Big Brother Canada 4 Première Episode Spoilers!

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The première of Big Brother Canada 4 is finally here after months of preparation. Last week we learned the identities of the 14 all new cast members, the 4 wild card international fan-favourite house guest choices and a leaked spoiler about Philippe Paquette brother Nicholas also being in the house. At the beginning of this week we finally got to see the newly redesigned house photos and video tour.  If you want to watch the Free Live Feeds and are located outside Canada you can use HideMyAss VPN. Here’s the instruction on how to set up a vpn. It’s fast, secure and cheap.


Weekly Schedule:

  • Wednesdays at 9 pm ET/PT
  • Thursdays at 8 pm ET/PT (eviction episode)
  • Sundays at 7 pm ET/PT


Marsha the Moose is back – popping out of the alter in the havenot room.

The 14 New House Guests Enter the house:

• Group 1: Dallas (1st), Loveita, Maddy, Philippe, Cassandra

• Group 2: Joel, Kelsey, Jared, Raul, Sharry

• Group 3: Ramsey, Paige, Christine, Mitch

Big-Brother-Canada-4 2016-03-02 18-26-18-485

Philippe’s brother Nick enters the house as the 15th House Guest:
Arisa then announces that Philippe’s brother Nick will also enter the house unbeknownst to Phil. When Nick enters the house they both pretend they don’t know each other. Arisa then ruins their cover and states they’re brothers and will act as one house guests. If one is evicted, they go together. If they make it to the end and win, they will split the grand prize. They also only have 1 vote. They will alternate back and forth between competitions. They play rock, paper, scissors for who will compete in the first competition. Nick wins and will play in the first HOH.

Big-Brother-Canada-4 2016-03-02 18-34-08-913

HOH Competition – “One Night Stand”

If they fall off the platform or let go of the rope they’re eliminated.

  • Joel was voted least likely to win so if he isn’t the first one to fall off he will get safety for the week.
  • Nick was voted most likely to win. If he doesn’t win he will be stuck in isolation for the night.
  • Cassandra fell off first, therefore Joel is safe for the week. Joel jumped off second.

Big-Brother-Canada-4 2016-03-02 18-39-10-487

LOVEITA wins the first HOH

Big-Brother-Canada-4 2016-03-02 18-51-16-678

During Tomorrows show two international Big Brother “Stars/fan favorties” aka wildcards are to enter the house. A result of a nation wide Vote.

Big Brother Canada 4 2016-03-02 18-57-05-543

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another production rigged season, oh i can’t wait!


just don’t watch it! Dear lord!


Can’t take valid criticism I see…They have already shown they are doubling-down on production interference. They need to stop the farce that this is Big Brother competitive and go straight to fan voting, so I can not care.

Guy From Canada

This is a different franchise then bbusa. It’s more like a hybrid of bbuk and bbusa. It’s productions job to fuck with the house so we don’t get boring ends like bbusa last three seasons….. But they could do a better job trying to hide it for sure ????


Those brothers sure were dealt a shitty hand…


So Phil and Nick were totally screwed. I’m disappointing that Canada is hurting players games with Twist.
Loveita came out the gate being Naeha 2.0 lol.
Kelsey surprised me. I didn’t think she would win, but she last a long time.
I’m not feeling Joel or his random safety pass for the week. Steve’s brother will be coasting too.
Poor Sharry got pushed accidently, but I’m glad. Sharry and Mitch didn’t need this HOH.


I agree with you on Joel. The only person I truely have no use for atm. That’s pretty good actually. Hard to get much out of the episode. We’ll start getting more with the internationals.. Brit and the Aussie look like the best choices IMHO.


I hear you Stan. I’m so over the “harmless” nerd archetype on Big Brother and Joel is in his thirties which makes it even more grating than Steve.

jace's flat iron

anybody have luck with the live feeds yet?


Feeds don’t start until tomorrow.


when will the live feeds be on?


9pm PST tomorrow




When do the live feeds start? I am in canada and it claims I’m not canadian, and to turn on my location..which I have….strange

Anyone having the same issue?


same problem here but it might be because there are no live feeds yet – will be trying again tomorrow


Why would they tell the rest of the house they are brothers?!?! They don’t even look alike, would’ve been a great twist. Instead they’ve ruined their games. Makes no sense.


BBCAN is essentially a roll of the dice for the houseguests.


That was a horrible job BBCan production did there. If they can’t even play as two separate players then why reveal to the house they are related?

I don’t like when a players game is screwed because of a twist. This reminds me of Eric Stein and Shelly’s screw-overs.


compare to usa production geez!


BBCAN production plays more like the International versions which interfere with the houseguests all the time. Watch some bbuk.


last sesaon bb usa prodiction where were the twist zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


Which International HGs do you feel will bring the most entertainment to the BBCAN4 household?


Nikki she is a nut….love her


marsha the moose there


Very disappointed how BBC ruined the brothers cover, now they are targeted and more than likely will be voted out first. It would have been really neat to see them play this game pretending they weren’t related! I don’t mind twists, but not like this! It’s totally unfair to the players.


Please do not call it BBC….

You can say BBCAN instead.


you never knoew what is hidden undereath the floors!


BBCAN producers needed to do better with this brothers twist. Like really? There is no reason to keep the brothers around. I don’t believe the BS that neither knew.

Jared, Kelsey, and the producers are TRYING me with this BS DR showmance. We get it that they wrre only cast for that reason.

If Loveita screws up this HOH, she will have a short lifespan. She better work the fuck out of this HOH to solidify herself.

I was so heated for Sharry when Nick pushed her off.

Don’t give a flying fuck about the internationals.


yet what yp usa twist kinda boring last season vs canada version


My opinion of the first episode:
Brothers. Don’t care. Easy to vote them out. Why not vote out two alpha bros. when you have the chance? Easy choice if you’re there for the money. Especially knowing they were pretending not to know each other giving a solid reason to knock them out first.
Alternatively, save them, make sure they know you saved them, and make them part of your alliance. Whichever. I’m flexible. See them on the block / Not sure if they’ll go home. Depends on who is playing to win and how they’re playing to win.
Joel is overdoing the geek schtick. That’s going to get old really fast. A 33 year old in musical theatre that’s never opened a bottle of champagne? Ever other cater waiter wannabe star is rolling their eyes. Safe for the week. Thanks to Cassandra not wanting wet hair.
Can’t forget Cassandra with 2 s’s (much as I’d like to). The whole princess thing: way overblown melodramtic and annoying. Next.
The Maddy / Kelsey soon to be brewing drama? Two blondes wanting to rule the roost like it’s last call at the local dive bar. Prediction: One will win by being in an annoying showmance. The other will be bitter until she gets evicted.
Dallas: first guy in the house. sorry about your luck. should have been a gentleman and allowed one of the girls behind you to walk in first.
Loveita: first hoh. not usually a good omen. sorry.
The rest seemed like varying shades of beige so far.


yet you dont know what ids hidden in lockup room like last season!


First week has only been without a crapshoot element in season 2. But season 2 had the three guests in the secret room.
season 1 suzette was hoh because she answered the phone. no comp for hoh.
season 3 no hoh popular vote with no feeds. The Risha effect. no comp for hoh
this year: Tell the house there’s brothers after they pretended not to know each other, as well as having secret house guests not yet introduced.
I doubt anything in the floor boards or hanging from an antler will be put into use until final 8 or maybe it was 7 in previous seasons (bum veto in season 2 day 45ish, floor veto in season 3 day 55ish just after the triple eviction day 48-50ish). But of course there will be some twist that annoys everyone as a production fix somewhere in that time period. It’s to be expected. I’m already preparing myself for the annoyance of that formula.


well marsha the noose there anyways i heard it


do we really gotta follow the leader be like usa version be like borinfg sleepy season no twist!


just rtemeber kevin was the one that found was before any1 else~!


Where are the popularity votes? I like Dallas.Loveita and curly cowboy!! I forget his name. LOL


i am so happy loveita won!!

also i disabled my adblocker for this site 🙂




people will complain bout canada version bb vecause production and twists!do we really wanna follow the lead of usa version and be boring all the time!whjen was last usa version did a triple elimination


I don’t think the triple eviction was an unfair twist. Everyone except Kevin had an equal chance of winning the HOH.

The problem with any twist is when it disproportionally disadvantages players. Twist should hurt/help evening equally. It’s much more entertaining to see how people react to twist.


when was last that bb usa did live eviction?when was last b usa did triple eviction oh ya NEVER!~


BBCAN should put the brake on twists a little bit. It’s OK if they are employed in moderation, but if they go overboard with them, this may spoil peoples’ game and it’s a shame


just don’t watch!


I like the way BB Canada keep it less predictable. BB USA is always about the big jocks and the bimbo girls …. BRING THE TWISTS…. they are entertaining and fun!


I appreciate seeing someone with the perspective that the twists are beneficial. I don’t always agree (especially in the case of instant evictions without pov), but it’s never been a secret that bbcan has twists that alter the game. Love them or hate them they’re part of the Canadian version of the game, I guess. Some of them I’ve liked, some I’ve disliked, but I respect your opinion.

sunny dee

I like the influence the audience has on the BBCAN game, and players, and the fact that after that First Five season group got blown up by Canada’s HOH, players realized they couldn’t just play to the house, they had to play for Canada’s votes as well.

what i disliked most about last year i think was that Havenots did not get any extra food options? i don’t think that is fair or fun, finding out what the wacky 2 extra foods are going to be, or voting on them, is a key part of BB lol

i could care less about the foreigners coming in. I can’t stand any of them, the thought that 2 of them are going to be entering is appalling.

I think the brothers angle should have been a secret to the rest of the HGs, but not to the brothers. by that i mean, that they should have been able to play the HOH, and the Veto, and the nominations and then have to do the voting, and if they got evicted as a pair, and introduce the new twist to the other HGs at that point.

why do it now? people know they get put on the block, and two go out the door. a smarter HOH will not put them up, keep them on her side, and use them as allies, because they are two, and two targets, meaning keep them around longer, and get rid of the uncertain or weaker singles.

Tom Greens Left Nut

I don’t think the bro’s are going home quite so quickly. Arisa eluded to a wild ride for Nick, even giving him the only mic time on stage in the intros. Theres more going on here than their letting on. My guess is more twist to come, probably pulling whatever wild card they need to pull to keep these guys going for a bit until they can establish themselves as not a major threat. Which they aren’t. It’s not like they get 2 votes. Sharing a vote probably weakens them.


Favourites so far… Mitch, Sharry, Dallas… And unexpectedly… Christine! I want to see +35 year old to school the children for a change.

Guy From Canada

You mean +45 win it…… ????


When reading the bios and listening to their introduction clips on the episode something strikes me. Approximately a third of the comps are memory / puzzle / mental. Why wouldn’t house guests prepare for that? Beyond Paige trying to figure out how many seconds minutes and hours there are only to conclude time is hard.
If someone was going on Survivor, it would make sense to know how to swim. They have swimming comps almost weekly.
If someone was going on the Amazing Race it would make sense to know how to read a map and maybe to drive stick.
If someone was going on the Bachelor it would make sense to be a human mattress.
Not preparing for mental, physical and endurance comps when going on big brother seems stupid to me. Yet half the cast says they’re worried about mental comps because puzzles and memory aren’t their thing. That’s half the cast willing to lose at least one third of the competitions at any given time. That means for 1/3 of the game they are willing to put their fate in the hands of somebody else because they lacked preparation. Sure, comps aren’t everything, but why limit yourself from the beginning?
I just don’t understand.


As far as the brothers go, they go in to the game knowing a twist can come along at any moment and change their game plan on a dime – no guarantees. That’s why it’s called a game – you must adapt on a minutes notice , quick thinking, week by week day by day. That’s what BBCan has always been about and they all know that going in to it. So quit whining about how production screwed them. You should all be focused on how Phil was a total A-hole to his brother for losing the challenge afterwards. and it was a hard challenge. You never know there may be something down the road where they win some special power that eventually let’s them play as individuals if they last that long! I am looking forward to this Season a good start so far and I like this cast!


I just hope Gary and Peter have been evicted from their ‘jobs’. They are painful to watch.


Gary has been replaced by Sarah of bbcan3. You got half of your wish.


Gary should have been removed long time ago…by Neda, for instance

Guy From Canada

So it’s Peter and blond Peter running the side show…..awesome. At least it’s only 30 mins long ???? Maybe another twist this season is to have Gary voted back into the house…..again….

eastcoast fan

Sarah, I don’t know what she will bring to the table, maybe how to cry or get twists that are to your advantage. The after show should have different former housemates each week. Adele would be fantastic and so would Ika. I would love to see some of the hated houseguests return as well. Shake things up.


boy did they screw those brothers over. if they make it past the first couple of weeks good on them


The house looks fantastic! Really like the cast this year, and as always I appreciate the diversity. My favorites are Maddy and Christine…what was Kelsey thinking with that dress, she looked like a pornstar.


If I was into conspiracy theory and looked at the situation with the brothers objectively, I might assume that the production “screw over” was actually an attempt by the show to make a personality (Phillipe) that has already been compared to season one Tom, season two Andrew, season three ginja ninja into someone that the Canadian public might get behind and support. Canadians love an underdog, so let’s make one being the prevalent line of thought.
They have been in the house for six days, not one day. With that in mind, even if they are in solitary for one day and get nominated, they still have the power of veto and five days to campaign and turn people on to their side; or against the person they are on the block against. That’s not an impossible task. After surviving what the viewers would see as production trying to ruin their game, they end up with two beefy telegenic boys that that can be heralded as this year’s underdog superhero and sidekick all wrapped into one.
A possible case could be made that they are making the person that was already beginning to be viewed as the villainous douche into the guy everyone wants to see rise up through the ranks if they can survive week one.
If I was into conspiracy theory, that is.


yet some busted last BB usa twins~


If the TV listings are correct someone’s getting voted out tonight. Let’s guess HOH noms 2(both guys my guess). Then POV…… maybe or perhaps no POV and straight to a vote which is less likely. Production also needs to find time to introduce the international choices. The editors have a jammed packed hour. Most likely Sunday the earliest we’ll see the internationals enter on TV. Friday after HOH is when I figure they enter in real time.
House is growing on me a little. The big dining table is inconsistent with BB evolution. Meals tend to be small groups making what they want and sitting at the stoles at the counter. Don’t think there is a “Joe” in this group to cook big meals daily. I see a lot of cereal, frozen pizza and protein powder in the HG’s future! 😛
I hope we start getting into the “meat and potatoes” of BB. Live feeds should help getting underlying facts. I sure hope were not in for a 10 person alliance scenario. With a girl first HOH it will be interesting to see if a girl alliance formed. Lastly hoping Christine(47) wasn’t evicted 1st. 1 mature player might make for some interest early.


Maddy, Cassandra, Kelsey and Paige all mentioned showmances in their introduction videos. Cassandra and Kelsey both mentioned showmances as strategy.
Maddy has already stinkeyed Kelsey as her competition. In diary and in every screencap she’s already giving mad face.
The idea of a girl’s alliance this year seems like a dead fish one episode into the season.