Big Brother 15’s TWIST involves YOU! America Votes to Impact the GAME!


Today aired the newest Big Brother 15 commercial which gives us insight on what this seasons twist will be and how it will have a big impact on the game. From this most recent commercial it sounds like the fans will get to impact the game one way or another through a voting process. The voting process has been apart of Big Brother since season 6 called America’s Choice or America’s Vote where America has had the ability to impact the game in a number of ways. Having the viewers impact the game through voting is loved and hated by fans but ultimately it is done to get the viewers more involved in the show. Only time will tell what we will get to vote on but traditionally we have been able to vote on returning players, have not food choices, America’s Player Tasks, etc,.

“Big Brother is back with a TWIST SO BIG… “
Julie Chen “We’ll need YOUR help to pull it off!”
“YOU’LL impact the game LIKE NEVER BEFORE!”
Joe Arvin “Thank you America!”
“Julie Chen hosts the season premiere Wednesday June 26th!”

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From the Big Brother 15 Commercial below you can see host Julie Chen in front of what looks to be the newly re-designed Big Brother house.


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Oh gosh, I hope this doesn’t turn into Glass House material


Great…we can say bye bye to the strategic game and get ready for the popularity contest.


What if big brother does not have the twist? The show will be plain and boring? Simple is that.


I don’t mind if Big Brother is like The Glass House I would probley like it:)) Oh and Big Brother has ALWAYS been like The Glass House. Big Brother HAS to have a twist but if my favorite contestant is on the block im gonna be like PLEASE no twist because that right there could send your favorite player outta here but if your favorite player is the HOH for the week please bring the Twist I would love it eather good or bad:)) Good luck to all contestants