Big Brother Spoilers move over The Shield here comes The Buck Chargers

POV Holder: Andrew Next POV April 6th
POV Used No POV Ceremony April 1st
HOH Winner: ANDREW Next HOH: April 4th
Original Nominations: Gary & Topaz
Current Nominations: Gary & Topaz
Last Evicted Houseguest Aj
Have Nots Gary, Peter, Topaz, Emmett (used Slop Pass)


9:40AM bedroom Emmett and Jillian
Emmett says they are closing the backyard soon. Jillian thinks it could mean endurance. Talla bounces in they tell her to go get her “Smoke-iratti”


9:43AM Stooge war room Andrew, Emmett and Talla

Talla: “I hope you guys are not screwing me over… I hope this doesn’t bite me in the a$$ “
Andrew: “We are not.. those guys are”
Talla says what they are doing is really bad. She adds that Alec has been going around the house trying to get Andrew out. Talla explains that Alec said Topaz and Andrew will go up but he’ll tell both they are pawns. Alec also told her if the the POV was used that Emmett would go up. Andrew heard that Jillian’s name was also being thrown out there as a pawn.

(Talla talking a mile a minute sometimes hard to understand her)
Talla mentions that Alec is telling her he’s never lied to her or tried to do her harm. She wants to know if Alec has been shading with Emmett, “Didn’t he slip up last week with you Emmett”
Emmett: “He’s making deals with everyone”
Talla: “how is he making deals.. final 4 deal is he choosing Peter over Topaz”
Andrew: “Thats always been the case for Alec/Peter was always his number 2”
Emmett: “You have to act like you are working with Alec.. if it’s you and him in the endurance he needs to feel safe enough to drop.. he will drop”
Talla: “I know.. I’ll tell him he’s safe.. OPPS .. I won’t say anything” (Check out the screen capture below for the expression on her face)
Andrew says if Emmett, Jillian or Talla win HOH they have it set, “It’s a numbers game and it’ll be 4 vs 2 after next week”
Talla: “I’m nervous today but i’m also really excited because I have that much faith that we’re going to make this happen”
Andrew explains to her if there is a twist and GAry steps down Andrew will be put up.. they all need to vote out Alec. Emmett points out to her that the house is now divided it’s them against Alec and Peter. They have to win HOH this week is critical.

Talla says she’s named their alliance “The Buck Chargers”..”Cause we’re charging and we’re buck” (LOL) Talla runs off “Now I have to go Poo.. oh sorry that was gross”

Andrew: “She could be playing us like she’s playing them.. but oh well” Emmett: “Nothing we can do”

They start chatting about the possibility about their being a double eviction. Apparently Peter is convinced that there is one coming up. Andrew doesn’t think so he runs the numbers there is 3 weeks left and 6 people the final week is always 4 players and is condensed. Andrew: “But we don’t know shit.. anything could happen”

Andrew is a bit worried that he works in a office with 300 people he hopes that people are going to be supportive of his time in the Big Brother House.

Indoor lockdown called


(Video uploading)


Indoor lock down. Andrew up on HOH listening to music the rest of the house playing on the kitchen table. (It just occurred to me that the Big Brother Canada table doesn’t shrink in size as houseguests are evicted like the US one)


10:30pm Bathroom Alec, Peter and Talla

Alec: “Do you know yet who you would put up if you won?”
Talla: ‘Who would you want me to.. I’m scared.. it’s not like I have my ideas.. today is the start of week 7 there is 3 weeks left.. I have to make smart moves for me.. who is legit who wants to work with me and who doesn’t”

Alec: “well me and Peter will have your back.. no matter what you do”
Talla: ‘I know.. and Topaz”
Talla explains that there is a lot of things that can happen.. HOH and POV she’ll have to weigh the options
Alec: “We can take a lot of heat off you.. “
Talla: ‘What do you mean”
Alec: “If you do that move you can blame it on us.. I’m a strong target” (I think the move is to put up Andrew and a pawn maybe Jillian)
Topaz walks in


10:45am Kitchen Emmett, Jillian, Peter and Alec

Alec asking them what would they want if Peter wins HOH and puts up Talla and Topaz.
Alec: “Would you still want Topaz gone”

Emmett: “What will Topaz do? “
Alec: “I think I can convince her to put up Andrew”
Peter jumps in and tells them they have to get rid of their biggest threats now.

Jillian :”I agree with that”
Peter: “if we want the four of us to be standing in the end we need the biggest threats out”
Alec: “So what’s the plan what are we saying”

Peter: “I will put up Topaz and Andrew.. I told Talla I wouldn’t put her up”
Alec: “Would you guys do that as well”
Jillian never gives a straight answer Emmett keeps his mouth shut.


11:07AM Bedroom Alec and Gary

Gary relays his conversation he had with Talla. He thinks Talla trusts Alec, “I don’t think you had her but you have her”
Alec: “They have such a strong 3 Emmett, Jillian and Andrew.. it doesn’t make sense for her to go over there.. they live 5 minutes away from each other”
Gary: “it’ll be 4 against 3”
Alec: ‘And Andrew can’t play”
Gary: “we need to keep on her.. you do the straight good looking guy thing, I’ll do the gay thing and Peter can do the flirting thing so from all angles we can massage her”

Alec: “Do you think Jillian and Emmett have a good relationship with Talla”
Gary: “Emmett doesn’t.. but I he’s really trying hard through JIllian.. I have a good relationship with Talla”
Gary says he knows he’s not going home so he’s trying not to get emotional with Topaz.

(Gary really thinks he’s safe this week.. )


11:17am Have nots Alec and Topaz Topaz says she’s really worried about a twist and Gary will be saved. Alec tells her not to get stressed about things they have no control over. They start to kiss and he leaves..


11:41AM Have nots room Emmett and Topaz
Topaz talks about how screwed over she was during her HOH.
Topaz is convinced there is a twist tonight. She talks about doing some research about the season in the Slice website and some things they talked about on the site have not happened on the show yet.
Emmett thinks they need to always be prepared for a twist. (I think BBcanada better lay off the twist before this season is considered a joke like BB13)
Topaz doesn’t trust Andrew, “I think he’s hilarious.. ”
Topaz calls Talla a “Jumper.. says he’s all over the place”
Topaz thinks Alec and Peter are a pair
Topaz trusts Alec



12:07pm Talla Sleeping Jillian cleaning her teeth.. Big Brother Canada Camera people zooming in on the bums


12:20pm Kitchen Alec and Andrew

Andrew talks about his father you was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and died 23 days later. He will be in the house during the 5 year anniversary of his father’s death.

Andrew: “I’m the prince of darkness guess what you are going to die.. You live to die”

Andrew: “My Dad was an amazing man and my mom was an amazing women.. My Dad made the family and my Mom made the family.. my dad was like AJ couldn’t cook a meal .. my mom and dad were best friends:

Andrew: “My old man said he had no regrets when he died.. he lived a full life. “

Chit chatting about life..


12:42pm Drew.. err I mean Alec is shaving all the hair from his body. The other houseguests are sleeping..

1:20pm HUSH HUSH
1:55pm HUSH HUSH

Feeds Back Everyone is up and about. Gary and Topaz are putting on makeup working on Gary’s brand. The rest of the house is in the kitchen talking about lunch

Random conversations going on..
Emmett: “They said they turned the cameras off for an hour”
Gary complains about how hard it is to pack his stuff.. he’s missing some of his clothes.

2:30pm HUSH HUSH again
3:11pm HUSH HUSH
4:50pm HUSH HUSH

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After seeing yesterday’s episode, we know why Gary didn’t use his “replace a veto comp selection” power: Emmett and Jillian were not picked, and they’re the comp champs, so he was fine with the draw.
Also, I’d say BB showing how Gary yelled at Talla in this intimidating way for no valid reason was their way of suggesting to the viewers that it’s “ok to let him go now”…
He’s hilarious and entertaining at times, but imo he’s just not a very nice person. In past seasons of BB US, we saw how BB would hide the “ugly moments” of their favorites from the viewers.
I think Gary is gone, and after remembering how important it was to him to “see the shock in Tom’s face” when he got blindsided, and how he wanted it to be a 9-0 vote to “crush him”, I have to admit I’m looking forward to see him getting some of his own medicine. Sorry, but Karma’s a Biatch.


Good point about production showing the fight as its his time to go. I honestly thought he was going to hit Talla the way he was advancing towards her and backing her into the corner.


Gary was on the block which means he is automatically playing so he wouldn’t need to use his pass the pass only allowed him to switch plays with one of the three people picked to play and since he was already playing the pass became useless. It didn’t give him power to switch other players


According to what the houseguests said and to the episode where he won it, his pass would have allowed him to replace Peter, Alec or Talla by either Jillian or Emmett, had he wanted to.


Gary could replace any of the 3 choosen HG’s. The Power would not let him remove HOH or either nominated HG. As has already been mentioned with E/J not chosen no reason to use the power. Unless Gary felt Emmit would have agreed to take him off the block if he won. The power was good only for Andrews HOH.


Well, I mentioned on another update that Alec might have made his worst mistake of the game. Looks like it might be coming true. For someone who knows how to play the game, Alec was really stupid in giving away WAY too much information to Talla. What was he thinking? Now, she’s relayed all of that back to Andrew and Emmett and now puts the target on himself and Peter.

The shield couldn’t shield themselves from their own stupidity. If Emmett, Talla or Jill win…it’s gonna be the Shield’s demise. I was giving them credit at first for their gameplay because they were well positioned and looked solid for a good stretch but their own ego, arrogance and misplaced trust in Talla will bite them back in the ass.


I’ve noticed that too, the oversharing of information from both Alec and Peter. For two people who know the game so well and think they are playing it the best they sure are making a lot of mistakes. Especially telling someone like Talla who repeats everything to everyone. I think their over-arrogance is going to cost them.


I hope their arrogance costs them the game. Anything to show Peter he’s not the mastermind he thinks he is.


Yes, telling talla alot of info is stupid especially about who they want out and although you know game you never really know untill you play the best players of this game are the ones that don’t show their cards. I find it hard to believe that the sheild hasn’t figured out talla and andrew are alined. I think alec’s worse move was what he did in week one when he told emmitt that he would take peter to final 2 that told emmitt he would need someone else. I think if alec didn’t tell him that emmitt would have stuck with them.


I totally agree. Alec and Peter really think that they’re so smart and they overestimate how much control they have in the house. They made a very big mistake not voting with Topaz, Andrew staying completely screwed up their game.


it seems like alec messed his game up because of a locket…?? and i can’t believe peter didn’t recognize that.


As I predicted in an earlier post..I think leaving Talla in the game is/was someones 100k mistake…She behaves like a loonie tune. Blah Blah Blah all and everything to everyone. But this does keep everyone suspicious/against the other.. She did stand up to Gary in the fight with same.. She keep her cool and sorted things out with Topaz .. Talla is doing exactly what Topaz did in her HOH nominations. Letting everyone know other people’s game. But nobody gets it..She just can’t hold her liquor.. She is either very very smart. O very very lucky. Or both….


I really didn’t expect to be talking this much today, but the very first BBAD Gary was talking to Aneal in the corner of the main bedroom, very low, and saying about Suzette “It’s time to pop the titty out of that kid’s mouth – he’s one years old” Like, bitch he’s grown” = what are you doing here? (He never liked her from the beginning. I’m not shedding light on anything that is not the truth. I was hoping to see something redeeming but it didn’t happen for me. Sad. :(


I never really liked Gary because I felt he was a bit OTT as I generally don’t like people who try to force themselves on other people – all that glitter-this, glitter that. When I knew the house was targeting him, I felt bad for him and was glad he was able to win a few comps and save himself.

Although my feelings did not change about his personality, I sort of respected his game because he was able to win a few comps and save himself.

Then he made all these bonehead moves – the minute he became HOH, he targeted Tom – the very person who saved his butt. That was a wasted HOH right there. Rather than appreciate the alliance he was forming, he sold himself out but nominating Tom. I also agree his arrogance bugged me – if you know someone is leaving, why embarrass them?

I think Gary’s problem is he felt he was aligned with the losers (Suzette & Danielle) and he would have done anything to be part of the cool kids (Emmett). I also recall a convo he had with Tom??? when he said something like I want to know everything – you have to tell me everything – his tone and the sense of entitlement bugged me.

Then this idiotic friendship with Topaz and their lies – I’m surprised they can keep track of their stories. If either him or Topaz leave, it does not matter. They’re both very annoying.


Talla has been a live wire the whole season and doesn’t let anything go, she has been provoking Gary a lot and he has been ignoring her so I think that she had it coming, gave her a taste of her own behavior. She acted like Gary was going to hit her but you could see in his face that he had no intention on doing that, he had just decided he wasn’t going to back down, she is like a yappy chihauhau… never knows when to shut up.

I must say I am getting a little bit sick of the niceities that have been going on in the Canadian house and the lying to the person who is going home every week to avoid any harassment OR gameplay is making Monday to Thursday extremely boring. I’m sad to see Gary leave and I think it would be in the Buck Chargers best interest right now to keep him around but there hasn’t really been any good game moves this year other than getting Tom and Liza out and I think Gary has provided us with the most entertainment other than Peter’s DR’s.

Kudo’s to Topaz for taking her BBC bus ride so well, a huge attempt at a really dirty twist from BBC that seemed, at the end of the day, to be a bit of a fail. That being said, BB has done a fabulous job editing the show, I have really enjoyed watching on tv and always LOVE the onlinebigbrother boys!!!!!

To Big Brother production: Please!!!! no more Arissa wardrobe questions in the competitions… really… there was no other questions you could think of!?!? I don’t mind Arissa, love her enthusiasm but needs to keep the ball rolling on the Q&A comps. Plus, what’s with the letter’s from home???? seems to be a little too much information allowed that could definitely be swaying the game.

Rant over!

Love you Simon & Dawg… Fabulous job as always!!!!


I agree – I think production believes that people are going to vote for Gary to leave, so they ended up editing the show to explain why Gary would leave, but at the same time, made it a bit of a redemptive episode for Topaz. I think Topaz has gotten one of the worst edits, but this past episode, it was ok. They showed Topaz getting angry at Talla, but then showed them talking it over and Topaz in the DR saying how she realizes what she did was wrong – and they contrasted this this Gary’s response of basically saying that Talla deserved what she got. I still really like Gary, I think he’s great! And I really don’t think that he would have hit Talla, he was just getting in her face. But at the same time, Gary was in the wrong on that one, he should not have over-reacted, he really should have just left the room. I’m glad that Talla stuck up for herself too. Also, I love how Alec’s going against Topaz, is going to be the Shield’s downfall!!! All they had to do was vote out AJ, and then they would have had the 4G alliance, plus their initial alliance with Emmett and probably would have gotten Talla and even AJ on their side. But Andrew thinks for himself (thank god!) and knows that he will be targeted by the shield and I like the Emmett, Jillian, Andrew, Talla alliance. I wonder where Topaz will fall, since she is not considered a challenge threat and has good relationships with Alec and Talla. If she stays and Gary goes, she might actually be in an okay spot… I would LOVE it if Topaz and Alec when on the block and then Alec got voted out! Its not that I dislike Peter and Alec, I just think they’ve gotten too arrogant in their game and I am really starting to hate that they cross their arms during every DR session. Its getting really annoying.


A few thoughts:
-I used to like Alec because it seemed like he was a genuine guy but would make good game moves no matter what
-However since Tom has left it seems like Alec has taken the role of being the house jurk
-Also, Alec isn’t concerned with voting out Topaz but she is (or at least would have been) someone that votes with him (same with Gary). Alec should be trying to get out Jillian so Emmett could be fully on his side, but instead he will probably be gone in a few weeks with Emmett and Jillian coasting to final 4
-And what is with Andrew wanting to go to the final 3 with Emmett and Jillian!? Neither of them will take him


Andrew screwed himself early in the game. There is no one who would take him to the final 2 anyways, so it doesn’t really matter which side of the house he lines up with. Alec will take Peter and vice versa. Jill will take Emmett and vice versa. Andrew has decided to go with JIll and Emmett because of the east coast connection and how he feels about them on a personal level.


It’s Andrews best option From F4 down it’s win and your in. What several HG have realized and Give A/P credit for seeing this early that E/J is a beast pairing. No one want to be F4 with them but a fair number of HG’s have remarkably realized you can’t win from 4 down if you don’t get there 1st. Also if your E/J who would you rather choose at F4? A/T or A/P pretty easy to suggest they should choose Andrew and Talla. Though I think Peters complete uselessness makes going with A/P not a completely terrible option.


Talla is Andrews best bet at final two. E/J are strong but I think Talla is underestimated comp wise. She could take Jillian in endurance if she wanted and she was right up there with Andrew in the last mental one. I think they could pull it off.

julie chen

thanks simon and dawg for the distraction in my class!


bb is a tv show put on air to capture peoples attention and spike up the ratings do we honestly think the ratings will go up with who are left in the house. This isn’t a good watch at all anymore, boring boring boring…lets bring danielle back shake jillian up a bit get her off her high horse she is getting on my nerves so bad the way she prances around the house thinking she is all that and safe as a church. wish they would stir things up so we could watch jillian bite her nails or be like a deer in headlights when she has to make a decision on her own like with the aj and andrew eviction..that was the telling scence just how much she is riding on emmetts coat tails. but i am glad we do have the live feeds..being pregnant and on complete bed rest is boring in itself and watching big brother play out was the highlight of my day..and evening lol ..just i am now bored and close out big brother and go onto more interesting things. Today I watch hoping they will leave Gary in and turn it around. only one more month ..having twins..but their names will not be Emmett Alex Gary Andrew or peter..


ive actually lost bits and pieces of my life because of this show… if gary and topaz leave i’ll be happy to get some life back but BB can wil be sooo boring


LOL, Lord knows the live feeds will be uber boring without watchng Gary Glitter (I found him OTT at first but he slowly grew on me and now I will surely miss him!).
I am an identical twin myself- best of luck with your pregnancy! (Enjoy your bed rest, glitterfan!)


Talla is provoking and annoying and has the men wrapped she is too comfortable and ghdn coward Romney tries to intervene only to get her trust it vote and he openly said that ! So the two men in that scene were extreme cowards like at least Gary is honest about his temper and sexuality!


Emmet not Romney lol my iPhone is bum for spelling lol


Andrew probably does realize his only chance of getting to the final two is to take Talla. Therefore, uses Emmett & Jillian to help him evict Alec, Peter & Topaz. At which time it is 2 against 2. Then probably hopes either Talla or himself win HOH and they nominate Jillian & Emmett and one of them goes home. Then all 3 play with the odds in his favour.

Even though the live feeds are free I find this BB boring and the HG with little or no personality that I don’t even watch them.

Alec has always been a scum bag but covered it up at the first of the show. The whole episode with Tom opening the shower door was so childish and stupid. Tom was standing in front of him which covered most of Alec. Why would he go on this show when he knows there are cameras 24 hrs a day and the probability of his being shown nude at some point was very high.


So glad talla is keeping with her stooge roots!!


I think for talla her smartest move is to stick with andrew. I think he is the only one that will take her to the final 2.

On other note gary was horrible on last nights show he acted like a two year old. All she asked him to do was turn the stove off but because he is on slop he had to throw a fit. I use to like him but now i lost respect for him. Most players when on the block try to save themselves or is he so arrogent he thinks he can do whatever. You would think since he did the same thing to tom he would realize people lie.


Talla’s a joker, they really need to stop providing her with liquor… she has no self control or even common sense for that matter and if production isn’t careful she’s going to end up with alcohol poisoning. If BBC thinks that Talla running around humping and grinding on Topaz like a love sick puppy is entertaining then they really are a warped bunch. Somebody needs to give that dog a bone!


I think people are rooting for her because she is the under dog but as for her doing nothing you can say that about alot of people in the house. Talla hasn’t been mean or cruel to anyone and everyone has there own strategy in the hous for most of the game she has been alined with aj and andrew. To be honest talla is in a good spot she is not my favorite but i don’t hate her either and she has come in second in a few hoh’s and she is likeable at least she goes out and gives it her all since day one unlike peter and alec if anything peter is coasting in the game.


I agree gary’s action towards talla was disgusting and for no reason she asked him to turn the stove down. As for alec i have no idea why he voted to keep andrew game wise it made no sense aj wasn’t a strong competitor it seemed like a dumb move and that move cost him the game. If he got andrew out he would have had jillian and emmitt on there side dumb move.


Regardless of what andrew says i think his plan is to get to the final 3 and if he or talla win they take out emmitt. Talla is in the best position they all if they are smart want to take her to final three.


why are people rooting for talla? the girl has just floated by and hasn’t done anything to win the respect of big brother fans. She is entertaining to watch because she embarrasses herself alot in front of the camera. Whether is it with your lap dances, weird facial expressions, ignorance or drunkness. After Gary is gone, its just going to be a friendly east province competition.

Nana Jo

Lovely irony that ultimately Alec will realize that siding against Topaz is what resulted in his undoing …. and I’m looking forward to seeing it happen! Alec’s mask is slipping and he is now increasingly looking like a douche. Neither he nor Peter are as smart as they think they are. I like Gary, but him going off on Talla for nothing was completely misplaced and shows a lack of judgement and self control. Ditto all the crying and whining over being on slop.


Gary’s performance from being put on slop was the best BB moment ever next to Rachel crying in the bushes in her season. Bahahahaha…. Loved it!!!!


If Gary is evicted he is going to have a meltdown 100 times worse than his slop meltdown..and it’ll be hilarious!


I’m likely wrong as usual but I think no meltdown and he leaves with class as Tom, Suzette and others have. I really hope someone takes him aside before the eviction ceremony. I am concerned his potty mouth may get the better of him during the Arisa interview. Though I fully expect that now the jury is forming you’ll get a strong dose of “your a strong player” that’s why you had to go comments.

alec is a douche

yeah alec’s big mistake was to go against topaz, if he had voted andrew out he would have had the numbers with gary , topaz, peter, jullian and emmett. wrong decision alec. turning on the girl that has your back.


Which girl had Alec’s back? You don’t mean BB’s hoodrat surely? As far back as Gary’s HOH the 2 have talked about the timing of cutting Alec loose and how best to do it. That said it appears more often then not that that A/P believe thier best F4 is E/J.

alec is a douche

No matter what Topaz says everyone knows she has alec’s back. With all what she has done for him so far


Forget her own feelings that she vocalized on several occasions, because a random viewer known as “alec is a douche” knows how Topaz truly feels inside. smh


what is a hoodrat?


What ‘s a hood rat? Why, a hood rat is Stan7777’s mom, of course! that’s why he is so fixated on that word, you know? LMAO




Is there any filming of jury house? Is A.J. being filmed as we speak, for example. Is he all alone with cameras all around like the bb house? So many questions. Can someone explain the events starting from AJ’s eviction as far as Jury House is concerned? I really appreciate it.


They usually don’t have cameras at the jury house. Everytime someone is evicted they have cameras to film them coming into the jury house and watching the episode the other jurors.

AJ is probably going nuts in there by himself. I always thought the first juror had it the worst, being alone in a house with nothing to do and no gameplay going on.

I’m sure they will show a clip tonight of AJ at the jury house talking to himself, for entertainment purposes.


There is no camera’s like they have in the bb house ( assuming it is like bbus) but they do go and film portions they film aj in the house alteady and as each new player arrives. The new player in the jury house will bring a tape of that week the hoh comp, pov com and eviction but won’t show any in between stuff, no diary room or the voting. They usually wait to show the jury untill there are a few people.


Question on the poll who is beast coast?


Everything hinges on who wins HOH tonight, I am so excited/nervous to find out!


Nobody has really mentioned it but – why would anyone want to go by the name of someone who was into child porn? This isn’t exactly breaking news. I associate the name with deviant behaviour and pedophilia. I AM NOT SAYING GARY IS A PEDOPHILE. Please don’t misunderstand. Anyone else feel weird about it?


what name


They are refering to the name Gary Glitter in the previous post. It’s unlikely Gary knows the connection but rather the glitter discription is simply his love of glitter.


i hope topaz dont win this hoh …. i want gary gone but topaz could win this hoh also …. anyway i trying to stay busy until the results are in later…. talla or jillian better win hoh … team andrew


Jillian needs to start wearing longer shorts, I don’t know about the school board in NS, but the one here in Ontario takes ones conduct out of school very seriously.


Those shorts should be changed to daisy dukes! PS what’s wrong with her shorts. Shorts ride up(TY) when people reach up. If school boards are that concerned about teachers shorts outside the classroom call Gearge Orwell.


Yes, we’re all aware of his love of Glitter but ….anyway, thanks Stan for giving the “logical’ answer. I know because I’m a ‘flower child’ that name is not pleasant to the ears. Gary is his own man/woman altogether and I was not making a connection to that individuals personal but I wondered if he may be unaware of who Gary Glitter was. I’d have to ask him I guess, eh?


Normally, I’d ignore such a petty (obviously jealous) comment but I have just alerted the media (and R.C.M.P.) about Jill’s shorts and how disturbing it is to your sensibilities.


I would LOVE to see Talla win HoH!


Simon says (It just occurred to me that the Big Brother Canada table doesn’t shrink in size as houseguests are evicted like the US one)

Canada cannot change the large table to smaller tables because we cannot afford it (and where else would Talla have to practice her stripping). Face it Canada is poor that is why we only give them $100,000. Also, with the $100,000 the winner will still not be able to afford a house.

Mike Piff

At least there is no tax on the 100k. In America they tax you heavy when you win.


True dat!


Hi Simon

I like most of this post alot. 1 correction though the US tax rate is based on capitol gains rate not the marginal rate on prize winnings. I’m not sure if the top cap gains rate is 28% or a little less to say 24%. Where Canada is also alot richer than America is on debt. Specifically debt per citizen. On a per capita bases we Canadians are in a much better place than are friends to the south. I should say before 2008 I could quote both Canadian and US per capita debt. If for example Oil was bought and sold in anything but US dollars the US economy may simply colapes. America economically is very fragile as it has put a large portion of it’s wealth in the hands of a small percentage of it population, carries massive dept and cannot run a balanced budget since Clinton.Add to this Americas economy is consumption driven now the fall would be tragic and wide spread. I love our American friends and nieghbours but i sure am glad I live in the best country on earth. Though I am slightly bias having been a Canadian all my life :P :P :P


It’s too late to fake having “clean hands”.
But not too late for the ladies to form a secret alliance…haha!
Talla wins HOH – noms Peter and Emmett!
Jill wins POV, saves Peter!
Talla puts up Alec!
Alec evicted 4-0!
Game on!

Honestly, I want Em as HOH to put up Shield together and let come what may.
Interesting things could happen if everyone thought for themselves.

Sir Peanut

As much as I want that to happen. I don’t think it’s going to happen. Go Girlz alliance………….


Simon or Dawg, several of my posts have not gone to moderation and just disappeared.
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Um….. where do you get those pills anyway? hehehe

Did you say lolitas? I need pictures and links. :P good one Simon :) :)


I’m actually on team Talla now. For the first time i really think she could go all the way! She’s pretty spacey though lol. One wrong move could end it for her.


Have u considered whether Tala is putting on the ditzy act by design, to maybe confuse the other HGs? She is as much of any enigma to me as she seems to be to the HGs but if that’s her strategy she might be a genius. Sometimes she rambles on and on and I’ve seen her on several occasions confuse whoever she’s talking to because she goes on a million tangents and just talks in a circle. I think it would b hilarious if she ends up winning it all!


I would love to see her win it! I think she is smarter than she seems, but i really don’t think the ditzy thing is all an act though.


Hey guys, does Alec look like joe Jonas of big brother

alec is a douche

yeah he does in a way, surprisingly I didn’t notice it until you said so


Simon, my posts disappearing, not going to moderation. Is it me?


I am pretty confident it’s going to be an endurance challenge tonight. If it’s about balance one of the girls will take it. If its anything to do with the elements (cold, wind, rain) one of the boys will win it I think cuz Topaz and Talla won’t be able to take it and although I think Jill could hang on for awhile, I think she would eventually give up and let the boys fight it out in hopes of Emmett winning it.


thanks for the economic tutorial stan ..i do hope there is some kind of twist tonight i so want to see that smug look on jillians face removed once and for all. i am still going on that pop up i saw while watching the live feeds i just feel there is going to be some sort of twist tonight


I doubt there will be a twist if there was going to be some twists then arrissa would have said something last night also we are coming to the end and to have a twist every week is riddiculus and it will look like production is just cheating because they want to keep the players on the block (after how gary has acted all week not sure why they would) but since we just had a twist with aj i highly doubt there will be another one.

I agree this hoh will be endurance and i think it will either be emmitt or jillian.


@BSproof14 “The shield couldn’t shield themselves from their own stupidity”, that is the best think I have ever read in these comments! LOL :)


Yup it was a pretty sweet observation. I hate the later start time on eviction night! :P


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I’m sad to see Gary going tonight. Call Gary all you want, he brought entertainment to the show. I think Alec and Peter finally realized that made a mistake by not voting out Andrew last week because right now they are in panic. I love how people are saying Topaz is useless, but the only thing they can hold against get is sleeping so much. In all actuality she has done better in competitions than Talla and Peter. Jillian and Emmett are so boring. Emmett has no personality what so ever. All him and Jillian do is suck face with each other. Alec and Peter clearly aren’t masterminds as they thought they were because now the whole house has figure out there game play. If there is a twist tonight and Gary is safe I can see Andrew putting Alec up and he goes home. Which in this case it would be perfect and somewhat Krama. Again I’m hoping Alec is voted out soon because he is saying Dr. Will is his BB idol, but will would of never made the mistakes that Alec did. With Alec career being a possible professor you would think he would try and protray himself as a nice genuine guy, but no he looks like a world class jerk. People are getting angry with these twists, but from the very first episode Arissa said there will be alot of twist this season so people shouldn’t be shocked.


I was starting to actually like Andrew before he became HOH and got all smug and full of himself. E/J are so bland, boring and also kind of full of themselves. The Shield is the worst…Alec is a horrible person and Peter is good for nothing and annoying as hell. With Gary going I don’t like any of the houseguests left. Casting did a poor job finding at least likeable people for Canada’s first season. I guess I’m going for Talla to win just to stick it too all the pretentious ass-hats left in the house!!


With Gary being gone this house is gonna be so boring. I’m sorry but I don’t see how people are in love with Emmett. He is so boring. I’m sorry but watching the live feeds and his diary videos the guy is blah. Even though I’m not a big fan of Alec or Peter at least they have some kind of personality. I’m hoping season two of BBC will be better and production stop interfering with the game. I honestly think they are doing all these twists just to have high ratings to hopefully be renewed for a second season.


Emmett was sitting during the comp? is that allowed