Big Brother 15 News and Rumor Roundup Part 2 “More Floaters Please”

Can you believe it? Big Brother 15 is Starting in just 2 weeks!! As the Big Brother rumors run rampant we struggle to determine what’s real and what’s fake. 😉 I’ve been into Big Brother long enough to know whatever Julie Chen, CBS commercials, Grodner, twitter account z, twitter account q, blog A, Blog B etc etc.. say is borderline fiction so take everything with a grain of salt. With that said bring on the crazy rumors!! In case you missed it check out Big Brother 15 New and Rumor Roundup Part 1

CBS Interactive Inc.

Julie Chen tweets

Recently the host of Big Brother, Julie Chen was asked on twitter if there were any “juicy hints or teasers for the upcoming season” and her reply was that this seasons “twist makes it a no-floater summer!” So it appears that the much hated floaters are going to have a difficult time “floating” to the end of the game this year. A couple ways to decipher this:

  1. Could it be that the house guests are rewarded for making big moves?
  2. The house guests are put into teams where everyone has to pull their weight?
  3. What do you think the twist could be to make it a no floater season?
  4. TEAMS?
  5. Non stop twists running every couple days ala BBCAN?

The meaning of floater has become rather muddled since Rachel Reilly told everyone to Grab a life Vest during BB12. No idea of what definition of “floater” Julie Chen is meaning. Her twitter account is probably managed by CBS PR so who knows…


Media Day
Media day is when reporters are asked to spend a day in the new Big Brother house and play a week of the game. For the most part all this shows us is what the house looks like. If we are going to have a leak of the house it’s most likely going to be from one of the participates of Media Day. This year Media day fell on June 10th with the content expected to be released June 21. One participate which we’ve seen in the past and has been pretty good about letting things slip is Matt Whitfield (@lifeontheMlist) from Yahoo. The winner of Big Brother Canada was also in attendance for ET Canada. Jillian stay in the house during Media day will be aired on ET Canada June 21st. One thing to point out Jillian congratulated @ChrisHayner on twitter for “The win” during media day..

The Talk
Every year the ladies from The Talk enter the BB House and participate in a day of BB events. The episode was filmed on June 7th and will air on the June 26th episode of The Talk. If you are a Julie Chen fan check it out 😉

@CornerOffice and @SpoilBigBrother Tweets
For every BB fan there is 5 big brother blogs and twitter accounts pumping out rumors.. Here are some tweets circulating around about the upcoming house layout.
“The house has a contemporary Asian theme”
“Layout is the same”
“white room out of place with only mirrors, bright lights, and a TV monitor” (Sound like the have not room to me)

So far Feeds working from Canadian IP
June 11 the CBS Live Feeds were turned on for us subscribers to view some exclusive content. It also gave us a chance to test out what the new feed interface looks like and whether or not a VPN is needed. As it stands now you do not need a VPN to log into the CBS live feed website and view the content. I ordered the feeds using a Canadian credit card with a Canadian address the only thing I changed was to use an American Zip code the payment went through. They got my money and I was given access to their site. I was then able to log into the live feed website from a computer in Canada NO VPN was needed. Of course this might change when the feeds get turned on on June 26th but for now GREAT SUCCESS!

Dick@Nite is back
I’ve only seen his show during BB13 when it was free and it really was great. Everyone I talk to says the show last year was solid so if you like Dick’s humor it’s worth the 15 bucks.

Latest Big Brother Commercial

OnlineBigBrother IOS App is BACK!
Hey look I actually was able to fix the IOS app! If you like native IOS apps and like our Big Brother Spoilers than give it a look here. Onlinebigbrother is set up this year for full Mobile usage our site has been optimized for smartphone and tablets so if the app purchase isn’t for you than just head to our site and you’ll have the full mobile experience.

If you are going to pick up the live feeds get them from a site you follow during the Big Brother Season. These sites depend on it.

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I hope is a relative of former houseguest contestant.


No returns in ANY form, we had more then enough of them over the past seasons, not even as special host or in a video helping a HG.

Give us once season free of returning HGs


Dude, it’s like survivor of relative vs returning survivor contestants. This will be a family member of former houseguest. If it all new hgs, that would be suck for them.

Beyonce for BB

I hope it’s if you come in last plaste in a comptition you get put up on the block in the HOH nommanate the the second person but it might be teams idk.


Ok? Look at Britney’s face and her sound that was freaky?!?! Lol… In my opinion I actually like the floater’s in Big Brother it would be like Jordan Lloyd from Big Brother 11 and 13. I would actually want it to be like a Big Brother 15 weight contestant’s comp kinda like suzette from Big Brother Canada I think it would be interesting to see a Big Brother contestant’s weight comp it would be like The show called The Biggest Loser and Extreme Weight Loss like them kind of shows if it was like that I would laugh hard because they are fat they cant run when they are fat. Simon Would you want it to be the Weight Comp or something else?? Is it a very good idea to have Big Brother like that or no?? Big Brother lets have something like that a weight Loss Big Brother it would be the same putting up nom’s the veto it would be the exact same as Big Brother just weight contestants that would be cool and it may bring the ratings up you never know. Man I miss Jeff and Jordan already lol. Good luck Big Brother and Simon with this webpage I like it:))


I think the team concept is real, but with all newbies.


Also I’ve heard stuff about 3 people are nominated instead of two, and that the Veto winner has to use the Veto on someone.


Simon/Dawg, as you know, there are two kinds of floaters: 1) Those who throw comps, especially early, to avoid being viewed as a “comp beast”/becoming a target by becoming HOH, having to make noms, and evicti a HG, and 2) Those who do try, but just can’t win. As I proposed last season, a way to penalize floaters for consistently not winning will help the overall BB game, on several levels. BB should hold periodic “Non-winner comps”, say after the third and sixth weeks. If a HG hasn’t won either an HOH or a POV comp, then they must compete with the other non-comp winners. Then, the HG that comes in last in that comp is sent home! Period! This will end the tactic of Dan wanting to bring Jenn City to finals, because floaters like Jenn will be long gone, by that point in BB. That’s my basic premise. AG can tweak it however she wants. Do more of these types of comps. Or less. Ultimately, the HG numbers still need to sync up with the season’s length.

Maybe AG even goes one step further. Don’t just make the floaters go through extra hoops to stay in the house. Is there a way to make the NON-floaters go through *less* hoops to stay? Can AG “reward” them somehow, for being “active BB participants?” Those who win comps. But also those who don’t sleep all day. Production likes *active* HGs. It’s good TV. It’s good BBAD. It’s good live feeds. To me, it makes perfect sense for ratings for Production to try to motivate the HGs, to be more fun and more interesting for us to watch. But how? By issuing BB “POINTS”. They’re everywhere these days. Credit cards. Supermarkets. Start each HG with 50 points. And don’t just reward comp winners (who, let’s say, get 25 points for each W.) Since BB is always desperate to get “America” involved somehow, fine. Throw America a bone. Without mucking up the game. How ’bout have America vote for their “most entertaining HG of the week?” Give the winner 15 BB points. Also have America vote for their “least entertaining HG of the week.” Take 15 BB points away. This part is the slightest bit “Glass House-ish.” But unlike that disaster of a show, where America’s votes carried *way* too much weight, and entirely decided who went up on the block, the points system is *far* less impactful to the game itself. And it keeps the CBS suits happy!!!!!!

Make “BB Points” desirable to have, but not fatal to a HG, if they don’t. For example, a HG can cash in their points, say, to stay off slop for a week. Or get a one week immunity from being *put* on the block. Like the Immunity Idol, since BB reference rumors to Survivor, via Evel Dick, are so hot and heavy this pre-season! But once you cash them in, they’re gone. You then gotta earn more. And AG would surely like to have more control/create a buffer zone, to better protect the more popular HGs from harm a little better. And do just the opposite for the more boring, non winning HGs – somehow make them a bit more vulnerable to eviction. Less points – less options. Less “creature comforts.”

I don’t think these changes would hurt BB’s appeal at all. Just the opposite, in fact. To me, what this mostly does is to force the HGs to *play* more of a pure BB game, rather than have the HGs stay vanilla/boring early, make no enemies in the house, and cheating us viewers from a honest HG dynamics less. I want the HGs to play the game, to do their best, and I want to *stop* watching 75% of the HGs not try to win all the early comps. Maybe give more points to the *early* comp winners, for further motivation.

Just thinkin’ outloud. Anybody else?

Jordan's cookie dough

Hey Simon or dawg why is it ur iPhone app is 1.99 but ur android app is free … What’s the deal????????


Well Jim I have to agree with you The Glass House is JUST LIKE Big Brother but they don’t have have nots or anything like that I loved The Glass House show I don’t think it will be on another season because it had just one season and hasn’t seen season 2 yet so who no’s but I love Big Brother but I thnk I loved The Glass House more because it had more interesting things on there it had the comp’s my only problem with the show was they didn’t have comp’s like what Big Brother has and so 2 people would go down the Glass doors and America had to vote which one had to stay that person would be gone and the other would come up man I miss that show even if it was season 1:( My favorite contestant on The Glass House was Erica Russell she eather came in 3rd or 2nd I really wanted her to win but she lost. Y’all shoulda watched The Glass House it was AMAZING:)) What I like about Big Brother is you come on this website and see whats going on in the house and its free so for me its like Big Brother After Dark and then watch Big Brother on CBS on TV and its like yeah I remember that from the computer lol I love this site Simon:)) Good Luck


Sorry, but the Glass House sucked and I hope there is not a 2nd season.
BB is waaaaaay more entertaining.

Pandora's Box Muncher

I think that I saw a couple of weeks ago that ABC announced that The Glass House has been cancelled. I couldn’t put my finger on it, but there was just something about that show that kept me from really enjoying it. It was alright, but it wasn’t Big Brother.


Simon I tried signing up for so i can view livefeeds but it wont let me as i am in canada….any details to help so i can see livefeeds? I cant recall the name of the site i watched from the past 2 years


its ok Simon…i read one of your previous posts and signed up for the VPN….will be looking forward to your posts and updates next week