Big Brother Canada live feeds12

Big Brother Canada Episodes Live Streamed

Big Brother Canada on Slice

The Big Brother Canada Season 1 premiere episode airs tonight at 9pm central time on the Slice Channel. At we understand how frustrating it can be to be blocked from viewing a channel or show based on your geographical area. As this channel is currently unavailable for residence in the USA to view, we have set up a site where we will be streaming the 3 weekly episodes live.

In addition to streaming the 3 weekly episodes, Simon and I will be transcribing what happens as it happens in the Big Brother Canada House. We will be posting updates several times throughout the day which will include screen captures, videos, and transcribed text from the live feeds. We will also do our best to direct viewers that can’t see the live feeds to sites that will be streaming the feeds.
Big Brother Canada live feeds12

Watch the one hour TV episodes here on:

  • Wednesdays 9pm ET/PT
  • Thursdays at 10pm ET/PT (LIVE EVICTION EPISODE)
  • Sundays at 9pm ET/PT

NEW LINK TO Watch the live stream of tonight’s episode: HERE

** This first premiere episode will be a test as we do not know how many viewers can watch this stream at the same time. We will work on improving the experience with each episode. **

For the viewers living in Canada, here is a guide of which channel Slice is on depending on which service provider you have:
Big Brother Canada Slice channel guide

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It is also on global TV, where I live.


Thanks guys!


BBCAN is great loving it


I’m scared! Who’s about to get Jodi’d?!!?!? & I’m loving Topaz 🙂


WATTT! I thought they said there wa an eviction tonight. I guess I misheard;p


I thought so to.. they tweeted it a couple weeks ago. oh well tomorrow


We’ll be covering the live feeds stay tunned


Thanx for the link, Simon and Dawg. Really enjoyed the episode! No real favs right now. Gary is a little extra. I really enjoy him


You’re welcome, I liked the episode. Need to start watching the feeds to really get an idea


Awww! I just got home from work and missed the episode! And the website is down. I guess they underestimated how many Canadians have been waiting to have our very own BB. Can someone please give a run down of episode 1? Looking forward to a great season. Thanks for being here for us, Simon and Dawg!


Sure thing Chloe,
Suzette won HOH and nominated Tom/Emmett
The POV Comp was won by Tom
Tomorrow is the eviction

BBCanada is using a phone in the house to give the houseguests tasks, if the task is not completed they get a penalty.

Episode was a lot of fun to watch.. Some houseguests that are already annoying me and I haven’t seen the feeds yet. 🙂

We’ll be posting about the live feeds and streaming afterdark.. I’m a bit rusty with these live feed posts :()


Is there anyway we could get a live stream to the replay on slice at midnight for those of us that missed the original airing?


will the live stream be full screen, without any text or anything on the picture? Will it be like watching it on a regular channel becuase I used a different stream last night that was terribe, it wasn’t full screen. It was so small you could barely see it.


There’s a full screen button on the video image however the quality will suffer. There is only so much we can do it costs a fortune to stream live video on the internets so we have to do whatever fits into our budget.

As for the watermark.. Yeah I agree with you I will try to make it less obtrusive. This whole streaming thing is really new to us I just set it up yesterday a couple hours before the show aired. WE’ll continue improving it as we get more experience with the technology.