Veto Ceremony Results! “I’m tried of people bullying other people into what they want!”

POV Holder: Jared Next POV April 9th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony April 11th
HOH Winner: Maddy Next HOH: April 14th
Original Nominations: Jared and Kelsey
Current Nominations: Kelsey and Raul
Last Evicted Houseguest Paige, Sharry, Christine, Kelsey, Loveita, Dallas, Mitch
Have Nots Raul, Nikki, Kelsey

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Big-Brother-canada-4- 2016-04-11 05-46-38-898
8:30am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. Ramsey asks so what do we say to him? Should we just not even beat around the bush? Its gotten to this point in the game where people understand who people are .. and we’ve decided that we do want to work with you. Then we list off a bunch of reasons why he should work with us. Ramsey says we’ll be a threesome. Maddy says I’d have a threesome with Tim… he would be wild. Ramsey asks so what does an alliance mean though. He’s into all that bullsh*t. Its a group with one common goal. Maddy says with respect and trust. Ramsey says we don’t have to hangout with each other but the decision we make bring us one step closer to a common goal. Ramsey asks what if he’s like no, I don’t want to. Maddy says then that’s fine. Ramsey says yesterday he was like everyone’s approached me. I just really want this to work. It would be awesome.

9:10am Bathroom – Jared tells Rual to tell Maddy that Kelsey has a good chance to stay and then your whole plan to get out Jared or Kesley backfires. Raul says no I won’t say that. Jared tells him to say she should put up the brothers and we guarantee her safety next week. Raul says he won’t say that either.

Big-Brother-Canada-4 2016-04-11 06-20-09-165
In the bedroom – Jared talks to Kelsey about telling Maddy to put up the brothers and then they would offer her safety next week. Jared says at this point I would put her up, she’s lied to my face and said I was good. I want her gone. Kelsey says I don’t think she’ll put them up. Jared says ever since that power of veto they (brothers) haven’t talked to me at all. Kelsey says I don’t know, do whatever you think is best. I just don’t think she’ll put up the brothers.

9:30am High roller room – Tim asks so if we win HOH who do we put up the brothers and Maddy. Cassandra says yup. Tim asks do we tell Maddy she is the pawn or the brothers. Cassandra says we don’t tell either they’re the pawn. Cassandra says I would do Maddy and Ramsey. Then we tell Ramsey is the pawn and there’s a bigger plan. If someone wins the veto then we backdoor the brothers. If not then Maddy goes. Cassandra says I think we target Maddy during Nick’s week. Tim says we need to prepare for this triple eviction. We could just put up Joel and tell him he’s the pawn and then get out the brothers. Cassandra asks shouldn’t we get out Maddy first. Tim says oh this is tricky. I don’t want to win it. Cassandra says she does. She says that Maddy hasn’t come to us with anything. Tim says she’s an idiot. Cass says she said lets just get the 3 out and then its game on. If its not a triple and its just a regular week then we do Maddy & Ramsey. Tim asks so we’re sure we want Kelsey and Jared to stay? Cass says yes. Tim says Jared has very good odds to win but its better to have him on our side till that final challenge. Tim asks at what point do we get rid of Joel? Cass says I think we take him till final 3. He’s been riding everyone’s coat tails. Tim asks so who do we not want to win HOH next week. Cass says Ramsey and the brothers.

Big brother canada 4 raul nominated

10am – 11:05am Big Brother tells the house guest to report to the HOH room for a lock down. Big Brother then blocks the live feeds for the POV Ceremony.

Veto Ceremony Results

Jared used the veto to remove himself from the block
Maddy then nominated Raul as the replacement nominee

In the bedroom – Raul & Jared plan to not like each other if Kelsey goes and then meet up in private to talk so they don’t look like a pair. Jared tells Rual and Kelsey he’ll leave it up to them what they want to do this week.

In the kitchen – Maddy tells Cassandra that she doesn’t f**king care. I’m tried of people bullying other people into doing what they want.

Big-Brother-canada-4- 2016-04-11 08-04-41-604

11:20am Kelsey asks Cassandra what she thought of her speech? Cass says it was terrible. I was terrified the whole time. I’ll tell you later why. Kelsey heads into the storage room where Phil is. She tells him she feels like she’s going to throw up. Phil asks her if she’s going to campaign. Kelsey says she and Rual are just going to say the positives of each other instead of the negatives. Kelsey heads to the bedroom and talks to Cass. Cass tells Kelsey that her speech scared her because she was worried Maddy was going to put up a pawn instead of Raul.

11:30am Raul says I can’t believe I’ve been put on the block twice by that dumb b***h! Kelsey says I know I want to get her out so bad! They talk about how jealous Jared was getting last night because Kelsey kissed Nick. Kelsey says it was a game. Nick is a 20 year old boy… have some confidence in yourself (Jare). Raul says f**king brothers I hate them. I want them out as well so bad! I want them out. I can’t believe its us up on the block again!

Big-Brother-Canada-4- 2016-04-11 08-35-42-651

12:25pm Jared says if I won HOH next week I think I would put up Ramsey and the brothers. Ramsey not because I want him to go home but because I would want strong competitors in the veto. If one of them comes down then I would put up Maddy.

Big-Brother-Canada-4 2016-04-11 09-25-30-355

Big-Brother-Canada-4 2016-04-11 11-02-28-772

2pm HOH room – Ramsey says I’m going to say goodbye Felicia when I say goodbye (To Raul). Maddy talks about how Raul thinks we made a deal with the brothers. He was saying that he is going to campaign to stay. Ramsey says its funny how they think we want Kelsey out. And when I say they, I mean Raul. Maddy comments on how Raul was talking about wanting to work with them. Maddy says its weird that Raul thinks the brothers are on our side. Ramsey says well the brothers do hang out with us a lot. Even me I make conclusions based on what I am seeing. Big Brother blocks the feeds.

2:10pm In the bedroom Joel hears a knocking sound. He gets up to go look and Big Brother blocks the feeds.

4:50pm The live feeds are still blocked..

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Maddy is really showing her true colours this week! She’s is being the exact thing she keeps saying she hates, a bully! Telling everyone to their faces she wants them squirming in their seats this week…this will for sure come back to bite her in the ass. She was already a target but she’s given everyone the fuel they need to really come after her now. I hope Raul goes home this week, can’t stand watching him any longer. He’s a loose cannon and has no idea how to play this game. Putting Mitch up was the worst mistake, they should have utilized him….they could have ran the house to the end! I never liked Cass but her, Tim and Joel seem to be the only ones who REALLY know what’s going on and how to play, if they keep it up any one of them deserve to win this thing!


You are so right.. She is a mean girl and has let all this power go to her head!!!!! I can’t stand her!!!


Also can we talk about Maddy telling Cassandra that she is tired of people bullying other people into doing what they want. Literally Maddy will call anything other houseguests do to stay in the house bullying.
Newsflash Maddy: You’re in the Big Brother House and manipulation is the name of the game. Of course people will try to convince others into doing what they want. It’s not called bullying, it’s called playing the game. And you crying wolf (*bullying) for anything is getting so old gahhhh


Still kinda hate Maddy lol


At this point in the game i would rather to see Kelsey staying and Maddy to go home very soon. Maddy has done nothing to ensure she has the votes to evict Kelsey. She should have talked to Tim, Cassandra and others and cut deals with them. I hope Maddy will get evicted next week (fingers crossed).


Was a great move for Maddy to put up the pair, but after all that, seems like Kelsey will still be staying. UGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!! Why!


Id rather see self absorbed ugly hyena Raul leave, Also Maddy proved she is an insecure bitch and she is the mean girl in the house.


Because Raul hid the brownies lol


Any bets something will happen to allow the mini-Hydra to stay alive.
I think it will happen, BBCAN4 sux, but i keep watching anyways.


Last night during the truth or dare. ..Jared was gone…
when they were talking about whose dick is bigger..Phils or Nicks…who was the girl speaking talking about that she could tell ones girthier than the other etc…
we couldnt see who was saying that…
was it Kelsey???
if so then maybe Jared does have reason to be mad…as we dont get to see everything..maybe Kelsey is doing alot of flirting that we cant see..


Well she is the house pass around


Kelsey hasn’t been passed around, that’s Maddy…apparently she was first sharing a bed with Dallas, then she got cozy with Nick and now Ramsey!!!


Maddy goes for the leftovers!


In the real life Kelsey may be a slut who bangs dudes in the washrooms of airplanes and bars during her shifts for fun.


It was Cassandra saying she could tell the proportions. Maddy joined.
Jared was still there at that point. they said Jared and Nick were bigger than Phil.
Raul talked about seeing Phil erect in the shower.
Jared left a couple minutes after discussion of everyone’s size. The game ended soon after.
I would suggest playing any household games without Phil and Jared in the future. Just put the two of them in a room together with a ruler that measures ego.


I’m starting to feel really bad for Jared. All he does is care for Kelsey and is constantly helping her. I don’t think he is jealous. He was just raised as a polite and respectful person. In his mind, she is just being disrespectful towards him, which she is. Therefore, Jared is the good guy in this case.


Anyone wanna bet..?
if Kelsey goes to jury Thursday…
i guarantee yaz that Jared will no longer want the Brothers out because he would be too jealous at the thought of them in the Jury House with Kelsey.
all this time he wanted them out…but…
I bet he will change his mind now…figure?


Bye Bye Raul !!! I’m so Happy hes going !!


If this is bothering Jared so damn much, end your relationship with her. Why screw up your game for someone who continues to do what she knows “yanks his chain” all the time. His jealousy has everyone in the house laughing at his insecurities. The part that makes me chuckle, is that everyone in the house knows about this EXCEPT the brothers. Noone to my knowledge has said anything to them about it. They are all just sitting back and enjoying the show.


Two or three nights ago the brothers were whispering on the outdoor red couches that they are aware that Jared is throwing their names around again as targets. I don’t think they’ve forgotten how Jared acted to Cassandra and Nick during the whole Dallas vs. Maddy campaign. Kelsey told Phil about how jealous Jared was getting on the white chairs near the high roller room the night before her first eviction. They aren’t unaware. I think they’d happily put Jared and Maddy on the block next week if they were hoh.


I think Canada is going to get to vote on which brother gets to stay in the house while the other is taken out soon…that could be a twist/wildcard…
i vote nick to stay…shit phil would be upset..


That would be interesting, I’d vote for Nick to stay too!




Why do people hate Maddy more than Kelsey?

Kelsey is literally the most aggravating person to ever be on this show


I don’t find that, Kelsey doesn’t really bother me….but I don’t care about her either, could care less if she gets voted out, actually think it would be good for Jerods game if she did BUT, I can’t stand Raul so feel this week he has to go. Maddy on the other hand totally irritates me, she’s a bitch to everyone and keeps saying she hasn’t lied well she continually lies to everyone…look how she told Jerod he was safe this week and then nominated him! I get lying as it is a game but can’t stand the way she tries to come off so innocent when she’s not at all, she’s accusing all the others of stuff she is doing herself! I just wish ALL of them would quit worrying so much about how they are percieved by Canada and put that energy into some good strategies for their game!

sunny dee

whoever said that jared doesn’t play as well when kelsey is in the house was correct (ramsey said it to jared too) if anyone has any sense they will vote out Raul (who is athletic) and keep kelsey (who is not in spite of what she claims) and keep that unsteady unstable 2some together


I get that everyone has favorites, and I completely understand why there’s always venom on forums, but how is it that Kelsey is now a victim? It’s about the way Kelsey and Jared carry themselves. Jared said it himself when Kelsey was going ape sh!@ trying to come up with a nomination speech. He thinks, that EVERYONE in the house is jealous of the trio because of what THEY have. Jealous of the type of people they are. Which is absolutely ridiculous. He’s possessive, (i.e the kissing game debacle) She’s a flirt and a trouble maker and KNOWS it. Both of them are juvenile yet want to blame it on the 20 yr old boy! Maddy’s right. They walk around the house as if they own the place. Yet, they think they’re above everyone else. On top of that, when Tim suggested to Kelsey that she may be perceived as the ‘baddy’, Kelsey lost it and began to second guess herself. Both Kelsey and Jared ARE a cancer. Then there’s Raul. Fondling every straight guy in the house. He’s illogical. Sure he won anHOH but he cheated. As far as ‘Pumpkin Head’ Maddy as some of you like to call her, goes, I think she’s playing her OWN game. She’s relentless and unapologetic. Which, in this season, is a breath of fresh air. Sure, she’s obnoxious. But this isn’t a popularity contest. Is it? As far as I see it, Tim is leaps ahead of everyone in terms of his game play, socially. Cass is obnoxious too! But, her social game since Dallas was on the block has been impressive. By far, the worst players so far, other than the third wheel, are the brothers, Joel and Nikki. Nikki, we can expect zilch from her all season. And, Joel has not done anything since he put Raul and Kelsey on the block and they’re both STILL HERE! So fail.
Sure, Maddy’s jumped from Dallas, to Nick’s bed, to Ramsey’s bed. But she’s doing WHATEVER it takes to get what she wants. Her play is totally different than anyone else’s right now and Tim does have a point. IF she makes it to the end, she has an argument to win. She won’t because all jurys are bitter and they all hate her, but it’s the card’s she’s been dealt. Just my thinking. I’m by no means a Maddy apologizer, but right now she’s the only one capable and willing to make big moves.


I agree with you in the sense that maddy is making bold moves but the problem I have with her is how she acts when she doesn’t have power. She bitches and complains and hates on people and then goes to the diary room and says it’s a game get over it when she nominates jared and Kelsey she’s a hypocrite and that’s why I can’t stand her. If she had this cutthroat attitude while also remaining level headed when she wasn’t in power I’d have a lot more respect for her but she’s an insecure jealous and emotional player and that’s what makes me dislike her so strongly.


You do realize that EVERYONE bitches and complains about EVERYONE else in the house right? Kelsey does it ALL the time. So I don’t think that’s a singling out argument. Yes, she is petty and an emotional player. BUT, if she was just like everyone else in the house, wouldn’t be more of a snooze fest than it can be?


That’s not at all what Tim was saying to Maddy. Tim was saying what Maddy wanted to hear being aware of how easy it is to manipulate her. I am not sure what Maddy wants. During her first HOH, she wanted to take out Loveita and then her closest alliance fell like a house of cards. I am sure that was her intention. For anyone that was protecting her to go.
I am also unclear as to what she wants to do with her second HOH. She seems to have a mad personal vendetta against Kelsey and targeted her. Her nomination speech was ridiculous on calling Kelsey out on how she has changed. Hmmm for starters you ass was not on the block last week Maddy, it was Mitch’s (which was a bad move in this house in and of itself) but at least Kelsey was going after targets as opposed to making an emotional move.
The next part of her speech was saying how she looks forward for Kelsey and Jared to go against each other. Again, more personal vendetta and more jealousy of what they have.
Lastly, what did she achieve with this HOH? Sure she is taking out one of the 3W but how does this move benefit her game? What connections did she make? Cassandra and Tim are there poking fun of her and making her a target next week since she offered them nothing while Kelsey and Jared are still in the house.
And I am not even gonna make reference to you calling Jared and Kelsey a cancer. That’s just despicable language.


I agree, Tim is clearly getting in Maddy’s head by puffing up her ego to get her to do the dirty work that he himself can’t do. And Kelsey was only targeting Mitch because of Loveita. Kelsey was an irrational player before she left. Jared was the one to ground her and Raul. Mitch was the one who called the third wheel, a cancer. I was just re-iterating that. They’re loathsome. Sorry, just my opinion.


I so wish jared and ramsey stay closer! They could be like the hitman.


not counting Phil’s annoying eyes, it is too bad he and Nick are brothers. They would make a cute couple. LOL


Philip has beautiful eyes and find him very attractive because of his eyes.


LOL That’s a good one!


Phil is the hottest in the house.


I can’t wait for a season full of at least 6-7 likable house guests.

So hard to watch and cheer for anyone at this point.


Watching last nights episode. Maddy telling Jared that she does not trust the brothers and wants them out. Why would she say this to him, the person she promised he was safe then nominates him? Doesn’t she think this will get back to the brothers. Jared wants revenge towards Maddy and will let them know this. She gives out way to much information and puts targets on her back, when she doesn’t have to. She might have balls when she plays the game but what she lacks is common sense.


Last night’s episode jumped back and forth in time so much that it became fiction.
The first to speak to Maddy in the episode was Tim. In the feeds he didn’t speak to her until Friday morning, after she had decided to nominate the brothers and Nikki.
The episode didn’t show that Ramsey had pretty much become Tim’s puppet trying to influence Maddy’s decision.
Jared Kelsey and Maddy’s deal Thursday night didn’t exist in the episode because this season’s fluidity of alliances doesn’t fit the the structure of two sides battling it out that storyline is calling for.
Nikki lying to Maddy about Jared saying she would be on the block (it was Tim who told her) didn’t make the episode because Nikki’s storyline is that she doesn’t play the game at all. Nikki got Jared and Kelsey nominated with guile and kept herself off the block.
Just watching the clothing changes in the timeline of the episode, and the red cups from thursday night’s booze delivery show up on chats that in episode storyline happened after the have nots were picked made me feel like the entire episode was storyline contrived.

Six Toes

Cassandra is the kind of girl that would befriend a rival and then try to convince her that she’d look really cute with a shaved head.


The twist is when Joel heard the door knocking. Probably someone is coming in the house. OMG I can’t wait till feeds are back. I hope the videos are down ASAP.


Okay Kelsey, the amount of times she says, “I know Maddy doesn’t like me” is so annoying because we all know you don’t like her. She’s a nasty piece of work (Kelsey). I actually think Maddy plays without emotion just like she does with her sleeping arrangement. Every time someone target these 3 turds they automatically insult everyone’s intelligence by saying it’s because of jealousy. No, it’s because they’re playing the game smart.


The real question is, why are all these Canadians leaving Tim and Nikki there? I mean, I can kind of see Nikki because she’s useless, but this is BBCan, people! Tim could win! How crazy would it be for an Austrailian to win a Canadian show?! Like wtf people. Smarten up! Where do they find these houseguests?! Super frustrating.


Cassandra is absolutely playing to win. Think about her protection, if anyone wins HOH next week:
Tim: Puts up Maddy/Ram/Brothers
Joel: Puts up the same as per above (or whatever Cass/Tim persuades him to do)
Ram: Puts up Jarrod/Kelsey/Brothers
Kelsey: Puts up Maddy/Ramsey/Pawn (Maybe Nikki/Joel)
Jarrod: Puts up Brothers/Maddy/Pawn (as per Kelsey’s Pawns)
Nikki: Puts up Maddy/Ramsey (or whatever Tim persuades her to do)

If she can pull the trigger on Tim at the right time and bring someone like Kelsey/Nikki/Joel to Final 2, she will have a solid chance at taking this out.


I can’t believe Maddy is buying what Tim and that She-Beast Cass is selling. Maddy is easily manipulated. As soon jelsey gets back in power, Cass will pushing for Maddy and Ramsey to go up.

On the other hand, Cass is buying what Tim is selling. Cass blindly follows Tim. Why you agree to keep Jared in the game…girl you can’t win comps and he can. Good Luck getting to the 100k because you just made the road much harder keeping a solid comp threat in the game. Plus, if you go to the end with Tim, your dumbass is not winning the game. Cass, mark my words, is just under Tim’s mist. I have a feeling he will cut her throat the first chance he gets.

At this point in the game, it’s time to go after the physical threats, Jared and the brothers. And apparently, mental comp threats like Maddy. Get them out now while you still have a chance.

Stay Tuned, the Big Brother Can 4 drama continues….


Tim and Cass and Joel. One of these three are going to win. Mark my words.