Big Brother 15 Rumor Roundup


Preseason Big Brother is always a thunderdome of rumors about the upcoming season. With only three weeks to go we’ve got a nice collection of Big Brother 15 Rumors that has precipitated out of the internets. Take these with a grain of salt regardless of how many reliable sources they originate from. Please add your own rumors in the comments because I’m sure you’ve heard something crazier than the list below.. and don’t forget to vote for Dawg.

All newbies, couples, old peeps/young peeps and lesbians These rumors come from the twitter account @15CornerOffice Why are we caring? random corneroffice twitter/forum account are a BB tradition it’s cutting a tree down to put presents under..
– A HUGE vote takes place before the show even begins!
– Not all cast members will be known prior to the start of the season. In fact, you won’t even meet some until after the first eviction.
– The Jury will consist of 9 people.
– They make age exceptions when somebody in involved in a twist. I.E Daniele BB8
– There will be a lesbian couple in the house.
– My source tells me that there will be a lady and her son in the house but nobody will know that they’re related.
– The youngest house guest this season just turned 18 in February.
– The oldest house guest this season will be 74 years old
– Half of the hg to be above the age of 35 while the other half to be under 28
– 18 House guest to enter with no returnees
– HG enter the house 6/20 and finale is 9/25

Survivor players on BB15 source – @EvelDick
“Survivor people in the Big Brother house this summer”
“ut oh, I have BB production people texting me after I posted the rumor of survivor people being on BB, lmao”

BB15 Commercial “More Twists”

16 house guests and couples source – @SpoilBigBrother
“Definitely all new HGs & some will walk in with relationships intact. But a twist will cause division & rivalry in the #BB15 game.”
“Next week 16 houseguests, including alternates, will have their intros & “hijack” scenes shot at home & will go into sequester for #BB15″

Casting was looking for couples / Family members source – @TheGameSurvivor

During Kassting, applicants have been asked extensively about their significant others, how they met, likes/dislikes, and some were asked to even email pictures of their significant others back into casting. Some have done this via emails and some have done it via phone calls and then mailed the pics in, when not able to attend in person casting calls. Both ways, applicants are being drilled about their significant others. Some even got return calls with follow up questions on their significant others.

Lots of times CBS shows copy each other and with Survivor doing the “Plus One” next season, meaning a returnee plus a loved one, it appears Big Brother could very well be using the same concept but it appears to be with newbies. However, they could add in returnees and their loved ones because all of this info strictly comes from new applicants.

Live audience tickets starts July 3rd source – via Survivor Sucks
“Be in the live audience for Big Brother! The new season starts July 3rd, 2013. Join the wait list now and we will email ticket information on a first-come, first-served basis.”

Random Rumors circulating around

-Simon’s spoiler – Jessie Godderz is picked by random draw to re-enter the house.
-Unknown source – “New BB house with HIGH DEFINITION cameras”
-Unknown Source – Tranny sisters were cast
-Unknown Source – Lesbian couple was suppose to be Nakomius and Lydia but has been changed to Ivette and JoJO
-House guests move into the house June 19th
-Media day is June 10th/June 11th

1) No feeds in Canada unless you use a VPN
2) Early Bird pricing 23.99 for the entire season!! Big Brother Live Feeds
3) Feeds similar to what Superpass offered: Chat, Flashback functionality, IOS/Android Support, Multiple Cameras,
4) June 26th – The Big Brother 15 Premiere airs at 8pm on CBS
5) Afterdark moved to the TVGN and 1 hour less.
6) Big Brother 15 starting earlier and going longer

– Early Bird Special – All sites offer the same deal keep your favorite site open, buy the feeds from them. Available only until June 25th – Our best offer. Subscribe today for full season access beginning June 11th. TWO week early access starting June 11th and ends a month after the finale episode. Get special content and connect with the other Early Bird subscribers for Season 15. Live Feeds begin streaming June 26th. $23.99 / season

CBS Interactive Inc.

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Evel Dick on twitter is claiming that some one from production told him to essentially shut up after he tweeted out the rumor about former Survivor contestants being houseguests this year.


Well that was a lot to take in. LOL!


why did you get rid of your iPhone app? I loved it!! Will you ever bring it back?


Will Canadians accessing the feed through VPN be able to use all the functionality of the live feeds? 4 cameras, rewinds, etc. I have no idea how VPN works. lol


The confirmed Fact that the Premiere on June 26th is now starting at 8pm instead of 9pm as per CBS… :-)


Hey Simon did you hear about the Santa Monica Collage shooting? Five people were dead even the gunman? This world is crazy I am soooo tired of people killing people is disgusting and nasty to hear. Mr. Barack Obama needs to do something about it but I know you cant do anything to stop it because it’s going to happen no matter what but I am really tired of whats going on its sickning to hear and see. Oh yeah since im talking about it is the collage over by Jeff and Jordan’s house in Santa Monica? If you haven’t heard about the shooting look it up online it sounds disgusting.

Canada Wants Live Feeds
Canada Wants Live Feeds

Simon Im looking to get the live feeds through you but I am very uneasy about the whole VPN thing . Can you give me more information about it? Maybe for people like me that find these things confusing you could give a step by step on what exactly needs to be done and also after BB is over how easy is it to cancel VPN


You can try VPN for free just to see how it works… some providers offer free trials.
For example has a free VPN plan with bandwidth limited to 1Mbit. They actually gave me a full month of a premium plan for free when I tried it a couple months back but I’m not sure they still do that.


What channel is TVGN? So, after dark will not be on Showtime?


I’ve already written to CBS about BBAD not being on Showtime. I don’t have the other channel TVGN & ATT won’t be providing it. I don’t want to buy the feeds, 2-3 hours extra each day is enough for me. BBAD is one of the few shows I watch on Showtime which CBS owns too. Please call or email CBS to see if we can get this changed back.


The anticipation is going to make the whole show anti-climatic. Plus, I’m going to be disappointed BIG TIME if even the slightest whiff of old HGs return. That trick is played out. Let’s move forward with something totally new to keep us interested.


If I ordered the live feeds last year, do I need to order them again and was i supposed to cancel anything? I thought it was a one time payment thing.


From what I think:

Season 15 of BBUS is going to be like Survivor. Julie Chen tweeted:

“The twist makes it a no-floater summer!”

Meaning there will be teams like Survivor, so no one is going to throw competitions, or they might get voted out by their team. It can also be the battle of the sexes. Meaning one team is all male while the other is all female.

Power of Veto Corleone
Power of Veto Corleone

Hi Simon, hope you’re getting some extra rest. You and Dawg will be needing it.
Will TVGN be censoring BBAD? Also, any chance of them going to 3 hours?
Thanks….be talking to all you guys soon.


I don’t even get the TV Guide channel. It is not offered in my able service