Cassandra “Any of you that think I’m working against you, put me up on the block!”

POV Holder: Jared Next POV April 9th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony April 11th
HOH Winner: Maddy Next HOH: April 14th
Original Nominations: Jared and Kelsey
Current Nominations: Kelsey and Raul
Last Evicted Houseguest Paige, Sharry, Christine, Kelsey, Loveita, Dallas, Mitch
Have Nots Raul, Nikki, Kelsey

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Big-Brother-Canada-4 2016-04-14 06-40-11-246

9am Nick is sitting at the kitchen table with his head covered with a towel over a hot bowl of water because he’s stuffed up. Nick gets called to the diary room. Nikki sits down with Tim at the kitchen table and complains about Cassandra. Tim says she’s being a cow. Nikki says its ridiculous. Nikki tells Tim that she can’t wait to put Cassandra on the block.

9:50am In the bathroom – Tim, Jared, Kelsey, Cassandra. Jared says we all know Cassandra has a deal with everyone. Tim says I’m not going to play like that.. Its fine at the start when you have double deals with everyone. When it starts getting pointy you just have to pick the deal that’s most convenient at the time. So if that means they’re going to put us up, she’ll work with them. So that’s why it needed to be squashed. The fact of the matter is you can’t have double deals with everyone if you’re working with a team of people. I haven’t got double deals with everyone, I’ve said no to so many people. I don’t have deals with anyone, even though I’ve been offered. Cassandra comes into the bathroom and says any of you that think I’m working against you, put me up on the block! I don’t want to work with you if you think I’m working against you.

Big-Brother-canada-4- 2016-04-14 06-59-04-007
9:55am Raul asks do you think when we get out of here we’re going to have psychological problems? Cassandra and Kelsey say yes. Cassandra says I think a lot of people had psychological problems coming in here. Raul leaves. Kelsey tells Cass to go fix it. Cass says I’ve been helping you all week, can’t you go talk to him. Kelsey tells her you need to go fix it.

In the bathroom – Kelsey tells Cass I think you should go have a real conversation with him. You’re the one that is having issues with him, you go talk to him. Kelsey says she misunderstood the question and thought he said they would put her and jared up. I already cleared it up with him. You need to go talk to him. Cass says if he doesn’t trust me that fine. Kelsey says if I didn’t talk to Jared for two days he wouldn’t trust me either. Kelsey then goes and talks to Jared about Cassandra.
Big-Brother-canada-4- 2016-04-14 07-06-55-670

10:35am In the HOH room – Ramsey tells Maddy that he walk in on the tail end for the Cassandra and Tim fight and so he thinks its real because they didn’t know he was there. Ramsey asks do you think Joel will put us up? Maddy says no he’s scared of us.

Big-Brother-Canada-4- 2016-04-14 07-39-26-486

10:40am – 11:20am Big Brother tells the house guests to go to the head of household room for a lock down. All the house guests head into the HOH room. Big Brother blocks the feeds.

1:10pm The live feeds are still blocked.

1:30pm – 1:50pm The live feeds return to the house guests having just been released from the HOH room. In the bathroom – Kelsey says she knows what she’s going to say. She says that she doesn’t want to tell Raul because he will just steal it and use it like he did last time. Kelsey leaves the bathroom with Jared and tells him what she has so far. Kelsey says coming back into this game, I’ve realized that this is an individual game and that sooner then we think there will be two people standing at the end. I still need to think of a good ending. Jared says he likes it. Kelsey tells Jared that Maddy told her in the kitchen “See I told you, you weren’t going.” Kelsey and Jared head back into the bathroom. Kelsey says I’m just starting to get worried about Cass. Jared says yeah we all are. Kelsey says she’a all over the place. Jared says she’s too emotional. Big Brother blocks the feeds again.

Big-Brother-Canada-4 2016-04-14 10-57-39-098
2pm – 2:25pm Cassandra is in the bedroom talking to Joel about her drama with Tim. Cass says that Kelsey had told her that Phil/Nick said they would put Tim & Nikki up. Kelsey then denied saying it. Pack of f**king idiots! I don’t think he will actually put me up. I’ve never once been disloyal. Joel says I just hope that if Nikki wins or he wins… Cass says Nikki will put my up. Joel says that’s so illogical! Don’t they realize that’s part of the game to distance yourself. This is the most irrational group of house guests. Cass says I just can’t believe it. And Kelsey is so stupid! She didn’t even campaign this week. Her only campaign was Rual’s anti-campaign. She will never win this game. Joel says that’s why I want to work with her. Jared is so irrational. Kelsey says they’re so dumb. Nick joins them. Cass leaves. Joel asks I wonder what is going on in the high roller room? Nick says yeah that’s where we do the nominations but nothing on eviction day. Nick leaves. Tim joins Joel. Joel tells Tim that for him personally… everyone wants Jared and Kelsey on a plater .. but I want Maddy and Ramsey. Jared would not come after us I think. Tim agrees. Cass joins. Tim tells Cass that she’s treating him like a leper. If you need time alone just say it. Tim tells Cass that he wouldn’t really put her up. Joel tries to calm them down. Tim says lets get rid of the brothers. Cass thinks its better to get Maddy out first and then the brothers. Tim says I think we have a good thing with Maddy right now. Maddy and Ramsey came to me to make a final 4.. but I didn’t want to because we have a four with Jared & Kelsey. Tim tells Cass that he thinks she has a double deal with the brothers & Joel. (Which she does) Cass says she doesn’t have a side deal with the brothers. Tim says if the brothers aren’t part of any side deal then they can be sacrificed tonight. I think they have a side deal with Maddy. Tim says I don’t have a side deal with Maddy .. I couldn’t beat her on finale night.

2:30pm – 3pm The Cassandra drama continues… Ramsey says and this is why the girls keep getting voted out. Tim says what Mitch was doing, Cassandra is quite good at it too. Trying to make other people mad at each other. She’s trying to get the brothers mad at me and me mad that the brothers. I called her out on it and then went straight to the source.

3:45pm Big Brother blocks the feeds.

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Cranberry Slapper

People who watched the show last night think Cassandra is a mastermind. The funny thing is, many of those same people also watch the live feeds and they STILL choose to buy what the show is selling them! Silly silly people.


To be fair, cass masterminded that move to put up raul. I dunno what feeds are you watching to discredit her but maddy, kelsey, the brothers and joel are completely buying her shit. She’s not the best player left in the game (probably a toss up between Joel and Tim) but she is one of the strongest strategist left in the game.


I think Tim sees through Cassandra BS and so does Nikki. She cannot fool everybody every time. Her time will be up in few weeks for sure.


Tim is needlessly overplaying right now and pissing people off who are on his side, making them question his loyalty. He says he isnt being emotional but he gets butthurt at the smallest things.

Tim is very feminine at times with all his scents, oils, arts and crafts, fussing about things like having to have a perfect bed arrangement, and he really does act quite girly often, and bitches about others like a female would.

The more he says he doesnt want to put Maddy up the more the likes of Joel, Cass, Jared and Kelsey will see him as dodgy and very suss.

Lest we forget

On the night Nikki was to sleep in HOH with Tim, jealous Cassandra made sure Tim was so annoyed by her presence that he kicked both girls out of the HOH and locked the door. When she could share her rejection with someone else she could pretend it wasn’t about Tim rejecting Cassandra, but simply Tim being a wet blanket who couldn’t handle a little teasing from two girls.

She tried the same thing with Kelsey this week. When the house Alpha had a spat with the house hottie, Cassandra inserted herself and tried to make it appear that she was one of two girls taking a principled stand. If she could make that stick, Kelsey would no longer have the elevated position of top chick selected by the house Alpha, but equal in social standing with Cassandra.


Damn Nikki might win hoh tonight and nominate Cassandra! I don’t want that. Hopefully she can campaign her way out of it.


I don’t want that either…Tim wants her to put Joel beside Cass and likely Joel will go which sucks. I can’t believe that voters want to reward non-game play ..she just laid down in the maze during the POV…and she does nothing but target those that ‘annoy’ her….sad we are paying her so much just so we can see Nikki tantrums…booooo BBCAN, Nikki and Tim have an unfair advantage with all the BB experience they have and built in voters…they will likely be F2 and Tim will win the game….

Guy From Canada

It’s not that I want to reward good game play, I want Nikki on someone’s radar! If she makes enemies but putting people on the block, she mango. Tim is too smooth and would be bad as hoh again, and it would help hi further to a f2. Nikki may put Joel up, but Tim would not…… it’s a toss up who I would want to win it out of everyone left…..


I get what you are saying, but Tim is the one that said put up Joel and Cass….but I am just talking generally speaking as well, since it seems most people have voted for Nikki. I hate that Tim is doing this to Cass…she has never thrown him under the bus…and Kelsey is an idiot as Cass was really on her side and wanted to work with her…Kelsey would have been gone if it weren’t for Cass this week…she is just too busy listening to Jared who has been anti Cass for a long time….

production plants tim and nikki arent needed

tim as a gamer is pretty dumb at times – actively and vocally out loud going against multiple loyal people he is working with that arent going after him – the exact opposite of derrick this early in the game

production are controlling nikkis behavior like she has a switch “big brother am i supposed to hate or like cass at the moment, i dont remember, i need more pills” – nikkis management is disgruntled with how much of a boring non player she is seen as(at times looking like she is in a nursing home zonked out on meds staring into the distance) and they have arranged for production to force tim to babysit nikki 24-7 now, getting him to hang out with her all the time, despite the fact nikki screwed tim over with mitch in the dallas vote – if production tells tim he has to babysit nikki, he has to do as he is told which makes him look foolish

im completely bored sh!tless about their past bb experience being a reason why they should get special treatment over the canadian players in terms of camera time or a public vote etc – and nikki getting a mat to sleep on, only having slop for 3 days, and getting meals in the diary room, now a ‘public vote’ for hoh which is productions way of trying to make her hoh which she does not deserve especially compared to others who have actually been playing and been far more entertaining

production have also told nikki to obsess about cass so that there can be 2 female rivalries – maddy and kelsey and then niki cass – it shows how boring the males have been this season that production is relying on female drama for ratings


Well I voted for Cass as HOH so she’d have to show who’s side she’s really on, probably a bad choice but there didn’t seem to be any great choices to start with. Curious how others out there may have voted…?

House vote

I voted for the brothers for the same reason. They need to get some blood on their hands.

sunny dee

i did the same, for the same reason. my 2nd choice was joel, just because there is going to be a comp between the 2 chosen ones, the one who beats the other is HOH, and i figured that joel will throw it to Cassandra more likely than anyone else. so the result of voting joel/cassandra as the two is more likely to get cassandra as HOH

I think anyone who votes in Nikki is wasting their vote. she is a complete waste of space and i would really prefer she be on the block, if people want entertainment, let’s not blow up canada;’s choice by putting either her or tim as HOH.


nikkki cna’t make any decisions for herself, don’t waste your vote on her, just vote tim cause he makes all the decisions for all the houseguests anyways


Ramsey’s mom is like the coolest mom ever #voteforRamsey


Nikki for HOH and PLEASE put up Cassandra !! Cass and Joel and Cass Goes !!


funny. At 4am eastern there were 16 hours left to vote.
at 145pm eastern there is one hour and 15 minutes left to vote.
when did the time switch?


This is what needs to happen: After Raul goes this week, there will be the sides of Kelsey/Jared; Maddy/Ramsey; Cass/Joel/Tim/Nikki?; Brothers by themselves. So if Canada votes someone like Joel, Cass, Tim or Nikki as HOH they need to get the brothers out to eliminate that variable. Then there will be 3 distinct sides and that 4some can rope in either K/J or M/R to get the other out. Then they just ride to F4.


Nikki would be amazing to watch


Vote for ramsey


So how does today’s Quest for more airtime argument affect the vote?
I don’t think it actually does, but I get the feeling that production was counting on Kelsey leaving (why else would they have last year’s returned house guest sindy as sideshow guest).
Then again, I’ve also been getting the feeling that production has their heart’s set on a Jared Joel Cass and Kelsey final four. Yeah, my head gets confusing sometimes.
In terms of game, Cass complaining that Kelsey didn’t even campaign is funny because Kelsey was the one that told her repeatedly not to campaign because Cass was going to take care of everything.
Is this the elaborate overdramatization that justifies Nikki and Tim ending up on a block at some point? Or is this the argument that shifts some of the votes?


Raul the hyena going will be epic hahahah Mitch was the reason he stayed last time and he is so dumb to target his biggest ally Mitch. See ya later self absorbed hyena!!


I’d be so happy If Cass was nominated and voted out!

BB Addict

Cassandra is just deflecting all of her guilt and issues onto Tim and Kelsey for which she was called out on by Tim yesterday morning when he found out she is in several final 2 deals with the Brothers, Joel, & Jared. As Tim’s words were
>>>>>>>Tim says I’m not going to play like that.So if that means they’re going to put us up, she’ll work with them. So that’s why it needed to be squashed. The fact of the matter is you can’t have double deals with everyone if you’re working with a team of people.<<<<<<
If you notice that when she has been called on her lies or getting caught with telling the others she has deals with she deflects her guilt onto others.
Can't wait for when she is put on the block to see how she will fight to stay and to see where her true allegiance lies.
It's her own demise as to her being caught out by Tim.


TBH everything Tim says about Cassandra could just as easily be said about him.
he HAD a deal with Cass, Jared and the brothers when he was HOH. It fell apart because they didn’t do things Jared’s way that week (even though Jared got his way). He has a deal with Joel and Cass. He has a deal with Cass Jared and Kelsey. He has a non alliance wink wink deal with Ramsey and Maddy and Cass. He has an understanding with Cass and the brothers.
The difference: he blew her game up to put her in the place he could just as easily be standing. Pre-emptive strike.
The cause: I think it all goes back to Nikki saying Cass is riding Tim’s coat tails, and her trying to show that she isn’t. Tim doesn’t like independent spirit, unless it’s his own. He can’t control it. This is why he’s been accusing her of over-playing. He wants to use her to do his bidding, not her own.
The method: blow Cass out of the water so that she is either evicted or powerless, so that she has no choice but to jump back on to his coat tails or go home. Either way, he gets rid of or has control of someone that is playing the game similarly to himself.
His anticipated result: Cass will be nullified in the game, allowing him to slip into a spot closer to everyone else for identifying a snake in the grass. In his estimation nobody will think it takes one to know one. Given the way most of these people have played where Tim is concerned, he’s probably correct that nobody will say he’s doing the exact same thing.

I Hate all the HGs

Nick knows Tim’s deal. He has voiced to his brother that Tim tells people what they want to hear and that he’s dangerous… dunno how much this would influence they brothers’ decisions if they won HOH though?


zero chance any of them would take tim to final 2 instead of cass, if they did they would be really dumb


I’m starting to think Kelsey could be the best goat to take to the end. Possibly even better than Nikki if someone wants to play the season 2 game. Nikki can say that she strategically didn’t care and did her own thing, but talked herself off the block in the week she was to be a pawn. Kelsey can’t, she’s just been fairly inept. Even her big move of instigating Mitch’s demise was an error because she couldn’t realize that giving Raul information (especially during booze delivery) was a bad move. If I were one of the non-alphas, I’d be getting rid of Jared and dragging the golden goose to the end of the game.
Would Mitch give her the vote? Despite what he said, I doubt it. Would Raul give her the vote? Depends on three weeks in jury hearing negatives. Would the rest of the house except for Jared? Highly doubtful.


Anyone have a link for the show tonight


Go to page 9. The title were Christine is being evicted (Eviction and spoilers) Scroll down were you see Dawg’s name in blue and he has a link for the show.