Kyle – “BRO we have an option HOME GIRL the head of the dragon”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Turner
Nominees: Brittany and Michael
POV Players:
POV Winner:
Veto Ceremony:
Havenots: Alyssa & Indy

Lock your ranks in before midnight


Festie Besties:

Turner & Jasmine (She’s also safe)
Joe & Monte
Daniel & Kyle
Brittany & Michael
Alyssa & Indy
Ameerah & Terrance
Nicole & Taylor

How Nominations will work: One pair will be nominated
How the Veto Player Pick will work: Turner/Jasmine, nominated pair, and drawn pair
– If one of the pair wins the veto, the other is also safe.
– If the nominated pair comes off the block, Turner would nominate another pair.
– Eviction: One of the pair on the block will be evicted
– Last pair standing gets a power.

Last Night Spoilage

Turner, Monte, Joe and Kyle have figured out that Ameerah is the threat to their game. They have a plan to backdoor her this week. They formed a new alliance called “The Pound” The goal is to draw in Brittany, Michael and Taylor. If Ameerah wins the veto then it sounds like Indy and Alyssa will be possible targets. WOW what a change .. what a night of feeds!
– Joe figured out Ameerah’s game
– Kyle suggested they take her out
– Turner made up the name of the alliance
– Monte Sealed it with a fist bump

2:00 am Bros in the HOH
They are talking about Alyssa and Kyle and how the girls seem to be pushing the showmance.
Kyle – I want to take it slow. Don’t really know how to handle it..
Turner – the game part is the biggest part..
Kyle – what would turn daddy do
Turner – If I was single… Dude I don’t know.. what you said was accurate this is a great looking person f**** man… at the end of the day given we’re all connected. I want you to think of your game first. but Love is love bro..
they laugh
Joe – there’s too many people in the house people will look for any reason to target you
Kyle – yeah.. the simple stuff..
Monte – even if you have good relationship with them people get paranoid
Joe – obviously the girls’ are (makes a diamond shape with his hand) you walk in on them all the time.
Kyle – all the time BRO they don’t even hide it. Even when there’s a group of them there little pod goes quiet once and awhile.
They talk about the reality’s of a showmance when they leave the house.. Do their lifestyle match, they don’t live in the same state. etc etc..
Kyle says Alyssa is “talking” about having a crush but “Those girls are all OHH I LOVE LOVE and trying to make it work and getting us all”
Joe – we want entertainment.. if I wasn’t looking out for you benefit I would love to see you. If you were a guy in here I wasn’t close to I would be like dude go for that dude.
Joe – as touch and feeling POOCH was he was like I’m not getting in a showmance in here. That’s like going to work and getting romantic. It’s going to distract you

Joe – you guys are attracted to each other and you are locked in a house
Joe – with 750K on the line I don’t know if I will let my F**in BONERS navigating me through this
Turner – use that HOH shower to crank one.
Joe – you didn’t sign up to love island
Kyle – Bro they reached out to me I watched one episode and was like no can’t do that.
Joe – I had a meeting with one of the producers I didn’t know the show..
Joe says a dating show wasn’t for him they talk about how “Raunchy” that show is.

They talk about the showmance in length. Kyle doesn’t want a showmance right now. waiting for after the show or being in the Jury house where he can really get to know Alyssa.
Kyle – without the pressure of the show and potentially losing thousands of dollars
Joe – hundred of thousands of dollars
Kyle will have the conversation with Alyssa “I hope she’s not hurt or embarrassed by the conversation I don’t think she will it’s not like we hooked up”
Joe thinks she will understand.
They agree Kyle should get some alone time in the HOH with Alyssa to talk to her about it.
Kyle – I feel like the whole house wants it to happen.
Joe – we’re board.
Monte says the girls are “Stuck on that cupid arrow wanting to throw the arrow”
Joe – wanting to be matchmakers
Monte – they want to take ownership.. they take pride.
joe – they’ve been playing matchmaking from the beginning, if they can manifest it they’ll be like ‘we knew it’ .
Kyle – they always are talking it can’t always be about game.

Joe – last week changed a lot of the trajectory in this game. I feel the Festie Bestie twist had a lot to do with them not wanting it to be a boys vs girls situation which is what was about to happen.
Monte – I think they were saying they would have presented on week one if everything did go down like it was supposed to. If Paloma was here.
Kyle – The next three people are all girls.. Taylor, INdy seems to be rubbing people the wrong way and Brittany is kinda is on the outs with everyone. The girls don’t even want them around.
Joe – I don’t think we have Terrance, Daniel and Michael
Kyle – Daniel and Nicole are thick as thieves
Joe – Terrance is in that too
Joe warns them that Daniel is VERY close to Terrance and Nicole.
Kyle – I’m assuming everything I talk about to Daniel goes back to those two
Joe – POOCH told me Nicole never spoke to him about game or anything like that. Which meant.. Nicole is a sweet heard but there’s usually a reason yo don’t talk game with someone
Monte – I think Nicole if she were to win HOH there’s a reason for concern.

They talk about Michael being a legit superfan. There’s speculation Ameerah also knows alot about the show even though she claims she’s only seen 1 season.
Kyle says before he interviews for Big Brother he hadn’t seen a full season. So before going in he watched 16, 20
Turner said he watched 19, 20, 21, 22, 23

Joe – if it happens again where those girls link up with Daniel, Terrance and Michael we always will be the minority we either have to grab Michael and Terrance. We always have to be the Majority. We were so stupid the first week we were in the minority.
Joe – if Indy is one of the people being considered those girls will not entertain that
Joe – we’re four together.. They are Jasmine, Ameerah, Alyssa, Indy.. they’re four and we’re four

Joe – if they find out we’re going to cut them to three they’ll try and cut us
Monte – they will put up somebody like a Terrance against one of us.
Kyle wonders if it comes down to the three groups would the girls want to work with them or Nicole, Daniel, Terrance.
Monte – just based on observations. Nicole is TIGHT with the girls. She can walk into a room just as much as any one of them can.
They wonder what Michael would do if he won HOH
Joe – he has no relationship with the girls him and Indy have no relationship at all. We at least bumper pool with him and we were have nots.
Kyle – he gravitates to us we have that bond.
Tuner – he thinks me, Brittany and him are TIGHT. I have zero Loyalty with those two people. I don’t know what they think.
Kyle is saying they need to build a relationship with Brittany and Michael.
Turner – they vowed their loyalty to POOCH and they were the swing votes.
Kyle – Nicole and Daniel did the same thing
Kyle thinks if Michael won the veto tomorrow he wouldn’t be seen as a target by the girls they would see him as a asset
Kyle – bring him in he’s not tied to any alliance..

Joe – let say we worked with the girls it would be Indy, jasmine, Alyssa, and Ameerah.
Kyle – I feel like Indy is on the outs I feel it’s mainly Jasmine, Ameerah and Alyssa
Joe – they keep Indy around for a vote.

Kyle says Daniel was the one that brought up Indy to him “He’s sick of her shit”
Joe – Terrance and Ameerah are such an anomaly dude..
Monte brings up that Taylor is making herself a bigger and bigger target now.
Joe – she’s not on the block so doesn’t have to kiss any ass.
Kyle – those girls HATE Taylor with a passion
Joe – they still voted POOCH out
Monte – they were thinking it as a guys alliance point of view. ‘we have to cut off the head’ now that we did that we can get rid of people we don’t like

They catch Ameerah on the HOH TV. They think she’s running a tally of who is in what rooms then she’ll report it back to the boys.
Joe points out them having the HOH room is such an advantage for game talk.

Joe says Brittnay called him into the storage room tot talk then after jasmine called him up to the HOH “I felt like I was being called into the principal office”
Joe – she was like why did Brittany just call yo.. I swear she goes I’m just going to be real with you I saw it on the feed what was that about.
Kyle says last week the girls were up in the HOH the entire time running through every scenario.
Joe – POOCH went home.
Monte brings up that the start of the week Taylro was going home unanimously then it flipped to POOCH unanimously
Mont e- whoever planted that seed controlled the entire house that shit’s scary
Joe – whoever planted that seed is walking around the house right now (Ameerah)
They agree Ameerah “is a machine”
Joe – she was 2 seconds away from being in this room.. she almost beat him (Turner)

Joe – I think if it’s not a guy that wins this game. Nicole or Ameerah. In terms of strategy, database, social game their relationships in the house.
Joe – we always target the low threats instead of stealing them onto our side.
Kyle – they shot for the head last week..
Joe – they got it in-between the eyebrows
Kyle- no blood on anybody’s hands.. they were do happy he walked up there and said put me up as a pawn.
monte – that is where is all started I don’t think they had the balls to do it.
Monte – POOCH gifted them the opportunity

Joe thinks if Ameerah wins Head of Household she would throw one of them up .
They talk about how much of a “savage” Ameerah is.
Joe – Pooch told Ameerah he was going after INdy, Brittany and Michael and Ameerah said ohh yeah ok.. and POOCH asked are you good with that. The next day Michael, Brittany and Indy heard that POOCH is coming for them.
Joe – no one knows who spread it. POOCH said Ameerah has stopped sharing information with me. I noticed it so I told POOCH she went from telling you her thoughts to I don’t now. I specifically remember POOCH saying He’s going after Indy then the next day Indy came to me and you (Monte) if you boys come after me it’ll break my heart. Indy tried to say a Boy told me which was a poor move to try and cover something. POOCH told me the only person he told he would go after Indy was Ameerah.
Joe – he was like I didn’t know they were that close. All it would take for one person to go around and be like POOCH is coming after you to get all the swing votes.
Joe – Pooch told me I don’t think I can trust Ameerah
Monte – the lesson to be learned from this don’t throw names out.. you are going to incriminate yourself once you say words associated to a person.

joe – when Turner won. She (Ameerah) ran into the bathroom started Crying. Threw up and she started yelling I ‘m going to go home. I think it’s because she felt that she might have sent POOCH home. Don’t ever repeat that.
joe – she thought oh my god if people start exposing I swinged the house. If Turner and his boys find out.
Joe – I was like why are you so upset Turner won.
Joe – every time I talk to Brittany Ameerah would talk after. Every time I went to see and make sure she was voting for POOCH
Joe – I noted it.. I tested it one time. I swear to god.
Monte – she’s playing the game HARD.
Kyle says they walked back all the breadcrumbs to Ameerah being the one that cause the POOCH flip.
Monte – maybe she’s worried about being backdoored.
Turner – she’s not sleeping right now
Kyle – she is so worried
Tuner – we cracked the case
Joe – Kyle I know you are close to Alyssa but Ameerah terrifies me. I swear to quote she said ‘I’m going home’
Joe – I head her throw up in the toilet.
Kyle – that show how intense she’s playing this game.
Joe – I was like why are you going home. she goes ‘nothing joseph leave me alone’
Joe – I thought about it.. POOCH told me AMeerah was the first person to get weird with him after he said he wanted to send out Brittany, Michael and Indy the swing votes.
Joe – Ameerah took the one opportunity and she flipped the entire house
Kyle – it make sense
Turner – 100% makes sense.
Mont e- who was the main person telling us what the situation was?
joe – Ameerha
Monte – it was Ameerah
Joe – do you understand how lethal Ameerah is. She is such a shark if she even smells..

Monte – if she planned and coordinated then communicated this all to the girls… that’s one hell of a women right there.
Joe – I said from day one that’s a smart ass girl
Joe warns if Ameerah smells they are investigating POOCH’s eviction “it will blow up”
Joe – my trust is with you three.. I’m not targeting Ameerah, Taylor is a problem. I can’t have you guys get played like POOCH
Monte- this is a clear indication we can’t say any game to her..

They agree it was Ameerah that coordinated the POOCH eviction not jasmine.
Joe – she shot and F***Ing nailed it in the skull

They start talking about what would happen if they put Terrance and Amerrah up.
Kyle – we don’t have the votes
Turner – we need more people out before we get her out we wouldn’t have the votes.
Monte – it’s important we get Taylor out this week that knocks their votes down.
Monte thinks Taylor is operating based on ‘what the house thinks’ and that is being directly or indirectly controlled buy Ameerah.
Monte – Taylor is socially isolated.
Kyle – this conversation is the best conversation I’ve had the entire game.
Joe – dude the f**Ing game that girl is paying is ridiculous
Kyle mentions he was talking to Alyssa and she’s usually really open about stuff. When he asked her about eh girls alliance she got weird and said it was something Paloma made.
Joe – Ameerah is Taylor with better social game.

Joe when Ameerah is analyzing who she is going to kill next he does a hand single to here “She hates it” (See image)
Kyle – POOCH called her the terminator
Joe – POOCH was the closest to her I got close to her through POOCH. He missteps around her and Ameerah killed him
Kyle says Ameerah has HUGE numbers she’s go the girls and has the outsiders “They have HUGE numbers”
Joe – I hate the idea of us picking off Brittany, Michael.
Kyle – Jasmine wins HOH and this room get popping with people then Turner wins and it’s like…

Monte – Daniel and Terrance they not picking up what is happening? they will be out at the first situation.
Monte – Daniel and Terrance so easily go with ameerah’s seeds.. is there any way we can get in front of that?
Joe – If Brittany leaves we need to add Michael to this because Michael will be alone. Before the girls get to him. The issue with Michael right now is he tells everything to Brittany and Brittany is trying to get in with teh girls. Brittany will give whatever she needs to get in.
Joe – Ameerah made Brittany cry. she said ‘I made Brittany cry but I didn’t mean to’ she laughed.
Kyle – oh my god
Joe warns them if Ameerah wins HOH Him and Kyle are going up.

4:00 am
Kyle – here’s what we do.. we win the veto we take down Michael and Brittany as planned. Homeboy put up Ameerah and Terrance.. That’s minus two votes from them.
They all start laughing
Kyle – all I’m saying dude that’s three votes here. I guarantee I could get Michael if we share that information that’s three plus the two . That is Five. IF we can approach Taylor.. is there anyone else I am missing?
Kyle- If we approach Taylor and say listen we’re scraping together an alliance here.
Mont e- The thing is it’s plain and clear like you just detailed out everything that Ameerah did this past week to get to this point I think it’s obvious anybody can see Ok you got these three Daniel, Terrance, Nicolle that are tight and everyone know the Ameerah, jasmine, Alyssa are thick as thieves. You point that out.
Kyle says he’s close to Michael and Brittany “I’m just saying”
Kyle – BRO we have an option HOME GIRL the head of the dragon
Monte – they are so convinced this is all a plan to get Taylor out
Kyle – they are mean to her right now
Monte – they are isolating her. jasmine is giving her the mean mug it’s so obvious.
Joe – they did this last week to POOCH
They laugh..
Kyle – I don’t trust Taylor she is a shark but she could be our shark
Kyle – if we show her trust and me like Hey.. I think we can run this whatever every option does she have.
Monte – she’s close to Nicole.. if the truth is expossed to her about what Nicole is doing on the back end.
Joe – dude we’re going to flip the script
They giggle about this super alliance that could form being composed of them 4, Taylor, Michael and BRittnay.
Monte – she may be a savage but she’s our savage (Taylor)
They joke that the reason he can give putting Ameerah up is “For POOCH”
Kyle – that’s the head of the snake listen. Jasmine, Indy and Alyssa without Ameerah are not what they are now.. I’m bot afraid of Nicole, Terrance they’re small.
Joe – if we give Taylor a home with Michael and Brittany no one can touch us
Turner – does that put me in a casket and nail it down if one of the girls win?
Joe -if we did this it would be a war
Monte – they already declared it though last week
Kyle says With Ameerah gone and a girl wins HOH they put Turner and jasmine up. “That’s two votes on their side that don’t have a vote. We have us three plus Brittany, Michael and Taylor.. we would have the numbers”

Kyle – I keep shaking I don’t know if I am excited or Horny.
they laugh.. “Horny”
Turner – that is a crazy f***ing sick plan.. worst case is if we go with that plan and Ameerah wins the veto then we’re like f***
Monte – we have to hope Michael balls out and wins.
Turner – I think Taylor is expecting to be backdoored. Dude if we don’t there will be so much trust solidified if we don’t put her up.
Monte – Ameerah is the biggest threat because she had the ability to go around and swing the whole house to believe this narrative. I asked Ameerah where was this idea about getting POOCH out. she was like ohh it sort of came about..
Joe points out for them to be able to pull off what Ameerah did last week it’s taking all four of them.
Joe goes on about this be one of the most legendary things in Big Brother.
Kyle – this is going to save all of our games and put us in a power position
Monte – we have the numbers.
Kyle points out the only issue would be if they put Joe and MOnte up.

Joe – another thing we should do is find another reason for why we are saving Taylor and Nicole and putting up Ameerah and Terrance. it can’t be like we cracked the code cause then they will be like.. ohh f*** these idiots aren’t idiots
Monte – we got to play dumb if they think we figure it out..
joe – this conversation never happened. when they ask tomorrow. you were upset about Meghan.. your were worried about Alyssa.. they are going to eat that up.
Kyle – Ameerah you played a key role in POOCH going home ..
Joe – we need to find a reason to blame Ameerah on something other than POOCH without us looking too strong maybe we can get the rest of the girls. If we can do this without declaring war about POOCH
Turner – find a reason for putting Ameerah up beside pooch or just say we’re going after Terrance.
They don’t think anyone will buy them going after Terrance.
Kyle – is there any actionable items we need to do before the veto comp?
Kyle – anything with Taylor, Michael and Brittany?
Kyle says if Taylor wins the veto they need to share everything with her so she feel comfortable with them.
Joe – Daniel personally hates Taylor
Kyle says Daniel was so “Stoked” to be paired with Kyle “They are trying to get pairs outside of their alliance”
Monte says the girls are trying to get the numbers “They need Taylor gone. if Taylor is not gone they are f**ed”
Kyle – we have the power. we builds that trust with Taylor.. she’s a smart girl she’s loyal once she finds a home.

Monte- holy shit man…
Kyle – I promise you we are solid with Michael and Brittany. Taylor is the only one. Should we hint anything before the veto comp?
Monte – remember Nicole told Taylor to come to us and start something.
Kyle says it’s hard to talk game with Nicole “She’s so intense.. LISTEN LISTEN.. LISTEN TO ME”
Kyle – stop talking at me.
Monte – alright fellas lets get to brass tacks here.
Turner – lets wait until the veto. What if we plant seeds and Ameerah wins.
Monte – if we jump the gun too soon it could blow back in our face.. not only explode we will be f***ed
Joe – it’ll turn into POOCH 2.0
Monte – you cracked the code on your birthday
Joe – we celebrate we have a good time we act like Dumb muscle heads.. act like they are all playing us. we play that veto we see who wins We have this room we talk.
Monte – we’re playing Big Brother now

5:11 am New alliance the POUND
Kyle – we can rid this until the end of the game and it’ll come back to your (Turner) HOH
“POOCH ran away from the Pound.”
“The pound Dude”
‘The pound Bro”
“The Pound”

(Turner came up with the name)

5:19 am
They talk about what the plan B is if Ameerah wins the veto should they go after Taylor
Monte – this may sounds a little crazy but we’re talking about Numbers again. there’s only Two.. Alyssa and Indy bro
Kyle – but I’m in love with ..
They wrestle around..
Kyle joking “I’M OUT I’m OUT”

They talk about the need for Monte and Joe to fly under the radar and act “Dumb as f**” because if they get put up onto the block together the Pound is screwed.
Kyle says after the veto they still need to build the trust with Britany, Michael and Taylor. Recommends they approach it with care. Let those three do more of the talking.


5:34 am
Joe – if we can play them like they tried to play us we’ll have a smooth sail to the top.
Kyle says if they never had this conversation tonight they would have been out the next couple of weeks.

5:58 am Kyle and MOnte
Talking about getting Alyssa out over Indy. Indy is on the outside of the girls alliance. Alyssa is much smarter in the game than Indy
Kyle – I would say Ameerah and Alyssa are the two players in the best position right now. Maybe jasmine.
Kyle – I am down I really do like Alyssa and will probably date her after this
Monte says if Ameerah doesn’t go they ahve to take out Alyssa.
They agree they’ll start being extra nice to Taylor tomorrow. Any positive interaction with Taylor will piss Jasmine and the other girls off.

6:06 am finally going to bed.. (WOW what a night)


7:15 am They are up …

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I got moist reading what happened over night lol thanks ?



(see above for longer reaction response)

The Beef

Great job on the above man! Great info and glad to see them finally putting things together.


omg finally they get it.

Terrance the GOAT

Watch Terrance get voted out ?

Palm Oil's Meds

I love your name! LMAO

david bb22

What a twist. Going from hating to starting to love the season.


I’m still awake from last night’s marathon session – 1st time this season late night feeds offered drama that wasn’t tied to negativity!

You know I’m thrilled b/c Cruel Chef, Evil Elvis & Milk-My-InJASry will all be heading home. Ameerah was playing a good game but she wasn’t able to manage Cruel Chef’s exploding ego.

I think Another Name believes it’s the core 4 guys but IMO Michael factors in this more than Monte/Kyle implied to Turner/Joseph.

So when Joe suggested adding Terrance, Evil Elvis & Michael for the votes – did you notice it was Kyle who threw back Michael & Britt (later adding in Taylor) & also quickly defended Britt/Michael’s vote flip, bashing EE/CC flip as more egregious?

That was a telling part of the convo b/c Kyle knows who the 6 are in the Ostracizing Savages, how close CC, EE & Terrance are with the latter two lying to Ky-Mo all last week about their votes so it wasn’t surprising they wouldn’t be a coveted add.

Evil Elvis thought he was winning over his Festie Bestie Kyle but that HOH chat where EE spewed vitriol non-stop and the sunglass-clad Kyle just sat listening spoke volumes. Even with the glasses, it was obv Ky isn’t a fan of the mean-spirited attn whore (and I’m guessing how he treats & talks about the ladies in the house)

BUT the main reason why I think this is b/c Kyle & Michael have a F2, made the Outsiders alliance with Britt & Kyle knows that Michael likes Taylor. His suggestions for me was more about making sure Michael felt good about this alliance with people HE wants to work with. It’s quite likely Britt & Mike will be the biggest threats in the Q & A & memory comps which will let them, Kyle (and let’s see if Indy squeaks in) run deep in the game.

The other telling sign was Ky-Mo wants to tell Joe/Turner about PP but not unless Michael is okay with it – unlike the past when Mike was left out of discussions now his input/opinion matters which tells me he’s moved into the top 3 slot with Ky-Mo. (top 2 with Ky I think). I could be wrong but Turner has issues keeping information secret so I doubt either of Ky-Mi will want to take him deep in the game (preferring the ladies & Joe with Monte).

Not sure if TPTB played a role in this but it’s interesting that the same night both Taylor & Britt were isolated in rooms either talking to live feeders about being alone or crying about not fitting in that this convo occurred in the HOH.

And even more miraculous is Monte had an epiphany finally willing to believe Taylor was telling the truth & it was Pal/Amee that were lying about the girl’s alliance & wanting alphas out. I’d buy coincidence if that weren’t part of the equation. At this point, I don’t care b/c I’m happy for Michael he gets to play with people he wants to, and more importantly, we’ll get to see a version of Taylor & Brittany playing from a happy place instead of walking on eggshells.

Not that I’d wish poorly on any hamster or that the OS would have to endure the same cruel treatment they routinely doled out to both Tay/Britt (and Indy) but I can’t say I’ll shed any tears when that trio above exits the building!


Man thanks for the updates Simon and Dawg looks like all the fun should now really start happening depending on who wins the veto


You’re welcome! And yes, its about to get interesting. 🙂


This night is SO cool, can’t wait to see what will happen this week!!


Finally they target someone who should be targeted! Ameerah…your goose is cooked sweetie!