Turner “You’re going to be here tomorrow. I know where the people’s votes lie.”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Turner
Nominees: Brittany and Michael Ameerah and Terrance
POV Players: Nicole, Taylor, Michael, Brittany, Turner, Jasmine, (Joe is host)
POV Winner: Michael/Brittany
Veto Ceremony: Brittany/Michael us the veto and Turner puts up Ameerah/Terrance
Havenots: Alyssa & Indy

Lock your ranks in before midnight


Festie Besties:

Turner & Jasmine (She’s also safe)
Joe & Monte
Daniel & Kyle
Brittany & Michael
Alyssa & Indy
Ameerah & Terrance
Nicole & Taylor

How Nominations will work: One pair will be nominated
How the Veto Player Pick will work: Turner/Jasmine, nominated pair, and drawn pair
– If one of the pair wins the veto, the other is also safe.
– If the nominated pair comes off the block, Turner would nominate another pair.
– Eviction: One of the pair on the block will be evicted

10:03pm HOH room – Nicole and Terrance.
Nicole – I love you so much! Terrance – its okay. Nicole – no its not okay! Terrance – its okay, its going to further your game. Its okay! Nicole – its not okay because the fact that like I expected you to be here the entire time and the fact that you’re not going to be here anymore .. its like maybe we should have made our alliance bigger. Terrance – its alright. Nicole – I love you so much! Terrance – yeah. I felt it all throughout the day. I knew it .. it was too hard of a battle for me to.. she is a hell of a player and it is just what it is. Nicole – I was just hoping that after all the conversations you had today.. that maybe something would be different and its clear that its not. Terrance – no. Nicole – I know that Daniel and I are devastated. The way we’ve reacted to all of this kind of shows our cards a little bit but at the same time everyone in the house knows that I was your number one. Terrance – yeah. Nicole – and the fact that whatever she (Ameerah) has going on is way stronger than what you and I and Daniel have. Terrance – I know it’s just it. Its just one of them things.. we just couldn’t figure this out. This was the worst case scenario for both sides .. its like f**k. Nicole – I just wish he would have made a better decision if he were going to make the choice if he wanted to make sure he had the numbers if she really was his intended target. Terrance – right. Yeah, well .. sh*t I had fun. Nicole – I learned so much from you… you’re my soulmate in this game! You’re one of my best friends here. And I honestly don’t know how I’m going to be without you here. Terrance – you’re going to thrive and kicka$$ till the end.

10:11pm Storage room – Turner and Michael.
Michael – Nicole wants Ameerah to stay but wants to give a sympathy vote to Terrance. So I don’t know how that plays into everything.. and I think Daniel might want to do the same thing. Turner – well I feel like that is great because then almost 90% of the house will be anonymous and will give a little bit of a f**k up to their group. So if we pull a vote away and they change their mind … we’re f**ked. If we just keep it like that and they give their votes… then no one in the house is going to know where the split is in the house because its going to be a split on our side and their side. It will be like an overlap and they’ll be like what the f**k?! Michael – I think everyone will know that Indy, Jasmine and Alyssa were the three but those three won’t necessarily know.. Turner – oh yeah that will f**k up that group. Michael – it sounds like people on the house side are suspicious of Indy.. like Indy and Monte have something secret going on. Turner – that’s dope! Michael – So if they do stick to that .. like Nicole was almost in tears talking about like Terrance going home .. I kind of do what to say like after listening to you I do want to give Terrance a sympathy vote as well. Would you be okay with that? Turner – so she will think that the only vote for Terrance to stay will be you and her. Michael – I think Daniel might do the same. So in her (Nicole) mind it would be 8-3 for Ameerah to stay. Turner – and realistically it will be.. Michael – 8-3 for Ameerah to go. Turner – yeah facts! Michael – I do think she would be livid with me if I don’t give her the heads up that I’m voting for Terrance to stay. Turner – yeah do that. Michael – Nicole is telling Terrance that he is going home tomorrow. Turner – really? Then he will be real f**King happy when he stays tomorrow.

HOH room – Terrance, Nicole and Turner.
Nicole – so consensus of the house is Terrance is probably going home. Turner – Oh are we allowed to say that on Big Brother!? Nicole – well I am not saying who I am voting for but .. Turner – no, gotcha, gotcha, gotcha! Nicole – so its not going to go in the favour of you.. so I am giving you the heads up because I wanted to be able to talk to him and not give him bullsh*t. Turner – that’s unfortunate to hear. Nicole – I know and Daniel and I are just two people. Turner – of course… how do you feel about that?? Nicole – it sucks because even though she is the largest target in the house .. she has the numbers to stay. Turner – as the strong player would I suppose. Nicole – correct, because she has clearly built relationships with everybody. Turner – Damn, I really don’t know what to say in this instance. Nicole – that’s why I wanted to tell you. Turner – very much so .. I appreciate that. Nicole – I didn’t want you to get blindsided by any means necessary. And they could all be acting like a$$holes just for show and they could still flip another way. Turner – Damn.. is there anyway out of this tunnel? Nicole – I don’t think there is and I guarantee anyone we ask they’re all just going to say they’re 50/50. Turner – are you telling other people this? Nicole – I want you to know that this stays between us. Tuner – oh yeah. Nicole – I hope that we can work together but I am a very level person so if you don’t want to work with me, I totally understand. Turner – no I would want to work with you. Nicole leaves.

11pm HOH room – Turner & Terrance.
Turner – alright if I tell you something you can’t say ANYTHING to anyone. Not to Nicole. If I tell you something, it will f**k my game. Terrance – I know bro! I just don’t trust no body. I literally had a conversation with Michael, Brittany and Taylor and I was like Yo, there is some other sh*t going on inside the house. .. They’re making me feel like I am not going to be here. They were good with me .. we had great conversations about going forward and they were like they want me here. Nicole and Daniel are shoveling me .. that no one wants me to be here and no one is voting for me and like I am sorry big fella. Turner – yeah. Terrance – so in my mind I am supposed to go out there in self defeat and be like hey thank you for having me man and so then people can be like well f**k it, I don’t have to vote for him. You know what I am saying? Like you got me f**ked up! Tuner – don’t tell anyone.. You’re going to be here tomorrow. I know. I am the HOH, and I know where the people’s votes lie. Terrance – they showed their cards. I’ve known their cards all day. Tuner – who’s they? Terrance – Nicole and Ameerah.. with Daniel. How can you tell me that you want me to stay but I just don’t have your vote. That just don’t measure. Turner – oh for sure. Obviously you’re going to be worried because of whatever the f**k that was …which it came from the nicest of places I am sure but BRO when I say don’t stress, don’t stress. And this isn’t something I even said to Pooch. And he was my f**king guy .. and to him I said I am not sure. Terrance – I am not going to act on it. I trust you. I got your back 1 million percet.

11:12pm Bedroom – Nicole and Ameerah.
Nicole – Terrance knows that the votes are leaning to you. Ameerah – okay, how is Terrance? Nicole – He knew. He had a feeling. So I talked to Monte and I was like if everyone is really on board I would really love to throw Terrance my sympathy vote but I want to make sure with you that you feel 100% okay with me doing that. Ameerah – me? Nicole – yeah. Ameerah – is Daniel doing it too? I assume so. Nicole – I assume so but he also doesn’t want to defy you. Ameerah – its not about defying me .. I don’t care about that bullsh*t. Nicole – I just want to make sure you have 100%. Ameerah – that’s what I am worried about. Nicole – do you think anyone would flip their vote? If you’re having hesitations about anyone I will not give Terrance my vote. I will vote to keep you. Ameerah – I have PO’s Pack, and the girls .. the only person I think could be iffy is Brittany and Taylor so even if I lost those two plus You and Daniel .. that would be only four. Nicole – okay but you tell me. I would love to give him a sympathy vote. Ameerah – I feel safe because that’s what people are telling me. Nicole counts out at least 7 votes. Ameerah – okay so as of now I feel comfortable with you giving him your vote. Nicole – you need to tell me tomorrow. Ameerah – okay. How did Turner feel? Nicole – he was like that sucks. Daniel joins them. Nicole explains it to Daniel. Daniel – if you’re giving Ameerah your vote its not worth me risking it too. It should just be one of us. The way he (Turner) f**ked us over (by putting up Ameerah & Terrance), is what I wish we did to him. Its selfish but its done (Nicole already telling Turner Ameerah is staying). It doesn’t matter.

12:05am Havenots Alyssa and Indy are no longer havenots and get to eat real food again.

Bathroom – Monte and Joseph.
Monte – She (Nicole) was like thinking of talking to the girls and then dropping the news on Terrance tonight. And I was like whatever, I don’t care. Your game is your game. Then Kyle and Jasmine were like Nicole came up to Terrance and told him that you and Nicole had a conversation about how all the girls are going to be voting for Ameerah to stay and that Terrance should be out .. and I was like?! Joseph – Nicole said that? Monte – She’s playing dirty BRO! Joseph – She is! She’s got to go! Monte – yeah gots to go! So to me she is target number 1 for next week bro! Joseph – stay away from her. Monte – Yeah I’m not even going to address it. I’m going to talk to Terrance and tell him how the conversation actually went so he doesn’t know to not trust her for saying that. I think I am going to leverage this moment with Terrance and circle back with him to make sure he is reassured that is not how I came off. And that this is pretty much the same way they tried to get Pooch out.. creating the narrative that everyone is pretty much voting one way.

12:25am Bedroom – Alyssa and Ameerah.
Ameerah – Nicole told Turner that Ameerah probably has the votes to stay and then she told us this and we’re like cool. But then Terrance came down and talked to Jasmine that Nicole told Turner … that All the Girls plus Monte are voting to keep Ameerah.. so I am going to have to vote with the house. Alyssa – I knew it. I knew it! Ameerah – she is throwing Monte under the bus. We cannot tell Monte right now. This cannot blow up right now. Alyssa – I knew she was a snake! She was probably the one that went back and said that I was the one getting information for the girls. She’s an actress .. that’s why everything is a lie. Ameerah – do not tell Kyle because he would tell Monte. Alyssa – I won’t. Ameerah – when it comes down to the 6 we’re going to get her out. Alyssa – don’t tell her sh*t. And get Daniel out. I can’t stand Daniel, he is so rude! Ameerah – I can’t believe she did that. Alyssa – I can! I am just glad we have proof now. She needs to get the f**k out of this house. And Daniel, I would rather Daniel go first because he is just rude. Ameerah – we could probably get Nicole to go up as a pawn with Taylor and then take her out instead of Taylor. Alyssa – yeah I don’t trust her at all!

12:43am – 1am HOH room. Monte and Terrance.
Monte – I know my words have been manipulated to fit a certain agenda based off of what I just heard… but I wanted to hear it from you. Terrance – okay. So Nicole asked to talk to me. She basically said that I don’t have the votes to stay. She said I’ve talked to the whole house and I had a discussion with Monte again and I asked him something about the girls. She talked to the girls to let them know that she is going to have a talk with me and you were like I guess you should for optics and so she was like okay cool. She went talk to the girls and said that she was going to let me know that I don’t have the votes to stay. She wanted to tell me to my face and not have a situation tomorrow. Monte – yeah be surprised or whatever. Terrance – I was like okay cool. Monte – the problem is, is that conversation didn’t go that way .. some of those words were said but the way she presented it to you was like I was giving you free reign because I knew some information that she didn’t. Terrance – well she said that everybody is 50/50. If everyone is 50/50, how do I not have the votes, I’m confused. What I got out of it was that her and Daniel are going with Ameerah. Monte – this is how the conversate went.. .she said right now all the girls are going to vote to keep Ameerah. And I said I don’t want to be on the wrong side of things .. if it is the entire house that is going that way, then I am probably going to fall in line. So she said should I go check in with the girls before I talk to Terrance. And I was like I don’t want to be a part of any of this. So then I just talked to Jasmine and asked if she (Nicole) talked to her and the girls. She didn’t confirm with the girls. What’s weird is I thought they were going to throw you sympathy votes. Terrance – if you got me they I 1000% got you.

1:53am Alysssa – All my girls back home, I love you.

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Mentally prepare yourself for a Nicole or Daniel HOH.

No Name

I’ll have to go but a new TV after I throw mine against the wall.

un autre nom

wouldn’t be a shock at all.

L.L. Bean Dip

Is it just me or does Jazmine look kinda hot when she has make up on?


You need higher standards!

Personality is a big factor too and she clearly fails in that department…


It’s just you


Not at all.

Big Jim

better but not hot

Fat ugly and racist

OMG I threw up a little bit in the back of my throat. Dude she could have literal spray paint on her entire gigantic face and would still make me nauseous to even think about ?


She must be looking for her Kermit.

Let’s Play Fair

When is the last time you had your eyes checked? I am from the South and her fake accent is nauseating to hear much less having to look at her face, too!


ya she is a cutie with or without makeup. she has really nice face proportions, eyes – nose – lips. but dayum she need to lose a lot of weight


might be time to find a new optometrist.

un autre nom

Jasmine doesn’t have horrible makeup skills.

Palm Oil's Meds

Jasmine has a pretty face, but her personality makes her less attractive. Same thing with Paloma, Ameerah, and Alyssa. Their jealousy and bitchiness are so gross to me.

Just a viewer


Michael’s Big Schnoz

Her voice is like nails on a chalkboard ….. not a fan


She is really attractive but those Eddie Munster eyebrows need to go…that’s just ridiculous.


Nicole should have never played BB, she has control issues. She’s all over the place, and the way she has been pulling people in and having 1 on 1 conversations, she thinks she’s being slick and nobody is catching onto her bull crap.

She has messed herself up, she’s so much into wanting to know everything, she is making herself look like a damn fool, and I’m loving every minute of watching her blowup her own game. Wait until Julie reads the votes on Thursday night, Ameerah is voted out, Nicole is going to loose it, knowing she and Daniel both have been played like the fools they are.

Everyone is onto her, she’s such a dumb ass, but she thinks her and Daniel are playing the game so well, she’s so stupid and does not realize nobody is giving her information, she has messed up her game. So glad she’s making herself look like a damn fool, because I for one can’t stand Nicole and Evil Dirty looking Elvis.


Can you say Paloma 2 and Frenchie!!!

No Name

Nicole blowing herself up, must be Taylors fault.

New School Twitter Fans Are Sissies

Taylor Stan = Tampons

Palm Oil's Meds

Aww you’re so mad that Taylor is no longer the punching bag of the show. If you were in the house, you’ll act like Daniel or Paloma. You need a hug?

New School Twitter Fans Are Sissies

If Taylor tried to back door Daniel and her HOH got canceled at the eviction because she had a friend leave and Daniel stayed. You all would Cry Wolf & say how they are out to get her !!

People on Crack make more sense than you Because a hug is what you Always need yelling RED how Taylor is a victim when she got a second chance!


I’m offended that you use the word “Sissies” as part of your name.

Simon and Dawg, should that be allowed.


Taylor has more grace and dignity and one little toenail than you have in your entire body. You’re obviously a bully and I don’t like bullies so go away.

un autre nom

earlier when Kyle started to say he was sitting next to Daniel when they announced… and in walked Daniel to stop the comment, I gotta admit, I was sorta hoping to get Production Notes meeting Dirt.
Well, THAT didn’t happen. then i had a sad.

The Leftovers are split on targeting. Kyle wants Alyssa out. Monte and Joe are aiming Nicole now. Britt, Michael and Taylor are Daniel.
They need to figure out this shit. There are seven members.
Seven means no ties if you weed down with discussion of pro and con, and the whole alliance supports the majority decision made logically. THIS was the POS problem week 2. Four members wanted Pooch. Monte was bound and determined to get his way until he couldn’t have his way and made it sound like they had his blessing. By then he’d done Nic’s job for her in terms of breaking the alliance.


If things keep going the way they are leaning, most of the house will help either Dan or Nic pack. Kyle’s just being a bobblehead. Getting rid of the golden goose that feeds you intel and will always vote to save you is silly. that’s juror number 2 talk.

It took 23 days for Jasmine and Ameerah to realize that Taylor and Britt could be good for their brands or outside careers. mmhmm. Both have connections. That’s gotta hurt.

Did both Daniel and Nic start losing their voices today? Looks at my NOPE those aren’t voodoo dolls with tape over the mouth area…. eeexcellent. that’s a Snidely Whiplash moustache twirl with a Muttley laugh overdub.

Oh for GROD’s sake. Jasmine chipped a tooth. AAAANYTHING to get out of being on Slop. Next week: i can’t go on slop y’all, i dun had me one of those immaculate conceptions when I passed out in the last veto comp, pass the chickenwings. She’ll spend days wondering if she should name it Elvis or the Colonel. A week later it will be determined to have been a phantom pregnancy due to an IBS thing… and she won’t be able to go on slop because she’s in mourning for little Elvis…. pass the doritos.


I’m loving life that Cruel Chef and Evil Elvis are hated by Ameerah and Alyssa!

If Alyssa hates them then I know Jasmine will co-sign. Maybe Indy.

Shit I wouldn’t mind Cruel Chef/Evil Elvis going home on a unanimous vote next week!

If only there was an audience to ROAST them as they walk out sullenly to Julie!

un autre nom

I don’t do this often, it scares me even more than Twitter….
I looked at the facebook posts.
When even Episode Only Heather, Becky,Debbie, Brad and allllll 500 member of the Kult of Karens turn….. yeesh.
They’re all shook up, and there’s a hunka hunka burning something… but it sure ain’t love.
If they weren’t nopes… I’d feel bad. Instead I ate popcorn.

Palm Oil's Meds

lol, The hateful karens are like “I don’t like Taylor (for absolutely no reason), but I feel so bad for her. Daniel and Nicole are vile, disgusting monsters.” I saw one said she was going to create a GoFund Me for Taylor. LMAO

Anyway, Nicole’s social media account is set to private now. lol

un autre nom

pre-sleep thoughts:
Now that Monte has pulled whatever that poop Monte was pulling with Terrance (sorry that was my gut read: you are most likely safe if I say you are most likely safe). who do you think Monte’s going to try to wedge out of the leftovers or into the pound?
Leftovers still haven’t met to discuss the vote. Meaning a couple of them are likely thinking of counteracting the Dan Nic votes with Ameerah votes to keep it closer to 6-5… but how many of them are thinking about it? They better meet cus three of them look spin eyed and that flips the vote. Britt, Kyle and Joe have all gotten that I have a brilliant idea look.
Britt and Taylor talked about a possible final 2. Taylor and Michael have talked about final 3. Britt and Michael have talked final 2. hmmm.
The clown posse girls are waffling on going after Daniel a little. Put Indy back on slop. Mean hangry Indy is better than happily fed Indy. Just sayin.
How does the alliance chart shift after HOH? Because alliance longevity in this house is pitiful.


Is it just me or is Nicole even more crazy intense this morning???

Julie Chen

Only positive I can find about Nicole: I’m glad she can get her anger out in the kitchen instead of in the field as a cop. That girl has some issues. I bet she can flatten some chicken breasts razor thin with her nightstick.

Mad Max

She probably wasn’t!


The thought of seeing Nicole roll up on you as a cop is a nightmare. She said that she just could not continue being a cop, I bet it was not her choice, I wonder if there were issues and complaints filed against her ?

All I know is, I’m so happy that she is no longer a cop, Nicole has some serious issues, and what makes it even worse, she feels she helps and comforts people, how did Big Brother let this crazy women in the house.

Hopefully Nicole and Daniel will have a chance in the upcoming week, to see how it feels being the outcast. Let them walk in Taylor and Brit’s shoes for a week, see how they handle being lied on, falsely accused, ostracized, Nicole acts like she really does enjoy seeing people who are not in her so called group suffer.

I’d never hire Cruel Chef, I would not trust. eating anything that she has cooked.


Could not have said it better.


you know that’s the real reason she’s no longer a cop anymore correct? She didn’t voluntarily choose to make a career change and become a chef. She was told to step down or she would be fired because she lost her shit while on the job. Of course, she wouldn’t tell anybody that but that’s exactly what happened. Let’s not pretend that she’s not a cop by choice. It’s because she was forced to leave the job.


There’s a reason she’s no longer a cop! She’s definitely a nut!


I am looking forward to tonight’s show! I hope the plan goes through and they get Ameerah out. I would love to see Jaz or Nicole go next.

I also want to say a lot of you are doing the same thing towards certain people in the house as they were doing to Taylor. It’s a gang up & jump on the bandwagon mentality. Nobody knows how hard it is to be in that situation, unless you are in that situation. Being under a lot of stress can make people act in a certain way they normally wouldn’t in real life. The BB house in not real life.


You are absolutely correct. However, no matter how hard the experience is of being in the house, they do NOT have the right to treat each other like that.


That’s true. It started with Paloma, Ammerah and Jasmine being jealous, or being threatened by Taylors confidence and was spread to Daniel & Nicole and others.

Palm Oil's Meds

No excuses! There are plenty of people on Big Brother that were not mean and did not play a personal game. Perfect example is that I have never heard Taylor (and maybe Michael) say anything hateful about anyone in the house. I am only okay with BB style of bullying if the person totally deserves it. Making fun of a*holes like Jasmine, Daniel, Nic, etc is okay because they are horrible people.

Wait. . .what???

You’re okay with bullying if the person totally deserves it. Seriously? No one, ever, “deserves” to be bullied. You may not like someone and that’s fine, but we’re all humans and should be treated with kindness and empathy.


Who determines if someone deserves it? Bullying is best left out of all situations.


YESSS. Everytime i come on here its people mad about how taylor is being treated and yet they are on here just berating and name calling everyone and everything – that makes sense?? People have way too much judgement and way too little compassion or understanding for other human beings – in the big brother house and on this forum.


I sometime wonder what would happen nowadays if we watched Amanda Vs Elissa go at it or Ragan vs Rachel. Or how about BB9 with that guy going off about “Horse face”.


Times have changed

The Beef

What about Evil Dick? He was the KING of bullies!


When someone shows you who there are…believe them. There have been many great players before them that have not been a**holes to people. There have certainly been some jerks.


this season has appeared to taken a turn for the better. how great would it be if ameerah goes (hopefully). then jasmine, nicole, and daniel?


I hate Evil Elvis he’s so gross, I wouldn’t let his magnum anywhere near me!


I don’t like Daniel either but what makes you hate him so much? He’s going off emotion fed to him by Nasty Nicole where he thinks he’s protecting her, and also feeding off the nasty girls aka 1st Paloma, Ammerah & Jasmine. Paloma was the one who started the hate because Taylor wasn’t a girls girl and just didn’t follow in line like the others.


people just Love to Hate


CornPop, I agree with you. Paloma is the one who started it.


He openly blames Taylor for Paloma leaving. Taylor stated that’s not fair under her breath

un autre nom

The current plan for who flipped cover is stupid.
What they’ve really done is shown Taylor she’s bottom of the pole.
What they depend on is Terrance, safe with the votes, causing chaos before the vote.
He could say nada to nobody.
What then?
Taylor doesn’t like it for valid reasons. It’s like asking someone that just got stung to poke a hornet’s nest.
I get it. They are trying to provide cover for Monte and Joe and yeah sure you too Michael and Britt (but who we kidding…. Monte and Joe).
Let’s note Joe originally wanted Kyle to take the heat…. takes note for my when did Kyle and Joe turn against each other timeline… okay added.
Let’s note also that Kyle is trying to pull Michael back in fearing that Joe and Monte are trying to pull in Taylor for a suballiance. Oh, Joe has been… also been isolating you from the women with the break up with Alyssa seeds Kyle… but you didn’t realize.

Jasmine’s cane walk? She was using the cane in suck a way that she’s putting more pressure on her injured foot, not less. Conclusion: MILKING.

Has Nic gathered the house, put them in a line, run inspection, and told them what they will say to each other and to Julie yet today?
Who is following Daniel, stalking him and making him feel unsafe now?


I am disappointed in Nicole. Taylor was truly concerned for her. Thinking it was an issue with her mom and that’s the way she was treated. I hope when Nicole gets out, watches this back, gives Nicole the apology she deserves.


Yo it’s not that big of deal, even if Nicole knew what Taylor meant, This is Big Brother..it’s strategy to take something someone said and to twist it into something it’s not. 

This isn’t a nice game and it’s not suppose to be. The game is to target other players for elimination whether its for real reasons or based on lies…the prize is $750k. Only one person can win it.

No Name

You are right,other than threatening violence,there are no rules.However, using personal attacks is not only a cheap and disgusting strategy,it’s also a bad one.Even if you can attack and bully your way to the finale you still need the votes to win.


Yes it is a big deal! What u fail to realize is that this kind of stuff happens to people outside of the BBH. What seems to be a game move to you really isn’t. Everybody gets that you have to do what’s necessary to win the game. We as a people has to know where to draw the line when it comes to a game/money. The person you truly are deep down inside will always come to the surface. Remember that when someone you love/care about gets treated like that. I pray that you’re able to handle it. I also pray that you’re thinking what Nicole did was gaming and that you’re not that kind of a person as well. Blessings to you

un autre nom

The pound meets.
Kyle isn’t comfortable going on the block with Daniel.
Taylor hesitated to be their human shield and take all the heat for the vote flip, so could she turn on them?
Let’s just remember: The Leftovers is a cover for the Pound. The added members are acceptable casualties. That was the premise. Put down the pearls, there’s no need to clutch when we already knew this. This is especially true of the women. We knew that too.

This is all based on the assumption that post vote, Daniel, Nic, Jasmine, Alyssa Indy and Terrance are going to regroup.
Remember when Kyle wanted season 16 because that’s his favorite season? He’s thinking he’s the Derrick. Can’t touch the block.

Last time people talked about targets there are smatterings of Turner, louder smatterings of Taylor and Brit. The loudest sentiments are Nic/Daniel… even from their allies.
They’ve turned Terrance (well as much as you can turn furniture).
Alyssa voting out Kyle? ummm… bunny. She gave Kyle a head’s up tanking her game, and still wants him. She’s not voting him out.

Taylor has done the deed telling Terrance about POS. Told him to tell Daniel, Jasmine and Indy.
Terrance goes to Joe.
Terrance goes to Turner. Neither push going to Daniel Jasmine and Indy.
Terrance ain’t doing it if he doesn’t have backing is my thought. Turner told him he’s 100% good. Why would he do it?
MY thought:
La-z-boy ain’t doing squat.
Plus… he’s… okay. he’s gone from Taylor is a monster to Ameerah is a monster to Taylor is a monster and now Ameerah is a monster again, with Nic also being a monster (but he ain’t saying that out loud because he fears her)… he isn’t going to spread ANY-thing Taylor tells him even if he was pulling underdogs rise in his one on ones to the underdogs last night.
Why would he? He’s got the votes and doesn’t know he’s establishing cover.
He plans to hug Nic and Dan and thank them for keeping him so he can become the mole.

The door knocking thing: ANYONE that doesn’t understand NIC is instituting the door knocking so that nobody can catch her stank ass plotting and lying is an idiot. She is asserting dominance and controlling flow of information by intimidation, and they’re all falling in line. What a bunch of morons.
Is Britt still cutting her bangs? This could get ugly.

ALMOST ALL the LEFTOVERS know Indy and Alyssa are on Nic and Dan’s boot list. Why do their work for them. Just saying: counter productive.

un autre nom

Kyle says he wants to vote with his bestie. Kyle is learning that dropping a chaos bomb is harder than he thought. Alyssa did it in a second flat to Pooch. Kyle can’t get the chaos to chaos. Pooch was a ferret and La-z-boy is furniture. See the difference?
La-z-boy gets prompting. From Joe. He’s already told the oasis he wants to roll with them separately. Terrance doesn’t actually give a shit about this information.
Buf first:
Michael plants seeds he wants to throw a sympathy vote to Elvis.
Does Terrance go to Jasmine? He goes to Elvis. Elvis already knows about POS.
Elvis tells Terrance he already knows.
Joe follows up immediately with Elvis. feed cut.

Will chaos chaos itself? Find out in 2 hours and ten minutes on biiiig brother.


un autre nom, I just love your posts. “Put down the pearls, there’s no need to clutch…” Hysterical. I learn so much from reading your posts. Thank you.


this season has no strategists -except maybe michael but he keeps everything to himself- so its a literal shitshow of random ideas that are barely even thought through. Such a mess hahhaa it doesnt even feel like big brother – its more like a twisted version of the real world


Thank you Turner for making this such a great season so far. Please continue to carry this season to the promise land


you should be thanking Kyle it was his idea

Only Reading Feeds

Lol. Turner has given the fans a watchable week


That’s how starved we are for an entertaining week of Big Brother.


Our savior!


Kyle wants Ally gone so bad he’s inventing sh*t I swear. Why the F would the house end up in a 5-5 tie if he & Evil Elvis were on the block? No seriously — make it make sense.

The individuals on that side include his five-alarm clinger, the girl who found out Kyle’s bestie was one of three people who knew about the re-nom (Jas) & will want the Vile Twins blood when Ameerah is evicted plus a frequent target of EE’s repulsive quips (Ally), not to mention the guy (Terrance) who either didn’t vote for him or did so ONLY out of sympathy. It’s hard to imagine Kyle getting two votes to evict him let alone five! ‘

SERIOUSLY – where is the logic?

Joe’s already got confirmation from Terrance that Taylor delivered the PO’s Posse message painting Ameerah/Kyle as in the group (mission accomplished for Joe b/c this was a two-pronged objective 1) paint a target on Kyle 2) create chaos.

But when Terrance didn’t jump to be the busy body spreading the rumor Joe prodded him to at least speak to Evil which he did only to learn he already knows about PP.

Hmmmmmmmmm, so Taylor (who Terrance protected other than when he chatted to Joe), Michael & Britt confirmed their votes as soon as he was nominated while his supposed BFFs & Old Skool allies had to fight over which got to give him the single sympathy vote, didn’t fight to save him this week& weren’t sharing information about other alliances they were aware of.

Ask yourself if Terrance is EVER going to believe Evil wasn’t in PP after that convo.

Aka — it’s going to look like the trio and/or Turner worked Monte/Joe/Kyle to get their votes while the Vile Twins were fine letting him leave!

Sure Terrance has told Monte (who TRIED to take credit w/o committing to keeping him) he’ll work for him. But make no mistake, Terrance tells everyone they’re good and he felt precisely the same way about Monte as he does today about the Cruel Chef & Evil Elvis. Catch his chat with Michael last night (AND he knows things/secrets that could BURN Monte with Taylor!)

Who does this benefit? Hard to imagine Terrance will be truly faithful to anyone particularly if he’s in danger, however, the people who let him know they had his back FIRST w/o hesitation were Britt/Tay & Michael.

That might not seem important tonight but in three weeks when they could be entering a double-eviction and four votes are the majority … that could be a night they strike to take out Joe or Monte in the second eviction!

Moving into this HOH & next week the Leftovers have definite issues to resolve — primarily who is the target. The next two evictions are pre-jury boots & the alliance had agreed on the Vile twins so Kyle pushing so hard to take out Ally instead is ridiculous. Jas has more pull than Ally & is more diabolical.

The trio wants Evil, Joe/Monte wants Cruel Chef & I’m not sure who Turner’s preference is but they need to sit down as a group and decide. Otherwise, there is potential for the Leftovers to be short-lived. In fact, there are already fractures that will likely find Michael pulling some strings to shift the situation since they came out looking (and feeling) like add-ons with Joe perhaps getting just a little too cute on this one.

I’m annoyed at Joe & Kyle for doing this b/c it had the potential to be among the best BB blindsides ever but this extra (and unnecessary) chaos likely results in Ameerah figuring out she needs to scramble, albeit far too late. Worse it gives the Vile Twins a heads up they’re in danger so they’ll be competing even harder to win the HOH.

They might get lucky with another day like Monday when everything went perfect but counting on lightning striking twice in the same spot doesn’t have particularly good odds!


If it goes the way that you think, then Dawg needs to binge everything Paul Reuben is in. If it is not as chaotic as you think it will be, Simon gets to binge everything Nathan Lane is in 🙂



un autre nom

Only read i have on Turner was from a conversation (I believe with Terrance but i may be mixing convos), when he said the people acting most like they’ve never said an unkind word are the worst offenders. He listed Dan/Nic/Jas as the big three.


Yeah – my biggest question about Turner is who his allegiance truly lies with.
Given the news of PP & OS – I wonder if he’s buying everything Monte/Kyle are selling.

Sure he’s playing along but if we take anything from this week Turner might be the most adept liar (or at least among the very best) witnessed in this game. Not only that, but he has this uncanny ability to drop information in a stealth-like fashion using those info bombs to get what he wants.

He seems invested in the Pound but entering this week I thought he was 100% with Evil Elvis yet he appears to be one of the trio Turner would most like to evict. His late night live feeder talk specifically cited “40 & 30 year old bullies” (so it was clear he meant the vile twins). Again, this was unusual, as Turner reflected on the first few weeks owning how he had been caught up with the people he was playing with & BOUGHT INTO the stories/character assassinations only to discover they were BS.

He reflected on how he learned from the experience & grew from the lessons. In week one, he was in my bottom three (least remarkable) in the house but I’ve been super impressed by him this week & hope he’s not necessarily cemented to the Pound (as I want to see how he/Taylor develop & the bottom group of the Leftovers.

Suffice to say, after his HOH it’s easy to understand why he’s been so successful outside the house & that it’s never wise to judge a player on their appearance or their first week (although I think just like showmance partners who break – him losing his bromance Pooch unlocked his game).

I particularly enjoyed the bonding Turner did with Taylor with a few instances standing out. On Monday late-night they sat in the backyard talking about the day & bonding over their issues with bullies. Turner disclosed more about his life in what was a n organic moment while she got almost teary thanking him for what he did & pledging her loyalty to him.

The second incident happened yesterday when Jas wheeled into the bedroom where most people were hanging out. Taylor moved & offered her a seat but instead of sitting beside her Jas ignored her (she might have responded but my sound wasn’t great) & instead got Indy to push over on the bed Monte was laying down in with someone else beside him & sat with HER BACK to Taylor yet again. Turner who had been standing watching it all, went & sat down beside Taylor – it was subtle but a moment that resonated.

He made smaller moves with Michael but I recalled last week with the Pooch blindside – Michael was the one who went to Turner to give him the heads up things had swung (something to my knowledge neither Monte or Kyle did for him). There is a clear respect & comfort level between them – otherwise, Turner wouldn’t have slipped up about having owned a Tesla. Then again, something I’ve noticed about Michael is the hamsters always feel compelled to expose their truths to him (he has that calm, sweet demeanor — but like Turner is a skilled liar).

So while it seems like Turner is committed to the Pound first & Leftovers second – I’m not convinced he wouldn’t consider aligning with the bottom three & gaining a better shot of winning.

ASIDE: My FAVORITE moment from a week filled with many was when Michael & Ameerah were discussing taking PP to F6 and Michael with the sweetest of smiles says “I hope Paloma is watching.” (knowing fully well that would mean she’s seeing Ameerah getting blindsided by their group. It said everything about how great of a player Michael is & perhaps I’m reading too deeply into it but he was never keen to be a part of PP & was never particularly close to Paloma so that felt like a bit of petty shade from Michael (and I was living for it).


Wasn’t Joe the alt because Marvin left? I wonder what this game would have been like without him.


Yep, he was. I am waiting to see if his game stays at the level it is, improves or goes back down after this week. This week he actually played at the level I was hoping for

illegal smile

Wow, I’m so happy that they woke up and going hard this early in the game. How many seasons have we been waiting for this? I’m hoping Taylor gets lost in the back stabbing battle that will start after Aimlessly gets the boot. Hopefully it’ll be a whole lot finger pointing and mistrust in the girls girls alliance, and they’ll turn on each other. (As a girl, I see so much of that with my fellow XX and it is so uncalled for). Then Taylor can make it to top 3 just like Mary Ann on Survivor just did. My hopefuls in no particular order are Taylor, Michael, Kyle, Joe and Brittany. Yay, it’s almost time for the live eviction, let tears begin to flow.


All these ppl complaining about how Taylor is treated WTF? It’s big brother not big p****