Final Day of the Big Brother Canada 3 Live Feeds “I’m irritated for carrying Godfrey here”

POV Holder: Ashleigh Next POV Done
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner Sarah Next HOH 3 part finale is next
Nominations: Ashleigh & Godfrey

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-23 05-43-43-165

8am – 9am Big Brother wakes up the house guests and blocks the feeds. When the feeds return – Brittnee is cleaning the kitchen. She then starts making breakfast. Meanwhile, Ashleigh and Godfrey are in the bathroom getting ready for the day. Sarah joins Brittnee. Britt says I keep waiting for this thing (Veto Ceremony) to pop up on the screen… because of all the allegations that come after it. Brittnee “I’m f**king tired! Like really tired!” They talk about how they don’t know how Zach ignored the rooster every day. Brittnee says well he did and then he had to wear the french maid outfit. Sarah says he did but then he didn’t. I don’t know how he dealt with it. The guilt. Big Brother tells them in 10 minutes they will be locked in the HOH room. Big Brother blocks the feeds.

9:10am – 11:05am The live feeds return to all the house guests in the HOH room. Ashleigh continues to get ready. Sarah takes a bath. Britt starts having a shower. Big Brother blocks the feeds again. The live feeds return to Godfrey and Ashleigh in the kitchen making breakfast. From the living room – Britt asks okay I’m taking bets …Monday or Wednesday? Ash says Wednesday. Godfrey says how about next Wednesday. Britt and Ash say no way. Brittnee asks is Godfrey in there? (Storage room) Ash says yup. Brittnee asks Ash if she wants to talk later. Ash says yes. Britt heads upstairs. Ash tells Godfrey that Britt just asked to talk to me later. Godfrey says wait till Sarah talks to you ..then its going to get intense. She’s probably preparing a speech right now to tell you.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-23 08-05-08-586

11:25am Britt heads to the HOH room. Britt shows Sarah the cut on her leg. Britt says I asked Ash to talk today. Sarah says thank you for trying. Britt says I am irritated for carrying Godfrey here. I thought it was for my benefit. Britt says I lost it just as much as you did. Sarah says I feel like he tried. Britt says I think he is more capable of doing these comps. Mentally he almost won the 100 minutes in hell. Britt says listen this is going to be my last pitch to you .. In this game when I give my word it means everything. If I give you my word I would take you to the end I would over Sarah. Sarah says just play off the fact that it would be hard either way to take me or her. I would rather take someone who didn’t run my game. Sarah says I am going to tell her that I’m going to vote for Godfrey in the end.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-23 08-30-14-544

11:30am Big Brother Canada Host – Arisa appears on the living room tv screen and says “HOUSE GUESTS PLEASE COME TO THE LIVING ROOM! Hi, guys! I have some news… In less than an hour 1 of you will be leaving the house! Tonight is a special EVICTION” Big Brother then cuts the feeds.

bbcan3 godfrey

11:30am Big Brother turns off the live feeds for the season…
Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-23 08-38-12-154

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Poor Brit. is tired of carrying Godfrey all this way……..well Canada is getting tired of carrying you all this way too. These two girls are just too much. Godfrey GAVE that one HOH to Sarah, and she has not let on even to Brittnee that he did it. Now Sarah is going to pull a Peter and threaten Ashleigh that she will give Godfrey her vote. Now the real Sarah is coming out. Hope Ashleigh rips her a new one when she pulls that shit, just like Jillian did to Peter. Sarah, you are safe. Let Brittnee did her own dirty work. Stay out of it. If I was Ashleigh, Brittnee would be out that door so fast her head would spin.


I am not a Britt fan but I am a Sarah fan. Sarah is a smart girl. She will not threaten Ash. She is just telling B what she needs to hear. I think Sarah is glad that B may go and not have to be the one to send her out.

Global Sux

Last year we got to watch the final 3 endurance comp on the feeds, just like BBUS. WTF Global??????????????


please do not generalize your opinions to all of canada. canada decided to save sarah or britt, only for 1 week… britt has been winning hoh’s before then and since then. canada did not “carry her all the way”… at all. she never targeted godfrey (even godfrey admits that she saved him several times). i hate that because britt won a super power (which was voted on by canada as part of the game!), everyone seems to be dismissing her entire game and especially dismissing all her comp wins…
about the sarah vote, i truly believe that sarah would want to vote for godfrey over ashleigh. sarah has never worked with ashleigh and has never seen her play a strategic move by herself… why would sarah vote for ashleigh in the end? but that’s beside the point, of course sarah and britt are going to try to use tactics or lie to sway ashleigh’s decision.. they are playing big brother…

Johnny Canuck

Canada did not vote for Sarah and Brit, production decided it was best for the ratings at that time to have Sarah and Brit have the twist. If you think for one second that the when the show asks for Canada to vote and use what Canada chooses. They only ask Canada to vote to make people actually believe they are playing a part in the game. Production always has and always will have the final say as to what happens on the show not Canada.

Firstname Lastname

I guess you work with production?


Canada is tired of carrying Brittnee “all this way”? Dude, she got one power. Onnnnnne. I’m laughing at all this Brittnee hate because it’s obvious that people like Delta are watching an entirely different show.

Don’t hate the playa, don’t hate the game, hate Twistos


What’s more…. funny thing is… People insist to forget that Bruno also got the power of double veto… He just decided not to use it… Some are just angry because Britt won the power and used it.


Whatever this Sarah/ Brit haters say, they are still the minority. Canada voted for Sarah and Britnee for the power.


Yeah Bruno got a power when early in the game when his game wasn’t under threat. Sarah and Brit got the power late when they risked going home. Thats a big difference. Brit got two special powers, that lead to Kevin and Bruno being eliminated, without either one having a chance to save themselves. Thats a huge advantage and only naive Sarah sheep would regard this as no big deal. Those two were both threats to win the game because of their social game and the fact they could win challenges.


Again, the stage of the game has very little to do with it. Bruno got the power. He could easily make a massive move early on (for example getting rid of Zack and Kevin), which would totally change dynamics of the game…. He didn’t …Britt did.


As far as I can remember Kevin played a POV and therefore had a chance to save himself. Not Britts fault, that he didn’t. Kevin got a superpower as well, but nobody seems to complain that it wasn’t fair to Naeha that she didn’t have a chance to save herself. You Anti-Fembots seem to have a very selective memory… SMH


Can Britt make Ashleigh pull a fast one? I honestly hope Ashleigh continues to be dumb and still sends Britt to jury so Britt could start campaign and do damage control for Sarah. I hope in her veto speesch, Ash say some dumb sh*ts like Porshce did 4 years ago when she said “Danielle’s gonna want me to do this.” lol! So much for “I am playing my own game” BS

She should say “Zach is gonna be so proud of me for this. I vote to evict you Brittnee” or “This is what the Diapers would want me to do. I vote to evict you Brittnee.” More ammo for Sarah/Godfrey to kick her butt in their final 2 speech. Sheep with three vetoes around her neck is still and always be a sheep.


Aaahhh remember when one of my blog used to get 90 thumbs up, Yeah how the tables have turned


i for one will be glad to see the end of pouting whining sulky britt. that never seems to show up in the show’ edit… she says they carried godfrey..oh no she said SHE carried godfrey….this is just karma she could have put ash on the trple evict not willow and willow wold have taken up the wins instead of ash and britt could have been final 3 ,… she isnt due to a few really poor choices when she had the power to change things….willow going benefited no one but the other side since at that point sarah had her in her back pocket….that britt did not get that was due to as she even says her own lack of scializing……hard to be social when you mope around and sulk


actually, Brittnee did carry him, do you know how many times she saved his ass?


you can’t save someone who isn’t in danger!


Dipperz, who else would have Ashleigh have sent home during her HOH? If Brittnee hadn’t used the double veto on herself AND Godfrey, he WOULD have been sent home. That is an undeniable fact.


I’m going to correct your statement to match reality,….”If Brittnee hadn’t used the double veto on herself AND Godfrey, Brit WOULD have been sent home. That is an undeniable fact”……i hope this helps your confusion 🙂


It amazes me did we watch the same show ? If u veto someone you saved them. Even god brought it to Brits attention the other night.


it amazes me you can’t comprehend a simple sentence.

uh duh

There is a difference between “saving” someone from the block, and “saving” someone from eviction,…uh duh


You know I am curious. Where are all these Sarah-Britt haters / Ash fans coming from? If you are all so butthurt that Britt was helped by a twist, where were you exactly a couple weeks ago when we all voted for the Have Nots? That twist could have helped Zach/Bruno/Pilar and NOT Britt/Sarah/Godfrey if you ACTUALLY voted for them YOU KNOW!!!


A decent chunk of people liked Ashleigh, but didn’t like Zach or her alliance. And Canada loves underdogs, no matter who they are. So she never stood a chance, but now that she’s winning comps and keeping herself in the game, it earns a little respect for her.


That’s assuming that the vote was not tampered to favor Britnee and Sarah. Not sure “Canada’s Vote” was accurate.


But then anyone can say that if the people that they’re rooting for don’t win the game. I highly doubt it was rigged. Their was a poll on this site too, Sarah and Brittnee were in the lead, right? Unless of course they rigged it, as well. -__-


According to OBB poll it was. Now what you were gonna blame OBB as well?

If you haven't noticed

The polls taken by other websites showed Brittnee and Sarah in the lead for the power. Stop assuming Big Brother tampers with the votes. Its annoying af

Psychologist, Shrinks n' Psychologists

We love conspiracy theorists!! We wouldn’t have a job without them!!


Sarah haters are coming for the same place as the diaper haters: it’s called rooting for the underdog.


Please, production picked the havenots/winners of the “super power” before any of our votes were cast….S & B would not have had a chance of winning an HOH or POV if production hadn’t stepped in….they won HOH & POV on their own but, without production they would have been gone to jury………
Ash & God for F2 ..they are not the best players but at least they would have got there by their own hands whether that be forming an alliance or flying under the radar……


That’s the nature of this game. The public doesn’t like the status quo and wants to see the bullied succeed. Once the public gives power to the bullied they become the bullies and the public doesn’t care for them anymore, It’s human nature. Very few people look at this game objectively. Production is making a tv show they are selling a story, they are selling heroes and villains. We forget that at the end of the day, they are all just humans.


Thing is if you are going to hate on Britt for getting the SP and somehow believing she was given the Triple or Double HOH’s (not sure how you figure she was given those btw), then you can’t say Godfrey got to the end without the same power. Because by winning the SP, Triple Eviction HOH & Double Eviction HOH Britt (and to a certain extent Sarah) kept Godfrey safe. If she was gone whose to say someone else like Zach or the diapers don’t take God out right after?


I’m curious as well. For a long time here Ash popularity/fave to win was so low, even lower than Pill while Sarah has always been up there trailing/surpassing Kevin. She actively and genuinely wanted to have alliances with JP/Kev whom she can have strategic discussion, she realized at one point that B wasn’t as strategic as she had hoped and she felt like B was a burden. Bruno kept referring to her as ‘poison’ because he realized that she is persuasive. These are the reasons why I’m drawn to her, simply because she plays the game. God has been successful at portraying himself as a non-threat which is a crucial aspect of the game – not being a potential evictee. Unfortunately I can’t say the same about Ash because if she ends up winning, I’ll remember her as ‘oh, she was a non entity most of the season and towards the end she won all the comps but they were better, actual player that year’.


Actually production did know they were helping out Sarah and Britt. That special power could of been used at any time, but they waited until Kevin left as he was the top go getter on the obb site. And if he and sarah were in that special power comp he would of won it. So yeh they did help Sarah and Britt out. Come one Britt got the double, triple and special power, no way could she have done that on her own. Gee wake up!


Your assumption is that if Kevin was in the house and won the power that he would not use it. He may well have.

Guy From Canada

I personally would have liked to vote God x2. But I had to vote for two different peeps, so I voted God and Bruno. I would have loved to see God and Brit square off, but from the fans voting I threw away the Bruno vote to help support team GOD.


If it’s Ash vs. Godfrey F2 Godfrey should win. Played a very strong social game where Ash would put her game in jeopardy for Zach. I think the jury will see otherwise though :s

Guy From Canada

I’m so confused on why so many thumbs down on this post……Godfrey did play a strong social game with everyone. Ashley played a social game only with her alliance. From a social game standpoint, Godfrey should win……but the jury may see otherwise if a F2 is GOD and Ash and vote Ash for a winner.


The thumbs down isn’t brcsuse I disagreed about god but the point of the jury seeing it differently

Delta 231

i always favour the underdog in these instances, and find myself rooting for Ashleigh. sure she had a showmance but Sarah did too. Ashleigh won an HOH that was voided with Britnees power, then has won three vetoes by herself. None were given to her. Pure determination has kept her in the game. She hasn’t moped or whined, just did what she had to to stay in the game. She hasn’t had the benefit of others to help her out and I for one applaud her. She has no choice but to team up with Godfrey. Sarah and Brittnee already, although prematurely, told her they were going to final two together, showing how cocky they were, so now Brittnee is going to try to tell her otherwise? Sorry Brit, you played your hand a little early, and as Simon stated, unless the floor opens up in the HOH room, and a special power comes out your whining ass is going to jury. Sarah, be very careful with what you say in trying to keep her there, or your chances for final two will quite possibly be voided. We all know you don,t do well in physical or endurance comps, and usually at the end they are tough ones. At this point forget Brittnee and play for yourself.


Who cares that ash won these last vetos. She was carried the whole way and was playing Zachs game. She’s getting second no matter what. God and sarah are both smart enough to convince the jury and remind them ash has done NOTHING. good for her for winning vetos when she had to. But against sarah and god, she is second place. She’s not the underdog and has never been the underdog. I would have rather seen Sarah, god, and Brit in f3. At least it would have been interesting to see them go against each other. I’m going to laugh so hard when ash tries to sell herself. “Um like I won vetos and was picked for these yeah” She’s screwed either way. At this point in the game, how can she suddenly be the underdog? There’s 3 people left. And 2 of them actually were playing the WHOLE time. If ash wins, expect angry fans. Not including those who are spamming the likes and dislikes on this page. Get a life.


This post is so accurate it gives me life lol.

Ash could sell me her entire $100.000 check and I’d still vote for whoever is sitting next to her IF she is even in the final 2. Sarah/Godfrey are very good speakers, that’s why I think she should take Britt to the F2 so MAYBE she has a better shot at winning the game


You say “there are 3 people left in the game. And 2 of them (sara & godfry) have been playing the WHOLE time”. Delusional much? Lol. Sara? Yes she has been. But Godfrey? Really?


Pili is the only one in jury that respects Ash’s game. The only person that could spin support for ASh is Sarah…but she is currently in F3 with Ash.


No way Ashleigh will keep Brittnee. She keeps taking the info back to Godfrey, Brittnee is definitely out. You may not like Sarah or Brittnee and people may think that they got helped a lot with the twists, but they did have to hustle a lot to save themselves on week to week basis. So let’s give credit where it’s due. Godfrey may have played a smart game but his game WAS to get carried to the finals by other people who don’t see him as a threat. And Ashleigh certainly got here because of zach and kevin. Yes she won comps but only when she had to. All in all, I feel they all deserve it to a certain extent, but I don’t think Godfrey or Ashleigh deserve it more than Sarah or Brittnee.


I thought feeds are done in the afternoon not in the morning. This sucks bbcAn 3 feeds suck this season. I hope godfrey stays I think production made it so godfrey stays which I like sorry britt but you deserve to go home to many twist in your favor


I know a lot of people compare to Godfrey to Dr. Will, and it’s not a terrible comparison to make. But I think a lot of why Will won the game was because he was sitting next to Nicole, who had a lot of frosty relationships in the house. Contrast this to Ashleigh, who has Zach and Pili, and Sarah, who has Brit and Willow. Godfrey has Bruno and might have Bobby by extension, but that still means that he’s got some work to do to win.


HE IS NOT DR. WILL. who would even make that comparison. there games are nothing alike.

Guy From Canada

Sorry I only re watched BBUS2, never saw the afterdarks, read any bloggers or watched live feeds. Dr wills strategy if I remember was to throw everything (except the helicopter ride) and be hated so he appeared to be a good person to bring to F2. In Godfreys case, he has played a better social game to maintain relationships and throw comps to appear weaker then he actually was. So I would say God is playing a Dr WIll inspired game with his own modern twist. How many live feeders are trash talking God? He has played such a low key game, a boring game, but effective. Production also has had an easy time with him because they can only use clips of him when he is not sleeping, and he is entertaining then 😉


He is not Dr. Will. Who would even make that comparison. Their games are nothing alike.


Remember there are some pretty persuasive people in jury that see Godfrey as a smart gamer. Kevin, out of the house, could articulate a case for Godfrey if he is sitting next to the right person. The person Godfrey would win against for sure is Britt but she is no longer an option for him. It may be a tougher battle against the other two…but it is still possible he could win.


How did Ashsley Suddenly get to 22%? And the votes didn’t get reset to zero .. Someone got to crack the voting system.


I agree. On other sites she’s still as low as she’s always been. Someone’s hacking the likes/dislikes and the poll on here I think.


I agree it’s so odd
and better check your web domain guys


Are you sure? They could have worked undetected. This is just too odd. I would understand if the other websites reflected the same thing but they do not. I even got a massive dislike for my non-BB related comment. Either way, I’ll just take your guys word for it.

Just Wondering

Are you some sort of IT expert? Just because a poll doesn’t reflect your personal opinion, doesn’t mean it was hacked. And when a moderator ensures that things are legit, you still question them? Perhaps the people that use this site reflect a different demographic and opinion than the other sites you frequent. At the same time, I think you are a little deluded. If I remember correctly, you were also the commentator who single-handedly spearheaded “your” campaign to get S/B the have not power, LOL!

A Fan

Not sure about the other Ash supporters but I waited until after POV was played to vote.

Brutally Honest

Goodbye BBCAN3 feeds. You were a massive disappointment this season.


Not going to happen. Ash will whip Sarah’s and God’s butt in the andurance comp. Truly hoping ash wins the final hoh and sends Sarah”s whining, crying, bitching butt to jury.

another name

it’s sad that I have to specify this, but this message is written by the same another name that’s been commenting for about two or three years, not the commenter that’s been fraudulently posting in my name for the last 24 to 36 hours.
so, it’s a good assumption that britt is now a member of the jury.
i’m not shocked that Ashleigh is now deferring to godfrey. kudos to him for knowing that Ashleigh’s game has been borne on taking the subsidiary role to a man. pity to her for thinking she has a mind of her own in the game.
Britt’s error? it wasn’t failing to get rid of sarah imo, it was spending the last few days in the hoh bed with sarah. she should have joined Ashleigh and godfrey in the regular bed room. play up the argument they were having. don’t give godfrey and Ashleigh the time to bond and strategize. silly mistake.
if godfrey throws the final hoh, and relies on chance I feel he loses points in my book. the undercover game is fine until final three, but there has to be some exertion of will in order to truly have the respect of the jurors in my opinion. playing the sheep until final three and then exhibiting his true ability is more worthy than playing the sheep until the final 2.


It’s such a massive insult to Jon and Neda when people kept saying that Zach “coaching” Ashleigh is basically Neda “coaching” Jon last year. That’s so Fed up!!!

Unlike Ashleigh, Jon actually had game. He was socially connected with almost the entire house since the beginning. Did Ash even talk to Britt in the first half of the game? Or Sindy, or Sarah, or Godfrey? NO! Did she even talk to JP/Kevin if the context was not Diaper-related? NO! Did she talk to Bruno or Willow if the context was not Chop-Shop related? NO! So don’t give me that “Ash had a great a social game” BS because she DID NOT!

Jon was responsible for the house NOT flipping when Allison used her butt PoV and forced an Adel renom. Adel was going home that week with the Gremlins/Allison voting but Jon voided that move. Can you honestly picture Ashleigh pulling the same move on JP’s eviction? Or even Zach’s eviction for that matter? NO! So don’t give me that “Ash was strategic” BS because she IS NOT!

Jon had the guts to pull the trigger on Neda at the last second. Now let’s say the final 3 were Brittnee, Zach, and Ashleigh. Ashleigh won the final HoH. Could you honestly see Ashleigh deciding to evict Zach and not Brittnee? NO! So don’t give me that “Ash plays her own game” BS because she DOES NOT!

The Truth

I’m so glad you posted this. Ashleigh’s game is weak in comparison to the others. It so easy to be impressed by comp wins when the actual competition threats have already left the house. This happens every year. So many people despised Derrick last year but once all their fav’s left it seemed like Kool Aid went on sale and everybody was drinking it. This year’s there’s a BOGO and all of a sudden Ashleigh should win. People are fickle as f*ck.

Team Sarah,Britt & God


Firstly, I am so glad majority of you are seeing the real Sarah and Brit. I have been preaching that for weeks and months now, but people were too busy hating on Zach to see how vile and pitiful those 2 “fembots” were.

Now, traditionally the part 1 of the final HOH is either Physical or Endurance, Part 2 is then Physical/Endurance (depending on what was part 1) and Part 3 is questions. But since Sarah (aka production’s pet) has NO SHOT at winning physical or endurance, production will change most likely part 2 of the comp to favour Sarah. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was something to do with rolling a joint or some sort of comp about feminism history.

Just like how it was a HUGE slap on production’s face with ghandoo Gary not winning BBCAN1, it should be a similar but harder slap on their face when their pet Sarah does not win. I will ALWAYS root for the people who played their own game and not saved by BS Twistos Twists. Any of Ashleigh and Godfrey winning would be good for me 🙂

another name

last season bbcan final hoh part 2 was a how well do you know the events of the season comp by building a pathway. Sabrina vs. neda timed comp.
first season bbcan final hoh the part 2 was ring toss in order the evicted house guests. gary vs. jillian comp also timed if I remember correctly.
following tradition the second part should be skill/memory mix timed competition.


Lol it’s not the majority. Look at other polls. Someone who agrees with you hacked the site. Sorry but you don’t even know the definition of feminism so can’t take your opinions seriously. The jury consists of true fans and they won’t agree with you. Ashley will take 2nd place no matter who she brings.

Guy From Canada

Problem with the twists is that its part of Canada BB now. The instant evictions, the doubles, the fan voting is an element of the game that is much more apparent in this franchise verses that of BBUS. There is occasional voting like when Brendon came in and out of the house in BBUS13, but that is far between for power controlling moves that are seen with the Canadian version. You have to be on your game 24/7 in the Canada house with very little chill time verses that of the US version.

The Truth

I can respect the fact that you Samboooooodee have consistently been against Sarah, Britt etc. But all these other people jumping ship and pressing thumbs up for your posts….I can’t even. And I don’t believe that the majority of these votes are coming from Ashleigh fans who have been hiding under a rock till now. Some if not a lot of these votes are coming from people who were team Sarah and have now converted because all of a sudden you see the value in Ashleigh’s game. Sarah and Britt are the same people they have always been and so is Ash. All this “Now I’m rooting for the underdog” BS is garbage.


I think a lot of people are doing what some houseguests have been accused of… going to where the power is. They are bandwagon fans AKA Miami Heat fans 😉 If Sarah or God win any part of the final HOH they’ll probably swing back… LOL


When Sarah tells Ashley she will vote for Godfrey in the final if Brit is evicted I hope that Ash flips her the bird. I now know why I despise Sarah so much this season and it’s for reasons like this whereby she acts like a bully in trying to get her way in the game… Hope Sarah gets booted out after Brit…


Brit can tell Ash nobody has a chance at beating Sarah at the end. Even Ash’s friends in Jury will choose Sarah over God/Ash. That might scare her into voting out Godfrey.


Why would that work? If anything, the would make Ash want to evict Britt even more. Britt is taking Sarah to F2 guaranteed. If Ash keeps Godfrey, there’s at least a chance that he might take Ash over Sarah should he win the final HOH.


This the speech Ash should give God after she evicts Britt.


Bye bye, Britt. Ashleigh is a competition beast and will probably win the game but she is such a BORE. BB, please stop casting boring people!


Feeds done so lets look at the season. We’ve done that enough actually. It was an ok season not as good as season 1 which is still the high water mark for me though production sucked. I love season 2 with Sabby getting second. Sab grew on me the second 1/2 Rochelle was terrible all along.
Season 3 could be remembered for a lot of different things. All the twists… without counting likely about the same as season 1 but the weight given to B’s twist was ridiculous. Well in fact bringing Gary back with 4 left was ridiculous to. So the difference to me is simple. At the time Gary had played well you could not take that away from him. I for 1 felt the SP was abuse as only 2 could compete and it completely altered the game to folks I believe at that point hadn’t earned it.
Season 3 the season of the showmance. Well actually the results are for season 1 with 1st and 3rd. This season it was hated as it pertains to diapers/couples and the trolls don’t ever want to see me remind the forum what SARAH did to Willow!
Season 3 HOH bed lots of hanky not much panky! If there is one thing that is definitely true the crybaby express train had a stop at the HOH room all to often. Season 1 was lets say a lot different. Can you see a strong woman like Jillian crying every day. Say what you want about the vote and Emit and her’s relationship she won comps and competed hard without the help of production.
Season 3 several have said there are a lot more question comps. TT did a real nice job comparing 1 and 3 or 2 and 3 I forget which and showing the mix very similar when TT did this 2 weeks ago. Like most things about BB perception versus reality.
Season 3 notice the lack of the Sarah troll bullies on OBB today and the foolish thumbs down bullies. Sarah needs to win in the house not in the public so the seasons work is done. From my perspective the level of organization and media manipulation afforded Sarah here this season I have never seen in a BB season at OBB. It very much matched her character …. cry if the truth is negative but like good politics go a step further and deny deny deny! The thought being tell the same lie often enough it becomes the new truth. I’ll take all those thumbs down for the real truth. Trolls gave me a purpose with the thumb bullying and not recognizing the truth I stayed more involved on the forum here thanks to them. Since you appear unaware bullying is no longer for the “cool kids” most stand up rather than run away1. You wanna win bring the truth and an argument not tainted by bias you stand a much better chance to change hearts and minds. Season 1 had lots of Gary fans in the media but they were pro Gary not rip the other HG’s to pieces. Not this group of Sarah fans the humanity of others and the truth are things that their lack of conscience can/did tragically throw aside!
The difference between 1 and 3 for me is basically the people. Even with a couple exceptions most of the cast had positive redeeming values in season 1. Season 3 I couldn’t find a favourite to root for. JP was likely the closest and certainly Newport was entertaining but favs for me are folks I want F4, F2 and winner. I liked E/J in 1 but I loved Andrew, Talla to and Gary. I thought the shield was a contrived production joke by BB standards in the USA as an example. But they were harmless idiots that only hurt themselves in my eyes. You can’t hate folks for being production stooges! This is BB after all the hamsters gotta turn the wheel.
Season 3 for me will be very unsatisfying. Instead of liking and rooting for folks I’m stuck rooting against 1 person well I won’t get any particular joy out of either of the other 2 winning. 1 lesson from this can be learned by the trolls. You bullied here to the point folks that were very neutral picked a fight. You want to promote a fav in future season don’t ‘carpet bomb” other HG’s especially with lies and personal attacks guys like me get cranky. Talk about the positives of your fav it will stand you much better.

Thanks Simon and Dawg this place is insanely BB at it’s best.
Hurry up BB USA 17 I just want someone to root for. I’d love to see Brit though not likely. Best DR other than Chilltown!

with regret….. Team Seagull for the win!


Thanks sooooooooo. Much OBB! Guys…this was my first time relying on you guys…instead of feeds…I didn’t watch any feeds…just your clips, read your sum – ups and the comments! Can’t wait until BB-17…donation will be prior to start and will remember this season with that too! PayPal route! See Ya soon and thanks again!
For a brief moment lol with the 10 jurors I was afraid they were going to set it up as a 50/50 TIE! For Sarah and Britt . …I would most defiantly never watched again! Lol I still don’t think it was fair them too saved like that and handed shit…but..nevertheless…it is almost the end of the day! lol ( as per wise man Caleb lol)


GO ASHLEIGH GO!!!!!!!!!!!
GO ASHLEIGH GO!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sorry for looking like I was yelling…I wasn’t 🙂


Despite the nonsense being spouted in the comments here this season, I’m still glad this is bbcan and not bbus comments, which I have to stop reading each year because the viciousness makes me sick to my stomach. Very angry country down there. So to all the various Sarah, Bruno, Britt, etc. haters, and the production conspricacy theorists, thank you for not calling anyone’s work place or threatening anyone’s family!
BBCAN incorporates more power to canada votes and twists. As more time goes by houseguest will be able to position themselves to anticipate ths. Arlie knew he had to be seen moving away from the dominant alliance last season, and if Kevin was the player that he is being hyped as, (i don’t think he is at all) he would have been doing the same. As I said here, and then heard Sarah and Britt discussed, it would’ve taken just a bit of effort on his part in the house to save him from the triple eviction, and also very little in the dr for canada to have voted for him to compete for the superpower. They should all know that canada loves the underdog, and hates alliances having power too long. So play a more dynamic game! It will actually give us what we want, “good fucking tv”, if more players try meet the requirements of surviving canada’s influence in bbcan. This is a different game, and more and more players are going to see it, and adapt. People who have discussed this from the beginning and and made it work for them this year are Sarah, and Godfrey. Last year it was Arlie and Adel who knew how to play to survive or benefit from the twists. it’s not a guarantee to win, as the so called “production favs” rarely do win despite the endless calls to just give this person or that person the cheque cause it so rigged for them, blah blah. IMHO you should all stop whining about the twists and start rooting for the ppl that get how this works, or stop watching. Why do you torture yourselves anyway? Oh yeah, because the live feeds are crack, and despite what ppl say the outcome is never set.


it’s sad that the final 4 in bbcan always leaves in the special eviction with no live audience. i wish they did a live eviction sunday 🙁 sucks to see talla, heather and now britt go that way. can’t wait to see who is final 2.

thank you for all the coverage this season 🙂


I don’t believe the voting was rigged for Sarah and Brit. I do believe production waited to use this vote until they needed to ensure that S and B could win it. All they have to do is watch the polls on various blogs to see who is the most popular HG, and if they want them to go further, production can pull out this twist to assist them.They are then almost ensured that they people they want to win it actually do. This is why I think the double eviction and the Safe power where use in back to back weeks instead of being space out through the season.


I really enjoyed this season thought it was one of the best. It was back and forth. People play awesome social games, insight into what was happing in the house. I dislike the negative comments stating they hate the show, etc etc. doesn’t make sense, you don’t like don’t watch. But am starting to believe some love to hate. I have my favorites and so do you. I love the comments on the game. Right now my comment is Britt’s mistake of nominating willow instead is ash. Lately her speeches have been numbers? Didn’t make sense not to target the biggest alliance. Now it’s ash who has determined her fate.


I really do like the way u analyse the game and most of ur comments… Wanna do BB with me? 😉


Hmmmmm……. Zach didn’t have any intention of having a relationship with Ash after the show BUT……………if Ash wins the game, I wonder if his decision will change. A pretty blonde that listens to HER man and does as he suggests PLUS money is pretty hard to resist. Just wondering.


1. 100K makes FA difference to a relationship.

2. You know sweet FA about Zach’s intentions after the show.

To the Curb

i think neda is an example of what 100 grand and a year of representing big brother canada and being cast as sweethearts of the bb family will do to kick start a relationship. Anyone want to make a bet her and jon’s relationship is over this year…


As much as I don’t respect Ash’s game, knowing she will NOT win in the end gives me great comfort 🙂

Ash- Pilar. Zach, Bobby (JP possible vote)
v.God- Bruno, Sarah, Britnee, Willow, Kevin, Sindy, JP (JP possible vote for Ash)
God Wins 3-6 or 4-5

Ash- Pilar, Zach, Bobby, Bruno
v. Sarah- Britnee, Godfrey, Willow, Sindy, Kevin
Sarah wins 4-6

Ash will need a miracle to win, her game started 2 weeks ago and it should NOT be rewarded.

If you have other voting scenarios let me know I would like to see where other peoples heads are at 🙂 I really can not see how Ash can win this game but would like to see what other peoples reasonings could be
(please only feed watchers who have watched the entire season and not ashley bandwagon fans….unless if you have been an Ash fan for some time)

another name

feeds are down and gone for the season, so i’m trying to put my thoughts into perspective.
in the past I’ve said that I am annoyed by sarah’s emotional complaining and crying. i’m still annoyed by it but I thought of something that doesn’t excuse it but does in some ways give me perspective into why it’s happened when it has happened. The worst fits seem to coincide with lockdowns. no backyard, no hot tub room. for up to 60 hours in some cases. I wonder to myself how heavy a smoker she is in the outside world. do they offer nicotine patches? i’d hate to be locked in a house in a stress filled situation with a smoker in withdrawal. yeesh.
still hate the complaining and crying. she knew what she was signing up for as a smoker and a fan that has seen how often the bbcan house has been in lockdown. but I do think I understand one of the contributing stressors.
now to tackle why I feel like I don’t understand godfrey, and attempt to understand the bias I have against Ashleigh… this could take a while.


To The Truth – Amen to that! You’re so right. I can’t understand someone like Godfrey trying to copy moves of other BB Players, and not well may I add, coasting to the Final 2. I think it’s very unfair and I really think that one should be judged for competitions played and won and moves made. So what if Brit complains and pouts, everyone does/did and the men are the worst. People forget how Pill and Ash acted earlier in the game and what about Bruno? As for Godfrey, he should have been evicted much earlier in the game…….what a big mouth, “bite-the-hand-that-feeds-you” loser he is. I never, ever liked him! Poor Brit!


First I want to say thank you for recapping the live feeds 🙂

As for the final 4, Sarah has been one of my favorites since the beginning. So I am glad she will be in final 3. Ashleigh has been toward the least favorites this season but she has definitely earned her spot in final 3. She has been killin these veto comps! Godfrey became a favorite of mine, and I would like him to be in final 3 but he hasn’t won much, I think only 1 veto? Brittnee, I don’t dislike Brittnee, I think she is nice but I never really became as fond of her as I was with Sarah, I feel she has earned her spot to final 3 being HOH 3 times, and for that reason I think the final 3 will be Sarah, Ashleigh, and Godfrey.


Sheesh! People are full of hate here. Just look at those thumb downs on every pro Sarah and Brittnee comments.

People just look at the game objectively, a lot of people played a good game. But all of them aren’t in the top 4. Brittnee and Sarah played a good game. Godfrey’s game was smart but you have to agree that he should’ve won one comp at least other than a POV where everyone was actively working against Sindy (like the time when willow exchanged her tray with sindy’s). Winning comps now when all you did in the beginning was sleep and then make huge promises but never actually did anything to enact them, except vote, does not deserve a win. I like Godfrey, but realistically, he won’t have the votes. Even zach picked Sarah for the win, because that’s what logical people do, pick people who they think have played the better game.

As for special powers, are you conviniently forgetting the instant where a target definitely had to get evicted which was won by Kevin and the double veto which was won by Bruno. Obviously the production didn’t hand those over to them, it’s just Brittnee the favor because she essentially got the se thing as Bruno did and decided NOT TO MAKE A MOVE. Literally calm down everyone.


Sarah needs to win she’s the only one left in the house that actually played a very good strong strategic game and she worked her ass off in every single way she played a great social game she played great under the radar she lied herself up with someone that had her back the whole game, she is intelligent and she was able to fight hard in this game & she was ‘game on’ the whole time at the same time did not step on anyone’s toes and still showed everybody respect so she definitely deserves to win the game!!!! Godfrey is a fool I don’t know how anybody likes this guy he’s such a loser he plays dumb to catch the wise he is the most fake houseguest that I have ever met I don’t even know how anyone take some serious for not even a minute he is a big fool and if he wins I will never watch that show again!!! Britt made some big moves when she had the opportunity I will definitely give her that but she did not play a very strong game overall and I definitely do not feel she deserves to win she’s very passive aggressive and I don’t feel she really worked any real social game & if anything I found her to be more withdrawn and annoyed with everybody!! Ash did nothing basically the whole game and let Zach control everything so she definitely does not deserve to win because she played no game she only picked up her game once her allies left the house I’ll give her that but she definitely was not a strategic player and she’s a slob and she keeps burping and that’s just gross!!! SARAH FOR THE WIN!!!!


I agree Sarah is a good player and fought hard. But in no way did she show only respect to everyone and never stepped on anyone’s toes. If anything she was extremely disrespectful to anyone who didn’t go along with her plans. The headlines of this blog illustrate that: “I urge you to think for yourself and put your boyfriend up” is not a sign of respect but an insult. “If I put you up and you are voted out, you can’t blame me, you have to blame Ash” shows why no one trusted her. Nothing was her fault. The reason she had to play most of the game with only Britt on her side is that no one trusted her. No one trusted her because all her attempts to form alliances were feeble, To form an alliance, it has to be mutually beneficial to all. Every proposition was for her benefit only. Asking Ash to put your boyfriend up, someone who a lot on this site feel protected and carried her, so that Sarah, his sworn enemy, could vote him out, only to turn on you the next week, was idiotic. But to Sarah it was Ash that was stupid, “she’ll do anything to protect his game”. A good piece of evidence is voting out Pili. What happened to the all female final four Sarah was promoting? When given the chance, she voted to keep God. Imagine how Willow feels when Pili enters the jury house saying S and B voted her out. Pili the person Sarah voted to save over Willow, her snuggle bunny, as Sarah felt is was the best chance to keep a female in the house only to vote her out later to keep a male in. That is why no one what to align with Sarah, she would turn against you at the first chance.


Ashley and her burps are really actually disgusting and she should be ashamed of herrself burping like that on national television Britney kissing Ashley’s ass is so pathetic to watch I literally want to puke!! Godfrey is a fake FooL i don’t get y he is still in the house Y Did they kee Saving him i’ll never understand!!! Sarah is the only real Game Player in the house she fought sooo hard & strategized sooo welll she Deserves to win!!!!!!


There’s nothing more that I hate than a sore loser! – and Brit is really showing that right now instead of putting on a brave face and fighting tooth and nail by herself! I am not going to be like you other people and use the cliche Canada got her this far – it was one week so suck it up, posters or stop watching! You know how the game is played! The truth is every time she had a HoH she made some good moves. For some reason though the minute Sarah came in to power the last few weeks Brit seem to pout and mope around like she couldn’t stand being second fiddle! Maybe she realized she was starting to be 2nd best in her only alliance! Truth be told, I was hoping for this very turn out. I only hope that Godfrey is next to go and we end up with Sarah and Ash F2 then we finally get to see where all the Jury members cards finally lie! Who thinks played the best game – and if Bruno still is a complete A-hole! I think Sarah played a better game than Ash. Where would Ash be without Zack?? She would have been long gone a distant memory!!!!


B bas been evicted by Ash
God won the 1part of final HOH… Final 2 might be Ash Vs God with Ash winning… What a waste & shame!!!!!


And ….. You’re spoiler is coming from where, exactly? A live feed? A person that was there?


How come Ash is N°2 to win it with B being N°4… Its a game right?! So what did Ash do apart being Zack puppy? At least B son Hoh’s. Even I like God… Its such a shame for an incredible Big Brother to see a winner like one of those 2.


She won an HOH and 3 Veto’s. All in a row.


Ya the comp champion with 5 in the house. What did she do the first 60 plus days in the house?


It’s not how you start the race but how you finish.

Sarah or Ashleigh FTW

Ashleigh secured herself in alliances like the Diapers & Chop Shop. She was never on anyones radar which means she played a great social game and when she finally became a target the comp beasted all the way to the final 3. Everyone who keeps calling her Zach’s puppy or his puppet is just mad that she wouldn’t go against him. That wouldn’t make any sense considering they were allies anyways.

I’m sorry what did Godfrey do besides sleep for half the game? Oh wait I forgot he gets a pass for being a guy.

another name

of the final four, when I think about their strategies, and how those strategies were adapted under adversity, I still favor sarah’s game over the others. she was scrappy. even though she vented her emotions on a regular basis, she always picked herself up, screwed her courage to the sticking place, and kept trying. she has been relentless since week two in trying to keep her finger on the pulse of the house. she has been relentless in trying to form alliances and make deals with houseguests. commenters have stated that the havenot power saved her game. she’d already won veto before the have not result for that week, episode edit notwithstanding. what did sarah personally get from that have not week: she got to think the viewers hated her, and she got a sandwich during a task that week. we can’t say what would have happened if britt never received that power and had been evicted. its supposition that can’t be substantiated with fact. would she have still won the 100 minutes hoh? if Bruno had stayed, would he go after Zach or sarah? both were his shields. he kept people from seeing his game by keeping them all looking at sarah. he wanted to use Zach as the bigger target in front of him. he was threatened by Zach socially and in terms of comps. he wasn’t threatened by sarah’s comp ability. but I don’t have an answer to a what if question.
I’ve respected sarah’s tenacity in the game.
unfortunately, in most of the seasons of big brother that I have watched, the person whose game I am most impressed with ends up coming in third. I think I’ve only ever backed one winner, and I think I’ve backed two second place finishers. the rest were third. sorry to other sarah supporters, but I think i’m a bad omen. maybe I should write go Ashleigh go and support her to jinx her chances? nah, I don’t think the fates would buy it. oh well, bring on the finale.


From the comments a few of my favs are:
Ash should have been on another reality show. She hid behind and let zack play her game, a comp threat (ya with 5 people in the house). What did she contribute all season? When they were power she didn’t socialize but with the diapers. Hate to see her in the finals. In no way did she have to battle for the first 9/10 s of the game.

I have to say....

….that Britnee saying she “carried” Godfrey this far into the game (ie. not nominating him or voting out) is like saying the diapers carried Britnee far into the game by not voting her out when they had HOH.

The truth is that Britnee and Godfrey are this far into the game because they were seen to be weaker players in weaker alliances.

That’s the beauty of these elimination type games is that, unless your a total asshole like Graig, everyone has almost an equal opportunity to get to the end. Look at the final 4, all seemingly weak on the surface in their own way.


Ive never been much of an Ashleigh fan but I did want her to win the POV for some change up. Britt/Sar had too much power for too long and between all the complaining and river of tears we also saw the cockiness rise to the surface.

Something that bothers me is that fans says they love a showmance however not this one apparently because she didnt have to do much. However true that is, its also bodes well for her as she was protected from all angles for quite a while. She didnt really have to pull out wins in the first half of the game. Yes she & especially Pili didnt pay much heed to gametalk or drama but other than Graig’s shenanigans, then there wasnt much need at first nor was there much drama until Sindy came back. Just a few things Ive forced myself to think about lately:

She was into a showmance
She was in the Chop Shop week 1
She was in the Diapers
She had a final 2 with Pili & Bobby
She let Zach believe they had a finale 2
She DID have Bobby roped in and fooled and actively worked on him for the Diapers which got them farther. Whether it be through advice from Zach or on her own previously, she still did something when need be. After Kev left she also had to get Pili focused and walk her through what was happening in the game which Pili clearly didnt have a clue – her lips were sealed on Kevin’s lips and whatever he chose to tell her.
Ash also saw Sarah trying to pull Pili away and kept working on her to keep her close
Whether she played better in the second half is here nor there – many players deliberately lay down and die through the first half. It works for some and not so well for others.
She also was on the negative side of BOTH twists and made it through. And now she’s pulled out 3 POV’s when she needed them. I cant believe Im actually writing about Ash but this past few weeks I really had to evaluate from a jury member prospective. Sometimes us fans forget to break things down and look at all the bits and pieces that enabled players to get them far in the game. JMO

A Content Poster

I’m actually okay with any of the four winning for once Lol… They each had their own strategy. They all did something.
-Ashley was well hidden in an alliance and then was able to rescue herself when her alliance was crumbling.
-Godfrey managed to get away with being put up and evicted a few times. He did well socially.
-Sarah went all in guns blazing which is a risky thing to but she’s made it thus far. She was working nonstop.
-Britney took out some big targets and she can argue that she survived the whole “pawn going home” scenario. Everyone underestimated her.

Sarah or Ashleigh FTW

I always laugh at all the Godfrey fans because they act like hes so master player. Godfrey is a glorified floater who slept his way through the game and decided to sleep less when he finally got nominated. Even Ash who I didnt like throughout the game deserves to win over him.

This will go down as a terrible ending to a terrible season if Godfrey wins.

Guy From Canada

Okay, if he did a Victoria thing and try, fail, and coast to the end I would agree he doesn’t deserve to win. BUT, he played the middle intentionally. With the right speech, he could win. This is a house of superfans, who understand the game and may respect his strategy was to get to the end. God played the entire game this way. He was smart and created tension between him and Zach, so everyone else would know they are safe with him.

Against Ashley, he may win because he played the game the entire time while Ash just woke up now that most of jury is gone. Against Sarah, I doubt God will win….but who know maybe Ash nuked God, and it is a F3 of girl this year after they turned off the feeds 😉


I think Sarah has played a very observant, social game. Everyone in jury has the perception that she’s been running the show! The entire jury seems to be voting for game play and she has worked the hardest to get here IMO. She deserves it!

Ash picked up her socks when the going got tough… at a very critical point in the game she decided to OWN the Vetos! She was friendly to all the jury, but I don’t think most expected her to get this far? She is raising eyebrows. She deserves it!

B has the major events champion belt – for her surviving the block and making big moves! Jury may feel like Sarah was pulling her strings but she has accomplished a lot on her own. She has worked very hard. She deserves/deserved it!

Godfrey is the only one that doesn’t belong in F3! I’m not sure how people see him as some kind of brilliant strategist?? He relied on others to get him there and played weak. Even if he wins the F3 comps, doesn’t mean that would be shocking to jury since odds are he should win one. He hasn’t played a key social game either. He was a target, but there was always bigger fish to fry. Jury seemed to like him but at the same time not trust him.

It will be a win by majority with one of these girls against God… … …I hope.

Too bad, I was hoping so bad for all girls F3! 🙁


Simon or Dawg
What time BB on tonite?


4pm pst


Anyone have a link to stream tonight’s episode? If so, thx in advance 🙂


I’ll post one before the show starts. Last week it was here —->


Anyone know of a stream of the east coast broadcast for tn?


I don’t care that Ash is in F3, as long as Sarah and God make it to F2. To me, it has been my ideal combo for weeks. I also think that it’ll make for an interesting final, as both are very capable of throwing down some good speeches and the votes might be more evenly distributed. If Ash makes it to F2, she’ll be creamed by either Sarah or Gods speech.


Come on Godfrey get to the final two!!! WOOOOO

Also, anyone else kind of hoping Pillar made final 2 so we could here her speech:”Shout-out to my family, i’m nervous not sure what to say (laugh laugh)…Love you Ash”


LOL what the hell is going on with the upvotes just last week if you said anything negative about Brit/Sarah you would be downvoted to oblivion and beyond

Ps.. Sarah shucks!


Just to add a few facts (and note I actually like Godfrey and agree that many of the jurors will respect his game play)

On Sunday’s show (and maybe also Weds show) Godfrey said in the DR “now it’s time to win, no more throwing competitions”

He lost the POV to Ash that sent Pili home
He lost the HOH (Sarah won and he was 5th)
He lost the POV again to Ash which will likely send Britt home

So since he’s decided to try to win he’s 0-3. I wonder if God thought he’d just beast it out like Ash has been and underestimated his competition. Truth be told I think God wanted to go F3 with Pili and Sarah thinking he’d be able to beat them both & take Pils to F2.