The UNEDITED UNCENSORED Big Brother After Dark Nightly Segment Moves to TVGN


This season for Big Brother 15, the Big Brother After Dark live feed segment that has air on CBS’s sister network Showtime 2 (SHO2) since it was first introduced during BB8, will now air on TVGN (TV Guide Network) which is also owned by CBS Corporation, along with Lionsgate.

The Big Brother After Dark is an unedited / uncensored 2 hour live feed segment that airs on TV to compliment the weekly episode and to entice views to sign-up for the Big Brother 15 live feeds. The 2 hour live feed segment will air nightly starting at midnight on the June 26th première.

Brad Schwartz, president of entertainment and media stated that:

“BIG BROTHER is one of television’s longest-running reality series with a loyal audience, and we are excited to bring BIG BROTHER: AFTER DARK to TVGN where fans can watch all summer long.”

“When the sun goes down and the cameras are still rolling, some of the best reality TV moments come to life, and we expect this season of Big Brother: After Dark to deliver more jaw-dropping action available only on TVGN,”

The CBS Big Brother 15 premiere episode will air in less than a month on June 26th, 2013!
As usual there will be three weekly episodes with a slight change to the days from previous seasons:

  • Tuesdays (9pm – 10pm, ET/PT, beginning July 2nd)
  • The Live Eviction show hosted by Julie Chen on Wednesdays (9pm – 10pm, live ET/delayed PT, beginning July 3rd).
    • On July 17th the Wednesday live eviction show will move to 8pm – 9pm, ET/PT.
  • Sundays episode will air at (8pm – 9pm, ET/PT, beginning June 30).

Source: TV Guide

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20 thoughts on “The UNEDITED UNCENSORED Big Brother After Dark Nightly Segment Moves to TVGN

  1. I am so disappointed that After Dark is moving to TV Guide Channel. My cable provider dropped that channel about 6 months ago, with no intentions of bringing it back. :(

  2. Well that sucks… I’d rather watch it on Showtime than seeing it on a channel that shows what else is on to entice us to change the channel.

  3. this is actually better for me i don’t subscribe to showtime and i do have the TVGN channel so i get it for free… YES !!!!

  4. This is a Blow to BB……TVGN is a clean basic cable channel…that means…No Nudity….No Curse words…. No more Sex scenes…. No More NOTHING…it will be pre-taped and edited for the clean channel….Oh dear, im Praying that the Live Feeds will continue to be LIVE and this is Not the end of BB…. :-(

  5. Sounds like CBS is scaling back on production of BB. I hope though that TVGN doesn’t change the format of BBAD, always liked how BBAD tries to focus on the people talking gameplay/strategy.

    1. Maybe when the time gets closer to BB15 starting try and talk your cable company into giving you a free preview of the channel.. tell them you need 3 months to really test it out to see if you want it ;)

      Worst case the BB15 live feeds are cheap only about $10 a month and you can watch 24 hours a day of the live feeds and flashback to the drama instead of only getting 2 hour nightly segments of the live feeds that could be boring.

  6. Blah. That means it won’t be as unedited as before. Plus the scrolling is very distracting and I don’t believe my provider broadcasts TVGN in HD like Showtime 2 is.

  7. I don’t think it’s correct to say BBAD is “un-edited and un-censored”.

    I watched every one of the BBCanada after dark episodes and it was apparent that it was being edited. First of all someone is selecting what timeslots to air, and it is not continuous action from start to finish so someone is editing the video.

    As for uncensored, well the times Jillian and Emmett were in the shower, it was clear that someone was directing that no skin be shown. Plus BBAD almost never showed the nightcam bedtime action.

    BBAD is not something I am likely to miss even though I don’t think we get that TV Guide channel in my part of Canada.

  8. Dawg, you stated in your post that the BB15 AD segments on TV Guide Network will be running *two* hours each night!!!! Is that true, or was it a typo? For as long as I can remember, Showtime 2 ran BBAD for *three* hours each night; usually Mid-3AM EDT, except on CBS live eviction nights, when BBAD started and ended one hour later. Are we really getting one hour less of BBAD each night this season? (Hope you and Simon are resting up good now, for the grueling, marathon BB15 season coming up!)

    1. Hey Jim,

      Unfortunately, they have reduced it from 3 to 2 hours. I wish it was a typo too! I know how much a lot of the BB fans love BBAD so its unfortunate it is being moved to a new network that many do not have, in addition to being shorter. For me I much prefer watching the live feeds and even if I didn’t do this website I would still watch the feeds over BBAD as I dislike how there’s no control over the cameras and being able to watch any time of day.

      Simon and I are both trying to rest up for the long haul which from the sounds of it will quite long this season. Hopefully we make it to the end of the marathon :)

  9. Yea not happy about this. It will be edited like someone above said because it’s a “clean” channel. Some of the most hilarious/odd convos I have ever heard were while watch BB after dark! Now that’s ruined….

    1. Hopefully the feeds are not altered too much. The last couple years the feed service has been decent it’s just the casting/twists that have messed things up.

  10. I will no longer be watching big brother. Not only is it censored on after dark it is also censored on the live feeds. There must be a huge delay so how is this called live feeds? Still some adult language is getting through… Call your cable provider and complain about the bad language on regular cable. Maybe they will drop tvgn. Also go to four chan and ask them to help hold CBS accountable

  11. I’m very disappointed. I’ve been watching it for the last few nights and it is boring as hell. It is also annoying to have the middle of a conversation bleeped. I’ve enjoyed and followed Big Brother for several years but this may be the last year. I don’t know if I can stand to watch the new “edited” version.

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