whether or not I wanted to be associated with them. Especially Andrew and Kenny but MOST ESPECIALLY Sabrina. When she got out of the house, she’d have an e-mail from me waiting that simply read:

“I watched you on the Live Feeds. I never knew how cruel and selfish you were or how EASILY lying comes to you. I don’t like or trust you anymore. May God have mercy on you. Goodbye.”

HOWEVER! What really gets to me the most is how shamefully ignorant and selfish these people are. Do you think my girlfriendS on the outside will be mad because I’m kissing and cuddling and sleeping with Allison all the time? It’s “just kissing and cuddling.” SERIOUSLY?! (I know the kids in BBAU have this same attitude.) Add to this attitude, all the EXCESSIVE drinking, cursing, farting, burping, shunning, nose-picking, lack of hygiene, name calling (with families watching), etc., and you have a group of self-absorbed, selfish, self-entitled, greedy, horrible, nasty, thoughtless people.

Seriously, other than the Mikosi in BBUK, these are the absolute worst collection of people that BB has ever had. And that includes the horrors that make it into BBUS! I’m shocked to see this from Canada, which is traditionally a very kind, considerate population at the core,


Thank you for bringing a more international perspective.

The casting company – and their process – must inevitably be a big factor.

Whatever one’s opinion as to their, um, reliability or effectiveness, I do believe they cast to “character stereotypes” with certain hoped-for outcomes in mind.

I was rather shocked at the # of Down Thumbs I got when I posted a comparison between the BBCan1 & BBCan2 casts.
The correspondences seem rather too close to be coincidence. Whatever.
I personally don’t think the people themselves are alike. It’s Casting perceptions I was trying to explore. I think formulaic casting is a fail.

I hope for totally unruly studio audiences booing the shit out of most of these *ssh*les when they’re evicted.

Hey…wouldn’t that be “entertainment” ?


Very valid comments, that’s why I’m hoping the crowd will boo Sabrina when she gets out and give Adel a standing ovation, nevertheless there are exceptions to this years game. Adel obviously is an amazing, compassionate, caring, loyal person. And to a certain extent I believe Neda, Arlie, Heather, and even maybe Kenny seem to be good people also. Lets not forget Kyle too. So I pray to the gods of BB, make one of these players win, and dismantle the embarresment of Canada that is the first 5 and show them for the dispicable people they are. I feel it’s BBs duty to show these people for what they really are on the TV telecasts. The public has the right to know the truth. To me it’s the only way production can redeem themselves for the season and give the majority of hardcore viewers what they really need for some type of satisfaction. I’ve watched every season and never cringed the way I do when I hear Andrew and Sabrina’s voice. I’m not a hateful person, but these two have made me into one, and I hate them even more for that. And this is coming from an overweight Italian, so you’d think I should be cheering for Sabrina. She is an embarrassment to the Italian community.


Another Italian here embarrassed by someone who is trying to so strongly rep the community. And BB plays off it too with the godfather inspired music and her talking about being the puppet master.

Also, she says a lot of other obnoxious things about Italian culture, some about crazy folklore that she seems to believe (not that I’m surprised, she’s a nutcase). I am not going to list them all but I’ve heard and read she mentioned the mafia and Ika in the same sentence. I’d love for a genuine person go in there and slap her across the face for that. I take offence when people insinuate because my family is Sicilian that we have mob ties. And this bitch is going into the house saying it even without prompt. Such a moron.


I wish they would stop casting Italians that perpetuate these stereotypes. I know many Italians some “Straight off the boat” and Sabrina, Enzo, Jersey shore .. and all that stuff are not fair representations.

This happens with all groups, once TV exec’s learn they can make money off __________ group they will flog that till no end. The one problem is Sabrina is embracing it and making it easy for them…

With that said I see her doing/saying things and I think DAMN that’s an Italian thing to say and there isn’t anything wrong with that..




We are kind, considerate and nice people but unfortunately they are probably less entertaining than people who are not.


I wholeheartedly agree with you Marissa 100%, but the fact that I can’t stand to hear or see Sabrina, doesn’t find me entertained by her at all, just disgusted! Literally I have to avoid her on the feeds and DVR the shows so that I can fast forward through her parts. I’ve never had anyone on BB ever do that to me. Even Evil Dick at least had a heart for his daughter ( standing in the water all those hours freezing just to give her a chance of winning the game) He is now coming off as a saint compared to this creaton. Honestly, I think she’s gonna go down as the most hated guest in the history of BB. Feel for her family, please don’t allow her to go to Europe after the show as she needs to go to a hospital and get some serious psychiatric help.


HAHA Sarah talking about the audience watching the show, wanting an alliance to fail and she hopes it’s not the first 5. I think it’s pretty safe to say that the majority of people dislike the 1st 5 alliance.
Up vote if you DISLIKE the 1st 5.
Down vote if you LIKE the 1st 5.

I’m pretty sure this is the 2nd or 3rd time I’ve seen Kenny, Andrew and Sarah talk about how they are being perceived on the outside and whether or not they are like by the audience. I think deep down Kenny and Sarah know that they are not liked, Andrew not so much, the guy seems to think he is gods gift to the world.


Adel got turned down on Dragons Den with that.


So Sabrina’s game (a very dirty one IMO) is good as far as Big Brother standards are concerned, yes. Some people (mostly her and her several personalities) think she is the mastermind of the F5. Actually, she does everything Andrew and Kenny need to be happy with her. So who then is the real puppet master(s) here?
Later she will claw them and Sarah and Arlie without blinking so that makes her extremely dangerous.
The thing that takes away from that (and it will pretty soon), is she is virtually incapable of winning comps. She may just not want to either because she know the others will be the ‘brawn’ in her alliance. I do believe not one single personal there actually enjoys her company, voice, or personality but will never ever utter it aloud because she will have them beheaded, so to speak, and she is a necessary evil to the F5. Just one girl’s opinion. 🙂


Would love to get in on voting the Noms. #1 & #2 go up. #3 standby to be the replacement. Naturally, in that week there wouldn’t be a need for an HOH, but then Arlie did mention earlier the construction sounds seemed to be coming in over the PA. hmmm. We can live in hope.


It’s early but all I want for Christmas is adel to
Win HOH plz plz i just want to see the house after he wins
(Said he’s gonna rip his shirt off) lol lol team adel all the way

Shut The F-ck Up Sabrina

how about this…

arissa says due to sabrina making up lies about ika threatening her, and totally staging and exaggerating the whole incident on the stairs, in the kitchen, and hot tub, in an attempt to have ika thrown out, sabrina goes on the block as penalty, and ika is safe

neda, jon, arlie, ika, adel all vote out sabrina as they hate her…heather survives

sarah, kenny and andrew would be in shock…same with rachet who cant vote as hoh


Anyone else suspect that Marsha the Moose is dressed in Scott’s ‘little hat’ that he had and eyelashes (kind of drag?) and sounded like him? I think it is Scott’s voice.


No marsha the moose is Boris Travis from much music ( videos on trial )


Pssh…..Scott be biting Marsha’s style. The moose been wearing them lashes since season 1.


I know she’s been wearing the lashes but she was wearing the exact hat the Scott had on top of this blonde wig and I thought the voice sounded slightly different from before.


I heard a rumor that Rob Ford will come in the house for a week and be HOH.


what would be a really good twist is if 3 people who get voted out are put in that war room that allison was in and they get to see and hear everything and canada votes one of them back into the game….that would be awesome.


lol I just posted basically the same thing before I saw you post. Great minds and all that …… lol


I have some questions about Sabrina and her fight with Ika, and then Big Brother’s reaction. I saw the fight but I’m still unclear about what happened afterwards.

1. Is there a video of Big Brother calling Sabrina out?
2. What exactly did Big Brother say?
3. What was the reaction of the other houseguests when BB did this?
4. Did they confront Sabrina about the lies?


It would be a good idea to look at every update from yesterday and see for yourself because there was a lot going on. The diary room reviewed the tapes and basically told Sabrina that there was no threat or purposeful contact on the stairs and it is clearly visible there wasn’t on the videos uploaded yesterday.

Check it out 🙂


I read every single update and watch every video (that I miss on the Live Feeds). I saw the fight (which was absolutely nothing except in Sabrina’s mind) but I didn’t see where BB called Sabrina out on her lies and exaggerations.

I just want to know HOW they did it. What did they say? Did everyone hear BB do it? What was their reaction when BB did that? That’s what I’m looking to find out. It wasn’t in the updates.


It wasn’t on the feeds.. they said it over the announcement speakers throughout the house.


Thanks Simon! I thought that might be the case because it wouldn’t be like you to NOT post something like that. In the meantime, I checked YouTube and this was the closest thing I found. It’s when Sabrina came out of the DR and was mad at them. She’s talking to Andrew, Jon and Kenny and is AGAIN lying about how it went down and trying to save face.




WITH the knowledge of Alison being there for a week spying on them so she can destroy boring Alison’s game!!!!!


This is how I try to think about Allison. They chose Rachelle as a definite HG. As boring as Rachelle is, she still impressed the casting crew more than Allison. I think we all had too much hope for someone the casting crew wasn’t sure about. Also, no one trusts her. It’s difficult to do anything when no one wants to work with you.

But , yeah, she is boring. And I get annoyed every time I scroll down and see a picture of her kissing Andrew. She’ll be out soon if she doesn’t step up her game.


Trevor Boris


Let’s see we’ve got
Heather hiding cookies
Andrew hiding boogers
Kenny hiding his sexuality
Jon hiding his boners
Neda hiding behind her glasses
Arlie hiding his intelligence
Rachelle hiding from her small-town sheltered existence
Sarah hiding her need to take a break from her kids and a husband (Vegas was too expensive)
Adel hiding his prayer mat
Allison hiding her desire to be the smartest girl in the room
Sabrina hiding behind alligator tears
Ika – Ika’s done hiding


love it… LOL




LOLL those tears better be ENORMOUS


Great comment! Love it!

Adel is actually hiding behind his fake power and Alison his just hiding behind Andrew in my opinion! Lol

little mouse

i am crossing my fingers there is a power shift tonight wouldn’t it be awesome if kenny andrew sarah or sabrina won hoh and then arisa told them about this week canada votes who goes on the block and who is the replacement and then said Adel your veto is good for an extra week. i would love to see sabrina and andrew on the block or sabrina and kenny just as long as she is on the block with one of those guys i will be happy. i wonder if andrew is the one they decide to vote out will they all shun him..or better yet Sabrina can you imagine what she would be like if no one spoke to her or even looked her way …i would love to see that and Adel ignore her completely and as she is walking out the door onstage everyone booing her and she mistakes it for mooing her…priceless


Mooing Sabrina would be too funny.


You do know Adel’s power isn’t real, right?


guys, something major is happening tonight……..

ahhhhh arrisa’s been tweeting about it and gave a wink to all of the theories about a power shift

cant wait for tn ! 😀


Andrew thinks they are well liked by Canada? HAHAHAHAHA think again douche bag!


I cant believe sarah is gonna be the only mom left in the house PLEASE bb get her out ..there isnt one good thing about her. This is going to be a bad week for all the moms out there!


really wanted to like Kenny but he is not the nice guy I expected.

wants a tattoo of a hot dog? you know where to place that tattoo right Kenny? come on someone had to type it. lol


I really don’t like Sabrina but I think it was nice that she was contemplating making up with Ika.

little mouse

yuck watching the feeds where Sarah andrew and kenny are in the storage room and andrew reaches in the fridge opens the pop and drinks right out of the bottle caps in back up and puts in back..he is such a pig.


That is disgusting!!!! That guy get cold sore!!!!! :S


My guess about tonight. The next 3 evictees will be sent to the war room where they will be able to watch the feeds, with one of them being voted back in at some point!


There’s game play that makes groups exclude certain players obviously but the bullying and shunning and how mean they are at times really should be stopped. Does production ever get involved and tell the HG to stop bullying? Or pull the bully into the diary room and give them a little time out? If not, this is something that they could consider for the future. The ignoring and being mean purposely excluding (like Paul, and Heather went through it for a little while) certain HG is something that shouldn’t be tolerated. Just my 2 cents.


it was also be cool if they had a comp where the HOH was a secret and nobody knew who it was and you wasn’t allowed to tell anyone. everything would be a secret except the pov. But the nominations would be a secret and the only people who would know who HOH is, is the viewers. the whole process would be the same just a secret and it couldn’t be any outside feedback with alliances because you cant tell anyone or you lose your HOH. The best outcome would be is if Adel, Neda, or Jon won. then they put up Sabrina and Andrew. Best come would be Slobrina goes home or Andrew or one is saved and Kenny goes home any nobody can be mad because they don’t know who HOH is. Everybody would be scared. It would be funny.


I love this Idea…..

Actually I love any idea that ends up with Sabrina, Kenny or Andrew on the block.


Brilliant. Please write BB and share that idea with them.


Nahhh.. I don’t think anything big is happening .Arisa just says that for excitment. Her wink is just about Marsha the moose probably .


I would LOVE if they sent sarah and kenny home! Two of the most (undercover) evil beasts in the house

Common Sense

I am very confused by the Adel and Ika love fest. I don’t disklike Adel, but I don’t understand why so many love him?

He is loyal, that is true. But his choice of people to be loyal to is super sketch. Kyle, the self professed douchebag, Paul, the chronic backstabber, and Ika, Queen Mean. With Kyle , he was so disrespectful during the movie night that the feeds had to be shut down for hours. Then, he and Kyle spend time talking about how they would physically hurt people outside the house. I don’t really need to say all the things Paul did. For Ika, she always goes after other houseguests personally choosing to insult some physical trait. Add in that she is a constant bitch and who chooses to befriend her?

I know Adel is religious and that may get him some fans but if you judge people by their actions, he has harassed houseguests and befriended the scum of the house and threatened to hurt them outside of the game. So why the love? (not looking for a list of other HGs flaws but a defense of why Adel is the pariah of all that is good in the world given what is mentioned above)


Okay, I get your point and I’m not doing to start defending Kyle, Paul and Ika’s bad behaviour at the beginning of the season. However it’s not how you start the season, it how you finish season that determine what kind of person you are and we’re you able to grow for this experience. Everyone make mistakes and says dumb things and if they are sincerely sorry who are we not to forgive them.What I personally like about Adel is his humanity, the people he stuck with dont know how to play the game but they are still human. Most of the time when they are together, they usually talk about their outside life. Adel bring out the best in them, while the rest of the other house guest brought out the worse IMO.


Big Brother Canada Host – Arisa Cox @arisacox tweeted: “OMFG in rehearsal right now. Something HUGE is going down in tonight’s Eviction EP. DO NOT MISS IT 9pm on Slice.”



I am so tired of looking at sarahs clown eyebrows seriously WTF


It’s possible to play all the aspects of Big Brother without all of the personal attacks. Dan was a good example of that.


people its a game we use to shoot down the tag along now you what the ones out that are playing the game if everyone was nice how borrowing it will be Ika and Adel were mean to Ika had her chance to get abig player out she wanted someone else to do her dirty work she was setting herself up with Adel and PAUL but it back fired. she was playing the game like first five