Big Brother Canada 4 April 14 Evening Live Feed update

POV Holder: ? Next POV April 16th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 18th
HOH Winner: The Brothers Next HOH: April 21st
Original Nominations: ? and ?
Current Nominations: ? and ?
Last Evicted Houseguest Paige, Sharry, Christine, Kelsey, Loveita, Dallas, Mitch, Raul
Have Nots Tim, Cassandra and Kelsey

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Somebody please inform Phil that blowing Tim isn’t worth a hundred grand.
It’s getting pathetic the level of starfu**ery that Phil has for him.
Tension breaker. Had to be said.


I like the brothers and I agree they need to remove their heads from Timmys ass

Its interesting watching Tim being so fake to the brothers after pushing so heavily to Cass and Joel that he wanted phil and nick out

Nikki and Tim are starting to come across as bullies to me with how much they continue to slander Cassandra, like they are acting like she is a mass muderer or something – Tim continues on with it to the point he might need serious professional help – will he ever stop talking about it? He seems to like to belittle people for being emotional, but he is one of the most emotional in there in terms of the littlest things will get under his skin – he is irracible, very easily angered and seems to stew on things for days, rather than sorting out an issue

I watched Tims entire Australian season and im stunned how mentally fragile he is this time around, he doesnt have the freedom this time to do whatever he wants, because that will get him voted out, so he is a bit caged in a way – he seems neutered


I don’t know what people have against Phil, I love the brothers!!


Phil came into this game knowing that talking game wouldn’t get him far. There was a point when it could have hurt them. Love for Jared to go out. It would drive him nuts knowing Kelsey is in there with them. Jared believes the brothers want him out so they can have the girls to himself. Kelsey was smart enough to know they would be an asset. I really believe all Phil wanted was to be in an alpha male alliance but Jared wouldn’t give him the chance. Didn’t they say they wouldn’t put up Kelsey? Bad move, I think Kelsey and Cassandra is their best move to Backdoor Jared. Maddy and Ramsey have nobody right now so I’d keep them off the block. Jared won an hoh, didn’t see that episode but both povs were handed to him. He ain’t no comp beast.


Although I wanted to see nikki win the hoh


Who are the people voting for Nikki to be hoh? The 50+ age range? People in nursing homes? Mentally unstable people? People who love boring players? People who hate entertaining players? English people just because she is English? I dont get it.

She is supposedly funny but she hasnt made me laugh once entire season.

She pretends to be sweet and innocent 99% of the time and its a borefest, but then 1% her true self shows and she is quite nasty, but it comes across as staged and fake(or production influenced)

Nikki is an absolute fail and in this version of big brother even Pilar and Talla and Victoria are more skilled. Why couldnt the hot Italian girl have been voted in, who would have made such a bigger impact.


Nikki bitching about the other girls being bitchy, oh the irony

She just reminds me how crap the UK version of bb is




I like tim’s game just because he international is no reason to hate. He played a really good social game. How he gets away with playing all the sides is beyond me but it’s working. He somehow got everyone to trust him. I want Jared than Maddy out.


Making friends, having fun – what’s that Kelsey – I mean Dr Evil. insert pinky in mouth.


Who are they going to put up


Tim is stuck with Cassandra & Kelsey in the Have Not room this week. Poor guy!


Poor little Timmy is the biggest complainer in that house. Never stops complaining about his lot in life in the big brother grand. He is so rattled that Cass told the entire group she doesnt find him attractive a few days ago and he hasnt been able to let it go ever since. Then he crawled back to Nikki after saying he was done with Nikki for turning against him with Mitch and is now constantly bad mouthing Cass every chance he gets. He never stops thinking or talking about Cass. Its really bizarre. He is acting like he just had his heart broken for the first time.

Tim and Nikki are the new Loveitas – their game talk consists of – “lets get out Cass” “i hate Cass” “i dont trust Cass”…they are both very mentally fragile people and emotional players – you saw what happened when Tim lost a have not comp he lost his mind and ripped grass off a wall and tossed his bat in frustration and looked like an absolute nutcase…if Tim has even half a brain in his head, strategically he should not be looking to get females like Cass out with an emotional move, especially ones that wont put him up at this stage, he should be wanting to get strong physical male threats out

Another thing I will add – Tim is very dumb to think people are going to vote for Maddy to win the game (he constantly mentions that) just because she won 2 HOHs…firstly many hate Maddy and secondly winning 2 HOHs means virtually nothing when picking the winner…and guess who influenced both of Maddys HOHs more than anyone else? Cassandra, and both evicted by Maddy were 2 people Cass wanted gone and 2 people who were working with or could have worked with Maddy…Loveita and Raul…the Loveita eviction, the day before the double Cass planted the seed with Maddy in the high roller room the idea to backdoor Loveita, and after saying that Maddy responded thats a great idea which is what ended up happening…then we have just seen the Cass influence over Maddy to get Raul out so Cass can work with Kelsey…it shows just how little Tim knows about this version of big brother that he regards 2 HOH wins as a spectacular selling point as why someone deserves to win


Are more videos coming? Phil/Tim/nick/Nikki convo please


Phil was going to get Jared out but since he talked to Jared and Kelsey he told them he doesn’t want to put them up now. The target is going towards Maddy. Everytime he decides on a target that person talks to him he changes his mind He is very wishy washy and very easy to manipulate.


let’s face it whoever the guy was that gave the HOH to Loveita in the first comp would have gotten Kelsey – she’s attracted to anything with a dick


I actually think it will be Jared/Kelsey on the block tomorrow. Phil/Nick had to listen to everyone, and their main concern with Maddy especially is the fact that she (in the past) was all over the place when it came to putting people up. They got her assurance tonight that they are definitely not her target and that is what they needed to hear from her. They respect Maddy’s game play, and love Ramsey. The fact that Kelsey is going to go up to the brothers tomorrow and tell them that by putting Jared on the block and possibly evicting him, she will be their enemy, would close the deal for me. I’d say thanks for telling me this, and you just sealed the deal. You both are going on the block for threatening me. Sucks to be you!!! Now get out of our HOH.


It still boggles me that the brothers wanted to put the internationals on the block, Tim called them out on it and now they want his input on what their best move is. Also how he planted the seed on putting Jared and Kelsey up and how it grew overnight is just amazing to watch.


if i was phil i would put tim and nikki up

nobody would care if nikki went home and few would care if tim went home(he doesnt want to win remember)


this season has been painful to watch, if jared/kels go on the block this week im done till the finals. I know people always say this but the same ppl have been on the block for half the season and I’m tired lol.

Maddy ruined any chance of a good season getting rid of loveita, and this season has been shit since. No blindsides, no secret alliances, nothing. I think the loveita move made everyone too paranoid to commit to anyone.

The brothers wonder why canada chose them, like you guys have been after Maddy for weeks what do you think canada wants? They dont think from that angle huh?

And people voted for Nikki because she threw tantrums?! WTF is this season. The twists have failed epically. Ready for BBUS.


If Canada wanted Maddy out they should have voted for Kelsey/ Cassandra. Canada Picked the brothers because they’re floaters who haven’t got their hands dirty/ picked a side or target. This forces them to. Same goes for Nikki, but i also believe Canada voted for her because this was her only shot at winning anything.


People are still watching this show? I stopped watching about 3 weeks ago.


Yet you still come to this page to comment???


At some point tonight… everyone has been a potential nominee. Every time they talk to one person, they adopt that person’s targets as their own. Last person to speak to Phil before noms is the person that will get their way. By morning they’ll come to the conclusion that the best thing for their game is to nominate Arisa and Marsha the moose in order to backdoor Marinara 2.0


The Brothers should put up Jared….with a bd plan in motion. Jared wants their heads on a stake. They should’ve never second guessed putting his ass up. If Jared talks his way out of getting on the block….he deserves to win the entire game. This game is no longer Big Brother…it’s called Jared’s house.

The only one brave enough to put Jared’s ass up was Maddy.


Frucken, I take it back. Phil tells Jared / Kelsey they aren’t going up. That’s gonna come back to bite him in the ass. Phil so wants Kelsey as a girl friend and really hoped to be an alpha male / bro nance with Jared.
He has been itching to work with Jared from day 1. Wish Raul told brothers that Jared wanted them bd. I hope Jared comment about Nikki being a target changes his mind. Phil is a dumbass. Canada didn’t vote you in cause of live but wanted to watch u pick a side.


I’d secretly hoped something shocking and game changing would happen this week. But then, with the brothers as hoh I realized i was deluding myself.
Shocking would be realizing that the internationals are controlling the game and everyone is sitting back and allowing it.
Yeah. Pipe dream that anyone in the house would wake up and say we’re being bamboozled and led down the garden path.
I admit it, I want to see what happens when Tim actually has to fight for his life in the game. I don’t want him to be evicted necessarily, but I want to see what happens when chaos he didn’t instigate is thrust upon him. No chance in hell that’s going to happen. Oh well.


Joel is starting to creep me out with walking in and just standing there to listen. He has some odd behaviours that are offputting but he has clearly escaped the wrath of Jared and Kelsey somehow for putting them up. What gives? Why have his moves not made people vengeful? I think it’s becoming obvious that the so-called petty girl drama is being fed now by Kelsey more than Maddy. Kelsey is obsessed with her own reflection and looks like she may have practiced some poses before entering the house. Worse than Veronica?


my favorite Joel behavior is when Cass is having serious game chat with him and he turns his head to the side and looks away getting nervous and Cass goes “look at me Joel” its pretty funny


Jared’s got NO BALLS. He can’t even talk to another and sends his girlfriend in first? He barely even opens his lips when speaking like he’s got a frozen mouth from the dentist. Anyway, he’s got NO BALLS and is completely insecure. Anger boiling under the surface that seems explosive (speculation).


Kelseys face when she heard that canada picked the brothers and niccki…priceless…why does canada hate me? I’m so nice to everyone!…hilare


I heard the nastiness coming out of Niki and Tim about Joel—I hate people that are that fucking shallow and mean — mental illness is not something you make fun off—they ar so disgusting –someone should send these sewer rats back to their countries —fucking D-lister wannabes




Kelsey needs to check her thyroid when she gets out of the house…health check!