The Big Brother Canada 4 House is HEATING UP!

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The 15 new house guests have been living in the big brother Canada house for six days now and they’re still getting to know each other. However, things are already starting to heat up with Dallas, Kelsey and Cassandra. In the sneak peek video below the house guests are relaxing in one of the bedrooms and Dallas is cuddling up to both the girls. From the sounds of it Nick and Phil are getting a little jealous of the attention Dallas is getting and they suspect it has something to do with his beard. It might not be quite as cozy after tonight’s eviction episode as the game is about to get a lot more real!

Who do you think Loveita nominated for eviction?
Who do you think will be the first house guest to be evicted?

The Big Brother Canada 4 Live Feeds start tonight!!! Are you ready??
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Anyone else think the girls are gonna get catty this year? I mean, that happens every year, but I can see Cassandra, Kelsey, Maddy and Paige going at it.
Also I like Loveta but pls chill, don’t pull a Naeha


too bad paige is evicted :((((((


Surprising that 2 girls that plan to use their looks as their primary strategy have found themselves a Jethro Clampett to friend zone flirt with in order to keep them safe. Well no, surprising that it only took six days. Well no, surprising that anybody is jealous at all. Fine it’s completely expected.

Pinocchio Obama

Love the Jethro reference. 🙂


Look forward to another great season of recaps by Dawg and Simon, congrats…

BTW is normal on the first week of BBCAN that they send a house guest home? I think I remember one season they did that but did’nt they usually have a full week first?


They’ve already been inside a full week. What you saw last evening was taped. Tonight is live.


I’m wondering what’s the point with delaying the live feeds by one week? It makes no sense


That’s live”ISH”.


The Global site doesn’t list Twistos as a sponsor anymore, Just the Brick. Does that mean no more twistos twists? Or are they just going to throw bricks at them?

Guy From Canada

I literally laughed out loud at the brick throwing…….maybe made of foam?


Bricks – LOL – Maybe. But I think Arisa mentioned “wildcards” on last nights show. Maybe that will be the “mot du jour” (for 2016). Who knows.


I am just guessing based on the footage, but Raul might be nominated. He’s definitely playing in POV bc the BBCAN app shows him playing in the POV. Plus, in the clip, he is allllll the way at the far end of the bedroom sleeping (you just see his feet next to Jared), instead of socializing w the others. I assume the brothers are the other nominee as they seem like the obvious target, maybe not… It could also be Maddy as she did not seem to get along well with girls.


Dallas seems to be integrating nicely.

Hard to tell from the clip, but I’m guess Phil and Nick aren’t nominated.

Judging from her pre-season interviews I think Loveita may nominate at least 1 girl if not 2.

I am getting strong Naeha vibes from Loveita. The wheels look like they’re turning. I wonder if her and Joel are aligning…


Not sure of how correct they are, but if the spoilers i’ve read in the last 15 minutes are true, i’m interested to see how the cards fell in place.
Of no surprise: the identity of the two entering internationals. NO surprise AT ALL.

Guy From Canada

I just read the spoilers as well. Didn’t see that one coming and I really wanna see how it plays out too!


Dawg, Simon what’s the etiquette for posting spoilers in the comments (or not)?


Spoil away 🙂

Kenneth Chow

Ok…I’ll be the one to say I hate the result…Loveita basically nominated the “easy” people and we are in a season where guys are targeting girls and girls are targeting girls…boring… And it was the most harmless and useless person to get rid of too…STUPID…I would have preferred the other one to go …


These girls (every season there’s a few), make us Canadian girls look like skanks. Cassandra is nauseating and not as pretty as she thinks. Dallas isn’t exactly a girl’s wet dream so this is ‘super-skanky’ in my opinion.


Agreed, but the “Super Skank” is totally Kelsey…


Adblocker removed, because I <3 you guys so much, and my life is just plain better now that you're back. Cheers to another amazing season of BBCAN! 🙂