Big Brother Canada Feeds are Back New HOH “The Power has Shifted” Finally

POV Holder: Next POV March 16th
POV Used POV Ceremony March 18th
HOH Winner: Gary Next HOH: March 21th
Original Nominations:
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest Aneal
Have Nots Jillian, Emmett, Talla and Alec


10:39pm Storage Room Gary, Alec and Peter Peter says if he (Gary) wants someone gone they can get the votes for him and get that person out of the house in return they will also will keep Gary safe next week in return they don’t want to be nominated. They tell Gary that the “other side” is shaking in their boots. Gary: “The Power has Shifted”. Gary asks them what he should do. They tell him to do what is best for Gary.

Tom Jones them and him and Gary decide to talk in the HOH later tonight.

Peter and Gary leave.. Tom is talking to Alec. They are hoping they can get Gary to put up Suzette. Tom thins there is a good chance Aj and Andrew will be going up. Alec asks Tom to come clean about Liza because Alec has been saying a lot of things about putting him and Topaz up. Alec says he’s got Topaz wrapped around his finger whereas Liza is running around the house talking to people. This is why Alec is more concerned with Liza than Topaz. Alec needs to have a conversation with Liza cause he’s heard all this shit and it needs to be cleared up.

Gary is Head of Household


11:00pm AJ, Alec and Andrew Alec says he’s talked to Tom and Peter and they have told him not to worry about Liza. Alec mentions that Peter swears that he never talks game with Liza. Andrew says that is complete bullshit. Alec is acting really worried. Aj tells him to chill out Topaz is very close to Gary there is no way he’s going to get nominated. Aj say he’s got his boys they’ll back Alec up if he’s on the block (Aj’s boys = Andrew)


11:15pm Jillian and Emmett in the Hot tub

Jillian says she’s pretty sure Tom has been throwing her name out there. She wants to punch him in the head.
Jillian: “Gary wants to make a big move.. put up me and you probably.. though.. topaz said he wouldn’t”
Jillian: “I have a strong Feeling i’m going up tomorrow”
Emmett: “I had a talk with Gary this morning..”
Emmett says he was wanting to keep Tom safe in this game, he really meant that but with Liza in the equation he’s having trouble. Emmett: “Liza is running around making alliances with everyone in the house” Jillian mentions how Tom is making a big deal that he “Didn’t listen to everybody.. and Saved Gary” last week

Jillian says that Liza is really manipulative she almost had Jillian convinced that Emmett was against her. “I don’t know this game is going to be the death of me.. “

Emmett says that Tom is starting to “veer” towards the dark side.. some of the things he is saying he cannot believe.

Emmett: “The thing that worries me most is before I came onto the show I had purchased a lot of protein.. and they told me the protein would be provided.. and well the protein hasn’t been provided to us.. The cheap stuff they give us doesn’t work” (Ridiculous)

Emmett is worried that he’s losing muscle mass.


11:40pm LIza and Gary Liza is telling Gary to WATCH out about the guys because if he makes a deal with them they will stab him in the back next week.
Liza really builds up that Tom and her are on Gary’s side and they are her to protect him. She wants to give him some advice.
Liza: “Make alliances.. with people” She hints that the entire house thinks all Gary has is Topaz.. She points out that Topaz is in a showmance with a biggest threat in the house
Gary: “You mean Alec”
Liza: “yes.. he told me to now trust you”
Gary: “Hmmm hmmmmm ”
(HOLY cow Liza is scrambling, she wants Tom and her self safe and wants two of Topaz, Alec and Emmett up)

Liza says she’s really worried because Alec was telling her not to trust Gary and that Topaz and Gary are after her. Gary: “He’s so lying Oh my GOD”
Liza says that the biggest physical threat is Emmett and the biggest mental threat is Alec”
Gary: “What about Peter”
Liza: “I’m not worried about him….. ”
Liza: “Talla doesn’t know if she’s sneezing or shitting.. you have to have people in the end that you can beat”
Liza wants him to put up Alec and topaz. Liza: “Gary.. I’ve had your back since day one.. i’m telling you YOU ARE NEXT” Liza apologizes for Danielle being sent out and is sorry she lied to Gary and Danielle at the time but tells him gettin Danielle out wasn’t her play.

12:00AM Suzette and Gary
here the summary,
Talla and AJ are votes they both think they should stay. Gary knows he’s a target next week regardless so he’s going to try and “BANG ONE OUT” Suzette wants him to Backdoor someone. GAry: “Who” Suzette: “I don’t know i’m scared” Gary: “You would make a pu$$y move b1tch.. you don’t want no enemies”
12:05AM Gary and talla
Talla wants Jillian and Emmett nominated or Emmett and AJ. She suggests Gary backdoors Emmett.
Gary: “I don’t want to backdoor.. i want it to be clean.. my game”

12:15AM Emmett and Gary
Emmett wants Liza up he doesn’t care about the repercussions from Tom. Emmett said when he was HOH he knew he was going to get rid of Liza. Gary says he trusts Emmett he knows that Emmett has his back out of the boys that he can trust.
Gary says they can work together he’s got his side and Gary has the “Freaks” (lol) Emmett wants to know who Gary is close with. Gary says the only person he was close to is “grey”.. you are the only one I have in this game the only one I trust” (Danielle has turned grey)
Gary explains that day one he wanted to be close to a guy and a girl, “Danielle and Emmett done”
Gary: “tom is going f**** nuts can you control him.. keep me safe”
Emmett: “Yes”
Gary tells him they should be honest he knows Emmett is going to take Jillian to final 2. Emmett says the only deal with Jillian is final 6, he likes Jillian because they can hang out and not dwell on game.
Emmett: “You help me out I swear to god I will do whatever I Can to get you to the end”
Emmett warns him if he puts Tom up it might be hard for him to shield Gary.
Tom: “That motherF***** will grow horns”
Emmett: “I have a few friends here that can take yo ua long way.. when we get to final 4 it’s every man for themselves”
Emmett: “The only person that will vote to keep Liza is Talla”
Gary: “Cause she’s in everyone’s ear”
Emmett explains Liza’s game and how she’s going around talking to everyone telling lies.
Gary: “Thats a lot of testosterone left in the house” (If Liza goes this week)

Gary adds if Liza is after Emmett that doesn’t help him.. Emmett points out that Gary is really good at sifting through the bullshit and right now the house is full of bullshit. Gary says if Tom doesn’t go know he’ll never go, Gary adds that he’s not going to take him out. He’s already said to everyone that he won’t nominate Tom from when Tom used the POV on him last week.

Gary about Tom: “If this motherf**** comes after me because his pu$$ is gone i’ll be pissed”
Gary “what about Pu$$y power.. a lot of girls will be gone”

Gary asks who should he put up beside Liza. Emmett says he’s was going to put up Suzette and Liza, Suzette was the pawn.


12:45AM HOH Gary and Peter

Gary wants names he wants to make a big move what should he do.

Peter suggests the pairs as the big targets. Peter says that Alec is his best friend in the house so Gary has to pick the person that is the biggest threat to him. Gary wants names. Peter says he can give Gary 4 names.. (Tom, Liza, Jillian, Emmett) Peter suggests Talla and Aj as targets.

Peter suggests he should not back door anyone. Gary asks him why did Peter vote for Danielle. Peter says that he was confronted by people the last minute and they all told him the vote was flipped.

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holy crap, i’m super excited now…..this is going to be a hell of a week, I can’t wait to see what alliances gary makes!!!!


I hate Liza, she isn’t playing a strong game. There is a limit on how much you should play a social game and hers will eventually be her downfall. She may get alec or emmett out this week, but that’s it, next week when she can’t win a competition those guys will gun for her when they realize liza is telling so many lies to everyone.


Gary putting up Suzette is a waste of his HOH. Suzette is Tom’s problem, not his. It sucks Gary might not put Tom up since he feels he owes him, so he should at least put Emmett and Liza.


Suz is his biggest alley in the house, there is no way he is going to do that.


Get stuff done this week Gary!! :D


Gary wants to put up Jill and Em for the revenge apparently…

There is NO way Gary is going to put up Suzette. Tom is smoking crack if he thinks that… Either Liza and Tom and Jill and Em, there is no way Topaz is going up, nor Alec by association.


Team Suzette & Gary! I hope Gary uses this week to get a big player out, as well as to make some alliances and deals to further Suzette and him in the game!


Gary isn’t allined with suzette he is alined with alec and topez to be honest who knows what he will do he is a wild card. He doesn’t want to bit himself i know he is not a liza fan or jill so he might do that. That is the thing he has no real allience except topez and alec he might play it safe and go after andrew.


Somebody needs to tell Tom that the power has shifted. I can just tell that Gary doesn’t appreciate Tom telling him what to do while pretending he will stand by whatever he does. I am so glad that the wrong was righted, I bet there was drama. Hoping he puts Liza and Emmett up. Fingers crossed!


the convo garys having with liza right now on the feeds is irritating she is really getting on my nerves talking so much game when people know




& really you start getting worried about all the girls going? Maybe you should have realized that before you almost voted out Suzette. Hypocrite.


OMG I hope gary puts up liza. if that doesnt work: Emmett or Jillian because we know he wont put up tom this week


Liza is really dumb player there is one thing to be social but when you out right lie it usually comes back to bite you going after alec or immit will back fire for one thing unless gary puts both up they will protect each other amazing but no one has figured out the for boys are in an allience. Also, she is trying to get gary to take out the only people he does have an allience with so i see him putting up topez and alec they are only ones who have been on his side from the begining. Here is the thing and i am sure gary already figured this out is he needs protection next week and they guys may come after him at some point but he can only get one and he makes three other enemies. Gary should put liza up but i have a feeling he might go after andrew and aj


At the start I didn’t like Gary, but now I’m a fan! I hope he makes the right decision this week! What do you guys think would be HIS best decision for nominations?


Typical Liza haters she’s playing the game, screwing with peoples’ heads is playing the game. If she was a guy no one would be complaining about the lies.


I don’t mind her talking to everyone….but let’s get real…..we know she has to do it because she can’t win competitions. It’s a defense mechanism for her. You can talk to everyone, just don’t be sloppy….cause the strongest ppl in the game are the men right now and it’s not smart to cross them.

She feels like she can say anything because she thinks she’s 100 percent safe bc of Tom…..she needs to play it cool and I will like her to stay bc she likes to scheme.


Gary just told Jillian: You can’t trust that bitch with a fork….she’ll stick it in your back…..and I ain’t gonna ever repeat it.

This is what Gary said about Liza TO Jillian!!

Game’s about to get craaaazy!!!


Was just thinking the same thing. You’re right; this totally changes the game. And I must’ve missed something; what makes you think he’s putting Liza up?



I know! He’s very smart, doing his little “sleep-on-it interviews”. He’s not only gaining all the information in the house, but he’s earning people’s trust. This may just buy him some safety in future weeks.


the live feed right now are awesome!!! peter is playing like hes not talking game with lize :| both cams are great will have to rewatch alot of it thank


For some reason I’m not able to view the live feeds on my iPhone or iPad??? I can watch previous episode videos but the live feeds are not loading. Anyone else having this issue??


OMG!!!! Go Gary!!! I was done with BB a few hours ago and now I can’t wait for Sunday’s episode. Lol. I think Gary should put up Peter and Liza. Peter is cool, but putting both of these two up would reveal SO MANY ALLIANCES. Quattro would be forced out in the open, which I think is good, it might force Alec and Peter to re-think their game and consider re-aligning themselves, which might be interesting… if Gary can get Peter out, then the house will descend into chaos… which would make it interesting! Alec would have to re-align, especially since he doesn’t like Tom, and Emmett may consider re-aligning too…


Wow alot has changed the hoh aside it also looks like some alliences have changed gary is playing it smart not repeating anything is a good call and who knew that emmitt is in some sort of allience with gary from day 1 i didn’t see that enough that emmit told him his plans for liza which he didn’t even tell jill but i knew from the first episode he liked him which now explains why emmitt never saw him a threat and didn’t seem to concerned when gary won. Liza might be done only because gary is trying to protect emmit if he had his way he would put tom up but he promised he wouldn’t. This where we stand as far as noms

safe not safe
emmitt andrew
jill aj
tom liza
alec talia

but i am guessing he will try and take out either liza or andrew


Seems the show is back on track. Now if production will just get out of the way and let the houseguests do their thing.. Let them play their game and not have the Canadian audience play it for them….


Geez Gary is gathering some pretty powerful intel. Good job Gary

It’s not lookin too good for Liza the “puppet master”.

Three people I can guarantee are not going up this week:
Suzette / Topaz / Emmett

I think everyone else is fair game.


Gary is so smart and so honest compared to most of these people….good for him and I hope he really shakes the house up!!!! I am totally team Gary FTW!!


for once, i’m honestly not sure what gary’s best move is.. i have a feeling liza is in trouble. i feel like gary really trusts suezette, andrew, topaz, alec.


Anyone want to guess what production will dream up to save Liza if it appears her eviction will be a certainty? Maybe POV will be answer 10 questions about sun tanning beds built between 2007 and 2010. I can just hear the laughter when Tom beats her. We’ll get to vote and save somone every week to keep the girls safe. LOL

Well I did not see Gary keeping his word to Tom. Gary has surprised me more than any other guest. Secret deal with Emmit gets leaked on the feeds. That took forever to happen. The deal makes sense and frankly I was puzzled why Emmit hadn’t approach Gary. Now we find out he had on day 1. Gary’s game is looking better each week. He’s a serious player who has a great asset. He has a feel for people that allows him to sift through the BS. In this house he has alot of sifting to do!

Based on the info today I think he won’t nominate Emmit, Tom, Topaz and likely not Alec. If we believe he will not backdoor anyone then Suzette is not getting nominated either. Jillian may not be 100% safe but I think her odds of being nominated are about 20-1. The whole your the pawn thing aside for Jillian.So we have Talla, Peter, Andrew, AJ and Liza. I think it might be Liza based on the feeds plus either Andrew or AJ. I’d be surprised if it was Peter and Liza. So Liza would have Tom and Peters votes to stay. AJ or andrew would get the others vote. Suzette should do what Gary wants. Lets say it’s 2-2. Topaz and Talla may both vote to save Liza. But Topaz may vote to evict her. Alec should have no problem evicting Liza. So it’s 4-3 either way with Jillian and Emmit left. Emmit will vote to evict Liza but Jillians a wild card, Is to girl power or dislike for Liza that determines her vote? Could be our 1st tight vote for the season. 5-4 or maybe 7-2 Right now I believe it’s even money if Liza’s nominated she is getting evicted unless she wins POV or the public get to save her.


Seriously, this is uter bullshit, giving hoh away to players. Wow, why not just evict emmet, tom and anyone else who isnt gary and suzette and let them compete for final 2. It is clear production is desperate for Gary and Suzette to win. Just let the people fucking play the game or close down the fucking show, this is utter bullshit


Tom Jones lol……


Yes go gary. I love that guy. I was a fan of him since day 1.