Big Brother Canada: WHY THE LIVE FEEDS ARE DOWN: Did Emmett CHEAT?

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Big Brother Canada March 14 2013 Emmett cheating

Today Big Brother Canada made an official announcement on their Facebook Page that there was so much going on in the big brother house that they have shut the live feeds down for the day.

There’s so much happening inside the Big Brother Canada house today that the live feeds will be down for the remainder of the day and Big Brother Canada After Dark will not air tonight at 2am ET but will return to its regular timeslot at 2am ET / 11pm PT on March 17. Tune in to this Sunday night’s episode at 9pm ET/PT on Slice to find out what went down.

Big Brother canada announcement

The official reason for shutting down the live feeds for the remainder of the day has not been disclosed but it is been speculated that it has to do with the cheating that happened in last nights HOH competition. The live feeds may or may not be blocked for Emmett cheating. We will find out what happened when the live feeds eventually turn back on or when we watch this Sunday’s episode. It will be interesting to see if it is due to the cheating if Big Brother hands the HOH over to the house guest that was next closest to winning or if the house guests have to re-do the competition. Whatever the decision is, it will definitely deter Emmett, Alec and other house guests from cheating in any future competitions.

Tell us what you think? Do you think this is why the live feeds are being blocked? If is is because of cheating do you think Emmett should lose his HOH? We want to know what you think? Leave us your comments below :)

*** UPDATE ***
It is official the live feeds are down to investigate the cheating and to determine what action should be taken.

Show host Arisa Cox says the footage is being reviewed to see “if appropriate steps need to be taken.”

She says a verdict would likely come down Friday but that viewers won’t be told until Sunday’s episode on Slice.

“We take this stuff really, really seriously because the game only works if you do take everything seriously,” Cox said Friday of the controversy.

“It’s fun, it’s entertainment but for the people in the house it’s their reality and we have to respect that. So we are reviewing all of the evidence and if appropriate steps need to be taken they will be taken.”

“It did look like Emmett had been holding a ball or two,”

If the rules were broken “definitely some steps would be taken, rather dramatic steps potentially.”

“We don’t want to have anything hanging over anyone’s head so if Emmett needs to pay the price he’ll have to pay the price,” she said.

“I’m not suggesting he’ll be kicked out of the house or anything…. Emmett is a wonderful, wonderful houseguest in that people love him or they despise him. Which is fabulous for the show, of course. But there will be moves.”

Source: Calgary Herald

Shortly after the HOH competition began the other house guests were warned about holding ball in their hands while running. In the last few seconds of the competition it is clear that Emmett was still breaking this rule.

Instances of the house guests cheating:

  • This morning I created a post where Alec was out in the backyard with Andrew, Peter, Aj and Topaz discussing cheating or as he also calls it “bending the rules” to try and win.
  • Last night after the competition Alec commented to Tom and Emmett about how he was told he could not put balls in another house guests holder. View the post here.
  • The house guests also discussed how the rules in last nights competition were vague. View the post here.
  • In addition to last nights competition there has also been other instances of the house guests cheating in the competitions. View the post here.

In this short video clip you can clearly see Emmett holding a ball in his left hand as he runs which was not allowed.

Short Video Clip of Emmett Cheating:

Full Episode of Emmett Cheating (Season 1 Episode 8):

Live Feed Video of Alec talking about cheating in Competitions:

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So who got second place? Sorry I haven’t watched the episode yet


I don’t know for sure who got second place. They had terrible camera angles and didn’t show things as well as they could have, but I do remember seeing Andrew with quite a few balls collected. I’m not sure how they decide second place though.. There were variables like the required amount of different colored balls… It would be a complicated decision.


I believe Gary or Andrew. You couldn’t see really well but the host was commenting on who was ahead and its seemed like Gary or Andrew were in second/third place but Emmett was way ahead. It is also likely that they are redoing the competition. If they go with who’s second I would say we might have a huge change of power. Even though I was looking forward to Emmett backdooring Liza and seeing Tom get pissed, but either way things go, we might have some exciting changes.


Do you think they will just go with who was in second or do you think they will just replay it?

I think they will just void Emmett’s HOH, bar him from participating in the redo and maybe bar Alec as well for helping him out.

That would leave Andrew, AJ, Peter, Jillian, Liza, Suzette, Gary and Talla, Topaz to participate in the redo.


jeeze, im canadian and i was starting to like bbcan, but the powershift pretty much had me almost done with bbcan. now this…. bbcan is definitely not looking too good.


I don’t care if Emmett loses his HOH and they give it to someone else. Let’s just get on with it already. BB Production is being a tad dramatic with all this.


I have become quite tired of all of them and by BB’s ineffective running of the game in all its aspects – the loose procedures during the challenges, the shabby voting process whereby house guests can share/swap info while going in and out of the diary room when live voting is taking place, all the production talk and house guests talking about their diary room sessions. What a mess!


I couldn’t agree with you more. The production is a hot mess. Did they even watch the US show to understand what is important. Rampent talking about production by the HG’s. There is constant warning on BB US regaurding not talking about production. That’s just 1 example. Way to many “perks” in BBCAN. The booze, quality and quanity of food. Have nots getting Poutine and beaver tails. Are these folks kidding?
Now apparently we have cheating… again. I thik most of us figured last weeks HOH was the result of cheating. I turned the episode off the minute Suzette was saved. Such a stupid decision by production to let us decide who to save minutes before the live vote. Tom wasn’t screwed over Aneal was by the voters. I don’t think [roduction has the intellect of an ant at this point.
My best prediction is BB Canada will be 1 season only.


When the machine didn’t work in All Stars… they redid the comp.


The Producers should make game conditions uniform,
like game equipment working equally
rules fully explained, including penalties.

Big Brother is supposed to see and hear everything – so fire up the gear BB and make it harder to cheat!
Let HGs know going in they’ll be punished for rule-breaking and lay it on early so they know it’s true.

THEN, if anyone thinks they can get away with it – go for it !! – knowing the consequences.

It’s hardly a game of morals, ethics and honesty anyway.

The Producers put themselves in this situation.
The 1st HOH was a freebie cheat of the other HGs, IMO. So was Canada votes.
Whatever. They’ll work the show for ratings, revenue and renewal next year.
The viewing public will give them a win or “evict” them.
In a way, whatever they’re doing now is like rebuilding a tentative alliance with the Public.


Production should take note of the insightful remarks made by Dan Gheesling in this interview following the premiere of BBCa. Some very wise words about competitions, twists and powers given to the viewers. I really agree with him totally. I wish production would “listen up”. Most fans just want to see the game played fairly.


Interesting interview!


I’m Canadian, but being the huge BB fan I am, I’ve watched a season of BB UK before. I find that BB UK is MUCH more strict with their rules, and they don’t care if a favourite player breaks a rule, or a “nobody” houseguest breaks that rule; they give equal punishment. I find that BB Canada and BB USA do not delegate the rules and consequences clearly, and are often unfair. An example is when Dick burnt Jen with his cigarette on purpose (season 8), and he did not face a punishment. Jen ate a burger whilst she was on slop, and she got a penalty vote, a penalty nomination if she survived the week (and wasn’t allowed to be saved with veto). If other houseguests committed those acts, I do believe there would be different punishments. It doesn’t take an older person to realize this- I’m 13! :>


I completely agree, favourite player or not, rules should be enforced equally across the board. However in this case, production dropped the ball (pun intdnded) when they allowed Talla and Jillian off with a warning instead of disqualifying them immediately.

Let,s get him out


The next Big Brother competition should be a Cheetah competition.

Big Brother and the Cheetah share the same spots


I think it’s funny how this is a huge deal, but Production arbitrarily saving a player as inconsequential as Suzette in favor of sending an interesting player like Aneal home, somehow compromises the integrity of the game. BBCAN is approaching a ramp near shark-infested waters.





…somehow *doesn’t* compromise the integrity of the game (is what I meant to say)


I am reluctant to call carrying a ball in your hands “cheating”, but agree that it could be termed not following the rules. Because so many people were carrying the balls with their hands (Talla and Jillian were warned by Alissa or “risk elimination”). I don’t think it would be fair to take it away from Emmett and give it to Second place, because the play came to a halt and who could be sure that 2nd place would have won it. It is a tricky situation and Big Brother has a Big Decision to make. Best case scenario: review the tapes and find that ALL houseguests carried at least one ball (is it ok to carry balls from one flower to another as Liza runing around carrying a blue ball @ 49:51) and several others did, or did the rule mean you could not carry balls to your hive, but carrying them between flowers was ok. (I did not hear Alissa make this distinction, all she said was “You cannot transport any balls with your hands” which would presumably eliminate carrying balls between flowers


Does anybody have any good muscle relaxing techniques? My back is sore from SHIFTING POWER all day.





They all pretty much cheated alec also said on the feeds he put balls into emmitts box but who knows i can’t see them giving it to second place becasue that wouldn’t be fair between everyone caring the balls and andrew box not working this game seemed to be a complete disaster so if they take the hoh from emmit the only fair thing is to replay it hopefully a different game.

On bb facebook no clue if it is true but they are staying that emmitt isn’t hoh they had to redue it but no word on who won and that tom is no longer in the bb house not sure if this is true.


So what about last week ‘s HoH ? apparently they could see each others answers in the mirror


I don’t know, I keep hearing comments about people wanting Big Brother to be a fair game but it’s probably me and a handful of people who just don’t care . After watcing the game I’ve come to conclude that if anyone wants fairness then Survivor is the show for that, otherwise BB is for viewers and producers so if I ever apply for the show I have to tell myself that dealing with twists and free POVs for some players are what I have to deal with in addition to dealing with the other players.

I’m thinking Jeff’s season, without tampering that season would have become a snoozefest coz the side that the viewers loved was beoing decimated week after week. Wasn’t fair to Chima and Jesse but I was happy. That coup d’etait episode was probably high ratings. Yesterdays Powershift I loved seeing Suzeette get saved coz as everyone knows now, it was to screw Tom. So I was entertained. And if there’s people I like on the block and the producers decide to pull a coup d’etait to save one or both, I’m all for that. If Tom and gang keep dominating the game and it takes a power being given to the other side, I’m okay with that.

What if it’s Andrew and Gary nominated ready for eviction? Yeah fair is good but I have to admit I watch the show to be entertained. I’m also thinking back to the season Adam won. The alliance with Natalie and Sheila destroyed the other alliance. Man I would have loved for some power to be given that would have sent one of them packing. Instead we saw a season where they dominated EASILY. So not fun. Agree or disagree, as for me, bring on these free unearned powers. I’m okay with them.


i watch the show to be entertained to and I am fine with production tampering with things because it provides for a better story to watch…however the cheating thing bothers me because if its allowed this time then they have set a precedent that its ok to cheat in BB canada and (almost) everyone will to do it to survive and with everyone doing it its going to favor the larger alliances cause they have more people to help each other out…this will lead to very boring predictable results every time.


Jay, I agree with you there. it’s exactly what I’m saying. Production is fine but cheating in an HOH comp by a player, not at all. I guess I’m saying I’m all for cheating by production but not by the players in their competitions, LOL.


If they are going to do this they may as well look into the talks between change of people for voting.

BBUS no talking in between is allowed. Last night and other times they stop to chat a bit before going back out to the living room or DR. And Arisa just waited until they were done. Without moving them along or saying voting should be kept private.
For this cheating matter she should have DQ’d Jillian and Talla and Alex right when it was seen. Just let them off with a warning.
This just goes with everything BBCan so far though. Nothing is clearly explained, rules and restrictions are not fully passed along to houseguests and then when its too late like last night and the game was already going. ..all Arisa could do was warn them.

I’m getting sick of this show. Becoming a horrible unwatchable season.


Why do they keep saying the insstructions were vague? I thought they were pretty straight forward….use only your holsters and NO carrying the balls in your hands…use ONLY the holsters. Gosh even a chimp can follow those rules.


I also wanted to say that Emmitt did fill his slot very quickly. I thought for sure Gary was ahead by maybe 5-6 balls then suddenly Emmitt was done.


Ya Emmett’s slot got filled so quickly because Alec was also putting balls in too….these contestants have very little integrity. Alex admitted he did cheat and said he would continue to so. I was kinda liking him until I saw he has no shame and very little moral character. On the clip where you see Emmett put the second to last ball (which he carried) and them he reached into the holster to take out to the final ball he has a guilty “I’m a bad little boy” look briefly come over his face. The guys alliance in particular Tom Emmett Alec and Peter are becoming douchier and douchier every week!!!


One thing I’ve been wondering and hopefully one of you have heard/read something that will answer this.

They say they are cancelling AfterDark until after Sunday’s show but only cancelling the feeds until “tomorrow” does this make sense? I’m thinking that both the feeds and After Dark will be cancelled till Sunday.


Here’s what is on Cam 1.. feeds are on FIRE!


Simon: I think I agree with you. I think they will tun on the live feeds and Afterdark AFTER the show on Sunday airs


Oops: It is Friday night 11:37pm Atlantic and the 4 live feed cams are back on now


I just heard Tom tell Gary that he would come up to his room later and talk, so to me it looks like GARY may be the HoH. Not confirmed .


Feeds are back up. Sounds like Emmett is still HOH cause him and Tom(?) are talking about who to put up in the hot tub.


Okay now I’m confused. They’re talking like he’s still HOH but people are saying Gary’s HOH now.


This is a total cluster. Make a decision and put the feeds back up. I’m a total BB nerd, so they’re not losing me, but having the feeds down for this long is a bad business decision. The entire premise of this show is the live feeds. The show without the live feeds would be kinda boring, and every hour they’re down they’re losing interest.


Feeds are back


Do I get credit for that?


Gary new HOH, Emmett is a have-not and wasn’t allowed to compete in the HOH redo. Total BS.


Gary ….HOH!


On the live feeds Gary is in the HoH room and it is all Orange and salmon colours and feathers. It very much looks like GARY is the HoH


Feeds are back up. It won’t stream but I see Gary up in HOH and it definitely is set up for him.


Gary won HoH


Hmmm…. so in less than a day, we go from Suzette leaving and Emmett being HOH to Suzette staying and Gary HOH…….Not sure I agree with the influence the producers have had on this, they should have explained the rules better or eliminate during the competition…None of this “after further review”…What is done should be done and move on….and Aneal leaving without even a chance to make a case for himself. Found that to be cruel.