Big Brother Canada: Liza says Tom you’re a fu*king big boy make your own decisions!

POV Holder: Next POV March 16th
POV Used POV Ceremony March 18th
HOH Winner: EMMETT Next HOH: March 21th
Original Nominations:
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest Aneal
Have Nots Alec, Topaz, Aneal, Jillian

10:35pm During the Big Brother Canada Live Show production turned the live feeds back on. Tom talks to Andrew in the bathroom. Andrew says that he was worried that Tom might back door him. Tom tells him no, when it gets down to the final 5 guys then we will battle it out.

Big Brother Canada March 14 2013 1055pm

10:50pm Emmett and Jillian are in the storage room looking for something to make to eat. Emmett talks to Jillian about how he doesn’t think she can trust Liza. Jillian says so who can I trust? Just you? I can’t trust anyone but you? Emmett says yeah.

11pm Liza, Talla and Suzette are out by the hammock. Liza says that she was so mad at Tom during the live show when he called Emmett into the storage room to talk about who to nominate. Liza says you’re a fu*king big boy make your own decisions. It’s your HOH.

Big Brother Canada March 14 2013 11pm

11:10pm – 11:20pm Out in the backyard: Tom, Emmett and Alec talk. Tom comments on how it was a huge win for them two weeks in a row now! Alec comments on how he was helping Emmett win by putting balls in his things and that right after Big Brother told them they couldn’t help each other. Emmett talks to Tom alone. Tom says that Emmett should put up Gary and Talla and then back door Suzette. Emmett tells Tom that he isn’t worried about SUzette, he says that he is worried about Liza and Talla. He says that he doesn’t trust them.

11:20pm – 11:35pm Big Brother switches the live feeds to the hush hush screen.

11:35pm When the live feeds come back: Out in the backyard: Tom tells Liza that she won’t go up this week. He adds that she also won’t be back doored. Tom tells Liza that he can’t say the same about Talla. Liza says that’s okay, as long as I don’t go up.

Big Brother Canada March 14 2013 1138pm
Meanwhile we find out that Emmett got his HOH room. Jillian comments on how he was told in his letter to not do so much Hanky Panky. Emmett got a cow. Jillian says that it sounds like he has a great family and that hopefully he can relax a bit knowing everything is okay at home. Emmett says yeah. Jillian asks if he thinks she is messing up his game. Emmett says no I like having you around. Emmett tells her that she better win tomorrow (havenot competition) so that she can move up with him.

11:50pm – 12am All the house guests sit down to eat together at the table to eat. Suzette comments on how its a game and that its not personal. She says that she is thankful to still be in the house.
Big Brother Canada March 14 2013 1150pm

12:05am – 12:15am Up in the HOH Emmett and Tom are talking. Emmett asks if the nominations are tomorrow. Tom says no the have/havenot competition is tomorrow… then on Saturday are the nominations. Jillian comes up and freaks out at Emmett for leaving her because she can’t taste the food she is cooking for him. She tells him to come back down. Meanwhile Aj and Andrew are out in the hot tub room talking. Aj tells Andrew that they won’t back door him and if they do he will do everything he can to save his a$$. He says he will pull all sorts of tricks out of his brown a$$ to make sure that doesn’t happen. Aj says that back dooring someone is a sh*tty a$$ move and he better not do that to you. They leave to go sit by the pool. On the other side of the pool Tom, Peter, Topza and Alec talk about Emmetts letter. They talk about how he was told in his letter to tone down the language. All of them think that he doesn’t swear so it was weird. Tom brings up how they should watch for messages in the letter. Topaz comments on how Emmett was skipping parts of the letter when he read it.

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24 thoughts on “Big Brother Canada: Liza says Tom you’re a fu*king big boy make your own decisions!

  1. Okay, seriously, if Tom is still on about Suzette, he’s not as bright of a player as we give him credit for being. There is no need to get Suzette out yet; who cares if she’s gunning for you, Tom, she can’t win competitions, nor does she have an army to come after you with. I think Emmett should go after who HE wants to, and disregard Tom’s personal vendetta. It looks as if Emmett is wanting Liza out, and I think he should go for it.

    1. 10 thumbs up? Someone who was given HOH (and gunned for you) and taken off the block after losing POV (and made off color remarks about you) is not only Toms biggest threat, but the biggest threat in the house as well. Suzette has the producers in her pocket, she can win this whole game after taking them out.

    2. I meant to add..Suzette doesnt have to win anything. She didnt win the HOH or POV she was given. The next thing they give her may be enough to get Tom out. She’s really the biggest threat in the history of the game, apparently.

      1. lmao overreact much? It was one event, if anything they were trying to even things out since they fucked her over with the phone hoh.

    1. Same here! I can’t bear the thought of watching a showmance in HOH for another week. The HG are talking about Emmett’s letter from home, saying that it was long and talked game. Apparently Emmett’s mom likes Gary, and tells him no hanky panky in HOH. According to Tom, Topaz, Alec and Peter, they were surprised BB allowed it. Looks like Canada has it’s very own Alison Grodner behind the scenes! Big fail tonight!!!

  2. HI! I’m Emmett’s pillow for HOH week!
    I’m really too cute to play like a geek!
    (That means really thinking…I think…)
    I’m not very good at talking game-speak
    and at deciding I’m sort of weak
    but Emmett thinks for me! Isn’t that neat?!
    I’m enjoying my own side of beef
    who’s protecting me from all the heat
    as I never have to think on my feet.
    Hey this paid vacation is pretty sweet!

  3. I literally LOL’d when I saw the part where Liza says she was pissed Tom pulled Emmett aside to decide who to put up during the live show. Peter is starting to annoy me with his DR sessions.

    Personally I think Alec is playing the better game and also in the best position. Besides, he can read people better than Peter. His cuddlemance isn’t as much a liability than the love triangle of TPL and the couple EJ. I mean she practically sleeps all day, how much trouble can she really cause, right?

    I’m also starting to root for Andrew as well. Guy makes me laugh on the feeds sometimes and he doesn’t yell in his DR sessions.

    I’d like to see how Emmett would play this game if he wasn’t caught up with Jill.

  4. Okay so there are screencaps of Emmett holding onto the balls during the HOH competition AND now Alec admitted to putting balls into Emmett’s bin to help him win??? I really hope that BBcan producers look into this and either HOH is re-done or they figure out who was the 2nd closest to winning and give the HOH to that person. It sucks if Emmett won by double cheating while Gary or Andrew could have won if Emmett was disqualified. The game would have gotten interesting… if Emmett, Tom and Jillian keep on winning HOH I’m gonna give up on the show. Which maybe is better anyways because onlinebigbrother has got me addicted. LOL.

  5. They might redo the HOH comp because Emmet cheated. If you watch closely, he runs up with a ball in his hand when it is suppose to be on his leg. He should have been disqualified. They announced on twitter that the will look in it, and if they find that he cheated, they will have a redo. Emmet should not get comfy and so shouldn’t Tom.

  6. I want them to redo the competition, then Talla (who almost won the comp) wins it. Then Liza tells Talla “Tom told me I was safe but you weren’t”. Then Talla blows up, and brings pleasure to the viewers :>

  7. Do you have screenshots of Emmett cheating? I have searched the web but haven’t seen anything. I know that Alec admitted to trying to help Emmett but got in trouble so he stopped. Is there any proof to the cheating or is this just people complaining because he won.

  8. maaan

    bb cananda lost a tooooooooooooon of credability in one fucking night

    first this stupid ass twist. what a load of crap.

    then the god damn host basically fills all the house guests with what is going on in the game. did anyone else notice this. what a horrible job.

    then the second straight hoh comp in a row where there is cheating.

    and then to top it all off. emmets hoh letter apparently has a bunch of hints and clues and gives emmet a sense of what their seeing.

    wooooooooooooooooow. just horrible. i thought grodner was bad trying to save a houseguest once in a while.

    this was ludacris.

  9. I’m already super bored by this season. The power needs to shift. It’s been too much of the same group in power. Instead of giving Canada the power to save a nominee, they should have let Suzette go home and given people the power to give one house guest an advantage in the HOH comp. People would’ve voted for Gary for sure! Or Peter! For sure someone other than Emmett-Jillian or Liza-Tom scene. Suzette contributes nothing. She’s boring in the house and diary room. She doesn’t seem to have any game or even any plans to make any moves. I would’ve rather that Aneal stayed because at least we know he’ll have more stuff up his sleeve. With Suzette, we already know that she does nothing and she’s not going to do anything until the rest of the house decide that she needs to leave.

  10. Suzette was gifted HOH and now taken off the block (after losing POV) by the producers. Why are they even playing? Why dont the producers just write a script and act it out for themselves? Tom had to win POV to take himself off, Suzette doesn’t have to win anything and has a good shot to win the game. Id get her out next week before they give her a 2 month immunity rigged by some bs “vote”
    Not everyone has a fair chance to win this game and thats not fair for those who spends months away from their families locked in a house with no comforts.
    Ill watch but i want be into it like i was. The cheating/biss can happen any time (unless quatros on the block, they have to win what they get)
    No integrity of the game and someone should edit the wiki for this season now. Disgusting.
    People saying Suzettes not a threat? She has producers who give her HOH and take her off the block after she loses the POV…shes the biggest threat in the house.
    But im highly digusted at this bias/cheating by the producers to keep someone who has nade bigotted comments in the game. Like I said, why are they even playing? I wouldnt even try anymore, knowing you can have what you earned taken from you, but next week, if youre on the block, youd be gone.

    1. The first HoH didn’t help her in anyway shape or form, you wrote it twice so I thought I’d waste space as well. She had to pick two people & she couldn’t tell anybody what they gave her or what she was about to do. And than Arisa Cox gets to tell the house guests what happened leaving Suzette to look like a fool on the sidelines. They screwed her over, than they payed her back, it’s even as far as I’m concerned aside from the alienation that occured. Next time they hand her an uber bb gift you can whine but for now keep it to yourself please :)

  11. I dont understand why everyone is so disgusted that Emmet cheated! do we think that this is the first time someone has cheated? i give credit to the producing staff for being the first of all BB staff to address the issue! I think instead of saying that it takes away from them that it gives them more crediabiltiy to say that Canadians will not allow this type of behaviour. And for anyone to sit back and judge someone for cheating in a situation like this and to say that they would not be tempted to do anything to win is not being honest with them selves. this is a different type of world while you are in the BB house and i think until you are in living under these conditions you cannot say how you would react. I believe the people in the BB Cdn house were a good pick for the first season. Just my opinion!

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