Power Of Veto Results! Cass “All I’m doing is planting the seed (Raul), I’m the gardener!”

POV Holder: Jared Next POV April 9th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 11th
HOH Winner: Maddy Next HOH: April 14th
Original Nominations: Jared and Kelsey
Current Nominations: ? and ?
Last Evicted Houseguest Paige, Sharry, Christine, Kelsey, Loveita, Dallas, Mitch
Have Nots Raul, Nikki, Kelsey

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There will likely be a lot of alliances during the season – keep track, read our alliance help guide.
Big-Brother-canada-4- 2016-04-09 15-38-57-659
3:20pm – 6:40pm Big Brother blocked the live feeds for the power of veto competition to take place.

Power Of Veto Winner: Jared

6:40pm Tim and Cassandra are in the bedroom. Tim says he’s getting a little home sick. He says he just wants to go downstairs and not have to cook for anyone. Tim tells Cassandra that Maddy needs to be very smart about what she does. Cassandra says I think people need to plant the Raul seed. Cassandra says that she felt really claustrophobic in that maze. Tim says our best case is if Raul goes up. Cassandra says that Maddy will listen to you. Tim says And if Jared wants it too then boom. Tim says I’m not getting involved. Jared will have to make a deal with Maddy. Cass says if she does ask for your advice then give it. Tim says its just such a risk to put anyone up next to Kelsey. She’ll put Nikki up. Cass continues to talk about it. Tim says he doesn’t really want to talk about it.

Big-Brother-Canada-4 2016-04-09 15-52-05-040

7pm Havenot room – Cassandra tells Kelsey that the only way she stays in the house is if she is up against Raul. Kelsey says that she can’t push for that. Cassandra says I need to act like I am done with you and I’m on board with Maddy. Then I tell her the only way to get one of the three (Jared/Kelsey/Raul) out is to have two of them up. I’ll tell her that I’m done with Kelsey and that I would vote you out but I really wouldn’t. Right now the target is on you and we need to take that target off you and put it on Rauls back. All I’m doing is planting the seed, I’m the gardener! All we have to do is make sure you stay this week. We have to be strategic. Don’t talk to Jared about this. Some times he has a big mouth and if they get wind of this then I’ll be up on the block.

Big-Brother-Canada-4 2016-04-09 16-03-46-949

7:10pm In the HOH room – Ramsey puts a bunch of condoms in the covers in the HOH bed.

Big-Brother-Canada-4- 2016-04-09 16-08-21-791

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Let’s see if maddy is smart enough to put up the third member of the third wheel to ensure one goes home.


I’ve been reading on twitter that Peter Brown criticized Mitch’s gameplay on the side show? Doesn’t he know that the twist royally screwed him or is he just blind to see that?


Peter Brown is a loser, i mean is this the same guy who cried when he couldn’t eat bowl of fucking salad and was too big of a pussy to make a big move when presented in his own season, like fuck off with a bowl of salad and go cry some more, idiot.


The criticism was that Mitch overplayed in the week before Kelsey came back.
The other critiscism was that he should have manipulated without trying to pin people against each other because as the dynamic changes people talk.
Mitch got on the radar of the brothers Cassandra and Tim when he did all of Maddy’s campaigning for her. He lost Joel’s trust when he told Joel to take the heat for Mitch’s actions in weeks two three and four.
The criticisms were valid. Mitch was on 1/2 the house’s radar. The targets in the third wheel were no longer Jared and Raul. They’d become Jared and Mitch.
In an under the radar game, being a potential nominee to half the house with the caveat he could win the game, means Mitch overplayed at some point.


Oh sorry forgot about the other Sarah. Actually I really like Sarah she is super nice and does lots for charities even if she didn’t win. Peter ? I don’t care for his personna. I don’t like when he comes out on the side show and yells whatever he does at the start of each show. . He looks like a fool.


Peter Brown in a wrestling fan – can’t you tell? His image of himself is overinflated, fake and may I add really blood curdling. His opinion on anything ANYTHING should not come into the equation. He’s so fuccckcing grotesque surpassing even the Kardashians. Just my opinion but this guy should have been shot in the face last year.


Met and talked to peter brown twice as we live in the same town. His ego is inflated. I served him and sarah from bbcan lunch once when they met up and they were saying how they hate being recognized. Like alright calm down, you arent royalty, you both couldnt even win the game


Sarah DID win the game!


Peter who? Anonymous you sounding off like he does. come on your better than that. he lost because he is an idiot like you say,you can not listen to his shite.
Mitch plain and simple got caught
Dan Gheesling gone wrong!!
God save our Queen!!


I think Peter Brown should go too because i am a bit tired of his “outstanding” opinions on side show. Maybe he should let someone else who had better results in this game such as Neda for instance. I gladly notice that his insolence has gone down dramatically this year, but maybe Production has also played a role in this too.


Peter Brown is lacking so much self confidence that the the only way he can feel good about himself is by making others feel inferior. It’s quite sad. And I agree ac, Neda would be a great side show host. Peter needs to go!


Neda AND Sarah TOGETHER as commentators? Are you kidding me? Having one overbearing feminist on the show is tolerable (at times). Neda would have been a better replacement for Gary & at least she gives men a chance to have their say. Sarah is the worst pick they could have made. She’s just so gross I just want to punch her.I’m sick of her being totally overrated as a player. But that’s what happens when a winner is pre-picked for her feminine-nazi political statements.

This is the year of globalism politics- and who do we have on BBCAN4? – Internationals. Wouldnt surprise me if they push the Muslim to win and state “its a religion of peace” (not) so all the dummies swallow up the political winds shoved down our throats


Wow, with comments like that you must be an American.


It’s clear that the only way to get Jared out is to backdoor him…but I’m still proud of the move that Maddy did. It was ballsy. I’m not sure though who Maddy should renom at this point. If she puts up Raul, Kelsey might still stay the way the hgs are talking.

Suggestions anyone?


I think Raul going is the best thing for anybody who isn’t part of the trio. If Kelsey stays, than the showmance will be a huge target. If Kelsey Goes I think people will think Jared is little more expendable and may think he would be willing to cut ties with Raul which could ensure both of their safeties. But if Raul goes than I think that one of the two stand a greater shot at leaving next week.


To be fair, Raoul leaving is the best thing for 2/3 of the 3rd wheel as well! 😉
Sure, Kelsey leaving would have probably been even better for Jared, but for Jared and Kelsey, Raoul only accomplished 1 “good” thing, which was win HOH and pull their move: put Mitch up – a move that didn’t benefit him at all. And it only became their move because he was so eager to screw them over by going to Mitch with Kelsey’s information.
Otherwise, Raoul has only been a boulder attached to their feet: rude bordering obnoxious (guilty by association – well that’s true for Jared, Kelsey isn’t far off on the biatch department), selling them out several times (to Mitch: Kelsey told me…; to Cassandra: Kelsey told me she saw you on the feeds telling people “Raoul and Jared” all the time as a reason to keep Dallas,…), making deals with others (F2 with Mitch; saying he wouldn’t use the POV on Jared if he won,…)
With all those pairs (or perceived pairs) in the house, him leaving means Jared and Kelsey will be just another pair among many.

Given how many times Jared has told Kelsey “stop! stop it! enough!” when she’s been consta-ranting about Maddy these past days, he has to know she’s portrayed as the mean high school biatch she is, and he has to be praying that she somehow gets evicted next.
Today, he was lounging with Tim/Nikki/Ramsey/Phil in the bedroom, having a nice chat, and she came it, sat on his back, massaged him for a minute, then told him “come sit alone on the couch with me!”. She’s literally tearing him away from having social interactions with anyone. He’s an idiot for allowing her to destroy his game, but I still kinda hope we do get to see the social Jared again we saw when Kelsey was gone.


Like Maddy, Raul hasn’t had ANY game this year at all. Apart from being closely connected with Jared , Kelsey and , a little bit with Mitch, he’s showed nothing to us. He will sink in anonymity as soon as the show is over and we will never hear of him .

qween kass

oh no!!! maddy plz put raul. it will be so good that he will go home 🙂
if its nicky :
remsey. joel. timm and the brothers will vote kelsey out so.. not that worried.
omg jered go home already!!
you can take maddy down first .


Man…learn to spell properly donut.


I figured Jared would win. Hope Raul goes up on the block and gets kicked out the door, but i’d be ok with Kelsey going as well.


Hope it’s Raul, so Mitch could say ‘I told you so’.


It will be interesting to see how this week plays out. Let’s hope maddy makes the right move and puts up the third member of the third wheel raul.

If all three survive and if in the next week or two a triple eviction happens and one of them win than they have a good shot at steamrolling it to the end, especially if they get rid of all the stronger players.

sunny dee

best of the worst case scenarios is having a nom win the POV, rather than raul win it and use it. maddy will probably put up one of her solid voters, like nikki, leaving 2 voters (jared and raul) out to vote to keep kelsey, so lose one, and guarantee two are not going to vote how you want them to vote. of course not ruling out jared or raul or both voting out kelsey anyway

this resolves maddy’s little issue of how does she make sure jared doesn’t get voted out 🙂




I had a feeling that Jared would win the Veto, even though I wanted the noms to stay the same. What can’t this guy do?


What can’t he do? He doesn’t seem to be able to do humility, honest self-reflection, or good sportsmanship.


Love him or hate him all you want. Dudes a comp beast and no one is close to him in terms of comp skill


He will be targeted non stop just as Frank (BBUS 14) or Donny or Franky (BBUS 16) were and he finally will get evicted. Being a “comp beast” is helpful especially when you do need to win, but if you win too much , you get by until one day when you fail and…certainly go home.


Come on. You can’t be serious. Just look at who he was competing against for the veto. Kelsey/Maddy/Cass/Nikki and Raul, from his alliance. It would have been an embarrassment for him if he hadn’t win it. But from what we know of him so far, he’ll go around thinking he’s the best. I want to yell so bad “yo Jarred. Listen to Tim McGraw’s song Humble and Kind, you might learn a few things”.


Mitch would most likely have still been in the game, we’re it not for the BB twist. To me the whole intrigue of the game is outplaying, outsmarting, your fellow houseguests. He did that very well . Just wish there would be a season with no twists or outside help.


Ahh, but the moto of Big Brother has always been Expect The Unexpected and twists have always been part of every version of the game I’ve ever watched (US, UK, Canada, and Australia). As a huge fan of the show, I do admit I get tired of the twists sometimes too – especially when the result in a negative outcome for a favorite player LOL!


The problem was the ladies got to see so much. Yes, expect the unexpected like hidden veto’s, Canada’s vote or assistance. BUT tell me Dan Ghessling or Dr. Will win their seasons if on week 5 someone returns with knowledge of their under cover actions! Derek would’ve been toast lol

BB is best when it’s small twists or something to shift power. To have Kelsey/Love be able to see everything non-stop was beyond a twist it was game changing to the nth degree IMHO.


BBUS 17 didn’t “excel” by twists and we loved it (the lack of them) ! Let them (Production) play the game without interference and we definitely will see who is really the best. I cannot forget how Bruno got evicted last year and, voila!, Sarah won! She was very lucky, whereas Bruno was the opposite. It’s a shame.


No, Bruno was nasty and could have took a lesson from this year, adapt. Sara and Britney wanted to work with him. He was so focused on being a bro. Made decisions on a personal level. That’s what got him the boot.

Guy From Canada

Um, all I remember from last year was Sarah and Britney isolating themselves while Bruno played a very mean game socially…….


I personally think the US version is quite fair with the twists, although I know many people disagree with that.

But the CA version does things like the bullshit veto handed to Brittney & Sarah last year when they were certain to go.


The problem I find with the special veto saved Britt/Sarah logic is this: It didn’t actually save Sarah that week. Sarah won veto before the secret veto in the have not room thing. The twist saved Britt and Godfrey. Let’s not forget that Godfrey was the second recipient of the safe necklace. For some reason everyone seems to forget that if Britt had only saved herself it would have been Godfrey out the door.

Guy From Canada

And the fact why Godfrey didn’t win the twist, and it still benefitted him is why I think he is the best player who as entered the BBCAN thus far. My 2cents, but hey everyone has their favorite 😉


I’d like someone to remind Peter brown if he hooked up with topaz he would have had a better chance, he didn’t want to “adapt “. That’s the positive in this season it’s an adjustment every week. Really telling if the cast this year, so many cannot pick a favorite. I hope non of them get called back to future seasons. Maybe Mitch or Joel.


Anyone know anything about Maddy being a singer? Tim was telling Cass about listening to Maddy’s song on the iPod in the HOH and he liked her vocals. Later, Tim was telling Maddy and Ramsey how much he liked Maddy’s song and Maddy said she didn’t think it was that great. I’d kinda like to hear the song even if I can’t stand Maddy.


I’m wondering when Side Show will replace Peter Brown? He’s very unlikable and not even fun to hate. Just irritating. Emmit would be much better to look at.


Peter is playing a character and until they find someone with a strong male personality Peter is better than having 3 females; sure he’s over-the-top and no – he didnt win BB BUT he’s better than having a boring male. What they need is someone who will overpower Sarah’s twisted hateful feminist statements – she’s the real headache IMO


Can’t wait until Kelsey get’s her goodbye messages. She was an evil vitch who disguised herself so well and got away with every action, every move, every meal, that it was HER;S ,,,I want this bitch gone like yesterday…she’s constantly taliing about Maddy to the obsessive degree and Maddy is focused on the prize. Take Kelsey out with her fuccckcing finger in the mouth chronic persona.


I love this site but something changed this year …. The amount of comments seems down. Does it mean l’m right, don’t have a life, or it’s just this season? Be interested in your comments.


I noticed it too but I assume the ratings are slowly dropping year by year for BBC.


Actually the rating has gone up big time . Source : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Big_Brother_Canada (Series details and viewership)

Series details and viewership
Season Average viewers (in million)
1 0.671
2 0.667
3 1.120


I think it’s a combination of things. The cast isn’t very likable. Simon & Dawg (who are awesome) are
posting more video’s this year and some people have commented they prefer to read updates, so I assume some people aren’t watching the vids. And the show is just at the point of make or break right now, as most seasons it picks up when jury starts. Then when double/triple evicts happen it could get more interesting BUT AGAIN this cast on a whole is very high school cliche.

I’d love it if BBC & Robin who does the casting would figure out true BB fans would prefer a cast more
similar to Survivor with various age groups. If they don’t correct that issue I’m afraid the show will just
continue to plummet in the ratings. Even BB US has been that way the past couple years. It seems they pick a bunch of young kids who look good, but for the most part haven’t even seen Big Brother. And the
categories are almost always: a jock, an egoist (over confident), a nerd, a princess, a Mom (or Dad), a true BB gamer, the girl next door, a naive girl looking for a showmance, a bearded fella, one or two gay people, and cultural diversity. Canada does the latter two categories well generally with good representation. That said you can watch the first night and check off each category.

What they should do since they started with 16 people this season is put in 4 twenty somethings, 4 thirty somethings and 4 forty plus somethings. That would make the show more interesting as it wouldn’t be this group of kids who on a whole are looking for fame and end up acting like spoiled children.


For me, this cast isn’t interesting. To put it nicely.
It’s hard to watch when there’s no one you really like.
I rarely watch the TV show anymore and just visit this
site to see whats going on occasionally
As a BB fan I am very disappointed in this season of BBCAN
I would say it is due to a major casting fail!
The only thing that would save this season for me is that
Tim the Australian wins BB Canada
(Unfortunately, I don’t think production would ever let that happen)
I really liked BBAU but its been canceled … go figure?
I didn’t and still don’t like Tim …
but, Tim winning would be a great ending to top off this failed season


Hope Maddy puts up Raul or Nikki, both are soooo boring and hard to watch.

Willy from Halifax

Although Casssandra is not quite as foul mouthed as Season 2 Sabrina, she is every bit as irritating and useless. How these people make it past start of jury is beyond me but it happens every single year and is the single most frustrating thing about Big Brother for me. It’s just hard for me to accept that it is a winning strategy, but look at the facts.

Guy From Canada

This year in BBCAN has been weird in general. Its just a house full of mean spirited people. Like entitled mean asshole running the show. Maybe its a lack of super fans, or casting errors. Maybe they casted completely opposite of last year and it resulted in a season of people I don’t like or even want to relate to. So there are a lot of people who are “Sabrina” like in this jury….minus Christine, she was a HELL of a bitch on the feeds.


Jared won pic who do I think maddy will put up next to Kelsey


Let the games begin


Maddy MIGHT have considered putting up Joel or Nikki but Tim/Cass/Bros have done a great job of playing like Kelsey has to leave and planting seeds. They’ve told her it’s probably a dbl eviction so Joel would have a better shot at winning HOH (reason to not put him up as the pawn) & that Nikki may ask to leave to join Mitch. Which would jeopardize all 3 of TTW staying. She has an affinity for Tim (who btw perfectly played to her ego saying ousting one of TTW members would make her the front runner to win), so I doubt she would risk that. Plus they told her having Raul on the block ensures Kelsey doesn’t get 2 votes so it cements the votes she needs.

To cap it off Raul really messed up by TRYING to play the game by saying Kelsey wouldn’t necessarily
target Maddy. Um.. yeah okay. That not only told Maddy he was intent on keeping her, but made his
reason to go up greater. He was terrible trying to sell himself saying he wouldn’t have cared if Mitch stayed when Maddy knows he was freaking out b/c of the conversations Raul had last week to make sure Mitch left & POV wasn’t used.

Then to top it all off he has been ridiculous today hiding brownies in his bed so others can’t eat them and just tonight he denied having the honey to Nikki (and it was found in his bed).

All this did was ensure his spot on the block and now he’ll join Mitch in jury. It’s somewhat fitting as Mitch did try to reason with him but Raul wasn’t having it. He’s done nothing to make Jared/Kelsey feel like he has their backs moving forward saying things like I wouldn’t use the veto if I played/won it & I have to take care of my own game. Now Jared who might have kept Raul will vote to keep Kelsey as will the brothers, Joel and Cass. Even if Ramsay, Nikki & Tim vote the other way (which they prob won’t) Kelsey will be safe.

Maddy & Ramsay are in for a shocker come Thurs night & on top of that there will be the audience
interaction. Personally I’m hoping Canada gets to pick the noms or who gets to be HOH. How funny would it be if Canada picks Nikki. That would really let the hamsters know they aren’t that entertaining.

Curious who people would vote to put up if they had that opportunity… Would it be Jared/Kelsey? Cass/Bros? Maddy/Ramsay or a combo of those 3. I’d say Nikki, Tim and Joel would be the only for sure safe players if I had to guess.

Personally I’ve had a hard time gravitating to any one individual for any length of time other than Mitch. I’ve vacillated over Tim, Nikki (just for pure entertainment) and Joel as well. I’ve even had moments where I can appreciate Cass (especially when she is showing loyalty to save someone). That said, I’ve found it hard to
really form any true affinity for anyone so I guess if we voted for who goes on the block I’d lean toward Jared & the Bros or Ramsay just so there would be someone who could possibly beat Jared in the POV and he could leave.

There are a ton of players who display negative traits, but I find Jared the most annoying. He yelled at Raul to put Mitch on the block & now he’s saying he can’t be trusted. He’s even turned on Kelsey at times. The fact he thinks everyone should play the game just for him to win & that he’s the only one who should be
allowed to lie or have multiple alliances annoys me. Worse is how he speaks about people in the house
referring to women so negatively or his housemates as rats, or disloyal. He’s made deals with everyone in the house and lied to everyone. And I’m fine with that BUT then OWN IT.

When he says I can’t stand being in the house with these “nasty evil people” or “we are the only good
people” the hypocrisy is palpable.

So yeah, I’d pick Joel probably as HOH (or Nikki if I was feeling sassy) & I”d pick either Jared & the Bros or Jared & Ramsay so there was quality competition to ensure Jared stayed on the block and left.

How about you?


The scary part is bb never does what we think they will do … So who knows what the vote will be. I’d like to see Ramsey and Jared on the block. One from each side of the house or Kelsey (if she stays) and maddy. The others will have to pick a side.


so. who would vote out Raul over Kelsey given the current amount of information the house guests have right now: Joel (targeted by Raul), Cass (mentioned targeted by Raul, doesn’t know Kelsey is suspicious too), brothers (phil prefers Kelsey not knowing he’s one of her targets yet), Jared ( thinks Raul won’t play by Jared’s rules). add brownie issues.
who would vote out Nikki over Kelsey given the current information: Jared, possibly Cass (knows Nikki wanted her gone hampers her ability to solely possess Tim, prefers Kelsey as Maddy’s target), possibly brothers (Nikki flipped vote against brothers in the Dallas vote) possibly Joel (Nikki voted against him). Possibly Raul. Nobody can trust her vote given her history.
who would vote out brothers over Kelsey given current information: Jared, Raul, possibly Cass, outside shot Tim.
who would vote out Cass over Kelsey given current information: Jared, Raul, possibly Nikki, possibly Ramsey, possibly brothers.
who would vote out Tim over Kelsey given current information: none right now, three weeks ago maybe Joel. two weeks ago maybe Nikki.
I doubt Maddy will understand this. She’s drunk on the potential of getting rid of Kelsey. well, actually, she’s just drunk right now. Drunk and sort of stupid right now.


See my earlier post outlining what was going in the house earlier. Though things can change Maddy is likely putting up Raul as per the issues I outlined.

In terms of the Cass situation, Jared & Kelsey have softened on her b/c once again she worked hard to ensure Raul would be the renom (as did Tim & Phil, but Cass sold it the best). Also, Cass explained to Kels she didn’t vote with Jared last week b/c of Raul. Because she was so supportive of Kelsey (likely reminding her of Love and their chats) and promised to take down whoever they chose should she win POV it has fixed everything. With trouble in paradise TTW specifically with their trust of Raul the timing worked out
perfectly with Jared/Kels.

Jared b/c he’s mad at Raul has bought in hook, line and sinker (for now).

Unless something changes after Raul pretty much cemented his nomination it will likely be:
For Kelsey to stay: Jared, Cass, Joel, Bros, Tim & likely Nikki At this point only Ramsay might not keep her.

Also, later tonight Cass and Phil were thrilled Raul messed up with browniegate and how he spoke to Maddy so they were able to say he should go to which Maddy said fine (shocker!).


In a choice between Cass and Kelsey, I don’t think Jared has softened up enough to keep Cass over Kelsey. Think of the image that would present. He is a little obsessed with the ‘I’m a good guy’ image.
While I think both are good with Cass helping Kelsey to stay, I think the moment both are safe, that good will is going to be less noticeable.
But then again I still get the feeling that the production dream scenario has Jared, Kelsey, Cass and Joel in the final four. They are the leading contenders in the people acquainted before the show started sweepstakes, with at least two being recruited to apply by casting.


Ramsey’s a goofball


Is there any more videos for the live feeds


If Cassandra doesn’t trust Kelsey that she keeps her mouth shut regarding the plan of pushing for Raul to go up, then why did she bother to talk to Kelsey about that in the first place? She simply could have kept the thought for herself and go ahead with it. Now i would be very happy for Kelsey to go against Cassandra and push (directly or via Jared) for Cassandra to go up because she kinda deserves it.


i hope maddy puts cassandra up next to kelsey, i’m fine with either one going


Will you be uploading the evening live feeds anytime soon? Thanks

Send the mean girls home.

Has anyone stopped to think that although it would be crazy, Jarred might not use the veto on himself? If Jarred used it on Kelsey and they put Raul next to him, that would guarantee both Jarred and Kelsey would stay in the house. As much as I can’t stand Jarred, I personally think that if he sat on the block next to Raul, Raul would go home. Than again, Jarred isn’t that smart.
It would be smarter to send Kelsey home over Raul though. Yeah ok, he plays all sides and he can’t be trusted but that’s why they should keep him. He’s transparent. You can see right through him. Kelsey on the other hand is more conniving and manipulative, not to mention an all around terrible person. When she took Maddy’s duck it was kind of funny but not really. That’s bullying behaviour. She knew it was precious to Maddy and she took it out of the house to hurt her. A good person doesn’t do that. Frankly, if I lived in Calgary, if be embarassed that that’s where Kelsey is from. She’s a despicable nasty person. She has nothing nice to say ever and doesn’t know when to keep her mouth shut. And seriously what is with her eyebrows? With all the time she spends looking at herself like the vain egotistical trash she is, does she not realize the shape is off and they are wayyyyy too dark for her bottled blonde hair and washed out skin tone? She has too go. Id rather watch Raul the brownie stealer than Kelsey the Wicked Witch of Calgary. I can’t wait until the show ends and Kelsey gets back to normality and realizes how many people across the country dislike and despise her and think she’s a nasty person. Lol It is Big Brother after all, people are watching!