Big Brother Canada 4 week 7 Nomination Spoilers

POV Holder: ? Next POV April 9th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 11th
HOH Winner: Maddy Next HOH: April 14th
Original Nominations: Jared and Kelsey
Current Nominations: ? and ?
Last Evicted Houseguest Paige, Sharry, Christine, Kelsey, Loveita, Dallas, Mitch
Have Nots Raul, Nikki, Kelsey

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There will likely be a lot of alliances during the season – keep track, read our alliance help guide.

Kelsey nominated

Maddy nominated Kelsey and Jared.

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OH HELL YES! Maddy finally did something right in this game


Hopefully because with Maddys gameplay, if jared wins veto she would put up nikki against kelsey and nikki will go home lol. That would be a loveita move 2.0


Have you not been watching the game? She did something right the first time she was HoH! She Backdoored a Strong Player! That’s what you do during a double eviction, and she did it, She made the big move, and now she’s making another big move, She’s been sittin pretty this whole game surrounded by meat shields,and still being a untouchable threat! Come back and comment once you become a fan of the Game!!!


Wow, you’re stupid! I hope you’re trolling. You don’t backdoor a strong player who is on your side and isn’t going to put you up anytime soon. If she hadn’t backdoored Loveita, Dallas and Loveita would have been on the block during Tim’s HOH because that’s where the gummy Koalas would have fallen. She wouldn’t even have been the replacement nom because I’m sure Loveita would have had enough sense to give Jared some gummy koalas making him third.


you call me stupid, then spout that stupidity? Your argument Love was on Maddy’s side! Well guess what? Love was on everyone’s side! This is Big Brother either you’re in an alliance or you got deals made. Love was a strong player, 2 time hoh, First backdoor of the season, and a big move, now Maddy is making another big move, With Love gone Maddy now has the resume to win this game! You need to watch more seasons of BB


I agree. Finally a chick playing this game like a guy…she uses her girl powers to get behind big guy threats and gets out chicks who are stronger at the game than her. Love to hate her. Maddy to win!


Glad to see that talk, Tim had with Maddy this morning worked in getting those 2 nominated together. One is going home next week and I am pretty sure it will be a double eviction as well. Can’t wait for the POV it is going to a wild one.


Well well well, things have gotten interesting again….


Classic convo tonight between TTW…. Kelsey goes on and on about how stupid a move it was by Maddy to nominate them… Um WHAT?

Then she says she’ll take down Jared if she wins POV. Raul says no don’t then I go up, to which she responds but I’ll leave (we all know she doesn’t believe that).

Jared is furious at Maddy and can’t wait to take out Maddy. He is so funny when he doesn’t get his own way. He would have been fine if he was kept off the block but now he hates Maddy and again goes off on how stupid she is.

Then they discussed that they will either make out or wear crowns (prom king/queen) to POV ceremony. And they wonder why no one likes them!

They also seem to think Tim would take down Jared???????????????? (these people really don’t understand the game do they?). They also pull out one of their typical speeches on players OWING them so Joel HAS to take one of them down b/c he owes them. Completely ignoring the fact they put him up ONLY so Mitch would go home OR at worst JOEL WOULD. I mean are these people really that self absorbed? or do they really not understand Big Brother?

Should be a full night of TTW ranting about Maddy’s stupidity, Ramsay’s lack of balls & how Cass/Bros have to go.


That’s what really annoys me about Kelsey. I can handle different personalities and try to see the best in people. But when they complain others are playing a poor game by putting them up i just find it stupid. Such a sense of entitlement.

You’re in an unbreakable group of 3 you idiot.

sunny dee

the nominations: Jared & Kelsey

sounds good to me

do you think Jared is surprised it isn’t Cassandra beside Kelsey? lol


Maintain calm.
I wish I could celebrate the nominations. I really dislike the third wheel.
I doubt Maddy has any intent on putting up Raul as replacement if Kelsey or Jared win veto.
There is a possibility that the hoh could backfire.
After veto I’ll celebrate if the noms stay the same.
Actually, considering how little i like them, just about anyone leaving is fine with me.

Yes yes

I can’t wait for these useless players to get out of the house. Making ppl do their dirty works. I really hope someone but them win the veto! #teamjoel


Why so upset, Kelsey? We heard you say repetitively that you’re there to make friends and have fun. First time I’ve heard that strategy so she gets points for being original. She’s miserable as hell right now so where’s the fun and where has this fun girl ever been shown to be such a barrel of laughs anyway. I agree that I’d rather have Jarhead go home though so she can stop hiding. Let’s see what she’s made of and if the fun still keeps on coming (like it ever was fun watching her bitch about Maddy endlessly). She can go next and go back to her jobs where all this works on the men she serves at the bar or on the plane. I love the video last night (sorry just catching up) that Maddy said ‘prom king and queen’ to Kelsey. She was super honest and although I’m not a fan of hers, she’s the only one that has said to Kelsey what everyone else wants to say.


I agree. Mandy is the only one thinking about winning. Cass is playing a social game. Kelsey is playing the girlfriend game. Maddy is playing like a man. Go Maddy! Finally a chick with balls.


I heard a rumor that Season 5 of BBCan may be All-Stars. Anyone else hear about this rumor as well?

Guy From Canada

When the USA did that, it was 7 seasons in and the most people from one season was season 6. I’d say if they did that, its a little too soon unless they are trying to get ratings up. I think there has been enough people to have an all stars, but I could only see Mitch, Loveita and maybe Tim (If he’s allowed) coming back for an all stars from this season. Not enough talent in this household to entertain, lol.


Poor baby – Jared doesn’t like people lying to him. Um – what show did he think he was on? The shirtless boring bachelor Canada? Duh.


Yah Jared. No one cares how ur parents raised u. No one cares about ur girlfriend. Play the game stupid


Kelsey reminds me of the fish in my tank that just stares and blinks. How many times she blinks is disturbing when she’s talking. Also, she only looks at people from the side of her eyes and not directly. Really weird. Anyway, she should go blow some smoke up ‘smart’ people’s asses where it won’t get through.


If they only knew it was TIM who talked Maddy into to putting them up LOL


As only Timmy would say…. the gummy koala’s have spoken. 😛

I trust nothing today about production interference and the POV. If a miracle happens and it stays the same evict Kelsey. She is the glue between Jared and Raul. If it is used hopefully Timmy points out to dunce Maddy how Raul is the only replacement. 7 votes kids you cannot have 2 votes on a pawn with 4 votes being evicted. Bro’s, Joel up they go as would Poo and likely Nikki. We need Timmy to keep Maddy focused.


Great noms hope Kelsey leaves


I’d definetly rather see Kelsey go over Jared. I kind of feel like she had her chance and was evicted before; so, having the opportunity to return to the house for any period of time was reward enough. I hope Jared stays, drops Raul, and works with someone to get Maddy out next. I despise Maddy.


Let’s not get too excited. Maddy has pulled a dumb move b4 by backdooring Lovita and not taking down one of the three (Raul/Jared/Kelsey). So she may be an idiot again & save one of the monsters to backdoor the brothers.
Whatever this twist is coming up for the viewers to have power though, it better be damn good!

The upcoming twist will be production finding a way to keep Kelsey, Jared and Raul.

Guy From Canada

The twist is that Canada can vote which person they want off the block…….So production can keep their Third Wheel going when it has indeed run flat with the public….

i would love love love

I would love it if someone used the veto on kelsey and sent jared home

Nick (brothers) for the win


The wifey and I caunt agree. I proffeur Jayrod but she likes Teem. Damn that Teem.
Oy like Teem too but he’s a bit of nancy-boy. If Teem puts his mind to this we may have
the first winner that isn’t from Canada.
Go Teem. He’s somewhat funny. Somewhat likable. And better than the alternatives


I know, it wouldn’t be the smartest to kick the bros out yet there are 3 strong players that would be difficult to take out. She should her HOH wisely. It would be better for her game because Kelsey Raul and jared are gunning after her if the brothers were to be backdoored.


That’s how useless Maddy is, she has to be convinced by Tim to nominate someone. Hopefully she don’t win veto, not sure if she is capable of making anymore decisions. I would rather nominations stay the same and Kelsey go home this week.


you’re useless! Come back and comment once you become a fan of the game!!


Your mom plays an excellent game though


Thanks bro but no need to be rude. 🙂


Just want to say Thank You to dawg for posting the videos and providing synopsis of events in the house. I truly appreciate the effort you put into it. I’m watching BBCAN from the States and while I’ve found a great “work around” to catch the shows on Global, catching the live feeds isn’t possible. So, I have to depend on several places to catch up on what’s happening and conversations in the house. I was able to watch some of the BB After Dark on YouTube for awhile but that’s become nearly impossible lately. So, these videos are perfect for a Big Brother fan like me! So, again, A big Thank You to Online Big Brother and dawg!!


yeah, dawg’s pretty great – just check the favorite polls, he’s ususally in top 3 every season


Just get the shows from torrent rather than bothering with proxies etc..


Going after Kelsey is stupid – going after Jared (smart). – I hope for Kelsey’s sake – Jared loses the veto and stays on the block next to her.


das ist wunderbar !!! I badly hope that Kelsey goes because she deserves it BIG TIME! I don’t specifically despise Jared as a single player as i do seeing him playing as combo with Kelsey. Jared without Kelsey might be more creative and, why not, he might win it all. Maybe Jared doesn’t even realize how a service would be to him for Kelsey to go this week. I do appreciate Maddy’s move this week, but it wouldn’t hurt to see her out of the game ASAP either. This week Maddy’s nomination is the only sound move she has done in the game so far. If she leaves in a week or two, good riddance. I do not respect her game at all. This is my 2 cents…for now 🙂


When i see Cassandra watching her back in the mirror, it makes me throw up.
She is the epitome of narcissism and delusion to say the least.

That's what you get Kelsey

That’s what you get Kelsey for playing the same game when you came back to the house. I hope you will be evicted from the house. AGAIN. I would like to see Mitch “The doctor” dealing with Kelsey “One of the three cancers” in jury.


The funny thing is she thinks she is playing a great game and being friends with the whole house. Somehow she doesn’t realize she sits with Jared & Raoul 99% of the time.


What has she done with the info lovita gave her. She should have played game with Mitch and made his influence work with her. She’s stupid and deserves to leave. I think Jared wants her out too. She cramps his style


If one of them wins Veto and comes down Raul better go up. Then if its Raul and Kelsey who cares which one goes to jury. #TeamTim !! Hope Tim beats all these Idiots that don’t know how to play the game 🙂 Tim’s season on BBAU 2013 was the Best ever. You can watch on Youtube


I find it so funny to watch these people …. How quickly their mood changes when they are not on the block like Joel or Ramsey ……. Ramsey cried and Joel was so quiet now he follows Nikki around like a puppy and talks in his so call acting voice sooooo annoying and awkward. I really do think Tim may win this …. He somehow convinces people so easily to go his way. Funny how Nikki hated Maddy for her lies ,Cassandra because of Tim and now Kelsey because of Jared . Amazing how she always stays under the radar. The brothers are keeping low so I will say good on them. It will be interesting this week to see who wins power of veto and if so will it be used.


There is no question…jared has to go…if he gets to the end he wins the game. Dumb on them for going after mitch so early. As snakey as he is…he was a number for them and I dont think he wouldve put them up.


Ramsey’s only game is brown nosing Jared and stroking his ego. Nauseating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t listen to him anymore when he is with Jared.


Have they played the veto comp yet ?


Cant wait to hear who won veto


Nobody cares about how ur parents raised u Jared. Nobody cares that ur a good friend in the house Kelsey. Play the game like Maddy…make decisions to further ur game. Mandy and Tim r the only ones playing smart.


Does Kelsey listen to anyone? She’s so self centered. Her convoys r all the same…poor me…why me…I’m so friendly…Play the game!!!


How does Jared not tell Kelsey to shut up. She keeps saying she’s worried about him if she leaves. He was playing a better game without u Kelsey. And also stop staying u sacrificed yourself for your friends…u got voted out stupid


kelsey is annoying & nothing but a distraction to Jared’s game i hope she leaves she shouldn’t even have come backk all!! All she sems to care about is hanging out with her gay & staight biyfriends making tea & looking pretty for jared her social game actually suckss anyway & it seems like she’s on spring break…She tries to act calm & cool but u can see that she’s actually full of anxiety~always figity or playing catch with her water bottle lol Maddy mos def has more game than kelsey & jared is pussy whipped…Tim is also a hugee target that they all can’t see like HELLO did u see how he got no blood on his hands while HOH & exposed everyone’s game right under their noses he is a Sneaky coward & he should be everyones target cuz he manipulated all of them at once He could care less about any of them….