Big Brother Punishes HAVENOT Raul for eating food! “I’m such a pig! I’m a bush pig!”

POV Holder: Jared Next POV April 9th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony April 11th
HOH Winner: Maddy Next HOH: April 14th
Original Nominations: Jared and Kelsey
Current Nominations: Kelsey and Raul
Last Evicted Houseguest Paige, Sharry, Christine, Kelsey, Loveita, Dallas, Mitch
Have Nots Raul, Nikki, Kelsey

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2:30pm Big Brother ends the lock down. The house guests head inside to make food. Tim makes fish burger and sits down to eat it. Rual is eyeing it up. He says Oh my god, OH MY GOD! I CAN’T TAKE IT ANY MORE!! All of a sudden Raul rips part of Tim’s burger off his plate and eats it. Rual says F**K IT!! Tim says if you’re going to do it, eat more! Make it worth while! Raul then grabs some of Joel’s pasta and roast beef eats them. Rual says it tasted amazing. That was so good. That was the best thing I’ve done in my entire life. Tim says they’re having a meeting right now on what to do. Tim tells Kelsey that she didn’t stop him. Kelsey says how do you stop that. They talk about how Raul turned into an animal. Raul says I’m such a pig! I’m a bush pig! Jared tells Raul he should go in there (the diary room) and apologize. Raul says I’m f**ked! I couldn’t handle it for another 2 days. I just blacked out! Tim says it wasn’t a bush pig move… it was a warrior move! Tim asks are you afraid of the consequences? Raul says yeah. Tim says no, that’s the wrong answer. Tim says I think its great when people are pushed to their limits. That’s just like what an animal would do. Like a dog. There’s got to be consequences otherwise people would r@pe and murder each other. If I was big brother I would strap you down and shove a tube down your throat and feed you slop till you can’t take it any more. I think you need to be humiliated. What’s important to you Tim says its very fascinating what just happened! That will do me for the whole day.

In the bedroom – Tim, Kelsey, Nikki and Cassandra are talking about watching Raul eat food while being a havenot. Nikki is worried she’s now been a havenot for nothing and that the whole house will be punished. If that happens I’m done!

3:30pm Hot Tub room – Jared, Kelsey, Nikki and Raul are talking. Nikki says that she hopes she isn’t punished for Raul eating. I’ve already been pushed as far as I can take it this week. Kelsey says I think the worst would happen to us is that we’re just still havenots. Raul tells Nikki that he thinks he needs to talk to the doctor today. Did you talk to the doctor? Nikki says yeah. Raul says he didn’t know what he was getting himself into. Nikki asks have you asked to go in the diary room? Rual says yes but they won’t let me in. Nikki says we all do things we regret and we learn from our mistakes. And its okay to cry.

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3:43pm Big Brother calls all the house guests to the living room. All the house guests gather in the living room. Maddy says she can’t wait to see what happens. I’m going to laugh in his f**king face. Nikki says they’re taking all the food I bet. Jared says I think we’re all going to suffer for this one. Raul says sorry guys.

3:50pm – 4pm Big Brother says house guests settle. Big Brother then shows the video of Raul eating on the tv screen. They then play it in slow motion. Big Brother then says Raul for breaking the rules of being a have not… You Rual will be put into isolation until tomorrow morning. Please proceed into the backyard. Raul gets up and says bye guys. Rual heads to the backyard and big brother closes the backyard door. Nikki says I’m sorry guys but he’s just dug himself right out of here. Jared says we should pretend we’re getting a party in here. Cass says he can’t campaign for himself out there.

Big-Brother-Canada-4 2016-04-12 12-53-45-626

Big-Brother-Canada-4 2016-04-12 12-54-27-848

4:15pm – 4:35pm In the bedroom – Phil says if I win HOH .. I would put up Nikki and Tim in a triple eviction and everyone knows to use the veto if they win it. And then I would put up Maddy and get her out or Jared. Joel says if it isn’t used then you run the risk of sending home either Tim or Nikki. We would have to be absolutely certain who ever won the veto would use it. Phil says Jared never talks game to me. Nick joins. Joel asks in a triple eviction do we want to be in good with one side or another? Joel wonders if it would be better to put up strong competitors so they’ll win it and then put up who we want. Phil says I don’t really want to put up Maddy because she was good to us this week. Nikki joins them. She’s annoyed about Raul breaking the rules. Phil asks what do you want Nikki. Nikki says I don’t know, I’m not here to win. Nikki says I hear Jared whispering to Kelsey every day .. and I think they’re making fun of me. Phil says I don’t think Jared would make fun of anyone. Nikki leaves. Phil tells Joel and Nick splitting up Jared and Kesley might be better. I don’t know if I can work with Jared. Joel wonders if Rual is a bigger threat. Phil says lets just get Raul out then.

4:45pm In the HOH bathroom – Nikki asks Tim and Cassandra if they can make an alliance deal. Tim says he doesn’t makes deals. He then tells her she’s a little late to the party. He tells her that she wasn’t there for them when they needed her to vote out Dallas. Tim says I’m not going to give you a false positive of hope. You’re fine.

6pm – 6:20pm In the storage room – Kelsey and Cassandra are talking. Phil and Nick walk in and Kelsey brings up the deal they made with Maddy. Phil and Nick start getting annoyed because they’ve been asked about it 3 times today. Phil says there was no deal .. it was an eye for an eye. Kelsey keeps telling them to calm down. Kelsey then goes to the havenot room and tells Jared about the conversation. Kelsey says that Tim or Jared will get the brothers out. Jared says I just want to slap some sense into those little boys.

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BBCAN4 ends exactly 1 month from toady!!!


And only 70 days to BB18 🙂


Raul is so fugly.


Couldn’t happen to a better guy.


Jared’s breath must smell horrible with the amount he smokes and drinks coffee!!


So much straw & HATE. Do you watch Jeopardy with this kind of obsession? If not, it would be a better use of your time instead of HATING on others in such a hateful fashion. Did I mention strawman? SO MUCH STRAWMAN.

In the meantime I will be scouring other forms of social media dedicated to following reality tv shows and dedicate my time to defend strangers I don’t know from hateful anonymous comments. YOU THINK THIS IS THE ONLY BLOG I FOLLOW?!?! ANOTHER STRAWMAN!?

I’ll be back soon!


Somebody went off their meds today!


If you watch, he also brushes his teeth a lot too LOL


Maybe being in isolation may help actually his game? The houseguests have a chance to feel the house without him in it (but will be eyeing Kelsey and Jared), and his big mouth wont drown him. Also, since Raul proclaimed he is a gun for hire, the deals Jared puts out will be the deciding factor. If the houseguests don’t trust him, they can take away his remaining ally. Jared, in a way, holds all the power this week.
IMO, I think its smarter to split up Jared and Kelsey. Raul would never use a veto on Jared but Kelsey would…
Raul can and will be turned. Jared should be the target for almost ALL the remaining houseguests. He has the best points for final 2 (If he uses them). IMHO

Skips mom

Am I the only one who thinks Tim is a bully? I didn’t like how he made fun of Joel behind his back for how his posture is. He’s not funny. I’ve seen him be so mean spirited and it is getting hard to stomach. He also has an opinion on everything and he is so annoying.


The only bully I find to be in the house is Maddy!!!!


Tim is a huge bully. He constantly picks on Phil, playing on his insecurities, calling him DJ dick lips, when Phil clearly told him to stop. Tim is an arrogant ass who loves to here the sound of his own voice.


No, you are not the only one who feels that way about Tim. A large segment of the Australian population believes that Tim can be a bully as well. I was living in Australia when Tim’s season of BB was aired. He was viewed as a very polarizing individual. Either you love him or hate him (no in-between). I see Tim as a very pompous and self-absorbed person. He wants people to feel intimidated by him. He accomplishes this by being very forward and sometimes even borderline mean. However, as Tim is quite clever he does this in a measured way so that if he gets called out on it he can hide behind his phony claims of being above the fray, a pillar of honesty, and not caring about winning. Tim also participated in an Australian season of Celebrity Apprentice (he finished as the runner-up). Again he came across as being offended by the intensity of the competition and believing that he was a better person than the others for “staying true to himself”. I think it’s fair to say that for the most part the Australian public was more than happy to see Tim spend some time in Canada.


How much you want to bet Raul finds a “hidden” power while in isolation?!

Big brother lover

Omg, noooooooo! Get him out!!


The houseguests want Jared to win…


I love Raul hahaa hes fun to watch. But I would say he’s a bigger threat then Kelsey. But I hate Kelsey game. ….



I’m sure people have pointed this out before, but Ramsey is playing a great floater game. I’m curious to see if he’d do better than Godfrey at pleading his case if he makes it to the final 2 (which he very well might).


Ramsey has nothing on Godfrey. He has never explained a thought out strategy in the diary room or to anbody. He is just trying to survive and quite frankly he looks scared of Maddy and half out of it most of the time…He should have stuck by Loveita and Dallas.


ramsey’s a trick and im voting him out soon


Comparing Ramsey to Godfrey is so disrespectful to Godfrey. Godfrey knew his position and knew what he was doing. Ramsey couldn’t be more lost in the game. He’s done nothing but suck face with Maddy and be too worthless to bother evicting. That’s his entire game in a nutshell. Nice guy, sure. But not a good game player at all.


LIKE I feel LIKE I had an interesting strategy LIKE I cried, LIKE I hid behind a female strength LIKE I was close to the Bros and LIKE you know I LIKE speak well.


Didn’t Jared say he would put up Ramsey and the brothers? They are big talk when they aren’t the HOH.


I hope it’s a double and Raul AND Kelsey get voted out! LOL


I rather Kelsey go than Raul. Kelsey is a bad player that has practically done nothing but ride Jared’s coattails. I don’t respect coattail riders. The girl can’t even win a comp to pull her weight, or come up a halfway decent strategy.

At this point in the game, the houseguests should keep in players that know are sure wins….and Kelsey fits the bill. The only ones she might beat is Nikki and Maddy, and maybe Tim (because they might not want to give the win to a Non-canadian).


Tim a bully ??? Raul and Kelsey are the bullies period !! Tim is the ONLY one playing the game smart. Ppl say Mitch was the mastermind if such a mastermind why did he get voted out? If you are a Mastermind you DONT get voted out of the game you make BIG moves to stay !! Like Dan did !! I hope Tim beats all these dumb players.


Mitch has been a decent player and would have made it far in the game had it not been the twist. Janelle did a lot of big moves and got evicted before F2 every time. So did Emmet who, by the way, instructed these HGs to make big moves as a leverage in case they make it to the final, but he didn’t make it to F2 either. Dr. Will and Derrick, on the other hand, didn’t make any big moves, yet both of them have won the show.


Raul cracks me up!


You know when little kids look funny when sipping on a soda pop bottle their motor skills are quite developed yet! Jared looks like that when he smokes.


Just a question in regards to the have nots. I know they have to sleep in the have nots room and they are only allowed to eat slop, but my question is, are they allowed hot showers/bath or is it only the US version that it’s cold water only? The reason I ask is, on the update from last night there is a video of Nikki taking a bath in the HOH. I can’t imagine anyone, especially her, taking a cold bath. If hot water isn’t allowed shouldn’t Nikki be punished by Big Brother too? Imagine how bat s*#t crazy she would go if she was in isolation? It would be epic!


Just a question in regards to the have nots. I know they have to sleep in the have nots room and they are only allowed to eat slop, but my question is, are they allowed hot showers/bath or is it only the US version that it’s cold water only? The reason I ask is, on the update from last night there is a video of Nikki taking a bath in the HOH. I can’t imagine anyone, especially her, taking a cold bath. If hot water isn’t allowed shouldn’t Nikki be punished by Big Brother too?


Don’t even care who wins at this point. I guess Tim is the best option. Unfortunate players like Dallas and Mitch are gone. Not a lot of likable people in the house Joel is okay but sick of the nerd always winning last few seasons in US.


Watching Jared ‘ s meltdown with Kelsey on Sunday was disturbing. He kept saying that there were consequences for her kissing in the spin the bottle game. Sounds a little threatening to me. This must be what emotional abuse sounds like. Run Kelsey, run…………


Kelsey, love her or hate her is way too much woman for Jared to handle.


Cassandra will win BBCAN4…and she will deserve it.


Cassandra winning would be an absolute nightmare. But so is this season…

Joel to win!