Jillian tells Emmett “I’m thinking Pete and Alec.. don’t want to be the villianest villian”

POV Holder: ? Next POV April 6th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 8th
HOH Winner: JILIAN Next HOH: April 11th
Original Nominations: ?
Current Nominations: ?
Last Evicted Houseguest GARY
Have Nots Peter, Topaz


12:43AM Kitchen Talla and Andrew

Talla mentions that during the HOH competition Topaz was saying she would put Talla and Andrew up if she won.

(audio from Cam 1-3 is leaking into audio from cam 2-4 so it’s tough to hear the Andrew and Talla conversation)
Andrew: “I like to drink diet pepsi because it contains aspartame the thing that makes people grow.. every week another person goes think of it you get more air time”

Andrew: “Remember when he told Gary to clean up his slop and he just sprinkled glitter on it.. I hope when he sees Gary he pours glitter on his head”

Andrew: “Congratulations we made it to the seven” They drink down their pepsi’s
Andrew comments how exhausted must be from the competition. She’s either worried, tired or both


12:44AM Alec, Topaz and Peter putting away clothes
Showmance is very much back in effect publically. Topaz: “It started off a cuddlemance to a showmance to a brokemance to nomance to re-mance” (Kill me now mance)
Alec: “we don’t jump back into re-mance from nomance.. maybe a slowmance”
Peter: “Re-mance goes back into Showmance”



1:16pm Emmett and Jillian HOH

Jilian: “Do you think that is true that Alec and Topaz were going to put us up.. “

Jillian: “Cause I made that deal and i’m not going back on it.. I’m not putting topaz up.. I’m keeping my word to her”
Emmett: “But you need to put Alec up”
Jillian: ‘I’m keeping my word I don’t want to be called the villianest villian”
Jillian: “I’m thinking Pete and Alec… right at this point I know we have all week”
Emmett: “You want to put up Talla or Andrew”
Jillian: “No.. ”

Jillian says that Talla is on their side she can tell by how Talla was acting during the HOH competition. During the Comp talla was looking at her the entire time relaying to her how she was doing. At one point Topaz had closed her eyes and talla looked at Jillian and mouthed that she couldn’t hold on for much longer ”She was going to die”. All of a sudden Topaz opened her eyes and Talla says to topaz “I can do this all night” (LOL Talla is officially awesome)
Jillian: “She trust me enough I want to keep her” Emmett says that Talla new she was safe this week with Jillian but with Topaz there was a chance she would go up.

Emmett: “I only trust her as far as i can chuck her. which isn’t far.. (Topaz)”
Jillian says she can trust Topaz right now.
Emmett says if Topaz had won the HOH he would have gone up for sure. Jillian doesn’t think the final 4 they had with Pete and Alec wasn’t legit. Emmett agrees but think she needs to talk to Pete beforehand and smooth things over with him. Bring up how things with Alec aren’t as good anymore because he lied to the entire house about his thing with Topaz.



1:40pm Bedroom Peter and Alec

Alec says the play is to tell Jillian to put up Talla and Andrew and if Andrew wins the POV they will get Topaz to go up and they can vote Andrew out.

Peter:”I don’t think we can be so passive as we usually are”
Alec: “If Andrew wins HOH next week he’ll put up Topaz and myself”

Emmett joins them

Alec: “This week Talla and Andrew.. is that the Plan”
Emmett: “I don’t know I have to talk to Jillian”

Alec goes through the deal between Topaz and Jillian.

Alec: “I’m really worried about Talla”
Emmett: “I dontt think she’s going to put Talla up man”
Alec: “Why why”
Emmett: “CAuse they’re talking and stuff”
Alec: “I told you today that Talla is going to put you up “
Emmett: “You heard that from Talla?”
Alec: “YA.. she told me she would put up people that can win competitions..” Alec says that basically mean Jillian and Emmett

Emmett: “Who would Topaz put up”
Alec: “Jillian and Andrew or Emmett and Andrew”

Emmett: “You and Topaz back now yo all good”
Alec: “Yeah.. it’ll continue until we have to cut her.. that was all so she would talk to Andrew”
Alec is worried that Jillian isn’t strong with the final 4. Alec: “I’m not into Topaz .. I will cut her final 5”

Alec: “I do think she’s back on our side.. and I can push her to do things”

Alec: “Who do you think Andrew or Talla this week and POV isn’t played”
Emmett: “I don’t know they both have their strength”
Alec: “I am fine with Talla or Andrew and the following week we get the next person out”
Emmett: “I don’t know what they are doing.. drinking wine” (The girls are drinking wine”
Alec: “That is what Talla does she gets close with the HOH.. I like how well this has worked out”
Emmett: ”The pieces are coming together”
Alec says as far as he is concerned Emmett and Jillian can decide who goes home this week. Alec: ‘Talla and Andrew next week is a big problem”
Emmett gets up says he’s going to talk to Jillian
Alec: “Talk about the deal to I want to know if Topaz is lying


(Video Uploading)


2:00AM HOh Emmett and Jillian

Emmett: “Did you tell topaz you were putting Talla and Andrew up “
Jillian explains that during the comp Topaz told her she was going to put up Andrew and Talla. Topaz asked Jillian what she was going to do and Jillian said the same. Jillian: “But that is all I could say at that point.. what am I going to do put up Peter and Alec.. I had to say that to get her down.. I had to say that right. ”

Emmett: “Yeah it’s a game.. They think you are going to put up Talla and Andrew now.”
Emmett: “I just need to beat Alec in the F**** Veto”

Emmett says to not tell anyone they are a pawn yet..
Jillian: “Talla says pond”

Emmett: “She’s an absolute idiot.. she’s the stupidest girl I have ever met in my life… She’s got 4 brains cells just bouncing around in her head… I swear to god.. it’s an act noone is that stupid“
Jillian: “what’s so bad about it.. it’s funny.. She’s a girl I had to pick someone for the alliance.. who else should I have picked”
Emmett: “Danielle.. Suzette” (Oh please no)
Jillian laughs at him suggesting Suzette

Jillian tells him he has to start being nicer to Talla now that they are going to war with The shield.

Jillian says Emmett can put all the heat on her for these nominations.
Emmett: “Alec are topaz are back together”
Emmett: “Going to be a stressful Veto”

They agree that the best course of action is to say that JIllian made a deal with Andrew last week to stay off the block. When Alec asks about Talla she can say that Talla is the only girl in the house that you are close to.

Emmett says that Alec and Peter are very quiet when he walks in the room. Neither of them trust Alec/Peter anymore.

Jillian: “It’s going to be a tough week.. biggest move we’ll have to make”

Jillian :”Best case scenario Topaz doesn’t get to play”
Emmett: “If Topaz wins and takes off Alec then you’ll need to put up Talla or Andrew”

Jillian starts to suggest that she puts up Andrew and Peter that way she keeps her word with Topaz and if the POV is can back door Alec. Emmett doesn’t know.. thinks it’s risky because if Alec wins the POV she’ll have to put up Topaz.

Jillian: “Ohh this is so stressful”

Emmett: ‘It’s Big BRother how cares.. if you want to lie you lie”
Talla comes in and starts talking about drinking wine.


2:40AM HOH Andrew, Jillian and Talla

Andrew and Talla are in the HOH briefly before JIllian comes up. They are both wondering why Jillian invited Alec and Topaz. Jillian comes up and they figure it was Peter that was saying JIllian wanted to have a party in her room so everyone wanted to come up.

Jillian tells them it is never going to change their four.. They need to get rid of all three of them. Talla: “With us four playing you know how much fun it’ll be we won’t be ruthless.. and doing things like they did“ (Alec and Topaz)

Talla is bouncing off the walls with excitement.. maybe it the alcohol maybe it’s game I dunno but she’s super excited to me in a final 4 with Emmett, Andrew, and JIllian.

Jillian tells them straight up Peter and Alec are going up, she doesn’t know what she will say to them.

Jillian isn’t going to go back on her word with Topaz. Talla: “She wanted your a$$ out”
They all agree that Alec is the main target this week. Andrew brings up if Topaz wins POV and takes Alec off then they still can get Peter out. Worst case the vote will be 2-2 and Jillian breaks the tie. Andrew: “If Topaz uses POV.. you put me up.. and it’s Emmett and Talla to vote for me and Alec and Topaz to vote Peter”

(Video Uploading)


3:00AM HOH Jillian and Topaz

Jillian asks her if she knew she was staying this week. Topaz had a good idea.

Jillian tells Topaz she is not going to put up Topaz she will keep her word. Jillian: “Peter is in my head”
Topaz: “At this point i’m fine with that.. he’s had a free ride”
Jillian: “I’m close with Andrew I can trust if he wins he won’t put me up”
Topaz: “Talla for sure”
Jillian: ‘Yeah probably”

Topaz says that Andrew is a strong player and Talla is a fighter. They are both surprised how well Peter did today, it was obvious he was really trying to win this time.

Topaz: “How are you feeling about Talla”
Jillian: “She’s hard to read”
Topaz: “We call her the jumper.. she’s been doing that like when Andrew was HOH”
Jillian: “Is she like a floater”
Topaz: “No a floater is Peter”
Jillian says she can sleep easy tonight cause Topaz isn’t going on the block.


3:12AM Topaz and Alec

Topaz tells him Jillian doesn’t sound like she’s putting Andrew up. Alec: “Well if she’s not putting you up and not putting Andrew up who’s going up” Topaz kind of dodges the question says that Talla will go up and she’s just trying to

(Video Uploading)

3:32AM HOH Jillian and Talla
Jillian says she will put Topaz up if Laec/Peter win the POV.
Jillian also calls Topaz a jumper
Talla is pissed at Topaz for throwing her name out as a nominee.

(Video Uploading)

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Kill me now mance – is the best name for Alec and Topaz… seriously – it is making him look more like a douche and her well sad unfourtunetly… they gotta give it a rest! But I do hope it’s a Sheild Nomination week – would be interesting to see them scramble against each other!!!


I’m so happy jillian won! because now Emmett ( my fave) is safe and Topaz my second fave is safe because she made a deal with Jillian since she was the second last person standing ( which was a pretty good move especially since there is a double eviction next week. .

I just heard Jillian in the HOH talking to Talla and Andrew ; she said she is putting up the shield !! and if they win the veto because she doesn’t want to look bad by going back on her word to Topaz she won’t back door her . Andrew VOLUNTEERED to go up as a pawn -_-

I also just noticed that none of the house guests came from QUEBEC!


It is a sin ! lol . I think the term is Qubecois 🙂


Simon, when I vacationed up in Montreal some years ago, everyone spoke French. (And they were *the* craziest drivers I have *ever* seen!) Doesn’t Quebec speak French in their daily lives? Can all Quebec natives also speak English, but simply prefer to use French? Or is that not true? And if not, wouldn’t that preclude them from BBCA? Simon, Help! Signed, Jim (aka “A Frequently Confused American!)


haha Jim, let me help you out. There are plenty of people who are english only in Quebec, especially in Montreal, and plenty of bilingual people. Yes, there are a lot of Francaphones, but Montreal has a lot of english speaking people!


It is funny on bbus there is no discussion of every state only in canada it stops being about the game and about make sure every province is represented as for Quebec maybe they didn’t find anyone they liked. The correct term is a quebecer a quebecois is a tern that is to described the seperatists in quebec who believe quebec should seperate from canada and be independent. Of course Quebecer’s speak english if they are educated in canada they learn english they same way every other province does. Alot of there subjects are in french but they still have to take english. You do know that Quebec isn’t the only french speaking province? As for bbca if you live in canada then you are eligible to be on bbca and last time i checked quebec was part of canada.


I don’tknow, why didn’t Quebec allow the rest of Canada to participate in Quebec big brother. Also most of the natural English speakers would have been run out of quebec by now with all the racist laws against English. Further it’d be costly to advertise in Quebec with all the language nazism that requires the french to be the language of the work place. If big brother canada wanted to run operations in quebec, either everyone would had to learn french from the producer, casting director, down to the secretary and mailroom clerks. Seems like a huge waste of money, and I don’t blame them for not doing it. I mean the prize money is only 100k, Quebecors won’t watch the show because it is in English it will probably soon be illegal if it isn’t already to show English programming in Quebec, so why go out the way to satisfy some minority who goes out of its way to make it hard to cast them. Quebec believes its it’s own nation, they say so, the prime minister said so, they have their own national assembly, so why do they want to be part of our tv shows?

And Halle you are wrong

Quebec has language police that more or less had made it a crime going back to the late 70s to speak English which caused all the civilized people to leave montreal for Toronto (which was why it became the largest city around this time). Education in Canada is a provincial responsibility, meaning the provinces decide how and in what language to educate. And in Quebec they have decided French education for everyone. Most of the English speakers have left all but montreal and ottawa and the associated suburbs.

Ironically Quebec along with New Brunswick are the only provinces with any significant french speaking population and really were the two bilingual provinces until Quebec decided to attack the english and ban it from school and business.


Alec screwed his whole game because he was busy trying to screw Topaz.
And now the Shield is going to the jury house.
Whether its a game or real life. karma is a b****

Jillian will win big brother. Anyone know any gambling sites that will take that bet?


Jillian WIN… NO NO NON I would prefer NOT. Big Brother should deliver some strong coffee (Tom awhile back did mention the coffee supplied was no good 🙂 ) and help people wake-up. When or if they do wake up they will not lie down and just let them be ousted by a showman.

This week will be interesting and have a feeling pandoras box will shake things up!!!!


No I dont think Alec screwed up…I think of Topaz wouldve been thinking straight…she shouldve put Emmett and Jillian up. Someone needed to break up that alliance. One of them needed to go!! (Jillian if I had a choice)


SInce no goodbye messages were left for Garry and there was some sort of announcement about pandoras box and it’s a double elimination. Gary MAY be coming back to the game and take over as HOH to shake up the house…. Anything can happen in the Big Brother House!!!

Regardless if it’s a game or not a vote or two for Garry would have been nice. But after all when you lie down with these dogs you catch flees!


First off when gary was hoh he wanted tom to leave with zero votes and he was mad that emmitt wouldn’t do it so as they say karma is a b**h, secondly the goodbye msgs(which aj didn’t get either) didn’t air because they ran out of time he probably saw them off screen, padora’s box’s hasn’t been confirmed it was a rumor from another site all arrissa said was there would be a double eviction it is late in the game for the box but who knows but i highly doubt gary will be back pador’s box has never brought anyone back into the game. I think one year rachel came back to annoy everyone for 24 hrs but she wasn’t part of the game anymore so gary is out of the game and heading to jury.


When Tom was evicted it was different at least he got one vote and Garry got 0.Don’t forget he spent more time in the house then Tom and could of at least received a vote or two. Very impressed with Garry he’s his own person and a mature 21 he/she and deserved to be told about his eviction he left with class. You see team Tom well I am Team Garry he made a difference in someones life by him being his authentic self and that in itself is winning the game!


I feel sorry for topez she goes and makes this deal to keep her and alec safe and mean while he is planning her demise. I think alec using topez’s feelings is cruel at least emmitt and jill seem real. I total don’t like alec’s game play hopefully topez will wake up and see what alec is doing she is going to feel so dumb when she see’s the show.

Shakira Stan

You girl is giving me so much hope! I mean, why would they not show Gary’s goodbye message? there’s something up, this BB Canada aka the twist house. I’ve got the feeling that Glitter is coming back girls!! I am so excited!!

The fact that Alec completely turned his back to Topaz just because she wasn’t HOH anymore shows that he can’t be trusted.


Annoyed, that is an *amazingly* astute observation!!!!!!!!!! There is *no* other logical explanation for it, except for a quick Gary return to the game! BBCA Production *never* would have skipped Gary’s goodbye messages, without a *big* twist up their sleeve. It is one of the consistently best segments of Eviction night! I’m still completely shocked that Production even allowed the house to evict Gary in the first place! He’s every BB producer’s “Dream HG!” Production can’t wait long, though. There’s been no “Pandora’s Box” yet this season, which means Jillian is a “stone cold lock” to get one this week. Heck, Gary could even be back by Sunday’s show! (My #1 all-time BB mystery is why *every* HOH in BB history, continues to *always* open up Pandora’s Box, even though history has clearly shown that it has backfired on 75% of them? Is there small print in the BB contract? All HOH’s *must* open up Pandora’s Box, but must make seem on TV like it’s their *own* choice? Many BB HGs are students of BB history, and they just wouldn’t miss that long-time Pandora’s Box “Usually Good For The House/Usually Bad For The HOH” result.) And add in the fact that Jillian’s putting up Production’s beloved “Shield” this week! BBCA Production will stand for *none* of that, either. I expect BBCA Production to be in “We Will *Totally* Control The BB Game, The Way We Want” mode, for the next 7 days, I’m sorry to say. I can only pray that I am wrong, BB purists…….


They open pandoras box because it could hold a diamond POV. That’s a real good reason. Second it is not 75% bad. Perhaps 50/50 at best. Folks have won money also in the US version. As long as Jessie doesn’t appear….JC then open the bloody thing everytime. 7 and 6 are both logical Pandoras box spots. But with a double this Thursday unless someone comes back( G O D I hate Sunday night) freaking twist then Pandoras box will/could be a 1 time thing.


First off i get from your post gary is your fav but he really wasn’t mine i did like him when he was on the block the first time he was on the block he earned my respect this time he lost it. I thought him running off crying because he was on slop was pathetic everyone with the exception of andrew has been on slop alec was on for three weeks, talla two and emmitt was drinking water all week but they all sucked it up becasue it is part of the game. His whole my body can’t take it was riddiculus grow up. The worst was his fight with talla all she asked was he trun the stove off but he went crazy on her for no reason he couldn’t turn the stove off because he was on slop how selfish and there is no reason for a man to ever go at a women like that i was actually scared for her.

Them not showing his goodbye msgs shouldn’t be taken as he is coming back into the game it has happened on the us version many times the show runs out of airtime so stuff has to be cut it probably was taped but they had to edit it because they spent alot of time showing the sheilds family and jill/emmitts family but he did see them off air.

I think you are confusing production with arrissa she may like him but doesn’t mean production does bb can’t change the hgs votes (you do remember this is a game) but they try to influence it by asking hgs if they are sure they want to vote them out but since we haven’t heard any of that on the live feeds i doubt it happened on bbus when they tryed to influence the hgs not to vote frank out we heard about it. Production will influence by doing a pov/hoh’s that catered to one side of the house, suggest they don’t vote someone out but at the end of the day it is still the hgs choice. If gary or any player was coming back like the us has done we would have voted and i think that would have happened before he left.

Pandor’s box is either good for the house and bad for the hoh or vise versa but it has never lead to a return to the game for an evicted player. The only time a player came back into the house was in bbus with rachel and brandon. Brandon won hoh and he opened pandor’s box and he got to leave the house fir 24hrs he thought it was so he could see her but in fact rachel returned to the house for 24hrs (she wasn’t in the game just there to annoy everyone lol)

A house guest return is either done by the viewers or by the house on year they got to chose to keep the person leaving or get someone back but they didn’t know who. I think the viewers voted on the four players that were sequestered but that was also when every player was a jury member that left the house. Last season on bb13 the viewers voted for one person to come back into the game and the two highest score players fought it out leaving brandon to re enter the game but we are coming to the end of the game so now it is more about getting players out there isn’t enough time to bring anyone back which is why they have so many double evictions i believe bbus is on the air longer then bbcan.


1. Kill me now mance = brilliance.

2. One thing I’ve noticed is that there was never a definitive line drawn in the sand this season. On BBUS, by this point, there has usually been a pair of dueling factions that have fought over power for the past couple weeks. With this BBCAN season, it’s shifted a lot. I think that could account for some of the lack of drama. I’m not complaining; it’s fine, that’s the way the show naturally played out. I just wanted to float it out there to see what people think. I’d love to see more back and forth (without getting personal or nasty) in the comments section like there typically is on here for a BBUS season (when you keep coming back to argue (amiably), it puts a little more $$ in Simon’s and Dawg’s pockets!!


Alec and Peter are giving Powerhouse a run for his money.


littleowes i had to thumb that first comment up i weak lol


If jillian doesn’t want to feel bad about putting Alec up she and Emmett should expose his lies and harsh words to topaz that would break up the reunion.



if jillian is smart she will put alec and peter straight up. i’m so fucking sick of peter in the DR yelling in my freaking ear and alec plz put your friggin shirt on your not even hot. so sick of these 2 thinking they control the game. and alec when you leave next week plz take topaz with you. TEAM EAST COAST BABY!!!


Topaz can stay. Let Alec go.

Shakira Stan

Alec is panicking, it’s obvious that everything is saying is complete bullshit. As for Emmett, he’s not buying his bullshit! Emmett wants Alec and Peter on the block, then they’ll tell Alec that he’ just pawn.

Alec reign is over, the shield is over! The best case scenario would be to send Peter to jury house right after Alec!


I doubt that Peter would be the target once Alec leaves though. People don’t see much potential in him.

Confused Parent

I really hope Jillian puts up Alec and Peter, and hopefully one of Beast Cost wins POV and keeps nominations the same, then Alec goes home 3-1 the only vote for him from a confused Topaz.


alec and peter on the block please…. hope alec doesnt win veto send his ass home ….. or jillian can say she made a deal for topaz to be safe not alec


i just love emmette quote;;Emmett: “She’s an absolute idiot.. she’s the stupidest girl I have ever met in my life… She’s got 4 brains cells just bouncing around in her head… I swear to god.. it’s an act noone is that stupid“ lol

The Knight

I hope Alec leaves this week! He thinks he’s this big mastermind trying to plot the demise of someone who actually trusts him and has his back. Stupid gameplay! I hope The Beast Coast completely throw Alec under the bus exposing everything he has said about Topaz and how he threw her under the bus. They should get her to try to control her emotions and play Alec assuring she’s voting to keep him and then blindside him by voting him out and give the best goodbye message in BBCAN history owning him thus leaving him to cry like a little girl.


The Beast Coast should tell Topaz after nominating Alec everything he’s said.


Biggest twist of the show…there was a girls alliance all along…. That would be epic TV.


I really hope that Topaz realizes that she cannot trust Alec……her best game right now is to separate herself from him this week. I want to see the shield on the block this week and they should work on getting either Peter or Alec out this week……preferably Alec.

Shakira Stan

Topaz, why are you so gullible? Why girl?

She needs to open her eyes, Alec does not care about her. It’s like she’s ugly or anything, she could get any guy she wants. I guess love’s blind! She’ll feel so stupid when the show is over. I just don’t understand… I’m going to bed.

Mike Piff

OMFG what is going on…. the house is actually interesting this cant be right …. hopefully it continues


I am confused if peter and topez are have nots then why does emmitt have to sleep in the have not room? Is last weeks have nots still in effect untill tommorrow?

I thought it was funny when talla was telling andrew and jillian that she thought emmitt didn’t like her and jillian was no he likes you that was all liza mean while he really does like you lol I might be in the minority but i thought emmitt and jillian were cute


Its still the same have-nots as last week, Emmett is technically a have-not but he has a slop pass so he can eat.


Wasn’t watching the live feeds tonight but was able to see some video thanks to Simon and Dawg. Wow Emmett can be cold when he wants to be! I was listening to him and Jill in the HOH room and he was being really short and snappy with her. Good for her though for calling him out on it.

Does anyone know what the b%@ch attitude was all about tonight?


probably a combination of being tired and that fact that jillian was not understanding what he was saying so he was getting fustrated and it sounded like talla was getting on his last nerve and he isn’t good at faking it. Jillian was trying to coach him into it he seemed so irritated when talla interupted his makeout session (at least they are real compared to alec). Emmitt seemed short with peter and alec too he could just be having a bad day it was a long day for them.


K. Thanks for the reply 🙂


If Peter and Alec are on the block, BBCan will probably have another twist to save them both because it seems like production really likes Peter and want us too like him too by the way they edit him to look likes hes really clever and know everything.


I don’t think so.. next week is double eviction so I doubt it


There’s a pandora’s box rumor this week, right?


If Peter and Alec are on the block, BBCan will probably have another twist to save them both because it seems like production really likes Peter and want us too like him too by the way they edit him to look likes hes really clever and know everything.

Glitter Everywhere

I just have to say that the funniest big brother Canada moment had to of been when Andrew told gary he was going on slop. the reaction from gary was priceless. I know gary probably overreacted but it was still funny as hell to watch. I almost died from laughing so hard. lol


Please Jillian put up Alec and Peter! So funny how Alec is already scrambling and getting worried.. Well he should be. “The Shield” needs a reality check and understand that they are NOT running the house!! Get real. Hopefully Peter leaves this week.

Also, is Topaz that dumb? Why is she going back to Alec and throwing Talla’s name around? Her and Talla can have an alliance together but Topaz is too focused on Alec…


Can’t wait for my BigBrotherAmerica-mance


just a thought… do you think that if jillian makes this move, she loses the votes of alec, peter, topaz and gary in the jury house?


Only is people vote on a personal level and are holding a grudge. If they vote based on game-play then it shouldn’t affect her at all, seeing as this is a strong move for her.


yea i think that may be the best play for alec and peter to make since jillian is a relatively emotional player (at least in my opinion she is since she’s pretty concerned about how people perceive her)… but i think that peter, alec, and maybe even topaz respect the game enough to vote based on gameplay


I doubt gary because gary wasn’t a big fan of alec’s anyway and he did vote him out but i think they would see it as a game move. if anyone one would hold a grudge it would be topez but jillian is trying to keep part of her word and to be honest i think topez has a feeling already alec will go up she was trying to dodge his questions about her talk with jill.

At the end of the day jill has to make a move that is good for her keeping alec would come back to bite her so hopefully they will see that.


Looks like they will be having a food comp for what types of food the house collectively gets for the week. It seems production took away all their food (Talla is hungry and they cleaned out the fridge) and the backyard is closed off.


Emmett sure was snarky last night! I think he is embarrassed that he got dq’d twice now, and has to depend on his girl to win things and keep him safe. For all his talk, he hasn’t been that strong in competitions. I think besides the HOH that he won and was stripped of, he has only won a POV. Maybe he is evaluating his chances of winning next to Jillian and realizes that nobody could beat her final 2.

I was listening to an interview with Liza and she was saying she tried out for BBUS season 10 because she is a dual citizen, and that she is friends with James Rhine. Maybe they will put her on the US version soon, since AG loves returning players. Ugh!


Powershift Powershift Powershift Powershift Powershift


And no freaking JESSIE if there is Pandoras Box!!!

I need me some Zingbot!


Does anyone else think that Alex is half human / half lizard…. why are his eys SO far a part? You could fit a whole other set of peepers on his face! Yikes!


Ok so I’m not trolling but Andrew is way off about aspartame. It doesn’t make you grow. It makes cancer grow in your body. It’s a biproduct of bacteria (basically bacteria poop). Diet Pepsi is terrible for you. Pepsi NXT is even worse. The new sweetener is made from a compound of stem cells. Sometimes Big Brother (TV show) blends with Big Brother (1984)…. js.