Big Brother Canada HOH Competition F up “I could see every single answer”

POV Holder: Next POV March 9th
POV Used POV Ceremony March 11th
HOH Winner: TOM Next HOH: March 14th
Original Nominations:
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest Danielle
Have Nots Talla, Tom, Peter, Alec


12:16AM kitchen most of the houseguests
Alec says that he could see every single person answers from looking at the black (Back?) mirror. Suzette says she could to but she didn’t want to get disqualified so she just looked at the ground. Aneal: “In a majority rules competition that would give you a enormous advantage”

Aj is talking about how some people during the head of household competition could see the answers from the mirror and it’s dumb. He adds that production should have covered the mirror it gave players an unfair advantage. Andrew looks at him funny says “Shut Up.. Isn’t it amazing that we got to play in that competition”

Everyone start leaving to get ready for bed/HOH game talk leaving Andrew and Suzette on the couch. Suzette starts complaining that Canada is thinking all she’s doing is sit around taking abuse. yadda yadda yadda


12:33AM HOH Aneal, Liza and Tom
Tom tells him that Suzette and Garry are going up. He explains that with Suzette is all about having a family and being a mom “I don’t want that shit in jury house”
Tom wants jury to be a party house so he doesn’t want Suzette to be there complaining about her kids the entire time he wants people to be pounding shots and having a good time. “We’re not going to make a lot of money… we’re in the jury house we got kicked out of the game.. we’re there for a fun party.. Lets get crazy.. I don’t want poeple to be like ohh i miss my kids my family.. I want to be like YO CMON LETS GET ANOTHER ROUND.. lets go crazy” (Tom is a douche bag)
Tom tells him they have to make some tough moves and breaks some peoples hearts
Aneal: “So the plan is Garry, Suzette, AJ, ?”
Tom: “The plan was Kat, Danielle, GArry, Suzette, Aj and Talla”

Tom says he’s not going to put up Liza or Emmett and everyone in the room right now he wants to see in Jury. Tom: “Tonight sucked for Danielle.. but look man it had to happen.. she did it to herself by allying with Garry” Aneal agrees says that Garry is going to be “Up his A$$” this week he just wants Garry to leave him alone.

Aneal said that before Kat left the house she was worried that there was secret pair in the house. she wanted to leave the story that her and Aneal were a secret pair. Aneal goes to explain Kat’s master plan. Tom: “That doesn’t help you that will burn you”

Tom wants the 9 to make it that is all he cares about, this 9 alliance is the cornerstone of his game in the Big Brother House. Tom doesn’t like fake people he doesn’t like Suzette or Garry. Tom: “Tonight Talla has got to be super careful… ” Tom tells Aneal to keep alert for people talking about the 9 Alliance. If he hears something to come back to the HOH and tell him. Aneal agrees tells Tom he is on board.

(Tom is talking really fast spilling alot of information the HOH power is slowly getting to him)


12:53AM HOH Tom and Liza they are chatting about Danielle telling them “F*** all of you” Liza: “I lied clean to her face soo many times.. ” They start naming the cameras in the HOH bedroom..


1:00AM Suzette sad


1:18AM HOH Jillian, Tom, Emmett and Liza

Tom “I don’t want no suzette’s coming up here taking a poop”. Tom says as long as they keep wining the competitions they will be OK (Ya think). Liza jokes that she’s doing really well in competitions she’s got the next one. Emmett tells Tom if he gets houseguests pick for Power of Veto he should pick him. Tom says he’s not going to backdoor Garry anymore he’ll be putting up Suzette and Garry straight up. Jillian says why not put up Suzette and AJ and when POV is played they put up Garry. Tom: “If Garry wins POV then we’re hooped” Jillian is perplexed can’t they just put Garry up then. They explain to her if you win POV while not nominated and you use it to take someone off the block you cannot be put up yourself. Tom says one of them is going home and the following week the other one is. Liza about Suzette: “I just don’t like her energy.. she is the most hypocritical person”
Tom: “I beat out the brainiac today.. he knows computer but he doesn’t know volume”

Before they head to bed Emmett, Jillian and GAry chat. (Is Garry on something?)



“Good night everyone”


3:00AM Alec Smothers Topaz

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I would love if Tom put up Suzette and AJ (or Talla, Aneal etc) with the plan to backdoor Garry and then Garry is chosen to play in veto and wins and takes Suzette off the block…… just for the sake of seeing King Tom cry. And then it would be doubly epic if Garry then won HOH. I find Tom utterly repulsive, no self respecting female should go near him after he’s out.


Whoops epic fail on spelling Gary’s name lol. I’d also like to add that I’m only watching this week because of the potential of a Tom “willie” week as Simon said.


lol agreed!


Thanks for this! ( can’t watch feeds)
“Shield” better move on the Doughboy soon,
or he’ll influence the end from the Jury room
sending one of them to F2 gloom.
Doubt they will, thinking it’s too soon.
The “outs” don’t get it – you gotta PLAY,
so the “Wonderbreaders” will have their way.
Soon to go – “Gary sashay”,
too late for ladies to have a say
with Kat & Dani sent away,
and three inhaling testosterone haze
leaving Talla & Suz to count their days.
Wolfpacks don’t always get their prey –
more often than not it gets away,
but they do hunt the young, the old & the weak.
I hope the “Tomtanic” springs a leak.


i absolutely HATE Tom, he’s really getting on my nerves. i hope the scenario Erin mentioned (about Gary) plays out!


i think Tom is nothing more then a bully and it would do my heart great to see him evicted before jury …lmao


Tom is the man. A lot of the hate he receives are from ignorant people (calling him racist and homophobic…basically saying you either let non-whites and homosexuals go the the end and win or you are a bad person). Suzette is the racist (“I’m not Canadian, I’m aboriginal”), that’s why she put Tom and Emmit up the first HOH. No one hates her because of her race, she’s hated because she’s a fat, hateful slob that runs her mouth about people. Gary, nobody hates him because he’s gay…it’s because of the people he chose to align himself with. I really dislike Suzette, so if Tom is against her, then I’m on Tom’s side. Period. A lot of racism is going on, and it’s coming from the people who label Tom certain things just because he’s a straight, white male trying to get the other alliance (some who are white like him, that he voted out, see: Daneille) out of the house.


I hope Canada votes to use the POV on Suzette, that would piss Tom off so much!