Big Brother Canada 4 – VIDEO House Tour of the BBCAN GRAND!

BBCAN GRAND BIg Brother Canada 4 house
Today we get the first look inside the Big Brother Canada house where the house guests will be competing over the next couple months for the grand prize. This seasons house theme is that of a casino / high-end luxury hotel. The host of Big Brother Canada Arisa Cox takes us on a tour of the newly redesigned house.
Arisa Cox:

Welcome to the BBCAN GRAND where all the high rollers come to play! Imagine a high-end luxury boutique hotel in Abu Dhabi meeting the bright lights of Vegas!

In the tour we get a look inside the “High Roller Room” – “where so many risks will be taken this season”, head of household room, 2 bedrooms for more scheming, bathroom, night club / disco-themed hot tub area; the indoor pool area, workout area and the pool table.
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Which Big Brother Canada season has had the best house design/theme?
Big Brother Canada 1
Big Brother Canada 2
Big Brother Canada 3
Big Brother Canada 4

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Finally using that small hidden room from season 2 for something sensible. Also they should have walled up the pool area at the backyard end leaving only one entrance from inside the house.

Mr. Efficient

Good idea to move the washer & dryer indoors. Now they’re not stuck during lockdown


I’m really liking the theme this year. I wish the US version had a bigger house. The more area the better so people can sneak off to talk game. It’s so crowded in the US house you’re either in the bedrooms, the room by the bathroom, the storage room, or the HOH room every year.

Pinocchio Obama

I agree Hann. A bigger house would cut down on all the whispering too.


Does anyone out there know if Hide My Ass works on a tablet and if so, is it worth the cost of using it? Also, can you use it through a Roku?


Thanks for the link, Dawg. All signed up and ready to go. See you tomorrow!


Nothing says Canada like Abu Dhabi meets Vegas…?… I’m sensing a theme of trying too hard. Shiny though.


It is BBCAN After all.


Guess a casino is perfect for those moments when the powers that be change the game as we’ve come to expect from BBCAN? “We told you from the outset the house always wins.” Hopefully with all the shiny objects we won’t see orange “shhhh it’s a secret” screens as often? Or at least not every time they plan on including something in an episode? Or open a beer?


The house looks nice, but they should have used that money for a bigger prize.


Makes you wonder: are the international professional reality show participants being given the same per diem? There’s money that could have gone to the prize.


bring it on tonight i hope HK tons ratings

sir peanut

Yahoo!! I’m happy about a pool table. Can they get an indoor game too, like air hockey?