Big Brother Canada 4 – The Hyena vs The Prom Queen Eviction & Wildcard HOH Spoilers!

Big brother canada 4 raul and Kelsey hoh eviction april 14 2016

During last week’s eviction episode Mitch became the first member of the jury and vowed to vote for one of the third wheel alliance members (Jared/Kelsey/Rau) if they made it to the final two. Maddy won the before/after HOH competition and nominated the “prom king & queen” (Jared and Kelsey) for eviction. In the power of veto competition “6 Blind Mice”, Raul stupidly helped Jared win, not understanding he was the next likely candidate as the replacement nominee. (Raul should have won it and removed Jared or Kelsey from the block. This would have forced Maddy to nominate someone else who they could have campaigned against to keep their alliance intact.) In the POV ceremony, Jared used the veto on himself and Maddy nominated Raul as the replacement nominee. In an act of defiance, Raul broke the havenot rules and ate food which landed him in solitary confinement over night in the backyard. To top it all off Raul’s campaigning was laughable. He refused to give any information fearing it would be used against him. It doesn’t really matter if you’re gone, now does it?!


Viewers were given the opportunity to vote for who they wanted to be HOH this week. The top two house guests that receive the most votes will play a high stakes game of chance to determine this weeks Head of Household. (As out going HOH Maddy is not eligible and any votes towards the evicted house guest (Raul/Kelsey) will not be eligible.)
(From our polls it looks like it will be between Nikki & The Brothers)

Social Media Spoilers:

Thank you – hamsterwatch for the spoilers!

  • Evicted House Guest: Raul by a 6 – 1 vote (Tim was the 1)
  • Additional info: Nikki vs The Brothers for HOH roulette game
  • HOH Winner: The Brothers

Big Brother shows the house guests Memes created by the viewers:

The house guest then created their own, where the creator of the favourite wins $1,000. Tim created the one with the brothers and won the $1000 gift card to The Brick.

Big-Brother-Canada-4 2016-04-14 17-21-04-388


Jared votes to evict: Raul
Nikki votes to evict: Raul “AKA Hyena”
Ramsey votes to evict: Raul
Joel votes to evict: Raul
Cassandra votes to evict: Raul
Philippe / Nick vote to evict: Raul
Tim votes to evict: Kelsey

Evicted House Guest: Raul by a 6 – 1 vote

Top 2 House Guests voted to be HOH: Nikki & The Brothers

HOH roulette game

All of the house guests except Nikki & Nick/Phil will enter the high roller room to play a game of roulette. The roulette wheel is full of Nikki & Nick/Phil faces where each house guest will roll one ball onto the wheel. The house guest to receive 4 balls wins. If there’s a tie, Maddy as out going house guest will roll the tie breaker.

Big-Brother-canada-4- 2016-04-14 17-44-24-648

Cassandra’s ball goes to Nikki
Jared’s ball goes to The Brothers
Joel’s ball goes to The Brothers
Kelsey’s ball goes to The Brothers
Ramsey’s ball goes to The Brothers

High Stakes Game of Chance HOH Winner: The Brothers

Arisa says “next weeks HOH will be a dramatic family affair…”

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If they were smart…the brothers should nom jared and kelsey. Jared has been running around the house trying to get them out. If they want to take a safer route..nom maddy and ramsey..or put up cass.

Play smart boys.


Fingers and toes crossed that Maddy is the next to go!


Jared can literally tell the brothers to their face that he’s after them and he still woudn’t go on the block.


Seriously, every single of them wants the brothers out. Let them campaign for their lives this week. Love it


in the commercial break –
phil “who do you want out”
nikki “production told me to say…i mean, i need cassandra gone”

nikki tells phil she would put up 2 of phils closest people cass and joel – people he is in final 2/3/4 with and has been working with for weeks

tim and jared have been vocal in wanting the brothers out, cass/joel/kelsey want maddy out, ramsay/maddy want jared out, nikki wants cass

hope he puts tim and nikki up to try backdoor jared then jared wins veto and veto isnt used so one of the 2 annoying internationals leave


mitch will be laughn but i think way to big of jury should 5 person juy


so when are pax bro seperate get have seperate votes?


I think they should put up Kelsey and Cass then backdoor Jared


jared-kelsey or tim kelsey


Glad Raul is gone. In my perfect world scenario, the brothers nominate Maddy and Ramsey and Maddy goes next, followed by Cassandra next week. It’s been said over and over and over but it’s sadly true – the women this year have been so catty and annoying. Maddy thinks she’s an Alpha female and can’t seem to view any other female as anything but competition. Cassandra is delusional and believes she has become a master of the social game, making sure she makes time to be alone so she can tell the live feeds about her amazing social skills – LOL! Loved that she was getting called out by Tim today and others have figured it out too.


yet kelsey and jared been ridimng each otrher tail off!


OMG Please Phil/Nick put up Cass and Kelsey and Cass goes !! So sick of her jealousy over Nikki, Now she is prob pissed that Canada likes Nikki more than her LOL


cass has a point, nikki completely went against tim cass joel brothers in the dallas vote and now tim has to spend his time babysitting nikki – tim looks like such a pussy doing this after he vocalised he was done with nikki in the game – this is confirmation production control the behavior of nikki and tim – tim is now stuck with nikki, unless production tell him otherwise – its really surprising to me that production are messing with cass game to the extent they are by telling tim and nikki to spend so much time discussing and obsessing about cass

in terms of the game, nikki is about as important as one of the pantry cupboards…i feel sorry for tim who now has to endure her for the rest of the game – the good news for cass is she now has the freedom to be a truly single player without the burdon/target/ballandchain of being associated with tim

note to production – i know you read these comments as 2 of my veto and hoh ideas i wrote in this sites comments have been used this season a week after i wrote each of them respectively – please just put 16 canadians in a house with zero twists next season, no production plants, no former players or famous people, a regular hoh and veto each week with a couple of doubles…i dare you, lets have a proper season of actual big brother


just make sure turen downthe volume that all!


Thanks for the link Dawg. You’re a sweetheart and take good care of us.


If the brothers win i don’t see them having the moxy to take out Jared if they do i would be very surprised. If this happens this would make tonights episode worth watching. Also don’t underestimate Nikki she has a pretty good read on people.


Wait why would Tim vote out Kelsey??? Oh Timmy you being funny again? You wildcard you! Blame it on Nikki!


I think Tim is too full of himself he’s acting like Yoda from Star Wars.
And if he isn’t really here to play the game & thinks its funny leave,
others players do want to play & win the money


If this hoh last the week, imagine the HOHitis of Phil thinking he’s Canada’s favorite.
Imagine Jealous Jared’s reaction that he isn’t.
Considering this cast gages so much by reactions in the d/r when they vote… did they notice the crickets when they voted mitch last week?
Phil told Cass he has a couple of untouchables for nominations this week.
Will Nick finally say “bro, I’ve won 2 vetos and this was my week and I won the hoh, so pipe down?”
Are the brothers favorites, or does everyone just want to screw their float game and make them pick a side? Gee, would they pick one from either side to save face?
I’ve heard After Dark isn’t on tonight, so does anyone think there might be a fast tracked nom, veto eviction before the sunday show with another hoh competition on Sunday?


I was under the impression the host mutes the audience after asking the person who they are voting for?


Numerous weeks this season they’ve all chatted on feeds about the crowd reaction cheering to their votes. It’s been feeding their egos about being favorites and doing what Canada wants.


Wow that’s terrible. I know in BBUS Julie holds the trigger and releases as soon as she asks the question. I don’t understand how they can be that relaxed about it in BBC. After all it’s a perfect opportunity to give information from the outside world.

Skips mom

I haven’t seen the episode yet….but I wonder how Tim must feel to know people voted and he wasn’t 1st or 2nd choice of viewers. I hope that resonates with the other house guests too who worship at tim’s bathtub throne like he is the king that maybe they shouldn’t tell him all their game play.


I dunno – Raul looks more like a flambuoyant warthog to me. Anyway good riddance. I couldn’t understand him half the time and couldn’t stand the sight of him the rest of the time.

Skips mom

Totally agree with you. I couldnt help but laugh though when he was in backyard isolation and bouncing on that ball like a lunatic trying his hardest to tell stories. I didn’t understand one word he said other than it had something to do with an Italian.


So, no AFTER DARK tonight means something else will be happening, i think..

after the last two days of drama with the brothers, i have no clue who they/Phil will decide on.

I do have to laugh, they gave nikki a 50-50 shot at winning hoh and she still loses..


I think it is funny that on the boards, I see comments about ‘why would anyone vote for the brothers?’ I voted for the brothers cause otherwise Joel/Cass would have been on the block…like Cass or not, she is playing the game…one of the few women in the house that is…and Tim is doing the same or worse but everyone gives him a pass…he is the biggest snake in the grass out there, and isn’t loyal to anyone, Cass has had his back and he screwed her over…I hope they get his huge ego out of the house for good, and Nikki can play on her own, instead of stabbing the people like Cass and Joel that have had her back…she would have been up as a replacement nom, if it weren’t for Cass wanting Raul out…


100% agree

im astonished cass gets so much hate when she is not only the best female gamer of the season, but arguably the most entertaining on feeds, great DRs and the best humor especially with so many boring people, but i get that everyone has likes and dislikes

decent social game, but its the not being afraid to take risks and liveliness of her personality that i really like about her – she is the main reason ive been glued to live feeds the whole season, and without her i think i wouldnt have been as into watching just because so many of the others are as entertaining as a brick wall – i thought her popping her head into hoh when raul had his big campaign meeting without her was hilarious

Peeping Raul

Has anyone else been disturbed by Raul’s obsession to see the male houseguests nude? I hope no one thinks I’m trying to make some sort of homophobic/ant-gay statement because that’s not what this about. Since live feeds started I’ve lost track of how many times Raul asked Nick, Phil, or Jared to show him their penises. It hasn’t appeared to bother any of them that he asked. And from conversations taking place on live feeds he was successful in seeing them in various stages of undress or fully nude when he has walked up and looked over the shower door while they were showering. He has openly described their genitals to other houseguests. Apparently, he wasn’t interested in trying to peep on Joel. I really found it to be disturbing.


His sexual behaviour is definitely disturbing. If he was an over 40 year old man he’d be considered a sexual predator or dirty old man. He’s a dirty young man. He’s a phony, self-obsessed pervert.

Peeping Raul

Not sure why age would make any difference. Why would a 40 year old pervert be any worse than a 20-something? Also, had any male houseguest walked up and deliberately looked over the shower door at a female houseguest while she was nude in the shower, I feel confident that Big Brother would have taken action regardless of whether the female houseguest complained or not. Have to acknowledge there is probably a double standard too. Doubt anyone would say anything if it was a female peeping on males in the house either. We know that Nikki opened the shower doors on Phil and Nick, and then Ramsey walked over later and opened Nick’s shower door, exposing him to Nikki and the live feeds. Listen, I’m no prude and if a houseguest, male or female, chooses to walk around nude or has no problem disrobing while live feeds are on, that is their choice and I’m certainly not going to be offended. But there is just something creepy about a person making deliberate efforts to see another person nude without their consent.


Glad the Hyena is gone , what a waste of a player, just ruined Mitch’s game.


Production ruined Mitch’s game.

Big brother lover

No Raul ruined Mitch’s game because he has a big mouth. It went production. I blame them for things too, but not for that.


Maddy and ram up then if one comes off put Nikki or Tim out or Canadians will look pretty stupid when a non canadian wins big bro cus tims on his way to win!! Come on canada!!


Maddy and Ram up, if one comes off put Tim up! This is big bro CANADA and if he’s not gone soon he will win, unless he’s beside Jared, but he has a pretty good game… although… lol it WOULD be nice to have a Canadian win Big Brother CANADA lol lol


I think the the Cass and Tim thing is over for sure


Good news for Cass! Wont be seen as part of a pair now.

Ariana Grande stinks!

Just like the blonde airheaded Twins on BBUS17, the Brothers on BBCAN4 are THE WORST!


Wow those dirty skanks were gone from my memory only to be revived by that comment. I call micro-agression.

Also made me think of that fat fuck who used to worship them. Can’t remember his name gladly.


So Nikki volunteers that she’ll nominate Cassandra with Joel.
Phil says he’s being pressured to put up Maddy.
Who just revealed more about their game?
Nick and Phil have alliances with Joel and with Cass right now.


It’s gonna be funny watch Phil try to micromanage everything now they are actually in an pressure situation …


“Nick, you put that pillow over your head and count to one million on your fingers while I talk game. When I say period, you can go back into the cupboard.”


dawg why isnt the freak show alliance up in your guide yet?tim cassandra and joel?


no feeds?


Can someone please tell me why Maddy HATES Kelsey SO much?? I feel like I have missed something, but I don’t watch the live feeds. She hates her so much, she wants Ramsey to hate her too?! Did something specific happen? It seems like Kelsey doesn’t get it either… Thanks in advance!


Maddy walked in. Maddy met Kelsey. Maddy didn’t like Kelsey.
Maddy saw Jared. Jared saw Kelsey. Maddy HATED Kelsey.


It seems like jealousy. Maddy also seems obsessed with Jared and I am sure she does not like Kelsey has all of his attention.


Honestly, do you see the way Kelsey looks/ talks to people ? She’s very very catty herself. I’m not a fan of Maddy by any means, but I don’t blame Maddy for hating her. Kelsey acts like she’s the nicest person, who doesn’t lie . she thinks that everyone LOVES her… New flash Kelsy.. Canada wants you G.O.N.E!! Maddies hate started from day one clearly out of jealousy. BUT we can all see why she hates her now! I can’t help but scream at the TV. Whenever Kelsey complains ahaha


My read on it is that Kelsey walked around with a stuck-up sense of superiority since the first day. When a girl doesn’t like a girl they call it cattiness and jealousy. Sometiimes it’s just that the other girl is a bitch who wins who she wants when she wants in everyday life so she goes around saying I don’t know what so-and-so’s problem with me is but….yes Kelsey you got the cowboy but you did not socialize with any other female but Cass because she wasn’t competition (looks) for you.
I want to add that when two guys don’t like eachother they just call it Alpha males going at it.
The men and women who feel threatened are the weaker ones. I don’t think Maddy let it affect her as much as Kelsey did. Maddy still continued to fight for her game and socialize with other girls.
Anyway I hope this makes some sense.

Prom King

Maddy didn’t like Kelsey as soon as she realized that Jared was all about Kelsey and not her. Maddy has indicated several times that she was bullied by mean girls when she was in school and one of the lasting effects appears to be that she now tends to see other females as advisories. Any female not kissing up to her, feeding her ego, or seen as interfering with her attention from men must be eliminated.


Maddy and Nikki hate Kelsey, and when Cass hangs out with Kelsey rather than them they start hating Cass too

Jealous Batches


I just want them to back foot Jared !!! I hope Raul told them what Jared did when he was hoh and wanted the brothers out.


Kelsey’s Face was priceless when she realized, hey, you know what maybe I’m not a sweetheart in Canada’s eyes after all? It was hilarious and I hope it takes her down a notch. Canada’s vote definitely gives everyone in the house some perspective as to what people think about them. The Meme challenge helped also. This should get them all screwy for a few days. As for the brothers winning, they were a safe choice by Canada. Nikki was obviously the choice to see monkeys throw wet turds. Oh, Kelsey, when you realized the brothers won and you JUST had an argument with Phil the day before..HAHAHA. I think, Cass, however is in the most trouble with the events of the last few days. I’d be okay with Kelsey, Cass, or Maddy going whatever the situation is this week. And what a cop out- No instant, double, or triple eviction and now they’ve got a UFC fighter coming in for advertising this week? Talk about a lack of understanding what Synergy means Big Brother Canada.


Sorry if this posts twice, but I don’t think my first comment posted.

I was just wondering if someone could tell me why Maddy HATES Kelsey SO much?? I may have missed something because I don’t watch the live feeds. Did something happen? She hates her so much that she wants Ramsey to hate her too?! She never gives a reason though. Kelsey doesn’t seem to know why either…

Thanks in advance!


feeds off for the have not comp according to the official tweet. isn’t that about 24 hours early?


It could be because they ended the have nots early this week.


Things that will happen: Jared sucking up to the brothers big time. Phil not Nick will have the final decision on who goes up. Cassandra will throw someone under the bus. Maddy will never stop giving the stink eye to Kelsey.


Who do u think the brothers will put up

Pax Bros

There going to put up Ramsay and Maddy to be safe. But I hope a big back door is in store!! Or production will encourage the brothers to make a strong move


Feeds are blocked right now.


So happy for the Brothers!! I really think this gave Kelsey the biggest eye opener that her and Jared aren’t Canada’s favourite! I think Niki, Joel, And Tim will be for sure safe this week. My guess is hell put up Ramsay and Maddie. And in HOPES Ramsay or Maddy win HOH. They put up Jared because THAT will win the Brothers the game! The brothers seriously need to open their eyes. I wish Canada could give them a message like “Jared and Kelsey are coming after you!! WATCH YOUR BACK” I think they are scared to get blood on their hands unfortunately, so it might be a very boring week in the big brother house !!! But still CONGRATS BROTHERS! Canada loves you


Part of the reason anyone would have voted for the brothers:
To slap Jared across the face?
To make the brothers choose a side?
Because they were universal targets of the house?
Because watching Phil’s head swell 3x it’s size might make for fun feeds?


I miss Dallas Loveita and Mitch.


Only person safe this week is Joel and I freaking love it!


joel and cass are safe – both aligned with the brothers and all sleep in pink room together, part of a final 4


Any news on who is nominated


Thanks would be nice and backdoor Jared